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Traffic Light Report No.53 [ PDF-DOWNLOAD ] - RTB GmbH & Co. KG

No | 53

Spring /

Summer 2010 Volume 21



Light Report

Success at Intertraffic 2010

Five Gold Medals in Vancouver

Fewer Accidents in Steinfurt County


3 Seen in Time

Warning Vests for

Children from the ADAC

4/5 Successful Presentation


6/7 Fivefold Gold

Fantastic Success

for Verena Bentele

8/9 Effective Application


in Steinfurt County

10 Fast Arrival

Telematics Offensive

in NRW

11 Wide Varieties

of Applications


for Every Situation

12 This & That


Dear Readers !

Everyone’s path of life may have few or many curves with

ups and downs.

Last year my life was a road through a high pass. I was

really down last year after my accident which almost

ended my athletic career. Then I found a guide skier who

led me so well that I regained my self-confidence. The top

of my mountain was the Paralympics in March 2010

where I won five gold medals.

Now everyday life has returned. Often I am asked how I

could achieve all of this as a blind person. Many people

are unaware that I have the same desires, needs and

problems like everyone else.

It would be much more important if I no longer heard:

“Ms. Bentele, it is amazing how you do this as a blind

person!” but rather “Hey, it’s fantastic to watch you!”

We want to lead the same kind of self determined life

that other people do and we can do this. It’s just that

we are sometimes reliant on various aids. In street traffic,

for example, I can use the push buttons and acoustical

signal transmitter from RTB.

In this respect I want to thank you again for the friendly

reception in Bad Lippspringe and convey my best regards

to all of you.


Verena Bentele


RTB GmbH & Co. KG, Geschäftsführer Rudolf Broer, Schulze-Delitzsch-Weg 10, 33175 Bad Lippspringe,

Tel. + 49 (0) 52 52 - 97 06-0,Fax + 49 (0) 52 52 - 97 06-10 E-Mail:,


HACK PR- und Werbeagentur GmbH, 33175 Bad Lippspringe


Machradt, Graphischer Betrieb, 33175 Bad Lippspringe

Seen in Time

ADAC activity: Safety vests for all children starting school

In 2008 31,650 children country-wide were

injured in street traffic; 102 of them died. Most

frequently it were elementary school pupils who

had the accidents because they crossed the

street without paying attention to vehicles or

suddenly ran into the street from between

parked cars, where they couldn’t be seen well. To

counteract this trend and to provide more safety

the foundation “Gelber Engel” of the ADAC has

started a noteworthy initiative.

In the fall of 2010, all first graders are to be outfitted

with safety vests. Presently hard work is

being done on this because a product is to be

developed which not only fulfills the requirements

but also be willingly worn by the children.

This will succeed only if the vests are designed

accordingly. The designers have obviously been

successful. The first models have already been

tested by children and have found wide acceptance.

Of course, there is an enormous logistical effort

behind this project. One need only consider that

approximately 740,000 pupils are to be outfitted

with these new vests. In this regard the project

partner Deutsche Post AG is providing significant

support in the implementation. The facts

show that this effort is well worth it.

At twilight time the driver of a car with

dimmed headlights can see a child in dark

clothing at the earliest at a distance of 25

meters. If the child is wearing light colored

clothing the distance increases to 50

meters. In contrast to these distances, the

child wearing a safety vest can be seen at

150 meters, a distance five times as great.

© ADAC / Oliver Beckmann

There is no doubt: this ADAC activity is a prime

example of working for traffic safety.

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Traffic Light Report No. 53

Successful Presentation

INTERTRAFFIC 2010 was, once again, a complete success

INTERTRAFFIC 2010 in Amsterdam, the most

important international platform of the traffic

and transportation industry, closed on March 26,

2010. Once again the fair was a complete success!

The great significance of the field of traffic technology

is reflected in the immense response of

the fair visitors. The newest developments in various

areas of the traffic industry create huge interest.


At the RTB-booth in Hall 11 there was a lot going

on. This was due, in part, to the new booth location

in the area “Traffic Management”.

An essential topic – traffic monitoring with the

new guide post census device TOPO.slp, created

very special interest. Of course, the uninterrupted

continuing development of our proven

products Dialogue-Display, push buttons and

acoustical units drew the attention of fair goers

as well.

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Traffic Light Report No. 53

Fivefold Gold

Fantastic “Bentelelympics” in Vancouver

For the last 11 years RTB has supported this athlete. During this time the successful working relationship between Verena Bentele and the

Broer family has become a friendship.

Following her fulminate comeback, Verena

Bentele has every reason to celebrate. The Paralympics

X in Vancouver, Canada, were a fantastic

success for her. RTB has sponsored this blind

cross-country skier and biathlete for many years.

In each of her five events Verena Bentele won a

gold medal and catapulted Germany into first

place in the list of total medal wins. Her strategy

of exerting herself only as much as necessary to

reach the finals paid off completely. In the finals

she was at full strength and, along with her

© Wolfram Brucks

guide skier, Thomas Friedrich, dominated the

races in a matchless manner. With a time of

4:14.2 minutes she won easily ahead of the

Russians Michalina Lysova and Ljubov Vasiljeva.

As Bentele crossed the finish line after 1,000 m

her rivals could not yet be seen on the last

straight away. After crossing the finish line the

student rejoiced at length. “Now I must first

pinch myself in order to believe this really happened”,

she said and happily added: “Now we’re

really going to celebrate!”

Awesome Reception at RTB

A few days after the conclusion of the Paralympics

2010 Verena Bentele came to Bad Lippspringe

for a reception. Here this exceptional

athlete could shake hands with many admirers

and long-time fans at RTB. In an interview with

sport reporter Matthias Reichstein, the twelve

time winner at Paralympics spoke about her

outstanding career and the development of her

disciplines over the past years. For example, the

Paralympics 1998 in Nagano were almost

completely ignored by the public. “At that time

hardly anyone noticed that I had won a gold

medal. I had to call people myself to make it

known. Now I get calls, letters and telegrams. It

is apparent that our sport is finally being noticed

by the general public”, said Verena Bentele.

In spite of this, she complained that there is still

unequal treatment of winners at the Olympic

Games and the Paralympics. “There will soon be

discussions about this with the goal of finding

a fair compromise”, she said. In regard to her

athletic future she stated that it is her dream to

have the Paralympics in Munich in 2018 and be

able to take the street car to travel to her events.

Personal data

Name Verena Bentele

Born February 28, 1982 in Lindau /

Bodensee, Germany

Club PSV München

Profession Student of Literary Science at the

Ludwig-Maximilians University

in Munich

Gold Medals at the Olympia

1998, Nagano Biathlon (7.5 km)

2002, Salt Lake City Biathlon (7.5 km),

Cross country

(Sprint, 5 km, 15 km)

Signing the Golden Book of Bad Lippspringe is something for

only very special guests.

We congratulate Verena from the bottom of our

hearts for her success and look forward with

pleasure to further athletic achievements –

especially at the Paralympics 2018 in Munich!

More information in the internet:

2006, Turin Biathlon (7,5 km),

Langlauf (5 km)

2010, Vancouver Biathlon (12,5 km, Pursuit)

Cross country

(Sprint, 5 km, 15 km)

RTB-Taster sorgen für Sicherheit auf dem Weg zur Formel 1


• Bavarian Sport Prize (2005)

• Bavarian Disabled Athlete of the Year (2005)

• Athlete of the Year of the German Association

of Disabled Athletes (2006)

• Honorary Citizen of Tettnang (2010)

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Traffic Light Report No. 53

Effective Application

Dialogue-Display.big reduces the danger of accidents in Steinfurt County

In Steinfurt County traffic accidents occurred

again and again at the intersection of a highway

with a motorway feeder (speed limit 70km/h).

Over the course of the last several years Steinfurt

County employees and the police conducted

speed checks there. These did not, however, have

a measurable effect on the number of accidents.

The accident commission of Steinfurt County

issued an order to build a round-about here but

due to the lack of the necessary funding, the

construction could not be carried out immediately.

As a result, the accident commission recommended

the installation of two stationary speed

measurement devices. Günter Springer of Steinfurt

County reported that both the police and

the street traffic authorities were quite skeptical

about the idea. Thus, it was all the more pleasant

to note that following the installation of the

Source: Steinfurt County, Accident location: K 38/L 594, Hörstel

two devices on December 11, 2008, no more

accidents happened at the intersection! The V , 85

compared to pre-installation measurement results,

diminished by 11.9 km/h (from 90.2 to 78.3)

or by 13.8 km/h (from 83.9 to 70.1) depending on

the direction of travel. The effectiveness of both

Dialogue-Display.big devices was thus clearly


However, in accordance with the recommendations

of the Association of German Insurers,

the constructional changes at the accidentprone

intersection will still be made. At the

latest in 2011 a round-about will be built. In spite

of this it is, according to Günter Springer, already

quite clear that the two Dialogue-Displays will

be installed at another intersection to reduce

the danger of accidents. The same success is

expected at that location.

Accident statistics 2003 – 2010 Sharp decrease of the V85

Year Dead Casualties Accidents

in total

2010 – – –

2009 – – –

2008 – – –

from 11.12.2008

2008 – 2 5


2007 – 4 5

2006 1 3 5

2005 – 2 4

2004 – – 1

2003 – 7 6

Installation Dialogue-Display.big 11.12.2008








km/h - 11,9 km/h


K 38/L 594, Hörstel

Direction L 501


km/h - 13,8 km/h


K 38/L 594, Hörstel

Direction A 30

Accident location:

K 38/L 594, Hörstel

(Direction of travel A 30)

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Traffic Light Report No. 53

Fast Arrival

North Rhine-Westphalia starts a telematic offensive

The state government in North Rhine-Westphalia

(NRW) has decided on a telematic offensive.

With this Minister of Transport Lienenkämper

has taken a clear stance: “My goal is to provide

all drivers in North Rhine-Westphalia with the

current traffic information in real time so that

they reach their point of arrival faster. This will

apply not only to major highways but also all

main and secondary roads in the road net.”

Intensive investments in the telematic infrastructure

on major highways in NRW have

already been made. According to a statement

from the state government, the next phase on

the agenda will be the expansion to include

state and local roads. There too, traffic information

must be gathered and quickly be made

available to traffic participants via radio, cell

phone, navigation devices or other instruments.

TOPO.slp in operation

“Someone caught in a traffic jam should receive

help to decide if it is better to leave the major

highway or if the detours are also blocked”,

Lienenkämper stated. In order to achieve this, a

traffic central for the entire NRW will be created

in the State Agency for Road Construction. “We

can be successful in the fight against traffic jams

only if we bundle the most modern instruments

for traffic control”, the minister said.

Of course, this is a multifaceted area for the

application of advanced traffic census devices.

Here the TOPO+ can provide valuable contributions.

It not only provides data about the volume

of traffic but also immediately determines the

vehicle classes. The data can be evaluated and

processed quickly in the traffic central. This

creates the best pre-condition for an optimal

control of traffic.

© DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH, Aachen

Wide Varieties of Applications

Different Dialogue-Display models

RTB’s Dialogue-Display has become, over the

course of time, an established element in the infrastructure

of German streets. In all of its different

forms the Dialogue-Display plays a decisive

role in traffic safety in a multitude of situations.

With the classic model at pedestrian crosswalks

or near schools and kindergartens

the Dialogue-Display brings

vehicle drivers to drive

within the speed limit.

Thus, the drivers are

clearly more attentive

to weaker participants

in street traffic. This

effect is reinforced even

more by the newest version


which, in addition to

showing the red

„SLOW DOWN“ or the

green „THANKS“, also

shows the legal speed

limit in an appropriate

color in an LED window.

The Dialogue-Display.big is particularly

suited for use on state roads

outside city limits. Here it warns very

effectively about wild animals crossing or dangerous

curves. It has also proven effective as a

safety measure at a bus stop at which, above all,

school children are endangered. This has been

verified by a comprehensive study conducted by

the TU Munich.

Along with its contribution to traffic safety, the

device can be used to gather exact traffic data at

its location. In addition to this the classification

systems TOPO and TOPO+ offer comprehensive

possibilities. In Brussels, the system was indivi-

dually adapted to the demands of the city and

applied successfully at several locations.

Through its enormous versatility for the incorporation

of separate functions, the Dialogue-

Display opens new possibilities. For every

application and in every individual situation the

appropriate safety measure can be found.

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Traffic Light Report No. 53

This & That

Children on the Look-Out

“My children told me about a “Thank You

Machine“ which turned out to be the Dialogue-

Display, which I had read about in various media

reports.“ This is a quote from a letter we received

recently. It is very satisfying for us to learn that

the Dialogue-Display draws the attention of

children in such a manner.

New Appearance

At the INTERTRAFFIC 2010, RTB presented its

product brochures in a new design. This was,

however, not just a change in their appearance.

All the information is up to date and all the product

innovations are described. To get a current

overview just request your copies directly with

the enclosed fax form!

A Real Eye-Catcher

A DKW Meisterklasse car produced by the automobile

manufacturer Auto Union from 1939 to

1942 was one of the most photographed objects

at the INTERTRAFFIC 2010. A large number of

visitors were interested in this historic vehicle at

the RTB fair booth. It certainly set itself apart

from the newer models of other exhibitors.

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