Exhibit Design: How Does Your Garden Grow? - American Public ...

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Exhibit Design: How Does Your Garden Grow? - American Public ...

A Path to HorticultureExhibit DesignHow Does Your Garden Grow?Pacific Connections GardenWashington Park ArboretumUniversity of Washington Botanic GardensSarah ReichardUniversity of WashingtonBotanic GardensDennis MeyerThe Portico Group

Washington Park ArboretumMaster Plan1995-2001

Implementation Plan, 2003Highest PriorityMaster PlanProject:GeographicCollections ofPacificConnectionsGardenJapanese GardenPacific Connections Garden

Pacific RimCollections40-50 DegreeNorth & SouthLatitudes

Audience & Main MessageHome GardenerThese are gardens of diverse and beautifulplants that will grow in our Pacific Northwestmaritime climate—because the places theycome from have climates like ours.Professional HorticulturistEach of these places represents a rich diversityof plants that can be propagated and integratedinto our traditional northwest landscapes.ScientistThe structure of these larger gardens representsthe ecological relationships between plantsfound in these locations around the Pacific Rim.


Long RangePlanNewZealandForestAustralianForestChinaForestPacificRimMeadow& EntryGardensChileanForestCascadiaForest

Gardens Completedor UnderConstruction3NewZealandForestPhase 1:Pacific Rim Meadow,Entry Gardens &Cascadia Forest, 2008Phase 2:Gateway to Chile, 20101PacificRimMeadow& EntryGardensCascadiaForestPhase 3:New Zealand Forest,20122Gateway to Chile

Phase 1:Pacific RimMeadow &EntryGardensNewZealandShelterAustraliaChinaChileCascadiaChileCascadia

Holly Relocation

Native Plant Protection

Pacific Rim Meadow

Pacific Rim Meadow

CascadiaEntry GardenCascadiaEntry

CascadiaEntry Garden PlantsBerberis aquifoliumOregon grapeDarmera peltataIndian rhubarbCornus sericeavar. occidentalis ‘Sunshine’Yellow twig dogwoodCarex obnuptaSedge

ChileanEntry GardenChilean Entry

ChileanEntry Garden PlantsFuchsiamagellanicaFuchsiaFuchsiamagellanicaFuchsiaAraucariaaraucanaMonkey puzzletree

ChinaEntry GardenChinaEntry

ChinaEntry Garden PlantsPrimula bulleyanaCandelabra primulaViburnum macrocephalumChinese snowball bush

New ZealandEntry GardenNew ZealandEntry

New ZealandEntry Garden PlantsVeronica spp.HebeCarex spp.Sedges

AustralianEntry Garden

AustralianEntry Garden PlantsEucalyptus glaucescens / Tingiringi gum

Phase 1: Cascadia ForestCascadiaEntryCascadiaForest

CascadiaForest PlantsPicea brewerianaBrewer spruce and native matrixMixed natives

Siskiyou Plant Collection Trips

Phase 2: Gateway to Chile

Phase 3: New Zealand ForestPodocarpus nivalisAlpine totaraPhormium tenaxNew Zealand flax

Future PhasesAustralian ForestChilean ForestChina ForestChinaForestAustralianForestChileanForest

Australian ForestEucalyptus forest

Chilean ForestAraucaria araucanaMonkey puzzle treeNothofagus spp.Southern Beach

China ForestMt. Omei – Pilgrims PathDavidia involucrataDove tree

Lessons Learned• Patience!• Partnerships!• Plan!• Protect!• Party!

Contact InformationSarah Reichard, Professor / DirectorUW Botanic GardensSchool of Environmental and Forest SciencesCollege of the EnvironmentUniversity of WashingtonMerrill 323501 NE 41st Street, Seattle, WA 98105T: 206-616-5020reichard@u.washington.eduDennis Meyer, ASLA, LEED APPrincipal and Vice PresidentThe Portico Group1500 4th Avenue, 3rd FloorSeattle, WA 98101T: 206-621-2196dmeyer@porticogroup.com

© Copyright 2012University of Washington Botanic GardensThe Portico GroupAmerican Public Gardens AssociationThe materials contained herein are for illustration of concepts presented at APGA’s 2012Annual Conference concurrent session. All title, ownership rights and intellectual propertyrights in and relating to this presentation or any copies thereof including but not limited tocopyright, logos, names, trademarks, service marks, design, text, sound recordings,images, links, concepts and themes are owned or used under authorized license, by TheUniversity of Washington or The Portico Group. Any reproduction, transmission, publication,performance, broadcast, alteration, license, hyperlink, creation of derivative works or otheruse in whole or in part in any manner without the prior written consent of The University ofWashington and The Portico Group is strictly prohibited. In no event shall The University ofWashington and The Portico Group be liable to you or any other party for any damages,losses, expenses or costs whatsoever (including without limitation, any direct, indirect,special, incidental or consequential damages, loss of profits or loss opportunity) arising inconnection with your use of these materials, and you do hereby indemnify The University ofWashington or The Portico Group and will defend and hold harmless The University ofWashington or The Portico Group and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers,employees, agents, successors and assigns from and against any claims, arising from anyact or omission by you and/or your and/or your personnel, agents, subsidiaries or assigns,arising from any breach hereunder.

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