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Download PDF - Buro Happold


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CONTACTSBuro Happold17 Newman StreetLondonW1T 1PDT: +44 (0)20 7927 970071 Newman StreetLondonW1T 3AHT: +44 (0)20 7927 9700LONDON BOARDNeil Billett Managing DirectorPadraic Kelly Director of Happold ConsultingWolf Mangelsdorf Director of Structural EngineeringAndy Keelin Director of Building EnvironmentsIan Maddocks Director of Planning and OperationsAndy Murdoch Director of Civil InfrastructureJim Cook Director of Ground Engineering

London is acknowledged as a Global Hub and as such our team continues to maintainan extremely high level of expertise and versatility which serves the complex needsof our international, government and corporate clients. We are also recognised fordriving leading edge innovation in collaboration with the world’s leading designers,many of whom are on our door step. Allied to this is our close relationship withleading academic institutions based in the Capital, including Imperial College Londonand the Bartlett School of Planning, University College, with whom we continue toactively support in multi-disciplinary research and development.Through this approach the London team has produced world-class engineeringinnovation with the 02 Arena , the Emirates Stadium and the London 2012 OlympicPark Infrastructure. We have also revitalised many of the Capital’s leading culturalassets, including the restoration, refurbishment and enhancement of The Savoy Hotel,The British Museum and The Cutty Sark.

We have a large well established team inLondon that has a strong reputation acrossthe built environment and other sectors. Ourclients tell us they highly value our ”one firm”behaviour and our ability to be responsive andagile in helping them deal with their changingrisks and challenges.Neil Billett London Managing Director

The following projects are just a snapshot of all the hard work that has been carriedout over the last year from the London office and includes project work not only ledby the London region, but utilising Buro Happold’s international multidisciplinaryteams, exploiting the skills of our London based specialists.Projects2012 Basketball Arena • 2012 International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre • 2012 Olympic Stadium• American Express • Baakenhafen Brucke West • Barking Creative Industries Quarter • BatterseaPower Station Phase 1 • Cairo Expo City • City of Westminster College • Denmark Place • Feasibilityof Geological Heat Storage • Folkestone Seafront Masterplan • Glasgow Museum of Transport • KewHerbarium • Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre • King Abdullah Financial District • Lake BunyoniSchool • Lots Road Redevelopment • Marcol House • Massar - The Children’s Discovery Centre • McLarenProduction Centre • Michael Faraday Primary School • Mint Hotel, Tower of London • Musheireb Heartof Doha • National Gallery of Ireland • Norwich Cathedral Visitors Centre • Palacio de Congreso • RetrofitHouse • Sky at the O2 • Southwark BSF • Worli Towers • Zorlu Centre

Buro Happold was voted No1 Service Engineerand No 2 Structural Engineer in bd’s WA 100 2011,the definitive survey of the worlds largest practices.

During the London 2012 Games, the Basketball Arena will host Basketball, WheelchairBasketball, Wheelchair Rugby and the final stages of the Handball competition.As the venue will host some of the most popular Paralympic sports it is expectedthat a high proportion of the spectators will be wheelchair users. The back-of-houseneeds to be easily accessed by Paralympians using sports chairs which are significantlydifferent to standard wheelchairs. A key challenge of the project for Buro Happoldwas to design a temporary venue that meets the highest standards of accessibility tomeet both front-of-house and back-of-house demands whilst also fulfilling the ODA’scommitments to Inclusive Design and its duties under Equalities Legislation.Disciplines involvedInclusive Design

LONDON 2012 BASKETBALL ARENAClient: Olympic Delivery AuthorityArchitect: KSS and Wilkinson EyreMaterials and elements within the buildingcan be reused or recycled after the Games.

In comparison with sporting venues on the Olympic Park, The IBC/MPC complexpresents very different challenges, ranging from the logistical aspects ofaccommodating the number of people involved to the highly technical ones ofservicing the large volumes required for the studios. To find the best balance indelivering this building performance the buildings are serviced with a combinationof permanent and temporary services.The MPC has been designed to accommodate a PV array on the roof to contributeto the overall sustainability strategy for the Olympic Park.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Computational Analysis • Civil Infrastructure • Crowd Flow • Drainage • Fire Engineering •Ground Engineering • Inclusive Design • Lifts • Security Services • Structures (except IBC) • SustainableTechnologies • Transport • Utilities

LONDON 2012 INTERNATIONALBROADCAST CENTRE/MAIN PRESS CENTREClient: Olympic Delivery AuthorityThe International Broadcast Centre/Main PressCentre provides facilities for Press and BroadcastJournalists for the London 2012 Olympic andParalympic Games. It is housed across severalpermanent and temporary buildings.Architect: Allies and Morrison(Except IBC) RPS (IBC)

The Olympic Stadium will have a capacity of 80,000 during the Games: 25,000 inits permanent lower tier and a lightweight steel and concrete upper tier holding afurther 55,000. The upper tier can be dismantled after the Games.The solution built is a genuinely compact, low-energy stadium. It’s a functionalyet elegant response to a range of complex needs. The roof is supportedindependently from the terrace seating, allowing easier dismantling at a futuredate. The MEP design is flexible so that temporary cooling and power can beprovided for events. Sustainable features include the roof steelwork which usesredundant gas pipes.Disciplines involvedCDM-C • Civil Infrastructure • Design Project Management • Fire Engineering • Flood Risk •Ground Engineering • Inclusive Design • Lighting • Security • Services • Structures •Sustainable Technologies • Water

LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC STADIUMClient: Olympic Delivery AuthorityArchitect: PopulousThe structural solution evolved from atraditional truss roof structure to a lightweightcable net roof in response to the need for aroof to mitigate excessive wind speeds withinthe stadium that might compromise worldrecord attempts.

The project consisted of two buildings, one an 11 storey high quality office buildingrequiring large areas of open plan office with car parking in the basement, the othera servicing building. Buro Happold proposed a novel tube-in-tube composite columnsolution, to minimise the size of the columns, to allow additional workstations to beaccommodated on each floor.Efficient use of the structure allowed more of the construction budget to be spent onitems such as the façade and finishes which are more visible and valued by the client.Buro Happold’s collaboration with the design team and understanding of the client’sneeds and priorities resulted in efficient use of material, designed for future flexibilitywith cost certainty at the early project stages.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Façades • Ground Engineering • Structures

BRIGHTON AMERICAN EXPRESSClient: American ExpressArchitect: EPR ArchitectsBuro Happold played a vital role in the design of thenew American Express development in Brighton.© EPR Architects

lvedereMit Ausblick zum WassersporthafenFussgänger BewegungsflußdiagramBaakenhafenNeue Brücke30m AushubelementAm LohseparkNLageplan, Maßstab 1:1000The Baakenhafen Bridge project was won by Buro Happold via an internationaldesign competition with Wilkinson Eyre Architects. It was Buro Happold’s firstGerman bridge project and our international network of offices were utilisedin order to design its unique form and satisfy the clients brief. The bridge’sdistinguishing features are its undulating form and the need to provide a central liftout section for the passage of large vessels. The Bridge will be 164m long and carrythree lanes of vehicular traffic plus cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways.Disciplines involvedBridge Engineering • Ground Engineering

GERMANY BAAKENHAFEN BRUCKE WESTClient: HafenCityArchitect: Wilkinson Eyre ArchitectsThe Baakenhafen Bridge will form animportant access over the harbour and into thenew HafenCity development and comprisesthree spans with intermediate tetrapod piersin the water.

A key challenge for the Barking CIQ project was agreeing assessment material withthe various stakeholders in preparation for planning re-submission for the scheme,which Buro Happold has successfully completed.The project involved planning submission for a predominantly residential led mixeduse development, located on the River Roding in the London Borough of Barking,London. The site is Brownfield, with an historic granary building and malt house.The scheme includes, public realm, associated under croft and underground carparking and a public transport bridge across the River Roding; linked to the TfL EastLondon Public Transit route.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Inclusive Design • Sustainable Technologies • Transport

LONDON BARKING CREATIVE INDUSTRIES QUARTERClient: BouyguesArchitect: Cartwright Pickard ArchitectsThe scheme consists of 269 residentialunits, and 3.162sqm of creative industries,commercial, retail and office space.

Battersea Power Station Phase 1 includes a new build residential block with retailand commercial space at podium level and hotel and student accommodation atone end, providing a total floor area of 68,000m 2 . The first phase of the regenerationof the Battersea Power Station is located to the west of the existing Grade 2 listedbuilding and is being designed by Ian Simpson Architects who are responsible forthe 17 storey block adjacent to the Power Station and also by DRMM Architects, whoare doing the 9 storey residential block adjacent to the railway line. A new publiclandscaped park will be created on the waterfront and below ground level there willbe a two storey basement car park.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Façades • Fire Engineering • Ground Engineering • Inclusive Design • Structures

LONDON BATTERSEA POWER STATION PHASE 1Client: Treasury Holdings UK and Real Estate OpportunitiesArchitect: Ian Simpson Architects and DRMM ArchitectsThe buildings will have green roofs and be suppliedwith heat and power from a central energy centrewhich will be running on bio fuels.

oject informationtGOIEFitect Zaha Hadid Architectsct value $650ms Design commenced June 2009ices provided by Buro Happoldtural engineering, fire engineering, groundeering, Buro acoustics, Happold, building in conjunction services, with transport, Zaha Hadid Architects, recently started work on thees, people new Cairo movement, Expo City civil scheme engineering.Egypt following their success in the design competition.The existing fairground facilities are being demolished to make way for a newexhibition centre with 100,000 square meters of exhibition space, multipurposeconvention centre to accommodate more than 4,000 delegates, hotel and new multistoreycar parking with connecting monorail. Phase 1 will focus on the overall sitemasterplan and the design of the Exhibition Hall and the Convention Centre.Work on site is due to start in 2011 on Phase 1 of the exhibition centre; additionalphases are planned following successful completion of Phase 1.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Civil Infrastructure • Façades • Fire Engineering • Ground Engineering • People Movement •Services • Structures • Transport

EGYPT CAIRO EXPO CITYClient: GOIEFArchitect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Construction work has just completed on time and on budget at this new furthereducation building located in central London. Challenges to the design includedthe large variation in occupancy levels and activities requiring a high level ofcontrol of internal conditions. An efficient structural solution minimised the capitalcosts whilst still achieving a high quality aesthetic.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Civil Infrastructure • Façades • Fire Engineering • Geotechnical Engineering • Lighting •Services • Structures

LONDON CITY OF WESTMINSTER COLLEGEClient: City of Westminster CollegeArchitect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen© Adam Monk

Significant construction works are ongoing at Tottenham Court Road undergroundstation to upgrade the station and construct the new Crossrail tunnels.Buro Happold’s client for this project was threatened with a compulsory purchaseorder from London Underground for part of this valuable central London site inorder to allow the Tottenham Court Road construction works to take place.By designing 7 mega piles that will be incorporated into the station boxes towithstand the load of the building above, Buro Happold were able to develop aninnovative technical and contractual solution that provided a win-win situation forour client and for LU.Disciplines involvedGround Engineering • Structures

LONDON DENMARK PLACEClient: Consolidated Developments LimitedThe piles were installed up to 1.1m from runningtunnels. This is the closest that LU have everapproved and required extensive site monitoringand night works for the most critical periods.

The aim of the project was to investigate the feasibility of storing large quantitiesof heat for long periods to meet a significant proportion of UK winter heating loadfrom heat stored during the summer. The vision was to store and recover heat morecost effectively from constant running base-load electricity generation than frompart time peak shaving generation plants such as municipal boilers.Using waste heat from power stations will improve the effective efficiency from35-40% to potentially as high as 80% depending on the location and local demand.This study could help with the progression towards a step change in heat provisionin certain areas helping to reduce the countries reliance on gas heating.Disciplines involvedGeographic Information Systems • Ground Engineering • Sustainable Technologies • NB. Project subconsultancyincluded Cambridge University, IF Technology, European Geothermal Energy Council,British Geological Survey.


The masterplan for Folkestone Seafront comprises approximately 1000 residentialunits together with watersports and marine activity centres, located along MarineParade and within the former ferry terminal.The seafront was, at the beginning of the 20th Century, a lively tourist centre witha range of attractions including a pier. By the end of the century, most of theattractions had gone, replaced by the commercial ferry terminal. This, in turn,ceased to be commercially viable in competition with the Channel Tunnel andexpansion in Dover, leaving the seafront as an under utilised resource for the town.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Environment • Ground Engineering • Sustainable Technologies • Transport • Water

FOLKESTONE FOLKESTONE SEAFRONT MASTERPLANClient: Folkestone Harbour (GP) Limited (Strand House)Architect: Terry Farrell and PartnersThe site is fronted by extensive shingle beach. Thedesign seeks to utilise soft defences incorporatingreinstatement of dune topography to cater forclimate change and sea level increase, withoutrecourse to hard defensive structures.

The Riverside Museum Project will provide an environmentally friendly replacementfor the current Museum of Transport. The purpose-built museum will provideflexible space to create displays and facilities that are responsive to visitors’ needsand aspirations. The project included complex 3D geometry and a difficult set outof the steel structure. Buro Happold engineers overcame this challenge, ensuringultimate benefit to the client by ensuring clear communication between differentmembers of the design team and contractor, in addition to understanding thebuilding in 3D and designing many bespoke solutions and products to match thebuilding and exhibits.Disciplines involvedAsset Management • Civil Infrastructure • Computational Analysis • Fire Engineering •Ground Engineering • Inclusive Design • Lighting • Services • Structures

SCOTLAND GLASGOW MUSEUM OF TRANSPORTClient: Glasgow City CouncilArchitect: Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCFD analysis was used to understand the air flowand distribution in the main exhibition space.

The New Herbarium and Library is an extension to the existing Herbarium Buildingat Kew Gardens. Founded in 1853, the Herbarium is the world’s leading centre forthe study of plant diversity. The new building will provide long awaited additionalarchive space for Kew’s priceless collection of dried plant specimens, botanic booksand illustrations.The main structure consists of a reinforced concrete frame to provide thermal massand provide deflection control to the archive areas. The building was founded on a raftfoundation that was designed to resist the high archive loads of the building whilstcontrolling the heave and settlement to both adjacent buildings. The roof to the mainherbarium block consists of steel portal frame arches with a curved insitu roof slab.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Façades • Ground Engineering • Structures

LONDON KEW HERBARIUMClient: Royal Botanical GardensArchitect: Edward Cullinan ArchitectsThe main challenges for the project were thehigh performance criteria for the archive spacesin terms of environmental stability (particularlyhumidity) and control of deflection for the highloads from the roller racking storage systems.© Tim Soar

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre is located at one end of the main axis of themasterplan of Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan. The ETFE clad cable net roofprovides the first large open space for the people of Astana to meet, shop and enjoyin year round comfort despite the harsh extremes of the local climate. Inside theEntertainment Centre within the 100, 000m 2 of floor area are two levels of retail,a multi-screen cinema, water park with sand beaches and various amusementarcades including a monorail, a 37m drop tower and mini golf.Disciplines involvedComputational Analysis • Services • Structures • Sustainable Technologies

KAZAKHSTAN KHAN SHATYR ENTERTAINMENT CENTREClient: Sembol Insaat A.SArchitect: Foster + PartnersInnovative design was used; the cone shapedcable net structure works entirely in tension andthe associated large deflections of the cable netrequire non-linear analysis which was carriedout using Tensyl, a non-linear analysis programdeveloped by Buro Happold.

KAFD is the new Financial District in Riyadh, KSA. It includes new high specificationoffice and residential facilities. Buro Happold are involved in a number of designparcels with different architects that includes Foster + Partners, Genlser andRTKL. The London office has been involved in the four Foster parcels whose totalconstruction area equates to 200,000m 2 and includes a 180m tower.A key challenge of this project was the imposed Super Fast-Track constructionrequirement, where the project is being designed and constructed in parallel.Disciplines involved:Façades • Fire Engineering • Lighting • Structures • Services • Traffic

Building on the outstanding volunteer work of Neil Harvey (Bath, E&I) and BethanDavies (Structures, London) at the school, the RFF and Happold Trust havesupported the construction of this much needed new lecture area and dininghall. Utilising locally sourced round pole eucalyptus timber, the structure adopts a‘reciprocal’ form of construction for the back to basics design for the roof. The roofwas constructed utilising the expert advice of ex Carpenter Oak and Woodlandowner Charley Brentnall.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Ground Engineering • Structures

UGANDA LAKE BUNYONI SCHOOLClient: Lake Bunyoni SchoolArchitect: Feilden Clegg BradleyWorking in collaboration with The RichardFeilden Foundation and The Happold Trust,Buro Happold and Feilden Clegg Bradley staffhave been working ‘pro bono’ on developing thisdining hall for the school.

This project involves the redevelopment of the land around the disused LULpower station at Lots Road in South West London. It includes a residentialledredevelopment of two sites split by a creek and located in two adjoiningboroughs (Hammersmith and Fulham/Chelsea and Westminster.) As well as there-development of the power station itself, there are nine other buildings includingtwo towers of 28 and 35 storeys respectively.The power station building will re-use the existing foundations to support thenew superstructure. A new double basement is being dug in through the existingfoundation structure to balance new loads with the existing.Disciplines involvedGround Engineering • Lighting • Rivers & Coastal • Structures • Transport • Waste

LONDON LOTS ROAD REDEVELOPMENTClient: Hutchison WhampoaArchitect: Farrells, Formation Architects, BTPWWe are using 3D CAD modelling extensively onthis project to co-ordinate the new structure withthe existing and to facilitate the design/ draftingbeing carried out in multiple locations.

Marcol House is to be the construction of a single office building in the place ofthree existing buildings.The ground floor unit on the corner of Regent Street is to be retained along withthe Grade II listed Facade creating an attractive and individual mixed use buildingin keeping with the Regent Street Conservation area.The building is sited directly over the Victoria Line tunnel, necessitating a detailedgeotechnical analysis to model the effects of the new piles and deeper basementand allowing the full potential of the site to be unlocked.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Civil Infrastructure • Fire Engineering • Ground Engineering • Structures • Transport

LONDON MARCOL HOUSEClient: The Property Merchant GroupArchitect: BFLSThe steel frame above will be fixed to theexisting columns within the facade re-usingthe load bearing elements thus minimising theintervention required.

The Discovery Centre will be the heart of Massar and will support all Massarprogrammes including the Regional Discovery Centres, which will be developedin Governorates of Syria, the outreach activities and Web Massar. The programmes,exhibitions and activities that will take place in the Discovery Centre will be a partof the multidisciplinary nationwide matrix of offerings.The Discovery Centre and the Old International Fair Ground provide an unrivalledopportunity to carry out focussed urban regeneration and deliver a very highquality, visionary project. This also has the potential to positively influence widerregeneration around Massar’s Discovery Centre.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Computational Analysis • Environment • Fire Engineering • Ground Engineering •Inclusive Design • Lighting • Security • Services • Structures • Sustainable Technologies

SYRIA MASSAR - THE CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY CENTREClient: MassarArchitect: Henning Larsen ArchitectsBuro Happold, in collaboration with HenningLarsen Architects and American LandscapeArchitect Marth Schwartz, have won thecompetition to design a new educationalDiscovery Centre for children in Damascus, Syria.

The McLaren Production Centre is a new build adjacent to the existing McLarenTechnology Centre. Buro Happold delivered a multidisciplinary design within a 12week period and total building within 18 months of inception. The new facilities willbe used to build the new super cars that are set to launch in 2012. The building is a2 storey deep basement with lightweight steel roof to sink the building withing thelandscape.The basement excavation required the removal of over 150 000m 3 of soil that wasused to re-landscape the rest of the site. With the site being located on an old landfillsite with a high water table within a Green belt, this was not without a challenge.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • CDM-C • Civil Infrastructure • Fire Engineering • Flood Risk • Ground Engineering • Structures

WOKING MCLAREN PRODUCTION CENTREClient: McLarenArchitect: Foster + PartnersCollaborative design workshops with thearchitect, engineers, client and contractorwere held from day one. There were Intensivedesign periods and reviews to determine theoptimum design.

The project is 600 bed new-build hotel in the City of London. The 11 storey buildingis constructed from reinforced concrete, and features a trademark steel framedskylounge at roof level with views of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.The hotel was constructed on a particularly constrained site in Central London. Thesite featured significant Archaeological remains, a live substation that needed to bein continuous operation as it served adjacent properties, and one corner of the sitecontained a brick buttress supporting Fenchurch Street British Rail station.Buro Happold worked with the team to research and identify these issues early onin the project, and developed careful phasing plans to mitigate any risks.Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Façades • Ground Engineering • Structures

LONDON MINT HOTEL, TOWER OF LONDONClient: Mint HotelsArchitect: Bennetts AssociatesThe main frame of the hotel was constructedusing an unusual Twinwall system, where thewalls are constructed using two layers of precastbiscuit sandwiching an insitu concrete core.

Michael Faraday is a new build primary school, part of the Southwark Schoolsfor the Future programme and Elephant and Castle Masterplan. Buro Happold’sknowledge of construction techniques has meant that we can demonstrateconstruction sequences prior to a contractor being brought on board andcommunicate these ideas through illustration to enable an accurate costing to bemade early in the project. The greatest challenge was to design a scheme whichcould be phased to minimise the impact to an operating school on the same site.An advanced Building Management System is installed to allow exact monitoringand control of the building in operation to identify and minimise energy wastage.Excellent controls are incorporated for all systems to ensure systems are switchedoff when they are not required.Disciplines involvedBREEAM • Fire Engineering • Services • Structures • Sustainability

LONDON MICHAEL FARADAY PRIMARY SCHOOLClient: Southwark CouncilArchitect: Alsop Architects© Morley von Sternberg/Alsop Architects

Musheireb Heart of Doha is the regeneration of Doha City centre as a place to liveand work, with buildings capturing both the historical past of Doha and the modernway of living. DOHALAND is a real estate company located in Doha, Qatar founded in2009 as a subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation. For Buro Happold it is a mega-projectwith disciplines and workload spread across three Buro Happold offices.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Civil Infrastructure • Façades • Fire Engineering • Ground Engineering • Internal ProjectManagement • IT Comms & Controls • Services • Structures • Sustainable Technologies • Transport

QATAR MUSHEIREB HEART OF DOHAClient: DOHALANDArchitect: Gensler, Allies & Morrison, Squire & Partners John McAslan & Partners,Mossessian & Partners, Eric Parry Architects, Mangera Yvars Architects“It is about creating new ideas, doing thingsdifferently, adding value to people’s lives in everypossible way, a method of making each day easierfor people, and putting a smile on their faces, atDOHALAND, it is a tribute to the people.”

The National Gallery of Ireland (NGI) houses the national collection of Irish art andEuropean master paintings. Located in the historic Georgian heart of Dublin onMerrion Square it is part of a Museum quarter that comprises the National Museum,Natural History Museum and National Library and is immediately adjacent to theDáil at Leinster House.A masterplan has been formulated for the National Gallery with the intent ofunifying the constituent buildings with a clear and coherent structure whileproviding additional accommodation in the future for gallery, conservation, a library,education and auxiliary spaces. The reorganisation, refurbishment and extensionover time will significantly improve the accessibility of the Gallery and its collection.Disciplines involvedInclusive Design

IRELAND NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELANDClient: Office of Public WorksArchitect: heneghan.peng.architectsThe construction of the new energy centre inthe Museum’s forecourt created opportunities toexplore changes in level. The existing approachto the Museum had been sloped, rampedand stepped.

This multi-phased ‘Inspiration for the Future’ project enhances the visitor experiencethrough a contemporary exhibition, education facilities, community space andrestaurant.Both the Refectory and Hostry take their names from the buildings whichonce occupied their sites. These previous buildings were dismantled duringthe dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century. The principal for all thedevelopments was to reuse the existing walls and foundations of the ruins. Wherethese needed to be altered and extended this was highlighted by distinct changein materials between the old and the new. This creates unapologetic buildings thatblend well with and enhance the existing ancient buildings.Disciplines involvedFire Engineering • Planning Supervision • Structures

NORWICH NORWICH CATHEDRAL VISITORS CENTREClient: Norwich CathedralArchitect: Hopkins Architects Limited“Once again we can bring those historicalBenedictine principals of worship, welcome andeducation from the cathedral’s foundation in1096 to the wider community in 2009”Dean of Norwich the Very Rev Graham Smith© Hopkins Architects

This project is a 15,000sqm concert and congress hall in Lanzarote. The newbuilding will be located at the sea promenade in Arricife, the islands main town. Thebuilding is inspired by the landscape and characteristics of the island; the crystallineshape is empathetic with the local materials and flavours including ceramic, stoneand concrete.The facades team worked closely withthe architects to investigate a number ofsystems and materials that met the designaesthetic whilst also providing a buildablesolution within the given budget.Disciplines involvedComputational Analysis • Façades • Services • Structures

LANZAROTE PALACIO DE CONGRESOClient: Gobierno de CanariasArchitect: Henning Larsen Architects / Carlos Morales Architects

The retrofit for the future project is the study of a single house refurbishmentaiming to achieve Passivhaus Standards and 80% reduction in CO 2emissions,part funded by the Technology Strategy Board. The building is to contain externalcladding, solar-air collector, PV panel, solar water heating, whole house mechanicalventilation and heat recovery, A rated appliances and low energy lighting.Buro Happold used a Passivhaus Planning package tool to check complianceagainst PassivHaus requirements and also developed a dynamic thermal model toquantify benefits of a solar wall.Disciplines involvedComputational Analysis • Façades • Sustainable Technologies

LONDON RETROFIT HOUSEClient: Galleons Housing AssociationArchitect: Fraser Brown MacKennaThe building is to contain external cladding,solar-air collector, PV panels, solar water heating,whole house MVHR, a rated appliances, lowenergy lighting.

The journey from the Entertainment District to the 3rd floor backstage bar is a majorelement of the VIP experience and Buro Happold’s Inclusive Design group took onthe task of ensuring that no-one would miss out. With ‘equivalent experience’ as thedesign ethos rather than regulatory box-ticking, elegant solutions came togetherwhich satisfied both SKY and the influential local accessibility groups.Buro Happold had been instrumental in developing the fire strategies for the O2Arena, dome and casino through which the VIP route would run and were againinstrumental in ensuring that the SKY experience would not impact the safeevacuation of the arena.Disciplines involvedFire Engineering • Inclusive Design • Structures

LONDON SKY AT THE O2Client: SKYInstallation Architect: Platform Brand Experience Consultant: RPMHD and 3D multimedia events throughout theentrance portal and walkway encourage theguest to linger en-route and culminate in aseries of ‘VIP’ experiences in the SKY bar.

3025KgCO 2 /m 2 /annum201510FF&ESecurityICTKitchenExternalLighting50Target Values...STAC Total...Buro Happold have been working on phase 2 of the Southwark BSF scheme, whichincludes four projects. These are a combination of refurbishments and new buildson existing school infrastructure. Buro Happold has delivered the carbon strategyfor the project by use of detailed dynamic simulation of all the schools energyusage. The new build schemes were to achieve an outstanding carbon emissionbenchmark of 27kg/CO 2/m 2 /y; which includes all regulated and unregulatedbuilding energy consumption.A central biomass boiler provides heating and hot water to most schools, whilst atthe other there will be a district heating connection to the Southwark Multi-Utility-Services-Company (MUSCO).Disciplines involvedCivil Infrastructure • Computational Analysis • Façades • Services • Structures • Sustainability

LONDON SOUTHWARK BSFClient: Balfour BeattyArchitect: Allies & Morrison, AOC, AHMMPassive and low energy design features havebeen considered throughout the projects andthese include the exposed thermal mass of thebuilding structure, orientation and the massingof the Schools.

Worli towers is a LEED Platinum mixed use development in Mumbai, India comprising200,000m 2 of usable space over 3 high rise towers. Towers 1 and 2 comprise of 488premium and luxury standard residential apartments as well as luxury duplex andtriplex penthouses on top floors. Tower 3 comprises both commercial office space tothe lower floors and a hotel to the upper floors.A black and grey water treatment plant is proposed to treat foul drainage on site andthe resulting greywater used to provide make up water to the evaporative coolingunits. In this way we achieved a 40% reduction in potable water demand and 35%reduction in energy demand as part of an overall strategy to achieve LEED Platinum.Disciplines involvedComputational Analysis • Services • Structures • Sustainable Technologies

INDIA WORLI TOWERSClient: Omkar GroupArchitect: Foster + PartnersWe have proposed a central energy strategy tothe client which allows us to take advantage ofdiversity between buildings and provide a moreresilient and efficient energy supply.

The new centre will be a large development in Istanbul spread over a single plotof approximately 85,000 Square meters having accounted for the ring road andgreen buffer zones. The remaining footprint above ground is approximately 66,000Square meters. The centre will be a mixed use urban development with typicalfunctionalities that include residential, cultural, tourist, commercial and managementsectors, with buildings up to 150m high. More specifically, the project shall providespaces for a much needed convention centre, hotels piazzas and art centres. Theseismic nature of the site has required special consideration and thus significancewas given to complex non-linear time history assessment of the structures.Disciplines involvedAcoustics • Computational Analysis • Façades • Lighting • Structures • Sustainability

TURKEY ZORLU CENTREClient: Zorlu DevelopmentsArchitect: Tabanlioglu and Emre ArolatThe structure is a dual system, capable ofresisting the very high seismic loads imposedupon it. Assessment of seismic loads wasundertaken using linear time history anaylsisand our design used a performance basedapproach, which is at the forefront of effectiveseismic design.

LONDONTHE TEAM“It is inconceivable that we would not workwith Buro Happold“Allies and MorrisonBill Addis • Phyllis Agbasi • Giuseppe Aliberti • Susannah Amon • Stuart Amor • GrantAmos • Kyriakos Anatolitis • Marcos Armas Fernández • Javiriyah Ashraf • Laurence Aston• Ian Austin • Nicola Avian • Anwar Badrie • Cecilia Bagenholm • Alex Balabanov • RachelBanham • Ante Baric • Jim Barker • Jean-Marc Barre • Rasti Bartek • Michael Bartyzel •Joanne Beale • Robert Beaumont • Ramesh Bedadala • Thomas Bennett • Iwona Bernacka• Ferial Berredjem • Andrew Best • Sukhvinder Bhamber • Dionne Biddie • Rupert Biggin •Neil Billett • David Black • Oliver Blythe • David Braun • Mike Brooks • Steve Brown • JackieBuckley • Claire Bucknell • Kate Burrell • Michele Byron • Christine Cambrook • RichardCameron • Mark Cameron • Rob Carr • Claudia Carter • Jose Carvalho • Eleonora Cervellera• Andrew Chan • Ron Chaplin • Andrey Chernenko • Lizzy Clarke • Steve Clarke • ShaneClifford • Emily Cole • Chris Collins • Mark Collins • Andrew Comer • Mike Cook • Jim Cook •Henrietta Cooke • Nicole Cooper • Belarmino Cordero • David Cox • Megan Cramer • PaoloCresci • Paul Crossland • Matthew Crouchman • Adam Crozier • Trevor Curson • RayanDalal • Michael Daly • Karla Damba • Jolanta Dames • Andy Dannatt • Dominic Danson •Chris Davies • Bethan Davies • Nadha Dawood • Anamaria D'Costa • John De Campos Cruz• Olivier De Winne • Serafino Di Rosario • Luke Douglas • William Downie •

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LONDONTHE TEAMClaudia Leon Pena • Rachna Leveque • Gareth Lewis • Geoff Lewis • Davood Liaghat • GijsLibourel • Tamsyn Little • Victoria Littlewood • Wayne Lloyd • Piotr Luczak • Laura Mackay• John MacMillan • Ian Maddocks • Rishen Maharaj • Lindsey Malcolm • Irum Malik •Hugh Mallett • Wolf Mangelsdorf • David Marchant • Peter Mardle • Jim Martin • StefanoMassari • Andrew Mayhew • Alex McConway • Peter McDermott • Emily McDonald • MaryMcDonald • Julian McFarland • Ann McKenzie • Sinead McMahon • Malachy McNamara •Violeta Medina Andrés • Winfried Meijer • Giammichele Melis • Edmund Metters • VictoriaMilburn • Paul Mills • Lorraine Milne • Hitesh Mistry • Daniel Moon • Christopher Moore• Katie Moore • Les Moran • Anzar Mujtuba • Hugh Mulcahey • Brian Mulhall • DeepakMuniyandi • Andy Murdoch • Andreas Neymeyer • Alex Nikolic • Hannah Norris • VeronicaOchoa • John O'Donoghue • Esther O'Lalobo • Peter Page • David Palmer • Angus Palmer• Kaval Patel • Rupesh Patel • Danielle Paterson-Beadle • James Patterson-Waterston •Nichole Pau • Ian Pegg • Anca Peltenburg • Neil Penny • Caroline Peresson • JonathanPerks • Hiep Pham Tuan • Dan Phillips • Joe Phillips • Philip Pointer • Adam Poole • BinduPokkyarath • Chris Powell • Paul Powell • Silvia Prandelli • Richard Press • Sarah Presswell •Julian Prospere • Charlie Purchase-Trotter • David Quinn • Nick Rabin • Jay Rao •

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