May/June 2013 - Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Toronto

May/June 2013 - Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Toronto

May/June 2013 Iyar/Sivan/Tamuz 5773INSIDEPage 2: Rabbi Markose’s MessagePage 3: Rabbi Grover’s MessagePage 3: HesedPage 5: Beth Tikvah WomenPage 6-7: Beth Tikvah Jewish EducationPage 13: Beth Tikvah Men’s ClubPage 14-15: Musica Beth TikvahPage 16-19: Youth and Young Families

RABBIHOWARD M. MARKOSEOffering a FondFarewellOnce there was a rabbi named Zusyawho loved God with all his heartand soul, and who treated all God’screatures with respect and kindness. RabbiZusya studied Torah, kept Shabbat, visitedthe sick, and praised God for all the goodnessin the world. Though he was not a richman, Zusya gave generously to those inneed. Students came from far and near, hopingto learn from this gentle and wise rabbi.Zusya often told his students, “Listen to thestill, small voice inside you. Your neshamahwill tell you how you must live and whatyou must do.”Each day Rabbi Zusya”s students came tothe Bet Midrash, eager to learn what theycould from him. One day, Zusya did notappear at the usual hour. His studentsimmediately realized that something terriblemust have happened. So they rushed toZusya’s house and knocked on the door.Reb Zusya called for the students to enter.They found the old rabbi lying huddled inbed, too ill to get up and greet them.“Rabbi Zusya!” his students cried. “Whathas happened? How can we help you?”“There is nothing you can do,” answeredZusya. “I’m dying and I am very frightened.”“Why are you afraid?” the youngest studentasked. “Didn’t you teach us that all livingthings are born and are destined to die? Sowhy are you afraid? You have led such agood life. You have believed in God with afaith as strong as Abraham’s, and you haveembraced the commandments as enthusiasticallyas Moses.”“This is why I am afraid,” explained therabbi. “When my soul has its encounterwith the Kadosh Baruch Hu after I die, andGod will ask me why I did not act likeAbraham, I can say that I was not Abraham.And if God asks me why I did not act likeMoses, I can also say that I was not Moses.”Then the rabbi said, “But if God should askme to account for the times when I did notact like Zusya, what will I say then?”The students were silent, for they understoodZusya’s final lesson. To do your best isto be yourself, to hear and follow the still,small voice of your own neshamah.The community of Beth Tikvah Synagogueopened their arms and welcomed me intotheir family a short 20 months ago. Duringthat time, I did my very best to serve you asyour rabbi, teacher, pastor and spiritualguide, only as I, Howard Markose, knewhow to do. If, during my tenure at BethTikvah, I might have inadvertently offendedany of you by word or by deed, I ask yourforgiveness, as Yom Kippur is not that faroff. If, on the other hand, as a result of ourhaving been together these many months,you have been inspired to love yourJudaism, your community, your family oryourself even a little bit more, and that still,small voice of your Jewish neshamah hasguided you simply to be yourself, only moreso, please, don’t tell me about it. Instead,take that feeling and share its influence withthose around you.Beth Tikvah is a special synagogue withunique challenges. On the one hand, theruah that is generated through song onShabbat and Holidays creates a sanctuary inwhich our spirits are uplifted. The ongoingcommitment by so many members of thecongregation to learn and to study is incredible.Your connection to Israel and to anythingIsraeli is a true blessing. And the consistentdisplay of true mentchlichkeit by thecommunity is amazing, to say the least.There are so many kind, considerate andfriendly people at Beth Tikvah, showing careto others naturally and sincerely, and I cansay that I was privileged to meet so many ofthose people during my tenure.On the other hand, Beth Tikvah is in aneighborhood in Toronto which is no longerpopulated with Jews. Many members havemoved away from the general area of thesynagogue which presents a challenge ofconsistent attendance at shul happenings. Itis not an inexpensive endeavor to belong toa synagogue in Toronto, and aside from thefinancial commitment, to volunteer one’stime and energy is not easy to do in today’sworld. None of us is getting any younger,and the hope that our children and grandchildrenwill find meaning in affiliation atBeth Tikvah continues to be on our mindsas well. In spite of the many changes in theworld around us, we would like the joy andmeaning of Jewish activism and involvementto be transmitted positively to the cominggenerations.And so, in my farewell to this communitythat has been my home away from home forthe last couple of years, I want to say thankyou – not for being like Congregation EinShoteir or like Rodfei Shohad Synagogue,but for being members of Beth TikvahSynagogue, of which you can be very proud.I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part ofyour lives and hope that you will be intouch with me the next time you are inIsrael. I pray for good health, greater commitment,and success to you all.FRIDAY NIGHTSERVICE TIMESYou will notice, beginning in May, thatFriday night service times will varyaccording to sunset, beginning as lateas 7PM in the deep summer. Thischange in our schedule was requestedby our rabbis, who have ultimateresponsibility for ensuring that ourservice times conform with Halakha.Page 2 Hakol - May/June 2013

PRESIDENT’SCOLUMNI intend to use this column to bring ourmembership information on some ofwhat is happening or has happenedsince the Annual meeting lastNovember.1. We were notified by RobbinsHebrew Academy (formerly USDS)they will be closing the Bayviewcampus at the end of this schoolyear. This left Beth Tikvah with apotentially empty school building.Howard Rose and Darryl Fisch,along with Doris Alter, have beendiligently pursuing leads on rentingthe facility. As I write this column,we are close to renting a substantialportion of the building to a Jewishinstitution. Once negotiations havebeen completed, an announcementwill go to the membership.2. The Executive and Board recommendedthe renewal of HazzanKovari’s (Tibi’s) contract. HazzanKovari also indicated his desire toenter into a new contract. I wouldhopefully expect that negotiationswill be completed by the end ofApril. Once again a notice will go tothe membership.3. Rabbi Markose’s contract with BethTikvah concludes on June 3, 2013(as agreed upon by both the Rabbiand the Board). We will say our finalgoodbye to Rabbi Markose at a galamusical given by Musica BethTikvah on June 2, 2013. Please joinus in this fun filled evening. If youpersonally wish to thank RabbiMarkose, please do so by an e-mail,letter or donation to the Rabbi’sDiscretionary Fund.4. A search committee has been struck,under the guidance of MauriceKulik, to hire the finest quality HighHoliday Clergy to serve the membership.We are aware that we mustprovide the congregation with thelevel of excellence theyexpect.5. The ritual committee has been busyas usual. They organized and ran avery successful Seder for our membership.The attendance was limitedto under 100 as it was our first year,and it sold out, with rave reviews. Arecommendation for a new HighHoliday Mahzor for the 2014/5775year was approved subject to ourfinding a way to provide it to ourmembership in financially responsiblemanner.6. Our Youth and Young Families havebeen active running successful programming.Another “Dinner andDilemmas” dinner and discussionoccurred January 19, 2013. In addition,over three hundred avid participantsattended the latest Pre-PassoverBlue Jean Shabbat dinner. Pleaselook for our upcoming programs andlet’s get more of the communityinvolved with these innovativeevents. The Youth and YoungFamily Shabbat Service showcasedthe tremendous abilities of our nextgeneration of members.7. Just before the Hakol was going topress, Adult Education ran a verymoving Yom Hashoah program.8. Our lunch and learn program for theSpring is in full swing and has anexciting line-up.9. Other committees and volunteershave been at work preparing andimplementing programs and ideasfor the betterment of Beth Tikvahand the community at large.10.The Budget and Finance Committeeand our Treasurer have been hard atwork trying to get our finances inline. Once again at this time of year,we are showing a deficit. As it is invirtually all synagogues, dues onlymake up about 60-65% of the revenuewe require. It will be up to allof us to come up with innovativeway to raise additional funds so BethTikvah can continue to provideeverything our membership wantsand deserves. I welcome ideas onhow to reduce our deficit. Pleasee-mail me at:President@bethtikvahtoronto.orgwith your thoughts and suggestions.I hope this article will serve as a spur toour members to become more involved.Our programs run by our volunteerswould like “YOUR” help.Deadline Dates for HakolIssueDeadlineAug/Sept 2013 Julyl 15, 2013Page 4 Hakol - May/June 2013

Beth Tikvah WomenSAVE THE DATES: June 27th, July 4th, 11th & 18th from8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Mussar Sessions with Modya Silver,exploring the 16th Century classic Kabbalistic and Mussar text,the Palm Tree of Devorah. Mussar offers a personal journeywithin the structure of organized religion. Focus will be onhumility, patience, love, compassion and joy and how our traditiondefines character traits and how innovative practices overthe past 150 years have helped to create personal growth withina Jewish framework. No charge for Beth Tikvah Members.Hakol - May/June 2013Page 5

Getting TorahRabbi Howard MarkoseThe Book of Numbers – continues onWednesday mornings until May 29th(except for May 15th), from 9:30 –11:00 a.m. Rabbi Markose will discuss“Metaphors in the Book of Numbers”, thetopic of his doctoral thesis. Men andwomen at all levels of Jewish education areinvited to participate. No previous knowledgeof Hebrew is required.Passover Seder 5773 at Beth TikvahSynagogue“On Monday March 25th, a communalPassover Seder was held at Beth TikvahSynagogue for the very first time. We werepleased to have had eighty-one peopleattend this Seder, which represented 36 families.The event was a resounding success due tothe efforts of an outstanding committee ledby Dr. Len Sadinsky, the participation ofRabbi Grover and Cantor Kovari, alongwith the support of the office & maintenancestaff.As the participants were leaving, requestswere heard for “Next Year at Beth Tikvah”!Ritual CommitteeRitual Committee ReportBy Robert FeldgaierAt the meeting of the Beth Tikvah Board ofGovernors held on March 28, 2013, theBoard overwhelmingly approved a series ofrecommendations from the RitualCommittee, which I am pleased to report toyou.1. Guide to Service Times Throughoutthe YearThe Board adopted a Guide to Service TimesThroughout the Year, to be used as a workingguide, with the schedule to be evaluatedBeth Tikvah Jewish Education Centreduring the course of the year. The guideattempts to standardize the times of servicesand also includes several changes from previouspractice. For example, services onSunday morning will be held a half hourearlier when there is an elongated service.On Erev Yom Tov and certain other YomTov evenings, service times will generally followthe scheduling for Erev Shabbat to allowpeople to return home for dinner as early aspossible. On Friday night, Rabbi Markoseand Rabbi Grover have ruled that starting at6:00PM is too early in the summer and thatMa’ariv cannot begin until Plag Haminhah,which is calculated as 1¼ halakhic hoursbefore sunset (a halakhic hour is 1/12 thetime between sunrise and sunset). Therefore,Friday night services during several monthsin the spring and summer will vary dependingon the time of sunset, but begin no laterthan 7:00PM.2. Policies for Implementation of TorahEgalitarianism and Revised Policies forAssignment of Torah Honour.On February 7, 2012, the Beth Tikvahmembership adopted a resolution implementingTorah egalitarianism. The RitualCommittee was directed to bring forwardmore detailed policies for consideration bythe Board of Governors addressing theimplementation of the resolution. To addressthose issues that were not deemed by RabbiMarkose (in his capacity as mara d’atra) tobe assur (forbidden) or hovah (mandatory),the Ritual Committee spent the past yearreviewing the existing policies directlyimpacted by the implementation of Torahegalitarianism as well as policies dealing withappropriate dress for men and women participatingin services and policies for theassignment of Torah honours. Several of theexisting policies were deemed to be outdated,unclear, not practical or not sufficientlyflexible to deal with the increasingly diverseneeds of our membership. Whilenew/revised policies were being prepared,the Ritual Committee was able to monitorand assess the reaction of Beth Tikvah membersto changes that were introduced as partof the implementation of Torah egalitarianism.At the March 28th Board meeting, theBoard of Governors adopted a report entitledBeth Tikvah Synagogue, Policies forImplementation of Torah Egalitarianism andRevised Policies for Assignment of TorahHonours. In order to allow for greater flexibility,one of the key principles is that theassignment of Torah honours will be guidedby attempting to balance the generallyaccepted principles of Jewish tradition andcustom with regard to persons who haveentitlements or priorities in receiving Torahhonours, the policies contained in the document,requests for Torah honours by thosecelebrating a life-cycle event, special requestsfor Torah honours, and the goal of honouringas many Beth Tikvah members as possiblewith Torah honours during the course ofa year, while maintaining the flexibility toaccommodate special circumstances such asthe desire of the congregation to honour amember or guest. It is explicitly recognizedthat it may not be possible at every serviceto assign Torah honours to all those who areentitled to or wish to receive a Torah honour,especially on weekdays, on those occasionswhen the number of Torah honours isfixed, or when there are several kohanimand/or leviim who are entitled to or wish toreceive a Torah honour. When assigningTorah honours, preference shall generally begiven to persons who have entitlements orpriorities in receiving Torah honours accordingto the generally accepted principles ofJewish tradition and custom or the policiescontained in the document.3. Revised Policies for Bar/Bat MitzvahCelebrations at Beth Tikvah SynagogueThe Board adopted a report entitledProposal for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations atBeth Tikvah Synagogue, which was preparedby Rabbi Markose, in consultation with theritual staff, and incorporates input from theRitual Committee. The report providesmember families with several options for thefestive meal (seudat mitzvah) following aBar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, in response torequests by Beth Tikvah members for amore flexible policy than the previous policy.4. New High Holiday MahzorPrior to last Rosh Hashanah, a sub-committeeof the Ritual Committee, chaired by LouVanDelman, was struck to review two newHigh Holiday mahzorim approved for considerationby Rabbi Markose and RabbiGrover, and to make a recommendation tothe Ritual Committee whether to switch toone of these new mahzorim or continueusing the Silverman High Holiday PrayerBook. The sub-committee comprised attendeesat one or both of the Sanctuary orPage 6 Hakol - May/June 2013

Two Great History BooksGerald Ziedenberg, a long time Beth Tikvahmember and former Chair of AdultEducation has written two worthwhile historybooks focusing on modern JewishHistory.“Blockade” is the story of the attempts tobreak the British blockade of Jewish immigrationto Mandate Palestine. It is a saga ofblockades, shipwrecks, rescues, epidemics,storms, imprisonments, and exiles to distantlands. This is the tale of Jewish immigrationto British Mandate Palestine from 1933with the rise of Adolf Hitler to 1948, andthe eventual declaration of the State ofIsrael. The book is based on numerous personalinterviews, memoirs, testimonies andarchival sources.Assembly Hall services on the HighHolidays, a mix of ages, a mix of prayerbook skills, several members of the RitualCommittee, and several past RitualCommittee Chairs, including Rabbi Grover,Hazzan Kovari, Abe Birenbaum, LouisCytrynbaum, Robert Feldgaier, IssieFishman, Gwen Orriell, Jonathan Rakhsha,Alexandra Schaeffer, Carol Silverstein, GershSone, Lou VanDelman, Anita Zelcer, andElaine Zuck. Sub-committee members hadthe opportunity to use the two mahzorimunder consideration during the past HighHolidays. The sub-committee was almostunanimous in recommending the selectionof the Mahzor Lev Shalem as the HighHoliday Mahzor for Beth Tikvah. TheMahzor Lev Shalem was published by theRabbinical Assembly in 2010, and accordingto the Rabbinical Assembly more than250,000 copies have been sold. Comparedwith the Silverman High Holiday PrayerBook, the Mahzor Lev Shalem includes,among other things, more modern Englishtranslations, more transliterations andinstructions, as well as extensive commentariesand explanations. It was generallyagreed by the Mahzor Sub-committee andthe Ritual Committee that switching to theMahzor Lev Shalem would enhance theprayer experience on the High Holidays forthe majority of our members.Based on the recommendation of theMahzor Sub-Committee and RitualCommittee, and the strong endorsement byRabbi Grover, the Board of Governorsselected the Mahzor Lev Shalem as the HighHoliday mahzor for Beth Tikvah Synagogue,and directed the Executive Committee tostrike a committee to look at implementation(including the financial aspect) andmake recommendations by the end of June2013, with an aim to announce this changeto the congregation at services during theupcoming High Holidays (5774/2013) andimplement the mahzor for the HighHolidays in 5775/2014.Finally, I am pleased to report that aftermore than a year of planning, Beth Tikvahheld a very successful seder on the first nightAdult Educationof Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the captureand trial of Adolf Eichmann, and thelengthy incarceration of Jonathan Pollardgiving us a view of the sweep of modernJewish History.The books are $20.00 each. A donationfrom the sale of every book will be given toBeth Tikvah Synagogue. To purchase books,please call 416-221-3433.of Pesah, which was attended by more than80 people. I would like to thank the membersof the Pesah Sub-Committee - LenSadinsky, who chaired the sub-committeeafter challenging the Ritual Committee toconsider offering a seder for our members,Mona Brown, David Cordovi, StephenLevitt and Gwen Orriell - for all of theirefforts in planning and organizing the seder,Rabbi Grover and Hazzan Kovari for leadingthe seder, Doris Alter for assisting with theseder arrangements, as well as all the membersof the Ritual Committee and professionalstaff who provided input into theplanning for this seder. We are especiallygrateful for the very generous donation froma Beth Tikvah member who wishes toremain anonymous, which allowed us tooffer this seder at a substantially reducedcost.If you would like to receive copies of anyof the reports referred to above, pleasecontact me at“Epic Trials” in Jewish History considerstwelve contentious legal cases which servedas distinctive markers in the ebb and flow ofmodern Jewish History. Ranging from theblood libel trials of the late nineteenth centuryuntil the trial of the Holocaust at thebeginning of the twenty-first century, legalbattles have consumed the world wideJewish community .The book surveys casesfrom the infamous Dreyfus affair and continuesthrough story of Leo Frank, the trialHakol - May/June 2013Page 7

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Beth Tikvah Men’s ClubHakol - May/June 2013Page 13

Musica Beth TikvahJoin Us for a Reel JewishExperienceA frailach evening of song and music fromJewish Cinema is taking place on Sunday,June 2nd at 8:00 PM at Beth Tikvah. Ourtalented cast features Gabi Epstein, MichelleTredger, Mitch Smolkin and Beth Tikvah’sHazzan Tibor Kovari. Accompanying themwill be the combined voices of the BethTikvah, Kol Rina and Toronto Jewish Men’sChoirs, conducted by Klara Bagley Heifetz.The Beth Tikvah String Orchestra and Bandwill provide our musical backup. Our thespiannarrators are Rabbis Howard Markoseand Jarrod Grover.Every year, our Musica Committee brings tothe synagogue, quality musical programmingat affordable (often nominal) pricing. Inorder to support these popular programs, aswell as our Choir, one of our events is ourannual FUNDRAISER. Please refer to ourflyer (front cover of Hakol) for details.This wonderful musical evening will alsoprovide an opportunity for our shul to bid awarm farewell to Rabbi Howard Markosewho will be returning to Israel. In the shorttime he has been in our midst, RabbiMarkose has been a beloved member of theBeth Tikvah family.Beth Tikvah has a renowned reputation forits strong musical tradition – “the singingshul”. Help us preserve that heritage andtreat yourself to a wonderful evening. Callthe synagogue office to make your donationand reserve your seats today, for June 2nd.JOIN US!Page 14 Hakol - May/June 2013

Hakol - May/June 2013Page 15

Youth and Young FamiliesBy Sigal TuchYouth & Young Families Director(416)221-3433 x302sigal@bethtikvahtoronto.orgWe’ve had another fun filled and busy yearwith BT’s Youth and Young Families. Belowplease find a crossword puzzle that will testyour knowledge and remind you of all thefun we’ve had this past year. To everyonewho helped make all these wonderful programspossible, TODAH RABBAH andthanks so much for all your help and support.Please keep in mind that the High Holidaysare extremely early so please send in yourRSVP’s before the summer.Wishing you all a fabulous May and Juneand a fantastic summer! I can’t wait to seeyou all in September.To check your answers visit the YF Eventspage on the BT website: 16 Hakol - May/June 2013

Crossword CluesHakol - May/June 2013Page 17

There’s A Lot Going On For Young FamiliesHakol - May/June 2013Page 18

Don’t forget…The UJA Walk With Israel is on Sunday May 26thMark Your Calendars and SAVE THE DATE for Rock ‘N RollBlue Jean Shabbat: Friday June 14th. More details coming yourway soon!YF Email List: If you would like to receive all the YF flyers electronically,please contact Sigal to be added to the YF database.TGIS: THANK G-D IT’S SHABBAT:Beth Tikvah’s Shabbat Morning Youth Services: are available everyShabbat and holiday morning, from 10:30 am to noon withBabysitting (JK and SK), Beginyan (Grade 1 -3) and Allstars (Grade4 - 7). Youth Services will conclude for the school year on Shabbatmorning June 15th. For more information contact Sigal. TodahRabbah to all of our fabulous youth leaders: Danielle Shoychet,Jonah Librach, Shana Manett, Ashley Abrahams, Batya Feder,Hannah Feldbloom, Leah Kaminker and Noah Levine!The BT Blazers - “The Halutzim”(Grade 1-4):Come out and blaze a trail with the Halutzim with exciting monthlyprograms led by our Youth Coordinator, Danielle Shoychet. Don’tmiss our Trampoline Program at the New Skyzone Toronto onSunday May 12th and our Closing Program on Sunday June 9th.More information coming soon on the BT website along with programwaivers. If you would like to be added to the Halutzim databaseand receive information about all of our great programs, contactSigal.Kadima (Grades 5-8):It’s the place to be for awesome monthly programs led by our YouthCoordinator, Danielle Shoychet. Don’t miss The Amazing RaceLimo Scavenger Hunt on Sunday May 5th and our Car WashFundraiser on Sunday June 2nd. Stay tuned for more informationand visit the BT website to download program waivers. If you’re noton our email lists and you wanna be, contact Sigal. Help us renameour Kadima group for the 2013-2014 school year. Email Danielleor Sigal with your ideas.BTY (Grade 9-12):Wishing all our high school students good luck with final papers andexams. Thanks to all for participating this year and have a great summer!Hakol - May/June 2013Page 19

MAZAL TOVHarvey and Shirley Coleman on the forthcomingmarriage of their son David, toMelissa Smich.BAR /BAT MITZVAHSNatasha Morley-Lissoos on the bat mitzvahof her daughter, Mikaela. Proudgrandparents are Max & CorinneLissoos.Kerry and Anne Arbour on the bar mitzvahof their son, Jason.Joe & Lisa Glass on the bat mitzvah oftheir daughter, Rosie.David and Rhonda Lazear on the bar mitzvahof their son, Adam.Deborah Gottesman & Yoav Kaplun onthe bar mitzvah of their son, Ethan.Gayle and Barry Sokoloff on the bar mitzvahof their son, Jeremy.Stacie Berman and Alan Reisler & BarryHytman on the bat mitzvah of theirdaughter, Amanda Hytman.Adult Education ProgramsCarol & Bert LuftmanGerald & Sheila ZiedenbergBeth Tikvah Women’s EducationalProgramsArlene AnthonyRona & Murray ArmelSonya & Morris BaryshnikSy & Fran CaineToby & Marvin MaskowitzGwen & Gordon OrriellWanda WintrobeBeth Tikvah Women’s ShabbatArlene AnthonyMarlene AxmithFran & Sy CaineHedy EbedesDebby GollomRochelle ThompsonMISHPAHABIRTHSPaul and Pamela Austin on the birth oftheir grandson, Hudson, son of DelayneAustin Seton and Noah Ziff Seton.Proud grandparents are Peggy and JoeSeton. Very proud great grandfather isMorris Justein.Eric and Rochelle Rubin on the birth oftheir grandson, Robert Thomas, son ofMelissa and Aaron Berger. Proud grandparentsare Charles and Lisa Berger. Abrother for Noah and Zachary.Rodeen and Steven Stein on the birth oftheir grandson, Micah David, son ofAlana and Neil Moshe. Proud grandparentsare Sandra and Uri Moshe. Veryproud great grandparents are AnneStein, Kay and George Goldlist andRachel Kuyna.Meier and Honey Miller on the birth oftheir grandson, Colby Shane, son ofAdam Miller and Shari Zimmerman.Proud grandparents are Martin andBarbara Zimmerman. Very Proud greatgrandparents are Rose and Adam Shtibeland Judith Zimmerman.DONATIONSCantor’s FundLee & Edith CantorCantor Tibor & Isabela KovariCohen Family Hidur Mitzvah FundBob & Marilyn CohenGarden FundAlf & Gayle KwinterHesed FundPearl BabinsMiriam BeckermanAllan & Freda BrenderCarol & Michael BurkeShae EcklerMarilyn HermanRuthe MannGordon & Gwen OrriellSid & Gloria PinkusHoward & Caroline RoseJennifer and Alex Reidiboim on the birthof twins (boy and girl). Proud grandparentsare Marilyn and Bill Braverman andSophie and Efem Reidiboim.Shelah and Albert Saltzman on the birth oftheir granddaughter, Maya Katelyn,daughter of Matthew Saltzman andJennifer Feasby. Proud great grandmotheris Frances Ittleman.ENGAGEMENTSBarry and Lisa Green on the engagementof their daughter Tamara, to Bram, sonof Alan and Etta Sugarman. Proudgrandparents are Nettie Simon and Ronand Sue Green.MARRIAGESMichael Sokoloff and Susan Galagher.Proud parents are Lynn and BarrySokoloff and Susan and AlexanderGalagher.Rose and Andrew Braude on the marriageof their daughter Jessica to BobbyPasternak.Fred & Marsha RosenSimon & Renee SaksSam & Mary Saltz and daughtersArthur & Annette SegalAnna SzpirglasStanley & Elizabeth TickHesed “Our Brother’s Keeper” FundLeo & Mona BrownNorm & Alice RothSchaeffer FamilyBenjamin Karp Memorial FundSelma KarpMemorial PlaqueMorris NormanMusical Heritage FundBethTikvah ChoirOssy & Barbara GoldenbergHakol - May/June 2013Page 20

Mel & Brenda PerlmutterSylvia StokesBob, Donna, Dan, Alyssa & OrenWeinermanMike & Cindy WymanPrayerbook FundClaude AbramsBella FitzermanSelma KarpManny & Sheila ManisNaomi Rose & Stanley SinaiTeresa & Larry SwernWyman FamilyRabbi’s Tzedakah FundRuth & Joe BassMiriam BeckermanLillian & Joel CornfieldKathy GlazierStephen & Merle GoldmanHarvey & Shirley Ann HaberFela MillerEsther MinukShelley NorrisMel & Brenda PerlmutterRoy, Joanne, Jake & Ely WymanRitual Director’s FundMarilyn HermanClarence RosenhekWilliam Saltzman Building FundMark & Marilyn Lockwood & FamilyStan & Honey SaltzmanPhillip & Allan Simon Memorial FundRuth SimonLionel Weinstein Memorial FundRon & Celie GoldsteinHarvey & Goldie KestenbergPatti WeinsteinYahrzeit FundLeah AbrahamsonSara AronsonFrances BarishTed BatcherMiriam BeckermanRuth CooperStuart & Lisa FoxmanNorma & Brian GeladeAvery GillickJane GoodmanBob HerscoAnita HollandSylvia KestenbergBeryl KofmanEsther KraussHarriet KunzJeff LevineTerry LipkusBeverley & David OgusMildred RosenMurray SandlerHeather ShermanEllie ShulmanDiane SobelBelle SteinbergBeverly SternbergSylvia StokesStan UngarDorothy WagnerSam & Evelyn ZeifmanYellow Candles (Men’s Club)Dorothy AbramsCharles & Loretta AlterIlse BraudeLee & Edith CantorBob CohenWarren CohenBernard CooperFrances DankevySamuel DruckAnnette EdelsteinShelley EllenszweigGerald & Linda GarshonNorman & Sarah GrillHarvey HackerRon JusteinHart & Moira KaminkerBeryl & Harvey KofmanUrsula LoewensteinSheldon MeslinMeier & Honey MillerRosalie Sandler & Morris NudelmanSheila OcopnickLloyd & Esther PollockCyril & Miriam SapiroSasha & David SchaefferIrv & Sheila ShermanHelen & Max SieberRuth SimonJoel SnitmanEsther SoiferMark SpektorHelen StollarSue & Nat TepperManny TwardBarbara YoungIrv ZelcerYouth and Young Families FundDiane, Gary, Ben & Roxanne Arkin &Uncle JackMarty & Fran CaplanDavid & Sandi EdwardsJudy & Jerrold HowardAimee &Alex IsraelHart & Moira KaminkerSheldon & Nira LermanRuth Podeswa & FamilyRachel & Saul PressEllen RosenthalYouth Prayer Book FundBeth SternBEREAVEMENTSGary and Brenda Crangle on the passingof their dear father and father-in-law,Leslie Crangle.Muriel and Yosi Behar on the passing oftheir dear father and father-in-law,SamJakter.Family of the late Joyce Glazier.Odette and Harvey Brownstone on thepassing of their dear husband and father,Sam Brownstone.Hilary and David Edwards on the passingof their dear father and father-in-law,Sidney Blank, in Manchester, England.Moses Weingarten on the passing of hisdear wife, Helen Weingarten.Family of the late Rose Kopytowski.Marlene Flicht on the passing of her dearmother, Rose Wexler.Hakol - May/June 2013Page 21

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - MAY 2013Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1234Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Book ofNumbers –Rabbi Markose9:30 a.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./6:30 p.m.Choir Rehearsal8:00 p.m. 8:05 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:55 p.m.Havdalah:9:05 p.m.567891011Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.Tikvah Tots9:30 a.m.Shetel to Shetel(MusicalLecture)10:30 a.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Rabbi Grover’sParshatHashavua10:00 a.m.Pirkei Avot withRabbi Grover6:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Lunch & Learn12:00 p.m.ExecutiveMeeting8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Book ofNumbers withRabbi Markose9:30 a.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Choir Rehearsal8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./6:30 p.m.8:13 p.m.12 131415161718Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:00 p.m.Y & Y FamilyShabbat10:30 a.m.Havdalah:9:13 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.Mother’s DayTikvah Tots9:30 a.m.19Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Rabbi Grover’sParshatHashavua10:00 a.m.Pirkei Avot withRabbi Grover6:30 p.m.20Service Times:7:15 a.m./8:30 p.m.Erev ShavuotCandle Lighting8:18 p.m.21Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:00 p.m.1st day ShavuotCandle Lighting:9:27 p.m.22Service Times:8:45 a.m./8:30 p.m.2nd day ShavuotChoir SingingYizkor23Service Times:7:15 a.m./6:45 p.m.248:21 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:10 p.m.Havdallah:9:21 p.m.25Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.Victoria Day –office closedService Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Lunch and Learn12:00 p.m.Board Meeting8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Book ofNumbers withRabbi Markose9:30 a.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Choir Rehearsal8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./6:45 p.m.8:28 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:15 p.m.Havdalah:9:28 p.m.2627 28 2930 31Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.UJA Walk withIsraelService Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Lunch andLearn12:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Book ofNumbers withRabbi Markose9:30 a.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Choir Rehearsal8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:00 p.m.8:34 p.m.Hakol - May/June 2013Page 22

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - JUNE 2013Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday12345678Service Times:9:00 a.m./Service Times:7:30 p.m.7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:Ruth Goldberg7:15 a.m./Kosher FoodDriveLunch & LearnService Times: 7:00 p.m.12:00 p.m.7:15 a.m./The REEL7:30 p.m.Jewish Service Times: Executive Service Times:Experience 7:15 a.m./ Meeting 7:15 a.m./ Choir Rehearsal8:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m.8:39 p.m.9 101112131415Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:00 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:20 p.m.Havdalah:9:34 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:25 p.m.Havdalah:9:39 p.m.Service Times:8:30 a.m./7:30 p.m.16Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.17Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.18Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.19Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.20Rock’n Roll BlueJean Shabbat6:00 p.m.218:43 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:30 p.m.Havdalah:9:43 p.m.22Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.Father’s Day23Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Board Meeting8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Choir – end ofyear party8:00 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:00 p.m.8:45 p.m.24 25 26 272829Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:35 p.m.Havdalah:9:45 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.30Service Times:9:00 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Fast of TammuzService Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:30 p.m.Service Times:7:15 a.m./7:00 p.m.8:46 p.m.Service Times:9:00 a.m./8:35 p.m.Havdalah:8:35 p.m.Hakol - May/June 2013Page 23

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