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J. Lohr’s Wine FestivalWeekend EventsFriday, May 17Caribbean-style Buffet BBQ6:00 pm – 8:00 pmKillerEatz brings Caribbean flair to ourFriday night Buffet BBQ! Enjoy traditional island disheslike Jerk chicken breast and Cuban beans.BBQ includes your choice of J. Lohr Estates:Riverstone Chardonnay, Los Osos Merlotor Seven Oaks Cabernet (375 ml size.)Music by The Shival Experience.$55/person $45/Wine Clubreservations requiredJ. LOHRPASO ROBLES WINE CENTER6169 Airport Road (off Hwy 46 East)805.239.8900TASTING DAILY 10AM – 5PMSunday, May 19Buffet Brunch10:30 am –12:00 pmCahoots Catering’s menu will includea succulent Prime Rib Station and amade to order Omelet and Waffle Bar.Cost includes your choice ofJ. Lohr wine by the glass.$50/person $45/Wine Clubreservations requiredIntroducing J. Lohr EstatesFlume Crossing Sauvignon Blanc.This lovely wine hails from the ArroyoSeco appellation in Monterey County.Stop by soon to enjoy thisdelicious release!For complete menus go to reservations email or call 805.239.8900@JLohrWines#ShareTheLohr

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MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH10:30-5:30PASO ROBLESWINE FESTIVALWEEKEND FESTIVITIES• Gourmet Cheese & Wine Pairings• Our Famous Grilled Chipotle Burgers• Barrel SamplesGrand Opening of“Club Clautiere”for special occasionsand large groupsCheck out our brand new for more information!Find out more at www.WineCountryThisMonth.com7

I N T E L L I G E N C E F O R T h E W I N E C O N S U M E RBY LEN NAPOLITANOWhat is the difference between a Claret and a Meritage wine?A term used more often a few decades ago than today, Claret,pronounced like clair-ette, is an unofficial designation for red winesoriginating in Bordeaux, France and which are primarily made fromCabernet Sauvignon or Merlot and blended with other Bordeauxgrapes, such as Petit Verdot, Malbec or Cabernet Franc. Some lesserknownred grapes that are also permitted in Bordeaux but seldomused are Gros Verdot, Carmenere and St. Macaire. Coined by theBritish, the term Claret is still used as a name for a wine that blendsthe specific traditional Bordeaux grapes, but one which is specificallymade in France.In the US, a wine that fits this description is known by a uniqueAmerican wine term, “Meritage.” Meritage (rhymes with heritage)wines also use the traditional grapes made famous for centuries inBordeaux, but are made only in the US. Meritage wines frequently aregiven unique names, like Symmetry by Rodney Strong or Stature byKendall-Jackson. In a Meritage wine, no single grape varietal canmake up more than 90% of the blend.Claret and Meritage wines share similar styles and characteristics.They are usually smooth in texture, medium bodied, have notes ofblack currant and pair well with meat.So, whether you call it Claret, Meritage or simply a Bordeauxblend, each term refers to a style of wine that pays homage to thetime-tested, world-class grapes of Bordeaux, France that wine loverssaround the world have come to know and enjoy for centuries.A Certified Specialist in Wine, Len Napolitano has been educating consumers about wine since 2001. Healso Tweets tips and advice to the wine consumer. Follow him on Twitter: @Wineologist. Wineology isexcerpted from Len's forthcoming book, "Nose, Legs, Body!: Uncomplicated Answers To The MystifiedWine Consumer’s First 50 Questions" E-mail your wine questions to wineologist@earthlink.netOPEN DAILY10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.FEATURINGOur Estate Grown Award Winning Wines& A Unique Selection of Gourmet Foods.Learn more about wine!For past Wineology columns,scan the QR code with yoursmart phone application or go towww.winecountrythisweek.comand search “Wineology.”5625 Highway 46 East Paso Robles, CA 805.239.2562www.brokenearthwinery.com8Look for us on Facebook and become a Fan!

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Why the Weather Matters This Year AND NextWherever you go in wine country, you’re bound to seemachinery, equipment, even the vineyards themselves, which isoriented towards mitigating weather influences. Unlike row crops,vineyards and orchards can’t pick up and makes changes every year,but they can make changes to things around said vineyards. Why isthis necessary in the first place? Because weather problems canaffect not just this year’s crop but next year’s too, and damagingvines through cold or heat can quickly become a far more expensiveproposition than the costs of installing solutions to keep theproblems at bay.Why? Because vines aren’t like other annual crops. If you lookclosely at a vine, you will see both this year’s and next year’s buds,which is why weather damage can be such a problem: a grower isforced to contemplate the loss of multiple years’ income. Insideeach bud are really small leaves, and from them come the leaves,canes, shoots and grapes, and each bud has concentric layers, whichis why weather damage is along a continuum. Minor damage,generally from frost, may reduce the yield a bit, but it’s the moresevere darkening, akin to frostbite, which is the real issue,guaranteeing a crop loss of at least fifty percent, if not more. Equally,Experience Five unique wineries from theEdna Valley pouring under the same roof.These wineries are located in the Independenceschoolhouse established in 1909BY JOSh STEINthe phloem, the “bark” on exterior of canes and vine trunks, can alsobe damaged by cold, causing crop losses, too.The best way to undestand winegrowing options for weathermitigation is to “walk” through the vineyard throughout the year.Winter cold is actually no issue because the vines are dormant,which is why all fifty states have vineyards. Spring is when weatherhas the most impact on two years’ crop because the weather oftenflipflops quite quickly, and rain at an early point can be helpful tobring temperatures up while later in the season causing crop damagevia hail or thunderstorms’ winds. Shattering of the bloomingflowers can disrupt clusters or keep them from being fertilized, yetwhen faced with a frost event earlier in the year, rain is welcomed asit brings the temperature up above freezing. Summer and fall heatcan also be an issue because too-high a temperature can cause vinesto shut down, shriveling or even sunburning grapes, and alsopotentially killing the vine in the process.There are actually lots of options for mitigation, and the best, asyou might expect, are set up so as to help solve more than oneproblem. Believe it or not, something as simple as low trellisingversus high has an impact as far as weather goes as low trellises inthe wrong locales are more subject to frost damage, and highertrellises can provide shade for adjacent rows. How the trellis istrimmed in winter and early spring prior to budbreak is thus onestrategy, and there is projected to be a move back to “CaliforniaSprawl” from the VSP “candelabra” currently seen all over as theNorth Coast replants in the next few years for this reason: not onlydoes this provide different vine growth and Brix gains, but it alsohelps as regards frost or hail damage during April and May, when thebuds break and the vines flower.Mechanical options abound, too. The wind machines, thosetwirling engines and fans on poles; the “Inverted Sinks” or “AirDams,” which essentially turn the wind machine to provide a frostsink to pull cold air down and away from vines on hillsides andslopes; vertical sprinklers and micro-sprinklers, which can raise thetemperature or allow frozen water to encase and protect the vines;and smudge pots, the gas fired heaters for the end of vineyard rowswhich work in combination with wind machines—all are ways towork in combination with the land to mitigate the negatives ofweather while allowing the “terroir,” the locational distinctiveness, tostill show through in the grapes and finished wines by “moving theweather” since the vines really cannot. It’s not always easy or cheap,but the results are worth it, no? Enjoy!Josh Stein has been in the Napa wine business for more than a decade, and, in addition to being owner/winemakerof the Stein Family Wine Group, which produces a nationally and internationally distributed portfolio of wine brandsand donates 5% of its sales to the children of wineworkers in the form of college scholarships and support funds, heregularly consults for wineries and organizations throughout the North Bay and Coast via their subsidiaries, DiscreteWine Support Services and SF-Integrated Vineyard Management.10 Look for us on Facebook and become a Fan!

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHPaso Robles Wine FestivalTickets Now On Sale60+ Wineries to Pour at the 31st Annual Wine Festival – Downtown City ParkRon Bez photography, www.ronbez.comTickets for the 31st Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival in the DowntownCity Park are now on sale at This three day celebrationin Paso Robles Wine Country is the perfect opportunity for wineenthusiasts to enjoy what Paso Robles is all about – exceptional wine,fantastic food and picturesque scenery – all with a laid back andwelcoming attitude.Paso Robles Wine Festival Weekend takes place May 17 - 19, and kicksoff Friday evening with Reserve, a ticketed intimate tasting, whichincludes culinary bites from local chefs and a Futures Auction benefittingSan Luis Obispo County charities. Saturday begins with a fun andeducational winemaker seminar, followed by the Grand Tasting with morethan 60 wineries showcasing current vintages alongside a plentifulselection of food options. New in 2013, wineries will be organized intofour “regions” for tasting: Cabernet & Bordeaux, Rhône, Zinfandel andother wild wines for your tasting pleasure. Central Coast band One TimeSpaceman will provide entertainment for the festival with their Rock,Blues and Americana style.To thank locals for their continued support of Paso Robles WineCountry, a locals only discount is being offered to residents of San LuisObispo County until April 30th.Tickets – All Wine Festival tasting tickets include unlimited tastingand a commemorative wine glass:• Reserve: $125 – Friday Reserve: 3:30 to 6 p.m.; Saturday GrandTasting: 12 to 4 p.m. Advance purchase only.• Premium: $75 – Saturday Grand Tasting: 12 to 4 p.m.• Festival: $55 – Saturday Grand Tasting: 1 to 4 p.m.• Locals Only: $45 – Saturday Grand Tasting: 1 to 4 p.m. – Available toSan Luis Obispo County residents, advance purchase only, deadlineApril 30.• Designated Driver/Child: $15 – Saturday Grand Tasting: 12 to 4 p.m.• Seminar: $20 – 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Limited seats.Travel beyond the park to visit the more than 130 wineries that hostspecial activities including winemaker dinners, food pairings, barreltastings, winery and vineyard tours, and much more. View the WineryActivities link on to plan your itinerary for Wine FestivalWeekend. Be sure to designate a driver, or visit the Touring section to find a touring company in Paso Robles Wine Country.About Paso Robles Wine Country AllianceThe Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance represents wineries, growersand businesses in Paso Robles Wine Country. Centrally located betweenSan Francisco and Los Angeles, along California’s Central Coast, PasoRobles Wine Country is California’s third largest wine region. Itencompasses more than 26,000 vineyard acres and 270 wineries. Formore information, visit more at 11

ON THE COVER | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013ON THE COVEREBERLE WINERYWines For Every PalateOpen daily 10am-6pm3810 highway 46 East, Paso | (805) 238-9607BRETTE ANN WOMACkGary Eberle is considered to be one of the most significant pioneers ofthe Paso Robles wine region. After he operated his family business,Estrella River Winery, for almost ten years and co-founded the Paso RoblesAppellation in 1980, Gary proudly opened the doors to his own venture,Eberle Winery, in 1983. Today, Eberle wines are highly acclaimed andthese award winners can be sampled at the winery in its extremelypopular Tasting Room.For the past decade, Ben Mayo has been at the helm of the winery,working side by side with Gary as Eberle’s Winemaker. Chuck Ortman,or “Mr. Chardonnay”, recommended Ben to Gary in 2001, after Benworked for Chuck at Meridian. Ben worked his way up from CellarWorker, to Assistant Winemaker, to Winemaker in 2003 – a very excitingday for Ben with not only this promotion, but also the birth of hisdaughter, Zoey. When reminiscing about his tenure with Eberle, Benrecalled a promise from Gary. While processing 5 tons of Viogner, avacuum motor burned out on the press. They purchased a new motorand flew to Napa to pick it up. “While waiting at the airport, Gary12 Find more at

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHContinuedjokingly said that when I start to [score] in the 90’s in the press,he would buy a jet,” Ben remembered. Now that Ben’s wineconsistently scores 90 points or above, he is eagerly awaitingthat jet.The Eberle portfolio includes a wine for virtually everypalate. The amazing thing is that each variety is madebrilliantly. His “philosophy is that every lot is equally importantand the same care and treatment are taken with every varietal.”In addition to the daily wine tasting and popular toursavailable at Eberle Winery, the event calendar is filling upquickly with unique ways to enjoy Ben’s wines. Eberle will hosta Mother’s Day Celebration on May 12th, Dinner in the Caveswith Chef Scott McGlinchey of Las Vegas on May 17th, and anAfternoon Lunch and Bocce Ball for Father’s Day on June 16th.On May 19th, Gary & Marcy Eberle will be serving their famousBBQ alongside live music by Ruckus.As the season changes, so does the palate of a winemaker.Ben recommends the 2010 Barbera or the 2009 CabernetSauvignon, as both are “drinking wonderfully.” Celebrate withhim by enjoying these favorites for $28 and $34 respectivelyand available online and in the Tasting Room. For moreinformation about Ben Mayo and Eberle wines and events,, Ben MayoLook for us on Facebook and become a Fan!13

WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 201314Winemaker Chris CameronOpen daily from 10:30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.5625 highway 46 East, Paso Robles, CA 93446(805) 239-2562 | www.brokenearthwinery.comBROKEN EARTH WINERYSuccess Through DiversityBY MIChAEL CERVIN“The land of worked earth,” is what Rancho Tierra Rejada roughly translates to fromthe original Spanish. This historic 2,500 acre Paso Robles ranch is now home to thevineyards of Broken Earth Winery. And it is rather fitting that the winery itself has gonethough other iterations of wineries and is now in the hands of winemaker Chris Cameron– as the parcel has had it’s own broken earth history, so to speak.For Cameron, vice president and director of winemaking, this is his dream job. Born inAustralia he has worked more than 35 vintages spanning from Australia to Italy to Turkeyto the United States. For the past five years Cameron has settled into Paso Robles, workingat first at Summerwood Winery, and then Veris Winery, before taking the helm at thenewly created Broken Earth Winery on Paso Robles’ Eastside directly off Highway 46. AndCameron’s work at Broken Earth has already been recognized with two Gold Medals at theprestigious San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in 2012. “We’ve come a long wayin 12 months,” Cameron explains. “We haven’t really taken a breath yet.”But there is little time to rest. As guests enter the massive 110,000 square-foot wineryand hospitality facility which was built in 1985, not only is the cavernous space deckedout with multiple tasting bars, but there are five different labels to choose from, whichkeeps Cameron busy. The winery makes a full range of wines from dry table wines todessert and specialty wines. The multiple labels you will encounter include ShimminCanyon, Pull, Triptych, Quadrant and Broken Earth. The strategy was to develop differentwine brands and unique styles at various price points for different markets. This ultimatelymeets every guests needs, and there’s even a small deli on site.Cameron develops wines under Triptych which makes Chardonnay, CabernetSauvignon and Merlot, to a blended wine made from Viognier, Pinot Gris and Chardonnaycalled Triptych White. The Broken Earth wines include Petit Verdot, Tempranill, andAlbariño. The success of the Broken Earth vision is just this type of diversity. All the fivelabels are offered in the tasting room and on their website. There are about 20 differentwines to choose from on the tasting menu, with bottle prices ranging from $15 to $35.Cameron expects to be producing an astounding 250,000 cases eventually. Outside theFind out more at

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHContinuedsweeping winery grounds are dotted with mature large lawns, ItalianCypress trees, multiple patios and picnic areas and you’ll probablynotice the solar panels that provide the majority of energy for thewinery.Broken Earth offers a wine club simply known as Tierra Rijadaproviding flexibility to guests who may choose from three, six or 12bottle shipments three times annually.And assuming you need to impress your boss, or make a splash ata wedding, or for any other reason whatsoever, Broken Earth alsooffers custom designed labels for their wines. You can have yourpicture taken, and within an hour, take home a bottle of wine withyour own label on it! Varieties available include Chardonnay, Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon or a Cab/Merlot blend. Using a state of the artGerman printer the quality is unsurpassed. Additionally, the wineryoffers occasional live concerts and can host weddings, large corporateevents, just about anything you can think of. So stop by and samplewhat the broken earth of Paso Robles wine country can offer.Broken Earth Winery is located at 5625 Highway 46 East in PasoRobles. They are open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Contactthem directly at (805) 239-2562, up for our email newsletter at www.WineCountryThisMonth.com15

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013Open Thursday – Monday 12p.m. to 5p.m.By appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday1340 Penman Springs Rd, Paso Robles(805) 237-3789 | www.clautiere.comCLAUTIERE VINEYARDExperience the Fun Side of Wine!BY BRETTE ANN WOMACkClautiere Vineyard, located on the Union Road wine trail on the East sideof Paso Robles, has a longstanding reputation for wine, wigs and fun. Thesedays the winery is renewing itself to allow visitors to focus on what a wineryis all about – delicious, quality, food friendly wines! Don’t misunderstand;the wigs and fun are still present. Clautiere always encourages guests to“Experience the Fun Side of Wine!”The revamping started virtually with a brand new website, launched inApril. The website truly reflects Clautiere’s story and feel. Each page is superclean and user friendly, while relaying plenty of technical wine notes,Clautiere history and information about visiting the property. While thewebsite allows fans to purchase wine and stay up to date with wineryhappenings, the best way to experience Clautiere is by visiting the tastingroom.Currently, the tasting room offers a menu of five estate wines for $10 ($5of the fee is included with a bottle purchase per person); each wine isexpertly paired with a gourmet cheese. The selection of wine ranges fromcurrent Rhone’s to Bordeaux’s plus some Library wines. Many of these wineshave received recent accolades. The 2009 Estate Syrah was just awarded Bestof Show at the San Diego County Fair. The NV Estate Mon Beau Rouge –received a Gold medal from the 2013 Winemaker Challenge InternationalWine Competition and 2007 BDX – Platinum Best Bordeaux Blend 2012Critics International Wine Challenge San Diego. After guests enjoy the wineand cheese flight, they are shown into the “fun” playroom, where, behind avelvet rope, are countless wigs and hats to try on; a perfect place for photoops.Just outside of the tasting room exists a lovely garden and picnic areasurrounded by beautiful mosaics, designed and crafted by proprietorClaudine. Guests are able to relax in the meditation areas under the majesticoaks, which truly define the geography of the area.Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the renovation is a new additioncalled “Club Clautiere,” which plans to celebrate its grand opening duringWine Festival weekend. The club occupies a separate building, wedgedbetween the tasting room and pastoral views. Private parties will be able toreserve the space for special occasions, such as birthdays, showers andgraduation parties. The standard offering will include a VIP seated wine andcheese tasting and all guests will receive a special discount on winepurchases. However, the staff at Clautiere is happy to accommodate allspecial requests and can cater to the occasion’s needs. “Club Clautiere” comesequipped with a stage, professional surround sound and fun house mirrors!The club is sure to be a valued addition to the wine industry in the area.Clautiere Vineyard looks forward to welcoming guests during Paso RoblesWine Festival Weekend May 17th through 19th with a special barrel tastingserved with Clautiere’s famous chipotle burgers. Beginning in June, Clautierewill roll out a few new releases including Viogner, Rose and Malbec.For more information about visiting the tasting room, reserving ClubClautiere, and upcoming events, check out the fabulous

Wine Country DiningEstrella RestaurantSpain, Argentina, Chile and Mexico all influence the livelyflavors at Estrella restaurant in downtown Paso Robles, wherefresh, handmade ingredients combine to create vibrant, flavorfulfare. Everything is made in-house here, from the slow-cookedblack beans, to the plump yucca fries, to the piquant enchiladasauce that bathes the restaurant’s popular braised beef short-ribenchiladas.“We asked customers from our sister restaurant, Robert’s, whattype of cuisine they wanted to see in Paso,” says Estrella coowner,Brenda Clouston. “There was an overwhelming request fora Spanish-inspired food. We took that concept and expanded it toinclude a range of Latin cuisine. The response has been very positive.”Estrella’s bold décor matches the restaurant’s lively cuisine withwarm, orange-toned walls, exposed brick, custom-made barinlayed with snakeskin and hand-made chairs tastefully coveredin cowhide. “We wanted both locals and out-of-town guests tofeel comfortable here,” says Clouston. “We designed the décorwith the cuisine in mind, but we also wanted to add a touch ofPaso.”At the restaurant’s helm stands Chef Ryan Swarthout, who alsomanages the kitchen at Robert’s. Among his most popular dishesare the rock lobster tacos drizzled with chipotle cream, theCaribbean coconut-braised chicken, as well as the roasted cornand crab-stuffed chile rellenos, which arrive light, tender anddelicious.Guests at Estrella can choose from the extensive wine list,which features a selection of local favorites, as well as thosesourced from Argentina, Spain and Chile. Beer aficionados willappreciate the restaurant’s global-influenced beer list, with itsselection of brews from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica and CostaRica. Also of note are Estrella’s special beer-paired dinners, whichinclude three courses paired with beers sourced from a particularbrewery.“When we designed Estrella, our main goal was to create beautiful,affordable, delicious cuisine,” says Clouston. “I believewe’ve done just that.”D O W N T O W N P A S O R O B L E SS A N L U I S O B I S P OMAMA'S MEATBALLFine Italian Restaurant and CateringMama's Meatball has specialized in creatingseasonal menus by using only the finest andfreshest ingredients.570 Higuera St. Suite 130-135www.mamasmeatball.com805-544-0861S O L V A N GROBERT’SRestaurant & Wine BarA Fresh Approach toClassic American Cuisine1218 Pine Street, Paso Robles | | 805-226-5556Viking Garden RestaurantDanish Favorites, German, AmericanClassics, & Tasty Mexican DishesLargest Tap Beer Selection in TownPet Friendly Patio | Open Daily446 Alisal rd. Ste C Solvang805-688-1250 | www.vikinggardenrestaurant.comLUNCH / DINNERLatin Riviera Influence -Once Inside You’re a World Away805-226-5406 |815 12th Street, Paso Robles | 17

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 201318Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.3443 Mill Road off hwy 46 East in Paso Robles(805) 239-1616 | www.roberthallwinery.comROBERT HALL WINERYBY JEMMA WILSONPeople call many things “breathtaking”, but arriving at Robert Hall Winery trulyis a breathtaking moment, where the only thing you can do is simply say “wow”.With their grandeur buildings and cathedral-style entryways, it takes a moment toget that breath back. Robert Hall Winery invites you to not only come and taste theiraward-winning wines, but to stay a while.The vast property boasts a waterway feature that leads to a seven-foot highfountain in the winery’s amphitheater, a BBQ area with a garden terrace, a grassyknoll for picnicking and two bocce ball courts. These bocce ball courts are a greatattraction, especially considering there is no fee to use them, just call and reserve aspot. On weekends you can purchase a wood-fired pizza paired with wine, thenrelax and play some bocce ball or other lawn games the winery offers.Throughout the year Robert Hall Winery will be hosting musical guests in theiramphitheater, BBQ’s with their winemaker and many other fun events. Their newhospitality staff wants to ensure you have a great time while sipping their wines, andwith views like this, you can’t beat it!One of the more notable highlights of Robert Hall Winery is their underground19,000-square-foot cavern, where free tours are offered throughout the day forvisitors to explore their barrel room and sip on some wine straight from the barrel.Considering all production is done on site, guests may be fortunate enough to seethe wine being bottling, grapes being pressed or the lab team in action.Robert Hall Winery is located at 3443 Mill Road, just off Highway 46 East inPaso Robles. For more information on their wines and events, please contact them at(805) 239-1616 or

MAY 2013Chamisal Vineyards, the historic property which is celebrating its40th anniversary and is home to the first vineyard planted in EdnaValley, is pleased to announce the 2012 release of its Stainless PinotNoir. After two sell-out vintages through the tasting room, this winewill be released in select markets this March. The 2012 ChamisalStainless Pinot Noir is a unique bottling, created to express thedistinctive varietal characteristics of Pinot Noir.WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHChamisal Vineyards Releases 2012 Stainless Pinotfermenting this Pinot in stainless steel tanks, we ensure that the wineretains authentic varietal aromas and flavors, and the result is a winethat bursts with aromas of bright cherry, candy apple and rose petal.Vibrant, youthful and expressive, it is designed to be enjoyed nowwhile it is young and exuberant."Chamisal's 2012 Stainless Pinot Noir was sourced frommeticulously-farmed vineyards throughout the Central Coast, with amajority of the blend coming from the home Chamisal Vineyard.This wine mixes the high tone red fruit flavors from vineyards innorthern San Luis Obispo County with the denser, more structuredcharacteristics of the Edna Valley to yield an expressive, flavorful andfood-friendly wine. This wine also represents the diverse clonalselections for which Chamisal is known. A combination of Clone828 – offering red and black berry fruit aromas with good intensityand supple tannin structure – and Clone 2A – with plentiful red fruitaromatics and a fruit forward flavor profile – these clones are ideallysuited for this style of wine. The 2012 Chamisal Stainless Pinot Noirretails for $24 per bottle. Only 1,200 cases were produced.For more information regarding Chamisal Vineyards, For questions regarding the website oronline sales, please call 866-808-9463 or 805-541-9463 or email usat Stainless Pinot Noir was conceived as a companion wine toChamisal's popular Stainless Chardonnay. Produced without the useof any oak or malolactic fermentation, winemaker Fintan du Fresneallows the pure flavors and aromas of the fruit to stand alone withthese wines. A viticulturist first, du Fresne hails from Wellington,New Zealand and has applied his expertise with New ZealandSauvignon Blanc to both the Stainless Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.Crafted with little manipulation and absolutely no oak influence, theresulting wine displays luscious fruit intensity and balanced aciditywhile allowing the true varietal characters to shine."The Stainless Pinot Noir is stylistically reminiscent of a highqualityCru Beaujolais," said du Fresne, whose New Zealand rootsand purist winemaking philosophy helped to inspire this wine. "Bya t A t a s c a d e r o L a k e9305 Pismo Avenue, AtascaderoEnjoy the Central Coast’s PremierOutdoor Evening Wine FestivalSaturday, June 22, 20134:00 to 8:00 pmCulinary PairingsMayor's Winemaker DinnerArtist ShowcaseGolf TournamentLive MusicFree ShuttleFor Information Visitwww.AtascaderoWineFestival.comwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com19

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 201320PEAR VALLEYOpen daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.4900 Union Road, Paso Robles(805) 237-2861 | www.pearvalley.comWinemaker Jared LeeWINEMAKER PROFILEPEAR VALLEYBY MELISSA ChAVEzWinemaker Jared Lee is a bundle of energy. Like the consummate worker bee, hislocation shifts within moments.“I’m involved in all aspects of the winemaking process,” says Jared, “from the tastingroom to the vineyard and all of the duties in between.” In 2011, winemaker James Hendonhanded the reins to his four-year assistant, and Jared is having a blast.Among Jared’s favorite wines this season are Pear Valley’s Albariño, Charbono andDistraction. “The Albariño got bottled last Tuesday and it’s great. Full, tropical and fruity,” heenthuses. The Aglianico, we’re going to be known for. It’s a fine, Italian-style wine, verypeppery and just a fantastic food wine.” Interestingly, Pear Valley Winery is among onlyseveral within the Paso Robles appellation currently presenting Aglianico wine.Two of the most talked about gold medal-winning selections are Charbono andDistraction. Charbono grape wines remain a relative find in California, but Lee has takenthese inky purple morsels and created an appealingly fragrant combination ofmouthwatering berries and romantic undertones of rose, spice and sandalwood.The aptly named Distraction is a head-turner, offering condensed aromas of blackberry,cherry, and intense flavors of berries, cassis, leather and spice. A lingering sip of this oh-sosophisticated Bordeaux blend all but raises the eyebrow to elicit a “Well, then!” Stock up onbottles of both varieties to enjoy and impress friends right now, this one will age beautifullywith promise.“It’s not about brands, points and scores. I love what I do so much, that I spend as muchtime as I can in the vineyard. I also have a good relationship with the owners (Tom andKathleen Maas) and we’re on the same page,” says Jared, who describes his winemakingstyle as somewhat restrained. “We’re not into making heavy, clunky fat wines. It’s what thevineyard gives us. It’s about fruit purity, the essence of the grapes, and how we run with it.”True to form, Pear Valley utilizes conscientious farming and winemaking methods thatpractice environmental sustainability without forsaking quality. In 2012, the operationearned its Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Vineyard Certification.For Jared and Pear Valley Winery, good fruit and a unified “less is more” approach, fromhand-harvested vines to sought-after bottles, is what makes for an excellent glass of

Wine Tasting inSAN LUIS OBSIPOwww.pasowine.comIt’s no wonder the people herecall it SLO. No one is in any hurryin the cafés or on the sidewalks, andcertainly no one is in any rush toleave. Strangers are genuinelyfriendly, always ready to talk abouttheir favorite hiking trail orbarbecue joint, or to point the wayto the winery with the best PinotNoir. It’s all part of the SLO life, thatcombination of good stuff thatmakes visiting here so nourishing tothe soul.San Luis Obispo’s unusual naturalbeauty, along with its gentle climate,first attracted the Spanish padres tothe area in the 1700s. In 1772 theybuilt the fifth of California’s 21missions here, on the banks of SanLuis Creek, and named it MissionSan Luis Obispo de Tolosa. Today,many consider this the most beautifulof the Spanish missions.More than 200 wineries producecritically acclaimed vintages in PasoRobles, Edna Valley and ArroyoGrande Valley. Visitors can head outalong the gorgeous country roadsto sip their way through the vineyards.For more information on San LuisObispo County, go to visitslo.comor visit WINESFROM CALIFORNIA’S IA’S CENTRAL COASTTTASTING ROOM OPEN 10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM2300 AIRPORT ROAD, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446TASTING ROOM |

CuveeChampagneBarStreetMontereyCompanyWineMAY 2013 WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNT YTo Paso Robles(26 miles )SANTA ROSAMONTEREY STSAN LUIS OBISPOTASTING ROOMSLOS OSOS VALLEY RDOSOS STSan Luis ObispoKelseyCanyon SeeCALLE JOAQUINWines ClesiBacco) (PerMAMA’S MEATBALLVACHELL101Wine Co.S. HIGUERASUBURBANCHORROMARSH STBROAD STTANK FARMRossStephenWineryBUCKLEY RDJOHNSON AVEJOHNSON AVELuisBar WineORCUTTSACRAMENTOCAPITOLIOTANK FARMCerro Caliente CellarsAutry CellarsTOLOSAWINERYBIDDLE RANCHRIGHETTI RDBAILEYANA WINERYTANGENT WINERYSaucelito CanyonPithy LittleSEE CANYON RDVineyardsONTARIO RDAVILA BEACH101PRICECANYON RDEDNA RDEdna Valley VineyardsSAN LUIS BAYSAN LUIS BAY RDMorovinoAlapay CellarsPeloton WOOD WINERYAvila BeachSalisburyVineyardsShell BeachSextantCreekBY APPOINTMENTPiedraCHAMISALVINEYARDSClaiborneChurchill &227CARPENTER CANYON RDNOYESWolff VineyardsKynsiVineyardsORCUTTTIFFANY RANCHCORBETT CANYON RDof CenterWine EffortBISHOP’S PEAK/TALLEYVINEYARDSLOPEZ DRRanchoArroyoGrandeP a c i f i c O c e a nPismo Beachof TasteValleys theHINDS AVEBeachPismoWineryOAK PARK1Grover BeachMAMA’SMEATBALLOceanoOAK PARKCAMINOBRISCO101GRAND AVE.TRAFFICBRIDGEPhantomRiversBRANCH RDHUASNA RDHUASNA RDArroyo GrandeLAETITIA VINEYARDWinesBarnwoodNadiaWish You Were Here!Oceanfront Wine TastingUnique gifts & apparelWines by the glass!480 Front St. Avila Beach805.595.9663 | www.wildwoodwine.comOpen Daily 11-5, Fri 11-8, Sat 11-6PatioisOpen! 23

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNT Y | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 201324Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.2400 highway 46 West, Paso | (805) 239-2233NINER WINE ESTATESMaster the Art of Gourmet CookingBY JEMMA WILSONA wine and food pairing is not a new idea, but what if you’re the one preparing the fivecoursegourmet meal? You may not be a certified chef, but Niner Wine Estate has youcovered. Once a month, Niner invites a local guest chef to host a uniquely themed cookingclass where attendees not only enjoy a five-star meal paired with Niner’s award-winningwines, but they also partake in the behind-the-scenes preparation of that meal.This completely hands-on cooking class is intimate, with no more than 17 students perclass, allowing the chef to show you a variety of culinary techniques and give feedback as youmaster the art of gourmet cooking. With an array of chefs and styles throughout the year,guests can expect to help create a three- to five-course meal, each themed to that chef’s area ofexpertise, then sit down to a family-style luncheon where each course is perfectly paired witha Niner wine. Previous guest chefs include Meagen Loring of Lido, Julie Simon of ThomasHill Organics, Mike McGourty of the Cracked Crab and Antonio Varia of Buona Tavola; all ofwhich are staple and iconic chefs to San Luis Obispo County. Learning from these chefs cangarner serious bragging rights to foodies out there!Whether you’re dishing up a one-of-a-kind pizza, learning the correct way to crack a crab,or mastering the art of true Italian cooking, these classes offer a little something for everyone.The classes are offered on a select Saturday each month, and range in price from $80 to $165per person. The fee includes all the food and wine, a Niner apron, a recipe book with thedays’ learnings and a guaranteed good time! Classes fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to contactthe winery to reserve your spot today.Not going to be around for a cooking class? Don’t let that stop you from visiting NinerWine Estates and sipping on their estate-grown wines. Whether you purchase a glass of wineand sit on their outdoor patio overlooking local landmark, Heart Hill Vineyard, or taste aflight of five wines, Niner Wine Estates is a must-stop for your Paso Robles wine tastingadventure. Also, a selection of Celebration Weekends will be held throughout the summer.Each weekend highlights local musicians and local chefs, so don’t miss out on the fun!Sign up for our email newsletter at

MAY 2013 WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNT YThe Paso Robles Inn – What Goes Around Comes AroundBY RAChEL ECkERTOnce known for its cattle, cowboys andranchers, Paso Robles (The Pass of the Oaks) isnow known as the pride of the Central Coast,the city with an abundance of vineyards andwineries, rolling hills, almond groves and oliveoil. And, for over 200 years, one of itssustaining claims has been the Sulphur springsand healing thermal waters. There are legendsthat Native Americans would bring their sick tothe waters of Paso Robles.Paso Robles is once again a place to visit andpartake of all it has to offer and is no longer justthe place ‘in-between’ two great cities (SanFrancisco and Los Angeles). It is again adestination spot not only for its vineyards andproduction of top notch wines but for itshealing mineral springs.The Paso Robles Inn has a history as long as Paso Robles itself. Inthe mid 1800’s, homesteaders started coming to the area and in1891, when the San Jose firm of Jacob Lenzen & Son designed the ElPaso de Robles Hotel, it became a gathering place with a hotel andgrand ballroom adjacent to the town City Park.In 1940 the original hotel went up in flamesleaving only the ballroom. The hotel and theballroom were rebuilt in 1942 and becameknown as The Paso Robles Inn.In 2000, the ballroom and hotel wererestored to their original appearance and today,the Paso Robles Inn boasts 100 guest rooms, 30of which are Spa Rooms that have the mineralhot springs piped right into the in-room spatubs. For those staying into the Paso Roblesarea,The Paso Robles Inn offers a beautifulinner courtyard with lush gardens, asteakhouse, bar/lounge and a coffee shop andcafé, fireplace and spa rooms, heated pool and agreat Sunday brunch.The Paso Robles Inn has seen it all and stoodits ground, with open arms for all that wished to come sleep, eat andtake of the springs. A perfect way to experience both the past andthe present of Paso Robles.The Paso Robles Inn is located at 1103 Spring Street and they canbe reached at (805) 238-2660 or Tasting inPLEASANT VALLEYTACKITT FAMILY6640 Von Dollen Road, San MiguelFriday-Sunday 12-5 • 805-467-9490www.tackittfamilyvineyards.comCome talk with the winemaker, enjoy the wines,and just relax in our open country setting.Bring in this ad and receive 10% off on your purchase.MISSIONSTREETMISSIONSTREETEXITMAP NOT TO SCALESILVER HORSEWINERY2995 Pleasant Road, San Miguel805-467-WINEOpen Friday-Sunday 11-5or by appointmentCome see what everyone is talking about!www.pleasantvalleywinetrail.comFind out more at 25

Perfect Pairs KIMMURPHY-RODRIGUES2010 SummerWood Winery ViognierPaired with Summer Citrus SaladVisitors to Paso Robles Wine Country will have a new destinationto explore this summer when the SummerWood Inn reopens after anextensive renovation. Under the direction of Executive Chef & InnManager Kelly Wangard, the nine guest room inn is located adjacentto SummerWood Winery, on the estate vineyard. With the addition ofa demonstration kitchen, outside dining area and walking pathsthroughout the new culinary gardens, guests will find the inn to bean epicurean retreat, where they can enjoy farm-to-table diningfeaturing fresh ingredients from Central Coast purveyors. Inn guestsare treated to a daily gourmet breakfast, an afternoon wine andappetizer reception and an evening dessert menu. Future plans at theinn include cooking classes with Chef Kelly, utilizing local seasonalproduce. An ideal salad for your spring entertaining is Chef Kelly’sSalad of Fennel, Orange, Red Onion and Arugula. The mixture of thesalad greens with a splash of orange infused olive oil and freshparmesan, is further enhanced by pairing it with the 2010SummerWood Viognier - an aromatic white-Rhône wine. TheViognier flaunts fragrant aromas of honeysuckle and orange blossomintertwined with notes of papaya, mandarin orange, peach andapricot flavors complemented by a touch of vanilla and sweet spice.The wine is refreshing, with an opulent texture and long mineralfinish.When your summer travels bring you to the Central Coast,SummerWood Winery & Inn invites you to drop in for a tasting,event or a stay at their nine-room guest inn, re-opening Summer2013. Summerwood is located on Arbor Road off Highway 46 West,just two minutes from Highway 101 at the gateway to the PasoRobles westside wineries. The tasting room is open daily from 10a.m. to 6 p.m., with picnic areas and deli items available. For moreinformation, please check out the ortelephone (805) 227-1365 ext.11.Discover SummerWood - invitinghospitality, fresh wine countrycuisine and exquisite wines.SUMMERWOOD WINERY2175 Arbor Road , Paso | (805) 227-1365SALAD OF FENNEL, ORANGE, RED ONION, ARUGULAAND PARMESAN WITH ORANGE OLIVE OILRecipe Courtesy of Executive Chef Kelly WangardServes 2-4• 4 cups spring market arugula and/or root spinach• 2 bulbs, fennel bulb, sliced very thin, use a mandolin if possible, marinatein 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for at least a half an hour or overnight• Red onion, sliced thin, marinate in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for atleast a half an hour or overnight.• 1-2 lemons for the onions and fennel• 2 oranges, peel with a knife and cut out the segments• kosher salt• Cracked black pepper• 3 tablespoons orange olive oil or extra virgin olive oil• 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese or BellevitanoDIRECTIONSOn a salad platter lay out the arugula, top with the marinated fennel, then themarinated red onion and orange segments. Drizzle the top with orange infusedolive oil or extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and 1-2 teaspoons of koshersalt. Top with cracked black pepper and grated parmesan cheese or Bellavitanocheese sold in the SummerWood Winery Tasting Room. Pair with the 2010SummerWood Viognier.26Find out more at

VINEHILLCRESTONAIRPORTPENMAN SPRINGSJARDINEN. GREEN VALLEYBY BRETTE ANN WOMACkJim and Maribeth Jacobsen hail from a family of grape growerswhich can explain why the wines of Doce Robles are so delicious.Their 40 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Barbera andZinfandel are farmed with care and by the most organic andsustainable methods possible. The Jacobsens are especiallypassionate about the location of their vineyard, which is of course onthe Westside of Paso Robles. This unique wine growing region offersthe perfect climate and soils for Doce Robles to produce the qualityand drinkable wines they are known for. Once the grapes are pickedduring each harvest, the wine is produced in small lots. Each lot isfermented in open top fermenters before moving to French andAmerican oak barrels for two or more years. These wines, whichinclude 100% varietal wines from the vineyard as well as blends suchas the “Robles Red,” can be sampled daily from 10am-5:30pm. Thewarm and inviting tasting room is located on Twelve Oaks Drive just101off Highway 46 and only a couple miles from Highway 101. Guestswill almost always find Jim and Maribeth pouring wine and sharingtheir story. Their friendly family of German ShepherdsSanalsoMigueloftengreets incoming wine enthusiasts. The Doce Robles tasting room is inDomaine Degherthe perfect location to begin or end your Westside Vista wine tasting tour.del ReyGuests are welcomed with open arms and are encouraged to “belly upRabbitCaparone Ridgeto the bar” to enjoy the always drinkable wines of Doce Robles.San MarcosCHIMNEY ROCKADELAIDAYORKMTNADELAIDAWILLOW CREEKVINEYARDPEACHY CANYON RDNIDERERLI VE OAKSANTA RITARAYMONDPACIFICWELLSONAARBOR24THTo Monterey (108 miles)/San Jose (150 miles)/San Francisco (195 miles)10thMAIN6THSPRINGRIVERRIVERVia VegaTOWER ROADDOCE J LOHRROBLESChronicMONDO2023 Twelve Oaks Drive, Paso Robles • Daily 10-5:30CellarsStarr RanchCELLARSLeVigneNichols 805-227-4766 • Derby WineJ. Paul Estates CELLAR 360odyKukkulaVines on theRosilezPASO ROBLESThe quality of ourDRYfruitCREEKisRDparamount and we have the experience,TobinnightMarycrestLe Cuvierlocation and methodsJamesEBERLE to deliver consistently 46E high-quality fruit. All ofCarinaToloEOSChumeia To I-5Cellarsthis leads to great tasting BROKEN EARTHVINA wine. ROBLES Try some … we think you’ll agree!Dubost CellarsTwilightWild CoyoteBianchi Rockin’ R WineryKiamieCellarsMILLAdelaidaVillicanaSteinbeck/PEARHALTER RANCHAlta ColinaMitchella ROBERT HALLPasoportDaou Nadeau FamilyVALLEY MONDO CELLARSangeland Tablas Creek VineyardVintnersPasoVineyardsMaloy O’NeillWhaleboneCALCAREOUSRio Seco3260 Nacimiento Lake Drive, Paso RoblesRoblesFalcon NestPenmansSEE INSETMinassian-YoungSpringsGelfand805-226-2925 • mondocellars.comThacherStacked StoneVilla Creek101hours: Sun-Thu, Sat 11-6; Fri 11-10STANGER/ÉcluseEnfoldPOALILLOVisit our tasting room and experience the passion in our bigHammerSkyTerryHice CellarsCLAUTIEREHoageVINEYARD Bordeaux Cass and Rhone blends. Make our luxurious Bed and BreakfastOso LibreL’Aventure Windward FratelliPerata DOCESculpterra your home and enjoy breathtaking views from every window. All justChateau MargeneWestburg DUNNINGOPOLOTreana/HopeROBLESFS Cellars/Roxo Port CellarsJADAPipestone Donatoni Caliza Bookerfive miles from downtown Paso Robles shopping and dining. Join us!Midnight ZenaidaSUMMERWOODWCP CellarsProulx ChangalaBrian Benson EagleEdward SellersDenner KaleidosDark Star Castle Peachy CanyonPerCazo CellarsBerardo Grey WolfVerisSTANGER VINEYARDS Still WatersSextant CASTOROVictor HugoHearthstoneRed Soles7970 Vineyard Drive, Paso RoblesCerro PrietoHUNT NINER Kenneth Volk VineyardsiaShale OakLone MadroneOpen AmByth Daily 12 to 5 and Pomar Fresh Food Sarzotti available daily. B & E VineyardsBassettiClavo CellarsJunctionineyardsDover CanyonLinne Calodo Cypher CroadEstateHansen VineyardsLoma LindaAron VENTEUX805-238-0621 • www.poalillovineyards.comGreMarkZin AlleyHidden OakJackHill ROTTAEpoch EstateDonati FamilyStanger Vineyards produces estate wines made from grapesAugustStangerCreekStephensTurleyRidgeBella Luna grown in a perfect place – a place where the climate, water andWILD HORSELago GiuseppeTempletonfossil-rich soil have been evolving for 65 million years. It’s a placeLaranetaChateauRockythat must have been created by the “Wine Gods” themselves. MargeneCreekCellarscosellarsWine Tasting on theWEST SIDE OF PASO ROBLESDoce RoblesKLAUMINE46WOLD CREEKAP PLE RDHIDDEN MTNJACK CREEKRDLAS TABLASOAKDALETOWNSHIPVINEYARDOAKDALESAN MARCOSWINERYNACIMI ENTO LAKEANDERSONLAS TABLASBETHELCreek12 OAKSVINEMISSIONRAMADATEMPLETONMISSION LANERN EstateNORTH RIVERCROSS CANYONLocatelliPretty SmithNIBLICKNot to ScaleSign up for our email newsletter at www.WineCountryThisMonth.comAtascadero27ESTRELLAWELLSONABUENA VISTAHug CellarsBarrel 27EL POMARADOBESan AntonioBrochelle101UNIONCHAROLAISNEAL SPRINGSLUPINEVENTEUX VINEYARDSRanchita Canyon1795 Las Tablas, TempletonVilla San Juliette Open Daily 10-5 and by appointmentTACKITT FAMILY 805-369-0127 • www.venteuxvineyards.comSILVER HORSE From soil to bottle, our hands-on approach allows us to uphold theTassajarahighest level of care in all aspects of the winemaking process. OurGraveyardVineyardsJ&J Cellarsextremely small productions of Rhône wines showcase a style of balance,RiverStarelegance, and finesse. Picnic on the porch of the farmhouse and taste ourhand-crafted wines in Cinquain the elegant and inviting tasting room.LINNE RDREDONDOPLEASANTFour SistersRanchSantaUNIONS. EL POMARRANCHITA CANYONCRESTONALMONDVON DOLLEN RDHOG CANYONOLD GROVE41EDRESSER RANCH PLCREEKWINDWOODINDEPENDENCE RANCHLINNEBRANCHGENESEOLA PANZACAMP 8BUCKHORNRIDGE PLGOLDEN EAGLEHAWK RIDGEBon NicheGOLDEN EAGLE

PIERCEMODERNGALLERYWine and Food PairingsSaturday and Sunday12:00 to 3:00pmHearstRanchWinerySAN SIMEON RDSLO SAN SIMEON RDDOWNTOWN PASO ROBLESOAK STREETTHOMAS HILL ORGANICS13TH STJustinTo Hearst Castle(36.6 miles)1ARLINGTONMAIN STCarmodyMcKnightMoonstone CellarsBlack Hand &Skyhawk LaneCAMBRIABURTONDubostRangelandCambriaHarmonyCellars15TH STREETBodegasPaso Wine CentreParrish Family VineyardAsuncion RidgeArroyo RoblesPASO ROBLESINNSTEAKHOUSEOAK STREETSPRING STREETPARK STREETCITY PARK10TH STREETPARK STREET9TH STREET8TH STREET7TH STREETBassettiVineyardsN. GREEN VALLEYCHIMNEY ROCKADELAIDAToloCellarsKiamieHALTER RANCHTablas Creek VineyardWhaleboneKLAUMINE14THPianettaClayhouseGrizzlyRepublicESTRELLAPINE STREET12TH STREETRAILROADThacherHammerSkySTANGER/POALILLOStarr RanchKukkulaYORKMTNADELAIDAWILLOW CREEKVINEYARDNadeau FamilyVintnersPEACHY CANYON RDOso LibreL’Aventure WindwarChateau MargeneWestburg DUNNINGTreana/Hope/Roxo Port Cellars OPOLOJADAPipestone Donatoni CalizaProulxMidnightChangalaBrian BensonDenner KaleidosDark StarPerCazo CellarsBerardo Grey WoSextantHearthstoneRed SolesCerro PrietoHUNT NINERShale OakDover CanyonLinne Calodo Cypher CroadAron VENTJackZin Alley Hill ROTTAEpoch EstateCreekDonati FamilyStephensTurley46WOLD CREEK101Pithy Little Wine Co.ROBERTSRIVERSIDE AVENUEPaso Robles Wine ClubAnglimD’Anbino CellarsAP PLE RDPASO ROBLES STREETLago GiuseppeRockyCreekCellarsPASO ROBLESTASTING ROOMSRoxoVilla CreekTwilightCellarsAdelaidaDaouVineyardsHIDDEN MTNJACK CREEKRDMinassian-YoungNIDERERLAS TABLASOAKDALETOWNSHIPWild CoyoteVINEYARDVillicaAlta CoLI VE OAKSANTA RITARAYMONDCapSAN MARCOSMONDOCELLARSLe CuCarinaCellarsCALCAREOUSOAKDALEWINERYVisdelANSLACayucosCayucos Cellars41WS1To Morro Bay/San Luis ObispoOLD MORRO RD WFro28

CRESTONAIRPORTPENMAN SPRINGSJARDINESan MiguelroneRabbitRidge101omaine DeghertaReyWELLSONATo Monterey (108 miles)/San Jose (150 miles)/San Francisco (195 miles)10thMISSIONSan MarcosCreekRIVERCROSS CANYONLocatelliPretty SmithMISSION LANERN EstateESTRELLAWELLSONARiverStarVilla San JuliettePLEASANTGraveyardVineyardsFour SistersRanchRanchita CanyonTACKITT FAMILYSILVER HORSETassajaraRANCHITA CANYONVON DOLLEN RDJ&J CellarsHOG CANYONCinquainINDEPENDENCE RANCHBUCKHORNRIDGE PLGOLDEN EAGLEHAWK RIDGEGOLDEN EAGLEBon NicheVINEHILLNACIMI ENTO LAKEvierainaPACIFICARBOR24THtacked StoneÉcluse6THTerryHoageFratelliPerata DOCEROBLESookerZenaidaSUMMERWOODEagleEdward SellersCastle Peachy CanyonlfVerisCASTOROKenneth Volk VineyardsLone MadroneERSONS TABLASUXChronicCellarsBETHELAN MIGUEL RDlicking FrogVines on theMarycrest12 OAKSMAINTempletonSPRINGRIVERPasoRoblesVINESEE INSET101RAMADAClavo CellarsTEMPLETONSan AntonioHug CellarsBarrel 27BrochelleNORTH RIVERLeVigneNicholsNIBLICKBUENA VISTAFS CellarsWCP CellarsEL POMARAtascaderoVia VegaADOBEUNIONCHAROLAISNEAL SPRINGSLUPINEJ LOHRBella LunaWILD HORSELaraneta101MitchellaLINNE RDHice CellarsVictor HugoAmBythEstateTo San Luis Obispo (26 miles)Santa Barbara (133 miles)EBERLEEOSVINA ROBLESRio SecoREDONDOMILLUNIONSantaMargarita58TOWER ROADDRY CREEK RDPEARROBERT HALL VALLEYPenmanSpringsPomarJunctionAncientPeaksS. EL POMARJ. PaulRosilezCLAUTIEREVINEYARDCRESTON46EOLD GROVE41EDerby WineEstatesFalcon NestGelfandSculpterraSarzottiMaloy O’NeillDRESSER RANCH PLStill WatersHansen VineyardsHidden OakALMONDPozoValleyBROKEN EARTHSteinbeck/PasoportCREEKCassWINDWOODLINNEBRANCHLA PANZATobinJamesChumeia To I-5Bianchi Rockin’ R WineryEnfoldGENESEOB & E VineyardsLoma LindaGreMarkAugustRidgeCELLAR 360PASO ROBLESCAMP 8ChateauMargeneStangerNot to ScaleWine Country This Month Preferred29

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNT Y | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 20134th Annual Wine, Waves & Beyond, May 30The 4th Annual Wine Waves & Beyond Central Coast LongboardSurf Classic will be held in Pismo Beach from May 30 through June 2.Once again, this classic California event will evoke the vivid andtimeless culture of surfing and the enchanting world of wine andhandcrafted locally brewed beers. Proceeds from Wine Waves &Beyond are donated to the Association of Amputee Surfers (AmpSurf) an organization that strives to promote, inspire, educate andrehabilitate those with disabilities, especially veterans, throughadaptive surfing and other fun and safe outdoor activities. Over thepast three years, Wine Waves & Beyond has raised over $45,000 forAmp Surf.Wine Spectator magazine commented that Wine, Waves &Beyond celebrates “two of the Central Coast’s most enticing assets, itssurfing scene and its wineries. It is Sideways meets Big Wednesday.”Over four exhilarating days, the 4th Annual Wine Waves & BeyondCentral Coast Longboard Surf Classic will feature the followingevents at various scenic venues throughout Pismo Beach and San LuisObispo County:Surf Movie Night at the Fremont Theatre, SLOThursday, May 30, 6:30pm, $10San Luis Obispo’s landmark Fremont Theater will kick-off anothergreat year for Wine, Waves & Beyond with a surf movie screening ina night filled with community, culture, surfing and prizes. Raffletickets will include a chance to win everything from original art andcustom boards, to dinners at SLO county's finest restaurants, plustickets to weekend Wine Waves & Beyond events.Winemakers’ Dinner at The Cliffs Resort, Pismo BeachSaturday, June 1, 6:30pm, $75Chronic Cellars, Cypher Cellars and Grey Wolf Cellars will partnerwith the Cliffs Resort for Wine Waves & Beyond’s inauguralWinemaker Dinner. Guest chefs from Marisol Restaurant at the Cliffs,the Sea Venture, Apple Farm Wine Country Inn and the Gardens ofAvila at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort will each create a deliciouscourse to pair with each flight of these local outstanding wines. Also,at this year’s Winemakers’ Dinner, the Chef Auction returns with theopportunity for dinner guests to bid on privately served and preparedcustom meals by SLO county's finest chefs.Surf Contest on the Pismo Pier – Sunday, June 2, 7am-3pmThe 4th Annual Wine, Waves & Beyond Longboard Contestbegins early Sunday morning. This California classic surf contest willconsist of men’s and women’s heats, Challenged Athletes’ heats, andlocal Winemakers/Brew Masters’ heat. Surf contest winners willreceive a cash prize sponsored by the City of Pismo Beach. Entry feeis $30.Volkswagen Display, Sunday , 11am-5pm“805 Classic” – BBQ & Live Music at on the Beach in front of SeaVenture,Sunday, 12-5pmCoinciding with Sunday’s surfing events, the 805 Classic BBQ willfeature Firestone Walker Brewing Company, the annual Volkswagendisplay and live music from Soul Sauce and the Crisptones.Major sponsors of the event include American General Media’sThe Krush, New Times, KCOY, the City of Pismo Beach, and all theBoutique Hotel Collection Properties, including the Cliffs Resort, theSea Venture Resort, the Apple Farm Wine Country Inn, along withSLO Digital Designs, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, TolosaPress (which includes Coast News, SLO City News, and Bay News),SLO IFF, Firestone Brewery and Chronic Cellars. For moreinformation, visit at The Cliffs Resort, Pismo BeachFriday, May 31, 5-8pm, $45Held on the picturesque ocean front lawn of The Cliffs Resort,Wine Waves & Beyond presents an unforgettable and authenticBarrel-to-Barrel winetasting event that will include live music fromAloha Radio, tastings from over 35 participating wineries andbreweries, a spectacular lifestyle silent auction, gourmet bites fromlocal restaurants, and a breathtaking vista of the Pacific Coast sunset.30 www.WineCountryThisMonth.comKamil Konrad

MAY 2013 WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNT YThe 26th Annual Afternoon of Epicurean DelightsThe 26th annual Afternoon of Epicurean Delights (AED) will becelebrated on Sunday, June 2. This spectacular event will be heldfrom 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the tranquil and picturesquegrounds of the historic Chapman House by the Sea, nestled on thebluffs of the Pacific Ocean in Shell Beach. Proceeds benefit the Health& Prevention Division of Community Action Partnership of San LuisObispo County (CAPSLO), which provides medical, educational andadvocacy services for over 10,000 under-served families, women,men and youth throughout our county.Guests at the event are invited to stroll through the serenegardens, take in the panoramic ocean views, and sit poolside whiletasting food and beverages from SLO County's most renowned andaward winning restaurants, caterers, wineries, breweries andconfectioners. Guests will also enjoy a variety of live music and canparticipate in a silent auction with items featuring local art, handcraftedjewelry, premium and reserve wines, get-away weekends, giftbaskets, and much more.Serving their finest at this year's event are: Big Sky Cafe, BlackHorse Espresso & Bakery, Bloom Microgreens, Blue Sky, CrackedCrab, Del’s Pizzeria, Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab, Giancarlo’sTolosa Winery’s Third AnnualCote de Tolosa Velo ChallengeRistorante, Honey Bee Cakery, Indigo Moon, Linn’s, Marisol, Novo,Sage at Vista Grande, Seaside Café & Bakery, Splash Café, Tahoe Joe’s,Testa Catering, Thai Talay, Trader Joe’s, Upper Crust Trattoria,Windows on the Water and Zorro’s Café & Cantina.Beverages this year will be poured by Ancient Peaks Winery,Baileyana Winery, Cambria Estate Winery, Castoro Cellars, ChamisalWinery, Clairborne & Churchill Vintners, Edna Valley Vineyards,Firestone Walker Brewery, Frockling Frog Winery, J Lohr Winery,Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, Laetitia Vineyard and Winery, OpoloVineyards, Peachy Canyon Winery, Peloton Cellars, Saucelito CanyonWinery, Sculpterra Winery, Stephen Ross Cellars, Still WatersVineyards, Tablas Creek Vineyard, Tap It Brewing Co., Tolosa Winery,Wild Horse Winery and Wolff Vineyards.Tickets for Afternoon of Epicurean Delights are $100.00 and maybe purchased by credit card from their website, Tours and Event Planning will provide convenient shuttleservice from Shell Beach Elementary School to the Chapman Estate.For those not living on the lovely Central Coast, Afternoon ofEpicurean Delights has become the best excuse for a get-awayweekend, and an experience that brings people back, year after year.On Sunday May 20th, the strongest and most fearless of cyclistswill gear up for Tolosa Winery’s third annual Cote de Tolosa VeloChallenge. This 55 mile ride led by Tolosa Winemaker Larry Brooks,will push participants from smooth pavement up miles of mountaindirt trails and back to the winery all in support of Bike Month 2012.Tolosa Winery will host a lunch at the finish line donating allproceeds to the SLO County Bicycle Coalition.Created in 2010, this ride was designed to highlight two of Larry’smost favored passions, wine and cycling. This event was designedwith the competitive cyclist in mind. The Cote de Tolosa route goesthrough wine country, up steep, rocky, mountain terrain and backbeside vast coastal views. As a veteran competitive cyclist for over 30years, Larry Brooks notes, “I have been very proud to see Tolosasupport such an unique and grueling ride.” Brooks also predicts, Tolosa welcomes all guests, family and friends to join the competitors“After doubling in size from the first year, Tolosa will see a strong for a catered finish line lunch on the patio. Ride registration, routeturn out in May and a sizable donation to the coalition.”information, along with tickets for the lunch can be purchased onlineIn the words of National Collegiate Road Racing Champion and at of last year’s Cote de Tolosa, Blake Anton, “This race isTolosa Winery is located minutes outside of San Luis Obispo andunique, beautiful and brutal, but don’t underestimate the course.” four miles inland from the Pacific Ocean at 4910 Edna Road, SanThe ride will start at 7 a.m. with a field limited to 100 riders. Tolosa Luis Obispo, CA 93401. The tasting room is open daily from 11a.m.has paired up with the SLO County Bicycle Coalition to donate all to 5 p.m. For additional information, visit orevent proceeds for the development of a bike friendly community. in the tasting 31Welliver Photography

Wine Tasting inSANTA BARBARAwww.sbcountywines.comThe hit motion picture, Sideways,put the Santa MariaValley viticultural appellation,including the Foxen Canyon WineTrail, on the map in 2004.Following the picturesque windingroads of Tepesquet and FoxenCanyon will lead you to worldclasswineries by way of sprawlingvineyards and rolling hills. In themore northern region of theappellation, Chardonnay and PinotNoir reign due to the maritimeclimate. This ensures a longtemperate growing season whichthe Burgundian varietals crave. Inthe southern region of the appellation,the trail moves a bit eastresulting in hotter days and coolernights. Bordeaux and Rhone varietiesflourish in this more extremeclimate. The wineries in thisregion boast a concentration ofCalifornia’s most well known winemakers;join them year round inthe tasting rooms or at the manyweekend


Wine Tasting inSANTA BARBARAConway Family Wines Deep Sea Tasting RoomThe Conway family is actively involved in their winery business.With two different labels covering the best of the California CentralCoast, Conway Family Wines might just become your family’s wines.They offer two labels to choose from including Deep Sea wineswhich are made from grapes grown in California’s moderate coastalclimates including offerings of Chardonnay, Viognier and SauvignonBlanc to Syrah and Pinot Noir. Vineyards along California’s coastlineare cooled by fog and ocean breezes which translate to distinctivelydifferent grapes from those grown in warmer interior areas. It’s the jobof the Conway winemaker to preserve these differences so the winesreflect their oceanic terroir. Conway purchases fruit from noteworthyvineyards in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and the NapaSanta Barbara101To Solvang(34 miles)LAGUNAGARDENSANTA BARBARAANACAPASTATESHORELINECHAPALAOLIVEW. ANAPAMUW CANON PERDIDOW. HALEY STMILPASN SALSIPUEDESAu Grassini BonClimatMargerum SantaE GUITERREZCALLEMONTECITOBarbaraCottonwoodWhitcraftCanyonOreanaWineryKalyraGiessingerBY APPTSilverCarrJaffursCellars WineCESAR CHAVEZ101YANONALIMunicipal WinemakersKunin WinesCORKS & CROWNSCONWAY FAMILY(DEEP SEA)P a c i f i c O c e a nSanguis WineCABRILLONOT TO SCALEValley, contracting specific blocks, actively managing individual vinesand working with growers to formulate viticultural practices so thatthe grapevines are farmed to Conway’s exacting specifications.Their Rancho Arroyo Grande wines are made from grapes grown attheir estate vineyards in San Luis Obispo County includingMourvèdre and Zinfandel from this 1880s era property. These arelimited production wines, small lots, for the fine wine connoisseurwho wants something uncommon.The ethereal fog-like wave on the Deep Sea label represents theinfluence of the Pacific Ocean and that’s exactly where you can tastetheir wines; on historic Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara as the Pacificlaps below the second story tasting room.Visit them at 217 Stearns Wharf, daily from noon to 7 p.m. Contactthem at (805) 618-1185, or www.conwayfamilywines.com34Sign up for our email newsletter at

MAY 2013 WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | SANTA BARBARA COUNT YQuality Craft Beers fromFigueroa Mountain Brewing Co.This family-owned brewery started by Jim and Jaime Dietenhoferof Los Olivos, has been life-long dream in the making. Harnessingtheir Bavarian heritage the Dietenhofer’s wanted to create a craftbrewery in the Santa Ynez Valley that focused on creating the highestquality beer and help add to a growing hop culture in the CentralCoast.Utilizing the skill sets from award-winning head brewer A.J. Stolland his brew team, Figueroa Mountain Brewing has been able tocreate a line-up of seven quality craft beers (soon to be more). Thebrew team has been able to earn multiple medals including threegolds in a very short period of time (open since 2010).In addition to selling beer in draft and bottles on the open market,Figueroa Mountain Brewery has a tap room that puts the patrons a fewfeet away from the brewing action. Complete with a state-of-the-artstainless brewing system, customers can enjoy the pint of beer thatwas made in the same room and epitomizes freshness. An experiencethat includes live music on Fridays, and a complete food and wine list.Beer lovers may also enjoy the Fig Mtn Beer truck complete withtaps on the side ready to pour. The truck can be seen at a large listof events throughout the Central Coast. Stay tuned for more information, or follow them on Facebook:Figueroa Mountain Brewing for the latest news and updates.MONDAY-THURSDAY 4-9PMFRIDAY-SUNDAY 11AM-9PMCMYCMMYCYCMYKLook for us on Facebook and become a Fan! 35

Wine Tasting inSOLVANGWandering Dog Wine BarWandering Dog Wine Bar is a family owned business by peoplewho are passionate about wine. Director di Vino, Charles “CT”Williams, has an extensive knowledge of the local wine country andhas a knack for picking out under the radar wines before anyone elsehas heard of them. Everything here is “palate-picked” meaning thatwe try every wine that we carry and are not influenced by the latesttrends or scores. In fact, you will not a see a score for any winesanywhere on our site.Leave your leash behind…it is more than just a motto, it is a wayof life for us. We encourage you to try wines you’ve never heard offrom producers you didn’t know existed in places that you neverthought produced wine. This is not the place to sample your typicalCabernets and Chardonnays and chances are, you may only haveheard of half of the wines that we carry.With a wide variety of wine, beer and sparkling from artisanproducers along the Central Coast, as well as from around the world,there is always something for everyone. Enjoy one of our themedflights or order a glass of wine and relax with friends. If you need alittle break from all of the wine, do a beer flight instead, or just kickback with a cold one! The only thing better than wine and beer ishaving some “little bites” to go along with it, so we offer a nice arrayof gourmet antipasto and cheese platters as well as deliciouschocolate truffles and caramels. Visitors can also add on a cheesepairing to any flight for $5 for those who want more of the tastingexperience.For those visiting on a Thursday, stop in for the Blind Tasting from4-7pm. Each month is a different focus and guests are challenged tomatch up regions, varietals, price points and vintages of the fourwines included. We will be hosting some special classes and pairingsfor Craft Beer Month in May so check to read about all of our fun events.By combining all the best parts of being a bar and the best parts ofwine tasting, Wandering Dog Wine Bar offers a unique experienceevery day. Wander on in during your next visit to the Santa YnezValley and leave your leash behind with our eclectic variety of wineand beer.More wine...than just 448 Alisal Rd. Ste E, Solvang805-688-2670 | www.vikinggardencellars.comFree Cheese Plate With This Ad36 Email winery updates to

5THSAN MARCOSALTASANTA BARBARA COUNTYc Wine Ghetto7THWhen visiting Solvang, enjoying a real Danish meal is a must.Viking Garden Restaurant in Solvang is a locally owned and operatedrestaurant that specializes in authentic Danish cuisine … rated thebest authentic Danish cuisine in town!If it is beer you’re after, no worries. An eclectic selection of bottledbeer covers a wide range of flavors. There are 17 beers on tap – thelargest selection in town.Viking Garden Restaurant is located in the historic Jensen’sCopenhagen Square. The building is the first Danish Stylecommercial structure in Solvang, built with a unique cross hatchedroof accompanying a stork’s nest meaning good luck. It is located atCopenhagen Drive and Alisal Road, the popular shopping and diningPALMINAat AmpelosLongoriaMorettiLa Vie STOLPMANdlehead JALAMARCADIAN9TH STViking Garden RestaurantTo Santa Maria,LompocWine Ghetto12THTo Santa Barbara112TH ST246MelvilleBabcockSANTA ROSA RDHuberTo Buellton(18 miles)To Buellton(18 miles)D’Alfonso-Curran WinesFOLEYESTATESTo Lompoc(Hwy. 1)DRUM CANYON RD246 To Lompoc(18 miles)FIGUEROA MTNBREWING COSanfordDieberg,Star LaneSANTA ROSA RDAVANTINDUSTRIALCENTRALBuelltonColdHeaven/Prodigal2ndTHE FLAGSAVE OFCasaKen BrownCassaraLafondAlma RosaMosbyarea. Paso They Roblesare open for101 breakfast, lunch and dinnerSaarloos & Sonsfrom 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Harrison Clarke WineQUPÉEpiphanyOutdoor patio seating isDaniel GehrsCarhartt WineryLongoria Artisteavailable and is pet friendly.Consilience Alexander & Wayne and Arthur EarlTre Anelli CARINA CELLARS & TensleyViking Garden Restaurant LOS OLIVOS TASTING ROOM DRAGONETTEcan accommodate largeANDREW MURRAY Scott CellarsBrandeBYRONBLAIR FOXALAMO PINTADO AVEgroups and offers group discounts. COGHLANE&T STOLPMANCall Viking Garden Restaurant today at (805) Evans Ranch 688-1250 for all ofCoquelicot Bin154your Danish cuisine needs.2860BALLARD CANYON RDToSantaBarbara(43 miles)RusackBallardCHALKHILLValley VinoShoestringHitching Post PresidioLucas & LewellenSevtap Royal Oaks101ATTERDAG2NDGOAK1STBALLARD CANYON RDWANDERING DOG WINE BARLIONS PEAKPARKSolvangPARKCOPENHAGENSORT THIS OUTCELLARSMOLLEALISAL154To Hwy. 101Santa Maria (32 miles)Paso Robles (88 miles)MISSIONEast Valley/DascombBlackjackLINCOURTGRAND AVEALAMOPINTADO RDTastes of the ValleysCARIVINTASVIKING GARDENToccata (Mandolino)ALAMO PINTADO AVERideauButtonwood246BASELINEKalyraSunstoneBeckmenREFUGIONOT TO SCALELos OREFUGIOROBLAR AVERoblarWineryImQUESTChCFind out more at 37

Welcome toLOS ALAMOS101135NOT TO SCALEBELL STBEDFORD WINERY 101CASA DUMETZBELL STREET FARM135CAFEQUACKENBUSHDEN STMAIN STCENTENNIAL STHELENA STAUGUSTA STLOS ALAMOSBELL STSHAW STREETFOXEN LANE101135BELL STLOS ALAMOSBEDFORD WINERYFor the adventurous that seek the uncommon, go to Bedford Winery.Along with barrel fermented Chardonnays and signature Syrahs,there is always the surprise of lesser known varietals.448 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440(805) 344-2107 | www.bedfordwinery.comDaily 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.CAFE QUACKENBUSHA full service coffee house & cafe paired with theArt Brut Gallery of fine art and antiques, located in thehistoric Los Alamos General Store458 Bell Street, Los Alamos(805) 344-4440 | www.GeneralStoreCa.comTuesday through Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.BELL STREET FARM – EATERY & MARKETBell Street Farm is a culinary destination in Santa Barbara Countywine country. This delicious eatery/market is located in Los Alamos,California and is surrounded by gorgeous vineyards and farmland.With the freshest cuisine and comfortable design, Bell Street Farmis the perfect place to enjoy a meal, snack or a wine tasting.406 Bell Street, Los Alamos, California 93440 (805) 344-4609Open Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.CASA DUMETZ WINESCasa Dumetz started in 2004 with a patch of raw earth,a bucket of grapevines and grit. We are committed to producingauthentic wine. Come visit our tasting room in historic Los Alamos!448 Bell Street, Suite B, Los | (805) 344-1900Open Thursday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.MARTIAN RANCH & VINEYARDMartian Ranch & Vineyard is a biodynamic vineyard and wineryestablished in 2008. Located on the scenic Alisos Canyon Road,we offer an eclectic array of wines, produced from our estate vineyard.9110 Alisos Canyon Rd, Los Alamos | Daily 10 a.m. to 5:00 | (805) 344-1804101MARTIANALISOS CANYONRANCH & VINEYARDCafé QuackenbushAmid the comfort and charm of the historic 19th century GeneralStore building in Los Alamos is the popular Café Quackenbush andthe Gallery Art Brut.A bit of history. The General Store was built in 1880, shortly afterthe town was founded in 1876 and is one of the oldest buildings inthe historic town of Los Alamos. In 1900 Max King named it “TheEmporium” and ran the store until 1934. Others followed until 1971when the Mathers family restored the building and dedicated thestore as a State Historical Monument.Although centered in the middle of wine country, Los Alamosremained a sleepy town with little or no reason for local residents tocome “down town” except to pick up mail. To paraphrase GertrudeStein, “There was no ‘there’ there.”Smack in the middle of town, the General Store was the perfectbuilding to change all that.In 1998, Ralph Quackenbush saw potential in the uniqueness andcharm of the structure. After some months of construction andrestoration, on Memorial Day, 1999, with John Morley (Gallery ArtBrut) and Jesper Johansson (chef of the Café Quackenbush), TheGeneral Store once again opened its doors, preserved to face the 21stcentury with grace and composure it had for over a hundred years.Serving specialty coffee drinks, with a bistro style menu and chef’sspecials, a selection of regional wines, Café Quackenbush quicklybecame not only a popular downtown meeting place for locals, but a“must” on any trip up or down the coast for U.S. and foreign tourists.Now, about to enter its fourteenth year, Café Quackenbush is notonly still the place to go when in Los Alamos, it’s reason enough tomake the trip.38

Welcome to theLOMPOC WINE TRAILARCADIAN1515 East Chestnut Ave, Suite B, Lompoc | Open daily 11am-5pm805-737-3900, www.arcadianwinery.comInspired by the great traditions of Burgundian winemaking, Joseph Davishas been making Arcadian Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah in California'sCentral Coast region since 1996. Using French artisan methodsand hands-on vineyard management, Joe's Arcadian label consistentlyreceives high marks from the world's most respected wine writers.LORING WINE COMPANY TASTING ROOM1591 E. Chestnut Avenue, Lompoc805-742-0478, www.LoringWineCompany.comOpen Friday through Sunday 11am-5pm“We’re a small winery that produces tasty Chardonnay, Pinot Noirand whatever else strikes our fancy : ) ”JALAMA WINES308 North 9th St, C, Lompoc805-735-8937, www.jalamawines.comFriday-Sunday 12-5pm, or by appointmentWinemaker Mark Cargasacchi specializes in Pinot Noir and Syrahfrom select vineyards throughout Santa Barbara County.PALMINA1520 East Chestnut Court, LompocThursday-Saturday 11am-5pmSunday-Monday 11am-4pm805-735-2030, www.palminawines.comPalmina is a Californian celebration of the rich, wonderful lifestyle andattitude toward food, wine, friends and family that exists in Italy.STOLPMAN VINEYARDS1700 Industrial Way, Ste B; Friday 1-5pmSaturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 1-5pm805-688-0400, www.stolpmanvineyards.comTry a splash of estate grown Syrah, Sangiovese and Roussanneamidst the controlled chaos of sorting, punch-downs, pressing& racking to truly experience the excitement of winemaking...ZOTOVICH CELLARS1500 East Chestnut Court, Suite D; Lompoc805-736-1600, www.zotovichcellars.comThursday-Sunday 10am-5pmA family owned and operated boutique winery."We grow, produce and bottle estate Syrah, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.We're new to the Lompoc Wine Ghetto. Stop in to meet us!"TRANSCENDENCE313 N. F. Street, Lompoc805-689-5258, www.transcendwines.comFriday-Sunday 11am-4pm. $10 Tasting FeeLife happens over a bottle of wine: you fall in love,celebrate a birth, mourn someone’s passing, begin,end, plan, listen… dream. Transcendence celebratesthe journey you take with a great bottle of wine.SCOTT CELLARS316 North F St, Lompoc | Friday-Sunday 11am-4pm(805) 736-6161, www.scottcellars.comSpecializing in vineyard designate Sangiovese's and ourlavish Cuvee's, we produce ultra rich California style wines.Our Sangiovese's are dense with fruit and the Cuvee's aresilky smooth. Private tastings by appointment.Scott CellarsSUBMITTEDPeter Scott Fraser started Scott Cellars in 2005 with a drivingpassion for making great wine. We produced Chardonnay, PinotNoir, Syrah and a luxury blend. However, in 2007 the firstSangiovese was made. Now, only a short time later, it is the focus.We still make small lots of these wines, but Scott Cellars is takingSangiovese to a new level in California, Santa Barbara specifically.Our small boutique winery is committed to creating world classSangiovese with a distinctive New World style. More than that, wewant to show the world that truly great Sangiovese can be made herein Santa Barbara. The special terrior here combined with the marineinfluence and valley orientation make for some of the most uniquelyrich distinctive Sangiovese grapes anywhere.The Scott Cellars style is based on the place the wines are grownwhile I name the wines after the soils and or places the grapes aregrown. In other words, the Scott Cellars style is all about theCalifornia climate and soil and what most naturally comes from it. “Imay be half Italian, but I am all about making wines based on thisterroir and this climate, not some place a world away. I feel that wewinemakers are only just starting to understand the true nature ofSangiovese and what it can be here in CA.” In this place the climatenaturally lends itself to wines that are rich and fruit forward withsmooth supple tannins. That is the Scott Cellars style.Sangiovese may be associated almost exclusively with Italy, but wehave developed a style that reflects our sensibilities. We are creatingour own traditions. The wines are concentrated yet supple, powerfulyet elegant and designed to be consumed within 5 to 8 years. Thetannins are velvety and the acid while balanced is lower than mostTuscan wines. They exhibit lush ripe fruit flavors in their youth andhave utterly distinctive character unlike similar wines from anywhereelse in the World.To Santa MariaLompoc Wine GhettoPali Wine Co.PALMINAPointConcepción 1Flying Goat AmpelosLongoriaSamsaraMorettiNew Vineland ZOTOVICH LORING La Vie STOLPMANPiedrasassiFiddlehead JALAMAEVENING Taste of JosephLANDARCADIANSta. Rita BlairVINEYARDS HillsLompocWine GhettoBrewer-Clifton SCOTT CELLARSTRANDSCENDENCED’Vine LompocE. LAURELE. 39AVIATION DRW CENTRALW. COLLEGENORTH O STW. OCEAN AVENORTH H STF NORTH ST H ST17TH STE. CHESTNUTE. OCEAN AVE9TH ST7TH12THTo Santa Barbara112TH ST246MelvilleBabcockSANTA ROSA RDHuberTo Buellton(18 miles)To Buellton(18 miles)D’Alfonso-Curran WinesFESTo Lom(Hwy. 1

Wine Tasting inLOS OLIVOSQupéFarming BiodynamicallyThe new planting of any vineyard is fraught with choices. Just askLouisa Sawyer Lindquist who, along with her husband, the legendaryBob Lindquist, secured a new parcel for their Qupe and Verdadlabels. “So many decisions about grape varieties, rootstock, howwould the rows be sited and how to farm the land?” say LouisaSawyer Lindquist. “Do we go organic, sustainable, biodyanmic?There are big decisions and a big commitment.” Ultimately thecouple decided to farm biodynamically, a process that is stillmisunderstood.Biodynamic isn’t synonymous with organic. Where organicdoesn’t use pesticides and reduces the chemical makeup of wine,biodynamics goes beyond that, requiring you to be intimatelyinvolved with your land and to respect the natural cycles inherent infarming and in life. Biodynamic farming is a closed loop system usingonly natural methods.Louisa was sold on the idea but Bob was uncertain. By chance hewas in London and there was a biodynamic conference in town. Heattended the conference and ran into two friends and who sung thepraises of biodynamics. Late that night Louisa received a phone callfrom Bob. “Biodynamic is our future,” he told her. Their SawyerLindquist Vineyard is planted to Syrah, Tempranillo, Albariño,Grenache, Pinot Noir, Marsanneand Viognier.Their gardens are filled withnative plants attracting bees,butterflies, ladybugs and otherhelpful insects. There are owlboxes located throughout thevineyard, as owls are naturalpredators of gophers and groundsquirrels who eat vines. Duringdormant months sheep graze the vineyard helping with weeding andfertilizing the ground between the vines, and it’s all natural.Taste for yourself the difference biodynamics can make. The Qupetasting room is located at 2963 Grand Ave, Los Olivos. Qupe is opendaily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (805) 686-4200,“Vineyard Crafted Wines”SPECIALIZING INSANTA BARBARA &CENTRAL COASTPINOT NOIRSV I N E YA R D S2905 GRAND AVELOS OLIVOS805-688-7406thelosolivostastingroom.comOpen daily 11-5,2434 Alamo Pintado Avenue, Los Olivos(805) 688-0400 • www.stolpmanvineyards.comNow open, every day from 11 am to 5 pm.2367 Alamo Pintado Avenue, Los Olivos888-938-7310www.byronwines.comNo appointment necessary.Please call ahead for parties of 8 or

SAN MARCOS AVELos Olivos Jazz and Olive Festival - June 8The Jazz & Olive Festival brings together new and notableperformers on the jazz scene. Twenty seven local wineries will beoffering wine tastings and thirty amateur chefs will be competing inthe “Olive in the Kitchen” cook-off while providing samples to theguests. Olive vendors will be offering olive oil and other olive relatedproducts. Cooking demonstrations, using olive based recipes will beprovided by local professional chefs. Tickets are $50.00 each. Formore information and tickets, visit or callPeter Robbins at (805) 895-0476.JONATA STSaarloos& SonsQUPÉEpiphanyDaniel GehrsLongoriaTre Anelli/ConsilienceLOS OLIVOS TASTING ROOMANDREW MURRAYEvans RanchBYRON E&TPresqu’ileALAMO PINTADO AVEWilliamJamesCellarsSANTA BARABARA AVESAN MARCOS PASS RDRAILWAY AVENOJOQUI AVEALTA MARIAFONTES & COGHLANPHILLIPS BernatNOJOQUIBlackjackLINCOURTat Los Olivos CafeHOLLISTER154ALAMOPINTADOAVEGRAND AVEGRAND AVECIMARONECarharttWineryAlexander& WayneBin 2860RideauJONATA STCarinaCellars/TensleyPacificRidgeArtisteSAN MARCOS AVEKaena WineTORETTI FAMILYTerceroCINQUE STELLEDRAGONETTESTOLPMANCOQUELICOTROBLAR AVEFIGUEROA MTNBeckmanBlair FoxALTA STALAMO PINTADO AVEALTA STRANCHO OLIVOSOLIVE OILRoblarReevesRanchVineyardLOS OLIVOSBASELINEN. REFUGIO RDSAN MARCOS PASS RD154BranderROBLAR AVENOT TO SCALEN. REFUGIO RDQUPÉ Tasting Roomfeaturing the wines of:QUPÉ • VERDAD • ETHAN2963 Grand Avenue, Los Olivos(805) 686-4200Open Daily, 41

Wine Tasting inLOS OLIVOSTessa Marie WinesGraduating from high school, most people think about college.But Tessa Parker was thinking about wine. Coming from awinemaking family (her father is Eli Parker who has his own labeland her grandfather was Fess Parker) her “college curriculum” wasworking in her family’s tasting room and ironically at age 18 she waslegally unable to sample the wines she was pouring. But that didn’tstop her enrolling in the Enology and Viticulture program at AllanHancock College in Santa Maria.During her first semester while working harvest at a local winery,she discovered what would become her favorite wine - Sangiovese.This Italian grape captivated her because of its food-friendly appealCome see why Robert Parker, Jr. said...“Production is small, but these winesare well worth seeking out!”Open Daily 11-52901 A Grand Avenue, Los Olivos805-693-9644www.AndrewMurrayVineyards.com2 for 1 Tastingwith this adand ripe fruit. “I like tomake New World-stylewines with bold, standoutflavors that stilldemonstrate balance,” she says. Not yet a veteran winemaker, shenonetheless has multiple harvests under her belt.She crafts her wines in a small, unassuming industrial warehouse,a stark contrast to her sleek modern Italian-styled tasting room. “Forme, making wine is really about making art. I don’t mean that I takeit all too seriously; it’s just that I like to take my time when I’mmaking wine,” Tessa says. “I rely much more upon my intuition andsense of taste when I’m in the cellar, than on analysis. I guess myapproach is intuitive, more than anything else,” she says,You can sample her wines including Vermentino, a sparklingVermentino, Sangiovese and Coquette - a flirty blend blend of asparkling Sangiovese and Syrah, hinting at seduction. Bottle pricesranging from $20 to $36, and the tasting fee, including souvenirglass is $10.Tessa Marie Wines is located at 2901 Grand Ave., Suite C, LosOlivos. They are open Thursday through Monday 11:30 a.m. to 5p.m. Call (805) 688-6081, or visit formore information.RANCHO OLIVOSESTATE E OLIVE OILTASTING & SALESDAILY 12-4805-686-9653www.ranchoolivos.com2390 N Refugio RdSanta Ynez, CA 9346042More events at

Visit Dragonette CellarsNow entering its fourth year in its “off-Grand” location indowntown Los Olivos, Dragonette Cellars has rapidly become knownfor the high quality of its limited and/or allocated, small-production,ultra-premium Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Rhône styled (SyrahandGrenache-based) blends. Prominent wine critics, including theWine Spectator, Wine Advocate and Stephen Tanzer’s InternationalWine Cellar have also discovered Dragonette Cellars, bestowing highpraise and scores on their wines. For the wine country visitor,Dragonette Cellars has an added plus; their tasting room is staffed bythe proprietors and their family members, who are all intimatelyinvolved in the production of the wines and the story behind thelabel.Dragonette Cellars is a collaboration between family and friends,John and Steve Dragonette and Brandon Sparks Gillis, who internedat some of the finest vineyards and wineries before launching theirown label. Utilizing a network of personal vineyard contacts, theyobtain grapes from selected blocks within meticulously managedvineyards throughout the Sta. Rita Hills (Pinot Noir), Happy Canyon(Sauvignon Blanc) and the Santa Ynez Valley (Syrah). In most cases,they buy grapes on a “per acre” basis, which allows them to controlimportant viticultural decisions and limit yields to produce thehighest quality fruit.In the cellar Brandon, John and Steve focus on allowing theircarefully selected fruit to evolve into wines of great complexity, purityand balance. To that end, they monitor each vineyard block carefullybefore harvest, picking in several passes to ensure optimal ripenessand balance. Fermentation and elevage are monitored obsessively,and the final blends are painstakingly crafted barrel by barrel.Dragonette Cellars’ Tasting Room is located in Los Olivos, just eastof the flagpole and is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday throughMonday, or by appointment. Visit for moreinformation.Santa Maria Valley Pinot NoirVisit our Tasting Roomlocated "Off Grand”Thursday-Monday 12-5:30www.toretti.com2933 San Marcos Avenue, Suite 101 | Los Olivos, CA | 805.688.8002Sip and Shop...A double delight!The new kid on the blockis quickly becomingthe talk of the town.TASTING ROOM & BOUTIQUE(Cheen-kweh stell-lay)OPEN THURSDAY-MONDAY 11AM-5PM2445 Alamo Pintado Ave Suite 102Los Olivos CA!/CinqueStelleWineryStop by and sip splendid wines and shop in the spectacularboutique featuring ladies apparel, jewelry and unique gifts.Post your events at 43

Welcome toSANTA MARIA VALLEYZaca Mesa WineryPromotes Rising Star,Kristin Bryden asAssistant WinemakerA 2002 graduate of Cal Poly State University in Food Science,Kristin began her professional career at Wild Horse Winery &Vineyards in Templeton, California, working her way up through theranks to Assistant Winemaker in 2006. From Wild Horse, Kristinmoved to Monterey County’s Lockwood Vineyard in 2007 as theirAssociate Winemaker, gaining valuable hands-on experience withtheir estate vineyard.In September of 2011, Kristin brought her considerable talents toZaca Mesa Winery as the Assistant Winemaker. Zaca Mesa Wineryhas a long standing tradition of producing not only fine wines, butfine winemakers. According to head winemaker Eric Mohseni,“Kristin Bryden is another example of Zaca Mesa’s ability to developexcellent winemakers. Not only is her thorough knowledge of thewinemaking process a huge plus for our winemaking team, but herobjective approach combined with a creative mind andunderstanding of the commercial aspects of the business of winemakingreally differentiates her from many others in the field. She’s atremendous asset to the Zaca Mesa team and another rising star inthe Zaca Mesa tradition of producing high caliber winemakers.”Zaca Mesa Winery and Vineyards, located in the Santa Ynez Valleyof Santa Barbara County, California, is dedicated to estate grown andbottled Rhône varietal wines. They handcraft their wines withintegrity using traditional methods from grapes sustainably grown inWinemaker Kristin Brydentheir vineyard. Since 1973, they have farmed and nurtured theirvineyard to produce wines that are true to the unique spirit of theirland. For more information about Zaca Mesa Winery call (800) 350-7972, fax (805) 688-8796, or visit Zaca MesaWinery is located at 6905 Foxen Canyon Road, Los Olivos.Protect Your Investment!WINE STORAGEFirst month just $29.95in our temperature-contolled unitsincludes Free Move-in Truck!Call 805-347-9111330 Roemer Way, Santa Maria CA 93454No twists, no turns... right off Hwy 101 at Broadway805-347-9111 • www.roemerway-selfstorage.comwww.santamariavalleywinecountry.com44Sign up for our email newsletter at

The Original Roadhouse GrillWhen you walk into the Original Roadhouse Grill, you’llimmediately feel comfortable and at home, even if your householddoes not boast a mouth-watering grill menu, full-service saloon,satellite horse racing and lets you throw your empty peanut shells onthe ground.The Original Roadhouse Grill in Santa Maria opened in May2000, as part of an American Family Steakhouse concept developedby Los Angeles-based brothers and restaurant entrepreneurs, Larryand Ralph Cimmarusti. To date there are eleven Roadhouse Grillsthroughout California and Oregon, that boast a casual, fun, familyfriendlyatmosphere and hearty meals.The Original Roadhouse Grill prides itself on an extensive menuthat features favorites such as slow-roasted Bourbon tri-tip, fall-offthe-bonebaby back ribs and hand-cut steaks from high-qualityUSDA beef from Washington State. All steaks are grilled overmesquite wood and generously seasoned with a special blend ofspices.The Original Roadhouse Grill is located at 1423 South BradleyRoad, Santa Maria. For more information or call (805) 614-0586.EAST CLARK11McKeon-PhilipsLa Fen tre135BLOSSERSKYWAY135E DONOVANMAINSTOWELLBROADWAY135ROEMERWine Co. Addamo EstateCore& BistroVineyardsOrcuttLos AlamosToLompoc (18 miles)Solvang (34 miles)NOT TO SCALETo San Luis Obispo(32 miles)FamilyTorrettiÕsVineyard101BETTERAVIAPRELLTELEPHONECASA DUMETZBEDFORDRoemer Way Self-StorageWine CountryCOSTA DE OROORIGINALROADHOUSEGRILLSierra MadreDOMINIONCottonwoodCanyonSANTA MARIA MESA RDBench RiverVineyardsONTIVEROSFOXEN CANYON RDALISOS CANYONSanta MariaZaca MesaCHARDONNAYANDREW MURRAYCambriaSTAZACATEPUSQUETVineyardsSisquocRanchoFoxen VineyardsDemetriaCurtisFIRESTONETantaraKennethVolkTres HermanasParker FessKoehlerFOXEN CANYON RD154101To Solvang(17 miles)To Los Olivos(11 miles)Look for us on Facebook and become a Fan! 45

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTYONGOINGBike, Hike and Kayak TripsExplore the amazing outdoor world of the Central Coast Outdoors. Ten unique day trips, including bicycling the legendaryPacific Coast highway, hiking Big Sur and kayaking among the profusion of bird life in Morro Bay. All trips include necessarytransportation, a gourmet picnic lunch and knowledgeable guide(s). $79-$119. Bike rentals available. Call for reservations.888-873-5610ARROYO GRANDEONGOING WEDNESDAYSLocals Day at Laetitia Vineyards & WineryReceive a complimentary tasting and 15% (25% club members) off your wine purchase if you are a, 805-474-7651ONGOING FIRST THURSDAYSTeachers Appreciation Night at Phantom RiversIn appreciation for all the dedication of school district personnel. Stop by the tasting room for happy hour specials.3:30-7pm 25% discounts off all bottles and $2.50 off any wine by the glass!, 805-481-9463ONGOING FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTHWinemaker’s Choice Night at Phantom Rivers5-7pm,, 805-481-9463ONGOING SATURDAYSArroyo Grande Farmers’ MarketFarm fresh produce & flowers, art show and live entertainment in the Arroyo Grande City hall Parking Lot at215 East Branch Street. 12-2:30pm,, 805-473-2250ONGOING WEDNESDAYSIce Cream Creating ~ A Family Affair!The Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab Show is a live performance that involves the whole audience! Live performances everyWednesday 7pm, Invent a brand new flavor and watch it being made., 805-474-4068ONGOINGWinemakers Choice at Phantom RiversThe first Friday of every month join John & Linda for their Winemakers Choice tasting. John will be pouring his favorites(or mention what you like and we’re sure he will open it for you)! 5-7pm,, 805-481-9463MAY 12Mother's Day BrunchTreat your mother to our delicious Mother's Day Brunch featuring Laetitia Sparkling Wines along with a seafood bar, meatcarving station, salad bar, cheese bar, pastry bar, chocolate fountain and much more! This event is for the 21 and over and isnot one to miss! 10am-12pm, www.laetitiawine.comCAYUCOS, CAMBRIA & MORROMAY 5Antique Street FaireCome one, come all and enjoy springtime while seeking out something old and something new! There is something foreveryone at this sale. Downtown Ocean Ave. becomes a pedestrian zone while browsers and shoppers can checkout themany goods being offered by local and visiting vendors. Food is also on the menu, be it from a Cayucos eatery or one of ourvisiting vendors. 7am-4pm, Downtown Ocean Ave., www.cayucoschamber.comJUNE 1The Sixth Annual Morro Bay Mermaid and Pirate ParadeCalling all mermaids, pirates and sea creatures! Come parade along the harbor Walk from the Rock to Dockside Too. Theroute is about half a mile and parents are encouraged to dress up too. 10:30am, 805-772-4467, www.morrobay.orgJUNE 15Central Coast Oyster Festival at Morro Bay Golf CourseThe first annual Central Coast Oyster Festival benefiting OPTIONS Family of Services is almost upon us, and you will notwant to miss out! OPTIONS new spectacular fundraiser tradition will take place next to the Morro Bay Oyster Farm in MorroBay. Featuring 20 food vendors, amazing local wines, exclusive micro “oyster brew” specifically crafted & designed for theCentral Coast Oyster Festival brought to you by Tap It Brewery, specialty cocktails and all day live entertainment from WalkOff The Earth, hot Buttered Rum, TROPO & Neon Russell! 12-8pm, $20 advance, $28/doorwww.centralcoastoysterfestival.orgPASO ROBLESONGOING FIRST FRIDAYSFirst Fridays Sip-N-Sing at Doce RoblesJoin their staff at Doce Robles Winery the first Friday of every month for karaoke, sippin and sunsets. Enjoy wines by theglass at only $5 or pair with artisan cheeses and locally cured meats for just $10. Enjoy sipping one of their manydelicious wines next to the vineyards. Wines will be sold by the glass and by the bottle. Sing and sip into the sunsets.5:30-8pm,, 805-227-4766ONGOING FRIDAYSWine Down at HearthstoneEnjoy music and light appetizers. Different musicians play and the BBQ will be lit. Winemaker Paul has several food and winepairings he cannot wait to have you taste! Coming into town for the weekend, stop by before dinner, or if you are local comeenjoy yourself after a long work week!, 805-238-254446ONGOING FRIDAYS THOUGH JULYSunset Happy Hour at Mondo CellarsJoin them for their Friday Night Sunset happy hour... Every Friday through October 5pm till Sunset. Wine by the glass andby the bottle. Enjoy live entertainment and reasonably priced gourmet catered appetizers. No cover• May 3: Richard Green• May 10: Steve Bernal• May 17: Acoustify• May 18: Troy & Eddie• May 24: Bradley Tyson• May 31: Richard GreenONGOING FRIDAYS THROUGH OCTOBERTrain Wreck Friday's At Pomar JunctionRelax and unwind from a stressful week with Pomar Junction wines. BBQ Tri Tip or Pulled Pork Sandwiches available forpurchase. Wines available to purchase by the bottle or glass. Enjoy a beautiful sunset over the vineyard and rolling hillswith picturesque views. Event is complimentary to Parlour Club members or $10 general,• May 17: Incendio• June 21: The BelmoresONGOING SATURDAYS IN JUNEVineyard Walks at Robert Hall WineryEnjoy the peaceful beauty of their vineyards on a summer morning with an educational walking tour by appointment only.10:30am-11:30am, Complimentary, 805-239-1616, www.roberthallwinery.comONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSPinot Noir Blending Seminar at Wild Horse WineryTempleton – Learn the art of blending wine. Experience first hand what being a winemaker is all about. Sample Pinot Noirsfrom the Central Coast AVA and learn what terroir truly means. Each participant creates their own blend to take home. $50$35/wine club. By appointment 11am or 2pm, Limit 10,, RSVP, 805-434-2541 ext. 15ONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSPatio Food Pairings at Opolo VineyardsJoin them on the patio for delicious gourmet pizzas from their wood burning oven, sandwiches or sample an array ofsausages, all paired with excellent Opolo wines. Cheers!, 805-238-9593ONGOING SATURDAYSTours & Tastings at Eberle WineryVIP Tastings by appointment, $25, Complimentary cave tours every half hour, 805-238-9607ONGOINGArt Show at Castoro CellarsA different artist monthly., 805-238-0725• May: R.W. "Bob" Goetting Art Show• June: Ruby Toussaint Art Show• July: Josh kimballONGOINGLazy Locals Concerts at Castoro CellarsPicnics welcome. Lawn chairs & blankets encouraged. kick back in the shade and enjoy the fun. Castoro Cellars Wine will beavailable for purchase. 1-4pm free,, 805-238-0725ONGOINGLive Music on the Patio at Niner Wine Estates1-4pm,, 805-239-2233ONGOING2013 Friday Fête at Silver Horse WineryFriday Fête is our monthly event held in the Silver horse Winery Gardens. Winemaker, Stephen kroener, and his staff willprepare gourmet fare for you to enjoy while listening to great music and tasting fantastic wines. Fete Fridays are a greatway to start off your weekend with a bang! Bring your lawn chairs, your friends and your appetite. 5:30-8:30pm, $10-$15805-467-WINE,• April 26: Acoustify• May 17: ReWined• June 14: Julie & the Bad DogsONGOING SATURDAYS JUNE 1 - AUGUST 31Live Music Saturdays at Broken Earth WineryEvery Saturday they will be having music outside their tasting room. Wine for sale by the glass or bottle. 1-5pmComplimentary, 805-239-2562, www.brokenearthwinery.comONGOING JUNE THROUGH SEPTEMBERPaso Summer Concert Series at Calcareous VineyardRock out on top of the world at the Calcareous Summer Concert Series. Guests can indulge in wine by the glass or bottle aswell as Food & Wine Pairings. 6-9pm, $15 per person, 805-239-0289,• June 29: Guy Budd BanONGOING WEDNESDAYSWinemaker Wednesdays at the Paso Wine Centre6-9pm, $12/wine flight, additional $12/food pairing,,

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | CALENDAR OF EVENTSONGOING SATURDAYSLive Music at the Paso Wine Centre8-10pm, free,, 805-239-9156ONGOING SUNDAYSLive Music at SculpterraLive entertainment sponsored by "Songwriters At Play." 1-4pm, free, www.sculpterra.comONGOINGGo BallooningEnjoy incredible views of the wine country of Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Miguel and Templeton. You float along at 2-3miles per hour from an altitude of a few feet up to several thousand feet above the ground. 1-4 passengers per trip.Weather permitting. Call for reservations., 805-458-1530ONGOING EVERY OTHER SATURDAYSaturday Live at Vina RoblesEvery other Saturday, you are invited to slow down from your week, sit back and enjoy live music - all while savoringaward-winning Vina Robles wines. Wine for purchase & tastings available. Complimentary, 1-4pm, www.vinarobles.com805-227-4812ONGOING EVERY OTHER SATURDAYSunday Brunch at Veris CellarsCatered brunch & bottomless mimosas. Templeton, 11am-2pm, $25, $18/without mimosas, www.veriscellars.com805-434-0319ONGOING EVERY SECOND SUNDAYCentral Coast Railroad Festival Wine-Train ExcursionsThe excursions include a trip up the Cuesta Grade to Paso Robles on Amtrak's Coast Starlight, complimentary wine tasting,light lunch snacks, rail history and a private bus trip down to San Luis Obispo. The winter excursions begin and end atAnglim Winery in the historical Southern Pacific Depot next to the Paso Robles Amtrak Station.MAY 5Pleasant Valley Wine Trail 'Taco Throw Down'!Please join all of the Pleasant Valley Wineries at Villa San Juliette for a fun filled day of wine tasting and taco consuming!12-4pm, www.pleasantvalleywinetrail.comMAY 5Live Fire Cooking in Your Fireplace Domaine Degher WinesGlowing, flickering, warm, elemental. Sizzling fat and smoky perfume.Preparing food over a crackling, spitting fire continues to lure and tantalize us centuries after the practice ceased to be anecessity. But the techniques that spell delicious success—as opposed to embarrassing, post-nuclear-level failure—havemostly been lost to history (writing a recipe for cooking over live fire is virtually impossible). Controlling and understandingthe temperature of your fire is the most important step—your senses must be your guide, not a timer. In much the sameway that a good winemaker often calls him/herself a “dirt-farmer,” you must become the wise and capable “fire-tender.”4pm, $90, email bb@brigitbinns.comMAY 12Celebrate Mother’s Day at Eberle WineryMake Mom happy by taking the entire family to brunch at Eberle Winery on Mother's Day! Enjoy their picnic grounds overlookingthe Eberle Estate vineyard and celebrate your special day with live music from 11am-1pm. $40/Adults (wineincluded), $15 children ages 6-13, children under five free. Live music by Liv and Rob. 11am-1pm, 805-238-9607www.eberlewinery.comMAY 12Mother of all Sunday’s Brunch at Eos Estate WineryGive your mother the perfect Mother's Day with brunch and white Sangria. $35/General Admission, $30/SLO County Locals,$25/Eos Wine Club Members, Reservations are suggested. 10am-1pm,, 805-591-8050MAY 12Mother's Day in the Vineyards at Vina Robles WineryCards and flowers are wonderfully traditional…but how about something a bit different for your special Mom? Treat her toa relaxing afternoon surrounded by the beauty of vineyard views, olive oil tasting, live music and a delicious lunch. The dayunfolds at 11am as guests enjoy a trolley ride from the hospitality center out into the vineyard. This idyllic setting is thebackdrop for the day's festivities including a luncheon catered by the Grill at hunter Ranch, delightful Vina Robles winesand a performance by guitarist-singer Mike Swan. $60, $50 for Signature Wine Club members. Tickets can be purchased or call 805-227-4812x106.MAY 17Surf & Turf Dinner Buffet Under the Stars at Vina RoblesJoin them for a Surf and Turf Dinner Buffet under the Stars and indulge in quintessential summer fixings while enjoying livemusic and the gorgeous Paso Robles sky. From salad to steak, chicken, shrimp, seafood pasta and dessert, you will dinegenerously on a selection of local fare paired with your favorite Vina Robles estate wines. 6-8pm, $75, $65/Signature WineClub members www.vinarobles.comMAY 17Wine Festival Dinner in the Caves at Eberle WineryChef McGlinchey is a dear friend of Eberle Winery, an excellent chef, and a great guy who will knock your socks off with hisheart and talent in the kitchen. Join them for the 31st Annual Wine Festival weekend at Eberle Winery!, 805-238-9607MAY 17Winemaker Dinner at Niner Wine EstateJoin Winemaker Amanda Cramer, Chef Antonio Varia of Buona Tavola and the entire Niner Wine Estates family as they celebrateWine Festival Weekend with an incredible Winemaker Dinner in their intimate private event lounge. Chef will featurea five-course rustic Italian meal; each course paired perfectly with Niner Wine Estates wines. $150, space is limited andreservations are required. Please RSVP to Niner Wine Estates at or by calling 805-239-2233, ext. 116-9pm, www.ninerwine.comMAY 17Covered Bridge Dinner at Halter Ranchhalter Ranch's picturesque covered bridge creates a dramatic stage for their annual Covered Bridge Dinner. Guests will feaston locally sourced cuisine prepared by Chef Julie Simon, of Thomas hill Organics. Winemaker kevin Sass will carefully pairthe menu with the estate wines, including the new spring releases. Sprawling views of the vineyard and new winery createa dramatic backdrop to this one-of-a-kind event. 6pm, $110 (member discounts apply). To make a reservation, or call toll free 888-367-9977, www.halterranch.comMAY 17Wine Festival Reception and Live Music at Villa San-JulietteCome picnic on the lawns at Villa San-Juliette and enjoy live music by headshine. Bring a blanket or low-back chairs andenjoy grilled meat, veggie and fruit skewers. VSJ will have Reserve Wines available by the glass or by the bottle for you topurchase. 6pm, $35, $25 club members. Advance purchase required. www.villasanjuliette.comMAY 17Wine Festival Dinner at Opolo VineyardsJoin them on their picturesque westside vineyards for a rememberable multiple course dinner paired with Opolo Wines.Their breathtaking sunset, live jazz music and large dance floor will lead into the perfect evening. 6:30-10pm, $90/WineClub, $110/Non-Member, 805-238-9593, www.opolo.comMAY 17-1931st Annual Wine Festival WeekendIn Paso, they take winemaking pretty seriously. In fact, they hold a festival every year to honor our grapes and the winesthey create. They call it simply: Wine Festival. This year will be their 31st Annual Wine Festival — a celebration of taste,tradition and triumphs of wine ambition. It’s a time to Grow Wild with innovation. And a time to unwind and enjoy thefinest food and wine Paso Robles Wine Country has to offer. Times vary, Reserve/$125, Premium/$75, Festival/$55Local/$40, Designated Driver/$15, Winemaker Seminar/$15, 47

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013MAY 17-19Wine Festival Weekend at Robert Hall Winery• Friday: Join them for a reserve tasting in the cavern with Don Brady. Don will be available from 1-3pm to sign bottlesand answer questions.• Saturday: Visit them to taste at their booth in the park or stop by the tasting room.• Sunday: Don’t miss the All American Sunday at the Winery when their Cellar Chefs will be serving burgers and the entiregang can enjoy lawn games and bluegrass music by Mother Corn Shuckers. Take advantage of the wine specials and alsoenjoy a refreshing gelato made with their Chardonnay. 805-239-1616, www.roberthallwinery.comMAY 17-19Paso Robles 31st Annual Wine Festival at Peachy Canyon WineryStop by Saturday and Sunday at their Old Schoolhouse Tasting Room where they will be opening up their new releases &kicking off their summer music series! Relax on the lawn while enjoying live music from 1-4pm. On Sunday the Peachy crewwill be grilling up a tri tip BBQ; come have a picnic with them! Blankets & chairs welcome, www.peachycanyon.com805-239-1918MAY 17-19Wine Festival Weekend at Red Soles WineryThey will be pouring their newest releases in the tasting room Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Indulge in expertly craftedwine and cheese pairings while enjoying the scenery. They will have the bbq fired up out back and will be serving up yourfavorite tri tip sandwiches while you browse our Art Boutique in the garden. $10/non-members, Complimentary for SolesClub members, www.redsoleswinery.comMAY 17-1931st Annual Wine FestivalExperience the personality and rich history reflected in each glass of Paso Robles wine. Combining traditions of the pastwith innovations of the future, Paso Robles Wine Country comes together to honor 31 years of the Paso Robles WineFestival. This celebration of the finest in food and wine will embrace all that define Paso Robles Wine Country, a welcometo-the-neighborhoodatmosphere, fantastic food offerings and of course exceptional wines. The 31st Annual Wine Festivalbegins Friday, May 17, as select wineries feature their library, reserve, futures and refreshing power white/Rosè samples atthe Reserve event. On Saturday, May 18, more than 60 wineries come together in the Paso Robles Downtown City Park toshowcase their wines alongside culinary samplings during the Grand Tasting. Before the Grand Tasting on Saturday, joinPaso Robles winemakers for a fun and educational Winemaker Seminar (time and location TBA). Wine and food at theGrand Tasting will be complemented by the sounds of One Time Spaceman, an original rock band from the Central Coast ofCalifornia! Travel beyond the Park to explore more than 130 winery events throughout the weekend including winemakerdinners, live music, barrel samplings and more!www.pasowineMAY 18Annual Gourmet Pig Roast Dinner at CalcareousDon't miss the Calcareous Annual Gourmet Pig Roast Dinner with all the trimmings prepared in a Latin flair! Rock out to alive performance by the Latin guitar world fusion group, Incendio while indulging in amazing food, Calcareous wines andfun on top of the world at Lloyd's Lookout! 6pm, $85, $65/Limelight Wine Club Members, www.calcareous.com805-239-0289MAY 18Wine Festival Dinner at Villa San-JulietteJoin us at Villa San-Juliette for a special evening with proprietors ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe as they introduce asurprise live musical guest. Enjoy gourmet foods at various food stations prepared by Executive Chef Maegen Loring(The Lido Restaurant) paired with Villa San-Juliette wines. 6pm, $125, $100 club members. Advance purchase required.www.villasanjuliette.comMAY 18-19Paradise in Paso - Wine Festival WeekendSave the dates! Paradise in Paso offering Eos Muscat Summer Sangria, $2 street tacos, salsa bar and Eos Estate Winery casespecials. 9:30am-12:30pm,, 805-591-8050ONGOING MAY 30 - JUNE 2Wine, Waves & BeyondWhen it comes to having fun, the Central Coast knows how to do it right. This classic surf and wine event celebrates thebest of San Luis Obispo County. Combining the fun, laid back atmosphere of the wine country and unique surf culture,enjoy four days of unforgettable events evoking the magic of wine and waves. These events take place at numerous scenicvenues throughout San Luis Obispo County. All proceeds go to support the Association of Amputee Surfers (AmpSurf).Over the past two years, WW&B has raised $26,000 for AmpSurf, and they are excited to continue to support this amazingorganization., 805-556-3306• Thursday, May 30: Surf Movie Night at the Fremont Theatre, SLO, 6:30, $10• Friday, May 30: Barrel to Barrel at the Cliffs Resort, Pismo Beach, 5-8pm, $45• Saturday, June 1: Winemaker Dinner at the Cliffs Resort, Pismo Beach, 6:30pm, $75• Sunday, June 2: Longboard Surf Contest, Pismo Beach Pier, 7am-3pm, $30 entry fee• Sunday, June 2: 805 Classic, 12-5pm, FreeJUNE 1Cooking Class: Contemporary Country Cuisine at Niner Wine EstatesIn this hands-on cooking class with Chef Mat Beckett of Linn's, you will create heirloom tomato & pesto chevre crostini,Italian sausage-stuffed eggplant, Chimichiri couscous, a charbroiled shrimp & spinach salad and a cherry & dark chocolatemascarpone. Lunch included. 11am-2pm, $80, 805-239-2233, www.ninerwine.comJUNE 1Mastering Artisan Pizza with Lone Madrone WinesAre you an enthusiastic home pizza-maker, ready to take your pizza production to the next level? Do you want your pies toflaunt a crust dotted with irregular holes, a heady and slightly tangy aroma, a toothsome elastic snap and ethereal lightness?Come learn tricks from a pro. (Brigit’s Williams-Sonoma: Pizza is still a best selling cookbook, but since writing it she’sexpanded her knowledge base exponentially.) First, you need a trustworthy recipe for, two-day cold-fermented dough.Sound scary? It’s actually far easier than most doughs, because you can easily mold its slow, gentle rise around your ownschedule. Treasure this recipe: It won’t just change your pizza, it’ll change your life. 5pm, $80, email bb@brigitbinns.comJUNE 2Fog Catcher Retrospective Tasting & Tour at Niner WineThey are proud to introduce the first of a new annual series, the Fog Catcher Retrospective Tasting & Tour. They will beginthe day with a vineyard tour of their heart hill property, followed by a winery tour of their LEED-Silver certified productionwinery and end the day with special panel-format tasting and review of their Fog Catcher. They will begin the tasting withtheir inaugural 2004 vintage and progress through the years to the 2009 vintage, finishing with a preview of their not-yetbottled2010 Fog Catcher. This is your opportunity to sit one-on-one with Winemaker Amanda Cramer, Assistant WinemakerPatrick Muran and Vineyard Manager Jason Yeager to learn about what goes into growing the Bordeaux varieties that theyblend Fog to make their Fog Catcher, their winemaking approach and style, and what the future holds for Fog Catcher atNiner Wine Estates. 9am-12:30pm,$45 per person, $36/CLUB 9, $33.75/CLUB 9 Onyx, www.ninerwine.comJUNE 210th Annual Paso Pinot & Paella FestivalJoin the Paso Robles Pinot Noir Producers for an afternoon of great wine, exceptional food and unmatched fun. Mingle withthe winemakers and discover how the “sense of place”, or terroir, is reflected in each sip of glorious Paso Pinot Noir. Tastewhy leading food magazines identify this area as a great place for wonderful cuisine made with locally grown and farmfresh ingredients. Tickets include a souvenir Burgundy-style fine wine glass, endless tastes of 20 Paso Pinot Noirs pairedwith 20 paellas, live music by Incendio and dancing if you like. The festivities take place under the shade of a giant oaktrees in the park. Blankets and lawn chairs welcome. 2-5pm, $65pp, www.pinotandpaella.comJUNE 8Wine Club Pickup Party at Eos Estate WineryEos Estate Winery is throwing a pickup party for their wine club members and members of all Foley Family Wines sisterwineries. Their winemaker Paul Warson is entering a new vintage in life and they are hoping you’ll join them for acelebration to taste through some of Eos Estate Winery’s new vintages!, 805-591-8050JUNE 16Father’s Day Afternoon Lunch and Bocce Ball at Eberle WineryShow Dad you care by celebrating Father's Day at Eberle Winery! Featuring a gourmet lunch that includes wood-firedpizzas, wine and plenty of bocce ball fun, Dad will enjoy the gorgeous vineyard views while relaxing on their deck orplaying around with the gang. 12-2pm, Adults/$40 (includes wine), children (6-12) $15, children under five are free!Live music by Jan and Ted. 805-238-9607, www.eberlewinery.comPISMO BEACH/SHELL BEACHONGOINGComplimentary Limousine Service with Pismo Beach WineryTheir complimentary limousine service eliminates the need for a designated driver. Relax and travel in style on your winetasting excursion to Pismo Beach Winery. Must be at least 21 years old, allow approximately one hour.Limousine only travels from your resort to their winery and back. Free,, 805-773-9463ONGOINGHearst Castle ToursLed by an experienced guide, tour hearst Castle and encounter first-hand the majesty and beauty of this historical, 800-444-4445ONGOING FRIDAYSSips & Songs at Claiborne & Churchill VintnersLocal food and live music. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair; winery tables and chairs will be provided on a first come firstserve basis. Wine and food sold separately. 5:30-7:30pm,, 805-544-4066ONGOING SUNDAYSSips & Songs at Claiborne & Churchill VintnersLocal food and live music. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair; winery tables and chairs will be provided on a first-come,first-served basis. Wine and food sold separately. 1-3pm,, 805-544-4066ONGOING FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTHArt Gallery Events “Art After Dark”Various art galleries stay open late & host artist receptions with wine & cheese. 6-9pm, Downtown San Luis, 805-544-9251SAN LUIS OBISPOONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSMaster the Art of Wine and Cheese at Tolosa WineryFour cheeses are served using only artisan and/or farmstead products. Wine is paired with each cheese, utilizing theprinciples of balance and harmony. 11am-4pm, RSVP, 805-782-0500, www.tolosawinery.comMAY 4Alapay's 4th Winemaker Dinnerhave you ever stumbled on a great event!! They just did one of these sold-out dinners last June with a fabulous time had byall who attended. Their chef hit a "home run" as well with a beautiful meal beginning with pass-tray appetizers duringsocializing time followed by a wonderful 4-course meal. The wines kept coming too all night long with guitarist SteveMeyers hitting an all-time high. 7-10pm, $70, 805-595-2632,, www.alapaycellars.comMAY 11Wine Country Half MarathonSanta Barbara and the adjoining Santa Ynez Valley offer the ideal destination running experience. held in early May onMother’s Day weekend, it’s the perfect time to visit this haven for outdoor recreation. The area has plenty to offer includingbeach and ocean activities, hiking, biking and running trails, historic towns and missions, plenty of shopping and restaurantoptions, and an abundance of wineries and tasting rooms. And you’ll LOVE this scenic course that runs from downtownSanta Ynez through Los Olivos into the Danish-settled town of Solvang. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a weekendfull of activities in this bucolic setting and celebrate in style at the expanded post-race Wine & Music Festival in SolvangPark. Run the half marathon or the two-person relay. Form a team of six or more. Run with, or for, your mother. But bewarned…this race is habit forming and sells out early! 9:30am-12pm, www.destinationraces.com48 More events at

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | CALENDAR OF EVENTSMAY 194th Annual Cote de Tolosa at Tolosa WineryTolosa winemaker, Larry Brooks is ready to lead the bravest of cyclists on our 4th Annual Cote de Tolosa. This event isdesigned with dedicated sport and competitive cyclists in mind. They will start at 7am at Tolosa Winery just south of downtownSan Luis Obispo on Rt. 227. A catered lunch with wine will follow for all participants. Guests, spouses and friends arewelcome to join the competitors for lunch afterwards at a nominal cost. Trophies will be awarded and all profits will bedonated to the SLO County Bicycle Coalition in appreciation of Bike Month 2013. www.tolosawinery.comSANTA BARBARA COUNTYMAY 1840th Anniversary Celebration at Zaca MesaCome celebrate their 40th Anniversary at the winery! Enjoy the history of zaca Mesa, wine education, barrel samples, newrelease wines, food, live music and winery tours! 11am-4pm, 805-688-9339, www.zacamesa.comSANTA YNEZONGOINGGlider Rides at the AirportSanta Ynez,, 805-688-2517LOMPOC/BUELLTONONGOING SECOND & FOURTH WEDNESDAYQuiz Night at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.6:30-10pm,, 805-694-2252ONGOING FRIDAYS & SATURDAYSLive Music at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.6:30-10pm,, 805-694-2252ONGOING EVERY OTHER SATURDAYCentral Coast Tasting Series at Avant Tapas and, 805-686-4742LOS OLIVOS/FOXEN CANYONMAY 19Ladybug Release Party at Coquelicot Estate VineyardThe event will be comprised of thousands of ladybugs released into the vineyard to reflect the estate's deep commitment toorganic agriculture. The fun-filled family event will include a tour of the vineyard, lots of wine, delicious multi-course BBQ,wine lectures and of course, the much anticipated release. The event is sure to be an exciting and unique experience.12-5pm, $79/adults $25/children,, 805-688-1500JUNE 8Los Olivos Jazz and Olive FestivalThe Jazz & Olive Festival brings together new and notable performers on the jazz scene. Twenty seven local wineries will beoffering wine tastings and thirty amateur chefs will be competing in the “Olive in the kitchen” cook-off while providingsamples to their guests. Olive vendors will be offering olive oil and other olive related products. Cooking demonstrations,using olive based recipes will be provided by local professional chefs. For more information go to www.losolivosrotary.orgor call Peter Robbins at 805-895-0476SANTA BARBARAONGOING THURSDAYSPizza Party at Corks n’ CrownsFine wine and craft beer pairing with Full of Life Flatbread Gourmet Pizza. 4-7pm, www.corksandcrowns.com805-845-8600ONGOING SUNDAYSCupcakes & Sparkling Wine at Corks n’ Crowns11:30am,, 805-845-8600ONGOING SATURDAY & SUNDAYLive Music at Oreana WineryWine tasting and wine by the glass, 2-5pm, www.oreanawinery.comONGOING MONDAYSMonday Night Movie Night at Oreana WineryEvent is inside but it gets chilly so dress accordingly. Folding chairs are provided but feel free to bring your own. You maybring a picnic but no outside alcohol allowed. Wine, popcorn and candy available for purchase., 805-962-5857SANTA MARIA/FOXEN CANYONONGOING MONDAY-THURSDAYCosta de Oro Happy Hour4-6pm, wine by the glass $7, $5 club members, 805-922-1468ONGOINGFriday Night Wine Down at Costa de OroGreat way to start your weekend! Enjoy live music, wine tasting and cheese plates. 5-8pm, www.cdowinery.com805-922-1468ONGOING SUNDAYSChampagne Sunday Brunch at the Historic Santa Maria InnEnjoy a variety of selected meats, carving stations and an omelette station along with a salad bar. They also featuretraditional breakfast fare, many side dishes and an elaborate and delicious dessert station. 10am-2pm, $21.95/adults,$18.95/seniors, $12.95/children,, 805-928-7777MAY 11GSM Blending Event at Zaca MesaThis is such a popular event that they had to do it again. Each guest will become a master winemaker for the day! Createyour signature blend, bottle it to take home and to cellar. Enjoy blending your masterpiece, picnic lunch and wine in thecourtyard. 10am-1pm, RSVP required, 805-688-9339, www.zacamesa.comPost your events at www.WineCountryThisMonth.comONGOING JUNE THROUGH AUGUSTThe Summer PassEnjoy the ultimate in wine tasting! With the purchase of a Santa Ynez Wine Country Summer Pass, you can design your ownwine tasting experience any time during the Summer Pass season. www.santaynezwinecountry.comSOLVANGONGOING TUESDAYSOpen Mic Night at Carivintas WineryCome in and showcase your talent to be considered for an upcoming gig at Carivintas. 5-7pm, www.carivintas.com805-693-4331ONGOING THIRD WEDNESDAYSWine WalkEach month on the Third Wednesday - enjoy wine tasting while strolling through the Village of Solvang. Most wine tastingrooms offer special discounts to Wine Walk participants on wine & merchandise. $20 (cash only please) includes a SolvangThird Wednesday logo glass, map and tasting at 5 places of your choice. Tickets available at The Olive house (1661 MissionDr), Sort This Out Cellars (1636 Copenhagen Dr) or Wandering Dog Wine Bar (1539 Mission Dr)www.solvang3rdwednesday.comONGOING WEDNESDAYSSolvang Farmer's MarketFresh produce, flowers and foods. First Street, Solvang. 2:30-6pm, www.sbfarmersmarket.orgONGOING THURSDAYSWandering Dog Wine Bar presents Blind Tasting ThursdayChallenge your palate and learn about wine at the same time! Every month features a different region. No reservationsrequired. 4-7pm, $15,, 805-686-9126ONGOING THURSDAYSTeachers Night at Carivintas WineryAll teachers are invited. Receive discounts and play games. 5-7pm,, 805-693-4331ONGOING FRIDAYSMovie Night at Carivintas Winery6-9pm,, 805-693-4331ONGOING EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAYLive Music in the Tasting Room at Sort This Out Cellarskeep a lookout for special band performances that you won't want to miss!, 805-688-1717ONGOING SATURDAYSLive Music at Carivintas Winery6-9pm,, 805-693-4331ONGOING FRIDAY-SUNDAYWandering Dog Wine Bar Cupcakes & Wine FlightTasters enjoy 3 wines, each paired with a delicious gourmet cupcake from Solvang Bakery. Flight includes 3 half glasses ofwine and 3 cupcakes. $20,, 805-686-9126ONGOING LAST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTHLompoc Animal Shelter Adoptions at Carivintas WineryMeet the wonderful volunteers and animals from the shelter. Take one or two home and start a new family., 805-693-4331ONGOING WEDNESDAYSSolvang Farmers MarketFresh produce, flowers & foods, on First Street, between Mission Drive and Copenhagen,, 805-962-5354ONGOING THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTHSolvang Third WednesdayShop Solvang, save money and have fun! Over 60 stores, restaurants, wine tasting rooms and professional offices offerspecial discounts and sales all day. Discover Solvang’s unique stores and boutiques. Delight in a divine culinary experienceand take advantage of the Third Wednesday specials offered by participating restaurants, bakeries and sweet shops.VENTURA COUNTYONGOINGAn Evening with the Sommelier at Herzog Wine CellarsExplore a world of flavors with their tasting room Sommelier. 7pm, $15, $10/wine club, www.herzogwinecellars.com805-983-156049

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013WINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESP A S O R O B L E S A R E AAdelaida Cellars – Paso Robles Daily 10-55805 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-8980 X X XAlta Colina – Paso RoblesTh-Su2725 Adelaida Rd; 805 227-4191 11-5 X XAmByth Estate – TempletonBy510 Sequoia Lane; 805 305-9497 appt X XAncient Peaks – Santa Margarita Th-Mo22720B El Camino Real; 805-365-7045 11-5:30 X X XAnglim – Paso Robles Th-Mo 11-6740 Pine St; 805-227-6813 or by Appt X XAronHill Vineyards – Templeton Daily3745 W. Hwy 46; 805-434-3066 11-5 X XArroyo Robles – Paso RoblesDaily1317 Park St; 877-759-WINE 11-7 X XAsuncion Ridge – Paso Robles Daily 12:30-6729 12th Street; 805 237-3780 Fri-Sat till 8 X XAugust Ridge – Creston Fr 12-58790 E. Highway 41; 805 239-2455 Sa-Su 11-5 X XB & E Vineyards – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-510,000 Creston Rd; 805-238-4815 or by appt X XBarrel 27 Wine Co – Paso Robles Daily2323 Tulley Rd #110; 805-237-1245 11-5 X XBassetti Vineyards – CambriaBy1191 N. Green Valley Rd; 805-927-1925 Appt X XBella Luna – TempletonFr-Mo1850 Templeton Rd; 805-434-5477 10-5 X XBerardo Vineyards – Paso Robles Weekends3280 Township Rd; 805-239-9432 12-5 X XBianchi Winery – Paso RoblesDaily3380 Branch Rd; 805-226-9922 10-5 X XBlack Hand Cellars – CambriaDaily766 Main Street, Suite B ; 805-927-9463 11-5 X XBodegas Paso Robles– Paso Robles Daily 12:30-6729 13th Street; 805 237-3780 Fri-Sat till 8 X XBon Niche Cellars – San MiguelBy2627 Golden Eagle Way; 805-286-7798 Appt X XBooker Vineyard – Paso Robles Thu-Sun2640 Anderson Road; 805-237-7367 11-5 X XBrian Benson Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su2985 Anderson Rd; 805-296-9463 10:30-5 X XBrochelle Vineyards – Paso Robles Thu-Mon2323 Tuley Ct, #130 ; 805-237-4410 11-5 X XBROKEN EARTH – Paso Robles Fri-Mon 10-65625 Hwy 46E; 805 239-2562 Tue-Thu 11-5:30 X XCALCAREOUS – Paso RoblesDaily3430 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-239-0289 11-5 X XCaliza Winery – Paso Robles Thu-Sun 11-4:302570 Anderson Rd; 805-237-1480 or by appt X XCaparone Winery – Paso Robles Daily 11-52280 San Marcos Rd; 805-467-3827 Closed Wed X X XCarina Cellars – Paso RoblesFri-Mon3525 Adelaida Rd; 805-252-0860 11-5 X X XCarmody McKnight Estate Wines – Paso Robles11240 Chimney Rock Rd; 805-238-9392 Daily 10-5 X XCass Vineyards – Paso RoblesDaily7350 Linne Rd; 805-239-1730 11-5 X X50CASTORO CELLARS – Templeton Daily1315 N Bethal Rd; 805-238-0725 10-5:30 X XCayucos Cellars – Cayucos Daily 11-5:30131 N Ocean Ave; 805-995-3036 Closed Tue X XCELLAR 360 – Paso RoblesFri-Sun7000 Hwy 46 E; 805-226-7133 10-5 X XCerro Prieto – Paso RoblesBy appt3432 Los Tablas Willow Creek Rd; 805 226-8448 X XChangala Winery – Paso Robles Fr-Mo3770 Willow Creek Road; 805-226-9060 11-5 X XChateau Margene – CrestonSat-Sun4385 La Panza Rd; 805-238-2321 11-5 X XChateau Margene – Paso Robles Daily6996 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805 238-3500 11- 5 X XChronic Cellars – Paso RoblesDaily2020 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805 237-7848 11:30-5:30 X XChumeia Vineyards – Paso Robles Mo-Th 12-58331 Hwy 46 E; 805-226-0102 Fr-Su 11-5 X XCinquain Cellars – San MiguelBy apt6404 Independence Ranch Pl; 805 400-5978 X XCLAUTIERE VNYD – Paso Robles Th-Mo1340 Penman Springs Rd; 805-237-3789 12-5 X XClavo Cellars – TempletonDaily315 South Main St; 805-226-0174 12-5 X XClayhouse Wines – Paso Robles Su-Th 11-6849 13th St; 805 238-7055 Fr-Sa 12-7 X XClos Solene Wines – Paso Robles By appt805 296-0478 X XCroad Vineyards – Paso Robles Thu-Mon3550 Vinedo Robles Ln; 805 226-9899 11-5 X XCypher Winery – TempletonDaily3750 Hwy 46 West; 805 237-0055 11-6 X XD’Anbino Cellars – Paso Robles Thu-Mon710 Pine St; 805-227-6800 11-6 X XDaou Vineyards – Paso RoblesDaily2777 Hidden Mountain Rd; 805 226-5460 11-5 X XDark Star Cellars – Paso RoblesFr-Su2985 Anderson Rd; 805-237-2389 10:30-5 X XDenner Vineyards & Winery – Paso Robles5414 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-4287 By appt X XDerby Wine Estates – Paso Robles Fr-Mo5620 Hwy 46 East; 805-238-6300 11-5 X XDOCE ROBLES – Paso Robles Daily2023 Twelve Oaks Dr; 805-227-4766 10-5:30 X XDomaine Degher – Paso RoblesBy8650 Centra Rd ; 805 296-2562 Appt X XDonati Family Vnyd – Templeton Daily 10-52720 Oak View Rd; 805-238-0676 X XDonatoni Winery – Paso Robles Sa-Su 12-53225 Township Rd; 805-226-0620 or by appt XDover Canyon Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su4520 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0101 11-5 X XDubost Winery – Paso RoblesFri-Sun9988 Chimney Rock Rd; 805-226-8463 11-5 X XDUNNING VINEYARDS ESTATE – Paso Robles1953 Niderer Rd; 805-238-4763 Th-Mo 11-5 X XEagle Castle Winery – Paso Robles Daily3090 Anderson Rd; 805-227-1428 10:30-5:30 X X XEBERLE WINERY – Paso Robles Win-10-53810 Hwy 46 E; 805-238-9607 Sum 10-6 X X XÉcluse Wines – Paso RoblesFr-Sun1520 Kiler Canyon Rd; 805 238-4998 11-4 X XEdward Sellers – Paso RoblesDaily1401 Hwy 46 West; 805 239-8915 11-5 X XEnfold Wines – Paso RoblesBy855 Windwood Rd; 805 239-2856 Appt X XEOS – Paso RoblesDaily2300 Airport Rd; 805-591-8050 10-5 X XEpoch Estate Wines – Templeton Fri-Mon7505 York Mountain Rd; 805 237-7575 11-5 X XFS Cellars – Paso RoblesThu-Sun1337 Vendels Circle; 805-226-8989 11-6 X XFalcon Nest Winery – Paso Robles Daily5185 Union Rd; 805-226-0227 10-7:30 X XFirst Crush Winemaking – Paso Robles Thu-Sat2975 Limestone Way; 805-434-2772 11-5 X XFour Sisters Ranch – San MiguelBy6961 Estrella Rd; 805 526-9242 Appt X XFratelli Perata – Paso RoblesBy1595 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2809 Appt X XFrolicking Frog – AtascaderoBy14490 San Miguel Rd; 805 466-0779 Appt X XGelfand Vineyards – Paso Robles By5530 Dresser Ranch Place; 805-239-5808 Appt X XGraveyard Vineyards – San Miguel Thu-Mon6990 Estrella Road; 805 467-2043 11-5 X X XGreMark Vnyds – Paso RoblesBy5325 Rancho La Loma Linda; 805 237-0154 Appt X XGrey Wolf Cellars – Paso Robles Daily2174 Hwy 46 West; 805-237-0771 11-5:30 X XGrizzly Republic – Paso Robles Opening840 13th St; 678-372-7288 July 14 X XHALTER RANCH VNYD– Paso Robles Daily8910 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-9455 11-5 X XHammerSky Vineyards– Paso Robles Th-Su7725 Vineyard Drive; 805-239-0930 11-5 X XHansen Vineyard – TempletonFr-Sun5575 El Pomar Dr; 805-239-8412 11-5 X XHarmony Cellars – Harmony Sum 10-5:303255 Harmony Valley Rd; 805 927-1625 Win 10-5 X XHearst Ranch – San SimeonDaily442 SLO San Simeon Rd; 805 927-4100 11-5 X XHEARTHSTONE– Paso Robles Thu-Mon5070 Vineyard Dr; 805 238-2544 11-5 X XHerman Story Wines– Paso Robles Thu-Sun 11-41227 Paso Robles St; 805-237-2400 or by appt X XHidden Oak – TempletonFr-Sun4671 South El Pomar; 805 237-9315 11-5 X XHope Family Wines – Paso Robles Fr-Sa1585 Live Oak Road; 805 238-4112 10-4 X XHug Cellars – Paso Robles Daily 11-52323 Tuley Rd; 805-226- 8022 & By Appt X X XHUNT CELLARS – Paso Robles Daily2875 Oakdale Rd; 805-237-1600 10:30-5 X XLook for us on Facebook and become a Fan!

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINERY LISTINGSWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESJ&J Cellars – San MiguelFri-Sun2850 Ranchita Canyon; 805-467-2891 11-5 X XJ. LOHR VNYDS & WINES Daily6169 Airport Rd, Paso Robles; 805-239-8900 10-5 X XJ. Paul Rosilez – Paso Robles Daily4889 Dry Creek Rd; 805-226-0550 11-5 X XJack Creek Cellars – Templeton Th-Mo 11-4:305265 Jack Creek Rd; 805-226-8283 or by appt X XJADA WINERY – Paso Robles Daily5620 Vineyard Dr; 805 226-4200 11-5 X X XJustin Winery – Paso RoblesDaily11680 Chimney Rock Rd; 805 238-6932 10-5 X X XKaleidos – Paso RoblesFri-Sun3770 Willow Creek; 805 226-0828 11-5 X XKenneth Volk – Paso RoblesDaily2485 Hwy 46W; 805 237-7896 10:30-5 X XKiamie Wine Cellars – Paso Robles Open daily9750 Adelaida Rd; 805 226-8333 11-5 X X XKukkula – TempletonFri-Sun9515 Chimney Rock Rd; 805 227-0111 11-5 X XL’Aventure Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su 11-42815 Live Oak Rd; 805-227-1588 or by appt X XLago Giuseppe – TempletonBy8345 Green Valley Rd, 46 W; 805-237-7300 Appt X XLaraneta Vynds – TempletonBy2602 Templeton Rd; 805 434-5090 Appt X XLe Cuvier – Paso RoblesDaily3333 Vine Hill Lane; 800-549-4764 11-5 X XLe Vigne Winery – Paso Robles Sum 11-65115 Buena Vista Dr; 805-227-4000 Win 11-5 X X XLinne Calodo – Paso RoblesBy3030 Vineyard Dr; 805-227-0797 Appt X XLocatelli – San MiguelFr-Su8585 Cross Canyons Rd; 805-467-0067 1l-4 X XLoma Linda Vineyards – Paso Robles By5155 Rancho La Loma Linda Dr: 805 227-7172Appt X XLone Madrone – Paso RoblesDaily2485 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0845 10:30-5 X XMaloy O’Neill – Paso RoblesDaily5725 Union Rd; 805 238-6430 10-5 X XMidnight Cellars – Paso Robles Win Daily 10-52925 Anderson Rd; 805-239-8904 Sum Daily 10-5:30 X XMinassian-Young – Paso RoblesTh-Mo4045 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-7571 11-5 X XMitchella Vineyard – Paso Robles Thu-Su 12-52525 Mitchella Ranch Way; 805 239-8555 or by appt X XMONDO CELLARS – Paso Robles Daily3260 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805 226-2925 11-6 X X XMoonstone Cellars – CambriaDaily801 Main St, Suite C; 805-927-9466 11-5 X XNadeau Family Vintners – Paso Robles Fr-Su3860 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-239-3574 11-5 X XNINER WINE ESTATE – Paso Robles Daily2400 Highway 46 West; 805-239-2233 10-5 X XOPOLO VINEYARDS – Paso Robles Daily7110 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-9593 10-5 X XOso Libre Winery – Paso Robles Wed-Mon7383 Vineyard Dr; 805 238-3378 11-5 X XParrish Family – Paso Robles Th-Mo 1-6:301220 Park St; 805 286-4028 Fr-Sa 1-7:30 X XPaso Port Wine Co – in Steinbeck Vnyds Thu-Mon5940 Union Rd, Paso Robles; 805 239-2229 11-5 X XPaso Robles Wine Club – Paso Robles Daily800 Pine St, Ste 101; 866-238-6400 10-6 X XPASO WINE CENTRE – Paso Robles Tue-Thu 4-91240 Park Street; 805 239-9156 Fri-Sat 1-9, Sun 1-7 X XPEACHY CANYON – Paso Robles Daily1480 N. Bethel Rd; 805-239-1918 10-5:30 X XPEAR VALLEY – Paso RoblesDaily4900 Union Road; 805 237-2861 11-5 X XPenman Springs – Paso Robles Thu-Sun1985 Penman Springs Dr; 805-237-7959 11-5 X XPer Cazo Cellars – Paso RoblesBy5325 Vineyard Dr; 805 227-4949 Appt XPianetta – Paso Robles Sun-Thurs 12-6829 13th St; 805-226-4005 Fri-Sat 11-7 X X XPipestone – Paso RoblesTh-Mo2040 Niderer Rd; 805-227-6385 11-5 X XPithy Little Wine Co – Paso Robles Mo-Fr 12-61244 Pine St, Ste B; 805-546-1059 Sa 11-6, Su 11-5 X XPOALILLO VINEYARDS – Paso RoblesDaily7970 Vineyard Drive; 805-238-0621 11-5 X XPOMAR JUNCTION – Templeton Daily5036 S. El Pomar Dr; 805-238-9940 11-5 X XPozo Valley – Santa MargaritaFr-Su2200 El Camino Real; 805-438-3375 12-5 X XPretty Smith – San MiguelFr-Su13350 River Rd; 805-467-3104 11-5 X XProulx – Paso RoblesThu-Mon5424 Vineyard Drive; 805-226-2800 11-5 X XRabbit Ridge – Paso RoblesThu-Sun1172 San Marcos Rd; 805-467-3331 11-5 X XRanchita Canyon Vnyd – San Miguel Fri-Mon3439 Ranchita Canyon Road; 805 467-9448 11-5 X XRangeland Wines – Paso RoblesBy10425 Klau Mine Road; 805 674-9232 Appt X XRed Soles – Paso RoblesDaily3230 Oakdale Rd; 805-226-9898 11-5 X XRio Seco – Paso RoblesDaily4295 Union Rd; 805-237-8884 11-5 X XRiverStar Vineyards – San Miguel Thu-Mon7450 Estrella Rd; 805 467-0086 11-5 X XRN Estate Winery – Paso RoblesBy7986 North River Rd; 805 610-9802 Appt X XROBERT HALL – Paso Robles Daily Win 10-53443 Mill Rd; 805-239-1616 Sum 10-6 X X XRockin’ R Wine – Paso RoblesFri-Sun8500 Union Rd, Ste C; 805 835-8529 11-5 X XRocky Creek Cellars – Templeton Daily8687 Apple Rd; 805-238-1919 11-5 X XROTTA WINERY – Templeton Daily250 Winery Road; 805-237-0510 10:30-5:30 X XRoxo Port Cellars – Paso RoblesDaily6996 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-1600 11-5 X XSan Antonio Winery – Paso Robles Daily2610 Buena Vista; 805 226-2600 10-6 X XSan Marcos Creek – Paso RoblesDaily7750 North Hwy 101; 805-467-9260 11-5 X XSarzotti Winery – Templeton Thu-Sun 11-5180 Bella Ranch Rd; 805 226-2022 or by appt X XSculpterra Winery – Paso Robles Daily5015 Linne Road, 805-226-8881 10-5 X XSextant Wines – Paso RoblesDaily2324 W. Hwy 46, 805 542-0133 10-5 X XShale Oak Winery – Paso RoblesThu-Mon3235 Oakdale Rd, 805-239-4800 10-5 X XSharp’s Hill – Poured at Vinoteca, Paso Robles835 12th St; 805 227-7154 Mo-Th 4-9, Fri & Sa 4-11 X XSILVER HORSEWINERY2995 Pleasant Road, San Miguel805-467-WINEOpen Friday-Sunday 11-5or by appointmentCome see what everyone is talking about!Stacked Stone Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Sa 11-51525 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-7872 Su 12-5 X XSTANGER Vineyards – Paso Robles7970 Vineyard Drive; 805 238-4777 Daily 11-5 X X5225 Hwy 41, Creston Daily 11-5 X XStarr-Ranch – Paso RoblesBy9320 Chimney Rock Rd; 805 227-0144 Appt X XSteinbeck – Paso RoblesTh-Mo5940 Union Rd; 805 238-1854 11-5 X XStephen’s Cellar – TempletonBy7575 York Mountain Rd; 805-238-2412 Appt X XStill Waters Vineyards – Paso Robles Th-Mo2750 Old Grove Ln; 805-237-9231 11-5 X XSUMMERWOOD – Paso Robles Daily2175 Arbor Rd; 805-227-1365 10-6 X XTablas Creek – Paso RoblesDaily9339 Adelaida Rd; 805-237-1231 10-5 X X XTACKITT FAMILY– San Miguel Fri-Sun X X6640 Von Dollen Rd; 805 467-9490 12-5Tassajara Cellars – San Miguel Fri-Sun 11-5In the barrel room at Silver Horse; 805-239-8511 X XTerry Hoage – Paso RoblesTh-Mo870 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2083 11-4 X XThacher Winery – Paso Robles Th-Mo 11-58355 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0087 or by appt X XTobin James Cellars – Paso Robles Daily8950 Union Rd; 805-239-2204 10-6 X XTolo Cellars – Paso Robles Thu-Mon 11-59750 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-2282 or by appt X XTreana Winery – Paso RoblesFr-Sa1585 Live Oak Rd; 805 238-4112 10-4 X XTurley Wine Cellars – Templeton Daily2900 Vineyard Dr; 805-434-1030 9-5 X XTwilight Cellars– San Juan Bautista Thur-Sun110 Orchard Hill Rd; 805-238-7143 11-5 X XVENTEUX VINEYARDS – Templeton Daily1795 Las Tablas Rd; 805-369-0127 10-5 X XVeris Cellars – Templeton Win 11-51266 Bethel Rd; 805-434-0319 Sum 11-6 X X XSign up for our email newsletter at www.WineCountryThisMonth.com51

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013WINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESVia Vega Vnyd & Winery – Paso Robles Fr-Sa 11-52378 Adobe Rd; 805-423-2190 or By Appt X XVictor Hugo Winery – TempletonBy2850 El Pomar Dr; 805-434-1128 Appt X XVillicana Winery – Paso RoblesTh-Su2725 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-9456 11-5 X XVilla Creek Cellars – Paso Robles Fri-Sun 11-55995 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805 238-7145 or by appt X XVILLA SAN-JULIETTE – San Miguel Daily6385 Cross Canyon Rd; 805 550-0522 11-5 X XVINA ROBLES – Paso Robles Sum 10-63700 Mill Rd; 805-227-4812 Win 10-5 X XVines on the Marycrest – Paso Robles Fri-Sat 11-55050 Mustard Creek Rd; 805 237-0378 Sun 10-4 X XVista Del Rey – Paso Robles Su 11-57340 Drake Rd; 805-467-2138 By Appt X XWCP Cellars – Paso Robles Fri 2-6, Sat 12-67340 Drake Rd; 805-467-2138 Sun 12-4 X XWestburg Cellars – Paso Robles 3rd weekend 12-43180 Willow Creek Rd; 805 238-9321 or by appt X XWhalebone Vineyard – Paso Robles Mon-Fri 11-58325 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-9020 Sat-Sun 10-5:30 X XWild Coyote Winery – Paso Robles Daily3775 Adelaida Rd; 805-610-1311 11-5 X XWILD HORSE WINERY – Templeton Daily1484 Wild Horse Winery Ct; 805-434-2541 11-5 X XWindward Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily1380 Live Oak Rd; 805-239-2565 10:30-5 X XZenaida Cellars – Paso RoblesDaily1550 Hwy 46 West; 805-227-0382 11-5 X X XZinAlley – TempletonFri-Sun3730 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0959 11-5 X XS A N L U I S O B I S P OALAPAY CELLARS – Avila Beach Daily415 First St; 805-595-2632 10:30-6 X XAutry Cellars – San Luis ObispoFri-Sun835 Capitolio Way, #3; 805-546-8669 11-6 X XAu Bon Climat– Pismo Beach at Taste of the Valleys911A Price Street; 805-773-8466 Su-Th 12-9, Fr-Sa 12-10 X XBAILEYANA ESTATE – San Luis ObispoDaily5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 10-5 X XBARNWOOD – Arroyo Grande Daily453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 888-809-VINE 11-5 X XBISHOP’S PEAK – Arroyo Grande Daily3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446 10-4:30 X XCenter of Effort Wine – Arroyo Grande By2199 Corbett Canyon Rd; 805 782-9463 Appt X XCerro Caliente – San Luis ObispoFr-Su831 A Via Esteban; 805-544-2842 11-5 X XCHAMISAL VNYDS – San Luis Obispo7525 Orcutt Rd; 805-541-9463 Daily 10-5 X XClaiborne & Churchill – San Luis Obispo Daily2649 Carpenter Canyon Rd; 805-544-4066 11-5 X X52Clesi Wines – San Luis ObispoCall1850 Calle Joaquin Rd; 805-286-5073 for hours X X XCuvee Champagne Bar – Avila Beach Fr 4-10, Sa 1-10550 1st St; 805-727-4144 Su 12-7pm X XEdna Valley Vnyd – San Luis Obispo2585 Biddle Ranch Rd; 805-544-5855 Daily 10-5 X XKelsey See Canyon – San Luis Obispo1947 See Canyon Rd; 805-595-9700 Daily 11-5:30 X X XKynsi Winery – Arroyo GrandeTh-Mo2212 Corbett Canyon Rd; 805-544-8461 11-5 X XLAETITIA VNYD – Arroyo Grande Daily453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 805-481-1772 11-5 X XLuis Wine Bar – San Luis Obispo Mo-Th 3-11, Fr 3-121021 Higuera; 805-762-4747 Sa 12-2, Su 12-11 X XMargerum – Pismo Beach at Taste of the Valleys911A Price Street; 805-773-8466 Su-Th 12-9, Fr-Sa 12-10 X XMonterey Street Wine Co – San Luis Obispo1255 Monterey St; 805-541-1255 Tue-Wed 1:30-7, Thu-Sat 1:30-9 X XMorovino – Avila Beach Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu 12-576 Landing Passage; 805-627-1443 Fri-Sat 12-6 X XNADIA – Arroyo Grande453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 805-481-1772 Daily 11-5 X XPeloton Cellars – Avilia Beach Mon, Thu, Sat 12-6470 Front St; 805-627-1080 Fri 12-8, Sun 11-4 X XPhantom Rivers – Arroyo Grande Sun-Thu 12-5211 E. Branch St; 805-481-WINE Fri 12-9, Sat 12-7 X XPiedra Creek Winery – San Luis Obispo By6425 Mira Cielo Dr; 805-541-1281 Appt X XPismo Beach Winery – Pismo Beach Daily271 B Five Cities; 805-773-WINE 12-5 X X XRancho Arroyo Grande – Arroyo Grande 1st Sat591 Hi Mountain Rd; 805-474-0220 11-5Salisbury Vnyds – Avila Valley Fri-Sun 11-66985 Ontario Rd; 805-595-WINE Mon-Thu 12-6 X XSaucelito Canyon – San Luis Obispo Daily3080 Biddle Ranch Rd; 805-543-2111 10-5 X XSextant Wines/10knot Cellars – SLO Mon-Fri 10-41653 Old Price Cnyn Rd; 866-833-WINE Sat-Sun 10-5 X XStephen Ross – San Luis Obispo Thur-Sun178 Suburban Rd; 805-594-1318 11-5 X X XTALLEY VNYDS – Arroyo Grande3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446 Daily 10:30-4:30 X XTANGENT WINERY – San Luis Obispo5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 Daily 10-5 X XTaste of the Valleys – San Luis Obispo Su-Th 12-9911A Price Street; 805-773-8466 Fr-Sa 12-10 X XTOLOSA WINERY – San Luis Obispo Daily4910 Edna Rd; 805-782-0500 11-5 X XWolff Vineyards – San Luis Obispo Daily6238 Orcutt Rd; 805-781-0448 11-5 X X XWilliam James – Pismo Beach at Taste of the Valleys911A Price Street; 805-773-8466 Su-Th 12-9, Fr-Sa 12-10 X XWOOD WINERY – Avila Beach Open daily at 11480 Front St; 805-595-9663 Fri till 8, Sat till 7 X XSANTA MARIA/FOXEN CANYONAddamo Estate Vnyds – OrcuttBy2510 E. Clark Ave; 805-937-6400 Appt X XANDREW MURRAY – Los Olivos Sat-Sun5095 Zaca Station Rd; 805 686-9604 11-4 X X XCambria Winery – Santa MariaDaily5475 Chardonnay Lane; 805 938-7318 10-5 X XCore Wine – Orcutt Wed 1-5, Thu 4-5, Fri 1-8, Sat 12-6145 S. Gray Street, Ste 103; 805 937-1600 Sun 12-5 X XCOSTA DE ORO – Santa Maria Daily 11-61331 S. Nicholson Ave; 805-922-1468 Fri till 8 X XCottonwood Canyon – Santa Maria Daily3940 Dominion Rd; 805 937-1600 10-5 X X XCurtis Winery – Los OlivosDaily5249 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-686-8999 10-5 X XDemetria – Los OlivosBy6701 Foxen Canyon R; 805 686-2345 Appt X XFess Parker – Los OlivosDaily6200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-1545 10-5 X XFIRESTONE VNYDS – Los Olivos5000 Zaca Station Rd; 805-688-3940 Daily 11-5 X X XFoxen Vineyard – Santa MariaDaily7200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-4251 11-4 X XKenneth Volk Vineyards – Santa Maria5230 Tepusquet Rd; 805-938-7896 Daily 10:30-4:30 X X XKoehler – Los OlivosDaily5360 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-693-8384 10-5 X XLa Fenêtre – Santa MariaBy2717 Aviation Way; 310-977-5615 Appt X XMcKeon-Philips – Santa MariaThu-Mon2115 S Blosser Rd, #114; 805-928-3025 11:30-5:30 X XOvene Winery – Santa Maria (Tasting Room: See Solvang)2717 Aviation Way; 714-420-2525 By Appt X XRancho Sisquoc Winery – Santa Maria Mon-Thu 10-46600 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-934-4332 Fri-Sun 10-5 X XRiverbench Vineyards – Santa Maria Daily6020 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-8340 10-4 X X XSagebrush Annie’s – VentucopaSat-Sun4211 Hwy 33; 661 766-2319 11:30-5 X XSierra Madre Vineyard – Santa Maria2570 Prell Road; 805-922-3100 By Appt X XTantara Vineyard – Santa MariaBy4747 Ontiveros Lane; 805-938-5051 Appt X XTorretti’s Family – Santa MariaBy2108 Quail Canyon Rd; 805-714-0622 Appt X XTres Hermanas Winery – Santa Maria Daily9660 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-8451 10-5 X XWine Country – Orcutt Thu-Sat 1-8130 N. Broadway St, Ste A; 805-688-9339 Sun 1-6 X XZaca Mesa – Los Olivos, 805-688-9339 Daily 10-46905 Foxen Canyon Rd Summer Fri-Sat till 5 X XGo to for more winery information

MAY 2013WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINERY LISTINGSWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESL O S A L A M O SBEDFORD – Los AlamosDaily448 Bell St; 805-344-2107 11-5 X XCASA DUMETZ WINES – Los Alamos Thu 12-7, Fri-Sat 11-74448 Bell St, Ste B, 805-344-1900 Sun 11-6 X XMARTIAN RANCH & VNYDS – Los Alamos Daily9110 Alisos Canyon Rd; 805-344-1804 10-5 X XL O S O L I V O SAlexander & Wayne – Los Olivos Daily2922 Grand Ave; 805-688-9665 11-6 X XALTA MARIA VINEYARDS – Los Olivos Daily2933 Grand Ave; 805-686-1144 11-5 X XANDREW MURRAY – Los Olivos Tasting Room2901 Grand Ave; 805-693-9644 Daily 11-5 X XArthur Earl – Los OlivosDaily2922 Grand Ave; 805-693-1771 11-6 X XArtiste– Los OlivosDaily2948E Grand Avenue; 805 686-2626 11-5:30 X XBeckmen Vineyards – Los Olivos Daily2670 Ontiveros; 805-688-8664 11-5 X XBernat – Tasted at Los Olivos Cafe2879 Grand Ave; 805794-5217 Daily X XBin 2860 – Los Olivos Sun-Thu 11-72860 Grand Ave; 805 693-8537 Fri-Sat 11-8 X XBlair Fox Cellars – Los Olivos Fri-Sun 12-52902 San Marcos Ave, B; 805 691-1678 Or By Appt X XBrander Vineyard – Los Olivos Sum 10-52401 Refugio Rd; 805- 688-2455 Win 11-4 X XBrophy Clark Cellars – at Los Olivos Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-929-4830 Daily 11-6 X XBYRON VNYD – Los Olivos Tasting Room2367 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805 938-7365 Daily 11-5 X XCarhartt Vineyard – Los OlivosDaily2990A Grand Ave; 805-688-0685 11-5 X XCARINA CELLARS – Los Olivos Daily2900 Grand Ave, A; 805-688-2459 11-5 X XCIMARONE – Los OlivosThu-Sun2982 Grand Ave; 805-688-8011 11-5 X XCINQUE STELLA – Los Olivos Thu-Mon 11-52445 Alamo Pintado Ave, Ste 102; 805-686-4101 X XCOGHLAN VNYD – Los Olivos Daily2366 Alamo Pintado; 805-686-2395 11-5 X XConsilience – Los OlivosDaily2923 Grand Ave; 805-691-1020 11-5 X XCOQUELICOT – Los Olivos Daily 11-52884 Grand Ave; 805-688-1500 Sat 10-5 X XDaniel Gehrs Winery – Los Olivos Daily 10-62939 Grand Ave; 800-275-8138 Win till 5 X XDRAGONETTE – Los Olivos Thu-Mon2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-693-0077 11-5 X XEpiphany Cellars – Los OlivosDaily2963 Grand Ave; 866-354-9463 11- 5:30 X XE&T WINES – Los OlivosThur-Mon2901C Grand Ave; 866-688-6081 11:30- 5 X XEvans Ranch – Los OlivosDaily2901 Grand Ave; 805 688-0558 10-5 X X XFIRESTONE VNYD – Los Olivos Daily5000 Zaca Station Rd; 805-688-3940 10-5 X X XFONTES & PHILLIPS – Los Olivos Thu-Mon 11-52362 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805 688-2200 or by appt. X XKaena Wine – Los Olivos Fri-Sun 12-52933 San Marcos Ave, Ste 107; 805 451-6037 or by appt. X XLane Tanner Wines – at Los Olivos Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-7406 Daily 11-6 X XLongoria Wines – Los OlivosDaily2935 Grand Ave; 866-759-4637 11-4:30 X XLOS OLIVOS – Los Olivos Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-7406 Daily 11-5 X XPacific Ridge Vineyards – Los Olivos Daily2890 Grand Avenue; 805-688-1737 11-6 X XPresqu’ile Wine – Los OlivosDaily2369 Alamo Pintado Ave, 805-688-2022 11-5 X XQUPÉ WINE – at Qupé Tasting Room in Los Olivos2963 Grand Ave, Ste B; 805-686-4200 Daily 11-5 X XReeves Ranch Vineyard – Santa Ynez By4000 W. Oak Trail Rd; 805 688-7245 Appt X XSaarloos & Sons – Los OlivosDaily2971 Grand Ave; 805 688-1200 11-6 X XScott Cellars – Los OlivosWed-Mon2933 San Marcos Ave, #101; 805 686-5450 11-5 X XSTOLPMAN VNYDS– Los Olivos Daily2434 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-688-0400 11-5 X XTensley/Lea Wines – Los Olivos Fri-Sun2900 Grand Ave, Suite B ; 805-688-6761 11-5 X XTercero Wines – Los OlivosThu-Mon2445 Alamo Pintado Ave, Ste 104; 805-245-9584 12-5 X XTESSA MARIE – at E&T Wines Thur-Mon2901C Grand Ave, Los Olivos; 866-688-6081 11:30- 5 X XTORETTI FAMILY – Los Olivos Thur-Mon2933 San Marcos Ave, Ste 101; 805-688-8002 12-5:30 X XTre Anelli – Los OlivosDaily2923 Grand Ave; 805-686-3000 11-5 X XVerdad & Ethan – at Qupé Tasting Room in Los Olivos2963 B Grand Ave; 805-686-4200 Daily 11-5 X XWilliam James CellarsDaily2356 Alamo Pintado Ave, 805-478-9412 11:30- 5 X XL O M P O C / B U E L L T O NAlma Rosa – BuelltonDaily7250 Santa Rosa; 805-688-9090 11-4:30 X XAmpelos Cellars – LompocThur-Sun312 N 9th Street, 805-736-9957 11-5 X XArcadian Winery – Lompoc Mon-Thur 11-4:301515 E Chestnut Ave, Ste B; 805-737-3900 Fri-Sun 11-6 X XAVANT – BuelltonThur-Sun35 Industrial Way; 805 686-9400 11-8 X X XBabcock Winery – Lompoc Sum 10:30-55175 E. Hwy 246; 805-736-1455 Win 10:30-4 X XBrewer-Clifton – LompocFri-Sun329 N. F St; 805-735-9184 11-4 X XCasa Cassara – Buellton Mon, Wed,Thu 12-6:30291 Valley Station Dr; 805-688-8691 Fri-Sun 11-6:30 X XClos Pepe – at Taste of Sta Rita Hills Thu-Sun1505 E. Chestnut Ave, Lompoc; 805 735-8774 11-5 X XCold Heaven Cellars – Buellton Fri-Mon92 Second Street, A; 805 686-1343 12-5 X XD’Alfonso Curran – LompocBy4457 Santa Rosa Rd, 805 739-WINE Appt X XD’Vine – Lompoc Tue-Thu 3-9, Fri-Sat 3-11107 Ocean Ave; 805 735-8771 Closed Sun-Mon X XDierberg Estate/Star Lane – Lompoc1280 Drum Canyon Rd; 866-652-8430 Daily 11-5 X XEvening Land Vnyds – Lompoc Fri-Sun1503 Chestnut Ave; 805 736-9596 11-5 X XFIGUEROA MTN BREWERY – Lompoc Mo-Th 4-945 Industrial Way; 805 694-2252 Fr-Su 11-9 X XFiddlehead Cellars – Lompoc Thur-Sun1597 E. Chestnut Ave; 805 742-0204 11-4 X XFlying Goat Cellars – LompocThur-Sun1520 East Chestnut Court; 805 736-9032 11-4 X XFOLEY ESTATES – LompocDaily6121 East Hwy 246; 805-737-6222 10-5 X XHarrison-Clarke – LompocBy805-686-0850 Appt X XHitching Post Wines – at Hitching Post Restaurant in Buellton406 East Hwy 246; 805-688-0676 Daily from 4pm X XHuber Cellars – Lompoc Fri-Sun 11-54892 Hapgood Rd; 805-736-3854 & By Appt X XJALAMA WINES– Lompoc Fri-Sun 12-5308 North 9th St, C; 805-735-8937 & By Appt X XJOSEPH BLAIR– Lompoc Fri-Sun 12-51509 E Chestnut Ave; 805-735-8937 & By Appt X XKen Brown Wines – BuelltonBy70 Industrial Way; 805-448-3791 Appt X XLafond Vineyard – BuelltonDaily6855 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-688-7921 10-5 X XLa Vie Vnyds – LompocFri-Sun308 North 9th Street, D ; 805 291-2111 11-5 X XLongoria Wines – LompocFri-Sun1700 Industrial Way, A; 805 759-4637 11-4:30 X XLORING WINE CO – Lompoc Fri-Sun1591 E. Chestnut Ave; 805 742-0478 11-5 X XMelville Vineyard – LompocDaily5185 East Hwy 246; 805-735-7030 11-4 X XMoretti WIne Company – Lompoc Thu-Sun1595 E Chestnut Ave; (805) 735-4400 11-5 X XMosby Winery – Buellton Mon-Fri 10-49496 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-688-2415 Sa-Su 10-5 X XNew Vineland/Pierdrassi – Lompoc Fri-Sun1501 E Chestnut Ave; 805 736-6784 12-5 X XPali Wine Co. – Lompoc Sat & Sun 11-41036 W Aviation Dr; 805 736-7200 Mon-Thu by appt X XPALMINA – Lompoc Thur-Sat 11-51520 East Chestnut Ct; 805-735-2030 Sun-Mon 11-4 X XPoint Concepción Wines – LompocBy1601 W. Central Ave; 805-588-1545 Appt X XProdigal Wines – BuelltonFri-Mon92 Second St, A; 805-688-0476 12-4 X XSamsara – Lompoc Fri-Sun 11-41500 East Chestnut Ct; 805-331-2292 & by appt X XSanford Winery – Lompoc Sun-Thu 11-45010 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-735-5900 Fri-Sat 11-5 X XSCOTT CELLARS – Lompoc Fri-Sun316 North F St; 805 736-6161 11-4 X XEmail winery updates to 53

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH MAY 2013WINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESSTOLPMAN VYNDS – Lompoc Fri 1-51700-B Industrial Way; 805-736-5000 Sat-Sun 11-5 X XSweeny Canyon – BuelltonBy805-688-2415 Appt X XTASTE OF STA RITA HILLS – Lompoc Thu-Sun1505 E Chestnut Ave; 805 735-8774 11-5 X XThorne Wines – Buellton, poured at Avant Thur-Sun35 Industrial Way; 805 686-0911 11-8 X X XTRANSCENDENCE – LompocFri-Sun313 North F Street; 805-689-5258 11-4 X XZOTOVICH – Lompoc54Thur-Sun1500 E Chestnut Ct, Ste D; 805 736-1600 10-5 X XS O L V A N GAu Bon Climat – at Taste of the Valleys Su-Th 12-91672 Mission Drive; 805 937-9801 Fr-Sa 12-10 X XBaehner-Fournier Vineyard – tasted at Wandering Dog1539 Mission Dr, Solvang; 805-688-7118 Daily 11-7 X XBlackjack Ranch – SolvangTh-Mo2205 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-455-1412 11-5 X XButtonwood Farm – SolvangDaily1500 Alamo Pintado Rd; 800-715-1404 11-5 X XCARIVINTAS WINERY – Solvang Sun-Wed 12-7476 First St; 805 693-4331 Thu-Sat 12-10 X XDascomb Cellars – Solvang Mon, Thu, Fri 2-71659 Copenhagen Dr, C; 805 691-9175 Sat-Sun 12-7 X XGioia - Solvang – 805 689-7219 By Appt X XHarrison Clarke Wine - SolvangBy2825 Tapadero Rd; 805 686-0850 Appt X XLINCOURT VINEYARDS – Solvang Daily1711 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-8554 10-5 X XLIONS PEAK VNYDS – Solvang Mon-Thu 11-71659 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-5466 Fri-Sun 11-9 X XLucas & Lewellen – SolvangDaily1645 Copenhagen Dr; 805-686-9336 11-6 X XMission Meadow– Solvang Mon-Thur 11-5:301659 Copenhagen Dr, 805 693-1344 extended hrs wknds X XPresidio Vineyard – SolvangDaily1603 Copenhagen Dr, 805-693-8585 11-6 X XRideau Vineyard – SolvangDaily1562 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-0717 10:30-5 X XRoyal Oaks – SolvangDaily1651 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-1740 10-5 X XRusack Vineyard – SolvangDaily1819 Ballard Canyon Rd; 805-688-1278 11-5 X XSevtap Winery – Solvang Daily 11-81576 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-9200 Fri-Sat til 9 X XShoestring Winery – SolvangFr-Su800 East Hwy 246; 800-693-8612 10-4 X XSORT THIS OUT CELLARS – Solvang Sun-Thu 10-71636 Copenhagen Dr; 805-688-1717 Fri-Sat 10-10 X XTastes of the Valleys – Solvang Su-Th 12-81672 Mission Drive; 805 688-7111 Fr-Sa 12-10 X XToccata (Mandolina) Wines – Solvang Daily1665 Copenhagen Dr; 805-686-5506 11-5:30 X XValley Vino Wine Bar & Merchant – Solvang Sun-Thu 12-81557 Mission Dr; 805-691-9548 Fri-Sat 12-10X XVIKING GARDEN CELLARS – Solvang Open until448 Alisal Road, Suite E; 805 688-2670 9pm X XWANDERING DOG WINE BAR – Solvang1539 Mission Dr; 805-686-9126 Daily 11-8ish X XWilliam James– at Taste of the Valleys Su-Th 12-81672 Mission Drive; 805 688-7111 Fr-Sa 12-10 X XS A N T A Y N E ZBridlewood Estate – Santa YnezDaily3555 Roblar Ave; 805-688-9000 10-5 X X XCarr Tasting Room– Santa YnezDaily3563 Numancia St, #101; 805-688-5757 11-6 X XCentral California Wines – Santa Ynez Wed-Sun 12-53553 Sagunto St, Ste A; 805 691-4094 Fri-Sat 12-6 X XGainey Vineyard – Santa YnezDaily3950 East Hwy 246; 805-688-0558 10-5 X X XHappy Canyon Vnyds – Santa Ynez By805-686-0850 Appt X XHarrison Clarke – Santa YnezBy805-892-9711 Appt X XImagine Wine – Santa YnezDaily3563 Numancia #103; 805-688-1769 11-5 X XKalyra Winery – Santa Ynez Mo-Fr 11-5343 North Refugio Rd; 805-693-8864 Sa-Su 10-5 X XRefugio Ranch – Santa YnezBy3790 Via Rancheros; 805-686-0840 Appt X XReeves Ranch Vineyard – Santa Ynez By4000 W. Oak Trail Rd; 805 688-7245 Appt X XRoblar Winery – Santa Ynez Sat-Sun 11-53010 Roblar Ave; 805-686-2603 Mon-Fri 11-4 X XSunstone – Santa YnezDaily125 Refugio Rd; 800-313-9463 11-5 X XVogelzang Vineyard – Happy Canyon805 568-0900 Appt X XS A N T A B A R B A R AAu Bon Climat – Santa BarbaraDaily813 Anacapa St; 805 966-9463 Noon-6 X XCarr Vineyards – Santa Barbara Daily 11-6414 N. Salsipuedes St; 805-965-7985 Thu-Sat 11-8 X XCONWAY FAMILY – at Deep Sea Daily 11-7217 G Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara; 805 618-1185 X XCORKS N’ CROWNS– Santa Barbara Daily32 Anacapa St; 805-845-8600 11-6 X XCottonwood Canyon – Santa Barbara Thu-Mon224 Anacapa St, Ste 1A; 805-963-1221 10:30-6 X XDEEP SEA TASTING RM – Santa Barbara Daily217 G Stearns Wharf; 805 618-1185 11-7 X XGiessinger – Santa Barbara Mo-Th 12-7212 State St; 805-568-0820 Fr 12-7:30 Sa-Sun 11-8 X XGrassini Family – Santa Barbara Open 12-6pm813 Anacapa St, #6; 805-897-3366 Closed Tues-Wed X XJaffurs Wine Cellars– Santa Barbara Win Fri-Mon 11-5819 East Montectio St; 805-962-7003 Sum Daily 11-5 X XKalyra by the Sea – Santa Barbara Mo-Th 12-7212 State St; 805-695-8606 Fr-Su 12-8 X XKunin Wines – Santa BarbaraDaily28 Anacapa St, Suite A; 805 963-9633 11-6 X XMargerum – Santa BarbaraDaily813 Anacapa St; 805 966-9463 Noon-6 X XMunicipal Wine Co – Santa Barbara Daily28 Anacapa Street; 805 931-6864 11-6 X XOreana Winery – Santa Barbara205 Anacapa St; 805-962-5857 Daily 11-5 X XBySanta Barbara Winery – Santa Barbara Daily202 Anacapa St; 805-963-3633 10 - 5 X XSanguis Wines – Santa BarbaraFri-Mon8 Ashley Ave; 805 845-0920 By Appt X XSilver Wines – Santa BarbaraBy724 Reddick St; 805-963-3052 Appt X XSummerland – SummerlandDaily2330 Lillie Ave; 805-565-WINE 11-7 X XWhitcraft Winery – Santa Barbara Fri-Sun 12-436A S. Calle Cesar Chavez; 805-730-1680 Mon-Thu By Appt X XV E N T U R A C O U N T YBella Victorian Vineyard – Camarillo We-Th 11:30-72135 E. Ventura Blvd; 805-383-8800 Fr-Sat11:30-8, Su 11:30-4 X XCamarillo Custom Crush – Camarillo Sat-Sun300 S. Lewis Rd, Ste C; 805-484-0597 11-5 X XCantara Cellars – CamarilloWed-Sun126 N. Wood Rd, Ste 104; 805-484-9600 11-5 X XCasa Barranca – Ojai Wed, Thu, Sun 12-6208 E. Ojai Ave; 805-640-1255 Fri, Sat 12-8 X XFour Brix – Ventura Sat/Sun 12-52290 Eastman Ave #109; 805-256-6006 Fri 4-8 X XGiessinger Winery – Fillmore Mon-Thur 11-5365 Santa Clara St; 805-524-5000 Fri-Sun 11-6:30 X XHerzog Wine Cellars – Oxnard Sun-Thu 10:30-93201 Camino Del Sol; 805-938-1560 Fri 10:30-5 X XMagnavino Cellars – Downtown Oxnard Sat-Sun961 N. Rice Ave; 805 938-2500 11-6 X XOjai Beverage Co. & Tasting Rm – Ojai Daily655 E. Ojai Ave; 805 646-1700 10-9 X XOld Creek Ranch Winery – Ojai Valley Daily10024 Old Creek Rd; 805-649-4132 11-5 X XSpecial CouponsANDREW MURRAY VINEYARDS2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 42CARIVINTAS2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 37CELLAR 360 PASO ROBLES2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 7CIMARONE2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 43DEEP SEA – CONWAY FAMILYOne free tasting with ad PAGE 34FONTES & PHILLIPS2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 42LIONS PEAKMention ad for discounts PAGE 37SORT THIS OUT CELLARSDouble Down! 2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 36TACKITT FAMILY VINEYARDS10% off purchases with ad PAGE 25TOLOSA WINERYScan QR Code for 2 for 1 tasting PAGE 23VIKING GARDENFree cheese plate, with ad PAGE 36WILD HORSE WINERY & VINEYARDSMention ad for complimentaryreserve tasting PAGE 5Email winery updates to info@

HEARSTCASTLEMorroBayPasoRobles• San SimeonCambria York1Mountain46W•Cayucos•10141••1•Avila BeachPismoBeach•San Miguel22746ETempleton41• AtascaderoSan Luis Obispo•• •PASO ROBLESEDNA VALLEYArroyoGrande101166Santa•Maria•OrcuttARROYO GRANDEVALLEYLos Alamos••Lompoc1SANTA MARIASANTARITAHILLSDestination DriversYou relax. We drive...Your car, where you want to goin the wine country.VALLEY246A better, smarter, safer way to tour and taste.Book a driver at destinationdrivers.comor call 805-423-3176Buellton58166LosOlivos•Solvang• • •SANTAYNEZVALLEYCHUMASHCASINOSanta Ynez1545San Luis Obispo& Santa BarbaraCountiesGetting to Paso RoblesTRAVEL TIMEFROM MILES (Average)Monterey 116 2hrsLos Angeles 207 3hrs 33minSanta Ana 240 4hrs 11minSan Diego 328 5hrs 41minGetting to Santa BarbaraLos Angeles 95 1hrs 41minPaso Robles 123 2hrs 15minSanta Ana 127 2hrs 20minSan Diego 219 3hrs 50minMonterey 238 4hrsGetting to VenturaSanta Barbara 27 30 minLos Angeles 68 1hrs 13minSanta Ana 100 1hrs 52minPaso Robles 149 2hrs 30minSan Diego 192 3hrs 22min 5Monterey 265 4hrs 30min101SantaBarbara•P a c i f i c O c e a n150Ojai•33150Ventura•Camarillo12623118• • ThousandOxnard • Oaks1

PASO ROBLESWINE FESTIVALWEEKEND FESTIVITIES• Gourmet Cheese & Wine Pairings• Our Famous Grilled Chipotle Burgers• Barrel SamplesGrand Opening of“Club Clautiere”for special occasionsand large groups“One of California’s MostUnusual Tasting Rooms.”VISIT · TOUR · TASTE–WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE“Love this vineyard!!By far the most funtasting room anywhere.”- SAMANTHA WOLFE; CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA“You guys really knowhow to make wine fun!”- SHERRI ARMSTRONG ROE; SEATTLE, WASHINGTON• Award-Winning EstateBordeaux and Rhône Varietals• Gourmet Cheese Pairings• Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff• Shaded Picnic Area & MosaicSculpture Garden• “Club Clautiere” for SpecialOccasions and Large GroupsCheck out our brand new for more information!ENJOY FREE WINERY & CAVE TOURSSATURDAYS & SUNDAYS, 11 AM & 1 PM(no reservations required)Located on the corner of Vineyard Dr. & Adelaida Rd.TOLL FREE 888-367-9977 · WWW.HALTERRANCH.COMOPEN DAILY 11 A.M. TO 5 P.M. · 8910 ADELAIDA Check out RD. our PASO brand ROBLES, new CA for more information!Experience Five unique wineries from theEdna Valley pouring under the same roof.These wineries are located in the Independenceschoolhouse established in 1909

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