Vol. 1 Issue 183 September 2008 - Wvasportsman.net


Vol. 1 Issue 183 September 2008 - Wvasportsman.net

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Archery BasicsWhen weʼre starting to coach noviceswe have a tendency to overemphasisethe importance of therelease and follow through, and toneglect the importance of the bowarm. If you think about it, though,the bow arm is clearly vital: if thebow isnʼt pointing consistently atthe target at all stages of the shot,then the arrow isnʼt going to goin the middle. Common sense really,but less than obvious until itʼspointed out to you.Itʼs common to talk about archersfalling into two broad categories:pushers and pullers. The pullersare the ones who focus on the draw,use of the back muscles, smoothrelease and follow-through, withoutworrying too much about thebow arm. Pushers do exactly theopposite. This doesnʼt mean thateach only actually pulls or pushes:good archers will do both, butpossibly only think about one. Italso doesnʼt mean that you shouldview one as more important thanthe other: generally you have to doboth properly to shoot well. If youmostly try to concentrate on thedraw etc., try focusing on your bowarm for a few sessions, especiallyif you have never given it any realLonnie WIlcoxen landed a 34pound flathead. Photo courtesy of CatfishCove in Hurricane.CarharttClothingPSE ARCHERY• Live Bait • Licenses • Game Check • Guns & AmmoRod and Reel Repair Service Joy Dog FoodHours: 9 to 9 Daily 304-445-2551Just a few minutes off I-64 in Alderson, WVPawnServiceOverlooking The Beautiful Greenbrier River304-445-2550attention before. Itʼs entirely possiblethat you will shoot better byconcentrating mostly on keepinggood form in the bow arm, ratherthan worrying about the draw etc.Even if you find that you do shootbetter with a focus on the draw etc.,you still need to get your bow armdoing the right thing.continue to the next page100 Count Bags Of Berkley Power Worms 4" & 7"BACKWATER BAITJust South ofNewport, Ohio on Rt. 7Numerous Tube ColorsCatfish Rods & SuppliesIn StockYear-RoundLIVEBAITMinnows - ShinersMeal & Wax WormsNightcrawlersGoldfish• Off the Ohio River• Dock Your Boat While You Shop• In The Dana Backwater740-473-BAITSept. 2008 ~ Page 6WaterfrontSporting GoodsRiverview MotelROCKYBOOTSBeer & AlcoholBassProShopUNCLE TOMʼS LOANSBUY • SELL • TRADE • PAWNAchery SpecialistsMatthews • Parker • PSENew & Used GunsRt. 10 - Cook ParkwayOCEANA, WV304-682-5002GAME CHECKINGSt. Croix RodsWave Worms Yo-Zuri• SliderSmallie BeaversVenom Venom • Cabin CreekSenko -• KinamiGarrett Jones Magnum Musky Baits TubesSpro Crane Crankbaits Musky Baits & More!Zoom - YumQuantum - OkumaBoogerman - BanditsCatch 'Em SpinnerbaitsOwner - GamakatsuRods & ReelsCustom PlasticsJigs & TrailersDipping DyeDo-It MoldsSplash-itsSnacks & BeveragesBrowning Rods & Reels

The first thing to sort out is thetype of grip you use, as this is veryinfluential in the set of your entirearm. DONʼT GRIP THE BOW.Thatʼs the first thing to get straight.You donʼt have to keep your fingersaround the handle of the bowto stop it from falling from yourhands, especially at full draw, whenthe action and pressure of the drawobviously keeps it in your hand. Ifyouʼre using a sling (as you shouldbe!) then the bow wonʼt fall out ofyour hands after the shot either. Ifyou do grip the bow then almostinevitably the pressure of yourfingers will deflect it by a fractionand it wonʼt be pointing where youthink it is: when you let go of thestring the bow will start to turn andpoint in the direction that the pressureof your hand dictates. Thisshould be at the middle of the target,but it wonʼt be if your grip ispushing on the bow. So donʼt gripit. Equally, donʼt keep your fingersrigidly straight away from the bow:this can cause just as many problems!The second thing to do is to usea 45 degree angled grip on the bow.This means that the knuckles onyour bow hand form a 45 degreeangle with the bow, and the handleFORSALERing-neckedandMelanistic Pheasantsand Eggs only.Licensed by WVDNRSlate, WV304-489-1490www.pheasant-hollow-farm.com“The BoyWithAll The Toyz”Arctic Cat & Kawasaki ATV’s & MotorcyclesSteve & Deuce BurnsideOwnersSept. 2008 ~ Page 71521 DuPont RoadParkersburg, WV 26102304-861-0449866-266-6855SalesServiceServicing All Brands of ATVʼs - Motorcycles - Tractorsof the bow goes down the side ofthe ball of the thumb rather than thepalm of the hand. The main pointof pressure should be just at the topof the ball of the thumb. This helpskeep your fingers out of the waycontinue to the next pageSAVE MONEY ON YOUR UTV OR ATVonly$6,495CW6504X4 - 653CC SubaruFour Strokeonly$3,495of the bow handle: tuck them intoyour palm and keep them relaxed.It also helps with the set of the restof the arm.Your bow arm should be straight:George Lambert, from Mullens, caught a 41” musky while fishng in theNew River near Hinton.OTHER MODELSIN STOCKTALON2 Wheel Drive257CC 4 CycleFREE TOPWINDSHIELDHAAS TRACTOR SALESI-77 Exit #6 - North SR 821MARIETTA, OHIO 740-374-3245

not rigid (ie tense), but definitelystraight rather than bent. There areseveral reasons for this. If youʼreusing a clicker then it will proveimmensely difficult to achieve aconsistent draw length with a bentarm, partly because you will inevitablybend it different amounts ondifferent shots, and partly becausethe bent arm is not as strong as thestraight one, and will probably startto bend more as you come up to fulldraw and try to come through theclicker. Getting the forward pressureright is also much easier witha straight arm, and it should ensurea more consistent direction of pressureas well (more on this later).Lots of people, me included,have problems or have had problemswith elbows sticking out andgetting hit by the string when werelease. This hurts lots if you arenʼtwearing am arm guard, and alsosends the arrow off in random directions:this very quickly leads toa pissed off archer, and no one likesthat. The solution is simple. If youare successfully keeping your armstraight and using the 45 degreeangled grip then your elbow shouldbe pointing sideways, so that ifyou bent it, it would point towardscontinue to page 13Patrick Toler, from Clear Fork, useda bow last season on this bobcat.www.tcsportshop.comShop Online or StopBy Our LocationHuge Selection of Gunsand Hunting EquipmentMOUNTAIN STATE LOG HOMESThe Source For....---- Log Homes---- Log Siding---- 2 x 6 T & G Spruce---- 1 x 6 T & G White Pine---- Log Screws & PVC Foam Tape---- 6 x 6 White Pine Posts & Beams---- 3 x 6 White Pine Floor Joists Ceiling Joists & RaftersA return to nature's beauty at Low, Low CostAll logs are cut and processed in Ireland, West VirginiaMill Direct PricesFree DeliveryCustom KitsCall or Write for our CatalogBuilder Inquiries WelcomedP.O. Box 679 Jane Lew, WV 26378304-884-6646 • 800-553-3006 Fax 304-884-6649www.mountainstateloghomes.com100% Owned, Operated AndManufactured In West VirginiaSept. 2008 ~ Page 8Tri-County Sports ShopPoint Pleasant, WV304-675-2988Located By The Mason County FairgroundsJANE LEWLocation Now OpenI -79 Exit 105

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LOG CABINS or POLE BARNSAvailable As KitsOr Fully AssembledLarge Selections Of Log Homes & Pole BarnsMetal Roofing • Lumber • Hardware • Lawn & Garden EquipmentTools • Electrical Supplies • Plumbing • Flooring • AppliancesGlo Warm and Empire (Free Gas Models) - HeatersPete Mollihan landed an 18 poundcatfish. Photo courtesy of River-SideBait in Hockingport, Ohio.Archery Basics ContinuedHuge Inventory OfCarhart ClothingDifferent StylesMany Sizesthe wall rather than the floor. Thismeans that it wonʼt be sticking outinto the path of the string. If youʼredoing all the above and still havea sticking out elbow then pay extraattention to moving it out of theway by rotating it: most people cando this, even if their elbows stickout a bit. When youʼre setting upthe shot, make sure that the elbowis in the right position, and try tokeep it there. Also make sure thatyouʼre wearing an arm guard sothat you donʼt develop a flinchingreaction in an attempt to avoid hittingyour arm.You should also avoid letting thedrawing shoulder creep up towardsyour ear as the shot progresses andyou stand at full draw. This willcause an entirely different set tothe muscles involved, and bring achange in the feeling of the shot, aswell as altering your draw length.If this is a problem (itʼs somethingto watch out for when increasingpoundage, changing bow, or startingto shoot again after a bit of aHOME CENTERRitchie IndustrialPark RoadOff Rt 50Pennsboro, WV(304)659-3600break), then focus on bringing thebow arm shoulder blade down andtowards the middle of the back.This should be the correct set ofthe shoulder blade anyway, but lotsof people donʼt pay much attentionto it.The straight arm should be pressingforward towards the targetas you come up to full draw: theterm often used is “feeling for thetarget”. This pressure should becontinue to the next pagePONTOONRENTALSFISHING BOAT RENTALSFishing Guide ServiceStonewall • Burnsville • Sutton LakesBurnsville Docks304-853-2822~LIVE BAIT~Gasoline • Marine SuppliesBass Fishing TackleCatfishing SuppliesSept. 2008 ~ Page 13GIANTROD SALEDocking Slip RentalsNew Slips AvailableUp to 50 FeetEakins JigsArdent ReelsHawg CallerG. Loomis RodsYamamoto & More!

maintained throughout the shot, includingthe time just after the shot.The pressure needed is not huge,but pressure is needed. Pressingtowards the target keeps your armstraight and makes sure that thebow does not deviate from the correctline in the moments after yourelease the string. It is absolutelyvital that there is both a push anda pull involved in the shot, otherwiseconsistency is near impossible.Think of the arm as a singleunit, and push with all of it ratherthan just with the hand or the wrist:imagine it as a solid piece of woodif that helps. You can practice thisby putting your palm flat on a wall,keeping the arm straight, and pushingwith different parts of the arm:try to push with the whole thing,and remember how it feels.So in summary:1. Donʼt grip the bow with yourUltracraftFishingBoatsWinterizing packages for I/O’s and outboards. Full Service sales andrepairs on Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Mercruiser, Honda & Yamaha205 South Tuscarawas Ave.DOVER, OHIO 44622Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm Sat 9am to 1pmBOB’S MARINE330-343-7211EvinrudeDealerfingers. Let it rest in your hand.2. Use the 45 degree angled gripwith the fingers off the bow.3. Keep the arm straight without abend in the elbow.4.Keep the elbow pointing sideways,not down. Donʼt let it stickout into the path of the string.5.Push forward with the bow armtowards the target. Imagine the armas a single unit and push with allof it.Getting this right takes time, especiallyif you havenʼt been payingthat much attention to the bowarm previously. Spend a few practicesessions focusing primarily onthese techniques, possibly withouta target on the boss. Donʼt expectto get it right in ten minutes, butyou should find it easier within thespace of a session or two.The DrawThis is the other fundamental ofgood archery technique: if you havea good bow arm and a good draw,youʼre well on the way to shootingyour best. There are lots of separateissues involved with the draw,so Iʼll deal with them differently. Ichoose to shoot with a certain typecontinue to the next pageBIG-BORE POWER,SOLO OR S X S.You’ll always be out front with the monstrous power of an 800 Twin EFI, featured in theSportsman ® 800 EFI and the new RANGER RZR. We are your Big-Bore Polaris dealer!Sept. 2008 ~ Page 14MARIETTA POLARIS27425 ST. RT. 7MARIETTA, OHIOwww.mariettapolaris.com740-374-5766WARNING!: ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders age 16 and older. Polaris youth models of 90cc for riders 12 and older. Polaris youth models of 50cc for riders 6and older. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at(800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800) 342-3764. For safety training in Canada, contact your local Polaris dealer. The Polaris RANGER RZR is not intendedfor on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passenger must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp hand holds and plant feet firmly on thefloor. For your safety, always wear seat belt, helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Always use cab nets. Never ride on public roads, always avoid paved surfaces. Never carry more thanone passenger. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Follow all warnings and instructions in the owner’s manualand the on product warning labels. All RANGER RZRs in action photography ridden by professional riders in designated off-road areas. ©2008 Polaris Industries Inc.

of draw, but others may not findthis type the best for them. Thereare lots of different opinions outthere: donʼt be afraid to ask otherpeople what they think about a particularpoint, and donʼt be afraid toexperiment for a session or so.Grip on the string. There are twoways of doing this, either a deepgrip or a fingertip grip. In the firsttype you place the string into thefirst joint of the fingers and keep itthere for the duration of the shot.The advantage of this is that havingyour string in the joints allows youto relax your drawing fingers a lot,and they may come off the stringmore smoothly. In the second typeyou grip the string with the tips ofyour fingers: this causes more tensionin the fingers, potentially leadingto a less smooth release, butthere is less finger to get out of theway of the string. Personally speaking,I found the deep grip very usefulwhen I tried it, producing farbetter grouping than the fingertipgrip, but have recently gone backto the fingertip grip for variousreasons, and have found this muchmore consistent than I originallydid. The deep grip takes some gettingused to, but can certainly yieldvery good results. Try both, and seewhich you prefer.Use of the back muscles. Not a lotof debate over this one really: youshould use your back muscles asGet Ready For Hunting Season With Our Large Selection OfNow HandlingFranchiReloadingBenelliSuppliesNew and Used GunsGlockKimberLeupold - Zeiss ScopesGold - Platinum - Silver - Jewelry - WatchesTools - Electronics - Archery - Safes - And More!Buy - Sell - Trade - LoansLay-Aways AvailableTwo Locations To Serve Your Needs515 Division St. 3410 3408 Emerson Dudley Av. Av.Parkersburg, WV Parkersburg, WV304-428-7298 304-428-7296the main drawing force. What thismeans is that the arm and shouldermuscles are as relaxed as possibleand the back muscles do most ofthe work: this causes less tensionin the drawing arm, especially theforearm, which leads to a smootherrelease. It also helps enormouslywith correct line (more of which later),and is less tiring than using thearm muscles. When youʼre drawingthe bow, try to move one scapulatowards the other, feeling the boneand muscle in the back working tobring the arm, hand and string backtowards your face: other musclescontinue to the next pageSAFESThe big catfish have been biting atthis popular pay lake.. Photo courtesyof Catfish Paradise near Marietta.BOONEʼS BOW SHOP3-D RANGE - PRACTICE RANGEINDOOR ARCHERY RANGELocated On Larkmead RdParkersburg, WV 304-863-6962ParkerSept. 2008 ~ Page 15BEARGame CheckingStation•Archery Shoots•Leagues•GroupDiscounts

should be as relaxed as possible.Practising this is absolutely vital,and luckily you can do a lot towardsgood technique at home. Stand asif on the shooting line, one armout as if holding the bow, the otheras if holding the string. Move theback muscles and shoulder blade tobring the string arm back towardsyour face and in towards where itwould normally anchor on yourface. Keep the pressure up on theback muscles, and imagine yourselfletting go of the string with asmooth motion so that your drawingarm follows through directlybackwards and the hand ends upby your rear shoulder. At all timestry to feel the back muscles working,and keep the other muscles relaxed.This exercise is even betterwhen you use a stretch band: theCliniband is an old favourite, andWin&Win have just brought out anew version which looks good. Doexactly the same exercise: this timeit should be more realistic, and youshould be able to feel the musclesworking better. Itʼs very importantTed Nutter hooked a 41” musky.Photo courtesy of Christyʼs Tradin Post inMt. Nebo.SEARSEXXONOver 47 YearsIn BusinessDOUBLE “DD” RANCHORIGINAL OWNERS HAVE RETURNED“A Hunting Preserve Unlike All Others”(740) 596-9013 FAXthat you carry on doing this exerciseat home even when you thinkyouʼve got it right and are shootingwell: itʼs the best substitute for actuallyshooting and is an importantexercise in its own right. Doing thisfor 15/20 minutes a day should improvetechnique dramatically, andis useful if youʼre not going to beshooting during the vacations.The T-draw. Most archers prefer touse this draw: itʼs the classic techniquewhich we all get taught as beginners,and it should work for themajority of people. Having settledthe fingers on the string properly,turn to face the target and bring thebow up in front of you. The sightshould be slightly above the gold(assuming that this is where you areaiming) as the action of the drawwill bring the bow arm and bowdown, dropping the sight onto thegold. Using the back muscles pullthe string towards your face, continuingto use the sight, but concentratingon technique, and then release.Simple! The alternative is toSTUMPTOWN, WVUS HIGHWAY 33GAME CHECKINGHUNTING/FISHING LICENSEGas - Tires - Groceries - HardwareSept. 2008 ~ Page 16(740) 596-4711• Wild Russian Hogs• Exotic Rams and Goats• Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Red Stag & Elk• African & Asian SpeciesPrices include animal, guide & caping.Lodging, meals and meat processing available.58501 US Rt 50, McArthur, OH 45651e-mail Dannie@DDRanch.comWeb Site www.DDRanch.comstart the draw with the bow pointingat the ground, with the bowarm straight and in position, and toraise the bow as you draw, sightingand aiming at the same time: somepeople feel that this gives them betterback muscle usage, although Icanʼt say it helped me at all when Itried it. Pointing the bow up in theair at a 45 degree angle and doingthe draw like this could produce thesame effect, but is sensibly againstthe rules of shooting, so donʼt trythat one. Try doing the first part ofthe draw relatively quickly, perhapsuntil a couple of inches away fromyour face, and then slow it downa lot. This gives you a chance tomake sure that you will be anchoringin the right place, lets you aimas you draw, and generally helpsyou do a smooth draw rather thancontinue to the next pageCUSTOM ARROWS$69 Doz. Gold Tip Carbon$64 Doz. XX75AluminumJ & R SPORTINGGOODS & PAWNOne Block Off Main Street34 Rebecca StreetSHINNSTON,WV304-592-1302HUNTING - FISHING - ARCHERYBIG BUCK CONTEST

a stop-start one.Aiming. The main point here isthat you should do this at all stagesof the draw. Donʼt draw and thenaim, as the movement will lacksmoothness: aim before you draw,and continue to aim while youdraw and at full draw. Having saidthat, the act of aiming should beas unconscious as possible: if youconcentrate on keeping the sight inthe gold, you can be sure that itʼllwander all over the place, youʼllspend lots of time and effort at fulldraw trying to get it back into thegold, stay at full draw too long,and the eventual shot will be a poorone. Keep your attention focusedon the target, on where you wantthe sight to be, and focus on goodtechnique: with practice the sightwill stay more or less where youwant it to be, and aiming wonʼt bea problem. Bear in mind that thesight is bound to move about onthe target: donʼt try to overcorrectfor this consciously, subconsciousaiming will do it for you.New Ramp On Buckhannon RiverThe Division of Natural Resourceshas completed construction of anew public fishing and boating accesssite on the Buckhannon River inUpshur County, according to FrankJezioro, Director. Development ofthe site was accomplished througha joint effort by the Upshur CountyCommission, Federal EmergencyManagement Agency (FEMA) andthe DNR. Construction assistancewas provided by the Tygart ValleyConservation District. The site islocated approximately three milesnorth of the City of Buckhannon onCounty Rt. 4/13.Additionally, the DNR, the Cityof Buckhannon and Tygart ValleyConservation District assisted inthe improvements to an existing2008 St. MarysFall Bass Tournamentfishing and boating access on theBuckhannon River.“The newly constructed site andthe improved access area provideexcellent opportunities for smallmouthbass, rock bass and muskiefishing on the Buckhannon River,”continue to the next pageAlex Fields landed a smallmouthbass. Photo courtesy of CrossroadsGeneral Store near Newark.www.wvasportsman.netFEDERAL VALLEYPHEASANT FARM16171 E. KASLER CR. ROADAmesville, Ohio 45711HUNTING PRESERVESeason OpenSept. 1For Questions andReservationsCall: 740-448-6747Gene and Roseanna Hines304-685-2850www.mariettarv.comSept. 2008 ~ Page 17October 197a.m. to 4p.m.$80 Team Entry Fee50% PaybackProceeds go to 2009 Bass FestivalClip Out & Mail InBoater____________________________________________Partner____________________________________________One Address_______________________________________City______________________________________________St.___ Zip__________ Phone__________________________Must attach proof of #300,000 liability insurance.Standard Rules - Available At EventSend entry form with $80 to:Pleasnats Area Chamber of Commerce309 Second St, Suite 1CSt. Marys, WV 26170

www.newadventurerv.comsaid Jezioro.These projects are funded by thesale of hunting and fishing licensesby the Division of Natural Resourcesand matching funds through theFederal Aid in Sport Fish Restorationprogram.“Anglers and hunters provide thebasis for financial support of publicaccess and fisheries and wildlifemanagement activities throughtheir license purchases, along withthe federal excise taxes they payon the sale of hunting and fishingequipment and motor boat fuels.The DNR also counts on the supportof local governments and organizationslike the City of Buckhannonand the Upshur County Commissionin helping to make these projectshappen,” stated Jezioro.LOW ADVERTISINGRATESReach Numerous PotentialCustomersW.Va. SportsmanDetails On Page 34 PondsOPEN7 Days A WeekCabin & CamperRentalsJayco2456 Route 21 SouthRIPLEY, WV866-372-1323Trappers Must TagFurbearersTrappers harvesting beaver andfisher are reminded they must presentthe whole animal or pelt to agame checking station or Divisionof Natural Resources representativewithin 30 days after the closeof the respective season. A tag providedby the checking station shallbe attached to the whole animal orpelt until it has been sold, tanned,or mounted.The law requires bobcat huntersand trappers to field tag each bobcatbefore moving the animal fromthe location where it was killed.The field tag must remain on thecarcass until it is retagged with anofficial game checking tag at an officialgame checking station. Huntersand trappers are to present theunskinned bobcat when checkingthe animal.Information provided by huntersor trappers on the checking tag isused to monitor harvest and assistin future management of thedifferent species in West Virginia.Decisions regarding season length,Family Fishing & CampingCatfish - Bass - Trout - BluegillCamping Daily or Year Round~ We Now Have Hybrid Striped Bass ~Rt. 50 Between Bridgeport & Grafton304-265-1000 Rt. 2 Box 290 Grafton, WV 26354Sept. 2008 ~ Page 1821 Country MarketLive Bait & Tackle* Minnows ~ Crawlers*Mealworms ~ Shiners* GAME CHECKING* HUNTING & FISHING LIC.Everything you need fora day on the water!372-9697Rt. 21 North Ripley, WVopening and closing dates, and baglimits are reliant upon accurate dataobtained from these tags.“Improvements in internationalfur markets have resulted in increasedharvests of furbearers,making it extremely important toclosely monitor harvests at thistime,” according to Curtis Taylor,Wildlife Chief for DNR.Chris Roberts trapped a 35 pundcoyote.Photo courtesy of Jarrettʼs Baitin Elizabeth.SPENCER'STAXIDERMY304-824-3745OVER 39 YEARSEXPERIENCEBIRDS, FISH, ANTLERSLIFE-SIZE MOUNTS, GAMEHEADSWEST HAMLIN,WVACCROSS FROM THE POST OFFICEFULL TIME TAXIDERMY SERVICE

Hunting - Fishingand MarineRt. 10 & Hughes Branch Rd.HUNTINGTON, WV304-736-4276CSS ArcheryDeer & Turkey SuppliesAmmunition - KnivesBoots & ClothingPistols & GunsMuzzleloadersPistol Holsters & MORE!!One Of WV’s LargestSelections Of Fishing TackleLet’s GoFishing!Large Variety OfLIVE BAITSt. Croix - ShimanoZebco - Bass Pro & MoreCustom Spinner & Buzz BaitsLead Sinkers Of All TypesGamakatsu • OwnerXPS • Excel • StrenP Line • Sufix • TrileneSpro • Bandit • BomberNorman • Cotton CordellBerkely Power WormsGulp • Yum • Cabin CreekVenom • Gitzit • ReactionJewel Bait • Eakins • HartProwler • Hard Nose • StormBitsy Bug • Stanley WedgeWhite River • Super DuperMike’s • Uncle Josh •Joe’sStop By Justin’s Before Your Next Hunting Or Fishing Trip!Marty Capral brought in a browntrout. Photo courtesy of Middle MountainSporting Goods in Elkins.Charles Bias has a nice mess offish. Photo courtesy of Christyʼs Tradingpost in Mt. Nebo.Mail In Your BIG FISH PicturesFrom The 2008 Season.Form Is On Page 38StarcherʼsSport Shop304-863-8133Fishing Tackle - Rods & ReelsWoolrich Clothing - Lacrosse BootsBow Tuning - Archery Pro Shop Hunting Supplies - Bass Pro ShopBOWTECHLIVE BAIT MuzzleloadingMINNOWS -WORMSTrappingAND MORERed HeadOpen Mon. to Sat. 7AM to 7PMPEARSON - DIAMOND - DARTON - PSE - BEARCustom Arrows Just South Of LUBECK,WV On Rt.68Sept. 2008 ~ Page 19Josh Murray brought in a nice bass.Photo courtesy of Starcherʼs Sport Shop inLubeck.

Broken Wheel CampgroundI-79 Exit 96Weston, WVPast The Stonewall Jackson Dam Entrance1 1/2 Miles On The Right304-269-6097Fishing & HuntingSuppliesand Country StoreGifts - Game Room - PlaygroundNightly & Monthly RatesBoat & Camper StorageLIVE BAITMARSTILLERʼSGUN SHOP & HEATED INDOOR RANGEOver 29 Years Of Service!Always On “Target”HomeOf The“Gun Guys”NRAFirearmsSafetyClasses3647 Collins Ferry RoadMorgantown, WV304-599-1556304-473-0752ANDJustin Sampson, age 12 fromRockport, hooked a 7 1/2 poundlargemouth in Ohio. Photo courtesyof Starcherʼs Sport Shop in Lubeck.www.wvasportsman.netJosh Carr caught a new state recordyellow perch. He was fishingin a farm pond in Upshur Countyfor this 1.74 pound fish. It measured15.25 inches. Photo courtesy ofRickʼs Taxidermy in Buckhannon.Make Those OutdoorMemories Last A Lifetime20 Years ExperienceLocatedOff Hall Rd. OnBlack Ford RoadBuckhannon, WVAccepting Major Credit CardsFull Time/Award Winning MasterTaxidermist Rick DunlapStay with us while you enjoy the Stonewall Jackson Lake area. Minutesfrom the state park which offers the Arnold Palmer Golf Courseand boat rentals. Also, 1 1/2 milesfrom Stonecoal Lake Wildlife Area(public hunting & fishing). Only 6 miles fromI-79 exit 96 or 4.5 miles from Rt. 33 - Corridor H - near Weston, WV• A/C• TV - VCR• Barbecue Grill• Large Porch AreaLAKE VIEW CABINSOverlooking Stonewall Jackson Lake~ 100 Yards From The Boat Ramp ~• Easy Access• Great View Of Lake• Fully Equipped KitchenIncluding DishwasherSept. 2008 ~ Page 20NOW BOOKINGFOR SPRING & SUMMERSEASON RENTALSEasy Access To PublicHunting Areas. 15,000 AcresOn Stonewall Jackson & 3,000Acres On StonecoalFor More Info & Reservations304-269-5813

www.JerrysSportingGoodsLLC.comFULLY EQUIPPED HUNTING & FISHING STORE - LIVE BAITLARGE SELECTION OF MUSKY LURES - SNACK BAROpen 8AM to 10PM DailyGET READY FORBOW SEASONLargest Area Selection ofMathews BowsPSE - PARKERBow Tuning - Custom ArrowsGeorgetown Road Off US 33East Of Weston, WV304-452-8227Large Selection OfShotguns • Pistols • Rifles10 - 20 - 30 YardIndoor Archery RangePistol & RifleIndoor Gun RangeNumerous BowsAnd AccessoriesTechnoHUNTVideo Archery RangeComplete Line Of Hunting Clothing & Boots• Scent-lok • ScentBlocker • Under ArmourCarhartt • Browning • Gamehide • WoolrichMossy Oak • Kings • Danner & LaCrosseKids and Infant’s ClothingGAME CHECKING STATIONLAKEWOOD CABINSNearby Public Hunting & FishingGolf - Horseback Riding - Biking• Two Log & One Cedar• Outside Barbecue Grills• Furnished Kitchen• Washer & Dryer• Peaceful Wooded AreaLocated Between Stonecoal Lake & Stonewall Jackson LakeResort Near Weston, WVReservation Info - 304-269-2660 or 304-452-8277Sept. 2008 ~ Page 21

Franchi • NEF • Henry • Mossberg • Rouge • Braztech • Marlin • EAA • LibertyJOHNSON’SSPORTINGGOODS3003 WEBSTER RD.SUMMERSVILLE, WVNew & Useed Guns304-872-4141LIVE BAIT• MINNOWS - WORMS - MORE• RODS & REELS - TACKLEBASS - CATFISH - TROUT• PAINTBALL SUPPLIES• CAMPING EQUIPMENT• SPORTING GOODS• HUNTING SUPPLIES8AM TO 8PM MON-SAT.1PM TO 6PM SUNYoung Hunter Rummer hooked a 4pound bass. Photo courtesy of JohnnyʼsOutdoors in Boaz.Mike Mace caught a 40” musky.Photo courtesy Jarrettʼs Bait in Elizabeth.On The Internet - www.wvasportsman.netRemington • Winchester • Weatherby • Browning • RossiPARK CENTERSPORTING GOODSPark CenterRAINELLE, WV304-438-56609AM to 8PM Daily12:30PM to 5PM SunBUY • TRADE • PAWNGuns • Pistols • Bows • KnivesSafes • Fishing Rods & ReelsTackle • Camo Clothing • ScentsGortex Clothing • Dog SuppliesTrapping • Custom Arrows • MoreBOOTS BY: LaCrosse - Rocky - GeorgiaBrowning - Handyman - Irsih Setter - DannerRuger • Glock • Benelli • Bersa • Taurus • Springfield • Smith & Wesson • SavageLiberty &Remington SafesBOWSHOPJosh Murray reeled in a nice browntrout. Photo courtesy Starcherʼs SportShop in Lubeck.Mathews • MartinBear • PSE • MissionWhisper CreekKimber • T-C Encore • Traditions • CVA • Thompson CenterSept.r 2008 ~ Page 22HuntingBootsGun Cases

2008 Year Of The FrogAmphibian populations are in declinein many areas of the world.In cities and the countryside, inrainforests and wetlands, countlessareas which previously hosted arange of healthy amphibian populationsnow have fewer- or evenno- frogs, toads, and salamanders.While healthy populations of somespecies still exist, many species arein decline and a few species - includingCosta Ricaʼs Monteverdegolden toad and Australiaʼs Gastricbrooding frog - are now believedextinct.In response to this alarming trend,Amphibian Ark and its member organizations,including the WorldAssociation of Zoos and Aquariums(WAZA), have declared 2008as the “Year of the Frog” to highlightthe amphibian extinction crisisand emphasize the importanceof amphibian conservation.Why are Amphibians Declining?Research to date indicates that ahost of environmental variablesincluding competition, contamination,disease, habitat destruction,parasitism, predation, and ultravioletradiation may cause amphibianpopulation declines or malformations.It is likely that amphibiansATVʼsMotorcyclesRt. 33 EastBuckhannon, WV304-472-4824www.supersmittys.comare subject to combinations of thesestressors, and that the combinationsvary by region and time.Why Should We Care?Amphibians are considered goodindicators of general ecosystemhealth. Many amphibians lay theireggs in water and their offspringspend the first part of their livesin water. Both amphibian eggsand skin are highly permeable, allowingthem to absorb water andoxygen. Unfortunately, this makesthem especially vulnerable to pollutantswhich can also readily enterthe body.Amphibians play essential roles,both as predators and prey, in theecosystems of the world. Adultamphibians regulate populations ofpest insects- those which damagecrops or spread disease. Amphibianshave very important functionsin the food chains of both aquaticand terrestrial systems. Amphibiansconsume aquatic vegetation,as well as invertebrates and othervertebrates. In the absence of fish,amphibians are usually the toppredators in freshwater systems.However, amphibians are also preyto numerous predators, includingsnakes, fish, birds, mammals, spiders,and even each other. Consequently,amphibians influence thepopulation dynamics of other organisms,as well as the cycling ofnutrients and the flow of energy.Amphibians provide vital biomedicines.These include compoundscontinue to the next pageDave Starcher landed a big largemouthbass. Photo courtesy of StarcherʼsSport Shop in Lubeck.IT’S BOAT SEASON AT MID-STATE MARINAG3AluminumMID - STATE MARINARoute 19 NorthSutton,wvPhone: (304) 765-7325 (800) 640-7329Sept. 2008 ~ Page 23SuzukiHondaYamahaCan-Am

that are being refined for analgesicsand antibiotics, stimulantsfor heart attack victims, and treatmentsfor diverse diseases includinghigh blood pressure, potentiallylife-threatening fungal infections,stroke, seizures and Alzheimerʼs.A man-made version of a moleculediscovered in the egg cells of theNorthern Leopard frog (Rana pipiens),found in many parts of theUnited States, could provide theworld with the first drug treatmentfor brain tumours. The Australianred-eyed treefrog (Litoria chloris)and its relatives give us a compoundpotentially capable of preventingHIV infection, the cause of AIDS5.In 2000, the World Resources Institutereported that of the 150 prescriptiondrugs currently in use inthe United States of America, 27originated from animals.Research into the mechanics ofthe unique hearing system of frogsis being used as a model for “intelligent”hearing aids. The hearingaids can spatially separate sounds,process them the way that humanbrains do, and boost sound signalsof interest, ignoring backgroundnoise.STURGEON GENERALSPORT FISHING CHARTERSLake ErieWalleye - BassPerchJune - OctoberLake OntarioSalmon TroutApril - MayCaptain Hank Cocain6914 Hassell Rd.Sharpsville, PA 16150Phone:724 - 962-4725724-301-1340www.sturgeongeneral.netB.A.S.S. Angler Of The YearIt has been just more than a monthsince Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo,Mich., won his fourth ToyotaTundra Bassmaster Angler of theYear title. Since that mid-Augustday, the Bassmaster Elite Seriespro has been on the go.Known as a “power angler,”VanDam also is a powerhouse offthe water. Itʼs easy to see how hissignature style of fast, hard fishingrelates to his drive to alwaysbe doing something. But since the14-time BASS winner captured the2008 AOY title, he hasnʼt alwaysbeen the one doing the driving.“I have been pretty much jammedup since the day I won Angler ofthe Year. The day after, I went toBristol (Conn.) and did the ESPNʻcar washʼ and itʼs been wide opensince then,” VanDam said.By “car wash,” he meant theprocess of making several ESPNshow appearances in succession.continue to the next page50460 E. CAPTIINA HWYJACOSBURG, OHcontinue to the next page43933Fantastic Fishing For:1-800-856-6098 Largemouth & Smallmouth BassHybrid Striped BassPerch • Crappie • CatfishTrout • Hybrid BluegillsHayden Rummer caught 2 bass atthe same time. Photo courtesy of JohnnyʼsOutdoors in Boaz.• 15’ Electric Powered Jon Boats Supplied• Catch & Release Fishing• Overnight Cabin Available• Near Moundsville, WVwww.lakeshawn.comSept. 2008 ~ Page 24

"Get ready forfall hunting &trout season"KILE'S GROCERYGUNS - AMMO - CLOTHINGFISHING TACKLE - GROCERIESVanDam appeared live on ESPNRadioʼs Mike & Mike in the Morning,and then taped segments forESPNʼs morning show, First Take,and ESPNEWS. That was just thebeginning of the media interviewsfor the Angler of the Year.“With the tour schedule, weʼrejust so busy through the year, Ischedule a lot of my other appearances— like television commercials,TV shows and things that Ido for my sponsors — in the offseasons.When I won Angler of theYear, I ended up with quite a fewdifferent obligations added to myschedule.”His most recent stint was a weeklongTracker dealer conventionthat included meeting with the mediaas well as photo shoots for theboat makerʼs catalogs and marketingmaterials.“I do that for most of my sponsors,so that keeps you going,” hesaid.He was not complaining, ratherhe was explaining. He has beenable to have a few days at homewith his wife and 11-year-old twinsons, and they have taken a familyvacation. This week heʼs in NewMexico on an elk hunting trip withfive hometown buddies, last yearʼsChristmas gift from their wives.If heʼs not recognized as a famousbass pro during his trip, it would beonly because he doesnʼt meet anyother hunting parties in the backwoodsof New Mexico. Nowadays,VanDam is approached by fansLocated on Rt. 220UPPER TRACT, WV304-358-7321Sept. 2008~ Page 25TROUTFISHINGSUPPLIESalmost everywhere he goes. Eachtime he gets personal recognition,he sees it as proof that the generalpublic has become more aware ofprofessional bass fishing.“I donʼt even have to be in mytournament jersey, and peoplerecognize me. I get a tremendousamount of fan mail, a lot of letters,especially from kids, but I getthem from people of all ages. Itʼsvery flattering to be known, withouta doubt, but everybody withinour industry has worked real hardto build this sport, including BASSand ESPN, and itʼs paying off,” hesaid.VanDam recently was asked by TheTopps Co. to be the only pro fishermanrepresented in a new “champions”set of collectorʼs cards thatencompasses many sports.“Theyʼve been on the marketonly a few weeks, and I am gettingpiles of them sent to me (for autographs),”he said. “Itʼs pretty amazingto me that Iʼd get that kind ofresponse. Iʼve already signed andsent back 75 to 100 cards, and thatʼsan individual sending one card.”Ever the competitor, VanDam islooking forward to the upcomingBassmaster Classic, Feb. 20-22 onthe Red River out of Shreveport-Bossier City, La. It will be his 19thconsecutive Classic, and heʼs eyeinga third Classic title to add tothose of 2001 and 2005.While he says itʼs not his habit toscout tournament waters, he mightswing by to check out the Red• 18 Fully Equipped Log Cabins• 2 Motels - Indoor Heated Pool• Log Cabins With Fireplace• Horseback Ride To Senaca Rocks• Indian Village With Tee Pees• General Store With Food & More• Campgrounds With Hook-Ups• Restaurant - Great Meals800-772-8342304-567-2352Seneca Rocks, WVhttp:/wvoutdoors.com/yokumsRiver, especially if heavy rainfallpushes enough water into areasnot normally accessible by boat —clear-water spots that can be key ina stained-water fishery.“The Red River is a place Iʼvebeen to a few times, so itʼs goingto be pretty exciting to get backdown there and see it again,” Van-Dam said. “Iʼve never been downthere that time of year (February).I know what kind of fishery it is,and it really fits my style, so Iʼmexcited about it. The Classic is thebiggest single event in the sport.”Mountain MeadowShooting PreserveWILD BOARRED STAGBUFFALOLodging Available At OurLodge - With MealsP.O. Box 120GREENVILLE, WV 24945304-832-6635www.mountainmeadow.net

Unusual Fishing TipsCheap Fishing and Lots of Fun:Here is a little tip for cheap fishingand lots of fun. Catch a somesmall bluegill (I like to catch themwhile I am waiting for my catfish tobite) then cut the tail off. Now finda large needle or make one with asmall wire like I did. Thread yourline through the needle and pull theneedle threw the bluegill and tiea treble hook to it. I have caughtmany cats with this method. Youcan also dip it in one of these othergreat stink bait recipes on this site.I hope it works for you and pleasesend me an email with your resultsat lucasauctioneering@hotmail.com Lucas - IowaFor Cats Use Your Head: I havetried everything and let me tell youI have not had one thing do betterfor me than anchovie heads. Jack- Phoenix, AZCampfire Channel Cats: If youhave a campfire, heat a hotdog anda marshmallow. Smear the marshmallowover the hotdog. Pour garlicsalt over it and cut the hotdog intoa few pieces. I have seen variationsof this catch channel cats. Roger -Indianapolis, INCarp Love Dr. Pepper Too! All youneed is Wheaties and Dr. Pepper. Itis simple but it is one of the bestcarp baits I have ever used. Iʼvecaught some giants on this simpledough bait. Austin Lanford - FortWorth, TXBasic Carp Mix: Get some beef,parmesan cheese and garlic powder.Cut Beef liver into 1” chunks.Add cheese and garlic powder. Youwant it a little pastie. Spread theCHEAT TROUT TRIPSGuide Trips From Rowlesburgh Up& Including The 5 Forks Of TheCheat River Through TheMonongalia National Forest• Catfish TripsRt 1 Box 113AIndependence, WV26374For Info Call:304-864-3390chunks out on a board and let dryin the sun a couple of days. You caneither bait hooks with the chunks orput in a net laundry bag and put ina fish basket. Otis Rabun - Thomson,GATrout Killer: Use some Powerbaitnext time your at your favorite lake.The night before you fish for trout,douse the Powerbait in salmoneggs that are smashed. When youget to the lake spray the bait withcontinue to the next pageAdvertise In TheW. Va. SportsmanDetails On Page 3Megan Smith hooked an hio Riverwalleye. Photo courtesy of StarcherʼsSport Shop in Lubeck.West VirginiaHunting Properties112 AcresPleasants County$98,000Wooded Hunting LandFOR SALEFor Info Call:330-359-5210www.wvhuntingland.comMurrayʼsLures & Trapping SuppliesHillbilly Hunting BeaglesAKC Pups & Hunting DogsComplete Line of Dog Supplies • Tri-Tronic ProductsDiamond Deluxe, Regal, Easy Loader & Summer BoxesDavid Dewees (304) 988-3137 Curt Casto (304) 988-0482Sept. 2008 ~ Page 26304-275-TRAPwww.murrayslures.comUPS Service AvailableTrapping • Lure Scents • Oils • Urine • Traps • TriggersBaseplates • T-bar Springs • Links • Trapline SuppliesTrap Holders • Trap Bedder • Trap Tags • Snaring BooksFleshing Tool • Push Pins • Sure Locks • Boots & ClothingGame Calling Supplies • Assorted Books • Videos and Much MoreHawbaker • Carmanʼs • Burkhartʼs • Sleepy Creek • Duke • BridgerCall or Visit Our Website - Shipments Will Be Sent UPS2178 Fishers Ridge, Kenna, WV 25248

304-622-8440THE BOW SHOPHOYT • MARTIN • REFLEX • BOWTECHRepair string and cables for most bowsCustom Arrows - Servicing Bows - Tuning“Home of The World Champions”Open 5PM to 9PM M-F12PM to 6PM Sat.Harold Cogar, OwnerFour Miles North Of Clarksburg On Rt. 19 & 20 (Just By RR Tracks) HEPZIBAH,WVanise oil, youʼll be sure to catch allsorts of fish. Tight Lines!! Luke C.- Chino, CAHogʼs Back Falls in Ontario: Ifish a place the Hogʼs Back Fallsfor monster muskies and huge carpand people said the carp in there are35+ pounds. If you live in Ottawa,Ontario fish the Hogʼs Back Falls!Jacob - Ottawa, Ontario CanadaDo What They Do in the Bayou:Out here in the Louisiana BayouCountry we use a different typeof catfish bait. Here are just a few:live minnows, worms, duck guts,shrimp, shad. The best I have everused is: chunks of deer liver, nutra(big marsh rat) liver and freshchicken liver. Harold J. Billiot -Montegut, LAGrab Your Wifeʼs.... Pantyhose:First of all I want to remind youthat I am only 15 and I go fishingrain or shine. So I was thinking tomyself what stinks real bad (catfishare attracted to smell) so cat poo isreally smelly (we all know that) andyou take cat poo and mix it with acan of tuna put a little cheese in andput it all in a food processor (makesure you donʼt use the one youprepare food in) and you mix it allup. Add garlic if necessary and putoutside for 2 to 3 hours. Grab somepantyhose out of your wifeʼs drawerand put the mixture in it and castout in deep water. Once they smellit you better watch out - I caught a43 pounder so try it!! Harvey Pennington- Glasgow, KYCatch Mega Pounders: To catchcontinue to the next pageAluminum Boats With Stretch TechnologySam Hamilton landed a 9.84 poundchannel catfish. Photo courtesy ofChristyʼs Trading Post in Mt. Nebo.Parkerʼs Safe Sales80 to 90In Stock#2 Walnut St.Belpre, Ohio740-423-6541Factory AuthorizedFull Line DealerUSED BOATSON SALESHRINK WRAPIn Home Delivery - Up or DownTri-States Largest Safe DistributorS & G Certified LocksmithSince 1958 - New WVU Safes740-484-4572Exit 208 I-70 S. on SR 149-2.7 MilesBelmont, OhioSept. 2008 ~ Page 271-877-HEY-DAVE

a pretty good size carp, and Iʼvedone this before. You take a pieceof meat....(beef chicken etc.)and you cut it into chunks. Put iton your hook and make sure thehookʼs tip is through the meat or itwonʼt work. Cast out in a spot likea cove like area or near the weedsor shore. Trust me, Im only 13 butIʼve fished all my life and Iʼvecaught 39 lbers this way. Have funand make sure you show your kidshow to be a great angler!! MatthewD., The 13 year Old Angler - Glendale,COOur Tips-Galore: For the best resultsfor season fishing (Summerand Winter), fish on the top in theSummer time because the oxygenHOLMES MARKET 304-845-0502Complete Convenience Store • Beer • BeveragesHot Dogs • Snacks & More“Where You Get Great In-Town Service...Out Of Town”ROBERTS RIDGE RD. OFF RT. 2MOUNDSVILLE, WVGAME CHECKINGlevel will be low at the bottom becauseof the heat. In the Winter timefish on the bottom because moreoxygen stays at the bottom. Aboutthe best thing to use for catfish herein Georgia is chicken livers andgrasshoppers. Stink bate works finebut live or dead fresh bait worksthe best. When you are fishing withchicken livers tie the chicken liversin a small piece of pantyhose, thiswill help the chicken liver stay onthe hook for a while longer. Use asmall amount of bait, just enoughto cover the hook, because most ofthe fish we have caught are 3 lbs- 10 lbs on that. A bigger bait usuallyattracts allot of small bait thatstrips the hook. Bread balls withmelted cheese on them work greattoo. Dog food works good to attract&MountainstateMachine & Gun5173 Moore Rd.Lavalette, WV304-523-5455Full Hot Bluing • Custom Guns BuiltIn House Machine Shop • General RepairCerakote Finish • 28 Years ExperienceFIREARMS & BOWS ORDERED10% OVER COSTGUNSMITHcatfish and bream. Cut bait worksfine too. Shad works too..... Tylerand Josh - Thomasville, GAwww.wvasportsman.netYoung Dakota Riffle, from Roanoke,hooked a flathead.ZZ's TruckAccessoriesPickup - Van - SUVAccessoriesAccessoryPaintingAnd InstallationOn Rt. 33 EastChilders Run RoadBuckhannon, WV304-472-6445Fish • BirdsGame AnimalsPikewood Ave.SAULSVILLE, WV 304-294-6561ATVTires• Fast DeliverySept. 2008 ~ Page 28ATV REPAIRVAN’S AUTO & ATV REPAIRSRepair Your Auto or ATVState Inspections • Great RatesRt. 14 Just North OfVIENNA, WV304-295-4581

Scott Doss hooked a 25 pound fish.Photo courtesy of Catfish Cove in Hurricane.CATFISH COVE“Enjoy The Fun”LIVE BAITTACKLEStocking CatfishBLUECHANNELFLATHEAD Rt. 60MON-WED 8 TO 8THUR-SAT 24HRCLOSED SUN AT 8PMHURRICANE, WV304-859-2737Justin Conner caught a 33 poundcatfish. Photo courtesy of Catfish Covein Hurricane.Walker Shoulds, from Given, reeled in a 7 pound, 2 oz. largemouth bass.LODGING AT STONEWALL JACKSON LAKEMobile2 Bed Rooms 3 Bed RoomsOne Night Or Longer RentalEstates2 Completely FurnishedMobile Homes14’X70’ - Private Area Nearby Boat RampsThese 2 mobile homes are furnished including all kitchen needs. A/C and within walking distance of Stonewall JacksonLake. Nearby ramp is convenient for boaters and fishermen. Hunting close by at the state park near Weston, WV.RELAX INNBED & BREAKFASTAdditional lodging is available at theRELAX INN BED & BREAKFAST.Conveniently located 2 miles from theU.S. 33 and I-79 intersection, this uniqueBed & Breakfast offers excellentaccommodations. Included are a fishingpond, swimming pool, pool table, golfdriving range & nearby hunting & fishing.Enjoy your stay at this 350 acre farm. Three sepearate bedrooms to choose from.Visit our web-site or call for more information on the Mobile Estates or Relax Inn.www.relaxinnandgetaway.comCall: 304-269-2345 or 304-269-2288Sept. 2008 ~ Page 29SWIMMINGPOOLPOOL TABLEeMail: relaxinnandgetaway@yahoo.com

Advertise This Year In TheW. Va. SportsmanReach Interested Customers - Low RatesDwayne Jennings went to ChesapeakBay for these cobia. Photocourtesy of Cardinal Pawnbrokers inBeckley.www.wvasportsman.netJohn Murray landed a 30 pound flathead catfish. Photo courtesy of StacherʼsSport Shop in Lubeck.22 North Locust StreetBuckhannon, WV26201(304) 472-4100Fall Hours1PM to 5PMM-FSept. 2008~ Page 30St. Croix RodsTournament Tackle ForBass Fishermen• Senkos • Zoom • Bandit• St. Croix Rods • BomberHunting SuppliesRt. 14 North Of ViennaBOAZ, WV304-375-2070

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The Huffman House is private lodging justminutes off I-77 & SR 68 in Parkersburg, WV304-481-9787 / 304-428-9222Reasonable rates & lots of conveniences!All hunters, fishermen & vacationers arewelcome to stay short-term or long term.www.thehuffmanhouse.comMat Reese caught an 8 poundbrown trout. Photo courtesy of MiddleMountain Sporting Goods in Elkins.Chris Quick just missed a state record by 1/8” on this saugeye caught atStonewall Jackson Lake. Photo courtesy of Rickʼs Taxidermy in Buckhannon.A nice channel catfish over 25inches was landed. Photo courtesy ofChristyʼs Trading Post in Mt. Nebo.CARDINALPAWNBROKERS • SPORTING GOODS“Get Ready For Hunting Season With Our Large Selections”A r c h e r y P r o S h o pMathews Bowtech HoytParker Diamond MissionBow Tuning • Custom Arrows • AccessoriesMORRELL TargetsGeorgia Boots - Case Knives• Guns • Ammo • Scopes• Fishing Tackle • Coyote SuppliesJay Kellione hooked 2 gar at DouglasLake. Photo courtesy of CardinalPawnbrokers in Beckley.“We Trade Guns”Sept. 2008 ~ Page 32PAWN1221 S. EISENHOWER DRIVEBECKLEY, WV3 0 4 - 2 5 3 - 7 3 5 7

National Hunting & Fishing DaysThe largest outdoor-orientedevent in the state, West VirginiaʼsCelebration of National Huntingand Fishing Days, is StonewallResort State Park in Lewis County,according to Division of NaturalResources Director Frank Jezioro.The event is sponsored each yearby DNR and the West VirginiaWildlife Federation.“Last year, we had nearly 19,000people over two days enjoying anendless variety of demonstrations,seminars, activities, displays andvendors focusing on our hunting,fishing and wildlife-watching heritage,”Jezioro said. “This event isvery family-oriented, offering folksof all ages a multitude of activities.It is almost impossible to take ineverything in just one day!”New to National Hunting & FishingDays this year are the squirrelThese hunters brought in 11 groundhogs.Photo courtesy of the Jarrettʼs Baitin Elizabeth.WYOMING COUNTYHUNT CLUBonly $120 per Year- 2,000 Acres of Property- Limited To 35 Hunters- Sunday Huntingcall:304-673-6070field dressing/skinning demonstration,a tree stand safety demonstration,and a seminar on trophy careand taxidermy techniques by ChadSee. All the popular items are alsoback, including the West VirginiaBig Buck Display, the West VirginiaTrophy Fish Display, deer fielddressing and skinning demonstration,bow and gun shooting, flyfishinginstruction, Tom Bechdelʼscoyote calling and hunting seminars,West Virginia Army NationalGuard Blackhawk Helicopter, andmuch more. To see a schedule ofactivities go to the eventʼs Webpage: www.wvdnr.gov/hunting/nathuntfish.shtm.“We are very pleased to have backonce again the internationally acclaimedlongbow trick shooter,Byron Ferguson – the eventʼs highlightand largest draw,” said DNREvent Coordinator Jerry Westfall.“Byron is an amazing talent. Hecan split playing cards in half fromthe side, shoot dimes out of the air,and has been known to snuff outcandles with an arrow in a darkroom.”This event is unlike most huntshows, which feature mainly justvendors. National Hunting andFishing Days also has many wildlifeand outdoor-oriented vendors,but its primary purpose is to educate,entertain, and encourage activeparticipation.“This may be the first opportunityfor some kids to hold a compoundGAME BIRDS FOR SALEA.I. TestedWHITE OAK FARMELLAMORE, WV(304) 472-6207Sept. 2008 ~ Page 33PAWNJIMʼS GUN SHOPRT #6 BOX 248Buckhannon, WV304-472-1037FISHING TACKLE CAMPING SUPPLIESARCHERY TRAPPING SUPPLIESbow, .22 rifle, shotgun, muzzleloaderrifle or fly-fishing rod, andthey will be receiving instructionfrom those who are truly skilled intheir use,” Westfall said.“The Outdoor Youth Challenge al-continue to the next pagePaul Butterfield landed a huge flatheadcatfish.WILDBob WhiteQuail

27 Yrs. ExperienceCustom Made ArrowsBow Tuning•Morell TargetsStands • AccessoriesGlady Fork ArcheryHoyt - McPherson - BowTech - Bear JenningsPearson In Stock RecurvesWe Accept Major Credit CardsI-79 to Exit 96, Left 3.7 MilesWESTON, WV 269-6292Mon.- Fri.-Sat 10-5 Tues. Wed. Thu. 3-9Near Stonewall Jackson Lake304-884-6561“Quality WorkAt AReasonableRate”llenge allows children to compete,or merely just participate, in numerouswildlife and outdoor-orientedactivities. Older children andadults will love wildlife seminarsby top experts and the opportunityto view some of the latest in hunting,fishing and wildlife-watchingequipment”The entrance fee is $3 for adults,$1 for children ages 4-15, and freeto children ages 3 and younger.The event is held both inside andoutside over a 100-acre facility atStonewall Resort State Park (www.stonewallresort.com), convenientlylocated off Interstate 79 (Exit 91– Roanoke).For more information on NationalHunting & Fishing Days,visit the event Web page at www.wvdnr.gov/hunting/nathuntfish.shtm or contact Event CoordinatorJerry Westfall, at (304) 558-2771;jerrywestfall@wvdnr.gov .Master ArcherComes To EventRoanoke, W.Va. – Master archerByron Ferguson will return as partof the 2008 line-up during WestVirginiaʼs Celebration of NationalHunting and Fishing Days at StonewallResort State Park September27 and 28. The event, which drawsnearly 20,000 outdoor enthusiastseach year and is the biggest outdoor-orientedevent in the state,is sponsored by the West VirginiaDivision of Natural Resources andthe West Virginia Wildlife Federation.Ferguson first amazed the crowdGame HeadsRugsTurkeysLife Size MountsNoveltiesEuropean MountsJANE LEW,WVeMail toms_ taxidermy@msn.comat the 2007 Hunting and FishingDays event. “Weʼre proud tohave him back this year,” saidJerry Westfall, event coordinatorfor DNR. “Byron is able to do thenearly impossible when it involvesthe bow and arrow.”Ferguson took an interest in thelongbow at the age of 12, firstshooting out candles in the pitchdark to hone his skill. He is ableto shoot coins out of the air, splitplaying cards, and even shoot anarrow through a wedding ring inmid-air.When asked why he prefers thelongbow, Byron replied, “Itʼs becauseof the romance that is tied tothe weapon. Longbows are tracecontinueto the next pageAdvertise In TheW. Va. SportsmanDetails On Page 3Wanda Roberts caught a lare drum.Photo courtesy of Jarrettʼs Bait in Elizabeth.T&T GUN SHOPGUNS • AMMO • ACCESSORIESSWAVORSKIScopesReloading Supplies - Powder - Primers - Bullets - Dyes & More304-472-AMMO4-8 Tu-Thu-Fri KOWA12-6 Sat Optimed Spotting ScopesJolynne AdditionBUCKHANNON, WVSept. 2008 ~ Page 34FLINTLOCK'SSporting GoodsGuns • Ammo • Knives • Kids CamoBerkley Power Bait • Casto FliesSuper Dupers • Trout MagnetsOVER 400 GUNS IN STOCK• Muzzleloaders • Parker Bows• Archery Supplies• Used BowsKingwood PlazaKingwood, WV304-329-2377WV GiftsLive Plants

able to the cavemen and have beenpraised in songs, poems and storiessince the dawn of mankind.”Byron Ferguson is expected tobe a show favorite again this year,attracting not only avid bow huntersand archers, but also the wholefamily. He has taken his talentsaround the world, performing ineight foreign countries and on dozensof television programs. Additionalinformation is availablefrom Fergusonʼs Web site at www.byronferguson.com.The public is invited to attend the2008 West Virginiaʼs Celebration ofNational Hunting and Fishing Daysat Stonewall Resort State Park onSeptember 27th and 28th betweenthe hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m onSaturday and 9 a.m. and 5.p.m. onSunday. A complete show listingand schedule are available on theDivision of Natural Resources Website at www.wvdnr.gov.Steve Cain, from Big Springs,hooked a musky.Rt. 33 EastElkins, WV 26241636-7878LIVE BAITDOUBLE AA ROUNDUPOpen 24 HoursLegal BeveragesSnacks • Deli SandwichesHunting & Fishing SuppliesAmmunition • Game CheckWV Hats - Shirts - SouvenirsMOUNTAIN BOYTURKEY CALLSToyota Sponsors Big Bucks“The Division of Natural Resources(DNR) will partner with Toyotato promote the West Virginia BigBuck Display and West VirginiaBig Buck Contest,” according toDNR Director Frank Jezioro. “TheDNR is very excited about this partnershipbecause it gives us an opportunityto promote these popularprograms to a much greater extentand allows the DNR to utilize theresources of a large manufacturingcorporation.”Toyota will be sponsoring both theW.Va. Big Buck Display and theW.Va. Big Buck Contest, which differin their scope and time frame.• The West Virginia Big Buck Displayallows hunters with legallytakenWest Virginia white-tailedbuck mounts, taken in any year andscoring 150 or more in either Pope& Young or Boone and Crockett,a chance to display these at WestVirginiaʼs Celebration of NationalHunting & Fishing Days. Thisevent is held at Stonewall ResortState Park on September 27-28,ChevronGas2008. Those accepted will be givenreimbursement for some travelexpenses and will have a chance towin prizes. Because participationis limited to the first 30 qualifyingtrophy entries received, applicantsshould enter very soon. More informationon the WV Big BuckDisplay can be found at: www.wvdnr.gov/hunting/wvbigbucks.shtm.continue to the next pageAnother big catfish was caught atthis popular pay lake. Photo courtesyof Catfish Paradise near Marietta, Ohio.ElkinsMotorLodgeToll Free877-636-1863(304)636-1400HUNTERS WELCOME1863 TAVERNHarrison Av.ELKINS, WV"Business Goes Where Invited -Stays Where Appreciated"Colonial Hotel - MotelHunters & FishermenWelcomeTV & ACFree Parking304-472-3000 Center of City24 N. Kanawha St.Buckhannon, WV 26201Sept. 2008~ Page 35Dalton Cutright, ownerConvenience Store • Movie RentalsBoat & RV Supplies • SouveniersGame Checking Station • HardwareLazy Acres Mart1/2 Mile fromAudra State Park in WV304-472-4279 LIVE BAIT

Tri - LakesRt. 19 WalkersvilleAmmoLive BaitGame CheckingFishing SuppliesBlackpowder Supplies• The West Virginia Big Buck Contestallows hunters who legallyharvest bucks in the upcoming2008 seasons opportunities to submitthese for official recognition.These animals must be scored byan official measurer and must meetcertain standards. All entries mustbe completed by January 31, 2009.The bucks, with their dimensions,county of kill, and ownerʼs namewill be prominently displayed inDNRʼs 2008 Big Game Bulletin(available February 2009). Huntersalso will receive recognitionand plaques at the 2009 NationalHunting & Fishing Days at StonewallResort State Park. More informationon the Big Buck Contestcan be found at: www.wvdnr.gov/hunting/BigBuckContest.shtm.“DNRʼs relationship with theToyota with regard to the Big BuckDisplay and the Big Buck Contesthas been fantastic,” noted NationalHunting & Fishing Days Event CoordinatorJerry Westfall. “Toyotahas been very cooperative and responsivein providing us the necessarypromotional items for theseprograms. Everyone should checkout the W.Va. Big Buck DisplayWeb page, and consider bringinga mount to the upcoming NationalHunting & Fishing Days Celebration.Successful hunters shouldcheck out the W.Va. Big BuckContest Web page and consider applyingif their bucks meet the minimumstandards. Good luck andsafe hunting this season.Easy Access To Stonewall JacksonStonecoal & Burnsville Lakes304-452-8870Camp Sites - Full HookupsChalets - Call For ReservationsEat-in or Carry Out Food - PizzaHoagies - Subs - BurgersBeverages - MoreE-Mail trilakesbp@yahoo.comGAS6am to 10pm Mon - Thur6am to 11pm Sat9am to 10pm SunSale Of Live FoxesPermittedTwin Lakes Camper SalesRt. 33 East of WestonTurn Left Exit 99 - I-79WESTON,WV 304-269-335712,000 Lb. HitchesAs Low As $99Sept. 2008 ~ Page 36BRUSHY FORK MARTBrushy Fork RoadBuckhannon, WV(1.3 Miles From US Rt. 33)Gasoline LiveGas DieselBaitKeroseneWV Lottery & PowerballFishing SuppliesKnives - Novelty ItemsM-S 6am-12pm Sun 8am-10pm304-472-5132West Virginia trappers will be allowedto sell live foxes to houndcoursing pens in West Virginia duringthe 2008-2009 trapping season,according to Curtis I. Taylor,Chief of the West Virginia Divisionof Natural Resources Wildlife ResourcesSection. All foxes used inhound coursing pens must be livetrappedin the county in which thepen is located.“This action will help to avoidany additional westward spread ofrabies and reduce the possibility ofmoving diseased animals across thestate,” Taylor said. “In addition,since raccoon are the primary carriersof the raccoon strain of rabies,the sale of live raccoon remainssuspended for the 2008-2009 trappingseason.”Hound coursing pens are licensedin West Virginia and regulated bybest management standards whichare designed to promote humanetreatment of the wild animals beingpursued. Trappers are urged to useextreme care when handling liveanimals due to the dangers of exposureto rabies and other diseases.Please contact your local WildlifeBiologist for more informationabout the sale of live foxes. Divisionof Natural Resources officesare located in Farmington (304-825-6787), Romney (304-822-3551), French Creek (304-924-6211), Beckley (304-256-6947),Point Pleasant (304-675-0871) andParkersburg (304-420-4550).Blake Walls, from Huntington, shotan 8 point last season.CenturyToppersNew Campers In StockSandpiperWildwoodRockwood

FALL BASS TOURNAMENTSSeptember 21 - St. AlbansOctober 12 - St. AlbansOctober 26 - Burnsville LakeAll Events 7:15AM to 4PMSponsored By:$1,000 1st*169 Colt Industrial Drive“Old Little Valley RV Location”BECKLEY, WV304-929-4137www.turningwheelrv.com“Your New Nitro - Tracker - Tahoe Dealer”Open To All Teams2 Kanawha River1 Burnsville LakeTwo Flights Over 50 TeamsNumber Of Places PaidBased On Entered TeamsPro-rated Less Or MoreThan 35 Teams$100 per TeamPlus $10 Optional Big BassBig Bass Pays 2 Places60% - 40% Over 25 Teams$5 Additional For TeamsSigning Up At RampSend in $20 For Each EventAlong With This Clip Out Form.Pay The CASH Balance At The Ramp.This Secures Your Blast-off Number.Late Team Numbers Follow Mail in.*Over 35 TeamsClip Out & Mail 5 Days Prior To Each Event- Send $20 Advance Fee (each event)• 6 Fish Limit per Team• 6 oz. Dead Bass• Courtesy Board• Obey DNR Rules• Subject To Polygraph• Complete Rules At Event• No Off-Limits Before EventREGISTRATION BEGINS AT 6:15AMTURNING WHEEL RV CENTER• Aluminum & FiberglassPontoons • Bass Boats • Runabouts• Large Selection Of RV & CampersBECKLEY, WVBoater____________________________________________________________Partner____________________________________________________________One Address________________________________________________________City_______________________________________________________________St_____ Zip_____________ Phone#_____________________________________Sept 21___ Oct. 12___ Oct. 26___Send In $20 Each EventTo Pre-Register________Pay The CASH BalanceAt The RampSept. 2008 ~ Page 37Mail To:Bass SportsmanP.O. Box 5521Vienna, WV 26105304-295-8450wvsport@wirefire.com

GSAZLIBIAGRSASGNOYOTUTONORPTWRUBDEALKTWBTSOTGTVRKHAPWHKTOFMAORCTORERKPOEMRCSNHCSMPURORELBISSKNIAPLJAUMCAKACCRALGFTICRRUOJRTOEDRAUSYLAPAICKLNLKSETAEGIRTEBMOEDDAALTBNDNEZEDBNIGOOMDHIWTADWNFCRBEHNOPAINRULWRCTAMAQOGZCFARCUASUPAENERTSFETISRGISTAKGEERUKREBTHNUYCIASLBIOYWPRALCDBOTOECRALNLKIDGRNRLJEOAELWLNUNYNUGEUKSLHINLWUCUGARSACERTLCRAEHSPLWETIEILEGNPRASNLNEGBSLMECITOMOTOHNFGHFEEKOKOERPDKIPSWEODLEKBOPTFKFMARYLTMECANRAINJNENETEDCLTRSSYASENRLAEISENOMEFRAELEUYOENLACFEFUUEBCNTAHEZUEBIOBDCEVELARSDHTAUCKRRANIAYCVPISEPRDGFIUAEIM L ASEBLFSLEIKEHRCRWLOAOSROONGORJMROSMTUII GLNFSREUHNREEDYELFKEANO RARKECNTKZSCSLIEINEPAUEVLAUKEOHRUIRAYKVWORD SEARCHHIHNNTOSRNDAUYRLTARLKMAINASINHNODABNAIOLECWEH EITATAREGLNJFEKGDRFASUNLREUTSLUYSKGQRUNCOBHTHUGRYLOIBLKLREDUTIEZDTYUORSEO ANSUEZYTRNNBOEOICINAOPKRMRNDDAABHTMSHCWalleye Stratos • • Muskellunge Evinrude • Crestliner • Eel • Trout • Nitro • Northern • Yamaha • Perch • Charger • CarpCatfish Legend •• Bullhead Triton • Lowe • Bowfin • Skeeter • Pickeral • Waco • Tiger • Bayliner • Skipjack • Pontoon • CarBass Johnson • Buffalo • Tracker • Drum • Champion • Goldeye •• Smokercraft Brown • Rainbow • Mercury • Saugeye • SkiGolden Blazer • Sunfish Lund • Ranger • Blugill • • Honda Sturgeon • Fisher • Crappie • Pro • Craft Fallfish • Suzuki • DayGar Gambler • Sauger • Outboard • Musky • Pleasure Can • Lake • Allison • Aglia • • Sylvan Rock • Cap Alumacraft • MotorLook Up - Down - Across - DiagonallyIt's It's AlwaysHunting Season✫✫✫ At✫✫✫DALE RAYHUNTING PRESERVEWILD BOARWILD BOARExotic Sheep * GoatsSika Exotic Deer Sheep * Fallow • Goats DeerSika Deer • Fallow DeerMule Deer/Antelope In WyomingWhitetail Hunts In InSeason With Bow Or Or Gun GunTom Belville2228 Co Rd 66Proctorville, OH45669(740) 886-7060Citation Large Fish Pictures WantedClip OutClip OutName_______________________________________Name_______________________________________Address_____________________________________Address_____________________________________City________________________________________City________________________________________State_____________________State_____________________Zip_______________Zip_______________Fish______________________Fish______________________Pound______Pound______Oz____Oz____We are looking for citation fishWe are looking for large fish (all types)pictures caught in 2008.pictures caught in 2008.Send Photo To:Send Photo To:WVSWVSP.O. Box 5521P.O. Box 5521Vienna, WVVienna, WV2610526105eMail wvsport@wirefire.comE-mail wvsport.@wirefire.comPhotos Will Be ReturnedPhotos Will Be ReturnedSept. Summer 2008 2008 ~ Page ~ Page 38 38GASFOODAMMOReese'sCountryStoreBreakfast - Lunch - Deli ItemsHUNTING SUPPLIESGAME CHECKINGMUSKY PLUGS304-679-3502Just Off U.S. Rt. 50Near Mountwood ParkDeerwalk, WV

Now Under New Ownership - Same Great Lake!CATFISH PARADISE“Home Of The Big Cats”4 Miles North of Belpre, Ohio on St. Rt. 7at Veto Road Intersection(740) 373-0686FLATHEADBLUECHANNELCatfish Paradise is still stocking lots of large catfish.Keep to eat all channel catfish caught.Our bait shop carries a full line of bait, tackle and snacks.Tag fish - 70 pound over jar paying 1st & 2nd weekly.Here’s examples of MONSTER FISH frequently stocked.Toys For Tots Tournament October 16 - Thursday$50 Entry/$25 Goes To Toys For Tots - Winners Every Hour - Call For More Details*Weekly Big Fish tournaments every Friday & Saturday at 6PM$13.00 For 12 Hours of Fishing (2 Poles)Includes All JackpotsOpen 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A WeekLocated Just Across The River From Parkersburg, WVSept. 2008 ~ Page 39

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