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SpainHave a fantabulous time!Hello I will tell you why youmust go to Spain. Here aresome things you will enjoy inSpain and even on the way!Have a nice drink with allyour family in a posh restaurant.Come and have an FCBarcelona tour where youcan meet lots of players andhave pictures with them.OrganizationSpainthe bestplaceyou caneverimagine!SpainPrimary Business AddressAddress Line 2Address Line 3Phone: 555-555-5555Fax: 555-555-5555E-mail: someone@example.comTel: 01992 624074097

Some FancyFacts!!!Spain's realcountry is calledEspana . It isfamous for theamount of brilliantfootballplayers that playCaption describingin Spain such aspicture or graphic.Ronaldo, Messiand Iniesta. Did youknow they are thetop 3 players in the world? The capitalof Spain is the largest city in Spainand it is called Real Madrid that’s aplace where the second best footballteam play. The Spanish people like toeat a lot such as fruit, vegetables,fish, sea food, chicken, pork and beef.The most popular sport in Spain is myfavorite sport football. In Spain mostpeople celebrate their name day. InSpanish it is called El dia de tu santo.This is when its saint Patrick's day orany saint day and your name is thesame name as the saint it is called aname day.What other countriesspeak Spanish?The Spanish language is spoken inmany other country's such asArgentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and DominicanRepublic.Did you Know?Did you know the population ofSpain is over 47 million?The size of Spain is 506,000 km²and it’s the 51st largest countryin the world. The location is inEurope next tot France and Portugal.Did you know a traditionalSpanish drink is called Sangria? Amain tourist attraction is the sagrada familia known as the unfinishedchurch. It was made by aguy called Antoni Gaudi. Thebeautiful beaches are by theMediterranean sea and the Balearic.The currency in Spain is Euros.The weather in Spain ismainly sunny which attracts touristsWhyshouldyou go?Caption describingpicture or graphic.You should gobecause you can goand visit the unfinished church . Itis absolutely brilliant I’ve beenthere. Get more tanned by lying onour sun beds, they really feel likebeds. Have luxurious hotel roomsthat you will have the best time ofyour life. Have the scrumptious dinneryou will ever have, and for thekids they can have the best icecream ever. So you must go you haveto. Don’t even think about saying’ll regret it. The only answer isyes anyway it’s that good.SPAINPrimary Business AddressAddress Line 2Address Line 3Address Line 4Phone: 555-555-5555Fax: 555-555-5555E-mail:

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