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No| 40

Spring 2007 Volume 18

A Magazine for Professionals


Light Report

Dialogue-Display: Installation in Berlin | Anniversary: 10 Years

RTB Push Button | Spotlight: Mailin in Munich | Internationally:

Premiere for Dialogue-Display | Initiative: Straight Ahead in

Safety | News: Verena in the magazine “freundin“

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Installation in Berlin

An important contribution to more discipline in traffic


10 Years RTB Push Button

From newcomer to market leader in a short time


Mailin in Munich

RTB image is highly visible in the new Traffic Center


Premiere for the Dialogue-Display

International Conference for Orientation and

Mobility Instructors in Hong Kong


News from the Association of German Insurers

More safety for pedestrians in Twiste / Hesse


Verena in the magazine “freundin“

Athlete maintains a successful course







Cover picture:

For the Push Button anniversary RTB has

put together a special collection. The white

version underscores the unusual design of

this very successful product.


in Berlin

➲ An important contribution to more

discipline in traffic

The first step has been taken. The Senator for Municipal

Development, Ingeborg Junge-Reyer, took the time

to appear personally at the installation of the first

Dialogue-Display in Berlin. Most of the devices are set

up in mobile fashion in order to make it possible to use

them at alternating sites.

Once the first Dialogue-Display was installed in direct

proximity to the school for physically handicapped

pupils in Lichtenberg (Paul-Junius-Street) the rest

followed in rapid succession. A total of 80 of these

traffic signs developed by RTB are to be installed. All

these Dialogue-Displays are full version models with

classification modules and GPRS transmission.

In its new traffic safety program Berlin puts particular

emphasis on an improvement of speed discipline. “It is

the declared goal of the Senate to increase traffic

safety. In particular, we must pay attention to the

weakest participants in street traffic.“ Ingeborg Junge-

Reyer stated quite clearly.

The use of the Dialogue-Display is a “very good means

to get the attention of car drivers“. The tests had proven

without doubt that the initiation of a dialogue and the

individual message of praise and scolding “effectively

increase traffic safety“.

Once again the capital city is leading the way. Berlin

is the first city to use the Dialogue-Display in a

systematic, widespread fashion. This represents an

important contribution to discipline and safety in street




in Berlin


Who would have thought it in 1997? Within just ten

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Push Button

➲ From newcomer to market leader in a

short time

years RTB has established itself as supplier of its

independently developed and self manufactured push

buttons for traffic light facilities. From newcomer to

market leader – this success story verifies the exceptional

quality of the RTB Push Button.

Exactly a decade ago the company was off and running

with its push buttons as a supplement to the successful

acoustic signal transmitters. The success of this product

is also based on the holistic approach (all service stages

from development through production are under one

roof ) and on the user friendliness (as evidenced by the

large surface of the demand button).

This special constellation of the product has not only

drawn the attention of the trade world but also has

created an enormous marketing success. As a kind of finishing

touch for this success, RTB received two design

Push Button Type X

with LCD display

Info Push Button

for blind persons

awards. One was the renowned Red Point (Essen) and

the other the well-known iF Prize (Hannover). The high

quality of design expresses in exemplary fashion innovation

in form and function.

The successes in the first decade encourage RTB to

continue to new developmental phases. After all, the

push buttons are still under age and are thus capable of

further development. Through the production of several

special models (e. g. X-Push Button, M-Push Button

or the Info-Push Button for blind persons) several

variations have already come into existence. Particularly

popular is the PiT Push Button which has a direct

connection to the acoustic signal transmitter and thus

makes attractive savings possible.

1997 | 2007

Mechanical Push Button

Type M


Munich in

RTB image is highly visible in the new Traffic Center

The new Traffic Center in Munich was opened with a

real red carpet event (cf. Issue 39). During an exclusive

visit little Mailin, whose cute face is featured on

RTB’s Dialogue-Display, took a close look at the


In the course of a tour through the new Traffic Center, in

which RTB products are also exhibited, there was a

meeting that had been eagerly awaited. Mailin met

herself on this tour – the joy was great. And of course

Mailin takes a look

at the carriage


there was a bit of pride involved, since she is the one

who has been pictured on the Dialogue-Display in the

museum for the last six years.

Three RTB products belong to the permanent inventory

of the exhibition and enjoy a great deal of popularity. In

this group one finds the Acoustic Signal Transmitter

(Combi S), the Sensor Push Button (PiT, Type X) and, of

course, the Dialogue-Display which has become the

third strong pillar of RTB.

Mailin meets


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for the


➲ International Conference for Orientation

and Mobility Instructors in Hong Kong

Orientation and Mobility Instructors met recently in

Hong Kong for their 12 th International Conference. Of

course, RTB was present at this important event chaired

by IMC president Dennis Cory (IRIS Hamburg). RTB was

able to combine this presence at the conference in the

Eastern Asian metropolis with the first installation of a

Dialogue-Display in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been a familiar market for RTB for some

years now. In noteworthy numbers, the push buttons

and acoustic signal transmitters from Bad Lippspringe

are providing safety in street traffic. Based on this

good experience, we exhibited the Dialogue-Display,

which will also gain international acceptance and wide


Acoustic Signal Transmitters for Blind

Persons are Becoming More Prevalent

The fact is not new. More and more persons in Germany

and Western Europe are reaching an impressive age.

Because women and men are living longer there are

changes not just in our social system. In regard to street

traffic solutions are also necessary to ensure the safety

of older persons.

In this way, for example, many communities are more

inclined to install acoustic signal transmitters for blind

persons at traffic light facilities. This special additional

equipment offers evident advantages for visually impaired

persons and older persons as well. These advantages

have a direct effect on the quality of life.

The RTB booth

in Hong Kong

Mobile blind persons

in Hong Kong on the way

to a RTB Push Button


of the first


in Hong Kong

from the



Association of German Insurers

• • • More safety for pedestrians in Twiste / Hesse • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • Dialogue-Display Inaugurated • • • • • Purchased with the prize money of the AGI • • •

On the 20th of December 2006 Peter Niederstraßer,

Prime County Representative of the County Waldeck-

Frankenberg and the Community Mayor Günther Hartmann

along with Siegfried Brockmann, Executive Director

of the AGI Accident Research and Ferdinand Weber,

Executive Director of the Office for Street and Traffic

Matters met in Bad Arolsen at the pedestrian traffic

light on the B 252 in downtown Twiste to activate a

Dialogue-Display. This Display was installed at a crosswalk

for pupils on a heavily traveled state highway. It

was intended to draw the attention of car drivers to the

dangers present at this point.

The Display was purchased with the prize money

(5,000.00 Euro) which the Accident Commission of the

county had won in a contest in 2005 for the most

effective accident commissions. This prize is conferred

annually by the Associations of German Insurers, the

magazine “auto motor und sport“ and the German

Traffic Safety Council.


Verena in the magazine

Verena Bentele, who has been sponsored

by RTB for years, won a very good tenth

place in the election of the sports woman

of the year just behind the boxer Regina

Halmich and the ice skater Claudia Pechstein.

This impressive placing is the appropriate

result of an exceptional season

with great sporting successes.

The 24 year-old blind biathlete has long

gained the interest of the national media.

The well-known women’s magazine

“freundin“ gave her a two-page portrait

with the title “One Alone“. With her new

guide runner, Béatrice Grämer, she wants

to continue her successes in 2007, particularly

in the World Cup Finals in Canada

in March.

A Pigeon on the Traffic Light

Traffic signal facilities apparently

have a powerful effect

on the world of animals. There

is no other way to explain why

a pigeon makes its nest on a

traffic light. These photos are

from a book “The Diversity of

Our World“ by Nicolas Hulot.

This environmental activist

has, by the way, a serious goal.

In his opinion, the pigeons feel

themselves crowded by humans,

who are on an expansion


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