II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic


II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic

II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives1

FACULTYOfficial languages Spanish, Portuguese and EnglishThe conference will be simultaneously translated inSpanish/Portuguese/ EnglishConference ChairsEduardo González – ArgentinaPaulo Leal - BrazilConference Co-ChairsMaurizio Nava – ItalyAlberto Rancati – ArgentinaMauricio Magalaes Costa – BrazilScientific CommitteePatrick Maxwell – USARicardo Kirchuk - ArgentinaCarlos Cresta Morgado - ArgentinaDaniel Allemand - ArgentinaJuan L. Uriburu - ArgentinaIgnacio McLean- ArgentinaHugo Loustau - ArgentinaCristina Noblia - ArgentinaInvited SpeakersPatrick Maxwell – USAPeter Cordeiro - USAGino Rigotti – ItalyMelissa Crosby – USARogerio Izar Neves – USARoger Khouri – USAFernando Magallanes – MéxicoGail Lebovic – USAMaurizio Nava – ItalyPat Whitworth - USABerta Roth - ArgentinaJosé Kogut – BrazilCarlos Frederico Lima – BrazilAlexandre Munhoz – BrazilCicero Urban – BrazilCarlos Manuel Araujo – BrazilRubén Rosati – ArgentinaOrganizing SecretariatPilar Ponce de LeónII International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives2

THURSDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 200911.15-12.00 CONTROVERSIES I:Breast Conservative Treatment vs.Nipple Sparing Mastectomy in Very Young PatientsChairman: P.M. Soares (Brazil)Commenter: J. Novelli (Argentina)Secretary: M. Ipiña (Argentina)11.15-11.30 M. Nava (Italy). Yes11.30-11.45 P. Whitworth (USA): No11.45-12.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)12.00-13.00 VIDEO SURGERY SESSION IAesthetic SurgeryChairman: O. Ventura (Argentina)Commenter: A. Mottura (Argentina)Secretary: L. Tessari (Argentina)12.00-12.45 F. Magallanes (Mexico): Asymmetries (planning and surgicaltricks) (6´)M. Nava (Italy): Breast augmentation with Anatomical implants:how to choose them? (6´)M. Nava (Italy): Skin reducing mastectomy with ImmediateAnatomical implant insertion (6´)J. Cárdenas (Argentina) : Breast augmentation (axilar approach)(6´)A. Rancati (Argentina): Mastoplasty with autoprotesis- Inferiorpedicle (6´)E. Gagliardi (Argentina): Breast Reduction with supero-Internalpedicle (6´)12.45-13.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)13.00-13.15 LECTURE 2R Khouri (USA):Breast Augmentation by External Expansion and FatGraftingChairman: J. Dávalos Michel (Argentina)Commenter: A. Rancati (Argentina)Secretary: L. Vidal (Argentina)13.15-13.30 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)13.30-14.30 LUNCH14.30-14.45 LECTURE 3F Magallanes (Mexico):Breast implants in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery ofthe Breast (Getting Specific Objectives)Chairman: P. Leal (Brazil)Commenter: G. Flaherty (Argentina)II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives4

THURSDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 2009Secretary: M. Irigo (Argentina)14.45-15.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)15.00-16.00 WORKSHOP 2:Oncoplastic Breast SurgeryChairman: R. Abed (Paraguay)Commenter: M. Bou (Argentina)Secretary: L. Cogorno (Argentina)15.00-15.10 E. González (Argentina): Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: CurrentAspects and Perspectives to determine the time and thetechnique15.10-15.25 G Lebovic (USA): The Use of Breast Reduction in OncoplasticSurgery15.25-15.35 A. Munhoz (Brazil): Oncoplastic surgery in BCT15.35-15.45 A. Mottura (Argentina): Surgical Management ofGigantomastias15.45-16.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)16.00-16.15 LECTURE 4P. Whitworth (USA):SLN & micrometastasis. Axillary dissection is necessary?Chairman: J. Loza (Argentina)Commenter: A. Benitez Gil (Argentina)Secretary: G. Horton (Argentina)16.15-16.30 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)16.30-16.45 COFFEE BREAK16.45-17.45 WORKSHOP 3:Current management of the patient HER 2 +Chairman: E. Korbenfeld (Argentina)Commenter: E. Gago (Argentina)Secretary: C. Barciocco (Argentina)16.45-17.00 J. Nadal (Argentina): Herceptin & Breast Cancer – NeoadyuvantTailoring Systemic Therapy17.00-17.15 E. Diaz Cantón (Argentina): Optimizing AdjuvantChemotherapy. Guidelines in EBC HER2+: Where are we now?17.15-17.30 R. Kirchuk (Argentina): New protocols in adjuvant andneoadjuvant treatment17.30-17.45 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)17.45-18.45 WORKSHOP 4:Locally Advanced Breast CancerChairman:Commenter: R. Castaño (Argentina)Secretary: M. Bensadón (Argentina)17.45-17.55 M. Viniegra (Argentina): Breast Cancer. Current status ofAdjuvant Hormonotherapy.II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives5

THURSDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 200917.55-18.05 G. Amorim (Brazil) Breast Cancer. Current status ofNeoadyuvant Chemotherapy.18.05-18.15 D. Vuoto (Argentina): Post-induction Surgery: when?, isPossible Immediate Breast Reconstruction?18.15-18.25 L. Barbera (Argentina): SLN and neoadyuvant systemictherapy. when,How and why?18.25-18.35 M. Azar (Argentina): PET and Breast Cancer: when, Why?18.35-18.45 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)18.45-19.00 LECTURE 5M. Crosby (USA):Treatment and outcome of patients with chest wallrecurrence after mastectomy or locally advanced breastcancer and breast reconstructionChairman: J. Martín (Argentina)Commenter: O. Silva (Argentina)Secretary: C. Albuixech (Argentina)19.00-19.15 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)19.30 OPENING CEREMONY AND COCKTAILII International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives6

FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 20098.00-9.00 RESEARCH FORUM II:Aesthetic and Oncoplastic SurgeryPrize: “Dr J.A. Pinotti”Chairman: O. Zimman (Argentina)Secretary: B. Peralta (Argentina)Forum Committee: J. Kogut (Brazil)O. Bernabó (Argentina)L. Heredia (Argentina)J. Cianflone (Argentina)9.00-10.00 WORKSHOP 5:Strategies for High Risk PatientsChairman: J. Gori (Argentina)Commenter: R. Elizalde (Argentina)Secretary: B. Gonzalez Saldivar (Paraguay)9.00-9.15 M. Viniegra (Argentina): Identification of High-Risk Patients –BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 gene mutations9.15-9.30 A. Nuñez De Pierro (Argentina): Chemoprophylaxis9.30-9.50 LECTURE 6P. Whitworth (USA): Therapeutic and risk reducing NippleSparing Mastectomy - Current indications and Surgicaltechniques9.50-10.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)10.00-10.35 LECTURE 7G. Rigotti (Italy):Regenerative medicine applied to the reconstructive andaesthetic surgery of the breastChairman: A. Rancati (Argentina)Commenter: R. Khouri (USA)Secretary: F. Flaherty (Argentina)10.35-10.45 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)10.45-11.00 COFFEE BREAK11.00-12.00 VIDEO SURGERY SESSION IIOncologic and Reconstructive SurgeryChairman: L. Ripetta (Argentina)Commenter: C. Nocito (Argentina)Secretary: JL Soplan (Argentina)11.00-11.45 P. Whitworth – P. Maxwell (USA): Nipple Sparing MastectomyE. González (Argentina): Delayed expander insertion (6´)E. González (Argentina): SSM + SLN with Immediate expanderInsertion (6´)M. Nava (Italy): II Step expander reconstruction (6´)J. Biazus (Brazil) Breast Reconstruction with implant (6´)II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives7

FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2009G. Rigotti (Italy): Fat Injection for Breast Reconstruction postBreast Conservative Treatment (6´)11.45-12.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)12.00-13.00 ROUND TABLE 1:Oncoplastic Surgery – What is the limit betweenMastology and Plastic Surgery?Chairmen: C. Menke (Brazil) - A. Rancati (Argentina)Secretary: A. Sempertegui (Brazil)Panelist: M. Nava (Italy)E. Gagliardi (Argentina)G. Lebovic (USA)E. González (Argentina)P. Leal (Brasil)13.00-14.00 LUNCH13.00-14.00 SILIMED SATELLITE SYMPOSIUMBreast Aumengtation and Breast Reconstruction withPoliuretan ImplantsChairman: C. Mira Blanco (Argentina)Commenter: J. Pedro (Argentina)Secretary: W. Giustozzi (Argentina)13.00-13.15 G. Vazquez (Argentina): Selecting patients for primary breastAugmentation with polyurethane implants13.15-13.30 C. Jaimovich (Brazil): Revision surgery for capsular contracturewith polyurethane implants13.30-13.45 S. Carreirao (Brazil): Breast reconstruction and polyurethaneimplants13.45-14.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)14.00-14.15 LECTURE 8M. Nava (Italy):Past, present and future of the reconstructive surgeryof the breastChairman: J. Uriburu (Argentina)Commenter: J. Patané (Argentina)Secretary: S. Sepúlveda (Chile)14.15-14.30 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)14.30-14.45 LECTURE 9P. Cordeiro (USA):Two Stage Expander Implant Reconstruction.Technique and OutcomesChairman: G. Mûller Perier (Argentina)Commenter: J. Nociti (Argentina)Secretary: F. Marin (Argentina)14.45-15.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives8

FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 200915.00-16.00 WORKSHOP 6:SSM and NSM - BR with Expandres and ImplantsChairman: C. Urban (Brazil)Commenter: J. Biazus (Brazil)Secretary: M. Picó (Argentina)15.00-15.15 G Lebovic (USA): Oncoplastic Techniques for Skin SparingMastectomy15.15-15.30 E. González (Argentina): NSM - A safe procedure? OncologicalAnd technical considerations15.30-15.40 J. Mosto (Argentina) : Intraoperative and delayedhistopathological study of the Nipple areola complex15.40-15.50 M. Nava (Italy): Skin sparing vs. skin reducing and immediatereconstruction in relation to breast size and shape15.50-16.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)16.00-16.15 LECTURE 10R. Izar Neves (Brazil-USA):Acellular Dermis Assisted Implant BreastReconstruction versus Complete SubmuscularChairman: H. Loustau (Argentina)Commenter: M. Nava (Italy)Secretary: J. Letzkus (Chile)16.15-16.30 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)16.30-17.30 WORKSHOP 7:BR with Expandres and ImplantsChairman: I. Mc Lean (Argentina)Commenter: J. Tariki (Brazil)Secretary: V. Depetris (Argentina)16.30-16.40 E. Moretti (Argentina): Current status of breast implants. Whatwe should know the Breast and the Plastic Surgeon?16.40-16.55 F. Magallanes (Mexico): Approach and implant positioning inPost Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction16.55-17.05 H. Loustau (Argentina): Pocket work for optimising outcomes inprosthetic breast reconstruction17.05-17.15 G. Ordoñez (Colombia): Immediate Single-StageReconstruction with Permanent Expanders17.15-17.30 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)17.30-17.45 COFFEE BREAK17.45-18.45 WORKSHOP 8:Controversies in Surgical Treatment, Radiotherapy andReconstructionChairman: A. Munhoz (Brazil)Commenter: C. M. Araujo (Brazil)Secretary: F. Terrier (Argentina)II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives9

FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 200917.45-18.00 M. Crosby (USA): Current concepts of breast reconstructionAnd Postmastectomy Radiotherapy18.00-18.10 C. Urban (Brazil): The Mastologist´s View18.10-18.20 V. Alume (Argentina): The Radiotherapist´s View18.20-18.30 M. Picasso (Argentina): Influence of Technologic Advances(IMRT and 3D CT-based planning) on Outcomes in Patients WithImmediate breast reconstruction18.30-18.45 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)18.45-19.00 LECTURE 11P. Cordeiro (USA):Chest Wall Irradiation after ImplantReconstruction-Algorithm for Treatment and OutcomesChairman: B. Roth (Argentina)Commenter:Secretary: F. Diaz Vazquez (Argentina)19.00-19.15 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)20.30 DINNER10II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives

SATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER 20098.00-8.15 LECTURE 12M. Crosby (USA):Breast Reconstruction with free flaps: Free Tram, DIEP,SIEAChairman: J. C. Ortega (Argentina)Commenter: M. Colombo (Argentina)Secretary: M. Barbero (Argentina)8.15-8.30 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)8.30-8.45 LECTURE 13R. Khouri (USA):Minimally Invasive Autologous Mastectomy Incisionless(MIAMI) ReconstructionChairman: O. García Allende (Argentina)Commenter: C.R. Chagas (Brazil)Secretary: F. Garzón (Argentina)8.45-9.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)9.00-10.00 WORKSHOP 9:Breast Reconstruction with Autologous TissueChairman: E. Gallo (Argentina)Commenter: M. Ibáñez (Chile)Secretary: A. Azurduy (Bolivia)9.00-9.10 J. Tariki (Brazil): Breast Reconstruction with latissimus dorsiflap9.10-9.20 H. Paredes (Chile): Breast Reconstruction with pedicled TramFlap9.20-9.30 I. Mc Lean (Argentina): The opposite breast in breastreconstruction9.30-9.45 R. Khouri (USA): Fat Grafting the Breast: General Principlesand Specific Applications.9.45-10.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)10.00-11.00 VIDEO SURGERY SESSION IIIOncologic and Reconstructive SurgeryChairman: R. Rosati (Argentina)Commenter: C. Angrigiani (Argentina)Secretary: S. Quildrian (Argentina)10.00-10.45 R. Khouri (USA): Fat injection for Breast Reconstruction andRadiotherapy-Brava System (6´)I. Mc Lean (Argentina): Pedicled Tram Flap (6´)R. Adam (Argentina): DIEP (6´)J. Sbalchiero (Brazil) : Turbocharging (6´)J. Uriburu (Argentina):: Breast Reconstruction with latissimusdorsi flap with expander” (6´)A. Munhoz (Brazil): Oncoplastic surgery in BCT-breast reduction(6´)10.45-11.00 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)11II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives

11.00-11.15 COFFEE BREAKSATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER 200911.15-11.30 LECTURE 14P. Cordeiro (USA):Mangement of Early and Late Complications of ImplantChairman: J. Vera Cucchiaro (Argentina)Commenter: S. Filiciani (Argentina)Secretary: Marcelo Donzi (Argentina)11.30-11.45 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)11.45-12.45 WORKSHOP 10:ComplicationsChairman: J. JuriCommenter: G. Ibáñez (Chile)Secretary: M. Murias Pettinari (Argentina)11.45-12.00 R. Izar Neves (Brazil-USA): Aesthetic Outcomes andComplications of Immediate Breast Reconstruction after Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy12.00-12.15 P. Leal (Brazil) : Mangement of Early and Late Complications ofPedicle and Free Flaps12.15-12.30 F. Magallanes (Mexico): Mangement and Prevention of theComplications in Irradiated Patients12.30-12.45 Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)12.45-13.00 LECTURE 15P. Maxwell (USA):A Critical Review of 20 years of Anatomical Expander inBreast ReconstructionChairman: E. Elena (Argentina)Commenter: C. Pestalardo (Argentina)Secretary: J. Dorr (Argentina)Discussion (Chairman and Commenter)13.15-13.30 CLOSING CEREMONY12II International Symposium of Oncological, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. New Perspectives

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