Instruction Manual - GME

Instruction Manual - GME


27 MHz CB CHANNEL ASSIGNMENTSChannel Frequency Suggested Usage1 26.965 MHz General Use2 26.975 MHz General Use3 26.985 MHz General Use4 27.005 MHz General Use5 27.015 MHz General Use6 27.025 MHz General Use7 27.035 MHz General Use8 27.055 MHz Road Channel9 27.065 MHz Emergency (1)10 27.075 MHz General Use11 27.085 MHz Call Channel12 27.105 MHz General Use13 27.115 MHz General Use14 27.125 MHz General Use15 27.135 MHz General Use16 27.155 MHz General Use17 27.165 MHz General Use18 27.175 MHz General Use19 27.185 MHz General Use20 27.205 MHz General Use21 27.215 MHz General Use22 27.225 MHz General Use23 27.255 MHz General Use24 27.235 MHz General Use25 27.245 MHz General Use26 27.265 MHz General Use27 27.275 MHz General Use28 27.285 MHz General Use29 27.295 MHz General Use30 27.305 MHz General Use31 27.315 MHz General Use32 27.325 MHz General Use33 27.335 MHz General Use34 27.345 MHz General Use35 27.355 MHz General Use36 27.365 MHz General Use37 27.375 MHz General Use38 27.385 MHz General Use39 27.395 MHz General Use40 27.405 MHz General Use(1) Legally DesignatedTX2720 INSTRUCTION MANUAL PAGE 7

The TX2720 is supplied with a DIN mountingbracket for mounting into a standard DIN sizedcavity in the vehicle’s console or dashboard.Before installing the radio, ensure the DC cableand antenna have been installed correctly (asdescribed further below) and the connectors areaccessible through the DIN cavity.Installing the DIN mountTo install the DIN mount you will need access tothe rear of the vehicle’s console.DIN SurroundFolding TabsFront FrameFront MountingBolts1. Remove the four small front mounting boltsfrom the front edges of the DIN mountand separate the front frame from the DINsurround.2. Slide the DIN surround into the DIN slot in thevehicle’s console and secure it in the desiredposition by bending the folding tabs.3. Slide the front frame back into the DINsurround and secure it using the four smallfront mounting bolts.4. Slide the TX2720 radio into the securedframe from the rear of the console so that thethreaded holes in the chassis line up with theholes in the DIN frame.8 mm Boltsand WashersINSTALLATIONFront Frame5. Secure the radio using the four 8 mm boltsand washers provided.6. Connect the DC connector and PL259 antenna(and rear microphone extension lead if used)to the sockets on the radio’s rear panel.You can now refit the console to the vehicle.DC POWER ConnectionsThe TX2720 is designed for 13.8 V DC negativeearth installations only (i.e. where the negativeside of the battery is connected to the frameor chassis of the vehicle). There are tworecommended methods of installation. Pleaserefer to the following diagrams.Radio remains On when the Ignitionswitch is OffConnect the radio’s negative (Black) lead tothe vehicle’s chassis or if preferred directly tothe battery’s negative terminal. Connect theradio’s positive (Red) lead, via the 2 amp fuse,to the battery’s positive terminal or to a point inthe fuse box that has +13.8 volts continuouslyavailable.Radio remains ON when ignition switch is OFFRadio turns ON and OFF with ignition switchThe radio can now be switched On or Off at anyRED time using Fusethe switch on the Volume control.Radio Turns On and Off with the IgnitionswitchConnect the radio’s negative (Black) Ingnition lead to Switch theChassisvehicle’s chassis or Car if battery preferred directly to thebattery’s negative terminal. Connect the radio’spositive (Red) lead, via the 2 amp fuse, to theaccessory point in the fuse box. This point shouldsupply +13.8 volts ONLY when the ignition isswitched ON or in the ACCESSORY positionPAGE 8 INSTRUCTION MANUAL TX2720REDTo RadioBLACKTo RadioBLACKFuseChassisCar batteryIngnition Switch

2.8 If we determine that your goods aredefective, we will pay for the cost ofreturning the repaired or replaced goods toyou, and reimburse you for your reasonableexpenses of sending your warranty claimto us.3. What this warranty does not cover3.1 This warranty will not apply in relation to:(a) goods modified or altered in any way;(b) defects and damage caused by usewith non Standard Communicationsproducts;(c) repairs performed other than by ourauthorised representative;(d) defects or damage resulting frommisuse, accident, impact or neglect;(e) goods improperly installed or usedin a manner contrary to the relevantinstruction manual; or(f) goods where the serial number hasbeen removed or made illegal.4. Warranty period4.1 We provide the following warranty onGME and Kingray products. No repair orreplacement during the warranty period willrenew or extend the warranty period pastthe period from original date of purchase.Product type27 MHz land and marineradioswarrantyperiod3 yearA division of Standard Communications Pty Ltd.Head Office: PO Box 96, Winston Hills, NSW 2153, Australia.New Zealand: PO Box 58, 446 Botany, Auckland 2163 (09) 274 0955All other international enquiries email: Number: 310576 Drawing Number: 46557-3

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