Loudoun County Sheriff's Office University Station


Loudoun County Sheriff's Office University Station

Quarterly MeetingLoudoun County Sheriff’s OfficeUniversity StationJune 2012www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Welcome to University Station• Introduction of Special Guests• Agendawww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

University Station employs a wide array of staff and publicsafety services• Captain Brian Harpster, Station CommanderOffice: (571)258-3019Cell: (571)233-0135Brian.Harpster@loudoun.gov• Doris Scannell, Administrative AssistantOffice: (571)258-3040• Sergeant Lee Ann Gable, FTO CoordinatorOffice: (571) 258-3047• Laura Palmer, Crime AnalystOffice: (571)258-3122• Dale Spurlock, Crime Prevention SpecialistOffice: 703.771.5749www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Sheriff’s Office maintains strategically placed field stationsand patrol sectors to meet community needswww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

University Station patrol sectors allow for faster responsetimes and ensure deputy accountabilityLoudoun County Sheriff’s OfficePatrol Sectors 310-370INCLUDING:•ASHBURN FARM•ASHBURN VILLAGE•LANSDOWNE•BELMONT CC•BELMONT GREEN•BROADLANDS•RIVER CREEK•SPRING LAKESwww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

University Station Crime Statistics for Spring 2012www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

University Station will provide services to two PlannedMetro Stopswww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

University Station is located off of Route 7 on ResearchPlaceUNIVERSITY STATION45299 Research Place Ashburn VAHours: 9am- 4:30pm(571)258-3040After hours: (703)777-1021www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Moorefield Station is located near Ashburn Village Blvd andthe Dulles GreenwayMOOREFIELD STATION #2343495 OLD RYAN RD ASHBURN VA(571)258-3723www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Lansdowne Station is located near Rt 7 and Lansdowne BlvdLANSDOWNE STATION #2219485 SANDRIDGE WAY LEESBURG VA(571)258-3722www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

The Farmwell Hunt Residential Parking Ordinance became areality with a phased approach of enforcement•On March 20, 2012, the Board ofSupervisors approved the FarmwellHunt Residential Parking Ordinance, thefirst of its kind in the University Stationservice area, imposing parkingrestrictions on Howe Drive, MillayCourt and Winthrop Court.Specifically, parking is prohibited,except by permit, on School Daysfrom 0800-1600.Farmwell Hunt HomeownersAssociation•From April 23 -May 04, 2012,enforcement of this restricted zonecommenced with a two week graceperiod during which deputies issuedverbal and/or written warnings to firsttime violators.www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

The Farmwell Hunt Residential Parking Ordinance became areality with a phased approach of enforcement•Enforcement began with a two weekgrace period. April 23-29, one weekperiod of verbal warnings: April 30-May06, one week using written warnings.•On May 07, 2012 the grace periodended and deputies enforced this specialregulation consistent with current patrolprocedures for all other parkingviolations.www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

The Sheriff’s Office is taking on littering and graffiti in theGoose Creek areaLittering and graffiti left behind by those accessing goose creek- historicconcrete pumphouse/mechanical hardware and coton bridge has been coveredwith graffiti.*Update: patrol strategy implemented, VGIF contacted to assist, directedpatrols initiatedwww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

The April 2012 Drug Take-back project was a successDRUG TAKE BACKAPRIL 28,2012(1 ST TIME HELD AT LANSDOWNE STATION)•The final result from the drug take back was 166 lbs of drugs from three locations:Company 22 Lansdowne- 34.4 lbs, (Including 1 bag of liquids and spray meds)ELS- 53 lbs and DSS- 79 lbs.www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Community Resource Officers (Deputies)Deputy Specialist Latriviette Young(571)220-2115Latriviette.Young@loudoun.govwww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Crime Prevention DeputiesDeputy Specialist Nathan PayneNathaniel.Payne@loudoun.gov703-777-0477Deputy Specialist James SpurlockJames.Spurlock@loudoun.gov703-771-5749www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

The March 2012 ABC Compliance project was a successCOMMUNITY POLICING TEAMABC COMPLIANCE OPERATION• Conducted on March 21- University Team checked 22 locationsthroughout Ashburn.• Three locations sold alcohol to the underage subjects. The stores thatsold to juveniles were: Sunoco- 43800 Creek View Plaza, Harris Teeter-20070 Ashbrook Commons Plaza and Giant Food- Ashburn Village.• Summons were issued to the clerks that sold the alcohol. ABC will followup with administrative charges that will be a minimum of $2000 in finesper store.www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Community policing team in & out mart alcohol interdictionoperation was a success• Conducted on May 19 resulting in 21 charges between 8:00-11:00 PM inthe area of 21000 Shellhorn Rd.• Charges included: 10 underage possession of alcohol; 6 fake ID’s (MD,OH,2 PA & 2 SC drivers license); 2 possession of marijuana and 3 possessionof tobacco.• Follow up with ABC and business ownerswww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

The June 2012 DUI Checkpoint project was a successLansdowne Blvd/ Route 7June 15 th 2012• Vehicles Checked – 359• Drivers Checked – 20• Traffic Stops – 37• Citation issued 23• DUI Arrests -2www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Residents are encouraged to participate in public safetySee SomethingSay Something• Any suspicious activity• Anything unusual for your neighborhood• Late night activity or noise• Vehicles or persons• LCSO Non-Emergency Number (703)777-1021• Sheriff’s deputies are trained to investigate and detect criminal activitywww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

QUESTIONS ??www.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Community PolicingSergeant John Daviswww.loudoun.gov/sheriffLoudoun County Sheriff’s Office, VA

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