DNA Replication


DNA Replication

DNAReplicationBy: Austin JonesMichael anidi, WillRhiengrover,Christian Griffith

Separation ofStrands• 2 nucleotide strands separate when thehydrogen bonds connecting the base pairs arebroken.• As it unzips the bases are exposed

Base Pairing• The bases in free nucleotides pair withexposed bases in the DNA strand.• If one nucleotide on a strand has thymine as abase, the free nucleotide that pairs with itwould be adenine.• If the strand contains cytosine a guaninenucleotide will pair with it.• thus, each strand builds its components bybase pairing with free nucleotides.

Bonding ofBases• Sugar and phosphate parts of adjacentnucleotides bond together with covalentbonds to form the backbone of the new strand

Results ofReplication• Two molecules of DNA are produced.• Each molecule has one strand form originalDNA molecule and a new strand producedfrom free nucleotides in the cell.


The Summaryof thereplication

Credits• Information by: Christian• Pictures and audio by: Michael• PowerPoint layout by: Austin• Reader by: Will• THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!!!!!!

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