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OrientatiOn - your Student Portal! - Rasmussen College

Our MissionRasmussen College is dedicated to serving our communities by recognizing the diverse needs ofindividuals.We encourage personal and professional development through respect, appreciation, and acommitment to general education as a foundation for life-long learning.As an institution of higher learning, Rasmussen College is committed to preparing students to beactive, productive, and successful contributors to a global community.2

Getting StartedWe are dedicated to helping you succeed, but your success at Rasmussen College is ultimately up to you. OurSUPPORT+ network of comprehensive student support services can help you meet your goals through:• Providing insight on college preparation• Preparing your My Degree Plan• Assisting you with your financial aid• Collaborating with knowledgeable faculty and staff• Tutoring and mentoring programs• Providing thousands of library resources• Helping you develop your professional portfolio• 24/7 technical supportYour degree completion time is based on your enrollment status.• Full-time is typically 12 or more credits per quarter• Part-time is typically less than 12 credits per quarterShould you leave prior to graduating, we will award any credentialfor which you’ve met the requirements.As you begin your journey with Rasmussen College, here are somehelpful tips to keep you on track:• Attend all of your classes regularly• Complete all assignments/discussion posts• Consistently check both your Rasmussen student email (smail) and your course mail• Respond to any emails or messages left by Rasmussen College faculty or staff in a timely manner• Make sure your financial aid is complete and all paperwork is signed and returned to the student financialservices department• Ensure that your computer is compatible with the technology needed for your courses• Make sure you confirm your schedule each quarter to have the necessary course materials for each class• If you have not already done so, request official transcripts from any previously attended colleges toensure timely and accurate credit transfer3

your support+ HoneycombCAMPUS:PHONE:Financial AidStudent AdvisorYOULibrary/Learning CenterAcademics866-693-2211help@rasmussen.eduCareer ServicesPersonal SupportCenter4

Student AdvisorAssists you With• Preparing your My Degree Plan to help you stay on track for a timely graduation date• Preparing your schedule each quarter• Assisting with general school-related questions or concerns• Tracking attendance—please see the attendance drop policy in catalog• Tracking grades and success in courses• Providing the necessary resources available to help get you to graduationImportant Reminders• The first Friday of the quarter is the last day to drop or add classes without penalty (i.e., notuition billed, no grade entry)◦◦Tuition is billed after this date for all of your classes• Friday of week 6 (full quarter) or Friday of week 3 (early start quarter): Last day to drop a class andreceive a WD/W (withdraw that does not affect GPA)◦◦Courses dropped after this date are marked as FA/F (see catalog for fullpolicy and grade requirements)◦◦Tuition is still billed for all classes for the full quarter◦◦You must speak with your student financial services advisor and student advisor to drop a class• Week 8: Your upcoming quarter schedule is available on the student portal• Confirm your schedule as soon as possible to reserve your courses and receive your course materials6

Understanding Your ScheduleIf your course schedule (DAYS) says:Your class meets residentially on:MTWMondayTuesdayWednesdayH* ThursdayFSMWTHFridaySaturdayMonday & WednesdayTuesday & Thursday*H is also the default course schedule for all online courses. Courses that are strictly online (and do not have a residential portion) typically donot have a designated meeting day or time unless otherwise noted.Course Delivery ModelsOnlineFLAT (FLT)FLAT COMBO (FLC)FLEX50*FLEX100FLEX50FLT*Course delivery is completely online.Residential course taught by an instructor via video conferencing.Residential course that is combined with multiple campuses via videoconferencing and the instructor could be present or virtual.Course delivery is split 50/50 between a residential and online portion.Residential course that also includes an online element.Course delivery split 50/50 between residential and online. “FLT”denotes that the residential portion of the course will be taught by aninstructor via video conferencing.FLEX100FLTFLEX50FLC*FLEX100FLCResidential course that also includes an online element. “FLT” denotesthat the residential portion of the course will be taught by an instructorvia video conferencing.Course delivery split 50/50 between residential and online. “FLC”denotes that the course will be combined with multiple campuses andthat the instructor could be present or virtual.Residential course that also includes an online element. “FLC” denotesthat the course will be combined with multiple campuses and that theinstructor could be present or virtual.*IMPORTANT - Please note that attendance is measured on both the residential and online portions of all FLEX50 courses.FLEX50 courses will list two letters for the course schedule. The class meets residentially on the day that is listed first, while the “H” or “U”denotes there is an online portion, as well.If your course schedule (DAYS) says:Your class meets residentially on:MHMondayTHTuesdayWHWednesdayHUThursdayFHFridaySUSaturdayClass start and end times may vary. If you have questions regarding your schedule, please contact your student advisor.7

Habits of Successful StudentsLearn with confidenceYour attitude toward a class can dictate your success in the class. Be confidentyou will succeed. If you have challenges, remember that your SUPPORT+team is there to help you achieve your goal.Participate activelyContribute your ideas, perspective, and comments in each course. When youengage in your courses, you have an easier time retaining the course information.Take NotesTaking notes during lectures and throughout your readings is essential tounderstanding lectures and retaining information.Organize your timeOrganize each task according to its level of importance. Always focus on yourmost important tasks.Communicate consistentlyCommunicate consistently with your faculty and classmates.StudySchedule dedicated study time on your calendar, so you can study with a clearmind, free from distractions.Ask for support and understandingYou may have other responsibilities, such as work or family, outside of school.Arrange for someone to cover your work or family obligations in the eventsomething comes up that prevents you from completing your assignments orattending class.Apply yourselfHaving a positive attitude and applying yourself to your coursework can helpyou become a successful student.FACT: A Degree is an Investment in Your Future Earnings.8

College Policies and ProceduresCatalog OverviewQuarter START AND END DATEA quarter is 13 weeks in length, with your classes in session for 11 weeks. At the end of the 11weeks, there is a two week break. For exact dates, please refer to the academic calendar located onthe Student Portal.Attendance policyA basic requirement for employment in any organization is regular, on-time attendance. You areexpected to be on time and in regular attendance for all of your classes. Attendance requirementsare met by attending a face-to-face course session at the campus, or substantive online activity,including completing a discussion post, assignment or quiz. If you have not been in attendance in acourse for 14 days, you may be administratively withdrawn from that course. If you do not attend anyof your courses for 14 days you may be administratively withdrawn from the college.Add or drop policyThe first Friday of the quarter is the last day to drop or add classes without penalty (i.e. no tuitionbilled, no grade entry).FERPAThe Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords you certain rights with respect toyour educational records. At Rasmussen College we take protecting your information seriously.We will only disclose or release educational information to those individuals noted by you who aredocumented as FERPA contacts in your file. If you would like to make changes regarding your FERPAcontacts, please contact your campus.Course material informationAfter you confirm your schedule (prior to each quarter start), you will be sent the necessary coursematerials for each of your classes. There is a course materials fee for each class.For more detailed information regarding our current policies and procedures please visit,rasmussen.edu/degrees/course-catalog.9

Student PortalThe student portal (portal.rasmussen.edu/) will be your main hub as a student and willprovide you with access to many different services, including:• My Online Courses: Access all your online classes including your Course Mail• Student Email / Web Mail: View and manage your Rasmussen student email (smail)• My Schedule: View and confirm your schedule• Student Resources: Find information on career services, financial aid, the bookstore,academics and student services• Rasmussen Library Resources: More than 100 million interactive and online articlesand resources• News & Events: Stay up-to-date with the news and events happening on your campus• Online Learning Tools: Access to online tutoring, grammar and APA tools, typingtutorials and moreClick here to view yourcurrent classesClick here to view yourRasmussen Student Email(smail)Click here to view andconfirm your courseschedule10

Rasmussen Student Email (smail)vs Course mailAs a student at Rasmussen College, you will have access to two separate email accounts; Your Rasmussen CollegeStudent Email (Smail) and Course Mail. It is extremely important that you consistently check both accounts.Your Rasmussen College Student Email (Smail) is found in the Student Portal under Student Email / Web Mail(portal.rasmussen.edu/).Your Rasmussen Student Email (Smail)is located under Campus Tools within theStudent PortalYour Course Mail is found in the online classroom (which is accessed throughMy Online Courses within the Student Portal)Your Course Mail is located in the CommunicateTab within the online classroom11

ETEXTBOOKSThe majority of your books and course materials are delivered in electronic format and accessedthrough a site called CourseSmart. Electronic books, also referred to as eTextbooks or eBooks,provide an updated look along with tools that will give you and your faculty an even more intuitiveway to study and interact. Through CourseSmart, you view your eTextbooks and eResources, startreading, review your notes, and more - all from one location!• Streamlined search and navigation• Multiple viewing options• Improved notes management• Better highlights and bookmarks• Summary of all notes for printSearch and NavigationSearch within a book and view results alongside page content. Enjoy quick and easynavigation between search results and book contents.Notes ManagementCreate notes and view them alongside page contentor in one place from the summary view. Best of all,you can print your notes for class!Multiple Viewing OptionsView pages the way you want. Scaleimages and text to any size with multilevelzoom without losing page clarity.Highlight and CopyHighlight or copy text withone click. Even add notes tohighlighted passages.BookmarksCreate bookmarks and quicklynavigate to marked pages orview within the summary.• How it works: coursemart.com/howitworks• CourseSmart Reader Guide: coursesmart.com/go/reader• For more information on eTextbooks at Rasmussen College, please visit:◦◦Rasmussen Library and Learning Center - rasmussen.libanswers.com/a.php?qid=111807◦◦Rasmussen Bookstore - portal.rasmussen.edu/bs/default_RAS.aspx12

Student Financial ServicesAssists You With• Completing your financial aid application• Reviewing your financial aid award letter• Determining your financial aid eligibilityImportant Reminders• fafsa.ed.gov: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is free, and you should neverpay to complete it• After completing your taxes each year, you must submit a new FAFSA if you want financial aidfor your upcoming school year• Visit the student financial services office every quarter after confirming your schedule andany time you add OR drop a class• Check your student email often for student financial services updates and information• To avoid charges for classes you drop, return all course materials within two weeks• All tuition payments are due on or before their due date• Students can pay onlineFACT:3 out of 4 Surveyed Grads Agree –Our Degrees Helped Advance TheirCareers.**In a July 2012 survey, 76% of the 167 December 2011 graduates who responded answered “yes” to the survey question,“Did your education at Rasmussen College help you advance your career?”13

Academic policiesand proceduresAcademic AwardsAwarded quarterly and based upon your term grade point average, see college catalog for detailsAccommodationsThe mission of Rasmussen College in disability services is to create an accessible college communitywhere students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of theeducational experience. Please see your campus accommodations coordinator for any questionsLate Assignment PolicyThe late assignment policy can be located on your course syllabus and in the college catalog.It is important to turn your assignments in on time. If you fall behind in your classes reach out to yourfaculty to set up a plan to get back on track in your classes.Incomplete PolicyThe incomplete policy can be located on your course syllabus and in the college catalog.It is important to complete your courses on time; however, extenuating circumstances may arise,please reach out to your faculty to discuss whether or not an incomplete is appropriate for yoursituation.Academic Integrity PolicyAs an institution of higher learning, students of Rasmussen College commit to holding themselves andtheir peers to the foremost level of academic integrity, and accept responsibility should behaviorsand actions fall short of the College expectations. Please see your librarian and learning centercoordinator resource on how to cite properly.Satisfactory Academic RequirementsYour continued success is important; therefore, maintaining satisfactory Academic progressensures you are meeting the expectations towards graduation. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA andsatisfactory credit completion rates are required. Please see the college catalog for the SatisfactoryAcademic Requirements, and speak to your learning center coordinator or academic dean if you findyourself not meeting satisfactory academics requirements. We are here to support you.For more detailed information regarding our current policies and procedures please visit,rasmussen.edu/degrees/course-catalog14

AcademiCSAssists You With• Incorporating real world experience into the classroom through credentialed faculty• Educating you on key skills, such as communication, critical thinking, diversity, informationliteracy, and technology literacy, to help you become a leader in your field• Helping you connect with resources for your course work and learning skills through thelibrary and learning center• Guidance on questions or concerns regarding academic policies and proceduresImportant Reminders• If you have questions regarding your classes, contact your faculty• Your faculty contact information is located in the syllabus• Your faculty are available by phone and email and have weekly office hours• If you are taking an online class, use the course mail in your online class to connect withclassmates and/or your faculty• Check your grades weekly (all classes have grades posted in the online grade book)• If you have spoken to your faculty and still need assistance, contact your academic deanHow do you access your online classes?• Access the Student Portal - portal.rasmussen.edu• Click on My Online Courses*Please note that access to your courses will be available on the first day of quarter.Rasmussen College systematically reviews all course offerings and curriculum to keep youreducation up-to-date and to meet the needs of the professional community.15

Online Classroom InteractionInteract with faculty in a live virtual classroom setting• Communicate instantaneously through written chat feature• Participate in active assessment of your learning through polls• Relate face to face with web camerasGet to know other students in the classroom• Build a learning community with other students in your program• Engage with your peers across the nation• Form study groups to improve your understanding of course material and assignmentsUtilize the numerous virtual classroom sessions to increase your classroom success• Visit open house sessions• Attend the weekly reviews• Join sessions focused around final exams or course projectsExamples ofOnline ClassroomInteractionDid You Know?The more interaction a student has with thecourse through attendance in live sessions,the better their performance on courseassessments.With today’s workforce needing to be morefamiliar with technology, attending virtualclassroom sessions prepares you for a futurecareer where you will contribute to a digitalcommunity.16

Learning Centerassists you With• In person and online, one-on-one tutoring for class work• General study skills• Time management skill development• Organization skills• Writing assistance in person and online• Outlining, editing, and brainstorming• Providing space and support for study groups• On campus and online workshops to help you become a moresuccessful student• Handouts with study tips, test preparation, and time managementContact• Visit or call your campus learning center• Email: learningcenter@rasmussen.edu• Instant message: LLCRasmussen on MSN, AOL, and GChat• Text: 952-314-3920Accessing Online Tutoring From An Online Course1. When you are logged into one of your online classes, click on theResources tab on the top or in the navigation map on the left.2. The Online Tutoring Service section has several links tomeet your needs.Accessing The Online Tutoring from the Student Portal1. Log into the student portal: portal.rasmussen.edu.2. In the Campus Tools section, click Online Tutoring.FACT:84% of our Students Surveyed WouldRecommend Their Faculty to Other Students.**In a July 2012 survey, 76% of the 167 December 2011 graduates who responded answered “yes”to the survey question, “Did your education at Rasmussen College help you advance your career?”TUTORINGPREPARING FOR A TUTORING SESSIONComplete assigned readings. Complete asmuch as possible of your assignment orpaper before the session. Bring a copy ofyour assignment, notes, and books. Preparespecific questions for your tutor.TUTORING ISClarification and guidance on course material,assistance with study skills and developmentof test–taking and time management skills.Development of writing skills.TUTORING IS NOTA quick fix before deadlines. An “answerperson”. A way to have your homeworkchecked before you hand it in. A guaranteedperfect score on your assignment or test.THE LEARNING CENTER AIMS TO ENRICH,ENHANCE, AND expand STUDENTLEARNING. WE’re HERE TO SUPPORT YOU.17

LibraryPhysical Books and Audio-Visual Resources• The campuses of Rasmussen College have a shared library collection of more than 43,000 booksand audio-visual resources• All resources may be searched in one online catalog• Students can borrow items from any campus• Online students can have materials sent to their homes• Librarians are able to request resources from libraries throughout the countryElectronic Books• Students have access to more than 100,000 electronic books,videos, and audiobooks available to be downloaded or read onlinefrom any computer with Internet access• Physical magazines, journals, and newspapers• Each campus subscribes to program-related magazines andjournals—the same ones professionals in the field read tostay current• Electronic Databases• The Rasmussen College library provides more than 70 databasescovering a broad range of programs and topics• Databases may be searched from any computer with an Internetconnection to access journals, magazines, newspapers, videos,images, and moreInstruction• Campus librarians offer workshops on campus and online tohelp students learn to research effectively, use our electronicdatabases, and develop citations and papers using APA style• Librarians are available to help students in person, or by phone,email, chat, or textTools and Tutorials• NoodleTools for APA reference list and citation assistance• Short online instructional videos• Recordings of online workshops for independent viewing• Subject guides, database guides, an online FAQ database, andother online resourcesACCESSING THE LIBRARYFROM AN ONLINE CLASS1. When you are logged into one of youronline classes, click the Resources tabon the top or in the navigation map onthe left2. The Library Resources section hasseveral links to meet your needsFROM THE STUDENT PORTAL1. Log into the student portal:portal.rasmussen.edu2. In the Campus Tools section,click Library ResourcesCONTACT• Email: librarians@rasmussen.edu• Instant message: LLCRasmussen onMSN, AOL, and GChat• Text: 952-314-3920THE LIBRARY IS DEDICATED TO SUPPORTINGTHE EDUCATION AND INFORMATION NEEDSOF EVERY STUDENT. WE’re HERE TOSUPPORT YOU.18

Your research starts here! Access books, journal articles, newspapers, videos and more.tudent Portal—Campus Tools—Library Resources– E-Resources—DiscoveryDiscovery: Your research starts here! Access books, journal articles, newspapers, videos and more.ery:rvices:YourConnectresearchto astartstutorhere!on-demand,Accessschedulebooks, journalto meet,articles,or submitnewspapers,a papervideosfor review:and more.Student Portal—Campus Tools—Library Resources– E-Resources—DiscoveryStudent Portal—CampusStudent Portal—CampusTools—LibraryTools—OnlineResources–TutoringE-Resources—DiscoveryTutoring Services: Connect to a tutor on-demand, schedule to meet, or submit a paper for review:nge haveServices:answersConnect yourto aquestions—sometimestutor on-demand, schedulebeforetoyoumeet,askorthem!submitChecka paperoutforourreview:FAQs atStudent Portal—Campus Tools—Online Tutoring: Answers: We have answers to your questions—sometimes before you ask them! Check out our FAQs atrs: sample We have papers, answers citation to your assistance, questions—sometimes and videos. Get before started you giving ask them! credit Check for your out research: our FAQs atDiscovery: Your research starts here! Access books, journal articles, newspapers, videos and more.http://rasmussen.libanswers.com/APA Guide: Sample papers, citation assistance, and videos. Get started on giving credit for your research:uide:buildsamplecitationspapers,and keepcitationtrackassistance,of all of your research:Student Portal—Campus and videos. Get Tools—Online started on Tutoring giving credit for your research:http://guides.rasmussen.edu/apaeBib:earningbuildCentercitationsNoodleBib: Webinars:and keepBuild Study citationstrackskillsof allandofkeep researchyourtrackresearch:of questions? all of your research: Attend live or watch an archive:http://rasmussen.libguides.com/noodlebibAPA Guide: sample papers, citation assistance, and videos. Get started on giving credit for your research:: Library NoodleBib: and build Learning citations Center and keep Webinars: track of all Study of your skills research:&CheckLearningfor grammarCenter Webinars:& spelling errorsStudy(and plagiarism) in a and single research click, questions? for any document: Attend live or watch an archive:http://rasmussen.libguides.com/noodlebibskills and research questions? Attend live or watch an archive:http://guides.rasmussen.edu/llcwebinarseriesStudent Portal—Campus Tools—Grammarlyarly: Check for Grammarly: grammar Check & spelling for grammar errors and (and spelling plagiarism) errors (and in a plagiarism) single click, in a for single any click, document: for any document:Student Grammarly: Portal—Campus Check for grammar Tools—Grammarly& spelling errors (and plagiarism) in a single click, for any document:n find us in thent Portal underTools, or in youru courses can find on us the in thesources udent Portal tab. underpus Tools, or in yourline courses on theResources tab.answers.com/RasLLCasmussen.eduUs:4-3920sen.libanswers.com013k.com/RasLLCLC@rasmussen.edu52) 314-3920d: 2/19/2013The Essential Library andLearning Center Student ToolkitThe Essential Library andLibrary Learning Resources Center Student ToolkitYou can find us in the StudentYou can find us in thePortal Student under Campus Portal under Tools, orin Campus your online Tools, courses or in your on theonline courses on theResources tab.Contact Us:Student Portal—Campus Tools—Library Resources– E-Resources—DiscoveryTutoring Services: Connect to a tutor on-demand, schedule to meet, or submit a paper for review:Answers: We have answers to your questions—sometimes before you ask them! Check out our FAQs athttp://rasmussen.libanswers.com/rasmussen.libanswers.comFacebook.com/RasLLCEmail: LLC@rasmussen.eduContact Text: (952) 314-3920 UsLast modified: 2/19/2013rasmussen.libanswers.comFacebook.com/RasLLCEmail: LLC@rasmussen.eduText: (952) 314-3920The Essential Library andLearning Center Student ToolkitStudenthttp://rasmussen.libanswers.com/Portal—Campus Tools—Online Tutoringhttp://guides.rasmussen.edu/apahttp://rasmussen.libanswers.com/http://rasmussen.libguides.com/noodlebibhttp://guides.rasmussen.edu/apahttp://guides.rasmussen.edu/llcwebinarserieshttp://rasmussen.libguides.com/noodlebibhttp://guides.rasmussen.edu/apahttp://guides.rasmussen.edu/llcwebinarseriesLibrary & Learning Center Webinars: Study skills and research questions? Attend live or watch an archive:http://guides.rasmussen.edu/llcwebinarseriesStudent Portal—Campus Tools—GrammarlyResources tab.Student Portal—Campus Tools—Grammarly19

Personal Support CenterAssists you WITH• Resolving any technical issue you may encounter 24/7, 365 days per year, including:◦◦Login issues and password resets◦◦Online course management information and navigation issues◦◦Enrollment application technical assistance◦◦Email issues◦◦Browser and operating systems issues• Accessing your student accounts and emailContact InfoThe Personal Support CenterPhone: 866-693-2211Email: help@rasmussen.eduLogin Information• Accessing the Student Portal: portal.rasmussen.edu◦◦Student email◦◦Schedule confirmation◦◦Online classroom• Rasmussen College Website: rasmussen.edu◦◦Rasmussen College course catalog◦◦Program informationFACT: Our Students Earn Credentials on Their Path to Graduation.20

Career ServicesAssists You WITH• Job search strategies while you’re in school, as you near graduation, andthroughout your career• Developing your resume and cover letter• Enhancing your interview skills• Creating your professional portfolioImportant Reminders• Explore internships and/or volunteer opportunities during your program• During your last two quarters at Rasmussen College, complete yourgraduation paperwork and meet with your career services advisorregarding your career goals• Before you graduate, make sure we have your preferred non-school emailaddress• Our career service department’s computers, printers, and fax machinesare available to you at any time as you complete your degree andthroughout your career• Be proactive in your career search—do not wait until yougraduate to start your career search or ask for assistance• Check your student email often. Important information on jobopportunities, networking and other career related events aresent to your account weekly• Set expectations for your path to graduation: consider early on in yourcourses how to chart a successful career path• Practice your interviewing skills in mock interviews• Develop your job search documents, such as your resume and cover letter,using Optimal Resume• Register for JobConnect to research your career path and locate jobopportunitiesFACT:85% of our Graduates are Employed in Their Field ofStudy or Continuing Their Education.*GRADUATE EMPLOYMENT RATEPlacement Rate Methodology: 85% of March 2011 to December 2011 graduates available for employment were employed in their field of study orcontinuing their education as of September 30, 2012. This rate includes graduates across all Rasmussen College programs and campuses working intheir field of study or continuing their education at Rasmussen College or another institution. This rate does not specify that each graduate was placedby Rasmussen College in their current position; some graduates find jobs on their own while others maintain previously held employment.21

Career ServicesOptimal Resumerasmussen.optimalresume.com/Create high-impact, interactive career materialsbased on your career goals, all in one central location!Create chronological resumes, functional resumes, orcombination resumes.Develop a variety of business and professional letters,using a plethora of templates including:• Cover letters• Application letters• Networking letters• Rejection letters• Withdrawal letters• Broadcast letters• Acceptance letters• Follow-up letters• Thank you lettersHone your interview skills by conducting virtual mockinterviews. Scenarios include:• Screening interviews• Behavioral interviews• Initial face-to-face interviews• Hiring manager interviews• Panel interviews• Final interviewsJob Connectrasmussen-csm.symplicity.com/Free and easy resource to aid you in your job searchsuccess!Research / explore your industry with Career Explorer• Discover information on your career path• Outlooks on the industry• Keywords and phrases to incorporate in aresumeAccess campus and college wide announcements• Events• Webinar and informational presentations• Career tipsReview and apply to employment opportunities• Full-time and part-time• Internship / Externship• Supplemental incomeOther benefits include:• Direct link to other job search platforms• Sync to other social media accounts (such asFacebook and Twitter) for real-time access tonew job postingsBuild an attractive online portfolio and personalwebsite that demonstrate your unique skills andcompetencies to employers.22

Frequently Asked Questions1. How can I find out the projected job growth and average salaries in my field?O*Net (onetonline.org) provides information and the projected job growth by career areas and provides statistics on salary bynational average as well as individual state’s average.2. How do I demonstrate my passion in the field when I have little or no experience?Connect with your instructors or career service advisor to discuss internship and volunteer opportunities.3. How do I start preparing for my new career?Attend our quarterly online career service webinars that speak to a variety of job search strategy techniques.4. How can I meet hiring managers in my career field?Attend the Rasmussen College Career and Networking Expos, and connect with employers in your area.5. How do I start my job search?Start by building a strong resume on Optimal Resume, and register on JobConnect to research part-time, full-time, internshipor volunteer opportunities.6. How do I answer those tricky interview questions?Practice interviewing through the interviewing tool in Optimal Resume, and connect with your career service advisor toconduct a mock interview.7. How do I build my own professional network?Join the Rasmussen College Alumni Association and LinkedIn Alumni Group to connect with more than 1,400 members.8. Where can I locate my courses?Your course location, modality (on campus or online), and time can be found on your course schedule. Your programmanager will include a copy of your schedule in your orientation packet. You can also access your schedule on the studentportal (portal.rasmussen.edu).9. How do I locate my instructor information?Your instructor information is located on the course syllabus provided to you the first day of the term. If you are taking an oncampus course, you will be given a hard copy of the course syllabus. If you are taking an online course, the course syllabus islocated on the “Syllabus” tab in your online course.10. Why do my online classes show that they meet only on Thursday?Online courses are delivered in an asynchronous format, which means that they do not meet on a specific day or at a specifictime. Online courses have due dates for assignments which can be located in the “Calendar” tab in your online course. Log inon Monday of week 1 to identify these due dates.23

Frequently Asked Questions(Cont’d)11. What is APA Style?APA stands for American Psychological Association and is a style of writing used to cite sources of information used in your coursepapers. More information about APA formatting can be found on the Library Resource link in the Student Portal, the “Resource” tab inyour online course, the Learning Center, and from your campus librarian.12. Who should I contact if I need to make a change to my schedule?Your student advisor makes schedule changes. Please contact your advisor to discuss a schedule change.13. When is the last day to add or drop a course?Friday of week 1 is the last day to add a course or change modalities. This is also the last day to drop a course without being chargedfor that course. Please contact your student advisor for more information.14. When can I expect to receive my textbooks?After you confirm your schedule, you will receive email notification in your Rasmussen student email account letting you know yourorder is being generated. Please review the attached order information on this email as it will let you know what materials you willreceive and the format (physical/electronic) that you will receive them. Physical materials will ship within 24 hours of the ordergenerated email and Course Smart ebooks will be ordered on the Friday before your classes start.15. What do I do if my textbooks have not arrived by the first day of the term?Electronic versions of the first few chapters of course books are available to students for most courses. For residential courses, pleasereach out to your instructor or campus personnel on how you can obtain the first chapters of your book. For online courses, you areable to access the first few chapters under the “Assignment” link in your first module under the “Lesson” tab.16. Who do I contact for technology-related issues?If you are on campus, the front desk can direct you to the IT support specialist for technology-related assistance. If you are not oncampus, you can call our 24/7 Personal Support Center at 866-693-2211 for technical assistance.17. What if I forget how to perform a task in my online course?If you are on campus, the Learning Center will help you resolve any issues with your online courses. If you are not on campus, you cancall our 24/7 Personal Support Center at 866-693-2211 for answers to your online course questions.FACT:For Every 29 Students , We Have One Fulltime Staff/FacultyMember Dedicated to their Student Success.For more frequently asked questions please visit, rasmussen.edu/locations/online-campus/faq/24

Student ResourcesStudent Financial Services:How to choose a student loan repayment planrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/choosing-student-loan-repayment-planThe difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loansrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/subsidized-vs-unsubsidized-student-loansWhat is student loan deferment?rasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/what-is-student-loan-defermentThe top grants and scholarships for adult studentsrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/main/top-grants-and-scholarships-for-the-adult-studentManage all of your federal and private education loans in a single placeloanlook.comStudent Services:Time management tips for studentsrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/main/time-management-tips-for-studentsStudying tips for college studentsrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/how-to-studyHow to beat college exam stressrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/how-to-beat-college-exam-stressDoes education lead to happiness?rasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/main/does-education-lead-to-happinessTalking with teachers effectivelyrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/main/talking-with-teachers-effectivelyHow to get the most out of your course syllabusrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/how-to-get-most-out-your-course-syllabusBalancing coursework with a full-time jobrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/college-life/balancing-coursework-fulltime-jobTips for creating the perfect discussion posts in online classesrasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/online-learning/creating-the-perfect-discussion-post-for-online-classes25

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