The Beacon November 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...
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The Beacon November 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

DIRECTORYVicar:Churchwardens:Readers:The Revd David WallisThe Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens,Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WAGeoffrey HeathAndrew MartinSt Margaret’s(01273) 843165(01273) 845134(01273) 846123Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366Mark Moody-StuartDoreen KallmanRichard AllenColyeen BlanchardSt Martin’s(01273) 846525(01273) 844743(01273) 84291901444 246186Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodds 01444 250753Organists andChoirmasters:Hon Organists:Nick HancockJohn SandfordLynette WalkerLynn BondSt Margaret’sStreat ChurchSt Martin’s(01273) 84181507855 957644(01273) 891005(01273) 842387The BeaconEditor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368AdvertisingManagers:Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298DistributionManagers:Jenny BellMargaret MooreDitchling(01273) 843194(01273) 843805Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website at:www.BeaconParishes.orgThe Revd David Wallis’s day off is FridayThe Beacon Parish is a registered charity, number 1132488Front cover: the War Memorial in Ditchling (photo by GTS).

The Beacon Churches Calendar November 2011Morning Prayer at Ditchling:Monday to Friday at 9.00 am5 Sat Wedding of Richard Barlow and Laura Diez 2.30pm6 Sun THIRD SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENTEucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00amAll Age Eucharist Ditchling 9.45amMorning Prayer Westmeston 9.45am9 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am11 Fri ARMISTICE DAYAct of Remembrance, War Memorial Ditchling 10.50amAct of Remembrance Westmeston 10.50am13 Sun REMEMBRANCE SUNDAYEucharist Ditchling 9.30amAct of Remembrance, War Memorialfollowed by a Remembrance Service in churchDitchling10.50amMorning Prayer and Act of Remembrance Streat 10.45am16 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am20 Sun CHRIST THE KINGPlease note there are no services at St Margaret’sduring the Sussex Guild Craft ShowBEACON EUCHARIST Streat 9.45amEucharist; Westmeston4.00pm23 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am27 Sun ADVENT SUNDAYTHE BEACON EUCHARIST Ditchling 9.45am30 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am1

The pledges are:Treasure. With inflation at 5% pa and the loss of income each year from deathsand departures, it is essential we all review our giving annually and that we bringin newcomers to the Planned Giving scheme. That is why, even those of us whohave recently made a banker's order, need to bring these up to date at the startof each year, so as to reassure the Treasurer there will be enough funds for our2012 expenditure needs. Some people clearly may not be able to increase theirgiving; others may be able to help compensate by doing a little more than theirfair share.Talents. By formalising the Parish's need for skills and talents through the 3Jobmasters (Nick and Nikki Upton for Ditchling and Derek Walker for Streat andWestmeston Churches) at least 2 benefits will accrue:a) The large number of volunteers who presently run the Parish engine roomso well will be more publicly acknowledged for the huge contribution theymake to our communities.b) We also hope to be able to recruit greater backup for all those who run thevarious activities in the Parish. Indeed also to be able to recruit the helpneeded for new activities planned for 2012, such as work with our young folkand the building up of the recently opened Parish Office.Time. This is designed to help us all take seriously our commitment to learnmore about Jesus Christ, so that we can each one of us know him more clearly,follow him more nearly and love him more dearly; all hopefully to the benefit ofour church family and community. This pledge of your Time is completelyvoluntary and confidential; no one will see it except yourself and it will be burntby the Vicar at the altar during the service.These pledge forms will be available at or before the Dedication Services. TheTreasure and Talents & Skills forms are needed by the Beacon Parish, but youwill take your completed Time form to the altar at one of the services.Rodney Dodds, Stewardship CoordinatorTalents and Skills PledgeThe list of Talents and Skills below are those currently carried out or will beneeded in 2012. This list may be changed and added to later.3

Beacon Parish NewsBeacon Parish Church FairProfit from the Church Fair held inDitchling Village Hall on 22 October2011 totalled nearly £854, some £20more than in 2010.The breakdown of takings from eachstall is shown in the table.Sue SewellThe winners of the two choir quizzeswere David Cragg (who got 9 out of the10 Sussex churches right) and SallyWallis (who guessed the correctmusical note and won the ‘treasure’).Stall £Cakes & Preserves 186.75Raffle 179.00Bric-a-brac 176.60Tombola 115.00Door 91.00Choir Quiz 38.00Ditchling cards 30.80Coffee and Cakes 28.16Splat the Rat 8.50Total 853.81Flanders and Swann SoireeThe Flanders and Swann Soiree held on Saturday 22 nd October in St Margaret’swas a resounding success. Nick and Simon Hancock re created the songs fromthe magical repertoire of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann with much polish.We are grateful to them for giving their time. The evening was enjoyed by manyFlanders and Swann devotees who sang along at times. In spite of the chilloutside it was a cosy evening warmed by the coffee and socialising in theinterval.Many thanks to those who supported the evening. We were able to raise£560.00 for the Ruth Fund some of which will help Luke with his exams and theboys' Christmas in Uganda.Sue HancockThe Beacon Parish OfficeThe Parish Office is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from9.30 am to 12 noon. It is the place to direct enquiries on 01273 843165.Email facilities will be added in the coming weeks and the email address to usewill be notified in pew sheets and in The Beacon.6

The Beacon Parish ChurchyardsAs autumn come around once more we will be tidying the churchyards atWestmeston and Ditchling. If you can spare a few hours please join us onSaturday November 12 th at Ditchling or on Saturday February 25 th 2012 atStreat both starting at 9.30am. The work is not too strenuous and the morepeople who able to help the less we will all have to do! These working partiesare always friendly occasions with plenty of chatter - as well as hard work - andare a chance to get outside and enjoy our lovely parish churchyards. Bring anytools you think will be useful for tasks such as cutting back undergrowth and ivy,edging paths and tidying graves. Coffee, tea and home-made cakes will beprovided.Janet CraggSt Margaret's Flower Guild - Harvest FestivalThis year the Harvest Festival Service at St Margaret's Church coincided with themonthly market held on the first Sunday of the month so there was not the usualabundance of fruit and vegetables to decorate the church although lovelybranches of beautiful crab apples were kindly donated along with eating andcooking apples.The church, however, was decorated as usual by the Flower Guild and we aremost grateful to all those who were able to come along to do the manyarrangements. Father David suggested that as things were a bit different thisyear and there would probably not be much in the way of produce to take to StPeter and St James Hospice as in the recent past, half the proceeds of all producesold at the monthly market after the Harvest Service would be donated to theHospice, and so the sum of £42 will be sent to the Hospice this year.We would like to thank Paul Charman for the magnificent harvest loaf he madeand very generously donated to St. Margaret's Church.Gwen Searle & Jenny BellCRICKET 6-a-side TournamentFor the second year we all gathered for this year’s Cricket fun day on Sunday 18 thSeptember at the Ditchling Recreation Ground. Despite the rather gloomyweather forecasts leading up to the day, the weather stayed mainly fine (even afew glimpses of the sun) with just a few drops of rain which failed to dampen orstop the cricket. This year we had 6 teams representing the three villages playingon a knock-out basis (as before) in a light hearted but sporting fashion, with eachteam playing at least two matches. Finally we were down to just two teams for7

the final clash; being a ‘highly skilled’ Vicar’s Invitation team against a wellorganised Ditchling CC team. Ultimate victory after a closely fought tacticalmatch went to the Vicar’s Invitation team.Father David gave a brief speech thanking everybody who had contributed to thesuccessful and enjoyable day, and the Trophy was presented to the winningteam’s captain. A prize for the best player during the Tournament was alsopresented. Again all those who took part or attended had a very enjoyableafternoon of fun, banter and fellowship.During the afternoon the ladies of the Events Committee (and others) did awonderful job in supplying delicious scones and cakes for the teams, to sustainthem, and the many spectators. We would also like to thank the Cricket Club forthe use of their facilities, and various people who contributed their personal kitto keep all the players well protected.The winning team and best player of the dayFrugal LunchThe next frugal lunch will be on Wednesday 9 th November in the vestry of StMargaret’s Church, Ditchling at 12.30 pm. Do please join us. The money raisedat this lunch will be sent to WaterAid.Pam BurrThe Beacon Churches “100 Club” 2011The winners of the September Draw were Laura Eaton and Doreen Kallmanreceiving prizes of £20.8

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Bible NotesDon’t forget the chance to write a verse in the People’s Bible to be presented toThe Queen at Hassocks U R Church on Tuesday November 8 th .Margaret MiallMike Sewell has well positioned a wooden seat, given in memory of MargaretMiall and her eldest son, in the Remembrance Garden at Streat looking right onto the V on the Downs.Margaret Miall was a kind, homely person greatly loved by all, especially theyounger members of Children’s Church, as she told them the Bible story in theChildren’s Corner. She and her husband always opened their home, North Acres,for the Children’s Church Christmas party, and were very active in helping inevery way, until they moved to Burgess Hill. Their youngest son played the organfor Children’s Church.Later, after Mr Miall died, Margaret, even in her late 70s, cycled from BurgessHill to the top of Spatham Lane where we picked her up on our round, so shecould still be with us every Sunday.The seat is shown in the photo above. In the right hand photo, taken in about1965, Margaret Miall is the lady in the flowered dress nearest the camera. LesleyBriggs, partly hidden by her mother, was the rider of the pony. There were alsofour other horses and ponies, a Jersey cow and many cats, rabbits and guineapigs.Jill Veness10

Beacon Parish Church Duties November 2011Time Church Service Lessons Readers Sidesmen6 3 rd Sunday before Advent8am Ditchling Eucharist BCP9.45am Ditchling9.45am11 Remembrance Day10.50am Ditchling10.50amWestmestonWestmestonAll-AgeEucharistMorning Prayer13 Remembrance Sunday9.30am Ditchling10.50amStreat20 Christ the King1 Thessal’ns 4: 13 - endMatthew 25: 1 - 131 Thessal’s 4: 13 - endMatthew 25: 1 - 131 Thessal’ns 4: 13 - 18Matthew 25: 1 - 13Short Service of RemembranceShort Service of RemembranceRemembranceserviceRemembranceservice1 Thessal’ns 5: 1- 11Matthew 25: 14 - 30Micah 4: 1 - 5John 15: 9 - 17Please Note NO SERVICES at St Margaret'sFlowers Streat: Eve BristowWestmeston: Lyn BondIvor Blomfield Ivor BlomfieldtbaVickeyBrandonDerek WalkerCarl BelfieldPenny TyasBrenda HallFlowers Streat: Zarene MorrisonWestmeston: Lyn BondMargaretMooreMyrtleSkeltonGeorgeHancockDi MartinJudy EssexSue SwellFlowers Streat: Zarene MorrisonWestmeston: Brenda Hall9.45amStreatFamilyEucharistEphesians 1: 15 - endMatthew 25: 31 - endCharlieYeldhamPam GaskinSue Swell4pmWestmestonEucharistEphesians 1: 15 - endMatthew 25: 31 - endLyn BondYvonne SeanPaul Charman27 1 st Sunday in Advent Flowers Westmeston: Brenda Hall9.45am DitchlingBeaconEucharist1 Corinthians 1: 3 - 9Mark 13: 24 - 37Dee GrangerTonyBlanchardIan Berrill6pmDitchling Advent Carol Service11

NEW YORKTo be able to perform a choral work with the Composer conducting is a thrill. Toperform a choral work with the Composer conducting at the Lincoln Centre inNew York as part of the 9/11 tenth anniversary Memorial weekend was theopportunity of a lifetime. The combined efforts of The Really Big Chorus (UK)and Distinguished Concerts International New York (US) made this possible. So itwas that three divas (well sopranos really) left London on a cool, sunnySeptember morning to arrive in New York later that afternoon to a blazing hot,late summer day. By the time we had checked into our hotel (a stone’s throwfrom Times Square and opposite a building which contained a huge Andy Warholmural) night had fallen. There was just time to eat and explore our newsurroundings a little before bed.The next morning, up with the roar of the traffic, we made our way to theSheraton Hotel (just across the street!) for a day of rehearsing. We were a choirof 320 voices all from different parts of the UK. We had an excellent DirectorJonathon Griffiths, Principal Conductor of DCINY, who told us that we would beperforming in front of an audience of almost 2700 in the Avery Fisher Hall at theLincoln Centre, and that Jessye Norman would be present to read the poem froma new work by Karl Jenkins For the Fallen. Wow!! The next day was Sunday 9/11and down at Ground Zero the President and other dignitaries had gathered toremember all those who had lost their lives.We had to make our way to the Lincoln Centre for a morning rehearsal with theorchestra and soloists. New York was unbelievably quiet with very little traffic asthe City began to remember. We passed a group of Policeman at ColumbusCircle making their preparations and then a large group of people outside themain entrance to the Lincoln Centre with arms outstretched skywards duringtheir minute’s silence. When we reached the stage door entrance the whole ofthe street was full of Police with armed vehicles and cars – gosh were we thatimportant? Then we remembered – it was also the first day of New YorkFashion week and one of the events was being held in another part of theLincoln Centre that afternoon!Rehearsal over we had time to go back to our hotel to change and then grab acab to take us back for the performance. As we filed our way onto the stage andunder the hot lights our moment had arrived – we were on stage at the AveryFisher Hall about to perform! We were nervous and excited! Just had to hopeand pray that we remembered all those difficult bits! So it began. The first workseemed to go well and Jessye Norman was amazing. On to The Armed Man. Thistoo went well although one or two of the entries could have gone better.However, the audience seemed to love it and we received a standing ovation.12

A reception was held for us at Rosie O’Grady’s with an all you could eat anddrink, carvery buffet. It was a chance to unwind, meet other members of thechoir and discuss how the concert went. Karl Jenkins popped in briefly. Laterthat night we took a tour bus which enabled us to see the two beams of lightthat represented the twin towers at Ground Zero. We had decided to stay on fortwo and half extra days in New York. These were spent sightseeing i.e. theRockefeller Building, St Patricks Cathedral, the intimate Actors’ Church, EmpireState Building (to the top of course), Broadway, The Guggenheim, Central Park,the Museum of Modern Art. A visit to the area named SoHo (south of theHudson) was an absolute delight. Beautiful architecture, shops and art galleries(think Bond Street and Cork Street). Even the street art was interesting. Ofcourse we had to go shopping!!On our final day we had tickets to visit the Ground Zero Memorial. The area isstill a massive building site with seven new buildings being constructed includinga transportation hub. To enter the Memorial Garden is to enter an oasis ofpeace and tranquillity. It was our intention to look for a specific name and oneof the guides using a ‘tablet’ tapped in the name and immediately told us wherewe would find our name. We walked through the mass of newly planted youngoak trees which in time will provide a canopy from the surrounding skyscrapersas well as shade from the fierce summer heat. Two pools had been constructedfor the actual memorial, each one following the footprint of the South Towerand North Tower. The names of all those who lost their lives in each tower arecarved in bronze around the four sides of each pool. We reached the South Poolfirst and the noise from the falling water was quite deafening. Water cascadesdown to a level where it moves slowly along then falls into a large opening anddisappears - a metaphor for so many things.As we came closer to the names we could see that families and friends had leftmementoes for their loved ones – a small stars and stripes flag, words of lovewritten on it, a note pushed into another name, a medal in other. These wereheart stopping moments and moved us all to tears. We found our name on theNorth Pool, and made three rubbings for his family. We too left something forour name - four large silk Poppies that we had brought with us, which stood outagainst the dark bronze. We left the Memorial feeling greatly moved and feltthat the City had constructed something quite beautiful out of the death andchaos that was 9/11.We departed from New York that night filled with so many abiding memories,the kindness of New Yorkers, delicious food, fiercely hot late summer days,amazing views from the Empire State, the neon of Times Square and shopping!!New York – Rock On! We will return!A Diva (please look at our New York photos on

Applications for Grants are invited fromTHE TURNER-DUMBRELL FOUNDATIONThe Turner-Dumbrell Foundation exists to give financial assistance by way ofgrants to:-Charitable institutions or for charitable purposes in the Parish ofDitchling in the County of East Sussex or in the immediate locality withparticular reference to the Parish Church of St Margaret and education;andThe practice of preventive cardiology.In 2010-11 The Foundation made grants totalling approximately £23,000.Grant Policy:To seek applications by way of notices in the Village Post Office and theBeacon and on the Church Notice Board in the autumn of each year forconsideration by the Trustees at their meeting in January.Applications must be received by 30 th November 2011 for particular projects,with written evidence from organisations that they are a registered charity orthat the grant is sought for charitable purposes together with a copy of theirlatest annual report and accounts.The Trustees will consider applications at their meeting in January 2012.The income for the Foundation is realised from the letting of Agricultural Land(Lodge Hill and Bowries Fields), the Workshops (Turner-Dumbrell Workshops)and the administration of funds held by the Foundation.Application forms are available on request in writing from the Secretary:Mrs Roma Leon, 22 Beacon Road, Ditchling, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8ULor by email to turnerdumbrell@btinternet.comApplication forms must be returned to the Secretary -preferably by email - by 30 th November 2011NB: If you had a grant this year and are applying again, the Trustees would likean update on how your project is proceeding.15

Feast DaysPrayer Diary – November 2011Prayer for the world church& Prayer for this diocese1 All Saints Trichy-Tanjore (South India)Brighton, St George with St Anne & St Mark2 All Souls Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies)Brighton, Kemp Town St Mary the Virgin3 Richard Hooker 1600 TruroWhitehawk, St Cuthman4 Tuam, Killala & Achonry (Ireland)Brighton, St Matthias5 St Elisabeth, Mother of St JohnBaptist (1 st Century)St Elisabeth, Eastbourne. Udi (Nigeria)Brighton, St Michael and All Angels6 3 rd Sunday before Advent Ughelli (Province of Bendel)Discipleship & Ministry team, ChurchHouse7 Ukwa (Nigeria)Brighton, Preston The Good Shepherd8 Saints & Martyrs of England Umuahia (Province of the Niger Delta)Brighton, St Martin & St Wilfrid with StAlban9 Margery Kempe, c 1440 Umzimvubu (Southern Africa)Moulsecoomb10 Leo the Great 461. Upper South Carolina (USA)Ovingdean, St Wulfran11 Martin, Bishop of Tours c 397 UruguayPatcham, All Saints12 Utah (USA)Preston, St John13 2 nd Sunday before AdventRemembrance Sunday14 Samuel Seabury, 1796 Vanuatu (Melanesia)Prestonville, St LukeCharles Simeon 1836. Uyo (Province of theNiger Delta)16

Feast DaysPrayer for the world church& Prayer for this diocese15 Vellore (South India)Rottingdean, St Margaret16 Margaret Queen of Scotland1093VenezuelaSaltdean, St Nicholas17 Hugh of Lincoln 1200 Vermont (USA)Stanmer with Falmer18 Elizabeth of Hungary 1231 Victoria Nyanza (Tanzania)Woodingdean, Holy Cross19 Hilda 680 Virgin Islands (USA)Brighton, St Nicholas20 CHRIST THE KINGEdmund, King of the EastAngles 870Virginia (USA)Bishop Mark’s team21 Waiapu (New Zealand)Brighton, St Luke Queen's Park22 Cecilia, c 230 WakefieldBrighton, The Chapel Royal23 Clement c 100 Wangaratta (Australia)Rural Deanery of Chichester24 Warri (Province of Bendel)Apuldram; Fishbourne25 Catherine of Alexandria, 4thcentury; Isaac Watts, 1748Washington (USA)Boxgrove, St Mary & St Blaise26 Wau (Sudan)Chichester St Paul with Westhampnett27 ADVENT SUNDAY Wellington (New Zealand)Mission & Renewal Department, ChurchHouse28 West Buganda (Uganda)Chichester, St Wilfrid29 West Malaysia (South East Asia)Chichester, St Pancras & St John30 Andrew the Apostle West Missouri (USA)Donnington, St George17

Royal British Legion Ditchling BranchPoppy LunchSaturday 12 th November, from 12 noonDitchling Village HallCost £8.00 (at the door)which includes:Glass of Wine - two Course Lunch - Coffee and MintsEntertainment and a RaffleAll welcome – please come and support the RBL in their vital work to helpthose who have served and those who are serving their country, and theirfamilies. All monies raised to the Poppy Appeal.The Royal British LegionThis year the RBL has celebrated its 90 th Anniversary. Ninety years which hasseen the RBL evolve into the nation’s custodian of Remembrance, so that thoseService Personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten.Likewise, the Poppy has become the symbol of Remembrance time. Since 2001the number of UK Service Personnel who have lost their lives in Afghanistan is (atpresent) 382. We Remember Them.There will be a very brief Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial on Friday11 th November, 2011, at 11.00 am. As usual The Royal British Legion Women’sSection, Ditchling Branch, will be holding their Poppy Day Lunch on Saturday12 th November in Ditchling Village Hall from 12 noon onwards. Tickets cost£8.00p to include a glass of wine. Nick Hancock will be playing some familiarmelodies and Rebecca Milford will be singing for you. So please come along andsupport us – no need to book. All proceeds go to the RBL Poppy Appeal.On Sunday 13 th November the Parade from the Scout Hut to the War Memorialwill take place before the Act of Remembrance at 10.50 am. For moreinformation please call Margaret Bovill (Hon Sec) on 01273 845319. The RoyalBritish Legion – Shoulder to Shoulder with all who serve.Margaret Bovill18

Remembrance Service at Streat Church10.45 am on Sunday 13 th NovemberEach year we have a service at Streat to remember those who gave their lives fortheir country, and each year we read out the names of all those from Streat andWestmeston recorded on the memorials in both churches.This year some research has been done by Sheila Tester and others, who havediscovered many interesting facts about some of those men. Some weremembers of ‘the few’ who took part in the Battle of Britain; others were in theparachute regiment, or ambulance drivers. Their bodies now lay at rest acrossEurope and North Africa.They all gave up their lives so that we may live in peace.Everyone is very welcome to come to our service, even if you only wish to attendthe minute’s silence outside at the War Memorial.Mike SewellIn MemoriamIn November we remember:3 rd Brian Blackwood 4 th Vera Agnes Lowe4 th Peggy Paine MBE 4 th Jim Paine4 th Ina Baker 5 th Annie Dean7 th Doris May Kingshott 7 th Ian Castle8 th Doris Bannister 8 th Baby Robinson9 th Peter Quentin Rawlings 12 th Maxine Buckingham13 th Dorothy Louise Mary Masson 16 th Mary Parker16 th Ernie Wadey 17 th Rhona Green17 th Wendy Nolan 23 rd Iris Covington26 th Beryl Hilda Harris 26 th John Skelton27 th Susanna Jane Lewis 28 th Roger Baden Preston28 th Wendy Grey 29 th Renee Hudson30 th Beryl Cornish-Bowden19

What’s On in November 20111 TueDitchling Downs WI meeting, Friends MeetingHouse, East Gardens, Ditchlingp 25 7.30 pm3 ThuDitchling Film Society film Of Gods and Men,Ditchling Village Hallp 31 8 pm4 Fri Coffee Morning, Plumpton Village Hall, BN7 3BQ p 34 10 am7Public Meeting Emerging Core Strategy, DitchlingMonVillage Hall,p 26 7.30 pm8 TueNewick Decorative and Fine Art Societylecture Festival of Britain, Plumpton Village Hall20p 35Peoples Bible tour, Hassocks United Reformed p 10Church, Keymer Road, Hassocks9 Wed Frugal Lunch, St Margaret’s Church vestry p 8Ditchling Players Autumn production, Ditchling9 - 12Village Hall.p 3111 Fri Act of Remembrance, Ditchling War Memorial p 18The Beacon Parish Churchyards working party, St p 7Margaret’s, Ditchling12 SatRoyal British Legion Ditchling Branch PoppyLunch, Ditchling Village Hallp 18Elgar Dream of Gerontius, St Bartholomew’s p 35Church, Brighton13 SunRoyal British Legion Parade and Act ofRemembrance, Ditchling War MemorialRemembrance Service, Streat Church2.15 pm8 pm9.30 am12 noon7.30 pmp 18 10.50 amp 19 10.45 am15 TueWomen’s Fellowship meeting, 1 Beaconhurst,Keymer Road, Hassocksp 25 7.30 pmDitchling Film Society film A Separation, Ditchling17 ThuVillage Hall.p 31 8 pm23 Wed Advent Course, St Margaret’s Church p 2 7pm26Professional Portraits by James Barry, Old p 27 10.00 amSat Meeting House in the TwittenSt Andrew’s Day Ceilidh, Ditchling Village Hall p 23 7.30 pm

What’s On in November 201127 Sun Dedication Service, St Margaret's Church p 2 9.45 am29 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 21 7.15 pmDeadline for applications to Turner-Dumbrell p 1530 Wed FoundationAdvent Course, St Margaret’s Church p 2 7pm1 ThuWhat’s On in December 2011Ditchling Film Society film Made in Dagenham,Ditchling Village Hallp 318 pmDitchling Village Association Older Resident's p 26 12.45 pm3 SatLunch, Ditchling Village HallSussex Chorus Advent Concert, Hurstpierpoint p 35 7.30 pmCollege Chapel4 SunDedication Service, St Martin's ChurchWestmestonp 2 9.45 am7 Wed Advent Course, St Margaret’s Church p 2 7pm10 SatBurgess Hill Choral Society’s concert, St Andrew’sChurch, Junction Road, Burgess Hillp 35 7:30 pm11 Sun Dedication Service, Streat Church p 2 9.45 am13 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 21 7.15 pm14 Wed Advent Course, St Margaret’s Church p 2 7pmWHIST DRIVETuesday 29 th NovemberWestmeston Parish Hallstarting at 7.15pmEveryone is welcome to join the friendlyteam of players.The Christmas whist drive will be heldon Tuesday 13 th DecemberFor more details contact Doreen Kallmanon 84474321

St Andrew’s Day CeilidhDitchling Village HallSaturday 26 th November, 7.30 pmFeaturing UNREEL(live band)Tickets £15 to include supper.Telephone Nicki 01273 842791or available from the Post OfficeStreat Rectory Barnis available for appropriate use by organisations and individualswith connections to the Beacon Parish.Streat Barn offers: A heated room with capacity for 40 people. A small kitchen and WC. Parking for 10 cars.Advance bookings can be made by telephone between 9.30 am and5 pm on 01273 891005.Background: Streat Rectory Barn was the 19 th century grain store forStreat’s remarkable rector, the Revd William FitxHugh, who held theliving for 60 years. The Barn became a village asset when it lost itsagricultural use and remains today a church and communityamenity, bought by Streat & Westmeston PCC in 2004 withdonations from parishioners.23

Ditchling Women’s GroupsDitchling Downs WIFor our October meeting we welcomed Melvyn Tarran, curator of the Gilbert &Sullivan museum at Oak Hall, Sheffield Park. Melvyn discovered his passion for G& S whilst working as a trainee hotel manager at the Ritz and Piccadilly hotels inLondon in the 1950’s, where he met a chef who had played trombone at theD’Oyly Carte’s famous Savoy Theatre who sang snippets from his favourite arias.After seeing a performance of Ruddigore Melvyn was hooked. Members wereentertained by music from Iolanthe and The Mikado together with the history ofGilbert & Sullivan. It was interesting to know that The Savoy Hotel in London,owned by Mr D’Oyly Carte, had been built on the profits of The Mikado and thatit was the first theatre to have electric lighting installed. Together with G & Smemorabilia, Melvyn brought along two costumes one of which was for thecharacter of the Mikado himself and was astonishingly heavy, amazing thatanybody could sing and perform in it.Melvyn’s most entertaining talk was followed by the AGM for Ditchling DownsWI and members were pleased to hear that the group is flourishing withmembership on the increase. A brief summary of the year was given by Carolynand we look forward to another great year in 2012.For our November meeting, the subject will be First Aid Facts and the role of theFirst Responder. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 1 st November in theFriends Meeting House, East Gardens, Ditchling starting at 7.30 for 8pm. Formore information please contact Barbara Dollings Tel. 01273 843892Barbara DollingsWomen’s FellowshipOur September meeting was held in the Quaker Meeting House, with thanks toBelinda Brittain for the arrangements. We were joined by Richard Allen whogave us an excellent and entertaining précis of the St Margaret’s ChurchPilgrimage to the Holy Land in May this year. High spots among many were thetwo Eucharist services that were celebrated over the Shepherds’ Fields inBethlehem and in the tranquillity beside the Sea of Galilee. These upliftingexperiences contrasted with a few somewhat depressing ones, such as thecheck-points in Bethlehem and the high wall through the town separating theIsraelis and the Palestinians. Richard found the Church of the Holy Sepulchre inJerusalem a disappointment; here there was clear evidence of hostility betweendifferent Christian religions. Richard emphasised that this was a trip punctuatedwith contrasts, and many light-hearted moments: floating in the Dead Sea (or in25

some cases - sinking), the noisy Sultan’s Party arranged by the Palestinian hotelin Jerusalem (with Father David and Sally dressed up as the Sultan King andQueen) and the joyful singing of the National Anthem on a Jesus boat on the Seaof Galilee. The relaxed fellowship among the group helped to make this amemorable pilgrimage.Our next meeting will be on Tuesday November 15 th at 7.30pm at 1Beaconhurst, Keymer Road, Hassocks when we will enjoy another quiz set byPam and Alec Gaskin. Please can you let Pam know if you wish to attend(843182).Sally WillisVillage NewsDitchling Village Association Older Resident's Lunch12.45 for 1pm Saturday 3rd December 2011, Ditchling Village HallBooking list now available in the Ditchling Post Office. 'I look forward to seeingyou as a start to celebrating Christmas.'Catharine Robinson, ChairmanPublic Meeting InvitationMonday 7 th November, Ditchling Village Hall, 7.30pmLewes District Council, in partnership with the South Downs National ParkAuthority, has issued a planning document for consultation called the “EmergingCore Strategy”. Members of the Parish Council, Lewes District Council and theNational Park Authority would like to discuss the headlines with you and gainyour views on it. The document can be viewed Vision of the District and Strategic Objectives and options for Planning Policieson: Employment and Housing Distribution, Affordable Housing, Housing Type,Mix and Density, Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation, Economic Growth andRegeneration, The Visitor Economy, Retail, Infrastructure, Green Infrastructure,Air Quality, Natural Environment and Landscape Character, Built and HistoricEnvironment and High Quality Design, Flood Risk, Coastal Erosion andSustainable Drainage, Sustainable Travel, Renewable and Low Carbon Energy.Mary Holman, Clerk to Ditchling Parish Council, (01273 845167 or 07767 270065)26

Royal Air Forces Association 'Wings' appeal.The House to House and street collections held in Ditchling in connection withthe above appeal, raised the sum of £606-19p. This is an excellent amount andthank you to all who contributed and to the street and house to housecollectors. Thank you and well done everyone!Jonn GrinstedMacmillan Cancer Support Coffee MorningI would like to thank everyone for the generous support at the Macmillan CancerSupport Coffee Morning held in Westmeston. We raised a magnificent £611.Brenda HallProfessional PortraitsHave you thought about a professional portrait of your pet or child(ren) as aChristmas present for yourself or your family this year? On Saturday 26 thNovember, James Barry, the well known Hassocks photographer will be at theOld Meeting House in the Twitten between 10.00am and 2.00pm. You do notneed to book but if you prefer a definite time you may make a telephonebooking for after 3.00 on that day by ringing 07770 441088.A mounted 8”x10” print or image on CD will cost £15 with all proceeds going tothe Old Meeting House. All Pets welcome with the most unusual qualifying for afree photograph.Brian Clutterbuck60s Music Evening in DitchlingThe 60s disco on October 15 th was greatly enjoyed by all those 60s music fanswho attended and a great time was had by all! Like Elvis, we were ‘All ShookUp’ to find that the profit came to £1200 and this money will go to help protectthe world’s most endangered great ape, the Cross River gorilla of Cameroon.Sadly, only 280 of these gentle gorillas remain, and this project will protect theirremaining forest so they can survive and, hopefully, increase in number. Theproject is run by Fauna & Flora International, backed by Sir David Attenborough,(patron HM the Queen, registered charity 1011102). As the Beatles said, ‘MoneyCan’t Buy Me Love’, but it can certainly help protect critically threatenedprimates. Many thanks to all those who attended and danced the night away!We have since been told that our money qualifies for match funding from acommercial donor so our £1,200 has become £2,400 and I am ‘Glad All Over’!Sylvia Bain27

1 st Ditchling Scout GroupBeavers – A visit to the new Shoreham Lifeboat Station and instruction on beachsafety all counted towards their work to gain their Safety Badges. Anotherevening was devoted to learning knots and making tripods. Saving energy wasthe theme for another meeting with an ingenious use of the “Snakes andLadders” game.We congratulate Thomas Foat, Alex Fudge and Thomas Waring who have allgained their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, the highest badge a Beaver canachieve.We also congratulate Sue Waring, our Beaver Leader, who is to be presentedwith her Wood Badge in recognition of completing her Leader Training.Cubs – The Cubs went to the Adur Centre to explore the river and discover whatcreatures live in the mud! A visit to Stoneywish was used to learn about trees forthe Naturalist Badge (and also a game of Rounders). They had a visit to theBudhisatta (Budhist) Centre in Brighton which counted towards therequirements for the World Faith Badge. On other evenings the main themeshave been Road and Home Safety ready for more badge qualifications. Theseprogrammes also include a mix of active games.We congratulate Sam Chard, Oliver Mayhew, Joe McMillan and Thomas Prestonwho have all gained during this month their Chief Scout’s Silver Awards, thehighest award a Cub can achieve. All these Beaver and Cub Chief Scout’s Awardswill be presented at a special District Ceremony at the end of October.Scouts – Practice evenings have been held in preparation for the District Air RifleShooting Competition which is to be held in November. A night Wide Game washeld with the theme of The Battle of Brittain which was a new idea invented byour Scout Leader and leads us towards the coming Remembrance Day. A nighthike on a glorious cloudless evening with a full moon was enjoyed. It started atthe ‘Half Moon’ at Plumpton and took us up to Black Cap at the top of the Downsand beyond into the wooded valley before returning along the Ridge to the ‘HalfMoon’ again. It was good navigation practice.Raffle – Once again the Group will be holding its annual Christmas Raffle at thebeginning of December. The top prize will again be £200 with the second prize of£100, plus other prizes. Tickets will be available soon from members of theScout Group and the Post Office. We thank you for your valuable support.Alec Gaskin, Group Chairman29

Ditchling PlayersAutumn Production – 9 th to 12 th NovemberAs you read this it’ll almost be time for ‘curtain up’ on the Ditchling Playersautumn production (or should that be productions?). Two one act comedies‘Shop for Charity’ & ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ directed by Penelope Bennett &Sarah Trayler and assisted by Nan Crofton & Sonia Stock respectively.Everyone has been working hard both on the stage and behind the scenes tomake these a success and so all they need now is an audience, so I’m sure thatPenelope, Sarah and both the casts would be pleased to see you at the VillageHall one evening to give them your support.Performances are from the 9 th to 12 th November at 8.00pm at Ditchling VillageHall. Tickets are £7.00 Wednesday and £8.00 Thursday to Saturday, (not £6.00 &£7.00 as per the last article (apologies for that, I was looking at some oldinformation) and are available now from Clifford Dann, High Street, Ditchling(Tel: 01273 843344).David TettersellDitchling Film SocietyOur first film this month will be on Thursday, 3 November 2011 – Of Gods andMen. For centuries French Cistercian monks had lived peacefully as an integralpart of an impoverished Muslim village in the stunning Atlas Mountains inAlgeria. However, in 1996 some Islamic extremists arrived in the area and,allegedly, seven monks were executed. The film which is profound andimmaculately acted raises eternal and universal questions about religioustolerance. It is a stunningly passionate and deeply moving film which won theGrand Jury Prize at Cannes.Director: Xavier Beauvois. France 2010. 122 mins.Our second film in the month will be on Thursday, 17 November 2011 -Westside Story. We apologise that we cannot show ‘A Separation’ as previouslyadvertised owing to the release date being put back. West Side Story is theaward winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliette.The feuding families become two warring New York City gangs- the white Jets ledby Riff and the Puerto Rican Sharks, led by Bernardo. Their hatred escalates to apoint where something has to happen. There is a ground-breaking score byLeonard Bernstein and stunning dance sequences. This film has just been31

eleased in high definition with full surround sound. Natalie Wood and RichardBeymer play the star-crossed lovers.Directors Jerome Robbins & Robert Wise U.S.A 1961 155minsOn Thursday, 1 December 2011 our Christmas offering will be Made inDagenham. In 1968 a group of female workers went on strike at the FordDagenham car plant. Their protest made national news and the strike became atemplate for achieving equal rights for women which successfully brought aboutthe Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975. It is a poignant reflection on British socialreform with a breezy modern tone evoking the Ealing style of humour. Hugelyenjoyable, this fast paced film brilliantly captures the spirit of the sixties.Director: Nigel Cole. UK2010. 113 mins.The films will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. Films start at 8.00pm. Doorsopen at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parkingbehind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small chargepayable at the door.Rowena Cager and Melanie SamuelDitchling Pre-schoolDitchling Pre-school has just been judged asOUTSTANDING by Ofsted in all 17 of the inspectioncategories.The Inspection report, carried out in September, statedthat “children thrive in this exceptionally good preschoolenvironment, where staff are dedicated and passionateabout providing the highest quality provision for each child.Excellent leadership and management, exceptionally good teamwork andoutstanding relationships with parents ensure that meeting the needs ofchildren underpins all aspects of the provision.”“The preschool is very committed to working collaboratively with parents tomaximise the care and learning opportunities for each child. Relationships arevery successful, with parents highly praising the efforts of the staff and their careof the children,” the report states.Ditchling Pre-school was founded in 1969 by a group of local parents and runs asa registered charity. Its aim is to enhance the development of each child in allareas of learning, through play.32

Katy Widdows, the Preschool’smanager, says “I’mreally pleased the staff havegot recognition for thefantastic job that they do andit’s also thanks to ourwonderful children and theparents and carers whosupport us on a daily basis’.For more information, Heritage School’s AppealThe transition from childhood to adulthood for any young person is one of themost anxious, challenging and complicated times, especially if the young personhas additional and/or complex needs and there is a need and reliance onsignificant support from health and/or social care services.Currently there is a national shortage of suitable provision for these young adultsso Chailey Heritage School plan to use their knowledge and experience todevelop a transition service for young disabled adults aged 19-25 years who haveprofound and multiple physical disabilities and complex health needs. To do this,we need to raise money to build and equip a Day Centre.33

This exciting new service will offer a range of provisions to young disabled adultsfrom across the South-East including a Gymnasium with specially adapted gymequipment, a Living Skills area, ICT suite, Arts & Crafts area, Rest & Relaxationareas and Rendezvous Café, open to the wider community. The provision will beperson-centred, offering greater choice and a more flexible approach tosupporting and preparing these young people for the future.The facility will offer to young disabled adults, both from the local communityand those in our residential provision, access to training & work experience,recreational & leisure pursuits – exercise, cookery/menu planning, boccia,swimming and football, arts & media – photography and short film making.In addition to funding for the capital element of this project we will also needfunds to buy technical aids for speech, mobility, sensory and IT equipment.If you would like to support us please contact: Sally-Anne Murray, DevelopmentDirector: email; 01825 724444 Ext 113 or visit ourwebsite are invited to aCoffee MorningPlumpton Village Hall, BN7 3BQFriday 4 th November 2011 – 10 am to 12Entry £1 to include coffee, tea, soft drinks, biscuitsFeaturing Phoenix cards, gifts and handmade jewelleryAll proceeds will be donated to Chailey HeritageSchool’s Young Adults Transition AppealRegistered Charity No. 1075837For more information please contact Sue Fawcett 01444 232025Beacon SubscriptionsSubscriptions for The Beacon will be due for renewal in December for 2012. Thesubscription will remain at £6 per annum for 12 monthly issues, which, for thoseliving in Ditchling, Streat or Westmeston, will be delivered to your door.34

Sussex Chorus ConcertsElgar: Dream of Gerontius, Saturday 12 th November, 7.30 pm,St Bartholomew’s Church, BrightonSussex Chorus, Sussex Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mark Andrew James.Tickets £15, concessions £12, children £5 available from the Dome Box Office01273 709709 and ticket manager 01444 412579.Advent Concert, Saturday 3 rd December, 7.30 pm,Hurstpierpoint Chapel.Sussex Chorus, Kent Sinfonia, conducted by Neil Jenkins. Tickets £15 (£12concessions, children free) are available from the Ticket Manager 01444 412579or 01273 273333, from Carousel Music and Festive Christmas ConcertBurgess Hill Choral Society’s concert on Saturday 10 th December, 7:30pm at StAndrew’s Church, Junction Road, features two joyous works in honour of theVirgin Mary. The Rutter Magnificat, described by its composer as ‘a canticle ofpraise and trust and joy’ and the lovely Brahms Marienlieder (songs of Mary). Anintriguing version of The Twelve Days of Christmas complete the programme.Tickets (£13, concessions £11, accompanied under-16s free) available from BHCSmembers, the BHTC Help Point, 96 Church Walk, the ticket secretary (01444831161), or at the door.Newick Decorative and Fine Art SocietyTuesday November 8 th 2.15 Plumpton Village Hall.Our lecture this month is entitled ‘Festival of Britain.’ In 1951 Britain was stillrecovering from the war, but people wanted to look forward and the Festivaloffered a tantalizing glimpse of just how wonderful this future could be. TheFestival had a huge impact on modern design. The utilitarian designs sonecessary during the war vanished in a riot of colour and new fantastic shapesand creations. It launched the careers of such furniture designers as Ernest Raceand textile designers such as Lucienne Day (wife of Robin Day). The lecturer SallyHoban Art, is a design and antiques consultant, writer, editor, lecturer, journalistand author of the book’ Miller's Collecting Modern Design.’Her talk will be accompanied by an excellent digital presentation. We lookforward to seeing you, £5 on the door for non-members and if any furtherinformation is required please ring Carole Burgon on 01273 890301 or MarjorieBlunden on 01825 723250.Annette Shelford35

Specialists in Landscape PlanningGarden Construction Waterscape Landscape& Waterscape Maintenance ServiceASHDOWN COTTAGEUNDERHILL LANE, DITCHLING SUSSEXTEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335Directors: A L Standen & S M MayCompany Reg. No. 814630 Registered atAshdown Cottage, Underhill Lane,Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8XE36

Nature NotesA feature along the lanes and in the hedgerows is the abundance of fruit andberries. Some say that it is the sign on a hard winter to come with Nature storingnecessary food for birds and animals. Well it could be but what is certain thoughis it is the result of the dry weather we had in April and May so the pollinatinginsects were very active setting the flowers resulting in such largesse. Not allberries, even some luscious ones, like Bryony ever seem to be eaten and remainas a necklace of red berries for months.While the fruit and berries are lush and juicy, we will find the first of the winterthrushes greedily stripping off all they can. It is often where the early Redwings,Fieldfares and continental Blackbirds are to be found. All of these species havebeen recorded before mid-October this year at the Bird Observatories on theEast Coast arriving from across the North Sea.Also reported in large numbers are Siskins, small streaked green fiches thatreadily come to feeders with Niger seed and peanuts. Some gardens, especiallythose with conifers seem to attract more and they are very faithful to certainareas but can be absent from other gardens close by. These birds, thoughweighing only about ten grams are long distance travellers coming from EasternEurope, Scandinavia and from the northern parts of Britain. The fascination ofbirds, I think, is the distance they can travel, taking no heed of boundaries orinternational territories arriving where there is a food supply and departingwhen it has been exhausted or weather conditions turn against them.Often before a cold snap, flocks of the thrushes, Lapwings or Skylarks may beseen heading in a south-westerly direction towards milder parts. This is often asure sign of what is to come in a few days’ time.I also had the great fortune of ringing a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, the first Ihave seen for at least a dozen years. This species is very scarce now thougheasily overlooked. There can be no confusion in its identification as it is similar insize to a Nuthatch and has black and white bands across its back. Should you belucky enough to see one it is most likely to be feeding on the outer part of thetree canopy rather than against the trunk of the tree where most woodpeckersare to be found.Now in the third week of October as I write this, Slow Worms and Lizards and theremains of the snails they have eaten have been seen beneath a flat piece ofwood on Streat Ridge. Red Admiral butterflies are feeding on the Ivy blossomand a Swallow has just gone over. All is well in this wonderful part of Sussex.Reg Lanaway37

The Beacon in the PastBelow are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.40 years agoThe Vicar in his letter in the November 1971 Ditchling Beacon expressed his“very sincere gratitude … for the simply wonderful support given to the twoappeals the P.C.C. and I made in September.”He continued “the actual amount that I received whilst sitting in the High Streeton Gift Day was £1,149. Of this £760 was in Gift Day envelopes (and has beenused to pay for the repairs to the churchyard wall), plus £389 earmarked for theVestry and general funds. Since then a further £138 has come in”.Referring to ‘The Ladder’ the Vicar thanked “very warmly all those concernedwith the erection of our ‘ladder’ indicator. Principally this has been the brainchild of Mrs. Brophy and Mrs. Bradley with help from Mr. Charles Knight, whopainted the delightful angel. I find it a refreshing relief from thermometers.”“On December 5th …. we will be welcoming the bishop of Horsham when hecomes to Confirm our Candidates. I am also arranging with him the Dedicationof the new Vestry”.An appeal was included in this issue for a “fairly large room for hire for say oneyear to serve as the Village Library. It should be within a few minutes walk of thecentre of the village and which can be locked up”.20 years ago“Having recently returned from a holiday in Portugal” wrote the Vicar in hisNovember 1991 letter, “I can well imagine the horror of finding oneselfinnocently in trouble with the authorities in a foreign land ….. There is a charitycalled Prisoners Abroad which exists to care for the welfare and interests ofBritish people who are detained overseas, whether by lawful or unlawfulauthority. Some are held without trial in degrading conditions suffering terribledeprivation and sometimes torture.” He continued by saying that “We are askedto help … by praying for the almost 2,000 prisoners abroad, who are out of sightand in danger of being out of mind, wholly forgotten”.An Advent Concert ‘Wolcum Yole!’ was advertised in this issue to be given by StMargaret’s Choir with John Walker and John Arkell (organ) and AndrewSherwood (violin). The programme was to include Britten’s Ceremony of Carolswith readings for Advent. The collection was for the St Margaret’s Church 900 thAnniversary Fund.The Ditchling Scouts three Patrols came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the SouthdownDistrict Backwoods Camping Competition held in September in the AshdownForest.Graham Sharpless39

DITCHLINGPOST OFFICENewsagents & Stationers1 Lewes Road, DitchlingTel: 01273 842736ConfectioneryNewspapers TobaccoIce cream PostcardsGreetings cards StationeryMaps Parking vouchersGifts40

For practical servicesfrom friendly peopleWills & EstatesProperty Sales & PurchasesPersonal injuryInheritance tax planningFamily mattersServices for businesses32-34 Keymer Road, Hassocks01273 by the SolicitorsRegulation AuthorityIf you would like to contribute to our magazine on church and villagecommunity matters, or receive further copies, please get in touch with:Graham Sharpless, 23 North Court, Hassocks, BN6 8JSTel: 01273 845368 E-mail: sharpless@btinternet.comwww.BeaconParishes.orgCopy deadline for the December 2011 edition isFriday 18 th NovemberContributions should, where possible, be sent by email to the emailaddress above either in the body of the email or as a Microsoft Wordfile. For events please ensure that all necessary details are included,such as title, venue, date, time, ticket prices and availability.Printed by DPS Ltd, Burgess Hill41

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