the sheet music of the Lectio Song
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the sheet music of the Lectio Song

109Read My Wordsby Sister Mary Sue Freiberger, OSBc D G D Em D EmIT]Em~~IHefram:I Read~~IT]EmDEm~mG~ ~myG G D Em~.Lee - ti - o. Think, re - fleet, Med - i ta- - ti - o.Em D G D Em D Em~words,-C D G DRe-spond in prayer, 0- ra - ti - o. And rest- in God, Con- tern -~.,J-Bm~pIa - ti - Q.. 1. Here is food for your-2. Wis-domis here, know - ledgeC D G~1. Come- with 0 - pen2. thoughts- to chal-lenge yourhean,-mind.-andNowEmEm~mind.too,learnfrom an - oth - er who'sre - claim ex - eite - ment and@1990 Sisters of Sl Benedict. Beech Grove. IN 46107All RightsReserved

110Read My Words -(2)c G Em D Em~~~1.stud-ied my ways. Be2. im - age new worlds;.seek~mJ)stillGodBm Em G D Em~~G Em D Bm EmrSf [ .. !and lis - ten to me. (Refrain)In ev' - ry word. (Refrain)3.Quiet the soul; hear the sto - rye Strive to learnGod's great g]o - rye Be - come the word that God meant you to be andJ)GFD~~ ~~.~on ly you- can be! (Refrain)Note: Refrainmay be sung as a round.

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