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IN MEMORIAMDeputy Sheriff Ford Tyson HumphreyKilled in the Line of DutyOctober 9, 1980In memory of our fallen brother, DEPUTYSHERIFF FORD TYSON "TOBY"HUMPHREY, who lost his life in thepursuit of serving and protecting thecitizens of Stafford County. On October9, 1980, 26-year-old Ford Tyson "Toby"Humphrey was killed in the line of dutyby a gunman while attempting to quell adomestic disturbance. Deputy Humphreyserved his community as a DeputySheriff as well as a volunteer member ofthe Fredericksburg Rescue Squad.Deputy Sheriff Jason Edward MooneyKilled in the Line of DutyOctober 19, 2007In memory of our fallen brother,DEPUTY SHERIFF JASON EDWARDMOONEY, who lost his life on October19, 2007, in service to the citizens ofStafford County. Jason EdwardMooney, age 24, was killed in the lineof duty while responding to a trafficaccident on I-95.Deputy Mooneyepitomized public service. He served inthe United States Marine Corp in Alasad,Iraq, had been a boy scout andwas also a volunteer fireman withStafford Company 2 at the time of hisdeath.The death of Deputy Toby Humphrey and the death of Deputy Jason Mooney serve toremind us of the inherent dangers of police work, and that any given shift may endabruptly in serious injury or death. May we focus not on the death of these two publicservants, but their service that was best characterized by loyalty, fearless performance ofduty, and faithful and honorable devotion to the principles of the Stafford Sheriff's Office.4

Stafford Public SafetyFord T. Humphrey BuildingOn Friday, February 1, 2008, Stafford County opened the brand new Public Safety Center. The Public SafetyCenter houses the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, the Fire and Rescue Department, and the EmergencyCommunications Center. This state of the art facility was constructed under Virginia’s Public Private EducationFacilities Infrastructure Act of 2002, or PPEA. The PPEA grants responsible public entities the authority tocreate private-public partnerships for the development of a wide range of projects for public use if the publicentities determine that there is a need for the project and private involvement may provide the project in atimely or cost effective fashion.The building is named after Deputy Sheriff Ford Tyson “Toby” Humphrey who was killed in the line of duty onOctober 9, 1980. The Ford T. Humphrey Building is 112,000 sq.ft. and has been built with enough room toallow for the expansion that the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office and the Fire and Rescue Department willexperience in the future.Stafford Public Safety Center located at 1225 Courthouse Road6


County General InformationADCBSTAFFORD COUNTY 10 YEAR POPULATION GROWTH2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011104,000 110,000 115,500 118,000 120,100 120,400 125,900 128,400 128,946 131,06710

Programs and ServicesThe Sheriff is elected by the citizens of Stafford County and has an obligation to efficiently and effectively enforce thelaws of the Commonwealth. He directs all Sheriff’s Office duties and has final authority in matters of policy,operations and discipline.RECEPTION DESKAll general inquiries go through the Reception Desk located in the mainlobby of the Stafford County Public Safety Center, Ford T. HumphreyBuilding.The Reception Desk is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.Monday through Friday for normal business purposes. A deputy is on dutyat the Reception Desk from 4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. for walk-in emergencies.The Humphrey Building is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.If you visit the Stafford County Public Safety Center, Ford T. Humphrey Building after the above-mentioned hours,there is a phone in the vestibule that will automatically connect you to the Emergency Communications Center.WEBSITEInformation such as the Annual Report, contact information for variousdivisions within the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, community outreach,career opportunities, and many other resources and information can be foundon the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office website. www.staffordsheriff.comVarious information included on our website:Message from the SheriffAnnual ReportsDivision DescriptionsCrime ReportsImportant Phone NumbersCrime Prevention Programs and MaterialsCareer InformationNews ReleasesCommunity ProgramsUnited States Threat Level (DHS)Commend/Complain Online FormResources and FormsCriminal Records RequestsConcealed Weapons Permit informationRecords RequestsUseful linksFingerprinting ServicesState and County Code InformationStafford County AdministrationVirginia Judicial SystemVirginia General AssemblyVirginia State PoliceSafety InformationSenior Citizen SafetyChild SafetyTechnology SafetyNeighborhood WatchBusiness WatchProject LifesaverStafford CadetSOCIAL MEDIAThe Stafford Sheriff’s Office can now be followed on FACEBOOK (Office of Stafford County Sheriff) andTWITTER (staffcosheriff).11

Office of the SheriffCharles E Jett-SheriffPhone: (540)658-4450cjett@staffordcountyva.govThe Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Stafford County,Virginia. He is responsible for all Law Enforcement functions in StaffordCounty as well as security and services for the Court System. The Sheriff is aConstitutional Officer who is elected to a 4-year term. Charles E. Jett iscurrently serving his third term as Sheriff of Stafford County and has been with the StaffordCounty Sheriff’s Office since 1978.Chief DeputyPhone: (540)658-4477ddecatur@staffordcountyva.govThe Chief Deputy is responsible for the daily operations of The StaffordCounty Sheriff's Office. All Divisions report to the Chief Deputy, who then inturnreports to the Sheriff. The Chief Deputy must be well versed in all areas ofthe Department and be ready to stand in for the Sheriff in his absence. MajorDavid P. Decatur has served as Chief Deputy for the past 12 years and has been employed by theStafford County Sheriff’s Office since 1986.Public Information OfficerPhone: (540)658-4468wkennedy@staffordcountyva.govThe Public Information Office is responsible for the dissemination of allinformation and material that goes out to the media. The Public InformationOfficer is the point of contact for the various media representatives as well asfor the community at large. The PIO responds to information requests as well as initiatinginformational releases. The Public Information Office is also responsible for various projects asassigned by the Sheriff.12

In the year 2011, the Public Information Office handled 18 television interviews, 36 radiointerviews and over 906 media contacts by phone. Area newspapers published 433 articlesdealing with information about the Stafford County Sheriff's Office. In 2010 & 2011Community Service Media of Florida produced two Public Service Announcements withSheriff Charles Jett. The two 30 second PSA’s dealt with texting and driving and teendrinking and driving. The PSA’s have been shown in all Stafford County High Schools,Stafford County Cable stations, as well as national cable stations seen in Stafford Countyto include BET, FX, MTV, Hallmark, TLC, TNT, and VH1.Strategic Planning and PolicyThe Strategic Planning and Policy Section deals with long range planningfor staffing, deployment, and future policy decisions. Inspector DavidVarrelman reports directly to the Chief Deputy.ChaplainsChaplain Reverend Ron Thayer and two Associate Chaplains Pastor Leonard Lacey andPastor Gary Bailey provide spiritual and counseling support to sworn and civilianpersonnel of The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. The Chaplain is involved in a numberof activities to include providing the invocations and benedictions at numerous ceremoniesthrough out the year, assisting various divisions when requested, and in case ofemergencies assisting other law enforcement agencies with their pastoral needs.13

Division of Field OperationsCaptain Steven S. CareyCommander,Division of Field OperationsPhone: (540)658-4415Email: scarey@staffordcountyva.govLt. John McAlisterDivision of Field OperationsPhone: (540)658-4437Email: jmcalister@staffordcountyva.govLt. Pat KelleyDivision of Field OperationsPhone: (540)658-4493Email: pkelley@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Field Operations is responsible formaintaining law enforcement in constant operational readiness for immediateresponse to any call for service requiring law enforcement presence.The Field Operations Division has the primary mission to deliver service to thecitizens of Stafford County through response to calls for service and proactiveinitiatives.Patrol Services is responsible for the primary law enforcement and community service. They provide 24-hourpatrol deputy coverage throughout the County. Patrol deputies are generally the first responders to any type oflaw enforcement call for service and are prepared to respond to any emergency. They routinely enforce trafficand criminal laws, conduct criminal investigations, and engage in proactive patrols.The Traffic Safety Unit has the primary responsibilities of ensuring the efficient flow of traffic on criticalcommuter corridors and solving traffic safety issues that face the community. Theseunits compliment the patrol unit’s activity through enforcement of traffic laws inproblem areas. Additional services include traffic safety education, awareness andaccident prevention. Deputies monitor and enforce seatbelt and child safety seat use,provide on-site safety inspections, inspect towing companies, investigate towingrelated complaints and traffic control at special events.The Crime Prevention Unit coordinates community service and crime reduction education programs;conducts home and business security surveys; manages the Neighborhood and Business Watch Programs;Project Life Saver; and, is responsible for the dissemination of crime information, to include collecting andanalyzing patterns.The Juvenile Services Unit creates, coordinates and implements all juvenile programs in the schools. SchoolResource Officers (SROs) have the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment within the public schools.They provide educational assistance to classes in criminal and traffic laws. They also conduct criminalinvestigations involving students and crimes that occur on school property.The Drug Awareness Resistance Education Deputies teach the D.A.R.E. curriculumto both elementary and middle school students. These deputies also work with theSROs and assist in ensuring a safe environment for students and faculty.The Special Operations Section consists of the Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT) Team, K-9 Unit, Search and Rescue, Marine Patrol, Dive Team, Bike Patroland Honor Guard. These assignments are collateral to the regular full-time duties andresponsibilities of the deputies involved.14

Division of Criminal InvestigationsCaptain William F. BowlerCommanderDivision of Criminal InvestigationsPhone: (540)658-4489Email: wbowler@staffordcountyva.govLt. George BondDivision of Criminal InvestigationsPhone: (540) 658-4482Email: gbond@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Criminal Investigation supports law enforcement operations and coordinates criminalinvestigations. This division is divided into five investigative sections: Major Case/Crimes Against PersonsUnit; General Assignment Unit; Drug Enforcement Unit; Computer Forensics; and Crime Analysis Section.The Major Case/Crimes Against Persons Unit is responsible for the investigation of violent crimes such asmurder, rape and robbery. They also investigate accidental/suspicious deaths, child sexual abuse, missingpersons, malicious wounding, and, “cold case homicides.”The General Assignment Unit is responsible for the investigation of burglaries, larcenies, felony vandalismand pawn-related investigations. The General Assignment Unit alsoinvestigates all white-collar crimes, including fraud, forgery and uttering;embezzlements; computer related crime; and, identity theft.The Special Investigations Unit was established in July of 2011. This unit,led by a 1 st Sergeant and a Sergeant, deal with drug-related offenses. Thisunit also has detectives assigned to investigate gang-related crimes andprovide intelligence on gang-related activities in Stafford County.The Pawn Unit is tasked with tracking down items or property that has been stolen and possible pawned inlocal stores. The detective is then able to identify the individual or individuals who have committed theselarcenies.The Crime Analysis Unit provides statistical analysis of reported crime. By using the statistical data the unitprojects possible criminal activity and areas where crimes are likely to occur.The Crime Scene Technician is the primary detective who responds tonumerous crime scenes to recover various types of evidence that can assistin the solving of a crime.The Computer Forensic Analyst is the detective charged with theresponsibility of handling a wide variety of computer crimes to include:internet predators, as well as assisting detectives in their search ofcomputers, cell phones, etc. that have been brought in as evidence.The Domestic Violence Unit was established in 2009. A full time detective is assigned to handle domesticviolence calls and coordinate the Sheriff’s Office efforts in this area. The Domestic Violence Unit works inclose collaboration with the Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence and the CommonwealthAttorney’s Office to ensure that victims of domestic violence have an avenue that leads to an end of abuse.15

Division of Administrative ServicesCaptain Timothy D. O’LearyCommander,Division of Administrative ServicesPhone: (540)658-4427Email: tdoleary@staffordcountyva.govLt. Christopher Shawn KimmitzDivision of Administrative ServicesPhone: (540)658-4432Email: cskimmitz@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Administrative Services provides support services for theSheriff’s Office. The division is responsible for maintenance and managementof the Sheriff’s Office records, evidence and departmental property; and, filesreports, and policies necessary to comply with the Virginia Law EnforcementAccreditation Commission standards. The division is also responsible for FleetManagement accountability, maintenance and cost effectiveness for allSheriff’s Office vehicles.The Records Section serves as the central repository for all offense reports, traffic accidents, traffic citations,and juvenile, and adult arrest records. This division handles all Freedom of Information requests and ArrestRecord inquires.The Evidence Section serves as the central point for all evidentiary itemscollected. They maintain complete accountability from the time the item isreceived to the completion of the court process. This section is alsoresponsible for transporting items to and from State Forensic Laboratories.The Accreditation Section coordinates all efforts for accreditation. Thissection ensures that all departments are keeping all records and documentationaccurate for this process. Stafford County Sheriff's Office has been fullyaccredited since 1999. The Stafford Sheriff’s Office was re-accredited inMarch of 2012.The Property Section maintains and ensures the accountability of all Sheriff’s Office equipment to includeordering, processing, and inventorying.The Data Entry Section is responsible for entering investigative reports, traffic summons, and accidentreports in the Sheriff’s Information Computer System; staffing the receptionist desk; and, receivingincoming non-emergency telephone lines.The Technology Section is responsible for management of the Sheriff’sInformation Computer Systems, Regional Information Sharing Programs anddevelopment of other related efforts. This section is also responsible fortechnological and grant research; and, maintenance of all computer-relatedequipment and software programs, to include the mobile computers andvideo cameras used in the patrol vehicles.16

Division of Professional StandardsLt. M. David RoderickCommander,Division of Professional StandardsPhone: (540) 658-4569Email: mroderick@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Professional Standards provides services that support,develop, enhance and provide oversight for Sheriff Office employees intheir service to our community. The Division is comprised of Training,Finance, Personnel Section, Training, and Internal AffairsThe Finance Section prepares statistical reports, feasibility studies,budget request and fiscal analysis.The Personnel Section processes all applications and conducts thebackground investigations for prospective employees. They also areresponsible for the Human Resource component for the Sheriff’s Office.The Training Section maintains all training files and tracks due dates forin-service training and re-certifications. This section coordinates physicalabilities testing, the Citizen Police Academy and the Field Trainingprogram.The Internal Affairs Section is responsible for the investigation ofcomplaints against the Stafford County Sheriff's Office or one of itsemployees. Internal Affairs determines the validity of the complaint andmakes recommendations for action, if needed, to the Sheriff.The Division of Professional Standards coordinates the annualCitizen’s Police Academy (CPA) for the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.2011 marked the 11th year of the Citizen’s Police Academy.Career InformationThe Division of Professional Standards is the primary location forinformation regarding career opportunities with the Stafford CountySheriff’s Office.Position descriptions, available employment opportunities, and contactinformation can be found online at or bycontacting the Division of Professional Standards 540-658-4470.17

Division of Court ServicesCaptain Arthur G. KendallCommander,Division of Court ServicesPhone: (540)658-4490Email: gkendall@staffordcountyva.govLt. Wayne SullivanDivision of Court ServicesPhone: (540)658-4439Email: wsullivan@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Court Services provides a variety of services such as court security, prisonertransportation and the processing of all legal civil procedures, and is in charge of the warrants unit.The Division Commander (Captain) is required to oversee theoverall function of the Division, which includes security at theCourthouse. He ensures that the public and our own judicial officersare conducting business in a safe and secure environment. TheCaptain ensures compliance with all department policies and anyDepartment of Corrections standards regarding the transportation ofprisoners.The Court Security Section is responsible for the security for 7 courts, as well as searching every personwho enters the courthouse, to ensure a safe environment for all courthouse-related matters.The Transportation Unit is responsible for the transportation of juvenile and adult offenders betweencorrectional facilities and the court, transporting mental patients, and facilitating all extraditions.The Warrants Unit is responsible for the processing and tracking of all criminal warrants, includingthose of other jurisdictions.The Civil Process Unit serves civil papers for the Sheriff’s Office and assists with court security asneeded.Fingerprinting ServicesThe Stafford County Sheriff's Office provides fingerprinting at nocost for the residents of Stafford County and/or anyone employed inStafford County.Fingerprinting services are offered on Monday (if not closed forHolidays) from 1pm until 3pm. No appointment is necessary*.Location during these operating hours will be 1300 Courthouse Road(Court Security Desk).Please bring a fingerprint card if you have one. If you do not have a fingerprint card, the StaffordSheriff’s Office will provide one for you. *Need a photo ID at the time of fingerprinting.Please contact the Division of Court Services 540-658-4490 if you have any questions or concerns.18

Division of Emergency CommunicationsCarol AdamsDirectorDivision ofEmergency CommunicationsPhone: (540)658-4712Email: cadams@staffordcountyva.govNick StepaniakAssistant ManagerDivision ofEmergency CommunicationsPhone: (540) 658-4481Email: nstepaniak@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Emergency Communications, staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, serves as thecentral point of contact for all public safety entities in Stafford County. The communications officersreceive and process all calls for service via 911 (both landline and cellular), emergency and nonemergencyadministrative telephone lines; outgoing calls in support of operations; provides dispatchservices for all public safety responses and supports non-emergency county functions during non-County business hours.In 2011, the Emergency Communications Center dispatched 146,657 law enforcement calls for serviceand 24,851 calls for service for Fire and Rescue. In addition, 50,108 calls to 911 were processed. Thetotal of all telephone calls (incoming and outgoing) processed in 2011 were 305,239.The Stafford County Public Safety Radio Project, a multi-channel MHz system became operational onDecember 28, 2010. The two year, 26 million dollar project, will ensure that first responders have theability to communicate with the ECC from anywhere in Stafford County, eliminating “dead spots” thathad effected certain areas of the county. The new 700-800 MHz system is encrypted for all Sheriff’sOffice calls, providing the maximum safety for the deputies and the citizens they are responding to help.Calls to the Fire and Rescue Department are not encrypted.19

Division of Animal ControlCaptain Michael E. NullCommanderDivision of Animal ControlPhone: (540) 658-7387Email: mnull@staffordcountyva.govThe Division of Animal Control enforces animal welfare laws; houses stray andunwanted animals in a clean and safe environment; and, coordinates adoption of housed animals.Animal Control is divided into two components, Enforcement (Animal Control Officers) and ShelterCaretakers. Animal Control Officers conduct routine patrol public safety measures to ensure a safe coexistencewith animals and people, education presentations, and respond to a variety of complaintsconcerning animals. They also provide Prevention and Awareness programs as requested.The Stafford County Animal Control Office is located at 473 Eskimo Hill Road, Stafford, Virginia 22554(next to the County Landfill).Shelter Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.Volunteer ServicesVolunteers provide support in many areas including Traffic Safety, DataEntry/Clerical, Emergency Communications, and Crime Prevention, justto name a few. During 2011, 32 volunteers donated 4,340 hours, whichconstituted a savings of nearly $91,000.The Volunteer Traffic Safety Unit supports the Traffic Safety Unit atschools and during special events. The Volunteers Crossing Guardprogram utilizes 325 trained volunteers to manage traffic at school crosswalks, church events and other special activities. Other volunteers assistin the placement of special equipment such as the two Sheriff’s Officespeed study SMART (Speed Monitoring and Recording Trailer) trailers.The Cadet Program is designed for young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 who have aninterest in law enforcement. The Cadet Program recruits members, elects officers and assists in eventplanning. Sheriff’s deputies/detectives provide training and guidance. The object is to provide aprogram that builds character, encourages community service andprepares cadets for law enforcement careers.The Sheriff’s Special Star Force Cadets program is designed for youngpeople ages 12-22 with intellectual or physical disabilities (intellectual ata minimum) to give them an opportunity to experience the various dutiesof a law enforcement officer in a safe, hazard free environment. The Cadet Captain leads the Cadets inmonthly meetings, with the help of various members of the Sheriff’s Office, as the Cadets experience avariety of responsibilities and jobs.20

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office recognizes, with great appreciation, the efforts of the many individualswho volunteer their time and expertise to help the citizens of Stafford County.Volunteer Traffic SafetySergeantNick KopchinskyTraffic - Trailer EquipmentKeith AngleStuart BeatsonStan BrownHarry CharityRich DennisSteve LevinsohnRyan McGinnisSpeedwatchJohn BurkeFrank RingquistEd MooneyGiancarlo RodriquezHoward RoseMark SeymourMichael ShepherdJoseph ShuskoJames SmithMark ThomasTrailer/Speed WatchJim Brown, Jr.Frank RingquistWilliam Smith (Project Lifesaver)Auxiliary DeputiesMichael KeyesLarry CarmonWalter ViaJodi GouleyMark FilosoJason SmithKirk ClaybergJim KlockMike WilliamsonJeff HetrickWallace JohnsonDaniel WilkinsonFrank MartelloAnimal ControlJohnny DusenberryPatricia MuraMartha MeyersSabrina MorrisonData EntryValarie HartCelinda GrafClaire MarbleDebbie MurphyWilma SmithArmoryJerry GrafCadetsSamuel HamptonCarolyn GaleVeronica BarleyColin PapenfussSara BrownRobert GuytonCynthia BensonDamain PrinceScott SparryElliot LinderKatelynn HallEric DelozierVincent SannicolasElliot TaylorJustin HagansMichele RohlfDylan JohnsChaplainsRon ThayerLeonard LaceyGary BaileySearch & RescueNeil MayhewDon BloomDymond DempsterBruce DiazRoger HatfieldDan HillChris MagrinoThomas MayberryBart MixApril ParisSteven SparlingIlona ZamojdaRetirementOn behalf of the men and women of the StaffordCounty Sheriff’s Office, best wishes and gratitude areextended to the individuals who retired in 2011Field Operations1 st Sgt. Frank MartelloCriminal Investigations1st Sgt James HarrisCourt ServicesDeputy Moses BouldenAnimal ControlAnimal Control Officer Dennis OttleyOffice of the SheriffRhonda MastinAnimal ControlSabrina Morrison21

Sheriff’s Office HonorsLaw Enforcement Personnel for ServiceThe Stafford County Sheriff's Office held its annual awards ceremony on Thursday, May 5,2011 to honor law enforcement personnel who have provided exemplary service to thecommunity.“Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect thecitizens of Stafford,” said Sheriff Jett. “The awards ceremony is an opportunity to formallyacknowledge their extraordinary efforts and show our appreciation for their hard work anddedication.”Sheriff Charles Jett presented 32 honorees with awards for their actions and performance. AMeritorious Award was given for emergencies in which a Sheriff’s Office memberdemonstrated judgment, ingenuity or performance that clearly exceeded what is required andexpected. A Commendation Award was given in the instances in which a Sheriff’s Officemember demonstrated exemplary service. A Traffic Safety Award was given for preventionof traffic accidents and enforcement of traffic laws in Stafford County. A Leadership Awardwas given for leadership efforts in a particular program within the Sheriff’s Office. ACommunity Service Award was given to citizens in Stafford County who provide exemplaryservice to the Sheriff’s Office.Individuals were selected by an Awards Committee consisting of personnel from theOperations, Criminal Investigations and Civil//Court Divisions and the Public InformationOffice. Individuals were nominated by other deputies or personnel of the Sheriff’s Office.The committee evaluated the nominations based on the following criteria: bravery andheroism; exemplary performance which directly resulted in the solution of a major crime orcrimes; or apprehension of a particularly dangerous criminal; and exceptional performance.The committee forwarded all nominations that they recommend to the Sheriff for his reviewand action.The following personnel received awards:22

AWARD RECIPIENTSDetective Donald R. Lenhart is a recipient of a Letter of Commendation for his tireless work on a caseinvolving the assault of a Stafford County Deputy. Detective Lenhart’s investigation played a major role inthe conviction of the suspect and his incarceration of ten years for the assault on the Stafford Deputy.First Sergeant Ryan M. Pangretic, Sergeant David M. Stout, Deputy William T. Johnson, Deputy LeePeters, III, Deputy Joshua Truslow and Deputy William C. Walker each received a Letter ofCommendation for their efforts in apprehending a man wanted for robbing the clerk of a local conveniencestore at gunpoint. These men’s teamwork, astute observations and excellent law enforcement skills allowedfor the swift and safe apprehension of this wanted man.Deputy Burton W. Collins and Aquia Harbour Police Officer Tammy L. Goodwin each earned aMeritorious Award for their efforts to save a two-year-old-child who choked on a foreign object.Although, tragically, the child did not survive, these officers were recognized for their heroic attempt intrying to resuscitate the child.Communication Officer Andrea D. Mullen received a Letter of Commendation for her outstanding workduring an “Officer Down” situation. CO Mullen exhibited the highest degree of competence,professionalism and training one can expect from a communication officer.Detective Christopher P. Cameron is a recipient of a Letter of Commendation for his work on anaggravated malicious wounding/abduction and attempted Rape case. Detective Cameron’s investigativeand interrogation skills ensured that the man charged with this terrible crime was brought to justice.Deputy David K. Holmes and Deputy Mark E. Steininger each received a Letter of Commendation forthe work they did on a robbery that took place in the northern part of the county, but ended up with theapprehension of several suspects in south Stafford. Their swift actions may well have prevented additionalcivilians from falling victim to future acts of crime and violence.Deputy Alexandra I. Lugo is a recipient of a Letter of Commendation from saving a baby from certainserious injury or death. The baby in this incident had fallen from a moving vehicle on a heavily travelledroadway.Sergeant Christopher W. Reed, Sergeant Neal P. Robey, Detective Edgar L. McCullough, DeputyAlan M. Hatmaker and Deputy David A. Hughes, Jr., each received a Meritorious Award for the lifesaving measures they administered to a 40-year-old-woman who suffered cardiac arrest behind the wheel ofher vehicle. This woman is alive today because of the efforts of these 5 men.Deputy William D. Crane received a Letter of Commendation for his work in traffic safety, specificallybringing recognition to several citizens who averted serious injury in traffic accidents by seat belt usage.Deputy Carol R. Burgess and Deputy Lee Peters, III each received a Letter of Commendation for theirwork in establishing the teen traffic safety program, Youth of Virginia Speak Out, also known as YOVASO,in our local high schools. The program focuses on traffic safety and gives students an opportunity to becomeinvolved in activities that promote safe driving.Director Carol R. Adams, Director of the Emergency Communications Center, received a Letter ofCommendation for her exemplary efforts in organizing, guiding and supervising the installation andimplementation of the new radio system currently being used by the Sheriff’s Office and the Fire and RescueDepartment. The three year project came on line in December of 2010.23

Sheriff’s Office HonorsLaw Enforcement Personnel for ServiceDetective John Hughes III, and Detective Thomas P. Leonard each received a Letter of Commendation fortheir hard work and tireless efforts in identifying and bringing to justice a homicide suspect. These two menworked for over a year to collect evidence, arrest, and eventually obtain a guilty plea, for capital murder, from themurder suspect.First Sergeant Nancy J. Morin and Deputy Tracy A. Scoggins each received a Letter of Commendation fortheir work in organizing the first annual D.A.R.E. basketball game between staff from the Sheriff’s Office andStafford County Public Schools. Approximately 1,500 people attended the game and over $4,000.00 was raised forthe D.A.R.E. Program.Deputy Tracy A. Scoggins received the Meritorious Award for her life saving efforts in assisting a choking victim.The victim credits Deputy Scoggins’ quick reaction, in performing the Heimlich maneuver, with saving herlife.Deputy Frank E. Shannon received the Meritorious Award for preventing a suicide. Deputy Shannon, a memberof the Sheriff’s Office Crisis Intervention Team, is trained to deal with individuals experiencing mental healthissues. Deputy Shannon’s actions diffused a potentially tragic situation and provided a distraught man the help heso desperately needed.Deputy Jason J. Forman was awarded the Traffic Safety Award for the Patrol Unit for his efforts in severaldifferent areas of traffic safety prevention programs and traffic enforcement on the roads in Stafford County.Deputy Lee Peters, III received a Letter of Commendation for his efforts in a number of different areas in trafficsafety prevention programs, presentations to several organizations on traffic and motorcycle safety, traffic enforcement,as well as participating in the Youth Of Virginia Speak Out teen traffic safety program.Deputy Ricardo Rodriquez is a recipient of a Meritorious Award for performing first-aid which assuredly savedthe life of a co-worker who suffered a heat stroke.Administrative Specialist Andrea N. Bingler is a recipient of a Leadership Award for her tireless, behind thescenes work with the Sheriff’s Special Star Force Cadet Program. This one of a kind program was established toprovide an opportunity for individuals with intellectual disabilities to experience the various duties of a law enforcementofficer.COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARDMs. Patricia Copeland and Ms. Caryn Souza are recipients of the Community Service Award for their workwith the annual summer time National Night Out Program. Their extraordinary commitment to National Night Outand willingness to volunteer the immeasurable hours needed to make this program a success is noted and appreciated.24

Sheriff’s Office Honors Civilian PersonnelThe Stafford County Sheriff’s Office held its second annual Civilian Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 28,2010, to honor the civilian personnel who have provided exemplary service to the community and theSheriff’s Office. “The civilian personnel are an integral part of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office,” saidSheriff Charles Jett. “This ceremony is an opportunity to honor the efforts of all our civilian personnel andsingle out four individuals who personify the core values of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.”Sheriff Charles Jett awarded four individuals with awards for their efforts and performance on the job, day inand day out.2010 Civilian Award RecipientsINTEGRITY AWARD – Krystal GalyenKrystal Galyen has earned and maintained the trust of our citizens and employees, beingpersonally and professionally accountable to the highest ethical standards. KrystalGalyen’s position requires a can-do attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to get thejob done.COMPASSION AWARD - Denise PayneDenise Payne is the type of person who treats all that she encounters with a caring,sensitive and conscientious manner. Ms. Payne’s ability to relate to her fellow workers aswell as the animals in her care speaks volumes to the type of wonderful person she is.FAIRNESS AWARD – Stephanie CallawayStephanie Callaway consistently maintains a standard of what is right and proper, freefrom self-interest, prejudice or favoritism. She is consistent, fair and just in all actionswith everyone she deals with.PROFESSIONALISM – Jacqueline GrahamJacqueline Graham has provided quality service through motivation, dedication and a solidprofessional knowledge of her area of expertise. Jacqueline Graham’s actions, attitude andappearance have demonstrated self-discipline, attention to duty and service to the missionof the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. She is, indeed, one of the “Go To Persons” in theSheriff’s Office.25

Crime Factors and StatisticsThis chart compares the number ofreported Crimes Against Persons, PropertyCrimes, Fraud Crimes and NarcoticViolations in Stafford County for 2010.Property Crimes make up 57% of allreported serious crimes.Crime StatisticsThose crimes that are most serious in nature are defined as “Group A Offenses.”Group A Offenses are:ArsonAssault OffensesBriberyBurglary/Breaking and EnteringCounterfeiting/ForgeryDestruction/Damage/Vandalism of PropertyEmbezzlementExtortion/BlackmailFraud OffensesGambling OffensesHomicideKidnapping/AbductionLarcenyMotor Vehicle TheftNarcotic OffensesPornography/Obscene MaterialProstitutionRobberySex Offenses, Forcible and Non-ForcibleStolen Property OffensesWeapons Law ViolationThe overall Group A crime in Stafford County was 4.63 crimesper one hundred residents in 2011.26

Crime Factors and StatisticsIn 2011, major crimes decreased by .2% in Stafford County. These major crimes are Murder, Rape,Robbery, Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny and Motor Vehicle Theft.27

Major Property Crimes ReportedViolent Crimes Reported for the past 5 Years28

Calls for ServiceEach year, deputies put their life on the line to protect our community. The graph below shows thenumber of assaults on deputies over the past 5 years.29

Traffic StatisticsThe graphs below illustrate the number of traffic stops, citations issued, traffic accidents (to include Alcohol-RelatedAccidents) and Driving Under the Influence Arrests by the Stafford Sheriff’s Office for the past 5 years.30

87,75685.76280,63582,22383,64213111399 99 99566667796754903486965 62531512612108423031

Domestic Violence StatisticsReports of domestic disturbances and domestic assaults decreased during 2011. Domestic disturbancecalls accounted for 4.85% of all requested law enforcement service.Domestic Disturbance is defined as any conflict (verbal or physical) between household members thatrequire law enforcement advice, guidance or intervention.Domestic Assault is defined by law as the assault and battery against a family or household member and ispunishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor (up to 12 months in jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine, either or both).32

Emergency Communications33

Animal Control Statistics34

CommendationsYour comments are important to us so please let us know what you think.We are here for only one reason: To Protect the Peace and Serve the Citizens.Commendations:The Sheriff’s Office strives to provide outstanding service to both the citizens of StaffordCounty, and to those who pass through our county either occasionally or on a daily basis. Most ofwhat we do is considered “routine” or “part of the job.” We expect little recognition for ourefforts.There are, however, times when a deputy or employee performs their duties in a manner soappreciated by the citizen that they would like to say “thank you” or “job well done.” Many timesthe citizen doesn’t know to whom they should speak, or where they should write to express theirsentiments of appreciation. It’s for this reason we have created a mechanism to provide a wayyou can tell us what you think!Submit Online:Visit to complete an online formVisit us: Come to the Sheriff’s Office and advise us you wish to register a commendationWrite to us (Postal Mail):Stafford Sheriff’s OfficeProfessional Standards UnitP.O. Box 189Stafford, Virginia 22555Give us a call: (540) 658-4450Ask for a supervisor and explain why you are calling.Send us a FAX: (540) 658-4704Tell a Deputy: Tell any deputy you see about the incident and ask him/her to pass theinformation along to a supervisor.It would be helpful if you know the name of the deputy or employee involved, but if you don’t,just tell us about the incident and we will attempt to find out who was involved. It would also behelpful to know where and when the incident took place.If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Professional Standards Unit ofthe Sheriff’s Office at (540) 658-4470 for assistance.35

ComplaintsYour comments are important to us so please let us know what you think.We are here for only one reason: To Protect the Peace and Serve the Citizens.Complaints:Of course, no one likes to hear that things are not going well, or that the service provided is notsatisfactory! We do understand, however, that there are times when not everyone will be happywith the service or outcome of our work.It’s also necessary that this office be made aware of the incidents where you feel we did notperform our duties properly and adequately.If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of our performance we would like to hear about it!Submit Online:Visit to complete an online formVisit us: Come to the Sheriff’s Office and advise us you wish to register a complaintGive us a Call: (540) 658-4450 and advise us you wish to register a complaintWrite to us (Postal Mail): Send a letter to the Professional Standards Unit outlining yourcomplaint, make sure to include the date, time and location of the incident in question,and the name of the employee. If you don’t know the employee’s name, we will attemptto find out who was involved.Stafford Sheriff’s OfficeProfessional Standards UnitP.O. Box 189Stafford, Virginia 22555E-mail us: supervisor will assist you in completing a report to outline the incident and complaint regardinga deputy or civilian employee. You will be asked for information that identifies you and forinformation as to where you may be contacted.You will be notified, by letter, that your complaint has been received and is under investigationby the Sheriff’s Office. You may be contacted for further information.In most cases, the investigation will take less than sixty days; however, should it take longer, youwill be notified. When the investigation is complete, you will be notified of the disposition.If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Professional Standards Unit ofthe Sheriff’s Office at (540) 658-4470 for assistance.36

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