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Traffic Light Report No.43 - RTB GmbH & Co. KG

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Winter 2007 Volume 18

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TISPOL Meeting of Experts: In Dialogue with the Police | Science:

Maintaining Effectiveness with the Passage of Time | Dialogue-

Display: Co-operation with the Ministry of the Interior | Traffic Data:

Easy Analysis | News: Rendezvous in the German Museum

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In Dialogue with the Police

Focus on Safety in Street Traffic


Maintaining Effectiveness with the Passage of Time

Longitudinal Study in Berlin in Co-operation with the Senate


Steady Speed Reduction

Joint Study in Lemsell with the Ministry of the Interior


Easy Analysis

Innovative Internet Application at


Rendezvous in the German Museum

DVR Forum and Dialogue-Display together in Munich






About the cover photo:

Nicely shaped curves are popular everywhere.

The analysis of traffic data at is a clear facilitation of

traffic control.

In Dialogue

with the


➲ Focus on Safety in Street Traffic

For many years RTB has maintained an intensive dialogue

with all entities involved in street traffic. At the

TISPOL Meeting of Experts 2007 in the “Hessian Police

Academy“ in Wiesbaden high-ranking representatives

from international police departments discussed safety

in street traffic. Within this framework RTB’s Dialogue-

Display drew a great deal of attention.

The TISPOL Meeting of Experts is one of the most important

platforms for dialogue among police officers from

all over the world. In Wiesbaden leading law enforcement

officers from Europe, Japan, the USA and Israel

convened. This exchange of experience, which was

supported by demonstrations in theory and practice,

provides the foundation for trend-setting decisions.

Setting of the Event “Hessian Police Academy“

Presentation of the Dialogue-Display

Innovative solutions to improve safety in street traffic

are at the very top of the agenda for police officers from

all countries. The reception of the presentation of the

Dialogue-Display was especially positive, since its role in

reducing vehicle speed has been proven beyond a doubt.

The participants were particularly interested in the

results of the studies conducted in co-operation with

the Berlin Senate and with the Ministry of the Interior in

Saxony-Anhalt (cf. Page 4/5). The clear result of the

TISPOL Meeting of Experts: RTB and the international

law enforcement agencies will remain in an intensive


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Maintaining Effectiveness

with the

➲ Longitudinal Study in Berlin in Co-operation with the Senate

It is now completely clear. A longitudinal

study conducted by the

Senate of Berlin from February 2004

until August 2007 has shown that

the Dialogue-Display reduces speeds

on a long term basis. The most

important message: The Dialogue-

Display is not ignored with the

passage of time. The speed reductions

which have been achieved are

maintained over the long run.

The average speed at a pedestrian

crosswalk in the Lützow Street in

Berlin fell significantly from 38.1

km/h to 28.7 km/h thanks to the

Dialogue-Display. The number of

drivers with a speed lower than 33

km/h increased in a very positive

fashion, for example from 57.7 % to

75.8 %. Just as important as this

short term change is the continuing

confirmation of the long term


Passage of Time


Speed Reduction

➲ Joint Study in Lemsell with the Ministry of the Interior

Now the positive effect becomes stabile. The study at the village

thoroughfare in Lemsell, conducted on the initiative of the Ministry of

the Interior of Saxony-Anhalt, shows a clear reduction of speed at all

measuring points. The Dialogue-Display makes sure that speed is

reduced upon entering the village, midway in the village and upon

exiting the village.

Exemplary numbers are really impressive: reducing the speeds over

55 KM/h by up to 54.1 % (cars) and 67.7 % (trucks) doesn’t need any

additional comment. At both approaches to the village additional parameters

were measured. For cars the V85 went from 63 km/h to 58 km/h

and for trucks from 58 km/h to 53 km/h. The continually updated

measurements can be found at .

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Easy Analysis

➲ DD.web: Innovative Internet Application at

Knowledge doesn’t have to be expensive – ignorance

can be very, very costly. Based on this premise, RTB has

developed an innovative system with the Dialogue-

Display to collect and analyze traffic data. At DD.web

this is possible – simple, fast and easy.

The data about speed and classification of the vehicles

which the Dialogue-Display collects can now be used

better and more efficiently. The transfer of the data to

DD.web can take place automatically by GPRS. At every

computer with an internet connection, the responsible

local authorities can access this data and, of course,

download it.

The analysis from the previous day can be delivered by

email – it can’t get any easier than this. The individual

parameter (e. g. timeliness and the email mailing) can

be suited to the needs and wishes of the user.

And now the best part: The traffic data service is

almost free. Due to the increase in demand for the

Dialogue-Display, RTB is offering a personal access

to at really favorable terms until

December 31, 2007. The introductory price is under

0.20 € per day.

Request your individual offer !

Increased Value in a Triple Package

• Speed Reduction

• Reduction of Accident Risk

• Analysis of Traffic Data


Rendezvous in

German Museum

There was a special rendezvous recently in the German

Museum for Traffic in Munich. The German Traffic Safety

Council (DVR), in which RTB is a member, conducted the

13th Forum for Safety and Mobility in September 2007 in

the newly opened Museum. In this framework, traffic experts

got a chance to learn about the Dialogue-Display

which is displayed in a prominent location in the German


Also from the

region Paderborn:

the Artega GT

Innovation for

Intertraffic 2008

The Hessian

State Traffic

Watch at the IAA

It is already clear that RTB will create excitement at the

most important exhibition for traffic technology in

2008. The company will ignite fireworks of innovation

from April 1 through April 5, 2008 in Amsterdam. You

should make a note of this date – you will receive a

personal invitation with a coupon for free tickets well in

advance of the event!

The Dialogue-Display in the German Museum


at the IAA 2007

DVR Forum

for Safety

and Mobility

At the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in

Frankfurt the RTB products were also on display. The

Hessian State Traffic Watch presented the Dialogue-

Display as an ideal example for improving traffic safety.

The Dialogue-Display was in good company since the

new German sports car, Artega GT (,

which is also made in the Paderborn region, was

introduced and celebrated its German premiere. The

Dialogue-Display appeals especially to the feeling of

responsibility of drivers of fast cars and this has been

proven to work well.

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