Prices in effectfrom September 15to November 28, 2008LOWESTPRICEGUARANTEED!*Air Liquide:the reference in welding &cutting applications acrossCanada.For all your welding needs,we have the gas andequipment you require.ContentFiller Metals p. 3Miller + Parweld p. 4Hypertherm p. 5Lincoln p. 6-7Gas Apparatus p. 8-9Safety p. 10-11Accessories p. 12Industrial + Abrasives p. 13Cylinder Gases p. 14Top of the Class p. 15*Air Liquide will match advertised prices from the competition for all itemsidentical to those featured in this flyer.www.airliquide.ca www.blueshield.ca 1-800-817-7697

Established in 1911, Air Liquide Canada Inc. is a leader in the industrialgas industry as well as a major manufacturer and distributor of variouswelding products. It is an integral part of the Air Liquide family; a worldicon in industrial, specialty, medical gases and related services.In Canada, Air Liquide insures a nation-wide service through its experiencednetwork of professionals with more than 70 stores and over 600 independentretailers (distributors and depots) from coast to coast.OUR SOLUTIONS FOR WELDING AND CUTTING INCLUDE:• ARCAL TM and BLUESHIELD TM shielding gases• Manual arc welding and cutting equipment• Advanced fabrication technologies for arc welding (TOPTIG, plasma welding)and cutting (plasma, oxyfuel, laser)• BLUESHIELD TM filler metals• Safety products, abrasives and accessories• OMNIWELD TM , welding services aimed at improving the performanceof our clients (quality, productivity, effectiveness).As well as respecting the environment, our innovative solutions willimprove our industrial client’s performance, and they, like you, expectthe best products and services in the industry.Thank you for trusting Air Liquide.2www.blueshield.ca

Filler Welding Metals & cutting equipment08Experience the Blueshield TMAdvantageINTRODUCTORY OFFER: PREMIUM QUALITY AT DOWN TO EARTH PRICESBLUESHIELD TM LA 6010Characteristics• All position Cellulosic coated electrodes• Deep penetrating arc• Maintains arc force through the length of the electrodes• Easy slag removalApplications• Use it on all pipeline applicationswhere precision and qualitymatter the most• Weld on structural steelsAWS E6010TRYITONGALVANIZEDSTEEL!Diameter Price PackageBLU-30971106 2.5 mm (3/32”) $5.00/kg 2.5 kg/sleeveBLU-30971108 3.2 mm (1/8”) $4.45/kg 5 kg/sleeveBLU-30971110 4.0 mm (5/32”) $4.65/kg 5 kg/sleeveBLUESHIELD TMCharacteristics• Easy slag removal• High deposit rate• Perfect bead appearance• Total arc control- Certified Mechanical properties- Meets Impact requirements down to -46 o C- Diffusable Hydrogen 4 ml/100 g- Longer electrode length- Greater arc controlApplications• Structural steels• Large diameter pipelines• Bridge repairs• Pressure vesselsAWS E 7018-1LA 18+ COMPLETENEWFROMBLUE!Diameter Price PackageBLU-32971907 2.5 mm (3/32”) $4.60/kg 4.5 kg/sleeveBLU-32971909 3.2 mm (1/8”) $4.20/kg 4 kg/sleeveBLU-32971911 4.0 mm (5/32”) $4.18/kg 5 kg/sleeveBLU-32971912 5.0 mm (3/16”) $5.85/kg 5 kg/sleeveSAVE WITH OUR SUB ARC WIRE/FLUX PLUS METAL CORED WIRES THIS FALLBLUESHIELD TMLA 12K WIREBLUESHIELD TMLA 59 FLUXAWS EM12KCharacteristics• Medium manganese and silicon wire• Use with active or neutral fluxes• General purpose welding on low/medium carbon steels- Try LA 59 Flux and LA 12Kwire combination- Impact properties as low as -60 o CApplications• Structural steels• Medium strength pressure vessels• Ship, barge, off shoreoil rig fabricationFLUX LA 59Diameter PriceBLU-48970105 2.0 mm (5/64”) $4.10/kgBLU-48970106 2.5 mm (3/32”) $4.00/kgBLU-48970108 3.2 mm (1/8”) $3.90/kgBLU-50100103 25 kg/bag $2.30/kgBLUESHIELD TM LA C-6METAL CORED WIRECharacteristics• Designed for single and multiple pass welding• Delivers extra deoxidizers allowing the wire tobe used on higher levels of mill scalesApplications• Ideally suited where higher levelof Mn and Si are essential• Heavy sheet metals• Structural steels• Pipe welding• Welding of hotwater heaters tanksDiameter Price PackageBLU-37960464 1.4 mm (0.052”) $3.65/kg 20 kg/spoolBLU-37960465 1.6 mm (0.062”) $3.20/kg 20 kg/spoolThis pricing only applies from September 15 to November 28, 2008. While supplies last. Maximum of 500 kg per item and per customer during the promotion period.31-800-817-7697

Welding Machines & Accessories08YOU CANLEASE THISEQUIPMENT!**Not available everywhere.Please contact your localstore or your accountexecutive for more details.Best-of-class - Provides maximumportability and performance in mostcompact stick package in the industry.Weighing only 5.9 kg (13 lbs), theMaxstar 150S provides 20-150 A ofcode-quality DC output, deliveringenough power to weld 3.2 mm (1/8”)and 4 mm (5/32”) E6010 andE7018 electrodes.$829Regular price: $1,012.72Maxstar 150S with X-CaseMillermatic 180 MIG Welderwith Auto-Set (230 V)You don't have to be an expert to getgreat welds with the Millermatic180 MIG Welder. This compact,portable package delivers amaximum output of 180 A and isideal for maintenance, autobody andfabrication projects. The Millermatic180 is easy to use and move.MIL-907312MIL-907134012Millermatic 140 MIG WelderThe Millermatic 140 MIG Welder withAuto-Set offers all the benefits of thestandard Millermatic 140, but addsAuto-Set to eliminate the guesswork.The Auto-Set control automaticallysets your welder to the properparameters. It is available whenwelding mild steel with solid wireand only works with 0.6 mm(0.023”) and 0.8 mm (0.030”) solidwires and Blueshield 8 shielding gas.$699Regular price: $800.91with Auto-Set (115 V)MIL-907335Syncrowave 250DX AC/DC TIG WelderMIL-907195Industry standard - Syncrowave250DX has proven itself time andtime again in the most demandingapplications. Its industrial designand construction ensure reliableoperation for years to come.$859$2,759Regular price: $972.13 Regular price: $3,336.30NEWPRODUCT!ErgoTigPAR-AER20FX251KUE44PAR-WP20K free consumable kitwith the purchase of the ErgoTig torch.www.airliquide.caThe New ErgoTig range has been developed using the Parweldphilosophy of “simplest is best”. Increasingly the parameters of hightech welding machines are controlled through the torch handle. Amodular design concept has been adopted to simplify the complexissues of machine control configuration. Torch package switch optionscan be exchanged without the use of tools in under 10 seconds bringingthe concept of “plug and play” to welding torches for the first time.$229includes a free consumable kit(PAR-WP20K)

Welding Machines & Accessories08ASK ABOUTOUR LEASINGPROGRAMS!**Not available everywhere. Pleasecontact your local store or youraccount executive for more details.HYP-088016Air Liquide TM and Hypertherm ® introduce the all-newPowermax45 ® , the most versatile, most portable 13 mm (½”)plasma cutting and gouging system on the market today.The Powermax45 ® delivers “More of What Matters”, with thefeatures and benefits the market demands:• More power. 13 mm (½”) recommended, 19 mm (¾”)maximum and 25 mm (1”) severance. 45 A output current.50% industrial duty cycle.• More portability. Smaller and lighter than the competition.• More versatility. Handheld and mechanized operation. Inthe shop or in the field. Cutting and gouging. On fixedpower or on a generator.• Easier operation. Drag cutting. Simple controls.The industry’s fastest and easiest torch disconnect.• Better cut quality. Conical Flow consumables produceless dross, narrower kerf and less heat affected zone.• Longer consumable life. Patent-pending dual-angle nozzleextends life and lowers operating cost.• More efficient. Better performance on low or unevencurrent, including on generators.NEWPRODUCT!$1,589Regular price: $2,079.57GET A $50 PRE-PAIDVISA CARD WITH THEPURCHASE OF APOWERMAX45 ® ATAIR LIQUIDE TM ONLY!STANDARDHYP-088003STANDARDHYP-083178DELUXE PACKAGEHYP-088004$1,149Regular price: $1,390.50The Powermax30 plasma cutting system is theultimate system for metal cutting up to10 mm (3/8"). It is designed and built for toughenvironments but is very compact and weighsonly 9 kg (20 lbs). An optional carry caseand shoulder strap make transporting thesystem even easier.$2,289Regular price: $2,894.30The Powermax1000 is the latest addition to thePowermax G3 Series. With advanced technologiesin both power supply and torch, Hypertherm ® G3products cut faster and more economically thanany system available today. The Powermax1000'sAuto-voltage circuit provides automaticadjustment to any input voltage from 200 to 600volts, 1- or 3-phase. A state-of-the-art,microprocessor-based architecture assuresoptimum system reliability.The Deluxe configuration includesPowermax30 in a rugged carrycase! Plus, a circle cutting guide,gloves, shoulder strap, 3 nozzles,3 electrodes, 3 O-rings,1 swirl ring,1 deflector,1 cap and a tube ofsilicon grease.$1,249Regular price: $1,570.751-800-817-76975

Welding Machines & Accessories08LEASING PROGRAMSAVAILABLE IN MOSTLOCATIONS**Not available everywhere. Pleasecontact your local store or youraccount executive for more details.The POWER MIG ® 215XT offersthe autobody and sheet metalfabrication industries topwelding performance and a hostof professional features notoften found at this price.Featuring Diamond CoreTechnology, the POWER MIG ®215XT delivers a forgiving arc,excellent out-of-position arcaction, a wide voltage sweetspot at a given wire feed speedand low spatter. And, theMAXTRAC ® drivesystem with apatented SplitWire Guidesystem andtachometer feedback ensurestrouble-free wire delivery.Power MIG ® 215XTLIN-K27001$1,689Regular price: $1,991The POWER MIG ® 255XT sets thestandard for MIG and flux-cored weldingin light industrial job shop fabrication,maintenance or repair work. DiamondCore Technology delivers a wide voltagesweet spot across the welding range, lowspatter levels and a forgiving arc on steel,stainless and aluminum — even fordemanding out-of-position work. It’s SpoolGun Ready, so it’s fast and easy to tackledifficult aluminum applications. Exclusive115 volt auxiliary power means youcan power lights, grinders,and chargers right whereyou work! And, theMAXTRAC ® drive systemwith a patented Split WireGuide system and tachometer feedbackensures trouble-free wire delivery. Add theextra length 4.5 m (15 ft) gun cable andinnovative convenience features andyou begin to understand why thePOWER MIG ® 255XT is considered TheProfessional's Choice TM .Power MIG ® 255XTLIN-K27012$2,329Regular price: $2,778When you want the flexibility ofmore than just a MIG machine,the new Power MIG ® 350MP isthe choice for you. LincolnChopper Technology TM deliversmore welding processes than justMIG or flux-cored. The POWERMIG ® 350MP also welds excellentin stick, TIG and advancedprocesses such as PowerMode and Pulse-On-Pulse.$3,949Regular price: $4,780Power MIG ® 350MPLIN-K24031Power MIG ® 350MP One-PakLIN-K24512This package includes:LIN-K24031 POWER MIG ®350MP Push modelLINK24472 8 m (26 ft)Python-Plus push-pull gunLIN-KP1695364A 1.3 mm(3/64”) Aluminum DriveRoll Kit$5,799Regular price: $7,0946www.airliquide.ca

Welding Machines & Accessories08The Ranger ® 250 is ready for a workout – all day,everyday! Intended for contractors, constructionand maintenance applications, this toughLincoln gasoline-driven welder/generatordelivers 250 A for welding at 100%duty cycle. The Ranger ® 250 isrecommended for stick welding,including a separate, dedicateddownhill pipe mode, as well asDC Touch Start TIG ® , fluxcoredand MIG wire welding andarc gouging. Lincoln ChopperTechnology TM provides easy starts,an extremely smooth arc, lowspatter and outstanding beadappearance. The sleek, enclosedcase lowers noise and protectscritical engine components. Hot looks, hotfeatures, hot performance – That’s the Ranger ® 250!Ranger ® 250LIN-K172511$3,899Regular price: $4,885The Ranger ® 305G is a powerful stick,TIG, wire and pipe welding engine drivenwelder that is ready for all day,everyday performance. Ruggedand dependable, the Ranger ®305G is built with a totallyenclosed case for maximumprotection; Lincoln's ChopperTechnology for an arcoperators appreciate; and a45 L (12 gallon) fuel tank thatwill last you through the entireday. Lincoln's Ranger ® 305G...It's ready for a workout.$4,239Regular price: $5,234Ranger ® 305GLIN-K17265CLEARANCE SALEHYP-086031$1,799Regular price: $2,105LN-25 PRO WireFeederLIN-K26131Built upon the tradition and success of theLN-25, the new LN-25 PRO isdesigned to be simple, reliable and easy toservice. The LN-25 PRO is ideal for fieldconstruction and fabrication, shipyards, andrental companies. The MAXTRAC ® wiredrive enhances performance, while thereplacement case, and many other upgradeoptions that can be installed in less thenfive minutes aid in the serviceability.The Powermax600 raisesperformance and reliabilitystandards for air plasmacutting systems. All you needis input power and low-costcompressed air to cut throughmild steel, stainless steel,aluminum and most othermetals with new power andproductivity.$1,449Regular price: $2,132.10While supplies last. Not available at all locations.$2,299Regular price: $2,653.29WOLFPAC TM 175ALW-MU111017The WOLFPAC TM 175 is an engine-driven welding generator with excellentperformance for Stick and Scratch Start TIG welding. The heavy-dutydesign provides 60% duty cycle at 170 A with 40-170 A weld output anddelivers the highest available auxiliary power while welding. This uniquegenerator delivers a smooth weld output. A rugged 1-cylinder, gas-furled,air-cooled Honda engine powers the generator.71-800-817-7697

Gas Apparatus08BLUESHIELD TMDUO MINI TMOptimized kit for medium to light-dutyoxy-acetylene brazing, cutting, weldingand heating applications.Includes: Carrying case, Oxygen cylindersize 4*, Acetylene cylinder size 2*,Regulators, Torch handle, Cuttingattachment, Welding tip, Cutting tip #0,Twin hose 3.8 m (12.5’), Goggles,Wrench, Tip cleaner, Flint lighter.ALC-DUOMINI$399Gas not included.BLUESHIELD TMPressure Gauges• 51 mm (2 in.) pressure gauge• Steel case with rubber protection• Bottom MountDials:Red – AcetyleneGreen – Oxygen$16Acetylene0-200 kPa (0-30 psi)BLU-01100100NEW!Hand-screw Connectors• For hose diameters up to 6.3 mm (1/4”) (hose installation version)• Quick and easy hand-tight connection without tools• Safer with O-ring sealing• Ideal connection for ALTOP TM cylindersOxygen0-1400 kPa (0-200 psi)BLU-01100500$16Hose installation versions:• Fuel gases CGA 023(‘B’-size L.H.) inletALC-W000237333• Oxygen CGA 022(‘B’-size R.H.) inletALC-W000237334Threaded versions for connectionwith Flashback Arrestors:• Oxygen CGA 022(‘B’-size R.H.) inlet/outletALC-W000237335• Fuel gases CGA 023(‘B’-size L.H.) inlet/outletALC-W000237336$12/each$21/eachOxygen0-28000 kPa (0-4000 psi)BLU-01101600$19$16Acetylene0-2800 kPa (0-400 psi)BLU-01100800BLUESHIELD TMFIRESTORM TMBLUESHIELD TM DIABLO TMCutting TorchNEW!8Medium-DutyTorch HandleBLU-FIR312Medium-DutyCuttingAttachmentBLU-FIR512Bwww.airliquide.ca$69$99The new DIABLO TM one piece cutting torch isdesigned for heavy duty applications with a cutcapacity up to 30.5 cm (12”)* steel. This makesthe DIABLO the ideal choice for shipyards, jobshops, scrap yards andmechanical contractors.Tip mix for safety and versatility.Triangular tubes for strength anddurability. Excellent flow capacity.Can be used with all popular fuelgases. Cuts up to 12” (30.5 cm)steel. Spring loaded fuel valveprovides smooth torque controland anti-backlash for preciseflame control. *With appropriate tips.Brass HeadBLU-DIA499B $179StainlessSteel HeadBLU-DIA499SS $229

Gas Apparatus08BLUESHIELD TM UNIVERSAL TMIdeal quality outfit for medium-duty cutting,welding & brazing applications.CUTS up to 150 mm (6”) / WELDS up to 32 mm (1-1/4”)*The outfit contains:• Torch Handle and Cutting Attachment• Regulators• Welding/Brazing tip, cutting tip, twin R-grade hose,flint lighter & goggles• Rugged toolbox* With appropriate optional tipsBLU-UNI410$259NEW!Quick Connectors withFlashback ArrestorsMake set-up and take down ofequipment easy and safe.Regulator TypeSafety components:• Gas non-return valve• Flame arrestor• Thermal cut-off valve• CouplingIBE-61622605013Fuel Gas & Oxygen twin set$109/setTorch TypeSafety components:• Gas non-return valve• Flame arrestor• CouplingIBE-61622605012Fuel Gas & Oxygentwin set$99/setFlashback ArrestorsRegulator Type with High Flow capacitySafety components:• Gas non-return valve• Flame arrestor• Thermal cut-off valveIBE-07011123 – Fuel GasIBE-07011129 – OxygenRegulator Type – Compact design modelSafety components:• Gas non-return valve• Flame arrestor• Thermal cut-off valveIBE-61622604099 –Fuel Gas & Oxygentwin pack$69/each$49/packTorch Type with High Flow capacitySafety components:• Gas non-return valve• Flame arrestorIBE-07013021 – Fuel GasIBE-07013022 – OxygenTorch Type – Compact design modelSafety components:• Gas non-return valve• Flame arrestorIBE-61622602070 –Fuel Gas & Oxygen twin pack$84/each$46/pack91-800-817-7697

Safety08BLUESHIELD TMWelding GlovesLeather, blueBLU-04734020BLUESHIELD TMWelding GlovesBlue cushion,leather, blueBLU-04734040$8$9BLUESHIELD TMWeldingLeather JacketMedium - BLU-04736010Large - BLU-04736020Extra-Large - BLU-04736030$59BLUESHIELD TMBLUE CLADWelding Mitts1-finger, leather, blueBLU-04736001$6StandardWorkGlovesLeather palm,largeWLA-2215LBLUESHIELD TMBLUE CLADWeldingGlovesLeather, blueBLU-04736005BLUESHIELD TMWelding Mitts1-finger,leather, blueBLU-04737020$2.50$6 $8BLUESHIELD TMWelding Mitts1-finger,blue cushion,leather, blueBLU-04737040Respirator*OrganicFilterP100, 2/pkgHalf-face pieceSmall - 3MC-6100Medium - 3MC-6200Large - 3MC-6300$93MC-2097$8$10*Filters sold separately10www.airliquide.ca

Safety08SHOW YOURTRUE COLORS!Welding helmetsfor real hockey fans.SpeedglasWelding Helmetwith NHL Graphics*9002XCalgary Flames3MC-NHL404001221Edmonton Oilers3MC-NHL504001221Montreal Canadiens3MC-NHL104001221$499/each*Graphics also available on other Speedglasmodels. Ask us for more details.Ottawa Senators3MC-NHL304001221Toronto Maple Leafs3MC-NHL204001221Vancouver Canucks3MC-NHL604001221Chameleon FAuto-darkeningWelding HelmetFixed shade,6 x 11 cm (2” x 4.25”)2.5 light, 11 darkWLD-W000010624$150SpeedglasFlexviewPowered AirWelding Helmetwith ADFLO (HE filter)and 9002X lens3MC-16110121with ADFLO (HE filter)and 9002X lenswith side windows3MC-16110121SW$1,499$1,529Chameleon VAuto-darkeningWelding HelmetVariable shade,10 x 14 cm (4” x 5.5”)4 light, 9-13 darkWLD-W000010625Bestpricesever!$220111-800-817-7697

Industrial + Abrasives08131-800-817-7697

Cylinder GasesSave with the ready-to-use cylinders…08Ask us aboutour exceptionalMINITOP TMexchange offer!$249Oxygen orAcetyleneCYL-OXY9MINITOPCYL-ACE8MINITOPAir Liquide TM brings safety to the TOP!now joins the TOP family.SafetySimplicitySavingsanother smart choice!14To learn why Air Liquide TM cylinders are safer, please contact us

Again this year, Air Liquide is proud to support future welding amateurs and professionalsby offering this “Top of the Class” welding product kit at an exceptionally low price.**From national list price†Every participation coupon inserted in the “Top of the Class” product kit gives you the chance to winone of these Grand Prizes:• 1 scholarship or cash prize of $3,000• 1 of 4 kits comprised of a Speedglas 9002X welding maskwith graphics from 3M and a Walter Mini-Grinder•1Power MIG 140C welding machine from Lincoln ElectricINSTANT ONLINE PRIZES: 1 OF 10 IPOD NANOS FROM APPLETo purchase your “Top of the Class” welding product kit, talk to your program director, go to an Air Liquidestore near you or call 1-800-817-7697.† No purchase necessary, Canadian residents only. The contest begins August 15, 2008, at 12:01 a.m. and ends January 31, 2009, at 11:59 p.m. The contest draw will take place on February 1, 2009. A total of 3,600 entry coupons havebeen printed. Your chances of winning an instant prize cannot be less than 1/360. Chances of winning one of the grand prizes will depend on the number of valid entries received. The value of the scholarship is $3,000 CAD. Theapproximate value of a Power MIG 140C welding machine is $837. The approximate value of a 9002X Speedglas mask and a Mini-Grinder is $950. The approximate value of an iPod nano is $200. You must correctly answer amathematical skill-testing question. Complete contest rules are available at www.blueshield.ca.

Protect the environment.Register at www.blueshield.ca andreceive our next promotional flyer via email.Air Liquide LocationsWESTERN CANADABC Abbotsford 604-870-2800BC Burnaby 604-606-4310BC Castlegar 250-365-2422BC Coquitlam (Dist.) 604-945-9313BC Cranbrook 250-426-5232BC Fort St. John 250-787-0608BC Kamloops 250-372-8851BC Kelowna 250-769-4222BC Langley 604-530-9701BC Nanaimo 250-758-1761BC Penticton 250-492-4136BC Prince George 250-562-2630BC Richmond (C.C.) 604-676-3900BC Terrace 250-635-6581BC Victoria 250-388-5406BC Williams Lake (Dist.) 250-392-6232BC 100 Mile House (Dist.) 250-395-2474AB Bonnyville (Dist.) 780-826-3152AB Brooks (Dist.) 403-362-5546AB Calgary 403-291-0100AB Calgary 403-777-4700AB Calgary (Dist.) 403-253-7351AB Camrose (Dist.) 780-672-2452AB Drayton Valley (Dist.) 780-542-4464AB Edmonton (Hub) 780-438-5600AB Edmonton (Dist.) 780-471-1446AB Edmonton (Dist.) 780-483-2050AB Edmonton 780-436-0015AB Fort McMurray 780-791-6336AB Grande Prairie 780-532-0171AB Lethbridge (Dist.) 403-328-3023AB Lloydminster (Dist.- 780-875-5551AB Medicine Hat (Dist.) 403-527-8511AB Nisku 780-955-8933AB Peace River 780-624-1892AB Red Deer 403-347-7773AB Rocky Mountain House 403-845-2703AB Whitecourt (Dist.) 780-778-6778SK Hudson Bay (Dist.) 306-865-2245SK Nipawin (Dist.) 306-862-9858SK North Battleford (Dist.) 306-445-1122SK Prince Albert (Dist.) 306-953-6400SK Regina 306-525-3840SK Saskatoon 306-933-2722MB Brandon (Dist.) 204-728-5050MB The Pas (Dist.) 204-623-6018MB Winnipeg 800-665-2525ONTARIOON Barrie 705-726-3621ON Belleville 613-966-6511ON Bramalea 905-793-2000ON Brantford (Dist.) 519-756-7200ON Burlington (Hub) 905-335-4877ON Chatham 519-352-5760ON Concord 905-738-3605ON Cornwall (Dist.) 613-932-8730ON Gormley (Dist.) 905-841-1840ON Guelph (Dist.) 519-821-7770ON Iroquois (Dist.) 613-652-4055ON Kingston 613-384-3665ON Kitchener (Dist.) 519-894-1414ON London 519-455-3990ON Milton 905-693-1211ON Niagara Falls 905-356-6045ON Oshawa 905-576-1860ON Ottawa 613-225-7550ON Renfrew (Dist.) 613-432-3891ON Sarnia 519-336-3900ON Sault Ste. Marie 705-254-6445ON Stoney Creek (Dist.) 905-664-5088ON Sudbury 705-674-7777ON Thunder Bay 807-345-7999ON Timmins 705-267-1158ON Weston (Dist.- 416-745-1304ON Windsor 519-969-0610QUEBECQC Alma (Dist.) 418-662-0302QC Amos (Dist.) 819-732-3251QC Baie-Comeau (Dist.) 418-296-5644QC Châteauguay (Dist.) 450-699-3334QC Dolbeau-Mistassini (Dist.) 418-276-0554QC Drummondville 819-478-1809QC Granby (Dist.) 450-378-9001QC Havre St-Pierre (Dist.) 418-538-2576QC Jonquière 418-695-1415QC Laval 450-687-7046QC Longueuil (Dist.) 450-679-3406QC Montréal (Hub) 514-356-7600QC Pintendre (Dist.) 418-837-3033QC Richelieu (Dist.) 450-658-7937QC Rimouski 418-723-6272QC Rouyn-Noranda 819-764-7018QC Sept-Îles 418-962-9713QC Sherbrooke 819-566-4063QC St-Eustache (Dist.) 450-974-1116QC St-Jean-Port-Joli 418-598-3333QC St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu (Dist.) 450-348-2322QC St-Jérôme 450-476-9018QC Thetford Mines (Dist.) 418-335-2989QC Trois-Rivières (Dist.) 819-694-7018QC Val-D'Or 819-874-7018QC Valleyfield (Dist.) 450-373-1792QC Vanier 418-683-1917EASTERN CANADANS Dartmouth (Hub) 902-468-5152NS New Minas (Dist.) 902-681-7082NS New Glasgow 902-752-8580NS Point Tupper (Dist.) 902-625-1876NS Sydney 902-562-5521NS Truro 902-893-1011NB Bathurst (Dist.) 506-546-9834NB Fredericton 506-452-7900NB Grand Falls (Dist.) 506-473-2966NB Moncton 506-857-3280NB Saint John 506-634-8960NF Corner Brook 709-639-4200NF Grand Falls 709-292-8700NF Labrador City 709-944-2864NF Mount Pearl 709-758-2765PEI Charlottetown (Dist.) 902-368-1208www.airliquide.ca 1-800-817-7697Promotion sales prices are in effect from September 15 to November 28, 2008, at participating locations in Canada only. Air Liquide Canada Inc. reserves the right to: limitquantities, correct any unintentional error that may appear in this flyer’s text or pictures, substitute advertised product by an equivalent product. Our lowest price guarantee appliesonly on items featured in this flyer and for identical products (same manufacturer, same model and manufacturer part number). Additional charges, such as freight, delivery andmaterial surcharge might apply.ALMIG, ALTIG, BLUESHIELD, BLUESHIELD CRYSTAL, BLUESHIELD MNR, DUO, EXCELARC, LA 18 PLUS, MAPP, OMNIWELD, NUCLEAR C, UNISHIELD and WOLFPAC, in Canada, are registered trademarks of Air Liquide Canada Inc.AIR LIQUIDE, AIR LIQUIDE WELDING, ALIGAL, ALPHAGAZ, ALTOP, ARCAL, FLAMAL, FLOXAL, LASAL and MINITOP are registered trademarks of L'Air Liquide S.A. All others names, brands and marks are used for identification purposes onlyand may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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