World Marine Offshore

World Marine Offshore

World Marine Offshore


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World Marine Offshore

World Marine Offshore• Competences• Vessels• System setup• Interaction• The team[People][Hardware][Software][Control][Trust]

Company – Speaker Introduction

Company - Introduction• Company founded in 2012 by 5 entrepaneurs with solidexperience from Offshore shipping and management .• The Company is backed up by a solid investor group withyears of experience from Offshore Oil & Gas exploration,production and from very large fishing industry• World Marine Offshore ordered 6 vessels in 2012 at shipyard inNorway just outside of Bergen.• WS25/WS30 concept was one of the winning concepts (from atotal of 490 applicants) of the Carbon Trust Offshore WindAccelerator Access Competition initiated and supported bymajor utilities and OEM’s.• Two designs of the Windserver vessels will be delivered during2013 :– 4 x Windserver 24 m for 12 pax– 2 x Windserver 30 m for 24 pax (48)

Vessels - Dimensions• WS 25– 9.5m x 23.7m– Danish Flag DIS approved for world widetrade– Classed by GL HULL+100 A5 OWFSC HSDE II– 12 Passengers in Business Class– Endurance up to 30 days• WS 30– 12m x 30m– Danish Flag DIS approved for world widetrade– Classed by GL HULL+100 A5 OWFSC HSC-Passenger A, MACHINERY+MC– 24 Passengers in Business Class(Optional 40in standard seats)– Endurance up to 30 days

Vessels - Hull & Design• Hull form of the Trimarans gives crew and passengersoptimal sea comfort and less fatigue, and reducedslamming• Combined advantages of SWATH and Trimaranstechnologies• The design has been tested in tank test and indicated40% improvement of uptime compared to bestcatamarans available in the market• High speed in adverse weather reduces transfer timefor passengers• Fuel saving form in adverse weather by reducedslamming• Vessel ballasted down at the transfer station, toreduce roll, pitch and hiv movements of the vessel tominimum

Vessels - Crew Transfer & Cargo• Can transport between 12-24 Passengers.• Vessel fitted with a patented special designedgangway which acts as shock absorber bowfender, ("Soft bow") for safe transfer betweenvessels• Able to ballast vessel down to SWATH mode atlocation enabling the vessel to transferpassengers in upto 2.5/3 m Hs (WS25/WS30).• Draft at 1.8/2.0 in Transit mode and Servicemode max 3.0m/2.8 m• Monitor system records each transfer visual byCCTV cameras and the vessel impact pressure onthe boatlanding, position and weather.• The main deck area is 65/110m2 m2 able to loadminimum 10/20 tons

Vessels - Accommodation• 3/5 ILO approved single cabins with owntoilet/shower available for crew, whowill live onboard the vessel• 12/24 x "Business class" seating's with buildin TV/Entertainment System/Internet.Ergonomically designed sleeping surfacewhich can be adjusted to fit each bodyshape and size, same principal as businessclass on airplane• Seating area is prepared for installing 4double cabins, a client saloon and officeallowing the vessel to accommodate 8-10passengers .• Large client area for stores and changeroom for passengers with lockers, showers,toilets etc. with direct access from workdeck• Separate pantry facilities for passengers

Vessels - Propulsion configuration• The vessel is powered by 4 x Scania dieselengines (368 KW/515 KW) in order tooptimize redundancy• Specific focus on optimized fuel efficiencyand redundancy by engine setup enablingthe vessels to be in full operation with only3 engines.Very low fuel consumption on 2 engines attransit speed or 1 engine at low speed.• Significant reduction in fuel consumptionin all operations modes.• 2 x CCP high efficiency propellers/gearfrom Servogear• 1 x bow thruster of 60/184 KW

The Team• Crew background• Small vessels• Offshore experience• High Speed• Training• Safety Culture• SMS• Vessel/operation Specific• Training Captains/Coach

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