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Traffic Light Report No.41 - RTB GmbH & Co. KG

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Summer 2007 Volume 18

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Warning Signal: Gong Saves Lives | Dialogue-Display: Better Than

Rigid Systems | International: Demand Is Gigantic | Initiative:

Children Learn About Traffic | News: Bikinis Reduce Speed

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Gong Saves Lives

A powerful combination with a blinking yellow light


Better Than Rigid Systems

Clear advantages compared to speed indicators


Demand Is Gigantic

Successful premiere at Intertraffic China 2007


Children Learn About Traffic

Traffic Watch Hesse beefs up traffic education


Bikinis Reduce Speed

Notable action against speeders in Denmark






Cover photo:

New media are a main distraction for

young persons in street traffic. Streetcar

tracks in the downtown area are frequent

cause of accidents.



➲ A powerful combination with a blinking yellow light

Inattentive to street traffic

More and more, one notices that streetcar tracks in the

downtown area are a frequent cause of accidents. The

reason is easily found: Pedestrians concentrate more on

the sms function of their cellular telephones than on

traffic. Thus the rail vehicles become a danger to life

unless an adequate warning signal is available.

The know-how of the market leading Acoustic Signal

Transmitter with walk signal has been put to use by

RTB to develop a separate product which fulfills the

prerequisites of DIN 32974 (acoustic signals in public

areas). In combination with a yellow blinking light, an

effective protection is achieved. In this manner the

situation in New York can be avoided. There the

demand has been made to make the use of cellular

phones or Blackberrys in traffic illegal.

What began as a walk signal to assist blind and low vision

persons in traffic can, with the gong feature, become

a life saver for sighted persons. The „Digital Generation“

demands modern solutions for modern traffic

problems - RTB has these modern products in its portfolio.

The well-known advantages of the RTB Acoustic Signal

Transmitter with the walk signal hold true for the RTB

Acoustic Signal Transmitter with the gong feature. One

of the main advantages is the volume control linked to

ambient noise, making the gong audible only in the immediate

area (protecting residents from noise pollution!).

Another advantage is the adjustment by way of

remote control which makes updating and maintenance


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Than Rigid

➲ Longitudinal study in Horn-Bad Meinberg with 380,000 vehicles

Traffic situation during the third phase

A longitudinal study in Horn-Bad Meinberg (North

Rhine-Westphalia) under the supervision of the

Technical University of Dresden made it very clear: the

Dialogue-Display reduces the speed of car drivers more

effectively than a stop sign. In the framework of this

investigation in four phases 380,000 vehicles were


The longitudinal study was conducted at an intersecting

street with bicycle traffic crossing in both

directions. In this 30 km/h zone three fourths of the

vehicles in phase 1 of the investigation were speeding.

In the second phase the Dialogue-Display was put

to use. With the support of the district president of

Detmold, the official traffic sign 1000-32 (bicycle

crossing) could be used on the Display.

The feedback "Attention" for drivers obeying the speed

limits led to surprisingly clear improvement. More than

80 % of the drivers behaved properly after the feedback.

The results prove the effectiveness of the Dialogue-

Display scientifically: Reduction of the V 85 from 48 to

38 and reduction of the average speed (Vd) from 37.91 to

31.15. If one assumes that the number of accidents can


be lowered by 4 % for each speed reduction of 1 km/h

then this success is notable. Furthermore there were no

accidents and not even a single dangerous situation

during the time the Dialogue-Display was in use at this


In the third phase the state road into which the traffic

from the intersecting street flowed was modified and

an additional stop sign was installed. In spite of this, no

further improvement in traffic speed was noticeable.

The fourth phase was characterized by the dismounting

of the Dialogue-Display – immediately the speeds

returned to approximately original values.

Motif on the


used in Horn-Bad Meinberg

The longitudinal study in Horn-Bad Meinberg not only

brought the best results to date for the Dialogue-

Display. It also shows that the rigid signage systems

(including stop signs !) have reached their limits in

modern traffic.

All the absolutely current results can be found in the


Clear advantages compared to speed indicators

Invitation to

“High Scoring“?

(© 2004

This situation is repeated night for night some

place in Germany. Skaters conduct a race or

rowdies in cars ascertain the “High Scorer“ at a

classic speed indicator. The RTB Dialogue-

Display has, in contrast, a much higher acceptance

– and bundles numerous additional


The first communities have already decided to

no longer install simple speed indicators. The

indirect challenge to compare speeds is only one

of the problems here. It has been known for

some time that the effectiveness of speed indicators

diminishes with the rapid onset of the

familiarization effect – it has been proven that

this doesn’t happen with the Dialogue-Display.

Demand is

➲ Successful Premiere at Intertraffic China 2007

In 21st century China worlds collide at full speed. The

increasing number of motor vehicles in street traffic

represents a major challenge for this gigantic country.

During its first participation at Intertraffic China, RTB

was able to experience first hand how large the

challenges are in this land shaped by tradition.

Signal facility in Beijing

with Acoustic Signal

Transmitter : Waiting

time is displayed.

The Dialogue-Display

at Intertraffic

6 | 7 China 2007


The traditional bicycle country China is now confronted

with a seemingly uncountable number of automobiles.

Each day, in the capital city of Beijing alone, about 1000

new cars are registered. At least it has now been decided

to have driver education and driver’s license tests in

actual traffic. Up to now the law mandated that such

driving take place in special practice areas – the development

of driving skills was mediocre to say the least.



represents a major

challenge for China.

RTB-Products at the

exhibition in Beijing


Until now, the pedestrian has played a minor role in

Chinese street traffic. The pedestrian must find his way

alone and cannot hope for assistance. The situation is

particularly precarious for blind and low vision persons.

The available traffic signals create more insecurity and

confusion and do not enhance traffic safety.

Thus it is not surprising that the number of traffic

fatalities in China reaches more than 90,000 annually –

with a rising trend. With the ever increasing number of

automobiles, the statistic could well

dovetail completely.

In this regard, Western know-how about

structuring street traffic is in high demand.

Following an

invitation from Siemens

AG, RTB participated

for the first time at Intertraffic

China. Numerous discussions

showed that RTB’s Acoustic

Signal Transmitters and Push

Buttons, which have been in

In Zjìnchéng, the Forbidden City,

the common people were not

allowed access for some time.

In 1924 the last Chinese

Emperor abdicated the

throne and from then on

the gates were open

to all persons.

use in Asia for five years, have gigantic potential in the

East Asian market.

Simultaneously, the German market will receive the

same intensive support to which it is accustomed. It is

completely clear that the emphasis of future activities

will lie in Germany

and Central


Meeting at the Great

Wall of China and the

Forbidden City

Scientific Study of the Dialogue-Display in Shanghai

It is hardly possible to describe the backlog demand in China. Only in everyday life does it become clear, how

many measures need to be taken. However, this should not, of course, lead to uncoordinated actions. Prompt

and structured action is necessary. Therefore, RTB is supporting a scientific study of the Dialogue-Display in

China. University professor Keping Li, Phd., of the Tongji University will conduct a study in Shanghai. This study

should present additional information about the effect of the Dialogue-Display in different cultural settings.


Report in the HNA

on 14. April 2007:“This

belongs in the curriculum“


Learn About Traffic

For the State Traffic Watch Hesse, traffic

education belongs in the curricula of public

schools. Within the framework of a working

conference in Bad Arolsen, county chairman

Rolf Crone stated this demand, since very

often there is no time for education about

traffic safety in the extracurricular instructional

hours. Children must learn the basic

rules of street traffic, in order to reduce the

rate of fatalities and injuries which are still

occurring in terrible numbers. Presently

the Traffic Watch is investing much time

and money for this task. Innovative

products such as the RTB Dialogue-

Display can make this task easier. In

addition, an increased integration of parents

in the preparation and evaluation

of instruction in traffic safety makes

good sense. No doubt about it: the Traffic

Watch is on the right path !


The Danish Traffic Safety Council has begun a notable

initiative to increase attention to speed signage and speed

limits. A specially trained team of enthusiastic young

women appears in bikinis to slow down speeders.

The statistics in Denmark show how important this action

is. Although a slightly positive trend can be seen, seven out

of ten car drivers in Denmark exceed the posted speed

limits. The“Speed Bandits“ should reduce this quota


More information about the Speed Bandits:

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