DAS SPIELE JOURNAL - Österreichisches Spiele Museum

DAS SPIELE JOURNAL - Österreichisches Spiele Museum

DAS SPIELE JOURNAL - Österreichisches Spiele Museum


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A<br />

far Red laak'«<br />

1WN — MiadJIwalma HaRawaaa committee A m pteas<br />

M -djtUhraW- Sawtway, Oat. II. Loft to rioht aro Detee-<br />

L». Irvtof L KrabowMalt, Oeawty PaRa* CMaf Leroy McKnlf ht, Chairman Dr. M.<br />

f Hibbe, Haary DaLau, Eoyw*- 1 ft. MaCartaay and Joaoab K. Sarpteo.<br />

Delay<br />

Zoning<br />

Hearing Oout<br />

a*.<br />

bsariagwbyasoamg<br />

shomd aet be<br />

TuiiBiMpbBl.tkm<br />

Seek Change<br />

Of Bus Stop<br />

In Holmdel<br />

1st m tha Nov.»<br />

aight askmg that th<br />

ne pestpoaemeat was allowed<br />

change Ms policy oa the<br />

to permk attorneys for bath skba<br />

Park to school.<br />

by parents m the<br />

•or Jo<br />

cm* J.I<br />

•at be<br />

Oa Seat. »the<br />

a to<br />

pane" af lbs iiillialUI<br />

, -<br />

thaRyan<br />

Rd..<br />

IVJooOeyta se Is<br />

Development<br />

Unit Asked<br />

By Group<br />

jnamm CAT).- chartae *.<br />

aammaBBi ^^a^BkH&^a^^gaaMga} BmmmVB) BmBBm 1 a%<br />

an art a* New Jersey's<br />

Dale B. Otto, LMMM<br />

NewJanayNal<br />

aval Oas Ca« have asked stato<br />

.ChLHagaaef<br />

Caw oJaftrh) Co.. Rabart<br />

B B s**Jammm amf WssmmmmwfXB^aBaW af^mnm. T<br />

OjaWJl^"*/ BJj wFmBBBBTjaT/lw*Br ^aWB^V • *<br />

H KfjwjJI ff Amfc^te CBBM QM<br />

V. si Me aM «f J<br />

~ raadtsaatCa.<br />

INDEX<br />

W. I, wllte _.<br />

Imvil<br />

Rocket Fuel Blast<br />

Kills 2, Injures 5<br />

wm be<br />

tobevathe<br />

the practice.<br />

•a pan.<br />

at th*<br />

team*!* n i dMBmmttl VJBM flaw<br />

> / W H | lava* ewwaaapaeat aemm* ^nar<br />

OH ana la pick a* i<br />

"certam •» cMldtsa. ReaMaato aoto<br />

saae, as the baa coatd make a com)<br />

i pstMtoa abja atoo *et<br />

iaMppadaa*alfiaMrab.<br />

> tha vhasa al msftrlani atrRtM<br />

frames*<br />

New Police<br />

Cars Slated<br />

In Red Bank<br />

tnek far thttJaat<br />

HM track ww *<br />

The tajoMHad had bean ahaag<br />

BO pnpauaBt ay remote<br />

the<br />

CNaav<br />

mining Pool Measure<br />

Introduced in Red Bank<br />

a**.*<br />

Soviet 'Sky Lab' Makes<br />

Moon-Gircle Approach<br />

MOKOV (AP) - Kaariat fly-<br />

MUM.<br />

the most<br />

Itw, thatwM<br />

at tha<br />

Baith.<br />

at • a. m. (RST), tbaa begm a<br />

alaw carvo tataae platans o( 11M<br />

of DM auth'a aatunl<br />

satellite. HM Raartsaa said it<br />

7.a»uio-<br />

meters (UN •iita) of tha raooa<br />

Its cutest peteL<br />

scientists Mid the<br />

atory"—as tfcty tarmMI tha apace<br />

Yg. They aald tha Ciatnl Soviet<br />

competing station will correlate<br />

tha iamrmattOB, making mast of<br />

ttpabUc<br />

KENvn. (AP) -<br />

fckaUata baiiava tha ataetfaalc<br />

killed aad five injured j whea tMlf wtt prodoca ptetum at<br />

a half tc« at aaperlmsatal l racket k entar acan similar to thoaa on<br />

at tha Hat- tiw alda a( tha<br />

colas Powdei Co. plaat yeetor- earth.<br />

They anjaataa tatsrsatsd. If<br />

Mast aot more so, la what taformatka<br />

bailsman IS mflsa away. the Mtettte wm<br />

vutp Ce^af4ieaata ofMt aiouac<br />

the earth. Rasalaa<br />

set ap to track the<br />

•ltpoead laboratory aa its trip<br />

TBM aald. It<br />

fly aV iata an*<br />

at tha Jaaaary<br />

Sfcato Draws Do-or-Die<br />

Assignment Today lor Sox<br />

LOS AMMUS (AF)—Tfca CMMMJ* WMt $a«<br />

law<br />

as V iwW 9n/Wf nl w/MW Mli IT% fll<br />

by Lee Angeles 4-3 m<br />

bat It may b« 10 WSJMW<br />

l CaHiawa, 30 faat balaw<br />

DocAr Strike Dispute<br />

Deadlock Worsens<br />

1-0019<br />

Catmatmdr- aisel^ana>lme) A ^kmmS V A<br />

Khvostikoc saM tha space vahip<br />

out in Red Baok aad Rumsoa<br />

augaatie fltldaea iti way ap to<br />

tfc* maoa. It is avaetad to doth*<br />

Aftart «. Ely. wwfca<br />

oa tha way back, providing<br />

NEW YORK (AP) — Some New<br />

a chack oa whatbtr ndtotlca aad<br />

ta aay what aart at pre- latHMttlit an Mattnom Attu Stf Orleans dock workers were under<br />

ederal order today to end their<br />

statute reached aa initial OK for New School walkout But other toogst<br />

of 11 kilometers (SJ} MATAWAN - na afraid at there and In other ports along<br />

KUIad by tha hkat wan VW a second after Us launch-<br />

the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts coning<br />

Sunday. Later m its 2N.SS7tinued<br />

their *U-d«y-old strike.<br />

mile trip the speed dropped to<br />

As the deadlock betwaea. ship-<br />

about 1 kilometers (LM mike) a<br />

d th l l l L p<br />

High school vandalism brake Bank's 14-7 loss to Rumson-Felr<br />

Havea Regional High School Sat-<br />

last week-end.<br />

urday, then wen paint smoarmg<br />

la additioB ta a series of Jobs on throe high sdwuils.<br />

allegad assaulu toUowtog Red A 17-year-old Red Bank Mtak<br />

School aankff Frank I. Muss, Jr.<br />

waa nabbed by Rnmsna pottee<br />

Used Stolen durtag a aamt raid ta Rumson.<br />

I Bank High School's caa><br />

Car to Drive •one wen covered with paint af<br />

the Rnmami echoora coktra.<br />

pers and the latematloaal Loag-<br />

af lamBBu Panv MCS m*<br />

pbjaa ar a astsltod brachure m<br />

. . .. «tlea,A|lt tstrlag Mil<br />

Vtejators at aay prsvlilan at the<br />

faa M aa) far a aeratM.<br />

at the<br />

, ^ — ^ — J ^ A —^——^ aBaWNmatlBlaBai<br />

ami gaBdaBaaml amtamm ansmdl Oaaal Bmmaal aaaamal<br />

flaefarthe tint atfeaae, aad tW<br />

Red Bank to Tighten Up<br />

On Dump Permits Issued<br />

j<br />

• Baa ami aanr m\ ^<br />

Ira* IMB oAelw b<br />

a federal mediator, todteatiag no<br />

fram *a pasi stoa Is If past water is aat la be dbv<br />

laraad Ma a atnad. break « A letter from Irvwg<br />

_ . Na water may storm sewer, the water may beMil.<br />

den of #.« Beard at Frea- ITfH WAM OPPM RUOCTtO Osvld* J. M.Oen.le<br />

sfrayH onto the owntr's pi up hetdtrs. MUI the bunwgh's r*.<br />

erty If dralaaae coadltlans per guest for traffic lights at the<br />

If the water to to drain lato a mil,<br />

River St. and Catherine St. In-<br />

storm sewer, approval must be No permit Is reaulred tar a tersections of Shrewsbury Ave.<br />

received from the borough an- wading pool, which must not as- had been turned ever in Howard<br />

r A lit fas M reaulred for ceed Itt souare feet ar ba more 1, Preston, county rood superin-<br />

fir* Hspscllss. If ooaaecUea lhaa 12 laches deep,<br />

tendent. Mr. Preston will make<br />

1 ,<br />

Bfatldent af the United Iteelwerheri, raltas bane* ta<br />

ihleld ayes fram flare of ahetographers' lights In •!•••burgh<br />

at he areaarat te tell newimsn yeiteraity tha<br />

wage policy committee rejected en Indutfry wsge affer<br />

ta lattlo the natianwlde itael strike. IAP WlrtpKotel<br />

CUTTIN* DOWN THi SOX—TaJ Klutiawskl Is faraa4<br />

at second bete In first half of a double play In first inning<br />

of fourth World Series qame yesterday. Shortstop<br />

Charlia Naal leaps to elaar Tad after relaying to first i9<br />

nip Sherm toiler. Play started when Lollar grounded to<br />

Maury Wills. (A* Wiraphotol<br />

Vandalism<br />

3 High Schools<br />

Get Paint Jobs<br />

To School<br />

A U-year-oM little Silver bay<br />

ling a<br />

H<br />

Naad<br />

the youth waa picked<br />

Red Beak poBca Friday alght 'ea<br />

SOUBI 9t* MCVMa I<br />

Pinckney Rd. The Jwreafle was<br />

relseeed ia oastody of his pareats<br />

Dr. M. Oregg Mbbs.<br />

smeat. a< Red Bank _<br />

part al ha HUH la aa* ear- la New Orleans, a federal Judge<br />

to await Juvenile court action.<br />

peal amy haaaad far panhaaa<br />

nstraiaiag order agai<br />

etkm at futan games.<br />

A M-yeaitold companion, aba<br />

from little Silver, was released. A ifyearoM Red Baafc bay<br />

la the ha* touched off the mass strike by<br />

He toM polleo ha dkta't know the<br />

baa admitted etrikmg Richard<br />

Baapf^eB^Bp mi^Bvia^gaaRpW V^avaaaaa ^p^wv# a>e aaaj w<br />

car was stolen.<br />

Morgaa, IS, af dab Way, Raa><br />

aa ether New Oriesas locals wan<br />

raaulndi<br />

Patrolman DonaM R.<br />

not affected by the order.<br />

to data a cat on Ms faoa. Tm<br />

end Capt William F. Patterson,<br />

The Nathan! Labar RelaikMS<br />

other<br />

Jr., saw the car while they wan<br />

Board sought the order at the re-<br />

ia a patrol ear.<br />

ajaast of New Orlaaaa shippers,<br />

he lS-yearoM told polleo he nereisaoi<br />

who maintain the 1LA faUed to<br />

stole the car while it wns parked between the patatmg JebJ<br />

file a required It day advance<br />

on Cartile Ter., Little Silver, the<br />

the fisticuffs.<br />

ear Is owned by Douglas J. Thlle- Red Bank's«<br />

.peas<br />

s traffic It the<br />

suit » Maclean Ave.. Maaas- ed sometime Thursday<br />

CoaacHhaard a cossplaiat tron<br />

Oatnas,« Oaklaad St<br />

quea.<br />

evidently by a<br />

son-Fair Haven<br />

Oa Friday, a.<br />

from Red Beak<br />

Subdivision<br />

llfSkSTtoZ Hearing Set<br />

i^A AtMmmMl Ihfef Mas<br />

Bgag, BajajwjBBjBj BJB/ ajgaj<br />

•vltwa woaia 09 laacaHaii<br />

waaM be IBnett. with<br />

the rear He* eitaadlag to tha<br />

myry River. The let<br />

River Rd.. will be Matte I<br />

Iba PlaaaisMj Beard will<br />

at p. u. m the Maaldpal BuihV<br />

[baj.<br />

cm Rod<br />

MvarTSa<br />

'** he was tha driver at<br />

th the ntt-Hartley » -MI. w>.^__ «_ . •.— car carrytag the<br />

Ha asked far a police eeeart<br />

' " • • • • aaaaTW WSHB Hgaf ajammWBBBBwajgaBammt gmBBj« major subdivision by Thomas V.<br />

• aad fram the Calboae He bh* bk* at total automata la asgotiatloas.<br />

Jardiaa af property oa East Front Royal r L .<br />

dssRad After brief taats with both sides,<br />

St, will be haM at the Red ~ ' High School priadpal. aaM 1<br />

Plaaaiag Board meeting has thus tar rafaaad ta aame ab)<br />

aecompUcas. Mr. Hmtse aaM be<br />

Mr. Jardtae a tract heard a report that<br />

lMxl.NI aa Bast Front St He ferent groaps af Red Beak ab><br />

llamwc. he saM. State Depart<br />

seeks to divide the property into weat ^ ta - tapakt<br />

BNBt a« Health amatiaatan haw<br />

three parcels.<br />

the high school.<br />

aad Mr. OarntB a paMea lavatd-<br />

A map drawn Aug. M, IBM, Dr. John F. Ksaasy, Jr.,Raa»<br />

BBiBBBB amf mftam SBBBMIM<br />

MOW* a jaVioof mav scctn mm m-Fair Havaa<br />


from Alette Ct east lato the aswsaid<br />

palat was ma spsasbsd aa (pa.<br />

ton aad nlaiaiii«r*<br />

tie Mat* '<br />

HesaMbehas^aaMMataV*<br />

tfwRad BaakaSf<br />

Dr. Khmey saM<br />

i ta have tha \<br />

(Osatlaaed aa Page t)<br />

Latest Newt<br />

TU AVIV, Israel I API — Israel) Faratfja Minister tat<br />

meet UN mimbin mat •amal AbaM Maetar's ggdl.<br />

|a<br />

Var<br />

eka Iwaall d^aaatlM f^ eka mmmtlam al aha UM<br />

TvW wB* wBamj BBBBBB^mmmmja/BaBBB| ajama/ a/amaa aBBBpmaBBaBBBmj Bara/ •/aamv ajparaj<br />

% W * hlh<br />

DlstaaU ahlaalaai tbramab tha laaa faaal<br />

• BBSVOJ wvw amvaaBraBFfwa^B| 1199999** vvrw/ vw^^pwj ^a^aBmaaBraa 1<br />

ALCIIRS (API —Tha Franab Atmy (a«ay atalmaal<br />

mat tha Natlaoalltt rabali hava oiMHta* 410 mambart tf<br />

their awn fereet far pleHlng afamit me reballlan. rVoaab.<br />

heeda,uerlari relaeieel ajhatattati af what It isld wes a«<br />

eUlelel rebel report af the purf a af "aawiter revelutle«ary<br />

l " In rebel regie* 4, south af Alglefi.

Next Moon Shot<br />

Slated for Nov.<br />

Mat<br />

Owl Aocapt<br />

Oaa O<br />

O«n<br />

O«n Pill<br />

Man Moiara<br />

an ruft I'I<br />

n Tai * asi<br />

nun H<br />

OomUlrh<br />

Radio Operator<br />

In Murder<br />

TRSNTON(AP)>-Thallltu4-<br />

MIDDLETOWN — Morgan C<br />

BOSTON (AP) — A Suffofe eon County mayors meet in He-<br />

•app, 71, a former toast ea><br />

County Grand Jury hss Indicted<br />

Co stsdy<br />

ecstive for tha Monmouth Conn- Mrs. P. . M,<br />

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) a handsome, wavy-haired ship's<br />

ne p<br />

dl of Boy Scouts, died suddenly ef lMMeLaraa It, toRiv-<br />

—Tka United States reportedly radio operator, charging him withTransit<br />

bill. The mayors have<br />

yesterday to Riverview Hospital.<br />

She was<br />

will try to get Hi poatpoaad moon murdering a passeager to the < "<br />

ire as It<br />

bora to stardeeux,<br />

France.<br />

at* off tha graiMd lata ia No- max of a shipboard romance.<br />

Bill ¥l¥lHJ lit laaW flNnMMMaa<br />

The Jury returned n murder la- Hoboken Mayor John J. Gro-<br />

says ths aext dfctment yesterday agatost WO- •"»<br />

the mayors and<br />

John F.JUyssead; a aaa. yMmn<br />

rfflbe madt Ism Van Rto. M. of The Netherhtwmakers yesterday to<br />

few-day pariod etarttoads, after hearing only six wit- see If the *• PNpOWM<br />

the Bronx. N. Y, anal 1<br />

would dispel their objections to<br />

tag Nov. 21.<br />

sjifisa ef Ftoral Pat*, U I.; s<br />

The period begtoning Oct. 31 The M men and three women tb* plan.<br />

Mrs, Vita* nstMrtsr at<br />

to the next favorable tune." heon<br />

the Jury reported Van Rie Results of the poll may be an-<br />

estd. "Rot it to doubtful the shot "by assault and beating did kill nounced after today's meeting to<br />

can be prepared by then. This and murder" Lynn KauWman, 2* the Union dub to Hoboken.<br />

tokvas the period begtoning Nov. year*old bnmetta divorcee. Meanwhile, Atty. Gen. David D.<br />

Mjm fas moat logical time." Miss Kauffman's battered aad Furman says be aeea no legal<br />

semt-auds body was found on the reason why the turnpike-transit<br />

wIMslsatposmoatoralannch- shore of an island in har-<br />

bill can't be amended at a apebor<br />

Sept U. the day after the<br />

del legislative session.<br />

ah} frees Cape Caaaveral. SS Utrecht paassiloaita eta-week<br />

Tha plan as proposed by Gov.<br />

jUotaar AdasWUae aad another<br />

Owturt B. gattyBajTs MWaai to MtU"<br />

voyage from Singapore to New<br />

HOMI —Robert Lee hei Inesrportfwai • LanrtrsJ elimmer In<br />

York.<br />

toe aurphia New Jersey Turnpiketha<br />

dining room of the house he is completing en luons VWs Avej^ Kawisan. A<br />

Van Rie has admitted to poUee fuade to aid dl<br />

Tha Adas-Able ticketed for thsthat<br />

be carried on a raUroads to New Jersey. Luxtrsl light control replaces ordinary "on" snd "off" switches and sntMst a ham*<br />

Mm Chaas, «rM N, at «t Canjob<br />

Mew ap oa Us pad during a<br />

static test of Its eagtoea oa Sept<br />

with Miss Kanffman daring tbs Hudson county mayors are afraid owner to control the intensity of light, land's Electric Can ft Araaaa af Two Riv-<br />

24. Tbs pad was aa badly dem-<br />

voyage, but denied be it might cost their communities<br />

UUedber.<br />

ers, Rumson, Installed tha fixtures. Faldman Hectric Suaaly C*u, 244 flwwwtawy<br />

property tax rivsnaie.<br />

it will take five<br />

Tbs Legislature passed a bill Ave., Red Bank, supplied all electric materials far tha house.<br />

ChUdi was a aiambsr ef<br />

two months ago catting for a Nov.<br />

11 From Area<br />

C<br />

grim Baptist Church, Real!<br />

) rsferaadiini as the pun.<br />

Furman had been asked if theBad<br />

Check Deacon GeU Drunk Toaitmaaters Mr. Knapp, whs who Hved at 41<br />

Surviving are a sea, John<br />

Join Marines bill could be amended now since<br />

For Ju$tiee'» Smkm<br />

Tiadall Rd.. haM Seoottog's<br />

ChOds. Jr.. at New Buowsbwy;<br />

that referendum Charge Made<br />

ASBURY PARK — Etovea 1<br />

HOUSTON, Tex, (AP) - Hear Talks highest honor, the Silver Beaver<br />

two stepsons. Edward Lewis of<br />

a the bal-<br />

award, which ha received to<br />

Columbia. S. C. aad Joseph<br />

The Mercury pad here Bank area youths enltstad to the<br />

grand Jury's interim report says<br />

lot by Sept<br />

Mrs. Doris Patricia Stone. 27,<br />

SPRING LAKE — The Asbury INS.<br />

m of Orange; a brother,<br />

ably will be used for the U.S. Marine Corps to<br />

its foreman's experiment in<br />

Furman replied that the only of Rt. 39. Middletown, was ar-<br />

Park Chapter. Toastmaster In-<br />

Joseph Childs of WHadatphla: e<br />

shot And aa Atlas originally It was<br />

by Sat. Ji<br />

getting drunk was a success. ar ens as, \*iaes|»ci. a t«aai>aiie>«K;i iff VilWfl msrnd mirHU UrsT RlfTipBM* sister. Mrs. Kate Dorsoa of De-<br />

time limits Involved to this case rested by Red Bank police yes-<br />

scheduled for use to the mercury L. Sbapter of the Marine Corps are that ths ojuestka must be terday on a charge of issuing a<br />

Foreman Cecil W. Galbraith'e ternational. fJtTd a meeting at the tton of « years to Scout work<br />

Beau Rivaje.<br />

troit Mich.; four graaoicaJMtan<br />

program will serve es ths first recruiting office here.<br />

observations — drawn first-hand<br />

for Mr. Knapp.<br />

and two step-grandchildren.<br />

advertised to aewepapersbedcheck<br />

stage of a new Atlas-Able. The new Marines are: throughout the state to eight pa- Police Chief George H. Clayton from a Friday aight binge — Toastmaster was Inring Slavto Ha wu assistant scout execu- The F. Leon Harris Funeral<br />

The rocket hi designed to shoot James E. Slack, eon of Edwin *" i b Oct. 24." said Mrs. Stone allegedly gave a 'should be very beneficial to this<br />

Table Topic . discussed by tive for the Monmouth Council Home. Red Bank, to to charge<br />

Rsy Gearing.<br />

from 1920 to mi. when he re-<br />

a 175-pound camera-carrying sat- H. Slack, • Vought Ave., Freeellite<br />

Into an orbit about the hold.<br />

aaxtoas for a clause that would ko's, 30 Broad St. Detective ia^hffl Invocation was delivered by tired. At his death he wu asso-<br />

Ben Sandberg.<br />

cUted with the Monmouth Coun-<br />

moon.<br />

Charles W. Slattery. sen of Mr. make the bill inoperative If George H. Clayton, Jr., made the Galbraith. a Baptist Church Honors of the evening were ty Adjuitor Department<br />

and Mrs. Charles Slattery, Star there la any tinkering with Hud-rarrest.<br />

deacon, said he consumed a awarded to Felix Turtur tor his<br />

Rt., Freehold.<br />

aoa'a ll-fnilUon-dotlar yearly rail-<br />

Motorist Fined $20<br />

Mrs. Stone was released to herQuantity<br />

of mixed drinke-m the talk. "I waa Khrushchev's<br />

Wayne H. Wells. eon of Mr. road tax revenue.<br />

own recognisance for a hearing presence of non-drinking grand<br />

He Is credited with helping to<br />

h Little Silver<br />

and Mrs. Claude F. Well. East<br />

Jury members—te test methods Shadow.<br />

tomorrow before Red Bank Mag- IWAJ §^ mnnn.<br />

organise Cub Scouting to Mon-<br />

LITTLE SILVER — Bertraad<br />

Freehold Rd., Freehold.<br />

I»»«« IA. IT f-M....ii useu oy. pouce to<br />

istrste John V. Crowell.<br />

Start ef the membership drive mouth County, and was active eraUves to the Northeast aaid<br />

deLapeaouse, HI River Rd., Fair William Williams. 3d, Stiegman Shakes istrste John V Crowell drunkenness. dk<br />

wu .. —• noted w. by John t^.- ir..*ii— Kurkjton,<br />

Haven, last night was fined f20 Mr. and Mrs. William Williams,<br />

specifies .11 per cent<br />

many years as a Sea . Scout . ^ytsttrdayaraeaatDeimtmaBtof<br />

itt who comrnctitcfl OQ tna<br />

Argentine Hockey<br />

for passing a atop alga. II Jackson St., Freehold.<br />

alcohol to the blood to be suf- M per<br />

leader.<br />

cent attendance at the<br />

Rutgers Lineup<br />

Mr* deLaperouso was Involved Joseph E. Cavanaugh, eon o<br />

Team to Play in US ficient to pronounce a person ra- meeting.<br />

Mr. Knapp was chairman of<br />

the Scout Advancement Commit-<br />

m an accident Sept 24 at Pros- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cavanaugh of<br />

toxicated. Galbraith said he fatt The aext dinner-meeting f<br />


Ave. and Rumson Rd. Ryan Rd., Marlboro.<br />

Rutgers Coach John<br />

the percentage waa too Mgh. scheduled for Oct IS, at Beau<br />

tee to Middletown Township<br />

gentine hockey team will leave<br />

Edward F. McDowell, gave bis football lineup a vigor-<br />

"It was die feeling of the entire<br />

1M1 to 1*51. He served as<br />

Rivage.<br />

today by plane, en route to Rye,<br />

also ^H^LS^LS^vi *> fined Anthony y Maafredi. . IM Mr. aad Mrs. Wiltord McDowel ous shaking yesterday.<br />

group that the experiment was a<br />

camp director and waterfront to-<br />

rf VulMIH, N. Y., to participate to an interstructor<br />

for the council's former government action on the propoa-<br />

M F_ilhoM<br />

Laurel Dr.. Ltttia Silver. SIS<br />

of Vaaderveer Rd.. Freehold. Aa a result of Saturday's vk><br />

success," the panel said to a BAPTISTS EXTEND MISSIONS<br />

national tourney there.<br />

i oa the Brisbane estate at<br />

Improper passing and Ptetro Ae- David C Reya, son of Mr. and tory against Connecticut, Sbegstatement<br />

BLANTYRE. Nyassaland (AP) Allaire.<br />

It is due to meet a team from<br />

cerdl, Long Branch, S3t far care- Mrs. Edward J. Reya of East man dropped three players from<br />

-:The Baptist Mission of Central<br />

the United States Hockey Asso-<br />

HSS wiving.<br />

Freehold Rd.. Freehold. the first team.<br />


His on. 1st Lt Morgan C.<br />

Africa has ordered two mtastonciation<br />

Oct It, and other foreign<br />

Knapp,<br />

Robert M. Clayton, son of Po- Quarterback Dick Lawrence<br />

MIDDLETOWN — Two driven<br />

Jr.. now serving u a<br />

any couples now serving In South-<br />

teems during the championship,<br />

Uce Chief and Mrs. Clayton ofwas<br />

dropped to the third unit, g pp, were taken to Riverview Hospital<br />

navigator to the Army Air Force<br />

era Rhodesia to come here to<br />

which Is<br />

IM River Rd. Red<br />

Larry Brown taking his place.<br />

I. scheduled to end Oct. at 7:30 last night as a result of<br />

in Frankfort, Germany, to aa<br />

prepare for the opening of Bap-<br />

Stock<br />

Ralph H. Pugllsi, sen of Mr. John PregnoUto was given Bob<br />

an accident at Rt 35 and Cresttist work.<br />

Eagle Scout<br />

id Mrs. Ralph Puglisl of I BtanchfleM's first string tackle<br />

view Dr.<br />

They ere the Rev. and Mrs.<br />

Mr. Knapp was bom In Green-<br />


Randolph PI., Kesnsburg. potitioe and Joe Kowalski wu<br />

They are Thomas Donovan, It, William S. Wester and ths Rev.,.<br />

ridge, Mo., son of the tote Harry<br />

Moncct Thomas P. Higgtos. son of Mr. elevated to starting fullback over PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The of 117 Church St, Beiford, cuts and Mrs. LeRoy Albright. This h<br />

Philadelphia Orchestra's New on the head and possible concussad<br />

Mrs. Philip Higgins of 70 Jim Rogers.<br />

newest mission field brtosj to 40<br />

He lived here 13 years snd for-<br />

NEW YORK (AP) — Yester-<br />

Meaning PI.. Keansburg. Stiegman, who has a beach full<br />

York- concert at Carnegie Hall sion. and James Willis. 45. of 17 the number of countries and terday's<br />

dosing stock prices follow:<br />

tonight has been canceled be-<br />

Peter M. Sebellberg. son of Mr. of tailbacks, put Sam Mudie to<br />

Spring Ter., Red Bank, cheat<br />

cause of a dispute over the length<br />

NEW YORK and Mrs. Christooh O'Brien of the Bill<br />

bruises.<br />

of a aew contract The dispute<br />

Acr In*<br />

JJ Willow St, Kaansburg. Sperania who stood out to the<br />

Adami Ex<br />

also prevented the world-famous<br />

A>r fUdua<br />

The new Leatherneck, are cur- Scarlet's, 22-*, victory Saturday, orchestra from opening Its first<br />

AMU fp<br />

saatly undergoing U weeks of up to<br />

Monday night concert here.<br />

Allied Ch<br />

recruit training<br />

Alllril atra<br />

Aim Chal<br />

Recruit<br />

g<br />

at Marine Corps while Bin WoM waa dropped to<br />

R i t D Pto Ild<br />

p the third team.<br />

Last week it canceled the Fri-<br />

Alcoa<br />

S.C Depot Panto Island.<br />

day afternoon opening concert<br />

Am Alrlla<br />

and the Saturday night concert.<br />

Am Bra aa<br />

Am Can 4« Let i<br />

Trap Shoot The eld contract with Local 77.<br />

Am Cyaa St« Uk I St. Mary'a PTA<br />

American Federation of<br />

Am tt at Mr r ~<br />

Am MoCara i<br />

Am Smalt 444<br />

Opens Seaaon This Sunday ians, expired Sept 7. The union<br />

Am aM US<br />

wants a one-year contract; the<br />

NEW MONMOtmf - COLLIER'S MILLS - The n a two-year agree-<br />

week. St. Mary>a CathoUc School, Ocean County Championship Trap<br />

Am Vl»...<br />

ment This to the chief point<br />

Anaconda<br />

had Its first Parent-Teacher As- Shoot sponsored by tbs Ocean to dispute<br />

timed atl<br />

sociation meeting. The new presi- County Fish and Game Protec-<br />

Armour 4 Oa<br />

ArmM Cfc<br />

dt hi Mrs. Joseph Greeny, aad tive Association, will be renew-<br />


- k Mh ed Sunday at 2:M p. m. at the<br />

Colliers Mills public bunting MIDDLETOWN - Elisa Yaras-<br />

waa Biade of the grounds, according to John Kohchuk, daughter of Mr. aad Mrs.<br />

i eato to be held tor. event chairmen.<br />

Henry V. Yaraschuk. 12 Johnston<br />

at Abera's Store. Mam St aad The championship shoot hss Ter., waa seven years old last<br />

•j^ Railroad •••••• -•« Ave., *»*«.« Betford. WVIWI«I Thursday,<br />

aHBaat^nwaja lapsed BSJ||B|ajH since IWW 1M3 1««M whan HIMeV the UlaJ trophy week. At a birthday party for her<br />

UVBH<br />

'A Friday aad Saturday. Oct. IS. II wu won by Aloaio UVaace whowere<br />

Dona Zarky, Denise Turon,<br />

» aad 17th. also niM topped toaoed the IMt itM match. Other<br />

Janet Keller. Janet and Donna<br />

Miscellaneous articles pest winners were: Peter J. Beer- Lee Reiser. Karen Latham, Janet<br />

clothtog can be left at the store lage - 1*47 aad Itst; CHlio Ha Crowell, George Durar, Bobby<br />

oa ths aext Monday. Tuesday aad vena - INI; aad Nick Frank - Brous, Douglas Yaraschuk, Mrs.<br />

Wednesday between 1 and 4 p. m. INI.<br />

Anna Yaraschuk. Mrs. Anna Te-<br />

Mrs. Arthur Thorstensen, 117 Ed- The Lewis scoring aystem will reui, Mrs. Ned Augustine, Mrs.<br />

ward Ave., Bdford, Is to chargebe<br />

used and prises will be given Ted Bernstein. Mrs. Sophie Deof<br />

the sale. She will be assisted to top scorers to each class. Rosa, Mr. aad rMs. Harold Bril-<br />

by Mrs. Gertrude Norton.<br />

Practice shooting will begin atler,<br />

Mr. aad Mrs. Billy Ssnsler<br />

snd Mr. and Mrs. Jack Albert-<br />

AcUaat TkM'a wkal Hw IU«t*t"<br />

clMHflal Ma to** k*« (tttlai<br />

tkalr aavartlaara fcw aw Uraa^auitra<br />

•( • cnunr —Aanrttatiatat.<br />

mer Order Seen Saving<br />

Dairymen Millions<br />

' NEW YORK (AP) —Iks head<br />

of oas of ths largest milk co-opngncunure<br />

asrisioa couu<br />

MVings of millions of dollars Is<br />

New York aad New Jersey dairy-<br />

The Department of Agriculture<br />

has announced there would be no<br />

ad tie-in between New York snd<br />

Midwest farm milk prices until<br />

after at least two bearings to<br />

other nearby markets.<br />

Stanley H.<br />

o^the Dalrymea'a League, called<br />

the dsctokM "a major victory<br />

for dairy farmers supptytog the<br />

New York-New Jersey market"<br />

Benham said it had baa estimated<br />

that had the sovernmeat's<br />

Bil1 ]iyti w<br />

original isrnmmsailai] emend-<br />

'y meat to the New York-New Jer-<br />

riteries to which Southern Bap- During D i World Wld War I. Mr. my BMrkettog order gaaa tow<br />

ttot missionaries serve. Kaapp served oversees with the effect it would have cost dairy.<br />

Young Men's Christian Associa- lea millions to reduced I<br />

tion.<br />

He wei an active member aad The original<br />

an elder of the Shrewsbury Free- have tied tha New York-New Jerbyterisn<br />

Church, and wu a forsey class 1-A (fluid) milk price to<br />

mer member of the Shrewsbury the usually lower price far milk<br />

and Middletown Township Boards at 13 Mhtwai<br />

of Education.<br />

This ultimately<br />

worked te reduce the blend price<br />

Besides his son, Mr. Knapp<br />

received by dairy farmers under<br />

is survived by Ms wife. Mrs.<br />

ths federal order regatottog farm<br />

Mildred Johnson Knapp: a deign-<br />

prices paid for asik seppttod te<br />

ter. Mrs. William V. W. Cokelet<br />

" New York.<br />

of Leonardo; two brothers, Harold<br />

A. Knapo of Brewster. N. Y..<br />

y<br />

and Ralph N. Knapp of Seattle, New York.<br />

Wash., aad a granddaughter.<br />

The Worden Funeral Home, Grant Taking Basic<br />

Red Bank. Is to charge of ar- Training in Air Force<br />

NEWARK - William L. Great,<br />

Jr., It, aoa of Mr. aad Mrs. Wu><br />

Uam L. Grant Sr.. M7 Sprtog St,<br />

Rsd Bank, wu administered the<br />

Births oath enlistment to the U.S. Air<br />

Force here recently.<br />

He now is undergoing basic<br />

military training at Lacklaad Air<br />

Mr. snd Mrs. Michael P. Force Base. Sea Antonio, Tex.<br />

Cardner, 23 Mount Ave., Atlan- He ia a IMS graduate ef Rod<br />

tic Highlands, son, yesterday. Bank High School.<br />

Mr. sad Mrs. Bennie Williams. Grant waa selected far enlist-<br />

114 River St., Red<br />

ment by scores achieved oa the<br />

yesterday.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Uabaoa.<br />

42 StcpbsavUle Blvd.. Middle- istered to each Air Fores appii-<br />

PASSING'COMMINT .' DM Oeetar.U. town, eon, yesterday. cant prior to saaatosaat H<br />

aad has brasher. Chria. a._e»vtr £*•*fg&gZ Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hill. enacted for ths BMcaaaical aptf<br />

21 Avenue D. Atlantic Highland*, tudeinoexaadwMNatUcklsad<br />

win be interviewed By « career<br />

IN JAPAN<br />

IWAKUNI. Japan-Marine Pfc<br />

DavM W. Slcketo, son of Mr.<br />

aad Mrs. Norman P. Slcketa of<br />

M McLaren St, Rsd Beak, N.<br />

J., to serving with the First Marina<br />

Aircraft Wlag at the Merise<br />

Corps Air Facility here. The<br />

Hmcath tour ef duty began<br />

Sept I. Tha First Wtog provides<br />

eMMiiH traMportAttoii<br />

sad air support for ths Okiaawabssed<br />

Third Marine Divlatoa Infantry<br />

units.<br />


RUMSON — James McNutley.<br />

chief aviatton electrtclea'a mate,<br />

sss of Joaaph S. McNsjtleyt Sr.,<br />

Sailers Way. la aerviag with<br />

Heavy Attack Sqaadraa II at Ike<br />

Naval Air Station, Saaford, Fla.<br />

law SQtteMtVM KtUfVaM <<br />

He Sept I. after a six.<br />

tour of duty with the U.S. Sixth<br />

Fleet la the Mediterranean<br />


CThese bM aad asked quotations from local brokers do not<br />

tepisssnt actual tranaastloaa. They are s guide to the raaga<br />

wUhin which these securities ee«k1 have bssa aold or bought si<br />

fas ttae «f compilattoa.)<br />

Aahary Pfc Nail<br />

AaJaty Pk.. Oeaaa Orava<br />

ABsaaarat Nati<br />

Attoatic lltohlaada Neti<br />

Bajiaar-Wai' Nsti<br />

Central J«raaylMk<br />

2.M<br />

.Ml<br />

las<br />

IM<br />

First Nari, Bradley Beach<br />

ga-g ,a gj__4ai BrtMsnaBsBsmfl<br />

TffW9 Iww* I* Bra^Pa^aaWM)<br />

yssashwrg-Miaii.Ma II.M<br />

' •reach Trust IIM<br />

sv^<br />

•Tt -<br />

.M<br />

MoaiMNth Comity Nsti<br />

.It<br />

Peoptoe Nal'l, Keyport<br />

JM<br />

New Jersey Trust<br />

110<br />

lee Bright Nst'l<br />

.71<br />


Hanson VWM<br />

Havdu Ind<br />

Uird • Co.<br />

Monmoulh Park 4.1<br />

N-l Nat. Gas ' 'I at<br />

(m ulM'kyduhf It *»tfa), <br />

af<br />


MIDDLETOWN - A group<br />

f ram Shorecrost atteadtog a card<br />

Party sad faatwee ah<br />

ai by the Ladtoa' i_<br />

wBJ e^V*tssS|M*JP^ B R/19 BT1B^9 ^a^v<br />

laaaaat aataaaanV sWaaBn*adaaka41 »* —<br />

J" seai sscsaaea Mrs. ._.<br />

Hsiamsa. Mrs. James ftfalry,<br />

Mrs. Frank Flaherty, Mr*. Otof<br />

Mrs. Alton Sinks, Mrs. Freak<br />

Dergto. Mrs. I, S. Grassr, Mrs.<br />

Kdward Wsehlleskl, Mrs. Morris<br />

Ulbsoa, Mrs, John NHrtey, Mrs.<br />

William Wright. Mrs. Ralph<br />

Rand. Mrs Eugene Donovan,<br />

Mrs. Joseph O. St. Pierre, Mrs.<br />

Fred Haasl*r, Mrs. Nell MacNetl,<br />

Mrs. Denial Icarpone aad Mrs.<br />

Oforgs T. Dsvli.

Mips<br />

DuUta. w a J<br />


UURENCE HARBOR - toy<br />

"Jam Yaw Paroat-Taacbtr At-<br />

dejrtaRed<br />

Tha ROB Bank High<br />

PTA aaaowantd Ka theme tor the<br />

yaar win be,<br />

BtoapHMfcility?<br />

Mrs. John Rica, tint vice<br />

preaidaat of the High School PTA,<br />

Oat. II. _<br />

•Bl'Via'J M ROStSSSOS WOCS 'Mfi><br />

nVmm Mtml maSoovllaB Want<br />

•ffwaj IWV* PIffTW •••<br />

BSJIlS CaMHlOfO« MfS<br />

ad Mn<br />

fact to face,<br />

10 mincti tt<br />

Their health la<br />

weigh more than II<br />

Tiwp H of the Commualty Meaiat Ithoal wrgMM g attempt p<br />

ChMrrh hrM an nrgnalulioa today the difficult operation of<br />

In tha church hall with wanting i wt a* tltmetf<br />

F.vsm Schutfll d(- twint.<br />

The stria. Jeawiet Kim aad The eurgrry It contldeml r*<br />

Irll Hnhhlna wai ntmfd t*a •)*n«ll Unit, war* horn Jwt* 10 tfnwly difficult hwauM it It h*<br />

lor palml l»ad«r, William Chris in Mr and Mrs. JtmM Stubble 'i»v«d In* twin* htv» t common<br />

Unr, •••mini palml leader, Htm- rioMS t Parma, Idaho, sugar iv»r.<br />

aid !l»fl»l Ihrrr<br />

V>llti>n. trtmp MI lbs. Th* Iwlnt, who tra ("inwl si other thlktrm<br />

r^-3<br />

Dock Strike<br />


Altai miatile carrying a|<br />

tamfitiCftl^tVtmV ffjuMj<br />

oomtthma i/p* .•"•*•><br />

IVA AND IIIW NUUAND —Aetrttt l*e weber ana<br />

her new kuiband, Rltherd Irown, )4-yeer-eld New York<br />

Cily menufsctumr, join hendt In Lei Vegat, Nev., to tllce<br />

wedding cake efter their merrlage. IT'I Eva'i fourth<br />

merrisge end hli tecond. IA* Wlrsphotol<br />

V-4 * £ '• - &A*c&*'r'*<br />

urged parents to Joia the group to<br />

VOff YW — Thomas J. Smith, fleeter,<br />

lank Kiwantt Club latt night ov MoHy Pitcher Hotel, and<br />

urged "yet" votot on Nov. 3 election day for two ttata.<br />

wlda publio quotNont. One arevMajs, for' wo of Naw<br />

Jortoy Turnpike profits for rollof of tho ttata traatrt<br />

problem. Tho other would authorise a $4 million loan to<br />

WpfiniJ ^ M > i a J TWHITIfffl wlalm>wfMla\ai tjTf amaf Ewlaaotf llfJW Bjtjr^awy fatdMAe*'dl • pemwje^o^yemfWfTmrej BmtmmmUam«M^SMmwa%dmmf dfeaml* *>«•••<br />

lagat at Retgen aad elsewhere. Loft to right, inspect-<br />

Ing "Voto Yot" literature before tho aieetme;, ara Frod<br />

Setteauhl, Kiwania prefram chairmen; Mr. Smith, who<br />

it Democratic candidate for Stato Sonata, aad Noll Scot.<br />

ti, dub president.<br />

Robertson Raps Seamen<br />

For Two Election 'Defeats 9<br />

(Coattaued)<br />

today oa a S.MO-mito test fflgbt.<br />

~ The aew cone, aeariy 12 hot<br />

JH waa gleam top the<br />

to-"** b*~aHag or hope of a 00-kMt missile.<br />

Thai > iaolsts It wUI not n- Tha Air Force caOa thto ita<br />

tern to work until a coatract U etaeratlon note COM aad<br />

become. better acquateted witfe<br />

ptaaa avantuelly to us* k ia place<br />

tha achooi system, the faculty aad Shippers ctala tha ILA violated of the Smaller cones which now<br />

tha Board of Pdirrtiffn<br />

tO SKtOad tBSif COSr top the Atlas, Titan aad Thar<br />

She poiated out that the PTA <br />

' ITI Sflt, tO DO tOCB QOWB SftQ tan Ave.,<br />

«d.<br />

raajwadla<br />

Edward E. Slatttry, Jr.. CAB. Joke:<br />

to a pubHe boartog." hat ha aaid Thai i plaaaed thto yaar<br />

Nov. I. Education Weak. Speak<br />

or from Rutgore University; Dae<br />

aa ta tha coatt of the I. BMNIC program mattattd bj<br />

Robert Spaacer aad John Luckee<br />

ohattlyaf- bUI; tha<br />

tor II p. m..<br />

Jaaoary;<br />

•C at al PTAt far a<br />

New York via Daaat aad Waah-<br />

to Oaktand Street thai<br />

D. C Tha pilot reported<br />

paaaldto-<br />

ariMay.<br />

cateMr.<br />

by Iht PTA eiaatrs iTliver<br />

•mot SchaoL aad a<br />

aa baraaoBtjy Mr. Fred Ivor* Union Council by the Mth<br />

Backs Smith<br />

5 eat'backfired la Mr."*<br />

ttoB « t Jertey C|| y. i* 1 p J j<br />

tor a weak." Seottl said. "That'<br />

the understanding I had with Mr.<br />

Brodsky." dk"<br />

"That's not so,'<br />

** *• shouted.<br />

***** tm-Um workers strayed $45,000,000 worth "Don't take Issue with me.<br />

are Idle yesterday. equipment being teat to the Al-<br />

Three employer groups were ia-lies. Authorities believe it wat<br />

volved ia the dtapute, which in- caused by German agents.<br />

you tell lies," cried Bradaky.<br />

In 1044. the Destroyer Turner<br />

blew up off the Jersey Coast,<br />

of killing 100 sailon.<br />

col ITU of the Textito Work Latt year. 10 died in an explos-<br />

en Uataa of America.<br />

ion at the Nike Missile bete,<br />

Oa Saturday, tha uatoaiatt re- Mradlctown*<br />

A<br />

a^aaatawaaa^aiaa ^ha^eA^^k^A ^HBVgAa^<br />

* iwvTuar cuamcc wmen<br />

IntuU Officera<br />

Tha textile prlnten aad dyen Of Sons of Lesion<br />

mbor ralatioaa htstlnita haa re- LAURENCE HARBOR - Midlectad<br />

a TWUA counter proposal dletex County Commander Rol-<br />

U-eaat the lin Rathbua wiU Install the of-<br />

first year aad five ccata tha secficera<br />

of the Sons of the Legion,<br />

ond year. Preeant hearty waget sponsored by American Legion<br />

average $1.37.<br />

Poet 311 hen Saturday at 1 p. m.<br />

IS<br />

Mr. Rathbua. a past comman-<br />

. wffl not naaet to tatty agreed to<br />

February, totot meet-The uatoa did not tay how<br />

1<br />

Scotti shouted beck.<br />

"I'll take Ittue with you when<br />

tad that the week adjournment<br />

would "demoiiih aay excuat or<br />

pretenae of excuse to be reedy."<br />

Mullea directed Brodtky to proceed<br />

ta the picking of a Jury. He'<br />

refuted. Mullen than ordered 1 "^<br />

Scotti to begin. g<br />

T h h<br />

curtailed<br />

Throughout g tha aelectioa of<br />

jurors. Broasay wat<br />

wished to examine them.<br />

"I respectfully refute to pa<br />

tidpate,<br />

der of the local post, organised<br />

the Sons of the Legion ia LeuroBca<br />

Harbor la ISM and nerved<br />

as tit<br />

Hue fad. whan Larcy Halbert 8r.,<br />

waa earned to fill the office.<br />

ANOTHER FROM DONOfU The new officers to be installed<br />

DONORA. Pa. (AP) —Tttt<br />

mining town, famous aa the farm<br />

er homo of baseball's Stan Muaial,<br />

has added Aagdo Babiera to<br />

Ka sports list. He ia a aopho<br />

more halfback at Notre Dame<br />

Arnold Gallffa. farmer Army<br />

quarterback, alto made hie home<br />

1 Auto theftt in Red Bank daring<br />

he third quarter of 1190 showed<br />

better than 100 per cent raise<br />

ver the same period in IMS.<br />

In a report to Borough Council<br />

last night. Police Chief George H.<br />

:iayton lilted 15 can stolen from<br />

July to September, and II recovered.<br />

Last year's total for the third<br />

quarter wat tix thefts and all<br />

-ecovered.<br />

Councilman Everett C. Bayspolice<br />

committee f<br />

' he replied etch time.<br />

When asked if he wanted to<br />

7* prospective . . Jurors, Car-<br />

bo replied each time: "I stand<br />

mute."<br />

Brodtky laid he wanted the<br />

postponement to allow Mm to finish<br />

another cate in another court.<br />

The Judge told him the other<br />

case would take at least a month<br />

by Mr. Rathbua and his county and added:<br />

staff wiU be John DKMovanni. Jr.. "You know, Mr. Brodsky, men<br />

taptaia; Lawrence Foster, flrat an certain limltatiani on my<br />

'ieutonaat; Jack Olatn, Jr., sec- lime. I'm going to be sure Mill<br />

Ueutenaot; Leroy Halbert, it finithed before I'm<br />

tr, adjutant; Edward Foster, through."<br />

officer; John Morris, The trial continue! today.<br />

KEPTUNE-Damotratle<br />

aad Freak Auriemma,<br />

Senate<br />

BMBOB «*at I am ata naaHg<br />

hh) right or authority ta<br />

r tha aattra i<br />

Un. Dtrothy Mar, eMoiaat<br />

party of RarMan Tewaehip.<br />

•ml lamtl am>BBwfc jMfBtftfftft •mg^a]fWaw/ fcaiiJ<br />

W«F owow/ wamwomi «BBBwasaam) ommmaaammwa ammmj]<br />

|f4SBUguaJAtM aamdhei rn^MB a*«a«a^Btj<br />

ta aTVwaVBJBJBJBJPa I H I HOT; IfmmmwTL<br />

Ucaajoi to •roach to tat<br />

of<br />

afftwr<br />

term all mlaleterial fuacMtat oacept<br />

glvteg the eacrameati of<br />

Mn. Aaa<br />

0041*0. RHa<br />

Keyimldiat<br />

of MM state an-<br />

w » l Tntr.<br />

his companions identity<br />

lent.<br />

Fewer Tkkets<br />

were 2W lewe<br />

vehicle summonses issued in tha<br />

Red Bank Catholic High School third quarter of 1050. Then wen<br />

1 given out this year. The figure<br />

lWwulU<br />

114<br />

mobile aecidtata this year,<br />

by Mr. Scotti.<br />

Left pick a Juror and adjourn Red<br />

by one<br />

Bank<br />

of the<br />

CatheUc<br />

groups<br />

high<br />

that<br />

was toe*<br />

k" Sttl id "Tht' r ~ "-<br />

Concerning the tights after Sat'<br />

Brodsky urday]a game. Mr. Hintte said, *cn U arrests for violation of<br />

"It" *~ Ukei<br />

He taid victory paradet m Rod<br />

Scotti stormed back that Bred- •S k J tvt itnt a badbattiag average."<br />

The police department ako atone<br />

ttolOB voaKto ralll<br />

wore<br />

Laat yaar*t flajure waa TT.<br />

Amatatorvtolatkatoth.<br />

tl<br />

last yeer to 03 this year. Than<br />

tht borough*! disorderly *<br />

ordnance la tho third quarter of<br />

— to 07 ta 1100. Six<br />

arraigned<br />

tale you. Laat year<br />

SSiS*^ ******<br />

tky'a remarks constituted a<br />

dous aad unwarranted attack Dr. Kiaaey aaid then an ao<br />

to sever tha<br />

Red<br />

aad Rumson. He indicated, how,<br />

wen SI mala offeadtn latt year<br />

ever, that If tha attack! on Rum-<br />

aad It femalea.<br />

students d continue, i action i will ill<br />

said tportt may I<br />

in the future "if we<br />

•^ can't control it<br />

There were three Red Beak policemen<br />

on duty at Saturday'!<br />

football game. These men<br />

not on regular duty with the Police<br />

Department, but are hired<br />

by the Red Bank Board of Educatioa<br />

at I7.M per game.<br />

Dr. Hibba Mid the school<br />

ao "Jurisdiction" over Its atedrati<br />

during the time they an<br />

not ta achooi.<br />

Sabini Gets<br />

Fine of $40<br />

RUMSON - Joseph Sabiai, St.<br />

Mark'a Ave., Keaaeburg, was<br />

flood $40 ia Municipal Court last<br />

h by Magistrate Stuart A<br />

J<br />

Hebrew League Young. Jr.<br />

He had been charged with not<br />

having a valid motorcycle <<br />

Program Set ver't Uceaaa ta kit pownloa.<br />

Police taid ht wai lavcdved ta<br />

KEYPORT - Plane for a meet-<br />

i tccldtnt wttk a ear Sept.<br />

ing of the Hebrew Women't Lea-<br />

at tht entrance to the Sea Bright<br />

gue Thursday wen outlined at a<br />

meeting of the board of directors<br />

is a<br />

In the home of Mn. Richard<br />

to the direcUoa Mr. Sabtal wat<br />

Ackermin. Hulet.<br />

traveling, be will appear ta court<br />

Mrs. Psul Waffenfeld, agaia ta ti<br />

announced the appointment charge.<br />

af Mra. J. A. Meitler.<br />

ait chairman, and Mn. Harry Jr., II Millar St.. Hlgblaadt, |M<br />

Hlmetfarb. house chalrmaa.<br />

Mra. Ralph Slat aad Mn. Jutot<br />

program co-chalrmoBi Paytog ftota to vtotottoao burtaoounctd<br />

that a film, "Aad tha<br />

Buah Wit Not Costumed," will ht St.. Red Bank, and Edgat<br />

Mn, Wallace, MO Park Rd. Fa<br />

toward Ro<br />

Haven, each tN for carelete<br />

board that her todtl action com- ariviag; Ellen leery, Ridge Rd<br />

mitteo will ditcuta me caaaiatotN<br />

I leeuet ta the coming Raritaa<br />

Towaohip election.<br />

The Sisterhood It MID accepting<br />

1 ! figure waa<br />

Of tab)<br />

TT<br />

aad II Than<br />

Of the offoBdera ia UM.<br />

wen la the St to 40-ycar-eld ojt<br />

group. Leadlag tha list U* yaar<br />

WWS S psnOBSJ HI toS 4*rOp4MmmN<br />

old bracket.<br />

Value of property etotea from<br />

July to September this year waa<br />

wai recovered. The flguret lor<br />

the same period last year<br />

$10,110 stalta. and $0.7)0 I<br />

end. The police<br />

IspSftSJMSJtl.<br />

The departi dspartmeat .<br />

catta. compared to HI<br />

calk) teat out latt year.<br />

Then wen 1.414 i~<br />

tigaed toafftcert. aa<br />

II over toot yaar.<br />

toned 141 daanoBtockad.<br />

They fouad WI<br />

yaar.<br />

whea thoir firms ara fouad <br />

Fin<br />

quartan<br />

Then wi II<br />

Four<br />

The'team<br />

was tha oa tatt year. Thaw<br />

ciuMfos. raaortoa too) ami<br />

raturaad to their paraato, aao<br />

men than ta the third ojoamr af<br />

Moon Rocket<br />

||J ft-fj-u |aaa|te B-w-d} ffjgkgk<br />

I ammVhfBxSJ fafmwl fnmwai M wBRwal<br />

tote eigaeto te tho oatii<br />

called la by radla atgaal<br />

the earth.<br />

'< from tho aatoWto't too<br />

$11 tor dag ordinance vtotsiton. Iroaamltten araaoat lor<br />

aad Winiam Hlatebnaa*. Jr.. « '»'• «° '«" boun dally. oBUy.Oas.<br />

Ridge Rd.. I? hr violation of fin Ing the time H to not ao «a<br />

air, the frytag<br />

tta totormattoa ao laat Itrfo.<br />

a pV.<br />

IUT UPI<br />


HOOWFI<br />

Mrt.<br />

A. T. Oohtm an NEW YORK (AP) - Tha third<br />

iin<br />

ear of aa empty oneway irate<br />

Future eventt Include a ehit-<br />

•ruabi'i<br />

ha track oa aa Rait at JedreU Boak traaboi tho<br />

Manhattan line early Mtaili for OR liovf OSJSI SI ____<br />

wBVmajBw a wwaaagamoaamj Bnew^^BrUw^ewoaaaBB u^o/o w uttt ytoterdov. Dr. J. O. Davtom,<br />

aad a dtontr dance. lea Bttwiaa Oraad Central Tar- tha antor kMtonr at Jaaiaai<br />

Ptoal arraagemeatt won ma* MMSI SRv gpOwlHlf OrOOR • WO ORO reported the toiaolto wet<br />

wr XnQ FSOnNM 8JOW wt% "(FT NOV, wai hurt.<br />

A^K^kd dtj^^kA a^k arnk^ B^MA|iaai amanw^<br />

II at the new Holmdtl School<br />

Northbound tervic* wai net af-<br />

Ttry CION is) wm psomssj \ww<br />

Mn Mark nolJmtn and Mn<br />

feclfd end offwtela Mid thry<br />

Aciod tot M by UM WmoliRs ORi<br />

di^^Al^d B^A dt^^^h^ anB^B^^^^^fi ^^^Ub A^h^^^BM^h.<br />

Richard Ackrrman at* ri>«halr<br />

tn hiv» the line r IN red COI1KI IV* CfJRWffVJaTfwV Owl 99Wfwm<br />

mm for th» affair, which will In<br />

lh» nvtrnlng ruth hour Davlet MM tht tlgaato wen<br />

lure fiahlnni from Muriel's, Key<br />

Th* »i«htrer local InvrHvpd In centtd>rsMy weaker thaa oa Sta><br />

'I, RrfrMhmontt will h* tor<br />

lh# a wtt running »mpty (toy. the first day of the maaa<br />

vH<br />

, Oct. 4 HW WP BASK KECWTCT<br />

Ope* New Scaaon<br />

HAXLBT-Ptaas for the year<br />

ware discussed tt the first meetfcgat<br />

«M aew •saMoa of Girt<br />

caofctog of<br />

countries.<br />

redoes from odwr<br />

Catherine Kenny and Barbara<br />

McKinley are patrol leaders.<br />

Jacqueline Holds is in charge of<br />

publicity.<br />

la taa home of'ttrs. Clauds Mor- SALESMAN, , NOT SPELLERS<br />

I<br />

gan. 92 Cornell Dr.<br />

NORMAN. Okla, (P) (AP) — SSi*<br />

Acthritlct wiU include a charm peddler* reported to the police<br />

course, first aid course. station to receive permit! tor<br />

HOB of a children's ward at a door•to-door<br />

tales. Three of them<br />

sewing of skirts a ran Into difficulty spelling the<br />

; to be shown at a spring name of ' their ' ' r product. They were<br />

show, aad baking aad encyclopedia salesmen.<br />

r m<br />

i<br />

FT?<br />

Taa stay ancT the last ward to furmttore to ear<br />

. i for your potto, or htme. but the word crtosgrtoncs<br />

• character. The character at tostlac dw%i>«. Weedard<br />

Wroutht Iron. KiUlnter. Wullamsburg Restoration. Btadtsserc<br />

(oldint Man asU. North Florida Antlqut Pine, Fbxlr-<br />

enftad cunt tables, tray tables and ban.<br />

NEW<br />

S/ects/c<br />

f UD BANK, NKW JBXMY • BH T-4M0 j<br />

HSU'S IMH|f ._..• SB*/ m b)<br />

screa Roar*. This Hoover Roar Nssbsf<br />


-w att, red SMBS. Swai<br />

•OY IT AT UWMiL'S<br />



LIWMIL'f<br />


A f Aga^Bk BaTsBa^BBBiBBUBaiBB. 4%<br />

4% Bw'skaBsaBsi<br />

Soiree • TV • Jewelry a M,PI<br />

Tot SH 1-4Ha • Saw* Waal, a PH. "tR t P M.<br />

HAVM#> A aAU— Local 14, Patrolmen's lenevolent Association, hold its third annual<br />

ball Saturday night in Conner's Hotel, Wator Witch. Tho local covers Rumton,<br />

Fair Havon. Highlands, Atlantic Highlands and Soa bright. Left to right aro Louts<br />

OoVito of Fair Havon, troasuror; Gerald Cranmer of Soa Iright, trustee; Waltor<br />

Monahan of Highlands, prosidont, and Samuel Guui of Atlantic Highlands and<br />

Waltor Pomphrey of Rumson, danco committee.<br />

Mark Anniversaries<br />

Fred Drearier<br />

ASBURY PARK — Two Jer- phone operator, line department<br />

sey Central Power and Light Co. driver and substation operator.<br />

| employees marked anniversar- He is xoning officer and buildies<br />

with the company last month.<br />

ing inspector for Atlantic Township.<br />

He and his wife plan to<br />

j Fred C. Dressier, Lakeside. live here during the summer and<br />

JAve.. Colt's Neck, retired after in California during the winter.<br />

29 years with JCPJ.L. Theodore Mr, Thompson is a chief elec-<br />

Thompson, Whalepond Rd., West j trie serviceman at the utility's<br />

Long Branch, passed the 30-year (Red Bank office. During his<br />

mark. JCPaL career Mr. Thompson has<br />

Mr. Dressier was a field storeserved as a lineman, electric<br />

keeper at the utility's Red Bank serviceman and service foreman.<br />

office. During his career Mr. Ha has been line foreman the<br />

Dressier also served as a tele- past four years at Red Bank.<br />

New Income<br />

Tax Form<br />

WASHINGTON (AP) — Uncle<br />


MO IANK<br />

LETTERS!<br />


OUUTtONt Which word belongs btMath tbt*<br />

•lot?<br />

ANtWIlt Either word fin when you deposit<br />

by mail.<br />

MoHfeo* Bonking it OOMIII On* loftor can tavo «<br />

thousand itopt. Write, caN, or visit us to got rha<br />

larmt y*u nood lo toko advantage of our bank*<br />

by-mail service whenever that's man canvoniont.<br />






Christmas and New Year's. You<br />

17 million Americans betweea<br />

can use it if your income consists<br />

of wages and salary—regardless<br />

of the amount—plus not more<br />

than KM of dividends and inter-<br />

Sam has taken the wraps off aest.<br />

new Income tax form.<br />

The 1M0W is the first all-new<br />

It has fewer questions. fewer tax form in five years. Plans for<br />

instructions and fewer blanks to it were announced several weeks<br />

fill in than the standard form it ago, but its format waa kept se-<br />

will replace for many taxpayers. cret uatil yesterday. No signifi-<br />

But it will be just as painful cant changes were made in other<br />

as ever when it comes to that tax forms.<br />

final blank on the total tax due. There are just two pages to<br />

The tax rate is unchanged. 1**»W, compared with four in the<br />

The short-cut form, called standard MO) form. Eight page*;<br />

I (MOW, will be mailed to about of instructions will come with;<br />

red with II for Me).!<br />

If you have Income other than'<br />

wages aad salary aad have received<br />

more than CO* in divi-j<br />

deads aad toterest this year, you:<br />

must file the regular Me) form<br />

The lowW probably won't<br />

speed up Ike processing of returns.<br />

But it wilt cut the aiuHia<br />

paper order for tai forms by one<br />

million Bounds. However, this sav<br />

ing has beta more than offset<br />

by a M per coat Increase ia pa-<br />

Girls. Boys Are<br />

No. 2 Arsonists<br />

WASHINGTON (AP) - Araoa<br />

by girls aad boys has become the<br />

--< ai —j»g*g_«. gad) " ~"<br />

The Natieail<br />

teJd taday y M turaed u» that<br />

tsaa danog aa artaastvs<br />

^sat sMBSBt t^B^aaaaaaHaa^stat ^La4laVas^_<br />

• • «*W Xfa^BBVaVoTTel ^RJIHBVT*<br />

atoly oat RrasT<br />

is their chtef metivotton,<br />

lag to the h<br />

tleaafAftea<br />

roam dwfNEA Sal aaaatsBB* sme)ov<br />

ewgrnry.<br />

BB# BBBBOsa mt<br />

••it fjpnv w<br />

• dteire M<br />

flgOfW to s«<br />

Latl year was MM MM ttmt<br />

toaasA aa aataaaaBBBWataia a^^mmsk^ia ^M **- - •<br />

M l • BBBHRMOBBBI saVaBaVarT Wt HfM<br />

ft dtaawraMy sst by yewag<br />

girls, tat stud* said.<br />

V f k i ^ ^ ' fc<br />

eat nasaal sM ssaas*<br />

el all fires ia which arose was t<br />

the sate of II aad IS. It totd<br />

another M or II aotats If oaaiot<br />

couM be ettaMlehtd far theatands<br />

of fires to wMch orlfMM<br />

were Hated aa unknown.<br />

(arelHtasss M the No. I ctuat<br />

tf ftrw<br />

I'h* nsrmw inner ranvnn nf |h»<br />

itand (anynn rrslt upon undfr-<br />

A It num r glsi* Imtll* »l hoit*><br />

ulili Ih' MUIKI' lit t»» million<br />

PALL LOOK.;<br />

T'aaewraB<br />

>er that la<br />

styles. The hat Is<br />

, A VWtad Nattom out; wlB<br />

take place at 7:» p. m. Rater*<br />

day. Oct K at the Silhoastt*<br />

.aesored by Mu<br />

Teacher Assoeiaaoa of St, Km? taWaaT awar/aat'<br />

thoays Church.<br />

k^aMlml 'Pans Ymfta<br />

Each table wtd bo decorated<br />

for a specific country, and a Davki of i<br />

chicken dtaaer will fee i<br />

Mrs. Viaceat Ine tad Mrs.<br />

Prank Perroglae, chairmen. wUl<br />

be assisted by Mrs. Jams Aria<br />

charge, Mrs. Frank<br />

Mana and Mrs. Joseph Caruso,<br />

United States; Mrs. Julia Vonturiao,<br />

ia charge, Mrs. Peter Romeo<br />

sad Mrs. Joha Romeo,<br />

Switterlaad; Mrs. Frank Perrogine,<br />

ia charge. Mrs. Charles<br />

Gualtleri aad Mrs. Philip Sakewitz.<br />

Italy; Mrs. Nloholas Maiza.<br />

In charge, Mrs. Charles Lornbardl<br />

tad Mrs. Dominic Oeroal,<br />

England: Mn. Frank Mattucca,<br />

in charge. Mrs. Peter Cettl aad<br />

Mrs. Aagsw Cello, Germaay;<br />

Mn. Aathoay<br />

Mrs. Kaoasth McOaese, la<br />

charge. Mrs. Edward Ootse aad<br />

Mn. Dominic rrOafrie, France;<br />

Mrs. Elisabeth TrlgUli. ia charge,<br />

Mn. KmUle Bmlactta aad Mn.<br />

Nick Samaras, China; Mrs. Anthony<br />

Ciambroae. la charge. Mrs.<br />

Thomas Rifld aad Mrs. Louis<br />

Delia Barca. Belgium: Mn. Harry<br />

Genovese. hi charge, Mrs. Anthony<br />

CaprlgUeae and Mn. John<br />

Oalatro, HawaH; Mn. Ralph De<br />

Carlo, ia charge, Mrs. Eugene<br />

mien, Ireland; Mrs.<br />

Herman ChJeHaM, la charge,<br />

Mrs. Aathoay Alexander aad Mrs.<br />

Patrick Mastucca. Bemad; Mrs.<br />

Louis Cassaa, la charge, Mr*<br />

Edward Howe aad Mrs. Frank<br />

Mana. Japan, aad Mn. Vtaceat<br />

Itao, la charge. Mrs. JntspMas<br />

Figaro and Mn. Jaom Antrella,<br />

Brazil.<br />

Music wiU be furnished by Joseph<br />

Malraconiaco aad his orchestra.<br />

Tickets may be obtained<br />

from any PTA member and<br />

will also be sold outside the<br />

church after tech mass. Ratervatioas<br />

cloao Saturday. Oct 17.<br />

airport at Sender Stromftord In<br />

Greenland to accommodate the<br />

Scandinavian Air Llaes System<br />

inter-coatiacaUl CD4 Jets.<br />

The fiddler crab, which Hves<br />

along the coasts of the United<br />

States, goes oa a<br />

on Belgiaa forms, baW<br />

latest mssssge to i<br />

ted observations, eejt i<br />

V. Stver, Jr.. county 4114<br />

About the way women cater te<br />

BOB, she writes, "The<br />

the men's<br />

of the bathtub fc» £jf<br />

they are finished.<br />

aMMBtt aaa MM iaYVtee<br />

l.feM ••«• IBBM tar. *JJgJ<br />


Apparently all ia not drudgery<br />

OWASSO. Okla. (AP) - Mrs.<br />

M the distaff side, in Belgium, Esther McOiU. 71. won over tU<br />

towever. for the young lady from women nail driving ooatsamatt<br />

Cianhirtaad Coaaty has noted at a Progress Day ****-<br />

Mrs. Richard Blast tad Mn. •early all women go to the heir- then challenged a maa sod I<br />

Thomas Lo Pnett. HoUsad. Ireseer, have their mending done,<br />



•MW AND UHD<br />


ALL MAKIS •<br />

29*<br />



STANDARDS As Uw At<br />



ttMONMOUTH IT.<br />

oppostn NIW<br />


SM 1-7300<br />

You sleep better-just kn< it's there<br />

An extra phone deal to orach to make life eatitr—paitkalaity a<br />

bedroom phot*. It often you and your fanny extra protection and<br />

•eeority. It saves steps by the hundred* for buay b^uetwlTes. And H'a<br />

so handy when aomeone wanta privacy for a penonal call Yet an<br />

extra phona ii a real berfaln—eotU only about S< a day. And for an<br />


agrw.<br />

SeUcttom:<br />

To Be Made by Public<br />

Gold Star<br />

Gas Ranges<br />

cwv Auxiliary Seek Cause<br />

A most unusual election ia tak< Peach Blossom; Florida. Orange<br />

lag place **• puiafft<br />

Blossom. Georgia. Cherokee Rose;<br />

The poKlcal campaigns do DMHawaii,<br />

Red Hibiscus; Idaho.<br />

brvotve a single speech and there Lewis Mockorange; Indiana, Zln<br />

ero ahenlutary no party platforms nis.<br />

All the candidates are beautiful Iowa. Carolina Rose; Kansas,<br />

They are all flowers.<br />

Sunflower; Kentucky, Goldaorad,;<br />

Every local citizen is empowered<br />

to cast Us ballot for the posy Cone; Maryland, Black-eyed<br />

of his choice in the unique Nasan;<br />

M<br />

tlonal Flower Election taking butus; Michigan, Apple<br />

place throughout the United Minnesota. LadysUpperi' Mtasia-<br />

Statei.<br />

•ippi. Magnolia; Missouri, Haw-<br />

The election, conducted by the<br />

11,000 members of Floristi' Telegraph<br />

Delivery Association, will<br />

register the floral preferences of •hire, Purple Ulac; New Jersey,<br />

the American public for guidance Violet; New MesJco, Yucca; New<br />

of Congress in their consMaratioa York. Rose; North Carolina. Do*<br />

of an official U. 8. flower. " North "<br />

PoUiag places have bees oat up Ohio, Scarlet Canstta;<br />

at every FTD florist's shop with<br />

ballot* and ballot boxes available Oreapa, Oregon Grape;<br />

to receive) the votes of the t •jrtvanla, Mouatala Uurel; Rhode<br />

Hon.<br />

Island. Violet; South Caroliaa.<br />

Ballots wlU be forwarded to<br />

South Dakota, Pas-<br />

central clearing house and tabu- que; Tennesse, Iris; Tens. Bluelated<br />

by independent i atanti bonnet; Utah. Sesjo Lily; Ver-<br />

The resula of the national posy mont, Red Clover; Virginia. Dogpicking<br />

will be passed on to ap- Washington,<br />

propriate congressional commit- West Virginia.<br />

tees now dealing with the choice draa; Wisconsin. Butterfly Vio-<br />

of aa official national flower, let, aad Wyoming. Wyoming<br />

Paintedcup.<br />

All flowers proposed in Washington<br />

by congressmen are Included<br />

in the FTD ballot. They<br />

Include: black-eyed susan, com<br />

tassel, carnation, daffodil, grass.<br />

marigold, mountain laurel, rose<br />

and Shasta daisy.<br />

Other popular flowers listed on<br />

the ballot are camellia, chrysanthemum,<br />

geranium, gladiolus, golfcnrod.<br />

liryof-the-valtey. magnolia,<br />

orchid, peony, rhododendron<br />

•ad tulip.<br />

A blank space permits the voter<br />

to "write-In" the name of any<br />

other flower which suits his floral<br />

fancy.<br />

•The Legislative Reference Service<br />

of the Library of Congress has<br />

made this compilation of national<br />

floral emblems, perhaps the most<br />

complete listing of national flowers<br />

in currently available sources.<br />

Other EmbfcMM<br />

Argentina: Ceibo; Australia:<br />

Golden Wattle: Belgium: Azalea;<br />

Bolivia: Khantuta; Brazil: Blossoms<br />

of Ipe: Canada: Sugar Maple<br />

Leaf; Chile: Copihue; China:<br />

Plum Flower; Columbia: Flore<br />

e> Mayo; Costa Rica: Guaria<br />

Morada; Cuba: Cana o> Amber.<br />

Maripos; Czechoslovakia: Linden<br />

Tree; Denmark: Forget-menot;<br />

Dominican Republic: Blossoms<br />

of Caobe: Ecuador: Quins<br />

Roja; Egypt: Lotus; El Salvador:<br />

Cafe blossoms; France:<br />

Fleur de lis (Iris); Greece: Violet;<br />

Germany: Cornflower: Guatemala:<br />

Manja Blanca; Honduras:<br />

Rose: India: Lotus:<br />

Iran: Red rose: Ireland: Shamrock:<br />

Japan: Chrysanthemum;<br />

Lebanon: Cedar Tree; Liberia:<br />

TiilM finagls—ll Luxembourg:<br />

Rose: Mesfcoc Nopal cactus;<br />

Netherlands: Tulip; Nicaragua:<br />

Cana de Amber, Heliotrope; Panama:<br />

Flor del Etpiritu Santo;<br />

Paraguay: Jacmin del Paraguay,<br />

Manananca; Peru: Cantu: Philippine<br />

Republic: San Paguila: Poland:<br />

Cornflower: Sweden: Each<br />

of Sweden's 24 provinces has a<br />

flower emblem but there is no<br />

national flower; Turkey: Tulip;<br />

Untea of South Africa: Red prate;<br />

United Kingdom: The flower for<br />

England is the rose: for Scotland,<br />

the thistle; tor Wales, the<br />

Uruguay: Blossoms of Cei-<br />

Venezuela: Flor de Nacar,<br />

Yugoslavia: Lily-of-the-Val-<br />

Trailing<br />

ASBURY PARK - The NewHelps<br />

at Lyons WASHINGTON (AP> -A :<br />

Jersey Natural Gas company has<br />

neipa 01 uyon» «ta committee opens today a spejoined<br />

the nation-wide gas indus-<br />

NEW SHREWSBURY — The del inquiry into why about three<br />

try* fW.Mv.Wv promotion of Gold<br />

uxiiiary of St. James Post, Calh- million workers are unemployed<br />

Star gas ranges, a new program<br />

instituted this year.<br />

W. Daniel Williams, vice president<br />

In charge, of sales, explain Monday of each month for pa-<br />

sd that any range awarded thetients<br />

at ibm Veterans Hospital at<br />

Gold Star by the American Gas<br />

must meet rigid re- The unit met at the home of<br />

thorn; Montana. Bitterroot;<br />

qulremenU. Ha said the program Mrs. John Corrigan on 120 Hance<br />

braska. Goldenrod.<br />

was undertaken by the industry<br />

Nd Nevada, Sagebruah; NewHamp-<br />

to promote we sale of top line<br />

UUnder<br />

tin* Gold Star program. pg<br />

a raaaa mm h have at t l least 28<br />

basic fastens and at least two<br />

optJoaal features, Mr. WU-<br />

Repoblieaa Wo<br />

Plan Activities<br />


Three Sections actlvlties<br />

at a<br />

meeting of the Women's Republican<br />

Club ia Haley's Hall. Key-<br />

Of Agriculture port.<br />

Plans were mads tor a Joint<br />

Dep't Move ra'Jy with the Men's GOP Club<br />

Oct. 24. in Ei-Moe-Ki Hall. West<br />

TRENTON — Three sections of Keansburg. Reservations are bethe<br />

New Jersey Department of<br />

bo:<br />

and<br />

ley.<br />

in Uc War Veterans, will attend despite general prosperity,<br />

rties the state Catholic War<br />

'eteraas groups give the second<br />

Both causes and possible cures<br />

will be sought in throe days of<br />

Washington hearings and in later<br />

field Investigations throughout the<br />

nation. Special attention will be<br />

given to areas with chronic unemployment.<br />

ive.<br />

Mrs. Alfred J. Targoasky, Among witnesses called today<br />

told of attending the<br />

oftheAFLannual<br />

track meet at Lyons on CIO and the United Mine Some day you may lose<br />

Labor Day.<br />

Workers, for labor, and the Na- your job or you may ojot<br />

Highlights of the national contional Association of Manufacturmtiaa<br />

reports, held last month<br />

ers and the U. S. Chamber of tick, or you may want to<br />

in Pittsburgh, Pa., were given.<br />

Commerce, for business. buy or build a house, or<br />

The Now Jersey Natural Gas Mrs. John Regan and Mrs. Cor- The special committee of six you may want to send dill*<br />

CoBBpany Is cooperating with aprigaa will serve with the presi- Democrats and three Republican! dren to college, or you<br />

pliance dealers ia its service area dent on a nominating committee is headed by Sen. Eugene Mo<br />

may want cash with which<br />

ia coadwting a special sale on select officers for the October C*** O-Mtan).<br />

Gold Star ranges until Dec. IS. election. The Oct. M meeting He noted that about J,«0,90C to start a buiinett. So<br />

Each purchaser of a Gold Star will be held at the home of Mrs. workers were unemployed in Au< tavo, »ave, lave!<br />

gas range during that period, Mr. James Stamp on 17 Ridge Rd., gust. Figures for September have<br />

Williams added, will receive sev-<br />

not yet been tabulated.<br />

bonuses, including a free<br />

M the Shore Point Ink, Kadet,|bome demonstration of the new<br />

Dec. 21 for members. I range by one of the company's WALL TO WALL CARPETING RtD BANK SAVINGS<br />

The nest executive meeting will home service advisers.<br />


be Oct. 15 in the home of Mrs. The company is putting on its BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN!D<br />

Charles Lube. West Keansburg. largest sales promotion program<br />

A » - « tfcdfr, •*••••#<br />

The next regular meeting will beto<br />

date, using newspapers, radio,<br />

Oct. It la the homo of Mrs. billboards and direct mail to pro-<br />

Robert Flaherty, president, Hasmote Gold Star ranges. The inletdustry<br />

as a whole has set up a<br />

CALL SH 7-2800<br />

$30,000,000 program for that pur-<br />

LION'S<br />

Meads* thru Friday<br />

The United States bought 20 per pose.<br />

Open a ajd to 4 PJB,<br />

cent of Turkey's exports and Gas range msnufactuers who<br />

Tal. SHadysMe 7*0330<br />

supplied II per p cent of her Im- are co-operating with New Jerdri<br />

h fi<br />

S ««de for a Christmas party<br />

ports during the first seven sey Natural Gas Company and M.7* WHITI ST. SINCE 1912<br />

Aeeoaate taaufed to flOJOO<br />

tID IANK<br />

months of MM.<br />

dealers in its service area for<br />

Agriculture are established In new<br />

quarters at 2JM Brunswick Ave.<br />

The Division of Plant Indus- s<br />

try. Office of Milk Industry and<br />

Burma of Licensing and Bonding,<br />

moved last week.<br />

An announcement made previously<br />

that the staffs of the Rural<br />

Advisory Council and the £•-»«<br />

Soil Conservation Committee<br />

would also move to the new location<br />

is incorrect.<br />

These offices will remain at I<br />

West State St., with the rest of<br />

the Division of Information. Oth<br />

er divisions remaining at 1 West<br />

State St. are Administration. Markets<br />

and Animal Industry.<br />

Secretary of Agriculture Phillip<br />

Alampi said the move of part<br />

of the staff was made necessary<br />

because the owners of the<br />

building at 1 West State St. reqaire<br />

some of the space formerly<br />

occupied by the department staff.<br />

Extensive deposits of fiuorite<br />

have been found in the Durgapur<br />

District of Rajasthaa ia<br />

Ptuorite la wed hi the Maswtacof<br />

steel<br />



I'll be switched if I'm aot the<br />

easy way for you to find just j<br />

Stele Flewers ! lhe car that meett y***" °** o

f awn, T realty<br />

AB) I'm hot<br />

every SIN of slocks<br />

ray Barwona,<br />

I saa aa« eat bat I cannot<br />

be ssM out T can be hurt by<br />

a paw ikeieetf stocks<br />

ta Has Bstjaa ttn reporting<br />

fUd WuA Kqlrter<br />

N. J. Stale Hssftwaf ft. ft I.<br />

H. Coat Hoary Clay<br />

•ash country has Its own peculierittet both natural<br />

and poHtfcaL American political parties are not<br />

tut aad net - aad of an ttw<br />

c ftm year af M In-<br />

differences I have been weiaMag<br />

fant's life, pareata muat be re-<br />

ears "bow we huv" sniponalMa<br />

for complete protection.<br />

l.»ft "<br />

n as rW0^^4fW 101<br />

VM jfftttf m H IW. Whlr><br />

WO VMI laaMWt INPW HMMV Hill*<br />

neaa wara apocviofMNi in aionis,<br />

Ibera hi a* doubt that the us-<br />

Hwi waa wallawtai ta a gamMlna |<br />

r!<br />

iberthip erganlsatlons but are associations of politicians<br />

and officeholders who use the various political<br />

Instruments, such as the National Committees, to aid<br />

auaj-gmj) gyUaTgW Jfeaj<br />

drown la their bathe or faH front n elections. Neither party any longer hat a philosophy<br />

Mb leaden. Mthia eofreepon<br />

. . parents •Vwlrfcnt Flamhowtr hat never quite assumed ccrat awareness.<br />

should gradually reduce prater ull leadership of the Republican Party. During his Thia. oa the whale, would<br />

jtloa and leach the child to pro-<br />

Bo yea realise what a martin *Vea tot me at)<br />

tect Mmsetf.<br />

Irst term, he acted more or less without party; during pear to be one etecUen la which<br />

af I* per cent meant? It not Jua4 a timple w.a4* Tre* TrMaarTK^rT<br />

the fra* world will he no Umr<br />

Tha potnt hi to leech aecMeat is aecond term, he hat become dependent upon the<br />

only meant that a man with lit, at NONRV 4tH)NTBa tak-<br />

no nuttier which man wins: the<br />

prevention without rettrklmg the<br />

Ml rautd bay IIM.BM of atorki; sav beww aaww wora.-<br />

upport of Senator Lyndon Johnnon, the Democratic<br />

child's development t« the potitt<br />

m, *legant, rather lacoak<br />

N alao meant that after even ttir<br />

•h*t »ertnua emotional problem* ader. neciUM he had lo he on jtcxxt terms with theMecmlllaa<br />

or the shorter, plump- pp<br />

a*l|ht»»t priee decline h* nwld<br />

Mil,<br />

Or,<br />

h h. hihl articulate tilt and d clvtliied ltld<br />

ifere/M* k away etee le aUnaas<br />

Drmoirailc majority to «rt hit. hill, through<br />

3!'*<br />

Reporter<br />

THOMAS nvmo MOWN.<br />

JABOTS I. MMMN, Bator M. HttOU KRU.T,<br />


Tk> K»4 luk R*cuur HUM so mucui riimtftiarm tm trrtntm—i am ta Mnnt»<br />

•wtM. Ml win ntnm, wttbtm tmift. Uut ran 1 •» riniiiMiii i* whM* UM tmsnfkiMi «<br />

imn A4TMttt»» will NHH Booty Ik* *u»i«u»tt •••mumy « u- •ITH wktek aw MMT.<br />

tat minimMH i<br />

OH •*•• IU.MI 1<br />

kj Bell. • <<br />


Remits of the Visit<br />

There are many indication! that chev told his own people words to<br />

Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrush- confirm this, saying: "We have inchev's<br />

American visit and resultant deed agreed that the negotiations on<br />

man-to-man talks with President Els the Berlin question must be resumed<br />

enbower went a long way towardand<br />

that no time limit should be set<br />

easing international tensions. Of for them, but that they must not be<br />

course, however, it would be fool- protracted indefinitely."<br />

hardy to endeavor to accept the sit- No, this was not settlement<br />

uation as one in which all threats But it was a departure from<br />

of danger have passed.<br />

situation that in a harsher atmos-<br />

Communism, defended and praisphere might well have plunged the<br />

ed by the Soviet leader during his world into the depth of nuclear war.<br />

tour, remains abhorrent to all free- And, the successful effort in ton<br />

dom-loving, God-fearing people. Its ing down Mr. Khrushchev's trumpet<br />

ugly toll in human misery continues ing speaks well for the statecraft of<br />

to be assessed in many parts of thePresident<br />

Eisenhower. Differences<br />

world. Its history was written in there are and differences there will<br />

blood. Its avowed goals still empha- remain, but now these can be dealt<br />

size world revolution. It imposes its with one at a time, sensibly.<br />

cruel policies upon peoples and At the same time, we were hap-<br />

nations. +•'• py that one American statesman-<br />

One cannot remove from mem- New York's Gov. Rockefeller—manory<br />

the horrors of Hungary, Latvia, aged to bring home one very im<br />

the Ukraine, Indo-China, Tibet, Laos. portant point during Mr. Khrush'<br />

Nor can one gloss over the Korean chev's visit<br />

war or the spreading of the red The Soviet premier made It<br />

blanket across Eastern Europe. habit to make comparisons between<br />

All that aside, however, It seems capitalism and communism.<br />

quite clear that President Eisenhow- Wrong, said Mr. Rockefeller, that<br />

er's immediate objective in getting Is not the proper way to analyze the<br />

together with Mr. Khrushchev was two systems.<br />

most successful.<br />

It should be democracy versus<br />

After their Camp David talks, the communism, for while capitalism is<br />

President wan able to go before the important, it Is democracy which<br />

American people and announce that best portrays not only our way of<br />

the crisis over West Berlin had life, but also what our country stands<br />

passed.<br />

for—the citadel of freedom and hope<br />

And, in Moscow, Mr. Khrush* in the world.<br />



Maavaragiat IM bffltoa.<br />

Wpar<br />

with sBOft CM ISM Yolumt nd<br />

with n total value of Hated<br />

As slock prices collapsed M of over SMS<br />

oMBBantlvely years sgo this weak, hundreds<br />

ito* thousands of calls for more<br />

ia margin went out to the slap-haptfre<br />

market waa py gamblers. The stacks of those every 10 share* listed.<br />

qulta tmprea-who couldn't ralie th« margin<br />

live. For Moth- - -<br />

erwMttWaBiaf added to the selling, tha<br />

St oa a M par weakness bred more wsakaeaa,<br />

cant marsta—<br />

that eats<br />

la MM, tints betoaejag ta the<br />

SIMM of<br />

fJ,M at her own money.<br />

b 1W Aa tamovsi ratio of<br />

ana was abas to load ay<br />

sj» aaMtcMirick atutt.<br />

By Oet It. im. Mother's mg<br />

a bitter the Big Board waa traded si<br />

aad wa wora flat tonka. Aa otocklaasl<br />

once during the year!<br />

prices plunged ander tha aw But tha holocaust of ltN led<br />

Wee of nailing which besaa to a IBM law which gave the<br />

SI years ago Ms waak aad eal> ~ ' " Piesorvo Board power<br />

•ataetad la Mack Tuosday. Oct.<br />

margin requirement!<br />

», aha stately coaMa't raise tha payments) oa<br />

caah ta beep har martin up to Under that law<br />

IS per cent Alone with mllUone payments nave ranged from 24<br />

at* " ""<br />

ant. aad M taaj as I live my<br />

Will B9 COMftM Bjf «••<br />

— A. • -a. • J<br />

Wnrvn<br />

yean.<br />

Today I tao have a thumping<br />

of mjr waatatj In<br />

bat thara to • vital dlt-<br />

listed<br />

Five years ago, EUnor bought a wedding ring for<br />

me. It was a plain yellow band. Inside, In tby figures,<br />

it said: 14k. I shook my head. "You think this la going<br />

to scare some womaa off?" She smiled a* the children.<br />

-Get him," she said, and everybody laughed.<br />

It waaa't much of a symbol. Soil,<br />

It reminded me that I had bean too<br />

poor to buy her an engagement ring m<br />

the long ago. So I went to >ttek Napoll'a<br />

Jewelry store hi Teaneck and ordered<br />

a fancy wedding ring. Nnrhlag plain,<br />

I<br />

be worn only with<br />

Nick got a good one. It waa made<br />

of platinum, flligreed m curving orange)<br />

blossoms, with a diamond in each bloasorn. It sat in<br />

its dark plush case like the constellation Orion on a<br />

moonless sea. One evening at dinner, I presented It<br />

by sliding the box across the table.<br />

EUnor took a look and did the usual:<br />

tears. It was too beautiful, aba said. Oh no, I said<br />

gallantly, It doesn't mean any more than the yellow<br />

band you gave me. That ended that dinner. Only Oayle<br />

and I ate.<br />



My wife was a great saver. When aba appreciated<br />

a tablecloth, or silverware, we never aaw It again. It<br />

was put away. That's what happened to the wedding<br />

ring. This led to arguments. "Why did I buy itrisaid,<br />

"if you're going to hide it?"<br />

When she felt that I was being unreasonable, aba<br />

had a habit of rolling her eyes toward heaven, aa<br />

though appealing to God to witness all ana had to put<br />

up with from me. "Do you think rd put a ring like that<br />


in dishwater?" she moaned. "Why did I have to marry<br />

S. WHITE<br />

Europeans, particularly statesmen, who cx>me to<br />

a man who is out of his mind?"<br />

this country, get all mixed up when they attempt to WASHINGTON — The British Okay. If her ring could be put away, so could<br />

understand our political system. For instance, In theelection<br />

campaign now drawing mine. I have a tray in a bureau drawer, and there I<br />

British election campaign, which is now taking place, to the end Is. of course, a good<br />

deal more than a contest be- keep cufflinks, collar pins, tie clasps, and tha police<br />

it ia perfectly clear where any member of the Contween<br />

a Conservative Tweedledee shield my father used when he was a lieutenant The<br />

servative Party or the Labour Party ia Prime Minister Harold Mac- gold wedding ring went in there.<br />

stands. Both parties are membership millan and a Laborito Tweedle-<br />

organizations; the leaders are elected dum in Hugh GaitskeU.<br />

The next day, when I was dressing, I looked for<br />

the program Is adopted. If a candidate Nevertheless, the vital point for it The ring waa gone. I turned the drawer upside down<br />

Americans is that no matter on the bed. No ring. I accused Elinor of hiding It for<br />

for Parliament is opposed to the lead which party wins, the long and spite. She denied it After that she wore her ring on<br />

ership of Harold Macmillan, he cannol useful American-British partner-<br />

run as a Conservative; similarly, if ship In the world will go onstate<br />

occasions, holding the hand a little limp so that<br />

largely unchanged.<br />

the sparkle would blind her friends, and thia would<br />

candidate Is opposed to Hugh Gaitsketl, The differences between Mac- remind me of my ring.<br />

he cannot run at a Labourite. Party miUan's party and GaitakeU'e<br />

BOKOUKY discipline is a recognized characteris- party are real, right enough. This was enough to start an argument There was<br />

They are, however, mainly over nothing secret about our battles. We disagreed, toe to<br />

tic of British politics.<br />

domestic policy. (And even bare<br />

In Soviet Russia, the situation is even more clear not every division ia one of prin- toe. There was nothing secret about our devotion to<br />

ciple eo much as of emphasis each other too. We did all right for 27 years.<br />

y defined. There is only one party and its leader i and method.)<br />

Nikita Khrushchev. Certain very distinguished mem-<br />

Two years ago. I waa on a ship homeward bound<br />

As to the thing which moat inbers<br />

were opposed to the leadership of Khrushchev terests us in the United States. when Elinor died. When I stepped on the dock, Vir-<br />

These included old Bolsheviks such as Molotov and basic foreign policy, the Tory ginia Lee and Gayle ran to me, arms outflung, crying.<br />

Macmillan aad the "Socialist"<br />

Kaganovich who had had long and distinguished ca<br />

There is nothing that can be said about these things<br />

GattakaD are not farther apart,<br />

reers and Mnlenkov who for a short time had been really, khan tha spaa of a largo except mat it happens to millions of people.<br />

hand. British "socialism-<br />

head of tha government They were all exiled as anti<br />

The first thing I noticed was that the ring waa<br />

pg prevaOtag American<br />

party persons. Opposition to the leadership Is never may y bbe<br />

ter rifyincly not on Elinor's finger. I whispered to Gtany. She shook<br />

tolerated; under Stalin it resulted in purges and deaths; ward d certain i forma of her head. "We looked everywhere, daddy. The ring<br />

under Khrushchev, thus far, it has only produced property la England. is gone." It had been in the pale blue Jewelry box on<br />

But GaitskeU aodalism, unlike<br />

exile. The discipline is clear-cut<br />

the common, garden variety m top of the dresser. It had been in with all the cheap<br />

In the United States, however, it is possible for the world at large, has no undue, earrings, the ice cube wrist watch, the beads. It waa<br />

crippling attarhmeat lo padflam.<br />

members of a political party to vote against the party r gone. Both rings were gone.<br />

m%41 d i b d thia is<br />

ftk* tavlwdtW<br />

aW<br />

leadership and against the party program. While con- WHBJ WtJUUy<br />

Another ring was slipped on Elinor's finger. She<br />

BB<br />

stitutionally, thia conduct la correct actually It makes<br />

P*» went away as a married woman. Whan wa came boms,<br />

for party Irresponsibility. For instance, Senator Wd><br />

liam Langer, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Senator *wea, who aahr fetee win do. mommy because we couldn't think of anything else.<br />

Jacob Javita and Senator Clifford P. Cast) very often<br />

A week later, the beautiful wedding ring was<br />

against President Elsenhower's<br />

Tat gnat of labor hi<br />

Is<br />

found. It was sitting on top of Elinor's Jewelry, m<br />

In UN the turnover ratio will though they belonged to no party whatsoever. Never-<br />

the pale blue box where it belonged. Glnny shook her<br />

ma around It per cent — equivalent<br />

to trading of about one oftheless,<br />

when these persons run for office, they run baa always bad a asocial aware- head. "Believe me. daddy." she said, "we aearched<br />

of<br />

aa members of a party, as associated with that party, all free<br />

through this box a dozen times. It waa not here."<br />

And today the New York Ex- but not aa bound to it Javits and Case ran aa Eiaen- fiue unions. Actually, the "tough- I said nothing. What could I say? Silently. I kept<br />

change released Its ninth public<br />

transaction study _ fflit followers, but that did not that they fait had m MM poatwar period was thinking that maybe she wanted Gayle to use the ring<br />

called upon to accept his program or Ma leadership. the late Ernest Bavm. who wassomeday.<br />

There waa no other answer to the riddle.<br />

fsnirp?zi To Europeans this ia most astonishing. It la equal*<br />

« total votane. fee low** la ly surprising to them that a person like Netaon Rocke- Aa far back aa IBBL whale wo Two years have slipped by on soft winds from<br />

attB<br />

• and that almost half feller, who has never played a major role in<br />

try the south. There have been Springs aad Autumns aad<br />

Cbrlatmaaas and three grandchildren and she<br />

polities and has not In any sense been a member of uian. £ waa<br />

none of these. There have bean good days and bad<br />

— pleaty hi the leadership of hit party, should suddenly tmerge "• •» Hues<br />

stocks. But moat of aa today<br />

At the KM Big Three<br />

has been deaf to these tea<br />

aa a candidate for the Presidency, not because be ia<br />

wtf Tntstt hi Natw Yoriu A year ago, I took the diamond<br />

called to this office but by his own flat, in pursuit of our<br />

put It in aa envelope and marked It Tor Gayie." Hast<br />

his own aspirations.<br />

ing ahVout to placate Soviet For- Saturday will mark tha second year since Elinor slept<br />

New York Stock Exchange aaya. This has generally been the American method. etga Minister Vlachealav tsakv away. Last night aa I undressed, I put tha cufflinks<br />

resting "largely on a caah foun- Nobody particularly wanted Franklin D. Roosevelt In tov. v/hen a lough Wt<br />

dation." and that ia a aound foun-<br />

on tha tray in the drawer. On top waa a plate gold<br />

dation.<br />

1M0 whan James Farley set out to make him Presi- simply had to be tab<br />

seed ok) Ernie- who wedding ring. I triad It on. It was<br />

Thia (MMinctfoa la "How We dent By 1*32, he waa Inevitable. Very few Americans<br />

Buy" la basic, aad it la a heart- ever beard the name Adlal Stevenson, although he<br />

ening safeguard against a repetition<br />

of int. ^ ^ had served aa Governor of Illinois, but suddenly he<br />

"Say, WW.<br />

Tomorrow, distinction No. I: emerged aa the compromise candidate for President<br />

par cent to IM per cent In IMI. Who la Buytai.<br />

and they y an now at M par parcent.<br />

and has since remained a candidate, although ha was<br />

A buyer b of f Hd Hated stocks must<br />

J^IJ f^Lgjj dj#j_ej g^>a*fMV fJaBadi BBBBBBBBBBI nanfttn)<br />

pat up Ml la cash for every IIM HOME ECONOMICS<br />

Na.<br />

Thomae B. Dewey had the advantage of badteesgbToae dsjr, altar an<br />

aay adaliaciat «.««*« •archaaed.<br />

Mora youaa lives are Governor of the State of New York for many terms,<br />

Ill ISM D0t*f9Wtrl|S by Stock<br />

member flrma an<br />

out by accldeata than by any atb-<br />

wBW, aMVH NPaaMel aV BBBBBB VMH<br />

but during his long tenure In office, he never<br />

_ cauae of death<br />

children aged 1-14.<br />

national leader of his party. The leadera were Sena*<br />

^p^^U __ eBBBmm»jBBBBBBB*<br />

Ouring ad<br />

tors Robert A. Taft and Arthur H. Vandtrberg. Never-<br />

BHM wafwBJW INJM<br />

wouat for over half of theless at the 1M4 Convention, Dewey and not Taft<br />

daatha. Ft each death,<br />

St_gA^_^gj Au g_— AanBbg) gaV-Bftdfc g*m|<br />

chUdrea are iahjrad and of lhaae was nominated; thia wu repeated In 1S4S. Dewey was •"^BB^BBeBTTt k^Pe BHwJ a W BnuW Bawl<br />

I to N la panamaily crajaiai. twice defeated and .eventually retired to private life far It was be was bad bajaai|<br />

gafitSBBBP gadt^gSBBBBBBBBB BBaBBBk BBBhBl ^B^BaMam.<br />

and that waa the and of that Actually, any Oovernor<br />

Maat aad bta awa<br />

tallaBB BBBBBBB) BBBSB) 4BBBB> am BBBBBBB BBdhaail<br />

If he attraeu sufficient attention and Is<br />

Ml Brnsaa ntaaa to ant Mi<br />

etttasa of aa labinrtant stats, Is i potential Presi*

Profit*<br />

with a ate* iacraaat ovtr a year<br />

NEW-YOMC (AT) - Baahwi ••»•<br />

lu pM thraaghths strike be- And at than couMa't ba<br />

art third quarter tee having it battar. Far example, the<br />

to lt> Mtea) cart banks. inerMied demand for<br />

loam pin tht atMmportaat higher<br />

Interest rates, give moat of<br />

aad the railroads aad chance to report fat<br />

that aarva them, aad<br />

Saratoga to their stockholders.<br />

la tha aoa-baaktag world, i<br />

of ifeair caaMMft, an<br />

reports are also good (always i<br />

of<br />

wmm mmm repflruBB SO IU By a tcora of ftya to oae,<br />

IU ,, z<br />

•howprofile •howprofe «!!• uM<br />

down<br />

>| «ka<br />

from<br />

year<br />

the<br />

km<br />

boom-<br />

•MII<br />

*<br />

•__ flt «!!• bn u-M at >| we «ka year am km am •MII fair<br />

lag flrat ban at we year am am<br />

Mrror<br />

THE "HSPUCflT<br />

r fttiag. Tha rate of<br />

•a^ialinraasrastacaasiag<br />

ariaary ifainluwi tail too '<br />

rstatotag nMchaatoa) that hi hard<br />

to asset Others"** have weaker<br />

atjohtbu eUsnjraed by<br />

stfsssfuf ooadktoa each as<br />

Tha esaariaiag pbysidaa<br />

weald be me aaljr aae quali-<br />



CAUSH 1-4074<br />

U.<br />

Strikes<br />

fair nurd quarter earnings—oa<br />

J^^^ :^hat<br />

tha cahaaar ooe—<br />

•bow better rewto thaa a<br />

hattcaport<br />

af IN.4HJ44 far tba third' quarter,<br />

a gato of 13 per cant over the<br />

»0,0U.UI ths same firms report-<br />

ed tha year before. Oar/ nine re-<br />

port dodtoaa this year. At always,<br />

some dbto't do as well as the<br />

average. Three operated to the<br />

red dito year, aad four a year<br />

These first scattered return an<br />

third quarter earnings fail below<br />

tha tab far tba year to date.<br />

This may reflect tha steal strike's<br />

Impact, or that of hot weather,<br />

or of special ffiwidlltoai<br />

. And a fourth quarter rise is<br />

widely anticipated when the<br />

strike's affects ara history.<br />

For the first nine months of<br />

this fiscal year (4 companies show<br />

END YOUR<br />


Optn a<br />


$M<br />

fTI<br />

$100<br />

$1,000<br />

$2,400<br />

— » «-— >•_• sa^tiM^- U* aaa> SA<br />

rvtaajajBTS Pwff PjwiagwVi »aw wwj wj<br />

••-A tjlii.»»|<br />

rww I^WT^^'**<br />

I gaB<br />

"firat aad taiy"<br />

Adwrau<br />

City<br />

••••••••••<br />

M<br />

WNMNIC<br />

awarmatia* tocwdhit<br />

JOINT VtMTUM—-Mambats •! MiddlateWa Vatorant of Fweicjn Wart and Amar.<br />

lean Lof Ion poik «jo awar datailt *f tho soeond annual Veteran's Day parade tchedtried<br />

far Nov. I. Tha parade it under tha joint ipomorthlp of tha two tervice group*.<br />

Going over tha plans ara, left to right leaf ad, John Panaccione, American Legion cochairman;<br />

Mrs. John Wankel, Leqian, tocratary, and Carl Ellis, VFW, finance offieer.<br />

Stanaiina; ara Vineont loyle, V|W, co-chairman, and Richard W. Seuffert, Middletown<br />

buiinatt administrator, representing tha tejwnihip, which donated $300 toward<br />

tha cost of tho •<br />

Man Held for<br />

Sea Volumes<br />

Are Given<br />

To College<br />


Among recent gifts to the Monmouth<br />

College library are 239<br />

volumes on the sea. donated by<br />

Charles D. Case, New York, former<br />

West Long Branch resident.<br />

wnm<br />

fib Opposed<br />

In Denmark<br />

msm&s,:<br />

"Now we<br />

Tha bishop waa<br />

too far." said<br />

aervicas aad parUdpatlag • Mrs. S. Schraedtr. deputy chair-<br />

stone laying csrtiaoay far smew at the local council. "TMs<br />

church.<br />

COPENHAGEN. Denmark l>ecnnica ' magazines were given<br />

by Paul E. Griffith. SS7 Cedar<br />

Ave.. Weit Long Branch.<br />

Other periodicals and subscription!<br />

have come from Morris<br />

Liebson. 42 StepbenviMe<br />

Middletown; Herman J.<br />

mayer. editor aad publisher of<br />

the Long Branch Daily Record;<br />

»l Richards, Beodix Aviation<br />

Corp., Eatontown. aad Mrs. Harf«»<br />

s Blvd..<br />

- Yeates. 117 Mechanic ft.<br />

Bank.<br />

They know that Cliniea ara superbly<br />

styled, At wonderfully and are long-wearinf.<br />

Convince yourself... try a<br />

pair of Cliniea today!<br />

SU«i IJ| to U, AAAA to B, Ut to 1UB.<br />

Footcraft Shoes<br />

Fint Sho- /or Mm, Women tmd Children Sine* 1894<br />

T«L SH 7-2S73<br />

world famed nov-<br />

•Mat and dramatist, died in IMS.<br />

wo wrote "The Forty Days of<br />

Oagh" and "Gnat<br />

U MIOAD IT. RID tANK. N. J.<br />

Oft* WHMtHAT AN* NltAY MMMTS<br />


IURIKA<br />

lat lr*t dataamtrailaa In mm atam at ainet or<br />

mwm Ot l-10f0 to* 10 DAY MOM THAI<br />


SUN<br />



WHITI<br />

NOW AT<br />


9 • • ! "WUHDt"<br />

3 ClwMMl Tit Stonv MIMOIIS<br />

95<br />

• Trigoa Tlr A«MMI<br />

awww^ i^t __?,_y*aBjff[yj^* _*p^<br />

two. ,M.<br />

IHejdTtlda IJMO

Oat«.<br />

GET YOURSlUcfn<br />

Name<br />

Address<br />

City_<br />

License<br />

Plate #<br />

BAC-60D<br />


(Print)<br />

OCTOBER 4 THRU 10<br />


You eon protect your<br />

Mgam^OJ BaW^ae^BBBi^Ok aWffta* aWammmal<br />

sjaaaj ttuntW Vj HOT"<br />

BJMJ Attanfic vtass Doovfify<br />

your TurMiiir# witti • • •<br />


Ample Free Parking<br />


Taj.<br />

"Olsss aad Mirrors • Every Mae Yea Cae areas"<br />

11 MAPU AVIMUI<br />

Career WhMe Street<br />

•It IANK<br />

7«MN<br />

1111 IT. NY. 71<br />

0e. of 10m Avs.<br />

Hlgawa* Tl <br />

Tel. MUtHsi 11 IN<br />

Open All liny Salimhiy<br />

{Ordered<br />

FREEHOLD — Borough Council<br />

acted last night to hire the<br />

Devsy Tree Experts to spray the<br />

borough against mosquitoes.<br />

Councilman F. Raymond Murphy<br />

proposed that this be done.<br />

He offered to coordinate the borough's<br />

mosquito control with the<br />

Moamouth County Mosquito Control<br />

Commission.<br />

He also pointed out that residents<br />

should dispose of breeding<br />

areas of mosquitoes, aad promthat<br />

borough employees<br />

clear all borough-owned<br />

property of such spot*.<br />

Mr. Murphy commented oa the<br />

proposed sale of the Freehold<br />

Raceway tor HOOO.000. He said<br />

the raceway is assessed for only<br />

0191*0. aad the borough receives<br />

119.001 to 117,000 ia taxes from<br />

it each year.<br />

He called for a meeting with<br />

the borough assessor in an effort<br />

Charles Laaia. principal,<br />

tended the meeting.<br />

Onlral Middletonn<br />

Jennie Hommet, daughter of<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Hornmel.<br />

11 Johnson Tar. was three<br />

years old Sept 30. Guests at a<br />

party were Robin Ralston. Oeaaa<br />

Durar, Cindy aad Jimmy Rolle<br />

aad Jennie's brother, Bruce sad<br />

her maternal grandmother, Mrs,<br />

M. P. Robertson.<br />

Janet Reiser, daughter of Mr<br />

and Mrs. Fred Reiser. 12 Hauser<br />

St.. was nine years old last weak.<br />

A party was attended by 14<br />

Donna Lee.<br />

Mrs. Catherine Mailer of<br />

York City spent last weeh-e<br />

the home of her seam law<br />

daughter. Mr. aad Mrs. JOBS Mailer,<br />

00 Walnut Ave.<br />

Mrs. Charles OUchrM. » Maptowood<br />

Dr., last week was<br />

Belleville Chaster.<br />

Mary Lea Petllle. dsughter of<br />

Mr. aad Mrs. Asthosy PeuUo,<br />

Frost Ave., Riverside Heights.<br />

was U years old Saturday. At a<br />

family eaUarailsa were Mr. sad<br />

Mrs. Joke Fetia*. Red Bask, Mr.<br />

aad Mrs. WUaam Debaey, teeth<br />

sd Mary Lee's brothi<br />

Fraacis.<br />

Mr. aad Mrs. Jseash ssasssh.<br />

• esw^ • Q sas^BBseT^a^v i^anase^ ^m^ans mji<br />

years eM Thursday. At a party<br />

Saturday were Uada Abrajees,<br />

CWffOal.<br />

cola, Peggy DeNey<br />

Ceflsy.<br />

aad Cathy<br />

Brewale Troop IB) had Ms first<br />

m^lmm dOa? taVm atsmVaWlaai iaiaJ eajdaaall<br />

ffmiBiBJ H0j BBBV aaBBassjBjmj BBaan WOTOk<br />

at St. Mary's<br />

with nine new members, makiag<br />

a total of 14. Mrs. After! Madsea<br />

Is the Troop leader.<br />

144 Of<br />

y l i o ^ v j M i j j<br />

first meat sag last week. Robert<br />

Mu la the asw eabmaatar.<br />

There wilt he reagious adult laqutry<br />

classes every Sunday sight<br />

at Si Mary's CatbeHc School au-<br />

Uiiiiiiuin, wiedui'lsd by Rev, Wit<br />

ham Hawses. M»mbtrship Is oprn<br />

i» all aduMs,<br />

Mr. Waller Keriwr. 1) Vlrginta<br />

Ur , ia at hnm* friuiwraiinn<br />

Hh» was a pethxH m Monmouih<br />

Mxllral Ontvr.<br />

CRAMPS? fttf SPACE<br />

-eorwAiTu- we<br />

MOV£ 1NTTD OIK<br />

N6W OFFlCBSli<br />

rue New OFFICES<br />

wpfJKep our ^<br />

Week-end<br />

At Church<br />

BATONIUWN — Rev. Aflaa<br />

eases, pastor of "St. Jamas<br />

talscopsi Church, is general<br />

csaJnaMofthecerasaicshowUtt<br />

lurch to heldbsa tab) weekend.<br />

Entries wiB fe received this<br />

from 1 to 0 p.m. The show will<br />

be open to the public Thursday<br />

aad Friday from 7 to M p.m. and<br />

Saturday from 1 to W p.m.<br />

Floyd Wood Is treasurer. Mrs.<br />

Fred StUwaU is chairmen of the<br />

bar. Other<br />

are Mrs.<br />

tlaa. Mrs. Tongas. Mnt Louis<br />

Barest. Mrs. Rosso ah.<br />

Mrs. Wood. Mrs. James Wright,<br />

Ha. Vf*aMeaaaMank m? taVat^aWM t2aa<br />

Bali*. «.as^PB«BVsw « IQOMBaWf evW*<br />

Paul Vkttoa, Leah) Bsmet, Dr.<br />

Vssesa, Cast J. W. Towasead.<br />

Set J. M. Barrow, J. L. Casweti,<br />

Elmer B. Sharp, Bernard Silkworth,<br />

MaJ. E. L. Kravec and<br />

Ma). A. J. Wiasor.<br />

HemkWe Goner<br />

John R. Beardaley. ssa of Mr.<br />

Mr. sad Mrs. Robert Park of Albert C. Vetter el Sleepy fal-<br />

Cooper Rd. have returned from a low Rd. ha* returned from a<br />

recent trip to Ohio.<br />

business trip to Alabama.<br />

Bud Welch, sea of Mr. aad Mrs.<br />

M. W. Welch off<br />

Cooper Rd., re- Peas wars used is Chlaa hi<br />

costly marked bis Mth MOO B. C<br />

RfcTJlANK<br />



- Women's<br />

Famous Brand<br />

Black Suada<br />

Hi-Haal<br />

Shot)<br />

AT<br />

state fireman's eoaveaUea ia At<br />

Month of<br />

static City. Mrs. Walling, Mrs aad Mrs. Randolph BesnWsy of<br />

to increase the assessed valua- HAZLET — Leoa W. Wattlag. Pas tux, aad daughter Susan, Sleepy Hollow Rd.. is<br />

Expiration tion. He felt that if such assess- Ufa member, and Makolm W. were also Atlantic City visitors. school la England.<br />

ment were comparable with oth-<br />

MOTOt VIHICLI patssnger car owners who renowed businesses in the borough, it Peseux. delegate. raproasatalWos Chief Frank SUno aad members Miss Margaret Leach of Kane's<br />

would bring an additional $35,- of the fire company, attended the of the company participated ia La., has returned from a vaca-<br />

their licenses in February, March and April and have no* ON ia taxes a year.<br />

the parade.<br />

tion trip to Naw England.<br />

Dr. sad Mrs. Samuel Thomas<br />

received their new ptatai are urged to fill in the above) The Freehold Chamber of Com-<br />

form and tend it to the New Jenay Division of Motor merce requested council to re-<br />

Vehicle*, State Home, Trenton 25, New Jersey. This survey the off-street parking<br />

problem for choppers. Mayor<br />

doe* not apply to spaeial plates such as medical doctors, Barton Callahan appointed a com-<br />

courtesy plates and commercial registrations.<br />

mittee to study the matter.<br />

Sites 4*4-10 AAAA-B Width<br />

Borough Council passed aa or-<br />

week-end duty petrols; removal dinance requiring fences or other<br />

CG Station of five menaces to navigation; 10 protection around private swim-<br />

regattas covered, and 30 storm ming pools.<br />

warnings flown.<br />

Inactive<br />

Chief Bernhard said 1.100 miles<br />

Io other business, council voted<br />

were traveled aad 27f operating<br />

to approve a variance to Jerry<br />

hours were spent oa all missions.<br />

Sokol, permitting him to rent of-<br />

On Monday<br />

fices at his property at 76 West<br />

Mela St. Mr. Sokol maintains his<br />

MONMOUTH BEACH — TheLeonardo<br />

Fire Units own law office in the building<br />

Lifeboat Station here, operated<br />

by the Coast Guard, goes on Plan Annual Dance which is adjacent to the First<br />

National Bank, but he is ia<br />

seasonal inactive status Monday. LEONARDO — The fourth an- residential zone.<br />

Chief Boatswain Frank L. Bernnual dance of the Breveat Park<br />

hard, officer in charge, said six and Leonardo Fire Companies<br />

Coast Guardsmen will be oa duty and Ladies' Auxiliaries will be<br />

during the fall and winter. held Oct. 17 at the Rldgewood Edwardsen<br />

About 50 per cent of Inn. The dance will start at<br />

personnel have been moved to 9 p. m. Selects PTA<br />

other stations, he said.<br />

The combined committees of<br />

The station will go back on both the fire company and aux-<br />

Ml status about April 1. iliary will consist of Miss Joan Committees<br />

Chief Bernhard gave this sum- Morgan and Mrs. Marie Murphy,<br />

EATONTOWN — At an execu<br />

mary of the station's activities chairmen, and Mrs. Joan Pow-<br />

since last April:<br />

ers and Mrs. Celine Mason. tlve board meeting of the Parent<br />

A total of SO assistance calls James Bennett and James Snow. Teacher Association of Memorial<br />

for' search and rescue; 27 law chairmen: James Dolsn and School Friday night. Peter J.<br />

enforcement patrols; SS5 boats Charles Dolan. Tickets may be Edwardsen, president, introduced<br />

boarded and inspected with JH purchased from any of the above the new officers, George Noe,<br />

violations found; nine general commltteemen or at the Dance, vice president; Simon Duhon,<br />

treasurer; Mrs. Frank Oegood,<br />

corresponding secretary, and<br />

RESIDENTS OP IflDDLETOWN TWP. Mrs. Ralph Keevil, recordiag<br />

retary.<br />


Mr. Edwardsen announced that<br />

the following committee chairmen<br />

had t*«o named: Mrs.<br />

Before They Happen! Joseph Hemlein.<br />

ways aad means; Mrs. Christo-<br />

FRANK F. ILAISDELL. RICHARD W. S1UFFERT. pher Flaaaery, membership;<br />

Meyer Business Administrator Mrs. George Sauerwein, publicity<br />

and publications; Mrs. Elsworth •<br />


Croyle, hospitality aad cafeteria; II<br />

Fire Chief<br />

Mrs. Frederick W. Giggey, room I<br />

mothers, sad Msj. P. J. Tousdy. I<br />

program. II<br />

The board will meet Wed. Oct. I<br />

14. st 0 p.m. ia the teachers'j|<br />

lounge. The PTA meeting will<br />

take place Monday, Oct. 10, at<br />

0 p.m. In the school auditorium,<br />

at<br />

Heard the<br />

Good News?<br />

RED BANK<br />




For Your Shopping Convenience Ti7 9 p.m.<br />

Shop ThoM •Mondly Hom Por fomoui Ironds. Vorioty, Valuttl<br />


MMOAJST.<br />

JOHN B. AUIN<br />

ft MOAttT.<br />

• MOAt IT.<br />

•1 MOAt IT.<br />


1M MOA» ST.<br />

II MOA» ST.<br />

CLAYTON ft MA<br />

It MOAt IT.<br />

TAPSUNt<br />

III MOAt IT.<br />

TUSTjNe<br />

14 MONMOVTN IT,<br />


111 MOA0IT.<br />

SHOP<br />

NoTWeMMY CO.<br />

niMAt it. PHAftftiACY<br />

tHBXMAN*S<br />

IT.<br />

MOfli wWwnff<br />

HATl BANK<br />

unoAin.<br />

J. YANKO<br />

NMOAJ IT.<br />


II MOAt IT.<br />

PROWNt<br />

47taOA»ST.<br />

Rad Bonk Ratail Trad* Board Stores

WAMNOTON (AP)-For the<br />

ftnt ttose to yoara thai coaatry<br />

las a •acretary of state who to<br />

^^ " " he to<br />

MMynwMt* No pmhr, h# wdnts<br />

hard but atays la ths back-<br />

totawbaa ha htato, as<br />

asgjajBa BJO assasMi er etopmft.<br />

wwssi case raaa*» aja earnr*<br />

For example: ! Try la remember<br />

teem! Mm at all when ha was<br />

fow weeks ago. Were you COBsdoasof<br />

him ia aay of the pteamy<br />

hm fcoaa — m#rs»t hat tares of Premier NOdta KhiuoV<br />

eraawJB^fcT a^l^^aW^ aw wVaamm ^^BBBBB) IB/ ehev takea wNk American ef-<br />

la a ebaaaa la AaMfkaa aw ftdals?<br />

aim peNey « aaaa at cat It's anittioasbls .Khrushchev<br />

here U DtiHss had been alive.<br />

hi ewmj wwTme'Ras. •at "aa May<br />

_.__>• rtlai •••!!•• an*<br />

•• VIBMeTWHVa aw The<br />

aay. Tale to •<br />

lead Dalse to<br />

It<br />

117 under<br />

gedwr an TV H was<br />

dW aseot of the fc<br />

TaW arcMKMC<br />

w MS JVaflPaMeKe<br />

is try anr Manet<br />

bat yiaMsd<br />

to effort<br />

Dallas<br />

BWI'S<br />

By cscav<br />

work awl thto rale, so use the cans starch, I eggs (seperatad),<br />

a^Bm^a^BBgBBBigSBiBl SBBBIBM BBBBjalBBBia^BialBBBBB m^Dmw' 4BH TjajajgavinavsM aWga^Hnft anaT VB^arlBKBr ^E<br />

THIS VERY VERY English Aad weight-watchers take note. *anflto.<br />

Net ae wmVRsrier's immediate<br />

cake should be a terrific Amor- I7N<br />

IMt AIMMV AVI. Aehevv Part ft MTM<br />

Stamps in the News<br />

AP Netnftture*<br />


FIVE OLD CURACAO homes<br />

|are pictured oa a aew series of<br />

nostaea stamna Issued hv the<br />

Antilles to<br />

saaBa aaawv s aawaraat aassa.<br />

stamps carry<br />

la behalf of 'Moau-<br />

1 the fsaadattoa that<br />

_ the htotarical moa-<br />

The valaos are «-c plus<br />

, m Phja JVfrc M* Phi*<br />

21H-C plus 7H an aw<br />

NEW<br />

$pacxouine$$ intide<br />

ale the Body by Flahoryouil<br />

^r^^^r^srA Aank^ assa^BBBai ajMRMaaam ^PaaaBaam^ai<br />

roomaaamer*map. inni<br />

ream to awawl ia, reonfto aft tall<br />

la-Bad the 1 oolhai hi a rojaort<br />

(er aato. A aew latter<br />

Ml ai • boos to the<br />

„ tea. Here to the Wed ef<br />

i tkathivMei the family.<br />


tllntultt<br />

VS POWER<br />

anticipated for the semi-annual<br />

with the continuance of tatisfac-<br />






IN THE<br />

1960 Chevy!<br />


ADD C0HF0R1<br />

Thicker, Mwlydosigwed body<br />

•MWwal IMIlMt9 VOIt IfMI fOaM<br />

• • "ttta"<br />

ausaad Eydraalle valve llftera<br />

saa^dH^^^A ^^KMB^M^BL ak^^aa^ai a\^ V<br />

lOTIMS MflwffrV evwHaTV W<br />

for tlie><br />

wll wwl to be the<br />

i fce aea the Mad of<br />

/has<br />

ma^toaT l at kl ea - tonpreyed ' '<br />

lafceae ayetem.<br />

S— your loco* umtwrittd CktvroUi dtoltr<br />

There'e also a conveaieat<br />

partdBg brake that f<br />

returaa to Ita aorma<br />

rsrsw<br />

bootaipatomeet<br />

of the t dto<br />


newcotor$<br />

Ulnewttt<br />

TWO-TONB<br />

Chevy for M provwai t palebst<br />

faU af hues, heth atJM sM MM<br />

taaae. But the brightest BOOT af<br />

all wiU come whoa yew dialer tows<br />

you the lew priee all thai etegMkas<br />

Mill for.<br />





sYMMl<br />


321 MAPI! AVINUI RID IANK SHcttpl* Ml 10

Rutger* Select* Family,<br />

Children 9 * Group for Study<br />

LONO BRANCH-Rutgers Univanity<br />

School of Social Wo* hat<br />

designated Family tad Children'*<br />

VOTYICO of Moomoutii County<br />

of lii fltld placement agon-<br />

Prior to making thU selection,<br />

faculty mambtn of th* School<br />

evaluated tha program of Family<br />

3-College<br />

Dinner Set<br />

In Red Bank<br />

RepabHcai mats tor me Satarday. Uatte SOvsr Rssatll-<br />

reek wen<br />

aaaouaoiid<br />

today. a Club picnic, firs house. 2<br />

UTTLB SILVER - The Com-<br />

They fonow.<br />

•<br />

p. m.. aad Wan Towaaatp<br />

Today. Filoaranoa<br />

of BepubU- Sea Girt Ian I p. m.<br />

aa Women. card partySMOirt<br />

•today.<br />

at a vol-sa.<br />

S p. a.<br />

Mtfcen' rally aad lastrue- TOflKMTOW East Kaanaburg p. m.<br />

at the Markham<br />

pubUeaa a**fiilk saW mm<br />

lack Smith's Tavern, Kaanaourg. Norway has a putulaHaa «f<br />

p. m.. and Freehold RepubU- about three million.<br />


SPECIAL 6 to 9 ONLY!<br />

sLong<br />

aad Children's Service to deter- Donald Hembling, (Water Way)<br />

mtaa if properly trained Riper- Rumsoo, president of the Rutgers<br />

vistoa ware available ilabte to toguide<br />

the Club of Monmouth County, said<br />

required pro profes-<br />

•tonal tralamg.<br />

today the annual Middle Three<br />

Studaats who are working Dinner will be held at the Old<br />

ward their master's degree Union House. Red Bank. Oct IS.<br />

•octal work must attend set Lafayette will ba the host college<br />

part of each weak aad ths remaining<br />

part is spent under qual-<br />

The dinner is an annual affair<br />

ified aupervislOB m a sponsored by county slummi of<br />

Hy agency.<br />

Lafayette, Lehigh and Rutgers.<br />

By using this method, tha stu. It is held prior to the start of the<br />

dent Is thoroughly trained fat Ms it football competition a-<br />

academic studios « while partfctoa- **** *•<br />

tmg la actual case training.<br />

Tha student's supervisor from<br />

the agency U appointed to the<br />

faculty of the School of Social<br />

Work and thereby is in<br />

to direct the student in his field<br />

placement<br />

Hospital Group<br />

Plans 2 Tours<br />

MIDDLETOWN — The Middte-<br />

'-•n Auxiliary to Riverview Hospital<br />

held Its first meeting of the<br />

. . -.1 recenUy at the Baptist<br />

Chapel. King's Hwy.<br />

Plans were made for a trip to<br />

the "Motel on the Mountains,"<br />

Suffern, N. Y., and for a lunch<br />

and tour of the Avon Cosmetics<br />

Factory, and the Hoffman-La<br />

Roche Pharmaceutical and Vita-<br />

Co., Nutley.<br />

mrM *•** *• Mmm. faad nWag<br />

chairmaa. atow the tattwrtaace<br />

from ooojtri-<br />

A fata- eaatrt.<br />

waladdup<br />


KhoBU. Kutgers<br />

taTtntataT^ nd Lehigh begin the battle for<br />

Middle Three Football supremacy<br />

in a game at New Brunswick Oct<br />

A tUm. -The Qriet Crowd,'<br />

14. rotataHy laoaatod oa asaa pent- of this dtvMoa of the ras skews to the greap.<br />

Speakers at the dinner here Patent Goes la to and ndtatty offset from the it is •piittli to<br />

will be Dr. K. RoaM Bergetbon.<br />

mala shaft<br />

tao •^ Hate i«a» wuya ^t^ta^i^S<br />

10 solicit tof<br />

president af Lafayette College. To Gieseke As the main abaft of the ma- than would otherwise ba the case.<br />

alao presented.<br />

and Dr. Elmer Easton, dean of<br />

chine rotates during the twisting The tie bar. which the After a report from Joseph F.<br />

the Rutgers College of Engineer- UNCROPT — Edward P. Gts- operation, tha cradles rotate bod- two side members of the cradle, Lord,<br />

ing. Dean Easton is a graduate •eke. 1M Rlverbrook Avr. has ily about that shaft white, at the<br />

"• co-ehairmaa of special<br />

is constructed so that it cannot gifts, if on the progress of Us dW.<br />

ofLehigh.<br />

been awarded a U. S. patent en- same time, each of them routes accidentally become disengaged lion. Mr. Bines<br />

Rutgers alumni and other intitled "Cradle Assembly For aits<br />

teresting guests have been asked Stranding Machine."<br />

from the assembly and thereby expectation that over M per cent<br />

To provide aa Improvement «Uo* the strand spool to of the _ cards would be<br />

to make reservations through Mr. In the manufacture of large over a prior practice, Mr. Gle-whils<br />

the machine Is In opera-covered<br />

by Thursday night-date<br />

Hembling.<br />

twisted cables, tt Is the practice sake devised a novel cradle as- tion.<br />

of Little Silver's traditional<br />

to use a stranding machine which scmbly. As a principal feature, This patent has beta assigned "RoumHTp Night."<br />

receives a number of relatively tha aide members of each cradle to Syncro Machine Company,<br />

Members of the group sewed ,maji strands and twists them<br />

By this time, all captains will<br />

are cross-connected or tied togeth-<br />

pajamas for the new pediatrics<br />

Perth Amboy. Mr. Gieseke baa have received the pledges ob-<br />

into the finished product er during operation of the ma-<br />

wing of the hospital.<br />

been a mechanical engineer there tained by the volunteers in their<br />

The stranding machine comchine so that stresses applied to<br />

Mrs. Harry O. Mayer and Mrs.<br />

five years.<br />

districts and win turn them over<br />

prises a main shaft upon which one aide member will be transmit-<br />

Arthur V. Scott were named hos-<br />

to their area leaders, assembled Ill MOA0 STRUT<br />

a number of cradles are mountted to and divided with the other<br />

pitality chairmen.<br />

The Volga River In Russia Is in the cafeteria of the Markham<br />

ed.<br />

Hostesses for the meeting were<br />

side member.<br />

2.300 miles in length. Place School.<br />

(Botweea Pert Offee i<br />

Mrs. Charles Maute, Mrs. Melvin The cradles, which carry the]<br />

Dekker and Mrs. A. R. Lench. supply spools of the strands, are<br />

SANDLER 4V WORTH ft* bettor eorp-t for 1m moftwy<br />

10,000 SQUARE YARDS OF<br />



Price shshtd for tamtdbte<br />

Once each year we clear the decks for our big winter telling<br />

and this is it! The greatest carpeting value opportunity of the year.<br />

Even if you are planning to put off buying new carpeting until later<br />

In the year, it will pay you to change your mind and buy now at this<br />

extraordinary sale. Lilted below are our finest carpeting* in each price<br />

range, reduced drastically. You can save as much as 46%! Come early<br />

for best selection—and don't forget to bring room measurements.<br />

91% Wool! M% Nyttei<br />

TWIST<br />

SB) yds. Sahara Beiae<br />

SMyda.Natrla<br />

Ml yda. OraaHe Orey<br />

MyfeFereetr<br />

$4.tS<br />

m pam. Carasai<br />

•n JTSBV MNMOWOf<br />

aaj |aja> najasna<br />

$7.45<br />

AlWaslUxwy<br />

mm<br />

m yda. Saad Betas<br />

SM j * Mat flceta<br />

$10^0<br />

'MM<br />

Wed aad Vlscese<br />

TWHO<br />

in yds. Chocolate CUp<br />

III yds. Brewa aad Black<br />

m yds. Earth Tones<br />

W yds. Pepper aad Salt<br />

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ssysa.Nwlrla Tweed<br />

$7.74<br />

Rsgdarly f IMI<br />

AM Waal<br />

Ubtfffy 2-2200<br />


war<br />

til yds. r '<br />

III yds. I<br />

Myds.FraatMM<br />

$9.98<br />

la the<br />

I<br />

3<br />

1<br />

1<br />

7§% Wool! S9<br />


StTyot.<br />

*••• Uwlml •va<br />

m yds. Rasa Beaje<br />

m yds. Paw Gfaaa<br />

Star<br />

$7.4t<br />

AM Waal<br />

SCULPTUtlO<br />

WMlTON<br />

JM yds. Geld<br />

IS yda. On*<br />

$7.ff<br />

ARWeal<br />

MyojB* eMojvvf 1<br />

$9.71<br />

MIDOJT<br />


Na<br />

2 for $100<br />

th« QUALITY SHOP<br />


HDIANR<br />

)<br />

ewberrys saves you<br />


rofjiifarfy* *••• •••*<br />

MVH<br />

Cfhad cettoa reiaforoad at strain points.<br />

M L<br />


Seaforisod* waatwwear cotton flannel. S-M-L-XL.<br />

Reg. ItT.<br />

lAvltlal WAJIM BUWMat PAJAMAS<br />

Notched cdUr coat or middy styles. SiSMA-D.<br />

Reg. J.Bt.<br />


Cotton kail, drawstring la double hood. S-ML-XL.<br />


OsjeMi^latorkMk kaM. v-aotk. long sleeve.<br />


tags weal! «na style, caatrast trim. SM-L.<br />


SAW 1 lei ACMANdD RUtf SMItTS<br />

Short slteve aad button-front, cheat motif.<br />

Reg, ».».<br />

SWUT-ORR<br />



•Ml* W#<br />

sale)<br />

3.94<br />

ccmparabU vahm fo 9.93<br />

Boy pttofamln^Btofe<br />

casaal HoUywood 8OOM have pleated<br />

«wils;stiiii.a» waababla. Andaflare IPSH.<br />

tIkdi<br />

93, tATONTOWN 1*A»K OtCtf<br />

HUVHS: Mtm. W*4» t,i, II 00 a. >». to ««l ,. m.<br />

To**.. Than, Stfto4d| Reefe 4, J. J. CO. 77 Irood $tH Rtd lank o^ we.. •»• M. UMN «r. M.

•\f '•:•--,-' T.~{* :, Tr **r--i-\---s '- '<<br />

Tueauy, Oet 6,1959-U<br />


Keuper Renews Campaign<br />

Against Obscene literature<br />

nuXHOLD-Monmouth County<br />

Prosecutor Vincent P. Kouper<br />

today luawad hb campaign to<br />

Audit Shows<br />

Surplus Up<br />

In Highlands<br />

JUfssfor Co PublUh<br />

County Stock Price*<br />

BaeJaaJaf taday, The Reatator<br />

«• pahHah a la* at the<br />

ft mast active ataeka far eoua-<br />

Clkaaksud hMhotrtal firms.<br />

TUt MffTM4> If MtiaMtv Mtrwy<br />

Steel Talks Fail,<br />

Nation Looks To<br />

Capital for Action<br />

greas of voluntary supervtotaa<br />

the outers.<br />

The prosecutor said the<br />

tattated ta 1117, succeded ta Federal Aid Factor<br />

havtag BMst couaty<br />

dealers post a Pledge to the Pub- Ia Iacrcawe; School<br />

He of their oooperatba. HO called Spcadiag Abo Up<br />

A mtmmfMmm% lea Wa&MOMh fax?<br />

th*c*np*iga«tsjts4.Mr.K*uper<br />

salt atotta recent woeta, lava<br />

creaabg number oa new*<br />

he said.<br />

Mr. Kaqior add Ma attaatfaa that SIMN wu for<br />

wu focused on th» problem this<br />

Thus<br />

time after a Blunter of Juveniles th* board hu u actual balance<br />

i found In ponsstion of tartd-"<br />

red books they had ' 'Lest<br />

year the board wouad up<br />

from a prombsnt stand. wi* a surplus of I2MM after<br />

Ths prossctforssid he believed «M» wu *wroprlatad for Ms<br />

fas pressnee of smut ea | " Tn Fridays. They an been tarn*<br />

HIGHLANDS —'<br />

mot afoot looalvad 8M<br />

by Herbert A.<br />

Aoo report shows a board surof<br />

m«l.U aa of June ».<br />

Mr. Canuoa acted,<br />

wu approprlatad<br />

achoal budget T<br />

•UNAWAY T1OUIY CAUMS HAVOC — Three persons were hetplfaided when this<br />

trolley car ran off frock* in laltimore and involved four eon tn • wnaehup. during<br />

mominf rush hour. Three of the ear* ore piled up in front of the street ear end<br />

fourth it (Kit behind. Smathup tied up traffic end drew large crowd of onlooker*.<br />

*-*~*<br />

JAP WirepJmtoi "<br />

bth* remit at<br />

of dealer<br />

af all clalae be<br />

to a profit by<br />

to theFlood<br />

Waters Philadelphia's 'Green Lady<br />

the<br />

MA<br />

Receding<br />

of wlutary<br />

eootrob. Mr. Reaper said. dHia* The audit aleo recommended<br />

mean ha ia rtkidaat to<br />

In Southwest<br />

that all purchase be properly fill-<br />

dealera far violation<br />

ed out aad filed according to TULSA, Okie. (AP) — The<br />

tfttratura<br />

procedure aatabUahed by the flood-racked Southwest, reeling<br />

from a week-cod of heavy reins,<br />

The final rofomtwindaUoa wu began counting the damage today<br />

piovu tarwtmag to act whore the that of bavtag the board presi- u water* slowly receded.<br />

evidence waa sot paieacly lewd. dent aad erhool super* Partaof Ohiahama. proclaimed<br />

tatsadsnt certify all payrolls. a major disaster area by Gov.<br />

The aadlt aleo showed that J.:<br />

appeared<br />

that mad Jariaa aad trial pg<br />

for MM wu op<br />

p for a mi<br />

Jariaa seldom indict convict<br />

UM h cleaning Job barring further hea-<br />

wtth prevtou*<br />

ipprasJmanty SU,M» over the<br />

Due year.<br />

vy rains.<br />

suggestive pictures and cartaoai eaplaiaioc _ the higher sur- Okbhoma CivU Defense Direc-<br />

or atortea of Ulidt an affairs.' plu* figure, the auditor aotad tor Tom Brett said officials<br />

that the echool dtetrtct received would start work determining the<br />

"The Juries require,<br />

about $MN awe ia federal aid extent of damage* "as soon u<br />

evidence that b potently lewd or<br />

over the preview yeor. possible." He hu estimated<br />

degenerating. Much that to federal aid i ta Oklahoma would<br />

Short of tab tost b sane the<br />

Tale ) tor ha aehool's to mllttons of dotbra.<br />

oTIsgaottag and uaflt to jay i<br />

oaatrol of It reeta ta ths<br />

dot for thiamiNi<br />

aot to deal ta a."<br />

Tnk)<br />

a totter to*<br />

ili juefs, weraed that dealer*<br />

ta possseeba i f of bwd d hh books<br />

ahould b* errestsd.<br />

Sale or srsnstag of<br />

erature to a<br />

sab or exposure to a<br />

on la yean of age<br />

mum penalty of<br />

prbaa aad a flao, Mr<br />

Keeper said.<br />

To<br />

advice<br />

to palee hi the part. Mr.<br />

regular bsota.<br />

bosks shouM be<br />

parchaead aad reviewed by aa-<br />

I * ^ ^ J ^ a^ak ^smmmtfeBmOJasa AdV flR^smiuRj<br />

has baaa a vtobttoa of<br />

Where the evidaace<br />

9<br />

I PITTSBURGH (AP) — A new<br />

failure by negotiators to end the<br />

•Vday steel strike left the na*<br />

Industry ttoa looking to Washington today<br />

for a solution to get the halt<br />

million striker* back to work.<br />

No further negotiating meetings<br />

Zone Is were scheduled, The only action<br />

on the agenda wu a meeting of<br />

the United Iteelworker* 170-mem-<br />

Proposed ber wege policy eommittae this<br />

morning.<br />

Court Order MIDDLETOWN - A new 700-<br />

The talks—resumed last Thursacre<br />

M-J todu«tri«l tone Is a posday<br />

at the urging of President<br />

Curbs Club, sibility here.<br />

Eisenhower—collapsed last night<br />

Member* of the Planning Board<br />

Each side blamed the other.<br />

discussed the proposal but Bight<br />

In a ftoal aenoa before re-<br />

Independent without retching any decision. tMag from the aeoae fer the<br />

The area in question-now a<br />

Seholer Restrained, residential tone—is north of the<br />

David J.<br />

Otuted Democrat* Garden State Parkway, in the<br />

af<br />

MidcDetown-Liacroft M.<br />

Returned to Group of the township.<br />

any place- to try aad brake<br />

Officials indicated that the 700-<br />

UNION BEACH -i<br />

acre figure "la just a starting Similar requests from McDon-<br />

Court Jadga Gene X.<br />

point" for study. Before the proald have I reje<br />

bu tsaued a tamporam posal is finalised, the acreage the industry.<br />

lag<br />

"could be reduced or inereued." Heads of the U steel<br />

flsMajilildltsjl JlMdhnll<br />

It wu reported.<br />

ies directly Involved ia I<br />

and the local Democratic Chib. In other business the board to- nations havo told McDonald that<br />

Seen Product of TensionsThe<br />

restraints were obtained by dicated favorable reaction to a the Industry negotiating commit-<br />

Paul Smith, local Democratic proposal by Keansburg tor that tee, headed by R. Conrad Cooper<br />


borough to annex 14 acre* of the of U. S. Steel, hu complete aupsychiatrist<br />

cxplsined today bow One states that Mr. Seholer Leddy property for powibto hi- thority to reach an agreement,<br />

Democrats the "Greta Lady" frightened shall la no way hold himself out ture construction of a regional. ~ ~ ~<br />

people in West PhUa- as a candidato of the Democratic or a Kaaasburg, high school. get the<br />

party.<br />

Keansburg planners were asked<br />

Too Late<br />

She wu scanning, she wu The second restraint temporar- to appear at the next board meet- York be gave<br />

oil b and ily reinstates 12 ousted member* teg here with "more dataib" andTbaraday<br />

to shsw same of 1<br />

With Request wu walttngtt choob rttt to the Democratic Crab. maps. A decision b likely to be ress. IBO ejtsrnntlvs, the Wee-<br />

a knife, harassing children, even Show cause orders In both reached then. It wu reported.<br />

awa, wsaht fee Taft-<br />

Too late wu the word to Red<br />

stabbing some.<br />

eases are returnable before Tbe board voted to recommend acttaa. That<br />

Bank Democrab bet night Or so the worried people said. Judge Mariano Friday. At that subdivision of section two of Chap- a Moral court ta]u<br />

And police ia West Philadelphia, time, a decision will be reached el HUI Farm*-U lot*. Applica-<br />

Borough Council received a let.<br />

to aaad lh<br />

wbcre crime hu been u to 'whether me restraints will tion wu mad* by Michael J. Sta,<br />

ter from the Democratic Chib<br />

nounced, received more than two be removed or made permanent<br />

asking permbston to place a poli-<br />

vob.<br />

P<br />

tical banner across Breed St et<br />

Mr. Seholer, a former Demo-<br />

The trulttoss efforts of days of<br />

Monmouth St The tatter<br />

The stories were approximately cratk mayor, did not run in the<br />

dated Oct s.<br />

the same, aad usually vague. No primary last April but Open House bargaining became evident when<br />

the wage policy committee form-<br />

one saw the Creen Lady. But that quently filed as an independent<br />

The Red Bank RepubHcu Ex didn't<br />

m?*m. W ik«.M«A* l"^ ll wJ*»d jd hthe<br />

blast company<br />

. O £,„ The fer a one-year uaexplred eouacU FOr LWrary offer yesterday<br />

ecutrve Committee, however, had callers were passing oa reUabbterm.<br />

y morning. g Tho<br />

seat a tatter Sept » eakteg per- report* from eye wta Even Hb opponent* in the local Dem- RUMSON - Aa opsa boo**<br />

wu atroagty critcbad by Board<br />

misatoa for the at the m- students told their prludpab<br />

Member Mrs. Florence P. Adair. ThoTcus<br />

ofPub- ocratlc — ^ •- • — ranks ^-^^» ere ^»«w contending • • •• v^^v^^n^p^ that «*^^ *• ^_ aawrVuuten<br />

^_ -- _•** *«. a* a^ *a. 1 o garni wfvamvei*tfs9<br />

about her.<br />

h<br />

Joseph R. Tbcorata, principal, be<br />

he b repnunUng U hlmseU hlrt to the h '«• **•• «*««jr "*•* £« wl »• **4fau-\tmn ^ ^ Mm-m^m<br />

at >M miUlaa del- Secoad choice of the Democrats Police checked the report* and public u a Democratic caadi-<br />

informed ths board that the dblaw<br />

hvaVe Lone Star State. Two wu Broad St at WWto St •-"-' to search four school dart.<br />

X^b^^TtocaSd & £ •*• •-*• •«-ItasallS<br />

JMI u laNy irfMaai B They have also charged that former Htatelmaan store, Ridge,<br />

aid foe<br />

raported a bomb,<br />

drowned from the Tenu?"*<br />

Mr. Seholer hu opened a cam- Rd. and Avenue of Two Riven. sued bkmg statements about the<br />

wu no<br />

Ths building hu been renovated. other tamedbtery after the meetstabbed<br />

ehUdroe. The scare bat-<br />

He aotad that the board would It ia the most esteattve flood<br />

Ave. bearing n sign "Democratic<br />

The old library building oa<br />

ed two days last week and thu<br />

have to match any earn available<br />

Campaign Headquarter*."<br />

West River Rd. dosed Ib doors<br />

waa lotgottea.<br />

Saturday. It b expected to<br />

The second order involves ea<br />

Mrs. Adabr aakt that she dH not altar hb flight over ths St"<br />

But ths Green Lady wu not<br />

converted Into a bank.<br />

ouster thru weeks ago by Wil-<br />

of such a plan "oa hi<br />

The ail GOP<br />

ssoipncabte. at bast aot to Dr.<br />

Books and furniture are being<br />

Koaasth Apset head of tbe psyliam<br />

J. Langaa, club presMut<br />

moved to ths new building.<br />

Guard tat plane yubrday,<br />

"for every dollar we receive," Impact of the heavy rain* re- The Democrats'<br />

dspaitmert at the Uai-<br />

of U dub members, including<br />

Book borrowing will start at<br />

ha aaid, we have to pay UTt," Jong the Arkansas Rhr- alaowu<br />

et Peaasyhrmnb.<br />

Councilman Joseph Carney; Her-<br />

the library Oct X.<br />

The indastry said Its proposal<br />

ha might have had her birth, veyEricksan, Democratic caadl-<br />

would mean a U«ent hourly<br />

The trouble nowadays is that er at Taba. The river reached<br />

beat ta part, ia th* aattoaal for mayor, and WHHam<br />

package tocreau for each worker<br />

everyone ia grabbing aa they can three feet over flood<br />

ver crime aad vtotanee, Rodgen. Democratic candidate<br />

get at<br />

Camp<br />

Conservatives during the life of a two-year<br />

Dr. Appal (aid. Just u th* fly- for council.<br />

agreement The union's figuring<br />

treqoaath' *•<br />

ilightly today.<br />

tag saucer *torba of a few yean Mr. Langaa b supporting Mr.<br />

placed th* worth of the offer at<br />

E. Paste, board prest- OffidsH estimated some Mt<br />

ago might h»v* been caused, ta<br />

It. J cent* aa hour tor two years.<br />

ssM It would be foolba for famiUee were out of their bora** Is Improved part, by the growing swsruus Ths ouster reportedly wu<br />

Either way. the proposal was'<br />

ths hoard art to take advaatage overnight watte l.aM vohmtoers OAKHURST-Moamou* Coua- that fatorpbaetary space travel mads without uy formal charges<br />

contingent on n unbn <<br />

of *e plan. ^ ^ worked seadbaggiag the surging en. Boy Semite of America, apart<br />

against the U members end<br />

to changes ta contract<br />

Baalamk* Oraber. aaothsr river. _ . tlMTB oa capital Impro.emsab The power of<br />

without n formal hearing.<br />

flood of mat<br />

Mrs. Tesas. the flood threat re-1_.<br />

the a*K»cr* great" Dr.<br />

Mr. Laagaa hu refused to dis-<br />

tojmayers aleag the Nuaeea River mountain<br />

"•epecblry py b ttaM* of cuss the matter with reporters.<br />

law g<br />

tathe ths Trinity RIY- N. Y.<br />

or fear, u b period* of war or<br />

he basaf the hoard accepts<br />

er la ths DaUas-Port Worth Oscar A. Newoabt, Fair Ha- uaewml ertme. Pecpto at* or hoar<br />

added, arrest* should be aid.<br />

areas, the Sabine aad<br />

—_ ntr chalr'iiiH. aald that (Mags that daat actually esbt New Jersey<br />

"Way pay the SHI If Rivers b the east<br />

about one-third of ths funds wen "Ia war," ha wart ea, "there<br />

discovered should be<br />

etas ta going to get d«<br />

to provkto a home tor aare<br />

always fab* reports of raid*,<br />

Letters to ponce<br />

ho added.<br />

Gov.<br />

seid "two of full-time ranger, putting the bombings. aKacktag troop*; aad News Briefs<br />

The board<br />

the moat •bscktag sights of ths on a U<br />

from psopb oartata they uw It JERSEY CITY (AP)-Wltaes-<br />

•*• proposal. Mr. Tleeerato aaM that trip won the Bixby aad Outhrta sttaa.<br />

Then, too. th* rumor often take* ses have been called u a Hudasked<br />

to dMrtbuto<br />

the form of the<br />

area*. Blxby la Just under wa-<br />

thebt. •oa County Grand Jury tries to<br />

from tha<br />

ter. That's an you eta uy." improvemsnta at Forsstburg were<br />

that b fearful bare If there wu shshsdonn<br />

The water rematoed ta Bixfey,<br />

of th* Neo Ornvare Prlatbg Co..<br />

HiwrMswr-thoOreeaLadya<br />

tswa of #,BBV persons asai<br />

Weabawken, by two labor bnd-<br />

HW BblvVJ IMal CNaWoTUMQ OQr<br />

Tubs. Bat ia Outhrie K wu reera.<br />

Amoag thus caOsd ysster-<br />

Kingston Firm The<br />

eedtag fast aad haasrils af fernwto<br />

day were Walter J. Sberidu. lai<br />

prepared to go home<br />

A vestigetor for the U.S. Saaato<br />

rackets committee aad thru Neo<br />

today.<br />

U A H gWmi ^MfJaT ^H%1^H%^ BV^K^B. ^AI^H^^<br />

b Awarded<br />

'It's a pitiful sight,<br />

eeai inr anr, angat nava sosm><br />

Oravure executives. A federal<br />

said Outhrie Police Sgt W.~ 0.<br />

btod hbt Ths n>tog saucer re-<br />

graad Jury ta New York tadkted<br />

to Mr. Ttacerab,<br />

ports might have aeen eHmalats. the two uabobb oa sla<br />

Ward. "The BOOMS that weren't<br />

Road Contraet<br />

gift at by a<br />

in*d away are<br />

of extortion Sept M. The two<br />

dee* the rest aad<br />

OCsMNPC«T-ThrosM*lar<br />

mud aad Hit"<br />

ere Harold Gross, president of<br />

per e^. at* salary eftMN.<br />

added to the<br />

Local »• of the<br />

Mr. Newaoi<br />

to create Teamster* Union, aad CoraeUa*<br />

Eatontown Board ported sortoala a H-acn Wecretractof tract af bad badw*» wu -.-... ^..-<br />

J. rtooaaa of Jertsy City, head<br />

hi**<br />

of Local ITM of th* lateruttoaal<br />

ony abot Rt «. Coat of ICH ^Thb^rooam," B<br />

E^mm\flBBBBfmVBmmasBBB^al d\aaajaj*lA#am^a<br />

•Bwmjmmmjs^^ugBOmmj BJ o^B^sw^RfeWomnmjf<br />

To Meet Tonight acrest aw. lesammsi aata, wu .f^ami_ mlmfc • • A xamWHmm SBm^salaMBfteiaa staff IBVA —•<br />

PST fJwf MIM ITIM •••> MMST **• a^wV^p, tJHIIsMswl tj| MS |p*<br />

suejag. He wsl<br />


_BAtT 0RAN0E (AP)-A JT<br />

sf *t sates ssetattaa's asr attain i<br />

laa aa hub<br />

» go tow<br />

aarur *b as<br />

fHrnT^JM MS«Rafe*| pa%faalyB*9a1 ITOIBI<br />

nua fJwaalsK* jsVaatua fjalsiaa awslisa *-—-<br />

group durtag<br />

law WaaOBPa fJarWEf wrtn B^mjpft BBBJB1<br />

in*p»rw*oktaatoryA.<br />

aLabar gev-goairal<br />

birth to her four*<br />

Tas sight •pound, Iteuace boy<br />

sramut would "sursus a "need The Amy • Navy-Air<br />

tahtrlu<br />

BEU* " • to Mn. Marneighbor"<br />

policy abroad JMttag Journal last Sstaraay<br />

tag wWbt held ta tho i<br />

• aia AMajhant paal, Uya B. Walter ta East Orange<br />

once agata at the Conservative May u aaytag that *• guard si<br />

(9*ehereagh. Oeasral Hospital There won<br />

government'* IBM attack aalaefficbnt<br />

ami "caaast am" It<br />

p<br />

Stugwet«d EatccplMliUs<br />

ir cbbMd she<br />

with the Preach and la-<br />

GUM<br />

no osmpbcatlou.<br />

a^BmjujsWg* BBsmmttsmT fBrlll vfaa^ Bsamt BB^R)<br />

rselb,<br />

suffered a fractured loft teg<br />

he *sM th* LSBOritu<br />

ds"<br />

Doatlt SUHo'g 19th<br />

Ths Waller fsmlly live* et at<br />

After* Eatusji Poolo<br />

whoa the Hfoguard aocabatty Adami PI., Oba Ridge. The oth-<br />

would "never us* fore*<br />

af-<br />

la **lf-d*fMN" and would "el- ford b maa ear<br />

AMBOY (AP) -<br />

TRENTON (AP) - The duth atruck her white be* were swts> er children, all girt*, were bom way* try to pet dispute* settled ooetiy with parMbiw<br />

ei sssi jwasuay no* WEST ICSANSBURO - of a l»year4M bay hu brought Bttag te fas surf.<br />

before she wss stricken with th*<br />

New Jsruys du* tall from Mr B*rnUia»ai<br />

ta<br />

b ta fair eaadittoa ta<br />

ac made hb<br />

i II. la II jm tar bta wife's awtars hllto.<br />

of confMeac* oa the outcome of YOUTHi<br />

Edward W. Wise, Jr., Re* CLOSC TATOO SMOPS<br />

rmBD tm<br />

the etactbn after retumtag tram<br />

•arts to practice ibe ursvuMu boy General Hospital yesterday<br />

The latest victim. U-yeir-sM ippeand for Mr. aad Mrs<br />


NEW YORK (AP) All ail tetoo<br />

*reaguut *s year.<br />

from bhirbs Buffered ta the<br />

child<br />

a llu-mlb whbU* *t»p bur dur-<br />

HMHLANDf —<br />

Rlchaid Mousy af Lead* Paint, BenwebMr. Robert R. wm, Ae- parldn her* have been ctossd<br />

Pour It-yesr-eM bey* were ftaad<br />

Ho wrote thai tire eaulpmoai crash.<br />

view Hospital by the Rarttu<br />

ing which th* M-year-oM Prime<br />

did died yesterday, td lee* l then twobury<br />

Park, nprasuted *s do- by the Heslth Department u a<br />

HI each by Msgbtrsie Irvmi<br />

will bo oa sahtbit at ** Ocoaa- Driver of ths other car, E*<br />

Township First AM Scud<br />

Minister spoke to u estimated<br />

after he wat<br />

poeelbb seurre of the liver ail-<br />

B. Zeichasr ta<br />

Its,MS voters.<br />

port Hook end Ladder Co. and ward Wtlland, O). of MS Valley<br />

with the moeeulto-borne dlteese,<br />

ment, hepatitis. A 17 yeer-oM<br />

bit ni|ht tor sotseettoe of a><br />

the Portaupeck Chemical Com Rd.. Clerk, died Saturday, ftoth<br />

admitted to Monmouth Medical Kleven case* of th* brain die- UCtMSI OK*D hny died of th* disease lesl wwk PAUE ALARM uatcaung hoveragu.<br />

auy, Saturday from II a. m. tomen<br />

eufferad hesd ln)urlM Their<br />

Center.<br />

*e*», a type of deeping sickness Red Bank Borough Council last smn*tlm» *Urr h« was Isltnnvf false altrm was turned They are William Dunaan,<br />

J p m.<br />

rsr* collidwl •• Wellsnd wss<br />

have been presumptively am night spproved a taxi driver's st entity I»l«m1 t|iiii| t»nl»r<br />

firmed through lest* a* eatUrn llrvnse (or Bsmuel J, (onnor, 111<br />

n'rlmk *l Spring l»r and Iprina fourth It. snd rhomas Wood,<br />

vtit<br />

will be Nov. I.<br />

lurking \i In Avrntl.<br />

equine emwphslltli.<br />

1*4 Brfa • A4«*lll*«M*i<br />

Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bank. slbl* suuic* ut Ih* InlrdliHi. 1st.<br />

M Mill»r it, aU nf Mighlaad*.


lt-Tneodar, Pet 6,19S9<br />

Dance Oct. 17<br />

For PTA<br />


Parent-Teacher Aaaociatkn tall<br />

dance it slated for Oct. 17 from<br />

• to midnight In the elementary<br />

achool.<br />

Mutic will be furnished by a<br />

four-piece combo. Anthony Sonatore,<br />

Keaniburg, it chairman.<br />

Mrs Alvln Richles. Mrs. John!<br />

Landers and Mrs. William<br />

Phieme are in chirge of tickets.<br />

A buffet will be included.<br />

Mrs. Charles Hamilton, president,<br />

at Thursday's executive<br />

board meeting appointed Mrs.<br />

Walter Bruno, chairman of<br />

"Highlighta." the PTA's aewsletter<br />

on activities of the local<br />

group.<br />

Charles Roesch was introduced<br />

as director of "The Roaring<br />

Twenties." He reported to the<br />

board his Ideas, coat and recommendations<br />

for the PTA ptay to<br />

be staged in March. Mra. Fenton<br />

Scboll ia program chairman.<br />

Mrs. Edward Csejtey, membership<br />

chairman, reported a total<br />

of 110 members. A drive for<br />

membership Is being continued.<br />

Mrs. Kenneth Willey, chairman<br />

of the parent and family Ufe<br />

1burg.<br />

University Pitmen<br />

Support Bond Issue<br />

LITTLE SILVER - To imple- Mutton State Hospital Nov. S,<br />

ment the endorsement of meoae<br />

starting at »:J0 a. as. and<br />

Northern Monmouth County the aecond at 1:31 p. m.<br />

Branch, American Asaodattoa of The tour it by the<br />

University Womea, of the stale's Moamouth County Mental Health<br />

college band Issue, the breach<br />

„ pamphlets __ „.<br />

12 major potato of tto MO to tto<br />

membenhlp.<br />

tag prefects.<br />

, Announcement of<br />

made when tto executive board Mrs. Stage), mbip<br />

met last week at tto home of<br />

taid two coffee tours will<br />

Mn. David K. Stegel oa CM Pros-<br />

be bait at her home aa ertcatapact<br />

Ave.<br />

for aew aad pros-<br />

Mist EKsatoth A. KeOey. chair*<br />

pective members.' Iks first will<br />

to Wadaiifcy at Ifcll a. m.. aad<br />

•a second, Thursday at fclS<br />

p. m.<br />

Mrs. Reyaokk C. Massty, River<br />

Plait, ctolrmaa, said tto<br />

travel groap win visit Mama,<br />

partidpate to the gutded taws of<br />

Membership<br />

Tea Served<br />

By Club<br />

J. YANKO<br />

30 BROAD ST. RED HANK for tto expended program.<br />

beige and royal. Average end tall lengths.^<br />

1<br />

» h) f I, • -* 199<br />


lesvy, bulky knits by a famous brand. Ccrdiaan<br />

with collar or turtle neck tlip-over style. Red<br />

and blue. Pre-teen small, medium end lareje.<br />

* t* f f). US.- 3.99<br />

a repeat special<br />


shirtmakors in the elwey* popular casual<br />

styles In saty-to-tara-far lerO'Ter eoTremi. sottons. •elsleya. -•••••y».<br />

ttrlpes end geometric patterns. . atoll, mta<br />

4fef».i<br />

•••"* /.9O<br />

30x50 THROW RUGS<br />

3.50<br />

•ad pink.<br />

machine waihable. ikid-reilitent, methareof<br />

cotton ru|s in green, gold, red, lendelweeef<br />

* H t ». m. am> 1.90<br />


5<br />

m ft iet includss lerfe ceke plate, sii cake aletes<br />

• •*" tnd server, attractive new patterns with aeld<br />

•r sliver fedraen edge. *JBk<br />

• »t • e. m.<br />

CUss Officer<br />

Officer<br />

Visits Club<br />

MIDDLETOWN-Vtatwrlt tod<br />

aa "ambassador'' of good will.<br />

Capt Neftor Csasaaas. ihurtdsy<br />

at a meettag of tto River<br />

PUsa Woman's Ctab is tto home<br />

of Mn. W. Gilbert Maasoa. N<br />

Fish Hawk Ave.<br />

Capt Cassettes, aa allied stunt<br />

for United States Signal<br />

Corps tnlnlng, has been attending<br />

tto signal officer advance<br />

course at Fort Monmouth since<br />

February.<br />

In describing tto customs.<br />

dress and food of his country.<br />

Capt Caaeaaas was assisted with<br />

tto Informative dtocnteita by a<br />

member of .tto ctab. Mrs. Warits<br />

DtBfQWR* • iTiflttiUt vwlwr<br />

la tto dty of Careen* when the<br />

captata waa bora. Mrs. De-<br />

Brown's brother, John Henry, retides<br />

with hit family hi that<br />

city. Tto program was arranged<br />

by Mn. Percy E. Brooks.<br />

Miss Elisabeth Cattleman of<br />

Hubbard Ave., a senior at<br />

representative of tto ctab la<br />

Jane at Oirla* aUatoahto Iestifar<br />

a card party aad fash-<br />

CoUege. Sto<br />

Oct 23 at OM Orchard<br />

thanked tto club for tto oppor-<br />

committee, ia forming a study<br />

Country dub. Eatontowa. Fash-<br />

group- Miss Marcella Cassan<br />

win to atowa by Ethel Miss Joan Acerra<br />

tunity of attending.<br />

Mrs. Carmen laderosa, class-<br />

Krauas of Sea Bright Mn. Ken-<br />

Mn. Joseph Grogaa representroom<br />

representatives chairman,<br />

neth C. Bamett is chairman.<br />

ed the chib Saturday as a model<br />

named her committee and re- Wed in St. Anthony's<br />

Mrs. Charles L. Schmidt Rum- Weds Charles Raybon ia tto Keyport Woman's Club<br />

ported additional volunteers are<br />

show at a luncheon In<br />

is in charge of ticket sales.<br />

needed<br />

Shadowbrook. x<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cassan of and their ' bouquets were aqua<br />

This will aid tto fellowship fund. Mr. aad Mrs. Louis Acerra of Chantilly lace. Her accessories<br />

"The College Bond Issue" is 44,'"s'h^w'io;rv Ave.," RedI Bank, and coral colored carnations.<br />

/Tto branch also plans to start 27« Harding Rd. announce tto matched her dress.<br />

Mrs. Harold Perry, vice presi-<br />

the program topic for the gen- announce the marriage of their The bride's mother wore a<br />

a story-telling hour at tto Redmarriage<br />

of their daughter. Miss Ralph Acerra of Red Bank, tto<br />

dent, conducted tto meeting in<br />

eral meeting Oct. 20 at 8 p. m. in daughter, Miss Marcella Mary mink-beige sheath styled dress of<br />

Bank pubHc library for children Joan Lois Acerra, to Charles Ed- bride's brother, was best man.<br />

tto absence of Mra. Victor L.<br />

the achool.<br />

Casisn, to Robert Earl Meadows, lace, and a corsage of burnt or-<br />

from kindergarten age through ward Raybon, eon of Mra. Wil- Tto ushers were tto bridegroom's<br />

Fox. president. Sto Installed<br />

son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meadange chrysanthemums.<br />

second grade* Mn. Benjamin liam C. Raybon of GoMcbero, brother, William Raybon of Fish-<br />

Mrs. George Sena of Orchard<br />

ows of Corsicana, Tex., Sept. 27 Atan Shinn of Fort Monmouth,<br />

S. Sanderson, little Silver, chair- N. C, Sept 27 in St. Anthonys kill, N. Y.. and tto bride's broth-<br />

PI., aa a member.<br />

in St. Atnhony's Catholic Church. wu best man. James Fletcher,<br />

maa. said Mrs. Frances Smith, Catholic Church. Magr. Salvatore m, Oomeeick Acerra of New Mra. Edwin H. Breach Is ctolr-<br />

SHERMAN'S Msgr. Salvatore DiLorenzo, pas-<br />

also of Fort Monmouth, and Vin-<br />

pubUc library consultant of tto DiLorcttto* psttor( ofrlctatoQ* ark aad Joseph aad Robert AcernaaofabuatripOctlTtotor, officiated. Bouquets of gladicent<br />

Cassan, the bride's brother.<br />

department of education of the Bouquets of all white gtadtoli ra. Red Bank.<br />

New York. Tto bus leaves tto<br />

oli and chrysanthemums decorat-<br />

Red Bank, ushered.<br />

State of New Jersey Libraries, and chrysanthemums, decorated When tto couple return from<br />

River Plata School at »:3I a. an.<br />

ed the church. A reception fol- For her wedding trip, the bride<br />

will give a demonstration for tto church, with palms in the their two-week wedding trip toLunch<br />

will be at tto Hotel Astor.<br />

lowed at Buck Smith's in Keans- wore a beige ensemble with<br />

members of tto committee, ex- background. Miss Mildred Pace<br />

brown and white accessories. The<br />

Florida, they will reside with the<br />

Tto group will attend a matinee<br />

plaining tto art of Interesting was tto organist, and Nicholas bride's parents oa 271 Harding Rd. performance of "Pleasure of His<br />

couple will live in Niagara Falls.<br />

Escorted by her father, the<br />

story-telling.<br />

Falcone, tto soloist. The bride's traveling costume was<br />

company." Three seats are still<br />

N. Y., until the bridegroom, who The Woman's Club of Middle,<br />

available.<br />

bride wore a gown designed with<br />

Curtains<br />

is stationed there with the Army. town held a membership tea<br />

The bride waa escorted by tor royal blue Jersey.<br />

a bodice of Chantilly lace, trim- completes his tour of duty. Thursday is tto pariah house of<br />

father. Her peaudsaoie gown wu Tto reception waa held at tto Mrs. Harry Chamberlain,<br />

med with seed pearl embroidery,<br />

Draperies<br />

The bride waa graduated from the Pint Reformed Church. Youth Program appUqued with Aleocon lace Silhouette Lounge and Ballroom American Home chairman, an-<br />

and the satin skirt fell into a<br />

Red Bank High School aad has Mrs. Edward C Schrosder,<br />

which waa re-embroidered with oa Monmouth St.<br />

nounced committee work is ad-<br />

chapel-length train. Her finger-tip<br />

Slipcovers<br />

been employed by Electronic As- president, greeted SO members Under Way seedpearls. Tto bouffant skirt had<br />

vandag oa tto upcoming annual<br />

Tto bride was graduated<br />

length veil had a border of lace,<br />

and her colonial bouquet was<br />

sociates of Long Branch. The and guests.<br />

a draped back, and eadad ia a<br />

g from<br />

LONG BRANCH — Registra-<br />

Bedspreads<br />

white roses and carnations.<br />

bridegroom waa graduated from Two federation guests spoke on<br />

cathedral length train. The bride's<br />

Rod d Bank B High Hh School h aad d to tto<br />

Red<br />

Institute. Tto Mra. Maurice L. Toulme, art<br />

Crosicana, Tex., High School. state activities: Mrs. G. Vincent<br />

tioo for the Youth Program of double tier veil was attached tobridegroom<br />

waa graduated from chairman, will to hostess ia tor<br />

Linens<br />

Mrs. Richard Hausner of Keans-<br />

Rochester, Spring Lake, state his- tto Jewish Community Center Is • cap of lace, re-embroidered Red Bank High School aad served home at 45 Hubbard Ave. Oct.<br />

burg was matron of honor. Her NATALIE MtOCEIXI IS 4 toriaa, and Mra. Robert McKin- taking place at tto ceater. Secto<br />

sequins and aeed pearls. in tto Air Force. He ie manager IT for continuance of tto study<br />

Venetian<br />

gown was corsl silk organza,<br />

MIDDLETOWN — Natalie Louley, Breton Woods, a former die- end and North Bath Aves., from Mrs. Louis Acerra, Jr., of Red of Lou's Pineria on North Bridge of "American Art aad Artists."<br />

made with a shirred bodice andise<br />

Porcelli, daughter of Mr. and trict vice president.<br />

a. m. to 5 p. m. through Thurs- Bank waa matron of honor for Ave., Red Bank.<br />

Twenty-five members attended.<br />

a cocktail length skirt. Her flow- Mrs. Fred Porcelli, M Crestview A nursery waa provided during day. Tto regiatrar ia Mra. Goidye tor aister-bvlsw. Tto bridal at-<br />

Guests included Mrs. Clarence<br />

ers were coral and squa carna- Dr., celebrated her fourth birth- the tea. under tto auperviaioa of H. Kate, executive director. tendants were Mrs. Domenlck<br />

Cain of Parkersburg. W. Va.<br />

tions.<br />


day, which waa Thursday, at a Mrs. Lee M. Haaaiager. An expanded program hi being<br />

Acerra, Newark, tto bride's sis-<br />

Mrs. Thomas R. Wilson's moth-<br />

The bridesmaids were Mrs. Al- party Wednesday in her home. Tto club's provision of a aur- offered, including supervised ter-in-law; Misses Connie O'Neil MIDDLETOWN - The Moner,<br />

Mrs. George Castlebert<br />

Cassan, New Shrewsbury, Among the six guests who at-i sery during tto hours of ached- sports activities for children eight and Sandra Arnooe. both of River mooth County Historical Associ- man. Mrs. Charles Speck and<br />

and Miss Shirley Minor, Red tended were her grandmother. tiled afternoon meetings is ea in- and older. Eugene Sigd, physical Plata, aad Delores KemMe. Midation annual meeting and tea will Mrs. J. W. Nanry.<br />

Bank. Their dresses, made like Mrs. Nicholas Lepore, Middletown novation. It is designed for moth- ffhrrattoa aad health chairman. dletown.<br />

I to toM Thursday. Oct. IS. at 2:31 Clyde Pierce will speak oa hor-<br />

the one worn by the honor at- and Mrs. Joseph Presti, Red era who wish to join tto after- said a paid supervisor will direct All ernld p. m. ia Mariptt Hall. King's Hwy. ticulture at tto meeting Nov. 3<br />

tendant, were aqua silk organza, Bank. Natalie's aunt. noon group. Mra. Charles J. Ko- tto program.<br />

green taffeta gowns, made sheath Foster Tollman will deliver a in tto home of Mrs. William L.<br />

teles is chairman of tto nursery<br />

style with matching overskirts of teture on "Tto Funof<br />

Collect Olsea. M Alexander Dr.. River<br />

Tto craft, hobby aad dub pro-<br />

They to<br />

Plan.<br />

gram is bsiasj ooattaaed. *<br />

take tarns supervising tto tots.<br />

red tats. trimmed ks veil-<br />

Taking cakes to men at tto<br />

Social dancing dasaas for pre-<br />

Nike Base to Hoimdel will conwiO<br />

tato place Tuesday Leslie Acerra. tto brtde'a niece,<br />

as a dub project Mn.<br />

tto faO aad winter<br />

Sptial<br />

as flower girl, and tor frock<br />

Paul J. Braua is to charge of<br />

was also emerald green taffeta,<br />

New/ lew Price—Act Now/<br />

serving Thursday.<br />

Citanalvo renovations to tto Glenn Acerra, tto bride's nephew,<br />

Three meals and desserts will *rtldtag-oced»r* seems to<br />

aew Qmmaiiti<br />

tagBaBBmm BnBBl «*amal *-- aaaaMalai<br />

da at, then they cspscl melr «•• devised tocsuat lawyen m<br />

vHed nusett to «ee these t couatry have aa tide,<br />

•MM of mtbaftor latkaf isgty MOM<br />

tor reply. Pa-yea to i<br />

fat /rest every eernsr a/ year es*>for<br />

At JtwirtlbJi law pstosef enfy $,<br />

i Hen they are sever a tMttSm If yon art aaw-^Ssft's stll<br />

KJSTON<br />

to to a crittctom of"Dr..<br />

a* they . are _ . m •arapt, tajast Vas-at a pnat every woman ear<br />

m mini jrei ineir i very speciSI d irsmjasg afford-veu tan reduce your waist<br />

Mn. Sidney Uchter, M<br />

vMt them stove tto laymaa. tammy, Mpa, thiths. face and neck-<br />

PI,, Little Sliver, has DEAR MISS VANDERBILT: Nevsr be tmtorraaeri to ash<br />

MM of theIt<br />

teems that then tot tot* t sbout mt proper term of addrass. eiaset i t fe fee lt let •eadsrslla • d l l pamper your<br />

el tto change In th* new Bests! resu It to one of dM matt dlffieuh<br />

aoands eff-fer htrt If a visil ia a<br />

Ceatsrvttory of Musk. A gradu-<br />

Oaarawteed series! • M^ ..<br />

ssjsaas^anjaj s^msjmBv vawMB^ nja^my BfwStV ^w% avgy matten of etiquette to hasp<br />

ate of Red Bank High School, vstopss tltowed tor malllag. The stnlght. I, mytetf, tov* to con-<br />

wtMl rut »M«IM tttm ItondtrtlHt fin<br />

sto to enrolled in tto fine arts U.S. News aad World Report, to- sult my ewa took en tto aubcourts,<br />

majoring ia dance, MM of April t*. im, rsperts tfut '•rt f ro" ttmt to time.<br />

tto latter site must to as smaller A IHtto anecdote la a tost year's<br />

WKBATON STUDENT than lal lachit. This will not Reader's Digest, easted from<br />

WHEATON, IB. - Mlsa Joyce Into effect ttntil July I. INI, Cherry Cosh's "Tto Amirlota<br />

Nitons, daughter of Mr. tad Mrt t years later the* tto first Abroad," polste this up: "At<br />

Noel R. Nltsen of Sevea Iridft dsts which was aaaouaced *«d of Me first weak at<br />

Rs, Uttto Silver, tot started her "What l» this to do to lh. merdtag school, Prince Charles INTERNATIONAL<br />

jtMtor year at Wheats* Collet* slat of informals .Twwhkh an at «ai down with hto comrade* H<br />

when sto will study for a bach- nr«een much «rnallfr (ton that' vrlto hto first Mter tome. Afte<br />

elor's drgrse In n«iritn| Is It sormt to tto writer that thl- >• tod romatoted It, to edged<br />

RED BANK<br />

gradual* of Rml Rank Ml|h I* entas. tn raiiae a rathrr vt. t.nhiag. to th/ ma*t*r la charge<br />

Krhnnl, and In August »•• irad lent upMi In th* tu» of err#pi " 'I know my mothvr I* Queen,'<br />

IU Irosd Street<br />

u»lrd lum I ••( Sutwrhin •nahli piMtal form* ' R ' Sr rmharratnrd prlnrr «eld, "but<br />

Hixpllal Vhon) of Nurttng i Tf«at "<br />

M>W tin | eddres* th* anttak<br />

I'ark, III<br />

thai ell ol my miki.<br />

I <<br />

It m»H tff<br />

MS'* ••(••• ftl •»«

Woman's Club Opens<br />

Season October 14<br />

PRrVTTV PAIR/OFFS tot avsalags-a stooped top aad gracefully<br />

Band shirt with skapety. waist aeeaaHagliasr Vhlddsa. tot inv<br />

aortaM, das la the smooth fitting of tha skirt is Talons Magic Zip<br />

fist follow tto wove* eewMf g&dsIlM arastol a arofssslonal fit<br />

aad Hasan. Blousa-PrlatadWtar* KM m Misses' SIMIS II, l«, M<br />

TsTia tfcirt-Printed Pattern flat la Waist »!•»• H M, N, 21, M<br />

U Send rifty t>*M* («M(M> for Blouse PatMrn MM, Thmy-iiv.<br />

Ceaw (Me) for (Hurt Pattern IIM (sdd M cents for each peltm<br />

far flnc-clase mailing) lo Msrisn Martin, car* of Red Rank RFRI><br />

ler). Pattern DMantneni, P n Una U, Old t'h«l**e Sutum. Nr<br />

Vark II. N Y IM»«M print plainly your name, addraie with MM<br />

sias aad styla auaitor.<br />

m<br />

Sets Given<br />

State Hospital<br />

United Church Women.<br />

Schedule Study Institute<br />

LITTLE SILVER - TIM Worn- by metntora for tha aasdy. Tto<br />

M'a CUb wUI atut Ua fall ached- speaker will ba a rapraacatatlve MARLBORO - Tha Woman's<br />

ate ITjiirriT-]- afternoon. Oct. 14 of tbt Vateland Training School. Auxiliary of Marlboro State Hos-<br />

fa Esabary Methodist Church. Tto drama department wUI pital has given tto inatUuttoa alx<br />

HM proffnoi wUI to • lecture, Uka over tto Dec. I masting and aew teievisioa sets tor patients<br />

••Has it Evar Happened * Yoa?" giva a Christmas program. Mrs.<br />

by Ruth BaUou.<br />

John Hcmlab is chairman.<br />

This eveat «M pUnaad by tha At tha Jsa. U meeting, tha la-<br />

Uatratare department chairman, larnatioul relations dapartmaat<br />

Mrs. Howard D. Vi will<br />

Mrs.<br />

Mn. .__ Edwin J. Davtaa will to Theodore D. Parana ia chairman.<br />

receptionist, aad Mn. Joaaph A. The apaakar will ba Frank L.<br />

McCaaa wiU do floral arraags- Goffto. deputy executive dinenanta<br />

tor tha rafnakaMBt tabks. tor of CAKE.<br />

Mn. F. B. Sampson heads the "Tha Quaam'i Maa" from Hut-<br />

tosaitalny commutes, ssawiaa oy gars UaivaraHy wUI atag at tha<br />

Mn. UaMMi J. C — , Mn. Fab. M maattag. The music de-<br />

Use W. Cbamw. Mn. Charles partmaat hi Mr*. Man-<br />

B. Fabwa. Mrs. Joba GUmore. rioa 1. ia m charge,<br />

Mn. Robert H. Hoffman. Mn. On March I. tha program will win to<br />

Oeorg* W. Ivtai. Mrs. Charlas arnaaod by tha aria and enfts<br />

Louasbury. Mrs. E.<br />

Mn.<br />

Marto, Mra. Uwia Preatk*. Mrs. Jonas,<br />

H. W. Runyon, Mn. George aad aa lUaatratad lecture.<br />

Searoth. Mrs. H. Laaraace 8*1- "OoUa at Att Nattona," by Mrs.<br />

tort, Mrs. Thossaa •***. Mrs. Fnd Pittas.<br />

X. S. Smith. Mn. CarroB M. Tto ait of i<br />

TuaaasMil. Mn. MsntaU Vaa- ton d'oaanaa<br />

Wmkle, Jr.. Mn. WmfteM S. stratad ay Mrs. Howard E. May-<br />

Wamwright sad Mn. A. Edward ar at tto April IS plaa-<br />

Zettsn.<br />

aad by tha Amaricaa Homa Da-<br />

Tto dub taa planned aa active paitmaat Mrs. Emaat Voortoas<br />

patgaforH forhapro- is chairman.<br />

n» naw cmb Tha program at tha May II<br />

win to eeastructad oa meeting will to auppUad by the<br />

property at Church ft. and Rum- gardes department chairman,<br />

nalUL Mrs. J. Russell Klley Mn. Baajamia Vincent, Jr.<br />

• baSdtag eammtttse chairman. Tto final meeting for tto year<br />

Ttoflnt hafmrng faad taaeflt<br />

Bis faB la a supper daaca to willba Jus* S.<br />

to toM lamrday. Oct. 17, la tto<br />

Mk »•?Cm*. Mr*. Fnd- Saw and So<br />

JTiUmm k chairman. Mrs.<br />

Raton Catoaa la ctotrmaa of aClub<br />

Dints<br />

party mHsw<br />

York Cay mr..47 After laach- Saw aad So Clab of MHililniis.<br />

tan will as* ON musical. "Had Americsa HotaL The<br />

marked tto birthdays of<br />

Tto asat bulldlag had tons- members.<br />

fat wfll to a harvest supper Nov. Celebrants were Mrs. Donald<br />

1) m Embury Methodist Ctarch"<br />

Matthews. Sr.. Mn. Martm Metatt.<br />

Mrs. George H. Merrfflls Gain. Sr.. Mrs. Charles Scott<br />

chairman. Members of tto eve- aad Mn. Fred Brsaryer, Middleafag<br />

departmsat aad Junk* Womtown; Mn. Leroy Craig. Uttfc<br />

aa's Club also will participate, Silver; Mrs. McGuire, Jr., Fair<br />

•BhHtainmaat wOlha<br />

given. g Haven, aad Mrs. Harold Van-<br />

Tto first toasfit la tto aew Brunt, Rumson.<br />

sar win to a hmcbe f Also presaat wen Mn. Peter<br />

._.. ran. IS t l ta Crystal y Brook Inn. Grandinetti. Mn. Frank Saxe,<br />

Batoatowa. Mn. Hsrry Koch is Mn. dayton Held. Mn. Olga<br />

ctoirmaa. Mra. Carl MuaDar wiU Rank. Mn. Joseph Christmsn<br />

to m chares<br />

aad Mrs. Edward Miesler. all of<br />

party March II.<br />

Middtetown.<br />

theater party also<br />

for nest spring,<br />

: memton to are<br />

to present a<br />

play aa~a benefit<br />

Tto ways aad means committee<br />

win hold a rwnmag* sale<br />

Oet 23 la Union fir* nous* in<br />

Red Beak. wMh Mrs. Uaw<br />

TwaaaaaTeste wM to haM May<br />

A "eoffa* hear" parly Is set<br />

for Dec U la the home of Mn.<br />

Albert Morhart, Gooseneck Point.<br />

Oceaapart. sa a ways aad means<br />

toasfit<br />

Dspaiuneata will mast monthly<br />

a* wU also aa oil pamtlBg aad<br />

a csramlce group. Tte dab has<br />

Americas home, arts and crafts,<br />

drama, garden, Usaretare,<br />

aad watfar* dspartmenU.<br />

Tta Ntowmf due mettiags an<br />

sehedaled:<br />

Tte wetfar* dapartmant to to<br />

•ten* of tto Nov. 11 meeting,<br />

wtth Mrs. Paal Braaa as chair<br />

maa. Memton wilt exhibit tto<br />

eteihtog they have made for dls-<br />

1<br />

Tto Unftsd Charch Womaa of<br />

tto Greater Red Bank Area will<br />

hold Its fourth annual Mission<br />

Study Institute next Tuesday in<br />

the Red Bank Baptist Church.<br />

Tto theme will to "Knowing,<br />

Caring, Sharing."<br />

The study course will consiat<br />

Aaaouacemeat of mis fact wasof<br />

tto Christian Mission in<br />

saada wtaa tta auxiliary board Africa aad tto Churches Mission<br />

raet m tto hospital last week. in Towa and Country. Registra-<br />

Savaa new mamten were aption is at 10 a. m.<br />

proved by tto board. Their "New Frontiers for Women in<br />

orieatattoa course start* Oct. 14. Africa" is tto topic of the guest<br />

Tte lasignattona of Mn. R. Mn. Darren D. Ran-<br />

RuffJa Cook of Middtetown, aad<br />

Mn. Wilaam Post aad Mrs. Roy<br />

Atcsadmg were Mn. William<br />

" 1 V ^3S^ A<br />

r. tad Mrs. Randall<br />

four y^,, m Africa with the<br />

Methodist Mission Board and In<br />

H7 conducted a tour of Africa.<br />

Mn. Jaiaai MoGeater aad Mn<br />

?"*? li '. bodl °*<br />

sea; Miss Hslaa Ksrrauaa aad National Council of Churches of<br />

E. Robert Durand. „ ___ Freehold; „ „ Christ la Ita USA. and hss<br />

Mn.<br />

M. Ejabne aad Mra. mtv%A u ^ Mkm ^ ^<br />

Mrs.<br />

South Afrlcaa lastitute of Race<br />

aadqoft; Mn. Mark MeOato. Mid-<br />

M^^fta^l^aaf aflni-<br />

0v«aMwVaT V*V*<br />

doa. MMitbum' Mrs. wmiaa<br />

Rons. Fair Haven; Mra. Morton<br />

Winer. Red Bank; Mn. August<br />

Rsgaa. Bdmar, aad Mn. Ema<br />

Anabte. director of volunteer<br />

services at Marlboro.<br />

Dr. Mohair<br />

To Address<br />


John P. Mohair. Marlboro peychtarttst,<br />

win speak at a<br />

lag of the .Falnrtaw Parent-<br />

IfcfJ TMaCwMf<br />

aJgbt. Oet M. m tto eehooL His "•"* • a ~"2 ~*HP"<br />

aaMact will ba "Daataa for Da- conduct a worship service.<br />

Mn. P. A. Frtedsrich, etolrwtil<br />

ananunca plans for tte<br />

aaJf a Country Star* tour to to<br />

bald Saturday, Nov. 7. between<br />

10 a. m. and 4 p. m. in the<br />

school. Co-chairman of tte toxar.<br />

tte unit's major fund-raising<br />

event for tte year, is Mn.<br />

Leo Cell.<br />

Booth<br />

Morton chairmen include<br />

Jampole. books Mn.<br />

kittoi<br />

Meets Tonight der. Fair Havaa, wfl soa far tte Oet 11 Tartoy Bawl<br />

Nominations of officers will to Regatta, aa<br />

Tto Moamoulh Boat Chib aux- presented by Mrs. Charles Allaire, Arrangements will to<br />

isry tonight at I: IS o'clock ctoirmaa.<br />

a Halloween costume<br />


THE<br />


department<br />

International affairs; of tto<br />

960<br />

mssssge wiU to<br />

by Mn. Henry Pascal*.<br />

i, prssldsnt of tte Womens'<br />

FeUowship of tte tost<br />

church.<br />

Mn. Lao Smith, former high<br />

school teacher and worker with<br />

youth in Arlington, will speak on<br />

the history and geography of<br />

Africa.<br />

Commentaries will to given by<br />

Mrs. Donald B. Thomas, state<br />

chairman of Christian World MIsilooi;<br />

Mn. Dwight Young, president<br />

of the Red Bank Area, and<br />

Mn. Everett Place, allied student<br />

opportunity chairman.<br />

Mrs. Hubert Farr, state leadsrsttip<br />

educaUca chairman, will<br />

"Mission Books on Africa" b<br />

tte topic of Mn. Helen Straughn<br />

Conover, former Red Bank librarian.<br />

Mn. Conover.is a member<br />

of tte League of Interpreters<br />

tte American Baptist Confer-<br />

She worked with Madam<br />

Chiang Kai She*, tor classmate<br />

Today, at showrooms across America, we introduce accelerator on long trips (two very practical options)<br />

at Wellesley College, on relief for the totally new... totally wonderful Imperial. . . . the. engine has more wheel-turning power than<br />

war orphans.<br />

any other passenger car engine in the world.<br />

"None Goes His Way Alone," a It is built more carefully, tested more thoroughly,<br />

and short on Town and Country, will than any other car which has been or will be intro- When you drive our Imperial of 1960, we think<br />

prints; Mn. John Brady, doll t shown.<br />

duced this year. It require* more individual hand- you will agree it provea one satisfying point... that a<br />

Mn. Edward Leffler, A nursery will be provided.<br />

food; John Salentino, games Participating mothers an to crafting than other can. It takes longer to build ... fine car can be almost awesomely impressive, and still<br />

Mra. W. B. Santera, plants; Mrsbring<br />

their child's lunch.<br />

because the skills which build it are the kind that be a vivid, engaging personality... a good companion<br />

Gabriel P. Clericuzio, refresh-<br />

can't be hurried. It has brought automotive crafts- as well as an obedient aervant<br />

meats; Mrs. David Goodwin. ISO Attend Party<br />

manship back to America.<br />

Compare Imperial's riding quality, space and eon*<br />

sewing; Mn. Douglas H. Shedd, For Sisterhood<br />

Auxiliary Has toys; Mn. J. H. Bogosian, RUMSON — More than ISO<br />

The new instrument panel has bold, readable-<br />

fort. . . case of entry and exit, front and rear .. «<br />

Thrift Shoppe. and Mn. Walter guests attended the card party calibrations . . . logically placed controls . . . and a<br />

driving liveliness... and learn that it is, in luxurious<br />

Calendar Party Kerner, white elephant. which tto Sisterhood of the Con-<br />

James McDonald will give<br />

remarkable new Panelescent lighting which aids<br />

fact, the finest car America has yet produced.<br />

gregation Baal Israel held last<br />

MIDDLETOWN - The Ladies' thrw performances of hut magic week in tto synagogue'! recrea vision and depth perception at night by eliminating The exclusive<br />

Auxiliary of the Veterans of For- show at tto baiar, to entertain Uon halls. Mrs. Lewis GoMfsrb glare and reflection.<br />

eign Wan Post told Its calendar cnUdrea.<br />

was chairman.<br />

party recently at tto post tome<br />

Prix* winners included Mn. Naw swivel seats turn automatically aa the door is IMPERIAL OF i960<br />

oa RtJS. R IS<br />

EDCCATNN DRIVE BEGINS Tad Winner, Mn. Bernard Ap- opened. An exclusive, improved Auto-Pilot tends the rSOUOItt ACMIIVIHtHT OP CNMSltl<br />

PrOCCOQaf Win to the units' NEW YORK (AP) — The Con- pel. Mn. Bernard Post. Mrs Irv.<br />

hOtpitaftl sNatMa<br />

gregational Christian Churches ing Greenberg, Mrs, Allen Ken-<br />

Tte _ aatortalasrs do-<br />

sated their services for tte hsva a drive for TU rnu-daU, Mrs. David Shlpkin, Mn.<br />


lion doaan to stnagttoa Na high- Eugene Walters, Mrs. Sheldon<br />

event: piaao. Mn. LeoU Westener educational facilittca ton i Stern. Mn. Albert Golden. Mrs<br />

dorf; drums, "Happy" Meyers; abroad.<br />

Paul Bngar. Mrs. Philip Sha-<br />

ballet. Joanne Matawage; duet<br />

piro, Mn. Harold Komar, Mn.<br />

Pamela Somen and Mary Jane Surlna «r MlMac. Ahran too* to<br />

MAURICE SCHWARTZ & SONS • 141W. Front ST.<br />

Dasara; tap dancer, Joseph Tk> R«(l«ar ciuaiax lor «uick n-<br />

Louis Shear, Mn. Joseph Stein<br />

aad Mn. Alexander Hlrsch.<br />

Brown; guitar player. Teddy Sonv<br />

vocalists, Eileen Brennan<br />

sad Teddy Wtttaer. bagpipe playen,<br />

Bruce Me Gaffey,<br />

Richard Winiam-<br />

Miss Ellen Cook also saag. ac-|<br />

cnmiaaied by Fraacia Gett at tto<br />

Sal SanteO wss master of car-<br />

OCTOBER 4-10, 1959 IS YOUR HOMI<br />

Chairladies for tte affair were<br />

A emTdna's<br />

wuiMn. Vincent Boyle. Mn. Peter]<br />

Our firemen malt* a life's work of fighting<br />

to toM a> display ' Staakard and Joseph Task*.<br />

firas. They do their job bravely tnd wall. Bur FIRE HAZARD?<br />

actually th* IEST way to fight firas is to STOP<br />

them before they start. And that's a job that's<br />

Flues<br />

squarely up to every on* of ml Let's check<br />

aw home and buiineu properties for fir* hasards<br />

. . . tak* care with flam* in any form<br />

everywhere and all th* time I<br />



RRE...BEWARE!<br />

urn Dnt<br />

a^aMkaaAaaal'ILBBB\BW _ l^Baa'f ISM) a^kaaaaaM<br />

aajajsajgajgaam B^ajsaBBj ^" ajs^saa) • gajaj ^xa^ajBasn<br />

aT^B^kaaaa aaaa# a^aanaW SMBxtaas akdwaW aaaaal<br />

*"•* V»W *Jy | M ITVHa) •CHw •••<br />


OM'I M ft h<br />

C hi totf -<br />

-aad to<br />


AHm Electrical Shop<br />

Jt**J «-«A's Umdtmg Electric* Shop<br />

18 Wklta flt. 8H 74M12 R«d Bank<br />

Better Be Safe<br />

ttK<br />

^aaaa aaafaaa ak dMaKaalai AaatJ Sam llaaa^<br />

v War waW • KmM Wai aw IITOT<br />

ImaMaH Ifmf At aaavmmaa t^kamafa flaaHam Bamml Tj<br />

•afBBJ f fBJI M SJBJkTBaW awMBw*' Wl«W gTVM** •• w<br />

Saaasa aaaaaaagl BTBBBBB AMVA aaa^afk aaaanaai fa^^aa^ 1» 1 ^<br />

IWW wfymVi^ graVHia a^BBj wmmal Jw^aT amVmVV • Irvl<br />

•TO BaaaHaraaaa ImMaa laMHaV BaWsJ VMaTr<br />

p) ta> baat ap wMa todays<br />

1 •<br />


— iNMiioi<br />

SW» RM<br />

TIL. IM 7-INO<br />


IS PeVOiBCiiON • • •<br />


Ser I/a Todmy for Lo*>Cott Inturmnce<br />

CRQI* fie TIMMBII Ao#ncy<br />

IIALTOtS aad tNttMOffS<br />

It I. Piwaf U. TW. IN 1-ttl# la.<br />

CAU IM TOwAY<br />



IIALTOlBMNMIieil<br />

101 MAPU AVI.<br />

COB. NlwIN Pi.<br />

IN 1-14*0<br />

Don't Put It Off•<br />

••<br />



Member Federal laaaraae* Dipsslt Cerpsratlaa<br />


IF YOUR<br />

Grosilngtr ft HtHtr<br />

TIL SH 1-2100<br />


fui<br />

iii 1 oHi.mfia 1. a mn|i)r<br />

u< IIIK m r.i<br />

'Bourbon Street* h You-AU<br />

Version of 'Sunset Strip 9<br />

t4~T«Mfcr. Ott.«. 19S9 IED BASK MEdSTEM<br />



U:N- (1> Love of Ufe<br />

NEW YORK (AP)—The best in-,the ordered rooms below, and<br />

vestment a young man can make!dream in the cluttered attic<br />

is to buy a house with a big attic, j above.<br />

For he will find marriage turns j Ah. yes, that is life «> It<br />

a bride into a magpie. He is j should be. The present and past 12:<br />

likely to find are preserved separate,<br />

marraige will! But what is a home without an<br />

make a magpie ;attjc?<br />

of 'iim, too.<br />

u whtt homt<br />

or ex- " •<br />

a mpie, may out an attic ii. It la an attic<br />

want to scoopjitself. It becomes an attic everyup<br />

as sou-!wher.<br />

at their own «"C* Nawa<br />

wee* Starlliht Salut.<br />

age, but I'm anioying every.<br />

SlIS—WCM Ma Farkla.<br />

• Waa Mu.ic from Studio X thine in ray life tmnaadoualy.*<br />

WO* r.rlton Kradarirla WBCA Kay Heathcrton she says. *Tm doing what I<br />

liM—WCBI Vaults Or. Malona 111!*—WAS* Tha World of love to do most I have pratti.<br />

WNTO Neva. Ralaiiat<br />

Tomorrow<br />

Muaio<br />

Mu.ic Til Dawn tally avarything I want, al-<br />

SitS—WASC N.«. ssr Muaie from Studio X though I never wished for a<br />

SS WBC Vrad Robblna Show ..<br />

Bit Jo.<br />

great deaL I try hard to aaglaet<br />

Ri«al T. Haupm... "'<br />

liong John<br />

Haadllnaa. Muala<br />

Naw. Krporta •either ay husband aer any<br />

W%R Nawa, !«• Nmitk<br />

WOCA Nawa; F-d Hatllkr<br />

wMe (ialan Uraka<br />

ir Tkra»a»<br />

Her b Dr. Vincent<br />

Alaa Cray<br />

M N*«.<br />

t<br />

WNTO Nawa. lUlaiing<br />

Va f<br />

Mu.c<br />

Kiftaan minuta nawa;<br />

V-KK (>rir.» I<br />

aiss—w*ac N.»I<br />

WHIWClaTbun aad riMk<br />

ai«4>—WCM N.w.; fraaaiaa lad<br />

Hava<br />

WNTS) llaaitlinaa, Muala<br />

W«R N.«.: l.yla Van<br />

WtK* Nm: Bob Hayaiaa<br />

Miow<br />

ai !*—*•• Martha Kouitdtraa<br />

aioe—wa.ee Mim> ui«ck<br />

WNTO<br />

Naw.:<br />

rio.inf<br />

Frrtmaa<br />

SUM a.<br />

aaa<br />

Haiiott. Muaie ail<br />

WOa Naw.; John Wlafata<br />

WOO* Naw.: Wavna<br />

Howtll Nhnw<br />

4ise—waa u.,i;.. N.W Y«T><br />

«lSt—WMTO rt. Monmnutli Nawa<br />

wasc Nr».<br />

Maitin HI", fc<br />

Nawa: Fraamaa and<br />

j<br />

Haarllinaa:<br />

1>fiw*Jamaa<br />

Nawi: .t«hp "€1111<br />

WMA .lia> l«i Hhow<br />

NT* Nawa<br />

re it.u.in, Mu.ta<br />

ei<br />

Until Hunaat<br />

N.».<br />

svsHina<br />

SSaaatei Tumuli rrMa»<br />

wets N.«., VI> v.o,hit<br />

W«w N,».. I via Vai'<br />

Wla—That Kind Of<br />

S:J»- (1) Giva Us This Day Woman 7:1$. 10:40; The Big<br />


Operator 0:06.<br />


ajayfalr Looi Back Ia Aagtr<br />

•:•»- (4) CaathNatal<br />

2:41, 7:», t:J0.<br />

l":ll— (1) Preview.<br />

8t Maata—Sanaoa And Delilah<br />

2:40, 7:10, 0:M.<br />

file- (1) Giva Us This Day<br />

lyrle - Nortk By Northwest<br />

•:J$-(J>Newa<br />

7:00, 0:10.<br />

*.U- (3) Sunrise Saaeater<br />

(4) Conttasatai<br />

Cl Lyric Resumea<br />

7:00- (2) Newa<br />

(4) Today • Art Cinema<br />

7:1*- (7) Morning Prayer<br />

7:S0- (7) Early Bird Cartoons<br />

7: SO- (I) Preview; Call To<br />

Prayer<br />

1:00- (1) Newa<br />

(I) Encyclopaedia<br />

Britannica<br />

(7) Little Rascals<br />

1:10- (2) News<br />

I: IS— (2) Captaia Kangaroo<br />

1:10- (S) Sandy Becker<br />

(7)Btulah<br />

1:00- (2) Topper<br />

(4) Movie<br />

(7) Peraoaal Theater<br />

tcW- O) Our Miss Brooks<br />

(7) Romance of Life<br />

•tM—— News<br />

OLYMPIC dAMM . . . at<br />

1000, both wlattr aad turnaw.<br />

will keeeverwdky CIS<br />

aatieaal spent not* «ut kt keM hoM at<br />

RUBBINO SAIL INTO Squaw Valley, Calif. Tetevi*<br />

wc«JM»... Marti*!, wfct afaaalaaaa mMafMftafM ammmflltml Itamm. lal<br />

Scout* Name<br />

Coordinator<br />

•~\ OAKHURST -Paul O. Buck-<br />

Pirk Ave, FretkoM,<br />

aamrd eiptoriaa eo-oi<br />

aaior for Moaiaoulk »oulk Ceaacll<br />

Boy lewis.<br />

A graduate of the New York<br />

Slatr School of Forestry at Syracuse<br />

University, Mr. Bueklia<br />

Maar Kiar (oinrd lhr> Kuut executive staff<br />

In May. l»», as district Kout<br />

[mrruilvp nf the KrtthoM aree,<br />

a pniition he •till holds.<br />

i An I'Jglr SriMit, he was on the<br />

staff a* program director and<br />

ramp dlrrrlor of fh» ('Mitral<br />

WHTG<br />

Campa al th* 1'iirratburg<br />

Urarrvilmn lhl« aummtr,<br />

Mr Huiklln rrplarr* ,<br />

I)H anm. (lakhtiral. in lha In<br />

Cimlrmlly ltnut*d In<br />

plnirr wink Mr fVanlo U trrv<br />

Kmhntltmn • A Shrfiitluiry<br />



Inn aa iliorlit r»niillva nf Ihr<br />

•ami m Ihr tumult «nl» i"inull<br />

n 4 f 111 fm thr (utility at out urganl<br />

9<br />


NEW YORK (AP) — Last sea<br />

on Warner Brothers and the<br />

ABC network discovered they<br />

had a pretty good property la a<br />

CD-minute private eye series called<br />

"77 Sunset Strip" — a pair<br />

of good-looking, well tailored investigators<br />

with a jive talki<br />

sidekick coping with Hollywood<br />

type mayhem aad murder.<br />

So this season Warner Brothers<br />

copied their own idea. But they<br />

have changed the locale to New<br />

Orleans, buttered the dialogue<br />

with yo-all accents and produced<br />

a hush puppy<br />

This on•<br />

is<br />

Street Beat"<br />

It bowed la last alfht oa ABC<br />

aad waa neither very interesting<br />

nor very clear. I still don't know<br />

why Old Sam was killed or what<br />

Ed's dope addiction had to do<br />

with it. There was the usual<br />

ASBURY PARK-The Lyric, a climax, though: a fight.<br />

Walter Reada theater on Cook- This WM followed immediately<br />

man Ave.. will resume operation by another hour-long show, the<br />

as. an 'Art Cinema' suiting to- furiously publicized "Adventures<br />

morrow.<br />

Paradise" series, based on the<br />

As its initial offering, the Lyric<br />

South Pacific stories of James A.<br />

Michener, who should have stood<br />

Art Cinema will present the Acad- with Rodgers and Hammerstein.<br />

emy Award winning star, Sir Alec<br />

Sttreeiypee<br />

Guinness ia tha filmiiation of This romantic series about the<br />

'Tha Scapegoat." based oa the glamorous South Seas was made<br />

mystery novel by Daphne Du<br />

which treasures<br />

Maurler, author of "Rabacca."<br />

The first (how<br />

FoOowiag "Tha Scapegoat," the<br />

Lyric Art Cinema will present a<br />

renct'a masterpiece, "Lady Cbatterle/s<br />

Lover." starting Oct. 14.<br />

In the weeks ahead such specialized<br />

motion picutres as pro.«<br />

ducer Ingmar Bergman's "Wild u<br />

Strawberries'* and Brigitte Bardot's<br />

"Love is My Profession,"<br />

will be shown.<br />

Performances will be at 7 and<br />

0 p. m., Monday through Friday,<br />

and at 2. 4, C, 0 and 10 p. m.<br />

on Saturday aad Sunday.<br />


NEW YORK (AP) — Another Ilf'.j"<br />

of the serious plays of the late P 01111 musical comedy special aa CBS<br />

Oct 17.<br />

Recommended tonight: Star-<br />

Urn* Premiere, NBC, I:M-11<br />

p. m. (EDT) - "The Woadarful<br />

World of Eatertainmeat." with<br />

Rosalind Russell, Maurice Chevalier,<br />

Jack Paar, Kate Smith,<br />

Ernie Kovacs and others. "Philip<br />

Marlowe," premier, ABC, 0:30<br />

p. m. — Raymond Chandler's<br />

tough private eye character played<br />

by Philip Carey. Garry Moore<br />

Show. CBS. 10 p. m. — with<br />

Cliff Arejuette. Carol Burnett and<br />

Johnny Daamoad.<br />

MAvma<br />

ion<br />

"7W Mtmtkt Alter le.<br />

Marry THt Old Mm*<br />

You'll Bt MeeHmg Jtfe At<br />

Nih Anyway!"<br />

in Hollywood,<br />

its sterotypes.<br />

gave us the<br />

vict, the homicidal tpiaisten,<br />

restless natives beating oa drums<br />

aad occasional shots of lagoons<br />

and palms.<br />

Gardner McKay plays the hero,<br />

skipper of a tramp schooner. He<br />

is undoubtedly tail, dark and<br />

handsome, but he has the facial<br />

mobility of a Las Vegas croupier.<br />

Fortunately he ia not required to<br />

do much more than look (A)<br />

grave and (B) brave.<br />

May Pick Up<br />

Maybe things will pick up in<br />

TV after the premiere season ia<br />

over. It certainly has- been disap-<br />

""<br />

Eugene O'Neill ia being reshaped<br />

The late Paul Douglas is starred<br />

in "The Incorrigibles," on<br />

Theater Monday, Oct.<br />

.. . Longest TV show<br />

the<br />

commercial way of life, is on the""?. ^ lrl £ 1 ^<br />

agenda of Producer Joseph l*vl nbu £ HS^SLfS"!!!!f u^<br />

ine<br />

: Her Diamond Jubilee. And what<br />

The O'Neill play 'Anna rhrii • curious cast of well-wishers on<br />

y Anna t-nris- «..„ a-<br />

tie." " emerged d<br />

this Oct. U NBC Sunday Show-<br />

on Broadway two<br />

case: Harry Truman, Arthur<br />

seasons ago aa a hit musical en<br />

titled "New Girl in Town."<br />

Godfrey, the New York Philhar- EATONTOWN<br />

monic — and Elizabeth Taylor<br />

[) U • V t i N I M i A I t<br />

Red Skelton celebrates 30<br />

3 Contestants Called in TV years in show business with an<br />

hour special on CBS Friday night. —— LAST DAY'<br />

"Perry Mason " resumed Satur-<br />

"BLUE DENIM**<br />

Quiz 'Fix' Probe Today day night on CBS with the same "Here Cease the Jeto*<br />

competent and attractive basic<br />

I cast — but the show itself wasn't<br />

WASHINKTON (AP) - Three<br />

See Ceatrala<br />

up to Erie Stanley Gardner atandcontestants<br />

on the former tele- "It is our expectation, based on Obviously, they've run out<br />

vision quiz show "Twenty-One" information now in our posses-lot the old master's plots and<br />

were called today to look at asion.<br />

that our hearings will dia-jother writers just don't have hit<br />

film of the show and talk about doae that the improprieties al-lfa,,,*: The idea of the murder-<br />

charges that it WM fixed. leged ia the conduct of certain led woman suing for a divorce<br />

The House legislative oversight quiz programs extended even be-1 has been around quite a spell,<br />

subcommittee summoned' them yond what we had originally tui-f"Five Fingers," on NBC. won't<br />

for the start of iu hearings on pscted. Harris Mid. adding he shake the world, but it did have Mltraam<br />

charges that rigged quit shows expects testimony about subtle I a lovely little spy device: .<br />

"Heavea Katws,<br />

used the air 'deceitfully to exand<br />

ingenious" control tech-! radio transmitter concealed neat-<br />

Mr. AMaea"<br />

ploit for private profit the inter- niques.<br />

•Catat<br />

ly in the baje of a sewing maest<br />

of the viewing public." • _ __t<br />

chine — on which the name of the<br />

That description of the charges results of the inquiry could in- maker was obvious.<br />

was given by Chairman Oreo elude amendment of the Federal<br />

Harris (D-Ark) in a statement Communications Ci<br />

*Bob Hope will have four filths<br />

Act, under which<br />

prepared to open the bearings. Already.<br />

Harris said, "investigation and some requirements enforced,<br />

indicates that a number of conamendment<br />

of federal laws relat . . This is a bi<br />

trol techniques have been used ing to truthful advertising, or fictional heels: Phil Silvers will<br />

both.<br />

be one in "Louie tha Louse, a<br />

.. in a deliberate effort to favor<br />

some contestants.'<br />

He emphasized the subcommittee<br />

hae no intention of imposing<br />

Two of the witnesses called to-<br />


any emtorthlp on television. But<br />

day were among the first of one-<br />

NEW YORK (AP) -Saadra<br />

he ssld la Ms opening statement:<br />

time quli show coatestaats<br />

MacDonald ia gettiag her first<br />

"It Is not the subcommittee's<br />

charge fixing ef tome<br />

Broadway acting chance because<br />

nmctioa to prehidge whether ex-<br />

They are Herbert Stentpol, who<br />

she switched from stage work to<br />

isting law has been violated:<br />

won 140,800 oa "Twenty-Oat" la<br />

a Job as a hat check girt la a<br />

but If existing law has not been<br />

IM0, and Jtmet Snodgrass, who<br />

restaurant.<br />

violated, then we believe that it<br />

won HOM.<br />

it our duty to recommend to the<br />

Paddy Caayefaky. author of the<br />

•OB Cad'<br />

Congress legislation that will<br />

aew ptay "The Tenth Man." spot-<br />

Harris said a third contestant makt a repetition of any such<br />

ted Miss MacDonald there aad la-<br />

on call is Richard Jackman, a deceptive practices too risky la<br />

vitad her to becoatt aa aaatr-<br />

New Yorker likt the two others. attempt in the future."<br />

study for the preductlea.<br />

Previously Chicago-bora Saadra<br />

In addition to film dipt of the<br />

DURAM ENTERTAIN worked la 1 ~<br />

programs It is studying, tht sub-<br />

MIDDLETOWN-Daralyn Jean «<br />

committee Is armed with testi-<br />

Durar. daughter of Mr. and Mrs<br />

mony end records gathered by aGeorge<br />

H. Durar. I* Johnson<br />

New York Grand Jury y which Ter.. was a year old last week.<br />

looked into charges of rigging Guests at a party wtrt Robin<br />

quiz shows. The grand gnd Jury In- InRaliton.<br />

Jaany and Bruce Horn-<br />

dicted no one, and d iits<br />

report was mel aad Daralyn Jean's brothers<br />

kspt secret.<br />

tad titter Oeorp. 3d, Brandon<br />

The court gave the material ta tad Deeaa. Uat week-end. Mr.<br />

tht committee with stipulation IItad<br />

Mrs. Durar aatarttiaed Mrs.<br />

could not bt made public ai such, Durar's aareau, Mr.' aad<br />

but might be used as i basil far Jena Becker of the Broax<br />

etMstlonmg witnesses.<br />

Harris pledged that "W# shall<br />

endeavor to prevtri' unnecessary<br />

oipoaure and ridicule of • witness,"<br />

and said there Is no plan<br />

to call all quit show parfldpaan.<br />

Among these whe will net be<br />

called, be said, are two ef me<br />

largest meaey winners ea "Twea*<br />

ty-Oat." Charlea Vaa Dana, ea<br />

English lastnctsY, aad porteaeaaasHaat<br />

ItfrMa Vaa N*r-<br />

ducers and theNBC<br />

which carried It will ba called<br />

later.'<br />

•Taj THE REDIANK<br />



12 Mentht .<br />

111.00 I<br />

9 Mentht ..<br />

11.00 1<br />

LmwHawamwaa<br />

amwawBawaawVmwBnmwaawBaBi ||<br />

* Monthi ...<br />

1.00 1<br />

Peel liiHnit |>nitiiam It for<br />

Hl>h. a< In«il aifr<br />

Leu then ) met. atr month .1,10<br />

Jinelt Copy<br />

.09<br />

EFFECTIVE SE»TEMIEft 1, l«l*<br />

1<br />

1<br />


Seek to<br />

Bid Fix Charge<br />

NEWARK (AP) — Prv* contractor*<br />

accuMd of fUing Md«<br />

for Passsie Valley Sewerag*<br />

fiwhd.. oootractr will seek<br />

Feted at Shower<br />

HAZLET — Miss Angela Msdteill<br />

was hostess at a baby<br />

shower at her home on Bethany<br />

Rd.. for Mrs. Ralph W. Roaasa<br />

to dismiss the Indictments<br />

of Matawan.<br />

Attending were Mrs. Daniel S.<br />

Weigand and Mrs. Donald W.<br />

All five entered innocent pleas Peseiut, Little SUver; Mrs. Clyde<br />

yesterday before Superior Court V. Ronson, Mrs. Russell Ott aad<br />

Judge Alexander P. Waugh. Mrs. John Masello, Morganville;<br />

Waugh gave their attorney! five Mrs. William Stevenson. Holmdel:<br />

week! to make motion! on the in- Mn. Robert Smith, Wickatunk;<br />

dictment.<br />

Min Lorraine SUIfaiUs. Fre-<br />

The dehadanU were released neau; Mrs. Ten Eyck Roam,<br />

la custody of their attorneys. No Matawan. and Mrs. Peter C<br />

bail was act.<br />

Weigand, Jr., Keyport<br />

William A. Wacbaofdd, former Mrs. Howard Porter, Mrs. Uon<br />

nM Court Justice, rep- Wallace. Mrs. Frank A. Cerratl,<br />

? l ^ f t f<br />

Mn. Carman Iadoraaa, Mrs. Al-<br />

aad epoke for the group. He aald rt Cmd, Mr*. Maleotm W.<br />

be Intended to dispute the legality Peseta. Mrs. Joseph PlecstaUi,<br />

of the indictments.<br />

Mrs. Erne* E. PIIIM aad DAMCaW AND COMPOMH AT WOM—Jeaiw<br />

Wachaafeld did not name the sses Maria PiscttsM. Bo Smith, director of The new Acadomy of Dane* Arts which<br />

specific ground! on which he marie Creed and Dorothy Plscl-<br />

wtabea to quash the indictment... telll.HaiM.<br />

opened this month In Mlddlotown, looks over score of •<br />

now chiloWs ballot with the eompotor, Douglas Irodt.<br />


Referendum Advertising<br />

Will Cost State $10,000<br />

Vance Art*<br />

Academy<br />

h Opened<br />

MIDDLfcTOwN —<br />

Foraoft - Smith<br />

opening of her new<br />

Dance Art* oaUoaardvMe Bd.<br />

IHO EtfJmJ offaW % pfOffStt to<br />

noavprofustoail stadaat<br />

Dance appreciation,<br />

choreography aad repertory<br />

dales are among the courses<br />

KTWWI by Mr*. Foraoff-Smith<br />

to 8UppK8lfif)t FC{Unir CWMfMfll<br />

work of technical traiaiag.<br />

Special applied dance eounas win<br />

be offered, aa wifl dance material<br />

for daaciag teachers.<br />

Mr*. Fomoffla<br />

colleges.<br />

oa the West<br />

way stadia<br />

ballet aid<br />

th* Man School of<br />

lot. at the Swobeda . Yarleva<br />

School of Ballet la New York<br />

City, and aha received i<br />

ace drama iastructiea<br />

pnstanre Hardinge, dance red?<br />

ilist<br />

Mrs. Fornoff-Smith<br />

er modem dance training with<br />

osier Fitzsimmona at the Uni-<br />


IN<br />

CASUAL<br />

CLOTHES *<br />

erslry of North Carolina,<br />

TRENTON (AP) — Secretary state ofifdals twice a year In- er tap instructions from Ernest<br />

of State Edward J. Patten today itead of only once because of the arlos. Prior to moving to Mid-<br />

estimated it will cost New Jersey "very rapid turnover" In the letown, she was a member of<br />

more than $10,000 to advertise two various departments of state te teaching staff at the Ernest<br />

statewide referendum questions government.<br />

arlos Studios in New'York City.<br />

on the Nov. 3 general election Patten again complained about Mrs. Fornoff-Smith<br />

ballot.<br />

the heavy volume of correspon- slicing at SuUins College where<br />

The questions will itk it the dence with people seeking Infor- er first major choreography was<br />

voters approve a S86.800.O0O colmation for which his office col- srformed. As a choreographer<br />

lege construction bond issue and lects no fee. He estimated the cost he has done "The Beggar's<br />

use of New Jersey Turnpike sur- answering 100.000 letters in<br />

pluses to solve transportation thla category at more than $25,000.<br />



"FOR MEN AND<br />


L \ WHAT THEY WEAR" $<br />

BERMU<strong>DAS</strong><br />







SUCKS • TIES<br />

BELTS • HOSE<br />


10 TO* P.M.<br />


:HC<br />

g^LOSEtj<br />

problems. Most of the letters come from<br />

Patten made the estimate In attorneys and title companies<br />

his 190041 budget requert which Patten said.<br />

was discussed at a public hear- The State Athletic Commission<br />

ing. He said the cost of advertis- in Patten'a office requested an<br />

ing the public questions, not antl appropriation of $37,533 next<br />

dpated In his current appropria- year compared to its current<br />

tion, shows the difficulty of budget of $36,517.<br />

drafting a budget for election expenses.<br />

CaDactsFM*<br />

Patten's office said the Legis- The commission said it now<br />

lature required him to advertise supervises 13 licensed boxing and<br />

the college construction and turn- wrestling clubs in New Jersey.<br />

pike-transit questions in each of t noted that last year it collected<br />

the 21 counties, but not the state- more in fees than it spent.<br />

wide referendum on legalizing The new Division of the Aging<br />

boardwalk games. The cost of requested an increase of 70 per<br />

sdvertiiing county-wide refer- cent in its budget-from $100,000<br />

enda on Sunday sales will be to $170,000.<br />

paid by the counties.<br />

But the secretary of state said<br />

Most of the Increase would go<br />

his office should be able to get<br />

to finance its research and infor-<br />

along with $27,199 for election<br />

mation projects, Including a new<br />

expenses in the year starting next<br />

IS-minute weekly y radio pg program<br />

July 1. despite the hesvier than at cost of f $5,200. $ It said the h<br />

usual costs of the 1990 presiden- program would reach an estitial<br />

election.<br />

mated 230,009 people.<br />

Stole budget officials also con-<br />

I*<br />

ducted hearings on the 190941<br />

Patten's office li now operating<br />

quests of two interstato commla*<br />

on a $194,247 budget His request<br />

•ions.<br />

for $210,091 next year said, "TMs<br />

The Palisades Interstate Park<br />

office must have more pi<br />

now operating on a<br />

employes .. .We cannot perform 1497,919 budget wants $099,311<br />

the services expected with the for next year. About 2.000 acrei<br />

staff as constituted at present." of the park lies in New Jersey. It<br />

The secretary of state said the a 12-mile atrip along the Hudson<br />

work of filing an expected 80,000 River.<br />

corporation reporte represents a<br />

900 per cent increase from the<br />

current year.<br />

Its request included $74,000 ft*<br />

He said it might become neceacontract<br />

plans on three propoaad<br />

"ONI COAT • HJ MOM*)<br />

SUPER BLEND - Made<br />

^^^^aV flaaaaaaT ^^^^^^ Ojaaa^^^^^gl a^H<br />

WHI 1W^ pVf IBBSVN w*h<br />

•AL<br />



shift tks spood fjd adjust tho<br />

hm*U9hu*m€im+mUi*mia*nk9l<br />

aMaaM* evekoaiS4M*toita*k<br />

immS *»•««••» sa—ssms<br />

UUMH— asad Trim" ta-Osil as nappy to get stanilMU with<br />

the SCHICK V9WED—or lake a took, yaarsHf Mw KHICK<br />

H the ft**M gift yea tan give la* aw la yow Ufa.<br />




!• • tea. 'HI 4<br />

* AttUNV PARK w NIW IMRIWMttlir w tOftMNTOWN w<br />


line, a $250,000 historic park neat<br />

Fort Lee, and a $100,000 recreation<br />

area near Fort Lee.<br />

The Interstate Sanitation Com<br />

mission, at the request of New<br />

York, New Jersey and Connect!<br />

cut asked for the same budget<br />

it is now operating on—1157,500.<br />

New Jersey's 45 per cent share<br />

would come to $49,509.<br />

The commission said nine prelects<br />

aimed at curbing pollution<br />

in the tidal waters of the metropolitan<br />

New York area are now<br />

In progress at a cost of<br />

than 44 million dollars.<br />

Dollinger Takes<br />

Basic Training<br />

DENVER. Colo. - Alrmaa<br />

Richard O. DoUmger. son of Mr.<br />

Md Mrs. George F. Doumatr of<br />

II Park Ave., Keansburg. has arid<br />

at Lowry Air Fore* Baa*,<br />

rrom Lacklaad Air Force Baa*.<br />

Saa Antonio, Tex., to attend the<br />

hnkal training course for<br />

Armament Systems Maintenance.<br />

Alnaae •Mere! O.<br />

Alrmaa DoUlnger It a<br />

graduate of Red tank Catholic<br />

ligh school.<br />

He enlisted la the Air Pore* la<br />

July through th* Red Beak Air<br />

Force ncmiliag office aad elleaded<br />

phase one of Ms basic<br />

military training at Lackland, th*<br />

"O«t*w*y *» th* Air Vnrrr<br />

Under thi> Air fnrcc'i basic<br />

irsinini program, Airman Dollln-<br />

Itrr will tmilprit') pits** Iwn nl<br />

ill tmlnlnu «! limiv AM<br />

• IriMK wild hu HIM trutiH • •Iml<br />

After •rviii Wfi'ki, hr will<br />

K'mlunlcil liniti IIH«II liulmiii<br />

I innfinuf' wilh ht» rln|n»-if<br />


PoraofMarth also has m flw ale* tea** la flat MM<br />

r* background in music, department of th* ttervensljr of<br />

a graduate of the Jviffiard North Carolina, and waffle flam<br />

•Hew Zisteai Zoabe" m done of Music, and has given was a aoMat with dw *atf*f»<br />

piano recitals hi North Jersey. SUV's symphony.<br />


SH1-6300<br />

FUEL OIL for homes ohd busin*ss«f<br />

COAL for homos ond firoptacos<br />



584 RIVER ROAD<br />


Jt Pays To Advortiso In Iho Rogistor<br />


AS A FACT!<br />








Here's Ike i<br />



OVR 1000 COLORS TO<br />

-ECONOMY PAINTSattarVBlBlffjBSl<br />

Hal aVV fMflaUnrfeaV fj g^dfe ^^J<br />

•fflBlllWI l%Af Wfffffwl leTT^"*<br />

1«MT aWAMBl t-Hfai.<br />

^^saWS^IV^V V*W B^WH w>HIMl •.••••••••••••..oSo^V Ypfkav*<br />

II WBK OMtTI<br />

Himft'.SJ9JPt*J"l4 W. MMf J<br />

OLDEN<br />

OttfN PAUfT<br />

•JOT<br />



O Uvlttown<br />

W5M<br />

BUY<br />

NOW<br />

and SAVE<br />

AND<br />

WALL<br />

TILE<br />

unit SPECIALS<br />


amteTHl<br />

9fJIIfna| ^B^BsjBaassjaj pv^f Jj"<br />

OP THI CUTTwt.<br />

TaW<br />



Wallpaper<br />

M HOCKI<br />

AU SOLD AT<br />


0»»0><br />

¥KM Iflf PATTRNS<br />

SUPsl iANITAS<br />

PAINT<br />



REDTC?K > ~<br />

Ofm Dejiy t A.M. . 4 Ml. We*L ft Pti tM f.<br />

T«l. SH 70441<br />

—OTHU STOMS—<br />

• C«r»dwT» • HlfhtenoJ f*k • Aibtjry




At Lopez Refuse* to Concede<br />

Series; Dodgers Outhit<br />

LOS ANGEL**—Item* of iporU Interest picked up at<br />

th* World S*rU* scan*, touched up with • whiff of BUI<br />

VMCK** free red roses and California'! sunshin* . . . Th*<br />

trad* rumon always crop up In a Series—natch. Frank<br />

LaM'a oa handr-and you can look for awn* dandie* ... TO*<br />

Indiana, Incidentally, itill are trying to get Pedro Ramon<br />

from th* Senator* and would like Gene Stephen* from the<br />

Red Sox ... A Chicago auto dealer mi going to give away<br />

a new car for each home run hit in the Series, but the commiaeioner<br />

nixed that... Someone—and they believe it wai<br />

Nellie Fox—hunt; a Queen o( Spades over th* locker of<br />

Norm Larter to th* elubhouae ... L**er once was Whit*<br />

Box property and b* aad Foxl* used to play cards together<br />

Walter Alston came up with the b«*t thought of «ll<br />

attar that first Kara* when he said. "W» worked out plans<br />

to atop their meed, but nobody told us about their power"<br />

Sherman Lollar proved to be th* early Seriea goat with<br />

his ooor efforts againtt stolen baaea and hi* horn* •Tun"<br />

whentbe Box had a rally going in the second gam* ... Irs<br />

been figured that each of the winning Series players gtts<br />

•bout *5,O0O of their Series swag from the TV setup.<br />

• • •<br />

BILL VEECK turned the tables on the Braves' prexy<br />

this year . . . Bill lost out on hi* ticket request for th*<br />

Brave* 1 Staley Victim<br />

Of Dodgers'<br />

Winning Hits<br />

By Ik<br />

LOS ANGELES-Gtrry Staley<br />

to the No. 1 relief pitcher of the ,i,.w«.«.<br />

Chicago Whtt* Sox. yet twice In<br />

games last year, *o he cut out Lou Perini this year<br />

... Pat O'Brien, looking grayer than ever, and Joe B. Brown,<br />

looking thinner, kept Series fans in Chicago excited from<br />

their lower bos seats.<br />

A CAHAMAN writer, eajoylag tk* at*t*nvtlo prtet ee-<br />

•ort to Comltkey Part. draw a Ms stag a whssi k* astjs-<br />

«W*w! feaaclati that. Why, w* iUa't •*•• fcav* that s*r<br />

BJsaaeta wheel sh* vMtad •»!••<br />

AL LOPEZ was viewing th* CollMum bee* for th* first<br />

tim* to th* 8*rles . .. AJ was telling about his •arly play,<br />

tag days and particularly about a single he hit against th*<br />

Giants which beat ifcOraw's club . . , "Old John McGraw<br />

waa so mad," Al said, "that he kept hli players in th* dub*<br />

house for four hours after the game, raising th* dickens" ...<br />

White Sox pitchers had to work harder man Dodger pitchers<br />

in th* first set In Chicago... White Sox thrown* served<br />

up 272 pitch**, the Dodger heavers only 256 ... Nat (King)<br />

Cole, who substituted for Tony Martin as th* sugar of th*<br />

National Anthem a th* second gam*, certainly falUd to gain<br />

any crowning glory aa Old Glory waa raised , . . He even<br />

mad* up som* new lyric*.<br />

• • •<br />

ALL0N3 waa<br />

WUt*S*xac*<br />

TBBS," a* MM. «XSMV tad saa t* mar tkssa as* 14*. If<br />

they toMn»toeosaa***ai*k*rts>IWMM. Toas*a,Iaav«<br />

Me* legs, bat M awe b* wwrlat afewt MOM «f my ball<br />

players!"<br />

• • •<br />

RBCORD WINNING ahar* for • player up to now waa<br />

•11,1*7 which want to th* Oiaat playera in IBM, th* year<br />

of th* sweep over th* Indiana...Frank Daacoli, th* umpire,<br />

almost stts In th* catcher's Up a* ha works th* game behind<br />

th* plat*... Casey Stengel almost earn* to blow* with son*<br />

guy in th* prase roam during an "intantew"... Lute Aparieio'a<br />

mom cam* In for th* Series from Venezuela.<br />

nl « ht w Monmouth BC<br />

Elects Wood<br />

Commodore<br />

Robert M. Wood wss re-elect<br />

cd commodore of Monmouth Boat<br />

Club at the annual meeting last hitting team, but we r* out-hit<br />

*• dubhoute.<br />

succession IN hu ytetaM hlu<br />

that coat tht fm World Series<br />

COUSnlM FACKIP —A World S*ri*t n*cord attendance crowd wi> tat Sunday in<br />

the Lot Angeles Memorial Coliseum, than yesterday it was broken and another now<br />

record yant into th* books. TK* photo thow» how th* Coliseum looked with fam<br />

p«ck*d in for tha fourth gam*.<br />

Hodges' Homer Gives Dodgers<br />

5-4 Win and 3-1 Series Lead<br />

LOS ANGELES (AP)—The Los<br />

Angeles Dodgers can tuck away<br />

Major League baseball's World<br />

Championship today and make<br />

the Chicago White Sox' 40-year<br />

wait for a World' Serie* hardly<br />

teem worth it.<br />

After taking g a 31 edge in the<br />

best-of-seven f series i when h Gil<br />

Hodges' tie-breaking home<br />

b h Whi S<br />

Gil<br />

By Tha<br />

LOS ANGELES-Manager Al<br />

Lopez still refused to concede<br />

the ISM World Series to the Dodgers,<br />

and he had a few Oattatlcs<br />

to support his hopes for the<br />

White Sox.<br />

"You still have to take four<br />

out of seven in this thing, don't<br />

you?" h* asked.<br />

'We're supposed to be a weak<br />

ting them. We Just haven't got<br />

mote hits at the right time."<br />

With Lea Angeles now holding<br />

a 3-t lead in th* aeries, the count<br />

for four games gives Chicago 41<br />

Sunday It was Carl FuriUo's<br />

hits to 11 for the Dodgers.<br />

through the middk that<br />

Poinliag up th* lack of timely<br />

two runs aad gave the<br />

hitting, the So* have left 31 men<br />

gsme to the Los Angeles Dod-<br />

itranded on the bates, to 34 for<br />

gers, J-l.<br />

Los Angeles.<br />

Yesterday it waa Gil Hodges'<br />

In the two games played here,<br />

eighth inning home run that won<br />

Chicago has had 32 men on base,<br />

for Lot Angeles, M.<br />

but the Sox have scored only<br />

FuriUo aad Hodges are Dodger<br />

five runt, and it took a homer<br />

veterans and they faced Staley<br />

by catcher Sherm Lollar la score<br />

many time* when he pitched for<br />

three of them yesterday.<br />

the St Louis Cardinals.<br />

Walt Alston's Dodgers were<br />

Each said after the games they<br />

quietly confident of winning to-<br />

knew what to expect from Gerry<br />

day and closing out the aeriet.<br />

—tinkert and slider*. And each<br />

Alston named southpaw Sandy<br />

ctme through with the big hit.<br />

Koufax of lS-ttrikeout fame to<br />

It wouldn't be fair to second<br />

oppose Chicago's Bob Shaw, the<br />

guess Manager Al Lope for<br />

second game loser.<br />

using Staley against men who<br />

How about Shaw, whom the<br />

knew him so well, because on the<br />

Dodgert beat in the second game<br />

record Staley is the best he hss.<br />

of the series, as compared to<br />

Counting the regular teaton and<br />

the series, it was Gerry's 70th Robert M. Wosd Early Wynn, who won the first<br />

and wat chased in yesterday's<br />

game. But the results, from the Others elected included Robert i*ffair?<br />

Sox viewpoint, have been disas- Cabeen. vice commodore; Mor- "He's not as smart U Wynn."<br />

trous.ris<br />

P. Sherwood, first rear com- noted Dodger third baseman Jim<br />

ever on the West Coast. Yester-<br />

Yesterday's game looked like modore; Charles Raynor, second Gilliam. who woefully admitted<br />

day's attendance topped that by<br />

but the rear commodore, and Borden L. he's in son need of baa* hits<br />

256, establishing the record at Highlands Teams ISSttS Sf; violent<br />

92,550.<br />

Hance. third rear commodore.<br />

himself. (He's got only two thus<br />

swing before it was over.<br />

The players' share of yester-<br />

Roy y Knapp was elected fleet,'-^ ^ ^<br />

day's gate was $2S1,26».18. boost- lo Be Honored With two out in the third, and<br />

ing the total pool, based on the<br />

Early Wynn on the mound for<br />

eiKhth jnning btoft tato<br />

HIGHLANDS — The first an-<br />

first four games only, to a record<br />

th* sox. Walry Moon. Norm Lar Reginald Wolcott waschosen<br />

|fieM „„,„ yesterday's yesterdays game, M.<br />

nual father-son banquet, honor-<br />

$892,365.04. The winning club<br />

ker. Gil Hodges. Don Demeter, financial secretary: A. J. HHague.i,nd i voung'pitcher 'ith L Larry Sh Sherry.<br />

ing youngsters of all Highlands<br />

g g run would have to hold its split to 33<br />

and John Roseboro hit succes- 3rd. recording secretary; Robert|Whose , ..... re|ief ... artistry doomed th*<br />

baseball teams during the past<br />

beat the White Sox, J-4, yeiter<br />

players, however, to beat the<br />

sive singles which mixed in with 1- Kirkland. treasurer, and Har Sox three games in succession<br />

season, will be held Oct. 20. Team<br />

day, the Dodgers now can end<br />

winning-share record of $11,a<br />

passed ball, a bad throw from vey Schenck, assistant tecre-hoped for a windup victory to-<br />

and individual awards will<br />

it aU by winning today's fifth<br />

147.90.<br />

outfield to third base by Jim Itary. day.<br />

made at the dinner, the site to be' dis, and an error by the! William L. Bennett was elect-, • | hope whoever pitches today<br />

game. They're favored at 11-10 The Dodgers, World Champs announced shortly.<br />

usually flawless Luis Aparicio ed a new trustee for a term of goes nine innings and we finish<br />

to do just that.<br />

only once—and that at Brooklyn<br />

And it's 5-1 the Sox don't win in 1955—blew a 4-0 lead yester- Over 100 ball players will be In permitted th* Dodgers to score live years. Other trustees are it here." Sherry said, adding that<br />

it ever.<br />

day. Sherm LoUar's three-run attendance, comprising teams four big rum. Turk town ended'John H. White. 3d; Stewart Cook, he might be available for at least<br />

The White Sox, leaving run- homer capped a tying seventh from the town's Minor League, the inning by getting Maury Wills Neil Clifton and George Worth- an inning if needed.<br />

nert on bate, picked right-hander against Craig, who also was the Highlands Lions Little Leato ground out. ''ley,<br />

Jr.<br />

The Sox were moody but still<br />

Bob Shaw tor the "must" game, troubled by homers when he lost guers and the Pony League entry. Th* Dodger margin held up Members of the Bpard of Gov- defiant fit<br />

He was the loser in the second the opener at Chicago, 11-0 Besides the presentation of safely until the seventh when ernort are William G. Heron. "Hell yet," Lopez said. "W«<br />

game, 4-3, at Chicago's Comis- Hodges then sent his eight- awards, the program that evenagain<br />

two were out when the LeRoy Tatum. Herman B. Ves-ican still win. Sometimes that<br />

Gil Hodges Hit Numerous Homers,<br />

damage wat done. Earl Tor-tel, Arthur Swift and Charles last one is the toughest to get."<br />

The Dodgers gave the ball to screen in left center off losing and a special film on baseball<br />

geton, pinch hitting for Billy Tindall.<br />

"Naw, we're not Riving up."<br />

southpaw Sandy Koufax, some-;reliever Gerry Staley. It was;The banquet starts at 7 p. m.<br />

Pierce, grounded out but Landis<br />

chimed in Lollar. "But we're<br />

But Yesterday's Tops Them All times mes wild, ild, but strikeoutsue. strikeout-sure. It the 70th appearance pp of the set| | j ^ got a single to left. Aparicio Mc-:4n, btlt*d th*<br />

h*m* run that won • 14 third W*rle) Strict |«m* for<br />

tht D*4g*'l y*it*td«y. Shutm Lolltr, fifhl, contributed<br />

on* with )w« man «bo«rd that ti*d th* icer* *t 4 all.<br />

Than Hodqat found Inpptr o**iihadow*d LolUf i blew,<br />

BIG<br />



MOSTttWimMHEtTTPMara!<br />

You fatao much moral two H—-ting Oti burnt hot bteautt tta^tredaM,<br />

• Automtls Dallvartw • "WateMot" Oil Burner BmtM Mmm* tit*<br />

clock • Budget Payment Plan - with<br />

Lift Insurance feature* - that apreada<br />

your billa over 10 montha • Complete<br />

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Unit* with tht axelualva futl-iavlng<br />

"Economy Clutch."<br />

CALL AT 1-0051<br />


or your local rrltablr Komt Dittrihutor<br />

€MO<br />


Splits and<br />

Bond Electric is setting the pace In the Red Bank<br />

Recreation Commerical league with a five and one record.<br />

Tommy Bond was the man who abort circuited<br />

Red Bank Electric laat week to put his team on top.<br />

Tommy rolled a 947 to help Bond Electric to aecond<br />

piece in the team game and aeries races with S83 and<br />

2,488. McQueen's Floor Covering floored Stephen J.<br />

Gross. Inc. in all three and Atlantic Hotel drained<br />

the gaa from the F ft D Sunoco team. All this leaves<br />

Atlantic Hotel, Kleenize Rug Cleaners. Sheridan Bar.<br />

and R-Way Home Maintenance in e four>way tie for<br />

aecond with four and two records.<br />

Uncroft Esao sports the high series. 3.4M. while<br />

Red Bank Electric is the only team to top the 900 class,<br />

by two pins. Robert Finn's S73 and Bob Tyburcy'a 231<br />

are the individual highs. This league la starting alow but<br />

watch It There will be some big scores.<br />

There la a new father and son loop In operation «t<br />

4he Air Lanes. This was started by Bill Bauer and<br />

Charles Mason and is restricted to Boy Scouts and their<br />

fathers. In the first outing, the youngsters showed their<br />

dads how this game of bowling works. Dick Ronan<br />

came up with a 206, Dennis Turner a 203 and Jim<br />

Crawford a 208. Here are three youngsters who will<br />

be heard of in the bowling news.<br />

Another youngster who Is on his way Is Jos Acerra<br />

of Red Bank. Joe has only beeen rolling for three years<br />

and sported a 155 average last season. Last week he<br />

knocked over the pins to the tune of 226. 233 and 250,<br />

for 718. Joe comes by his bowling prowess naturally.<br />

His pop is Lou Acerra. who. was one of the beat bowlers<br />

ever to roll In Monmouth County. Keep It up, Joe.<br />

The women are more and more evident in the<br />

bowling headlines these days. This is due to the<br />

that more and more, women are bowling each season.<br />

Last season there were Just a few short of 2,500 sanctioned<br />

women in Monmouth County. This milepost<br />

should be passed in 1959-60.<br />

One loop that has done much to bring about this<br />

total is the Firemen's Ladies' Auxiliary. This league only<br />

started a few years ago and numbered about 10 teams.<br />

This season there are 28 teams, divided into two divisions<br />

of 14 each.<br />

The A division is a real tight affair. Five teams are<br />

knotted in that top slot The Ocean Grove Eagles.<br />

Belmar Hook U Ladder 2. Neptune City 1 and 2, and<br />

the Ocean Grove Stokes-all have nine and three records.<br />

Wanamassa 3 has only won one of the 12 games<br />

rolled.<br />

In B it is Bradley Beach 2. Wanamaaaa 4 and Deal<br />

2. all with eight and four. Then cornea a four-way tie<br />

for fourth between Wanamassa 2, Hamilton 2 and 4<br />

and Liberty. Here the bottom team has won three<br />

games and is but five off the pace. The B division seems<br />

to be more evenly balanced than the A division. These<br />

ladies promise to provide some fast action. Watch<br />

them.<br />

Now is the time for all captains, league officers,<br />

alley proprietors and bowlers to give some thoughts to<br />

their own integrity. Now is a good time for all of us to<br />

examine our own record of broken promises. Have we<br />

ever broken a promise, intentionally? That Is the question.<br />

If we have there are some people who will never<br />

take our word under any circumstances. This is espec<br />

tally true in bowling.<br />

We have all heard of, in fact even rolled in leagues<br />

where some bowlers fail to show up near the end of the<br />

season because their team is no longer in contention, or<br />

Is mired in last place. This is a broken promise. Then Inr.<br />

there are those bowlers who have told a captain that Michael<br />

they would roll with his team and at the last minute "•*••backed<br />

out leaving that team short a bowler. This Is a<br />

broken promise. There are league officers who fail to<br />

perform their duties. This io a broken promise. There<br />

are proprietors who fail to have the alleys ready for a<br />

team to start bowling on time. This to a broken promise<br />

Bowling Is the greatest participant sport In the<br />

world, yet It la no different from any other sport, or }__<br />

any business, in that a broken promise can and does tat,<br />

Vickiaa<br />

1 I<br />

*<br />

cause someone to lose money. And, at times, can even<br />

cause heartache. There are many bowlers who take<br />

their sport seriously and try all In their power to win<br />

every game. These are the ones who are the backbone Mvaralila<br />

ef bowling. These are the onea who never miss a league<br />

session. These are the onea who are respected by their<br />

fellow bowlers. These are the onea with Integrity. Are<br />

you one?<br />

A new league Is In operation at the Riverside<br />

Lanes. This Is the had Bank Women's loop and this<br />

first year Its destiny is being guided by Molly West<br />

with Doris Lufburrow aa the vice president Anno<br />

Albrecht ia the gal who takes care of the fact* and<br />

figures. The treasurer la Anne DeMorJlan, end Dot Me<br />

Cue the sergeant at arms.<br />

After four weeks, Prawn A Cooper, with an eight<br />

and four record. Io the leading team. Harold's Radio as<br />

Electric, Robert A, Braun and Monmouth Street Chev*<br />

ran are tied for aecond place with oeven and five.<br />

oreoj v^tg SBSM^t^gv ssBvgvs^'^B'ss* e^tattB* vwaamaitj Bsaj a ss B ataars vw veo^g* t^Bv^t^gVB^Srvtj ve Ww^f e^s<br />

half fame over Team a and one over Teem 7. In the<br />

basement la Mil Oarment, with the reverse ef the lead<br />

dig team. Hart we flnd • fottrgame ifMtad over the<br />

eight teams. A real race.<br />

Herald's Radio A Electric is the only team to roll<br />

better than 6M, a 731. Harold's also has the top aeriea<br />

of Ijm. Riverside Lanes Io the only other team to<br />

roach this high, with 1.900 on the nose. Dot McCue Is<br />

tho gal to beat In the high game and series battleo and<br />

her scores are 222 and 496, Carol Bruno la second In<br />

both caUgoriet willi IS7 and 400.<br />

AveragewiM, Carol Bruno is the big gal. Carol is<br />

knocking them over at a IM clip for 12 games whllr<br />

Dot McCua haa two pint lr». p«i gamr for a do/un<br />

gamea. Judy Schlafnn* i» cm (h third rung o( tht« larMnjv<br />

with a I4fi *<br />

°"- 8 -?i*r k -<br />

loses; Betting<br />

Up 24.2%<br />

FREEHOLD (AP)-Shum Ds<br />

Dell, a JS-1 shot, la the last fea<br />

turn nee winner of the season<br />

at Freehold raceway.<br />

With owner AI Manti holding<br />

REP 1AMC BCWW Tea-f, Hat, eVMlMT4<br />

Coaches Today Are Better<br />

Than Ever: Why Fire 'em<br />

By CaL Eari K (Red) Blaik<br />

Fewer Feetheli Coach aad Athletic<br />

Director, IWtad Sutea<br />

Military Academy<br />

Firing the college football<br />

the horse won the coach li tcarcely more uncom- coach little time to develop htnv<br />

mile-long feature pace yesterday mon than blowing up the ball, self as a personality. Than an<br />

He paid $53.00, $17.00 The unprecedented controversy,{not enough hours in the year lor<br />

therefore, that followed the dis- him to teach football the way he<br />

finished second, missal of Terry Brennan by would like to. Mora<br />

paying $4.40 and $2.80. Dash for Notre Dame after lait season<br />

Cash paid $5.« to show. waa surprising.<br />

Carmine Abbatiello of Freehold The battle still rages. There<br />

Bob Farrington of Kenton, are two schools of thought, each<br />

a tie for winequally<br />

positive, as to whether<br />

of the seat)<br />

Joe Kuharich, Brennan't succes-<br />

263 points. Ab-<br />

•or, will win more games in the<br />

from behind on<br />

nest five years than Terry won<br />

in the last five. In that debate<br />

the last day with a first and<br />

aecoads to tie Farrington.<br />

of 4,J» wagered<br />

The M-day meet drew an at-<br />

HAMY QUITS—Frod Hanay, riehr, confirms In Let Anoolos the news

.Oet«,19M BEDBAHKMGPTI*<br />


S<br />

safes<br />

taatahm<br />

(HIM*<br />

M-Hthnv<br />

bttor<br />

U>4<br />

•tttlea<br />

•-Bur.<br />

1-Unlt of<br />

LttrUa<br />

turrtncr<br />

STh« Tatinf<br />

t-Spanlah for<br />

1»-Aliow<br />

tZ-OmJuneUoi<br />

14-UMO<br />

mon<br />

tl-Woodm pln»<br />

17-P»«. of book<br />

M-hWhr<br />

MhW<br />

::rt*<br />

S7Hll S7Haw*aa<br />

SS-SUmulate*<br />

wrwtfca<br />

M-B«c<br />


Nsedlecrsft Dept..<br />

P.O. Box Ml, Old Chelsea States,<br />

New York 11. N. Y. Print<br />

plaisly PATTERN NUMBER,<br />

iiajisi AMMVM ••«<br />

Newi New! Our MM<br />

Laara Wheeler Needtecraft Book<br />

• ready NOW! Crammed with<br />

to crochet, knit, tew, emir,<br />

sjsUt, weave — fsshions.<br />

fwsltbugs. toys, gifts.<br />

kits. In the book PREE<br />

— I asiit patten*. Hurry, toad<br />

Bl ceatt for your copy.<br />

Tfce veiled Tseng* of the Sa<br />

a*nD**Mt sever bethe. sayt the<br />

Otographio Society.<br />

1 saad keeps their bod-<br />

V-y- i : i r oio'.' '.".< i<br />

^ M:JH!» :: f ."!<br />

,1.1(1 "Mil<br />

41-Mlx<br />

4!-RuM>er el<br />

pancll<br />

44-Prtllx: dowB<br />

4«-Klnr of<br />

Bubin<br />

41-Frulut<br />

tl-Wlnttr<br />

pnetpitatlm<br />

& * 4<br />

M-TeuUml*<br />

dtily<br />

(n.tinek l«ttar<br />

42Broth»r of<br />

Odin<br />

I4-Earth<br />

Sheinwold's<br />


UJ. Masters Tea<br />

"Please settle • bridge argument,"<br />

writes as embattled husband.<br />

"My wife says I'm crazy, THI HANDS<br />

and i say that she's too critical.<br />

We've both agreed to accept your<br />

decision."<br />

NortMmn valasmbb<br />

'West opened the four of<br />

spades," continues the letter,<br />

"and East played the queen. I<br />

refused the first trick, using the<br />

hold-up play that you have'often<br />

praised in your column. 4tKJ94 m tr t A t<br />

"But diabolically chitted to the<br />

f<br />

I ,,<br />

K 7 3<br />

4* Qfl><br />

4> A«3<br />

jack of hearts instead of leading X Jo 4> IOCS 4 5 d»943 2<br />

another spade. Now I was help- *<br />

less. I had to lose three hearts, « A * 5 3<br />

one diamond, and one spade. f AQ5<br />

"My wife complained that I<br />

mild have made the contract _ _ Is??<br />

by winning the first trick and •sa* TJn Pass West Net* 3NT la. AO Pttt<br />

going after diamonds. The opponents<br />

would take three spade*<br />

and one diamond, but I would<br />

win the rest ~* t___,i ....<br />

I said that I couldn't be sure •» **"* «*•*<br />

that West held only four spade*<br />

to begin with. I also pouted out<br />

than risk a<br />

that I could be beaten only by a<br />

heart shift and a losing heart<br />

lour<br />

Just s four<br />

•Vta. teU us who i. Wfg*fXSfc3&<br />

Caady I* Dsady - in which case he wouldn't lead<br />

Far be it from me to call a the four,<br />

reader crazy, but I would go so manv niiccnraa<br />

far as to ssy that he is burdened DAILY QUESTION<br />

with too much courage. Even in Partner opens with one dia-<br />

a bridge argument, candy is a mood, and tht next player pasadandy<br />

peace offering; or perhaps **• You hold: Spades — K J 9<br />

flowVrsmsy work fetter" ^4 Heart _ K 74 3 Wajnond.<br />

Join in th* Fun<br />

The trouble with refusing the - 8 5, Clubs - 10 < 5. Whst do<br />

Rural Advisory first spade trick is that it gains you ssy?<br />

nothing. South is going to settle Answer: Bid on* heart With<br />

65» Council Elects for Just nine tricks even if he re- four cards In each major respond<br />

(uses the first trick and U hicky In hearts. Thit givet your partenough<br />

to have spades continued, ner the chance to raise hearts or<br />

Dwight Babbitt He will knock out me ac* of bid spade* (if h* has four card*<br />

diamonds and will tike the ace of either major suit).<br />

TRENTON - Dwight M. Babbitt<br />

of Remington, vice presi- provides for a permanent coun- For Baby Doll<br />

dent of the Hunterdon County Nacil and outlines in some detail its<br />

tional Bank, was elected chair- Heidi of responsibility.<br />

of the Rural Advisory The history of the Rural Ad-<br />

Council at its organization meet visory Committee MI reviewed Printed Pattern<br />

Ing ia Trenton Friday. briefly at yesterday's meeting by<br />

Well known in New Jersey ag- Francis A. Rmymsley of AUoway,<br />

9099 DOLL<br />

ricultural circles. Babbitt served who had served as chairman, and<br />


a* county agricultural agent in Vinton N. Thompson of Vtocen-<br />

Huaterdon County from 1934 totown,<br />

former executive director.<br />

March, 1«9.<br />

Much of the committee's efforts<br />

Ia another action, the council were directed to problems of ru-<br />

named Samuel Garrison of Elral planning and zoning. Detailed<br />

mer at Its executive secretary pilot planning studies of five New<br />

Garrison, mi recently appointed Jersey townships were completed,<br />

agricultural economist for the and findings are being used by a<br />

council by the State Board number of rural communities in<br />

Agriculture.<br />

making plans for their future<br />

The llmetnbtr council, which growth. A study of all local soning<br />

1* to study economic and social ordinances in New Jersey, to de-<br />

problems of rural New Jersey, termine their effect on farm op-<br />

was established at s unit of the erations and land use in rural<br />

State Department of Agriculture •teas. Is under way.<br />

by a recently enacted state law. The committee has also worked<br />

The forerunner of the council. on problems of water supply, ss<br />

the Rnrsi Advisory Cornn Committee, it sffscte agriculture, aad tax-<br />

wit ltd by Governor Robation ss it concern the farmer.<br />

ert B. Msyasr ia" MM. The Com- The new council will coatmue<br />

mittee worked informally for work in these and other areas<br />

thres<br />

made<br />

staff. The law passed this year<br />

Whip up thla gay apron to greet<br />

Chrlsfits guests. Fun to make<br />

- til win admire it<br />

Happy teach (or • Joyous day.<br />

Santa's Jolly f*c* and tinkling<br />

bells trim the apra. Patten<br />

Mfc Seats bead transfer »H»U<br />

tech**: I holly sprays, direction*.<br />

tf^ufl •MM! i^aSMtfw^lsftBB • MWI^rjlW °*^M* a*a^ead*i \ODU1J fnettm^\<br />

tar mlt patten — add S cents<br />

Sir each patten for first-class<br />

•O»IUM«»O|NT-<br />

' as waste work paired a* hs **-t<br />

MJtefsr wsrM tsar*<br />

Delight a child oa Christmas<br />

with this wardrobe for her baby<br />

doll. Tncmdet dress, bonnet coat<br />

booties, saowsult, pUytuit kimono,<br />

baatiag. slip, saequ*. "sleeper,"<br />

diaper. Tomorrow's pattern:<br />

Women's dress.<br />

Prlated Patten MM: For dolls<br />

M, tt. 14, M, M, JO went,<br />

State *is*.<br />

Printed direction* oa each pattern<br />

part Easier, accurate.<br />

rtHfc* easts (coins)<br />

(Ma patten — add M cento<br />

patten for flnUclatt<br />

Bead to Mtrian Mirtin,<br />


Patters Dept.. m West Isth St.,<br />

Near York 11. N. Y. Prlat plainly<br />



STEVE ROftt<br />








llNMMi MVlaW<br />

tail Mia fcabk. tab. _<br />

akjauaam awakw, TV, aalia It<br />

aM tttrat. A-laaM»la»rprlaa __ _<br />

gntknljla TrtNtt Oatin. Palmar Ara.<br />

•tat Itttataaia. ar KB f-MM.<br />



-Su-a.'^^" 4 *<br />


"MM^STM,<br />

iirrgfiriN<br />

OTVV VT/fill MaBFfBBBBj<br />

®tt&<br />

WB<br />

, SOBER SBRVlCBMArf t*rlj Ta<br />

11M»<br />

1<br />

"' ""' *" **"* a<br />

daman raaalft sir •r MM IMHUIM *«M aM<br />

caamag SU> *i Baar aanrtaa.<br />

ftM l». M. Day l«fara<br />

i I<br />

akMtai<br />

* CO.<br />



" | lor your lean to<br />

i may ave la mis<br />

- nma-Kvmg<br />

, n — knaaen<br />

— fat cakar - full attic - two-<br />

— oaa aaa at tend-<br />

"priced at JT£<br />

RT. 55 MIDDLETOWN, N. J<br />

m t OSboroe 1-0600<br />

arts ntMant, uioMr, sssrujr*.~jsm<br />

MUr, astkatlaa.<br />

Eveniagi: K£ 6-2283-R<br />

ataadMf. SaM AataJl StiiWAl gfMijy^i'ii<br />

aneaorasM M Mat*. Mary fiaa aam-<br />

Dairy !•• *<br />

•MM M attar ami.MMk HMM Mr<br />

Call<br />

14010 or<br />

OS 1-0515<br />

«M aa Oct. 4. SMS. Batorad di<br />

at Jaaaak and Ckariotta (M*<br />

ku) Ham. tM ila«ar at JinM aae<br />

JaaaaMaa Hana. rmiii Wcdaaaday<br />

cil,<br />

to support the king range<br />

program that has been presented<br />

rVRNIBKSJP JtOOM CO ess, .^r- ^'tts/SKr by the Harbor Commission end<br />

to do all else in our power to<br />

teftroocoa. SH i- eni. "^<br />

Natlca at aakt<br />

further the benefits to he de- **•*""<br />

TO - LAKOB taralakad naaii »u._<br />

UM Mr mill. Utkt nauaakaipiaf<br />

•Mind. 6a im Ikw. naa rattdaatlal<br />

aaHkbarhoad. S HMlV<br />

Lady<br />

ar aaMHain. Rattraaen. Ml Mawnaa<br />

Vrlafa llaad. Rad] Baak. Haar<br />

Parkwar.<br />

lOOat AMD BOARD la afrrau haaaa.<br />

-flea raaMMUal awMa. Omrmlani<br />



MlDDUnoWM<br />

ItM-room ltBM4e-baek IBIH. Utraa<br />

aaa aM. l^t batka. at«uA*d saraca.<br />

of I O-Point GOP Platform<br />

p p d e<br />

tu resldeaual real a»-<br />

Ute and provide emptoymaat. It<br />

is our proposal to encourage proper<br />

light industry to establish to<br />

Atlantic Highlands in such areas<br />

of the community as zoning regulations<br />

permit.<br />

9. Atlantic Highlands hss provided,<br />

through tu RecreattOJi<br />

Committee, aa ever improving<br />

summer program and schedule of<br />

1. We will work closely vrlth)^"**<br />

"«'' Political affilia-<br />

M. I win tall al f<br />

bthalt of tlw Saaeoaat rwanea<br />

Ca. at It Broad Straat. Bad lul. N. J.<br />

aaa aao ISM BuJck ulck Coavartlala. Coavartlkla. Strlal atrlal No. N<br />

TO MSBMS Mr d»la»K la a Condk CondkkMi<br />

al l aalia Coatract t awda d by b Klau Klu H«an- H«an<br />

Ma. Said car mty ao aaan u Hub<br />

Moun. -m WotMbrMi*<br />

lam rut, K. J.<br />

j. M. RHODES.<br />

Oct. •<br />

NOTICE or BALM<br />

On Friday. Octabar If. ISM at StM<br />

A. M. I will tall at aublte auctloa<br />

on bahalf of tka **acoaat ftaaaot Oa.<br />

IS BroU SI.. Raf Baak. M. J.<br />

f Fard. tour-door Victoria Stria!<br />

CSAS 11MM lor dafault lo a O<br />

IMaal BaMt coatraet mad* by cor<br />

Mllua Himiin SaM aar may ba ttai<br />

at Hub Mown. Of Wbodbrldfa A) — Ex<br />

$62 Per Month pert tractor plowmen ot M nations<br />

are getting ready for the<br />

annual world plowiaf coatest II<br />

takes place Thursday aad Friday.<br />

Object of the plowmen It to aaa<br />

which can tun the strslghtest.<br />

truest furrow.<br />

Laying smart furrows side by<br />

side with mathematical precision,<br />

so that a whole Held takes on<br />

so one of the aims.<br />

Contestants already here »rt[<br />

polishing their equipment until it<br />

gleams like kettles ia a proud<br />

housewife's kitchen.<br />

There will be competitors from<br />

i l Nh<br />

NetherbUMk, Australia. Belgium.<br />

New Zealand. Deamark. Norway.<br />

Sweden, Italy aad Caschoslovskis.<br />

Ths usual i<br />

ptoa«bsa. la aKmiaatioB<br />

their awa osuntries<br />

aad a amlaer.<br />

•wep<br />

1 " activities for our children.<br />

the Plaaaiag Board for the deWe<br />

recognize that a good conv<br />

velepmeat aad fulfUlmeot of muaity recreational outlet Is es-<br />

plan which, through the asential<br />

for the well being of citi-<br />

iceV the Urban Redevelopzens ot all ages. We. therefor,<br />

i Program aad the co*opera-pledge<br />

pg that we will work ork closely<br />

ItJoa of the property owners of with<br />

with<br />

the<br />

the<br />

Recreation<br />

Recreation<br />

Committee<br />

C i t t t<br />

to<br />

our business district, will revitaliw'First<br />

Ave. and iu environs.<br />

At the same time, we will oppose<br />

the giving ef valuable puMk properties<br />

to private individuals.<br />

Hartaar<br />

I. The Highlands Muni-<br />

MaMktpal<br />

• Atlantic I<br />

at »:oojrived from the harbor by every<br />

*"" lie m the borough.<br />

3. The excellence of your yacht<br />

arbor operation has, in a<br />

measure, been responsible for the<br />

A«t. nw>'|splendid growth in valuable<br />

homes in Atlantic Highlands. Our<br />

haa<br />

•» Tflincratsed. Aa a<br />

grows, ita protective<br />

be developed to meet mat<br />

h. During the past year,<br />

Police. Department waa<br />

S% HISmSMaa k bring about the recreational facilities<br />

our community requires, including<br />

a swimming pool for the<br />

people of Atlantic Highlands as<br />

opposed to a bathing beach which<br />

has not proved practical. .<br />

10. Not only will we do those<br />

things to which we have pledged<br />

lourselves In the foregoing hems,<br />

but we also pledge that we will<br />

do everything within our power<br />

toward the improvement of tnry<br />

phase of municipal operation and<br />

community life. Some of those<br />

improvements can and will be<br />

brought about quickly. Others<br />

will have to be the result or<br />

careful planning and projection<br />

over several years.<br />

Regardless of the amount of<br />

time-involved, we are dedicated<br />

to the one principle that we will<br />

do everything possible to bring<br />

about an ever greater Atlantic<br />

Highlands, governed and managed<br />

for the best interests of all<br />

its citizens. ,<br />

We further pledge that we will<br />

be ready and willing at an times<br />

to receive constructive suggestion*,<br />

and programs from any<br />

citizen or group of citizens, reions,<br />

which will Mad to the ultimate<br />

achievement of our aad<br />

your desires for fa aver forward<br />

Didn't Miss<br />

School Once<br />

SEA BRIGHT—The<br />

1 who had 1<br />

aWaBB* aVaSBdl<br />

IforSap-<br />

u a step inward that<br />

A study of the recby<br />

Mrs. Helen Y. Sawyer, prav<br />

of tns dapartmeat she ipal.<br />

that farther slianglhaalng They are:<br />

*•• - a*^ gA\ 1 ^ AhSki^tv A-~~ aa*t Pre-first, first aad<br />

aaaora K M aam 10 n grades — Veronica Carsoa, Melamia<br />

Stoat. Robert Ed-<br />

I WBavoBBar^F aaT^pa^aa^ai aa^^ar^n'^oi ^<br />

We pledge te do oar utai<br />

la provide the people of Adeatfc<br />

• i_ava^ — .a— aaaXotk agfa* ka>ad> aSktBlaUkaSk<br />

Wendy Schedt,<br />

protection p ppossible.<br />

We wiU simRita<br />

Lovgrea, Michael Zicua.<br />

ilarly work with Fire De- Alice Covert. Blanche Stafford.<br />

partment, p , the First Squad. Christian Axelson and James<br />

q ,<br />

and the h Civilian Defense Council Cil Cousins.<br />

toward the same goal their Third, and fourth grades—<br />

particular areas of community Csrol Dodds. Richard Lee, Sene<br />

Rsfe, Kerry Smith. Reginald<br />

Tynes, Kathleen Hnmmell, J'z,a<br />

4. The RepubUcaa Council of Mayer. Michele Schadt, Michael<br />

UK studied the matter f Smith and Jennifer Stafford.<br />

perty evaluations and<br />

Fifth and sixth grsdes-Frank<br />

vinced that a complete re-evahi- Coasillio, George Larson. Fred<br />

tidy, rich-black appearance, is al-lation of all properties la the Border. . Weldon Hennessey.<br />

' ' community was necessary. y They George Stafford. Bonnie Brad*<br />

y<br />

engsged d impartial i t i l firm fi off<br />

ahaw, Bonnie Kronshak. Georeaglneers<br />

to survey the h entire [gette Schadt, Linda Kretschmeier.<br />

municipality and to come 1 "ifandy Rate, Bertha Youag, Tmv<br />

fair and reasonable evi thy Lake. Gary Wood, Wlttlam<br />

There will be competitors from 1 each . property . . in the borough. Cousins. Robert rteeha, Aaa A«tl-<br />

France, Austria, England, North- The report of the engineers was<br />

aoa. Oiariotte Haywood. Patrlda<br />

era Irelaad, West Germany. The submitted early In 1H». an op-<br />

Laytoa. Judy Iliassa. Merry Larportunity<br />

waa afforded every<br />

aoa aad Paaltot Wefch.<br />

property owner to discuss Ms<br />

particular evaluation with the Eric George Krauae.<br />

of two engtoeerlag firm, and the report Barbara Faaltaa* Robarta Reaav<br />

was subsequently accepted uaaa- aoa. Mary Loa Kucaoto, Patrida<br />

imeusly by the present Council. Caimeato. April Torkk. Steven<br />

We recognize that a Tax AsAdams,<br />

Lysa Beta, Patricia Lavelected<br />

by the people, is graa. Jaao Mckell. Madrae Wllan*<br />

and *Jame Haaaaa.<br />

•urat TKiStlSb<br />

BUM aa H. It haa montf aarlng aund<br />

ard iraaaniafloa and aftait a*Tk>a<br />

aamr Mamaf. OrlT* it today.<br />


BlKCt lattery daawra.<br />

Chrnltr, I<br />

atotilh. h luMrnaUaul Tru Truck*. 141 Wen<br />

»Ton« S St.. R«l Rl Bank. Bk Tht<br />

*Mt UM r«U front. IH T-anf.<br />

Wyatli rut? — root-datw aadaa.<br />

dta kat aawar MMtlaa aowar<br />

S tat kaatar. aawar MMtlaa. aowar<br />

trai««iaa!oV aat IkaaSiat.<br />

Plam* rad.<br />

IS;<br />

ikwaatr kardiea.<br />

VOv BJffatJBla\ B^*J*a)f<br />

" Black<br />

mi PLYMOUTH WAtlOal WAjOXMt<br />

lullr x u t i •aod aaaMlaa. baat<br />

atf.r. «H j<br />

jau POHTIAC cmatlan Hat liar<br />

draaulle,<br />

draaM. r<br />

radk). baaMt. tw*<br />

' tranapttttHaa.<br />

Urra. iiiHkUb<br />

lMf CADILLAC.<br />

radla aad haatar, SIM. aaT-MM •alar furnMMd. Loeatad US I<br />

PI.. — Bwatkly. Call an tl<br />



aaanmant an flrat floor. Thraa rooms<br />

daalar, flva^day<br />

and bath. Adulu onlr. CaU SH 1-T4M. a<br />

«k. AaalT. Ui aataan M. BchwarU a<br />

na. iu WM* Vraat au, Ra4 | WINDOW SHADES ATTRACTIVE ono or taja-toum turn'<br />

lahad aaartm«nt. VUlUaa. Cooranltn<br />

CUT TO MEASURE location. SH 1«M.<br />

FREE<br />

ADULTS — Pour-nem apartmaat. Al!<br />

tftS.<br />

' aa day.<br />


utlinm. Ma.<br />

CO *KM.<br />

nounnc<br />

PROWN'S<br />

47 Broad St. SH 1-7SN<br />

awancaa. aVai V^HldSBddlat—m.<br />

Can OB II<br />

TVPSWMTana. ADMMQ amaiaaa<br />

Rxanrrsmao Myaaa<br />

AU awkaa, aaw or aaad. Ouarauaad.<br />

arkMUal-OMlL fjr •<br />

Baay larva. "Bt» aai wkara tbay Ba<br />

O*ad aay- WM S4NL<br />

aa*.<br />

_ _ Touwo OWL WAjrnsP. fcaikaa. lar<br />

aaaraieaiiATi<br />



•MM arjjm.^ m.K* pST<br />

BSI AUSTIN, tan rtaf. MaMar Mttr-<br />


l»l<br />

SH 7-am<br />

THREB ROOMS — Uaturalabad. R«al<br />

daatlaL irtllKIM. (araaa. Adulta. Na<br />

; Law tt MS. SarpMo'a. Ml Vta- au. ARar «. U S-14M.<br />

THREE-ROOM luralt<br />

«, all ucillcua. alreondltteti<br />

I taata. til* balk. Immadlau<br />


two BOOMS ruRNttHBD. with kit-<br />


" batlaiaa aacilaa. SH 1<br />

St.. Rad Baak.<br />

* A1BURY PARK<br />

THREB ROOMS—Niealy turniahad, a«ma<br />

balk aad antranca. titumaa In-<br />

PRS4M<br />

cludad . MS. Couple. H»r- ft w i<br />


wn. ortSH<br />

Tian.<br />

and '.- iMty<br />

THREE ROOMS and balk, all utlllttra.<br />

MM. SII ltu: fiaaawuca st Ma par mama. IS Oakland St.. Rad<br />

Rank.<br />

ANTl«cn Si<br />

•WO-ROOM n'RNISHED aaanmaM.<br />

«•• ki«k.<br />

Sar kutmaaa ceuata, adaBt taly. Mo<br />

h Ut flMwWtMK}*<br />

I4SM<br />

« . t 4TfA.<br />

Mayar,sr«r aad^WV.<br />

THRBB ROOMt and third RUMBON RANCH —<br />

ntarat aad tiafa-<br />

mouth.<br />

lri5aT"Sa SsTt Bar vr/v<br />

. waB-lo-ll t<br />

n<br />

a<br />

Pi<br />

STsuTiaB: THRBEROOMS van.<br />

UBisoH-LOAllI"<br />

—<br />

MMtmuT<br />

_ tta. haal foralakM.<br />

(Ml SI ,'lUd '<br />

maMitar<br />

Bk» PB __<br />

* Jyaw alaall-ian ar BU 1-Mlf.<br />

MM. Wall<br />

LOVELY POOR ROOMS^ckMO to hl|h-<br />

**l<br />

•tayla aaft.<br />

aaeil. Matt to n><br />

^7^^T^Sst ISt sS<br />

\ZT\<br />

&<br />

arassr<br />

ft Thlt kouaa can b* your anaatr to tnnation.<br />

It'a un,lfrprlc*rt lo Mart with,<br />

and la In an araa that la Jncraaatnt; In<br />

Ivalua. Included In thla aicaptlonal buy<br />

ara two larft brdrooma. front acra«n«4<br />

baaament. window twnlnif.<br />

Ion dorm aaak and tcrvni.<br />

and leany athtr aitrat too numaroua<br />

la mafttloa. Oraraliad Uadacaptd lot<br />

ImiaadlaU aotaaaalca.<br />

$8,990 Full Price<br />

NON-VETS mi DOWN<br />

tTradllna Canaldtrodl<br />

Monmouth County Office<br />


'Panaaallaad Bamoo'<br />

OSborne 1-10OO<br />

Rt. •<br />

MISfMawa. N. t.<br />

Daily M<br />

n>t<br />

lEAirnrix RANCH — unm room.<br />

dlnlae araa. kllchan. tana bedroomi.<br />

ona bath. ", acra tl landMartd<br />

travad. BcrMncad perch, ant-car garaia.<br />

|31(IMm<br />

Th« Dowitra A«j«ney<br />

n a. rwit si.<br />

SH irtat<br />

. wall caratf. . .<br />

Pin* aaaaiad dan. V*^B* *> ^B4^Bi •^aav^v^vaa^a^BFBj w^av anaavapw' ^anav I<br />

ScU Record<br />

UNO Frank<br />

_lrtlr.TOit_tii|gL<br />

Va^ai ^g^_Apu_HU. aa^^daaVdaaMki S)dB BMaaSkf ^ai<br />

ffW VafgaBfTsvaxagHn; H^kBBBBBfjBBjBrw. eavafM W<br />

aiJrara f!rw " m mn "<br />

an list*.<br />



raici Mon<br />

... ON Tkh C«r<br />

$10 Ptr Day<br />

. . . UalHIaM<br />

fTARTJ.NOfR.CE<br />

1UOAV » r**l( b<br />

•144S<br />

111 I 1 WAY, epp 4»h A»e. L0N6 IRANCH<br />

I imS^SSmmm^^SStmm^CS^* taa^aSasanM^t^HaTatV<br />

taaat BBBII^^BI. TSSff^^a—S^^^^^ awaTar*<br />

..RMtt FIN<br />

'ttoa Bank.<br />

Smt<br />

ir.<br />

Mo) altar. SH TS<br />

la"<br />

0it aaak, ay *a#<br />

SHC*WI*ASSW* "<br />

'' 1 M<br />

It<br />

ion B'nia Ura*1<br />

••(<br />

PitRJflTinM<br />

MH a» MI m<br />

BATIINtllWH<br />

ttiri.a<br />

POVR^ROOM rVRNMUD aaaniMM.<br />

aaapai. aa ptia, Mamaaiatt oe.<br />

jTif. rt MaaS A»a., AIMMM Mim-<br />

auk.<br />

NMB aHrtMtal.<br />

. Adulta. M a Pranl<br />

iMIudad<br />

MroourrowN<br />

OWNBH UAVmo tar<br />

roam ranch. MM<br />

aalia bar, twi<br />

, t'alnaa.<br />

ROMA OOUftp.<br />

twa far tka fM /<br />

MM.<br />

TWa la IB)<br />

•» yaar,<br />

la addM<br />

record thnt Ike evaluation! m<br />

by tka angina arlag firm wn<br />

1 |0 tf9ls9CMwBalllM tlW MH<br />

t of aU propsi UM M tki a<br />

lag fiscal year. We pledge <<br />

seives, aa your af<br />

tatives, to coopera<br />

aay exist ara allmlaatod,<br />

I. Akmg with tka<br />

gnwtlio? Atlantic<br />

Uttre la aa ever i_ _<br />

mead oa tka munieipality'i iaa>|<br />

Dentist Has<br />

New Office<br />

EATOHTOWN-Or. Aatboay M.<br />

Vinaae. a eatsost, has anaouaced<br />

tat retocatjMi of his office to IS<br />

Mala St.<br />

Hit office had beta af IM<br />

road St.<br />

Dr. Vlllane was appealed re-<br />

J *• * J { f c *<br />

BMtaeer of the dental staff of<br />

la a member ef the Aawr-<br />

Dental AasocUtieo. Men-<br />

Couaty chapter, la which<br />

Ml tM MaffnbVflMp BM<br />

uS tS<br />

l OR liltmTRNMMBp. Imir<br />

| auja)<br />

B?!!kfkg-mak<br />

SRBBPJWaaj BaBanBaaaaraj<br />

taMattMal<br />

fsn<br />

atU a-BBPROOM -<br />

ajk. Tw* atikt. BlHIMM ajtltk.<br />

. Bit, fry lataiml. l__ Batrtl. _<br />

blM AKB''iATNT~ P MM dajwn. Attamt S><br />

n adld aiarlstst. 14 I M<br />

nil hi-iH «mw MONMOITH Nawly daaara<br />

Wknaaabla. , Ikm aKnow raaah, Ml baatmant.<br />

laaraaa. flnMiaa. "alHunll raraai<br />

|Es, »araa»a aacck, ahmlawa aternu<br />

y*"* Mraaat HaSf (Mrta Kaatilaliy<br />

an fc*<br />

ltaIV !•( Ill*<br />

'.mt I im I ha Mln di ar «t oilabarwM<br />

7, The future of our rttntmumiv<br />

lh l af<br />

I Iu 11.» IM A III! M in lh« laranmm, af fca<br />

as w*ll as nf our stale and n«, MlM •< Ilia 1 ••HIII lh>«aa w Vtaaa<br />

IMM, depends hfsvllv tm thr fdu- N I Ni> 1 twtaitiMi avIHarMMs ana<br />

••I.I l'..n» 1 aaa' Mii'ioti Uwta la a*'<br />

rtlkMwl irp|ioiliinltlit tvalUblr tu •tiHH| anil |<br />

A , , I , .,.I<br />

HVMtMr v.hrlhrl It It |<br />

Thai . »tta> I<br />

naHitiad ait htva h«>«<br />

hy individual*, m<br />

III Hill*<br />

I<br />

Ihalr aqkvitlaai. lor .in<br />

whlili will trail tu llit laauiami *.,.<br />

till af a «at>l«lr A>1tai"«<br />

Hi it

Calls Art Caravan<br />

Dream Come True<br />

LITTLE SILVER — "A drum •ha first year of Ma .<br />

•OOM t«W If what Mn. Dougli \t Youth's Friends Association,<br />

MocNsfl. chairman of the pro tetea and Clark. lac.. New York<br />

ana c—tmlttae of Girl Scout* o :ity aad tha GM Seouta of tha<br />

US*. cuBed tha art caravan to<br />

•Taddrea yesterday «**»°'< Coates aad Clark aad Youth's<br />

•ml atari of t new •coot leader -riesd> Assocation each eontrixited<br />

flMN to the venture to<br />

HM eafavu ribbon cutting took .tlmulate interest in creative<br />

•Wee «t "Welcome." home |»- lrts. both aa a means of personal<br />

Mr. aad Mn. Johan J. Smit, •xpression and as aa Integral<br />

Mat Rd.. and *" attended by part ol the acout program.<br />

IttmmiHllrii of three age<br />

group of Girt Scouts and leaders Latest techniques and practical<br />

A OW Scout ftttuetto was pre- ilds for acout leaden will be<br />

eeated ta tha Smltt by Mn, Mac- taught by a three-member caravan<br />

staff; Mn. Atta SchroU. diwaswrector,<br />

and Misses Ruth Ward<br />

aad Itsu Sunkl, assistants.<br />

^«»SSJcu« The staff opens the program<br />

Hake the ambitious project pottoday<br />

at tha Fair Haven Youth<br />

Center far a tour-day tnaag<br />

course.<br />

Also- present yesterday wen<br />

The memento «u accepted by Mrs. WUUam R. Blair. Jr.. Pair<br />

Sd LTltyu. Utt» «•*'• * Haven, president of the Northern<br />

ve of the organita-<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Salt<br />

Monmouth Council; Mn. John<br />

Kennedy. Pair Haven, tnaag<br />

s.<br />

laeiriiw were r> Conadl; Mjaa EUabeth Armtog-<br />

for the couple to tOO* RtUDMBt CMCVttvt Mti&Bt<br />

Tbaavaela«7«qalppodbtaoa«a.<br />

•anwaaoalabelagaponaoradfor Mrs. Unas H. PoUtt. laterken.<br />

presidsat Shore ConaeU;<br />

UNUSUAL CRASH Mrs. Eugene Brrtckm. Free-<br />

SEASIDE HEIGHTS. N. J. hold, prestdsnt Monmouth Court<br />

(AP) — A 20th Century House: Mrs. Edward W. Haiaes.<br />

crashed into a Uth Century •UP Toms River, president Ocean<br />

but the accident went undtseov- Couaty Council: Mia Heat Matand<br />

tor yean.<br />

New York City, ooaadl<br />

SUa divan came upon . the adviser aad regional arts can*<br />

wreckage while McnUa* *e vaa en onMaatnc; Mn. Harry It<br />

ocean floor about five auci off Brada, BrieOe. msabar of Re-<br />

the coast _ two; aad Glri I<br />

Cradled among no corroded sher<br />

, ttebsn of a sunken torn- Troop<br />

j. Fair<br />

•nerds! vassal of tha Mas was<br />

JTioop la.<br />

tha wrackaga of a small aircraft Jlllli<br />

of the type used for tralamg at Senior Troop 1U.<br />

ABVMTUU IN AIT—Top picture. Harold L Ryan, representative far Yajetfc't<br />

me beginning of World War IL irtOacaang me osreao<br />

The plane had apparently MacNell tape recordad<br />

Friends Association, prepares to cut the ribbon yesterday officially starting a throe,<br />

enshed almost 91 years ago la<br />

year tour for the CIrl Scouts of the U.S.A. art caravan—a specially equipped station<br />

emeny the same place when h Mr. Salt and hoped that thopro<br />

wagon. Looking on are. left to right, Mrs. AH* Schroll, caravan director; Mtse Ruth<br />

the ocean swallowed the eld ship gram "would live up to his high<br />

a the lata Nth Century.<br />

Ward, caravan aisistant; Miss pliiabeth Armingron, osecuHve director of the North,<br />

lODaM nWd MsMlf*"<br />

Mrs. Ryan aerved aa era Monmouth Council, Girl Scouts, and Mhs Itta Suxaki, caravan assistant, lot.<br />

SdantMa agree that there at a tea faOewas the reception. torn picture, Mrs. Douglas MacNail, Princeton, chairman of tho progrem committM<br />

no life en planet Mercury. Oa aaWbat were tea acout pafaa><br />

m wMck ware eskwtted a the<br />

of 6iri ScouH of MSA., presents scout statuette to Mr. Ryan CM behalf of the throe<br />

at Colorado Spriaga ds- ego groups of scouts: Loft to right, Susan Kennedy, It, Fair Heven, Intormodiete<br />

ntT<br />

pktag "Home Froatten." Troop 14; Suian Sharp, 9, Shrewsbury, Irownio Troop 217, Ma) Susaa Jaffa, II,<br />

Shrewsbury, Senior Troop 116.<br />


erchants<br />

On P<br />

Nowhere Else But Here<br />

boovty «onsultant croatei end hand-Mendi<br />

ynor on* and only ihade of meda-ta-ofder<br />

face powder ... So new and for you clone,<br />

an round hash MM, SI, er illver and gold<br />

fqpere MM, ft.71. loth refutable. All<br />

srr.isnAc.irs COSMETICS<br />

Suttt rUtor and Aibny I'tik<br />

I H I1AVIN<br />

Democrats Slate<br />

Dollars' Drive<br />

BULK HKA1 UNOSET first of two hearlags on _._.<br />


aa Ava^ wal antva i Frt- Gaud<br />

Dr. and Mn. Anthony Da VMe,<br />

pwnt Am. ant Dr. Da VMo's<br />

!>0lieaCaafMaivaL. Leek'was<br />

Mrs. AHrat Do VTto of MaoTaoa.<br />

at Doppatra HofbraaJuiia ta At-<br />

•Me HlgaJaa. tor daaar teat<br />

MOB.<br />

at Kay WeaU Fa.<br />

Mr. aad Mn. Rayaond 1<br />

Mr. and Mn, EAawtfCnuoy aadl . _<br />

Mr. and Mn. John Data attended •* *•*'<br />

the recent ftroaen'a canveatkn<br />

a Auntie City. They atayed<br />

the Carrfte Motel.<br />

Mr. aad Mn. George I Presbyterian Church at I<br />

and fnaUy. Pine St. i<br />

Iday in the church hall. p Also<br />

ployed at the I<br />

Mr. Leek retired April 1 after<br />

irving » yean in pottos won.<br />

He was « yean oM April SI.<br />

He served aa aparMuae potto*<br />

man a aawstown a ISM. At<br />

tbettmethatowBaiphadnoraB-<br />

> Mfe<br />

aid.<br />



PAYM1NT. JAN.<br />

> 20 YRS. TO PAY<br />

ION"<br />

SAVE<br />

ONI<br />

Y«« mm tmm mj<br />

Nor*<br />


DAY<br />


• -.-..— . > i"^^^^w^nnNaaanjaBaaaaanaBaaBMn«MaaaBaan««aaaMaanaaaaaaaaj|<br />

She. dairy t:J0 to 1:10 - Rod leak (tore npon Friday, 'til t - Asbury Fark sfe*e open Wedne^ys 't8 f.<br />

Two of .Our New Orion LINED Car CoatB<br />

v^«0 VJB^P*T#T %V ga**Sr*v v^a^nvVgWv^ V« VwVvW a^^PwIMv<br />

(wafer rop*llea»l with Orion *IW<br />

39.95<br />


STUSDACirS COATS - 5«co*d floor -U A.bwy Pvk<br />

I. The ether •li^*.|fM*fW CoreWwy a*«W<br />

lined with Orion Pit* for eatr* warmtk<br />


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