Animals How Move

Animals How Move

Some animals swim or run.Others hop, jump, leap, or fly.Some baby animals can movelike adults soon after they areborn. A baby giraffe can standup and walk about an hour afterit is born.2

BirdsOther baby animals learn tomove like adult animals as theygrow. Baby birds cannot fly.They stay in the nest, and themother bird brings them food.In a few weeks, the babies willbe bigger. Then they will beready to fly.3

WhalesA baby whale, or calf, begins toswim soon after it is born. It willfollow its mother when she swims.A mother whale is a careful parent.Her baby is always learning fromher. A mother whale keeps herbaby safe from danger. She helpsher baby to survive.4

LionsLions are skilled hunters by thetime they are two years old. Yetthey are helpless when they areborn. A mother lion carries hercubs when she wants to movethem. She picks one cub up in hermouth and carries it safely away.5

KangaroosA baby kangaroo is called ajoey. At first a joey cannot hoplike its parents. The motherkangaroo carries the baby in herpouch for a few months. Thejoey can leave the pouch when itgrows bigger.6

OpossumsA baby opossum also ridesin its mother’s pouch until it isabout eight weeks old. When thebaby opossum crawls out of thepouch, it climbs onto its mother’sback. The baby gets a ridewherever its mother goes.7

Tadpoles and FrogsA tadpole is a baby frog.Frogs can hop and leap, buttadpoles swim! A tadpole looksa lot like a fish. As a tadpolegrows, legs appear. Soon thetadpole will live on land. It willjump, leap, and become a frog.8

Caterpillars and ButterfliesA butterfly starts its life as acaterpillar. A butterfly can fly,but a caterpillar cannot. Thecaterpillar uses its legs to crawlas it eats and grows. Later,the caterpillar changes into abutterfly. It uses its new wingsto fly away.9

gorillaspolar bears10Some animal babies can walk,crawl, or swim from the daythey are born. Others need timeto grow and learn. Mothers feedand protect them while they areyoung. When they are older,these animals will move in thesame way their parents do.

RespondingTARGET SKILL ConclusionsWhat are three baby animals thatneed help moving? What doesthis tell you about how some babyanimals move? Make a chart.Write About ItText to Text Think of anotherbook about baby animals.Draw a picture of a babyanimal. Write a sentence to tellabout the animal.11

abybeginseightWORDS TO KNOWfollow yearslearning younguntilLEARN MORE WORDSdanger leap survive12TARGET SKILL ConclusionsUse details to figure out moreabout the text.TARGET STRATEGY VisualizePicture what is happening asyou read.GENRE Informational text givesfacts about a topic.

Level: JDRA: 18Genre:Informational TextStrategy:VisualizeSkill:ConclusionsWord Count: 4011.5.22HOUGHTON MIFFLINOnline Leveled BooksISBN-13:978-0-547-02718-0ISBN-10:0-547-02718-41032760

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