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ISLANDOF VITALITYPRESERVED NATURALENVIRONMENT IS A UNIQUEFEATURE OF OUR ISLAND;clean sea and air, mild climate, vegetative cover and aromaticscents with rest and relaxation will have a beneficial effect onyou and will make you healthier and happier. In addition to thetherapeutic factors, Lošinj offers numerous year-round programsin nature and in specialized institutions that will help you restoreand maintain your impaired vitality.The island’s climate is defined by its position in the middle of thenorthern hemisphere. The island’s favorable weather conditionswere identified as early as the late 19th century by renownedViennese medical experts, and were confirmed by long-termexpert meteorological observations and research conducted byDr. Conrad Clar and Prof. Ambroz Haračić.This is why Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj were proclaimed climateresorts and rehabilitation centers in 1892 under the national lawof the Austrian government in Vienna. It is due to these facts thatthe island is now a well-known climate resort across the world.We invite you to discover the benefits of our island and provideyour family with a healthy and active holiday.Welcome to Lošinj, the Island of Vitality!

OVER 200 SUNNY DAYS PER YEARThe large number of average daily and annual sunny hoursattracts numerous tourists to our island because the strictlydosed solar radiation, infrared and ultraviolet rays have afavorable effect on children’s growth and development, as wellas recoveryand recreation of adults.We recommend you use body milk or oil with a protective factor.There are 207 sunny days per year. The least number of sunnydays occurs from November to February, especially in Decemberwith only about 11 sunny days.The number of sunny days constantly increases from Marchonwards. During the sunniest part of the year, from May toSeptember, there are at least 20 sunny days. They mostly occurin July and August with as much as 24 daysANNUAL WIND ROSEWeak winds prevail in the annual wind rose. Mistral, thenorthwest summer wind, will provide you with refreshment onhot summer days, while sailors and windsurfers will look forwardto it out on the sea..FEEL...BEST AIR QUALITYThe results measured by the Public Health Institute in 2007 and2008 show that the area of Lošinj has a Category 1 air quality.Draw deep breaths and use the natural outdoor aromatherapy,while the essential oils of the pine and marine aerosol purifyyour lungs.ALGAE262 species of benthic algae have been registered in the seaaround the Island of Lošinj. Many of them may have beneficialeffects on human health thanks to their valuable ingredients andvarious methods of use.Algae and sea salt – is there anything better for our skin?Dijagram: Lošinj has an above-average number of sunny hours per year* Source: The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, DHMZSS (hours)Dijagram: Annual Wind Rose* Source: The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, DHMZI II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII year116 142 191 224 293 323 368 334 246 182 112 101 2631T (hours) 9.2 10.5 11.9 13.5 14.8 15.5 15.2 14.1 12.6 11.0 9.6 8.9SD (days) 12.6 13.8 16.1 16.7 19.8 20.8 24.1 23.8 19.5 16.4 11.7 11.4 206.7Table: Sun insolation (SI, hours per month), duration of the day (D, hours for the 15th day of the month), and number of sunny days (SI/D in days).* Source: The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, DHMZTHE CLEANEST SEAThe sea is of a high quality on the Island of Lošinj thanks toits transparency and absence of harmful substances. Thetemperature ranges from 11.8°C in February to a maximum of23.8°C in August.It is suitable for swimming from June to mid-October when itsaverage temperature is 20°C. As such, it has a beneficial effecton the human organism, relaxes and calms.In Lošinj you can swim along the entire shoreline and theVeli žal, Punta and Poljana beaches fly the Blue Flag. As aninternational environmental protection award, the Blue Flagproves the high quality of our sea and the fact that we knowhow to manage our environment, invest in environmentaleducation and ensure our residents’ and guests’ safety.Our sea is the most beautiful invitation we present to you!OVER 1,200 PLANT SPECIESThe mild Mediterranean climate has made the Island of Lošinj famousfor its abundant vegetation and public gardens, on which its touristflourishing is based. Diverse Mediterranean plants with their essentialscents, colors and shapes have a beneficial effect on human healthand protects against solar radiation and cold winds.According to research, there are over 1200 plant species on theisland, 939 of them belonging to the autochthonous flora. As manyas 230 species are classified as herbs. Famous Lošinj captains andseamen brought around 80 species from their journeys,most of themexotic plants, and planted them in the gardens around their houses.Agave, Mexican cactus (opuntia), palm trees, magnolia, myrtle,pistachio, mimosa, Indian fig (karmus-nassarah), lemon, orange andtangerine, loquat, oleander, carob, rosemary, eucalyptus, sequoia,tamaris and other plants grow here. Landmarks include the protectedpark forests of Čikat and Pod Javori, containing the full abundance ofLošinj’s vegetation. Lošinj is abundant in rich and diverse vegetationthroughout the year. In May, when most plants are in bloom, thescenery is heavenly and the whole island just blossoms.

WALKING TRAILSAND FOOTPATHSWALKING TRAILS AND FOOTPATHS –A scented experience across five islandsWalking and hiking across the Lošinj archipelago that stretchesover five islands and with over 250 kilometres of walking pathsis possible throughout the year. The trails cover areas of theislands of Cres (Punta Križa), Lošinj, Ilovik, Susak, and Unije.They vary from simple paths for people who are not in greatphysical shape, over mid-level difficulty paths to very difficult.The Osoršćica mountain (Nerezine) and St. John’s hill (Sveti Ivan,Veli Lošinj) are very attractive for anyone who loves hiking. Thewalking trails stretch along the coast and they are ideal for longwalks and relaxation.Get on the move and discover the secrets that are hidden on ourarchipelago! Let the interests and beauties stowed away jealouslyon each island become a part of your unique experience!FOOTPATH OF VITALITY MALI LOŠINJ – VELI LOŠINJAlong the three kilometres of the Mali Lošinj – Veli Lošinjfootpath that stretches along the coast, hidden in a hundredyear-oldpine forest, educational panels have been put up thatprovide the hikers with information on the importance of properposture and breathing, as well as help them become aware oftheir movements and processes during their walks. The panelsare on permanent display and thanks to them, the the walkerscan maximise the benefits of nature.There are about 10 000 steps in both ways, recommended tobe taken every day according to the World Health Organisationstandards.Active walkers can do both directions in 45 minutes, whilerecreational and slower walkers will need about an hour and ahalf. The guests can walk along the footpath on their own butthere are also guided walks with instructors from the PBS Studioat the Vitality Hotel Punta.SPORTS-FRIENDLY ALL YEAR ROUNDThe heavenly climate provides year-round sporting options.Professional athletes find a shelter here on cold winter days,while recreationists and amateurs find one throughout the year.Sporting options are very diverse, including underwater sports(diving and underwater fishing) and water sports (sailing,windsurfing, skiing, sport fishing, water polo).If you prefer onshore sports, you will be satisfied to find tennis,basketball, soccer, beach volley, bowling, boccie and fitnesscenters. You can rent a bike, moped or a boat, all toward ahealthy and active holiday!

INHALE…THE IMPACT OF MICRO-CLIMATE AND NATURAL AEROSOLON THE ISLAND OF LOŠINJ ON LUNG FUNCTIONThe aim of our study was to examine the possible impact of theisland’s climate and endemic aerosol on the lung function ofvacationers spending time on the island nowadays. A randompopulation study comprised registered auto-camp “Čikat”vacationers in Mali Lošinj. We used spirometry to measure lungfunction parameters at subjects’ arrival and departure time. Thecontrol measurement at departure was on average 11 days apart.The study comprises 93 cases with verified control measurements.RESULTS: FVC and FEV1 were significantly improved betweenthe two measurements. This improvement was noted in the subgroupwith the initial FVC of

AROMATHERAPYNATURAL COSMETICS LINE OF LOŠINJAPOXYOMENOS LINE(Greek for Apoksiomen) is made up of three products:• LIP BALMFor everyday lip care we offer our lip balm that makes yourlips shine and whose ingredients provide protection andnourishment.• BODY OIL – 50 mlThe oil is intended for everyday body care. It is highlyrecommended for use after physical activity due to laurelessential oil that has a beneficial effect on the lymph andanalgesic effect on muscles.• SCRUB SOAP – StringilingWith its two active ingredients, olive oil and sea sand, thissoap provides a mild peeling for your body, while laurelessential oil encourages cleanse of the lymph.• SCENTED ISLANDA blend of essential oils for scented animations in yourhome that can also be used with massage base oils.The aim of our natural aroma-cosmetics is to reach out to ourclients and help them understand the values of natural resources ofthe island of Lošinj. Our natural products will be hard to resist.Amazed by organic material found in the interior of the statue, wehave decided to create the Apoxyomenos line.POINTS OF SALE:Mali LošinjLošinj aromatic garden - Braće Vidulić 68, Mali LošinjHotel Aurora - Sunčana uvala 38, Laurus Slow Spa, Mali LošinjMuškardin pharmacy - Riva lošinjskih kapetana bb, Mali LošinjKaštel farma pharmacy - Veloselska cesta 33, Mali LošinjVeli LošinjHotel Punta - Šestavine 17, Veli Lošinj„MIRTA“ NATURAL COSMETICSDiscover the gentle side of Lošinj„Mirta“ natural cosmetics is a product line based on themedicinal herbs and essential oils characteristic to thearchipelago of Cres and Lošinj. We use only 100% naturalingredients from the best essential oils in our products.Their composition is very similar to the skin which makes theintegration much easier.By using the products from this line you are doing good for yourskin which will then breathe better, have a healthier and a morebeautiful look, and long after the application, it will exude theintoxicating scents of this peculiar archipelago!

LAUREL-ORANGE NATURAL SOAPFor your scented pleasure in the shower...Dr. Nina Bašić-Marković, MD recommendation:„Everyday use of the natural soap is your way back to nature, and atthe same time it provides a simple alternative for people with sensitiveskin as well as all those who wish to avoid the unwanted irritants. Thisnatural soap nourishes, regenerates, and moisturises your skin, blocksearly aging signs, and helps with different skin problems.“In contact with water it turns into rich creamy lather with anirresistible scent. Dried ground laurel boosts the mechanicalremoval of dead cells and impurities. Combined with sweetorange essential oil, it has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect,stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, prevents fluidretention, and reduces swelling. Laurel and sweet orange arean exceptional blend that helps recover from illness, reduceschronic fatigue, and lethargy. Sweet orange essential oil issuitable for treating rough, irritated, and tired skin prone toflaking and acne. Your smooth skin will thank you and your mindwill be playful and ready for new challenges, because remember,laurel is the symbol of victory!Use: the soap is used on daily basis for showering and handwashing. For best results, combine it with LAUREL-ORANGEBODY SCRUB.LAUREL-ORANGE BODY SCRUBThe power of natural ingredients for a glowing skin...How do you restore glow in your skin and eliminate fatigue in ahasty lifestyle packed with stress? With a scrub - a very simpleway that doesn't require too much time and has an effect on thewhole body! Sea salt and dried ground laurel remove dead cellsand other impurities, and accumulated toxins. At the same time,they stimulate better blood circulation, reduce fluid retention,relax the spirit, and bring back the enthusiasm. Since the ancienttimes, olive oil has traditionally been used for a beautiful andglowing complexion. It is naturally rich in antioxidants andvitamin E so it nourishes your skin, encourages regeneration,and restores its elasticity. Laurel essential oil stimulates bloodcirculation and lymph flow so it is a very common ingredientin products that are used for sore muscles, arthritis, and coldand swollen feet. As active ingredients of this product, theywill boost body detox by stimulating liver and kidney functions.Orange essential oil has a similar effect on the body – itencourages lymph flow, reduces swelling, and it is also usefulin fighting cellulite. The warm scent of sweet orange dispelsnegative thoughts and pessimism, it is beneficial for peoplesuffering from lack of energy or depression. Gently, it will bringback the warmth of the sun to your spirit.Use: apply scrub to wet skin, and then rub it in gentle, circularmotions from your feet towards your heart. Rinse. Use it oncea week. For anti-cellulite effect, use it with LAUREL-ORANGENATURAL SOAP.Dr. Nina Bašić-Marković, MD recommendation:„By using this product after a hard day you will do wonders foryour skin and restore its brilliance, and at the same time removethe armour of fatigue and stress, and clear your mind.“EUCALYPTUS DEODORANTAll the power of nature in the safest, most gentle formulas...Perspiration is our body's natural cooling mechanism, but italso removes toxins from the body, reduces stress levels, andimproves mood. The sweat itself is odour-free, however, whenin contact with bacteria on the skin, the proteins and fatty acidscreate an unpleasant odour. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil actsas a deodorant, prevents odour caused by bacteria growth, whileat the same time it does not interfere with natural perspirationmechanism. The cent of lemon eucalyptus is refreshing,invigorating, it reduces fatigue and brings in freshness in yourdaily life. Shea butter stimulates capillary circulation and oxygensupply of the tissue, at the same time enhances removal oftoxins from the body and stimulates perspiration effect. It alsoprevents allergic reactions and irritations, especially after armpitwaxing. Cocoa butter in this deodorant smoothes the skin, bringsback its elasticity, and gives it a velvety feeling. Its antibacterialand detoxifying effect should not be forgotten either.Use: to be used daily, as necessary. Apply to clean, dry skin ofthe armpit.Dr. Nina Bašić-Marković, MD recommendation:„When choosing a deodorant, apart from the scent, practicality,and efficiency, we need to think about our health too! By usingthis product you will profit from a totally natural protection fromodours and maintain all natural body functions.“

VIBRATION MASSAGE OF THE CHEST (THORAX)June – SeptemberAbove all, it affects the cardiovascular and respiratory systems,while the water provides the body with a massage that isrelaxing and very efficient in getting rid of cellulite.The sea is more effective than any wellness or fitness center inthe world. It is a source of health and fitness (physical activitiesin the water are more efficient than those done on land) andbeauty (the sea’s components are the most effective and naturalbalms for our skin and results are visible after the first bathwhen our skin becomes softer, smoother and tighter). The seaalso has an anti-stress factor – it relaxes us, provides us withenergy and enables positive thoughts and feelings.www.camps-cres-losinj.comThis vibration massage strengthens the heart and bloodcirculation, improves the usage of oxygen in the tissues whichlowers a portion of excess fats, and eliminates muscle pain.Essential oils help you to fully relax and to get rid of stress.The oils have an effect on our body in two ways: through theirfragrance and their contact with the skin.www.camps-cres-losinj.comSPECIAL OFFERSOLAR YOGAJune – SeptemberWithout sunlight, there is no life. Each movement of everyorganism occurs due to the Sun.”Solar yoga is performed in such a manner that you standupright, barefoot, and look into the sun during the “safe hour.”The safe hour is 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunrisewhen the UV factor is between 0 and 2 and it isn’t harmful tothe eyes. You stand barefoot on a stone or concrete surface.After a 15-minute cycle, solar yoga relieves mental stress anddepression, improves memory and concentration, maintainspositive thinking, relieves of bad habits and contributes to theart of living in the moment.www.camps-cres-losinj.comCAPPELLI TOURIST AGENCY, Mali LošinjHEALTH IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDJanuary – May; September – DecemberChoose a health programme or package arrangementthat suits your needs and desires:CAMPING CRES – LOŠINJ: ČIKATMORNING WALK “VITALITY WALK”WITH BREATHING EXERCISESJune – September“Life begins and ends with a single breath”Breathing is the most important process of the human body.One of man’s greatest problems today is improper breathing,that is, the fact that we only use 30 – 40% of our lungs’ capacity,which results in a loss of energy and certain illnesses.Proper breathing means using the full capacity of the lungs bycombining the three phases of breathing (breathing with the toppart of the lungs, the middle part, and the bottom part, i.e. thestomach) into one.Although air is free and accessible to everyone, its quality playsa role in the efficiency of the breathing technique. It is wellknown that Losinj has air of a high quality due to its marineaerosols, the sea, pine forests and over 1000 types of plants(230 of which are considered medicinal herbs).Breathing at your lungs’ full capacity in a natural environment alsoaffects the release of the happiness hormone, thus awakening thefeeling of unity with nature.www.camps-cres-losinj.comFOOT REFLEXOLOGYJune – September“The feet – the basis of health and success”Reflexology is one of the most efficient traditional approachesto our health that is still used today because it is applied to thefeet, which are in direct contact with the Earth.By treating the zones in the feet, we indirectly affect the organsand tissues in our body that are connected and in this way aidthe body to obtain balance, which enables us to better deal withvarious health issues. Foot reflexology balances the body andreturns it to homeostasis, strengthens the immune system, as wellas the system that extracts harmful substances from our body, andstimulates circulation. Reflexology helps in lowering tension andthe effects of stress on the mind and body and also helps in termsof physical and emotional changes before and during menopause.www.camps-cres-losinj.comAQUA AEROBICSJune – SeptemberDo you enjoy exercises in the water so much that you wouldlike to shape your body in this manner? Aqua aerobics is a formof group exercise with many positive effects. It is importantthat, because of the water exercises, which are soothing for thebody, both young and old people can partake, no matter if youare in shape or merely a beginner, since it enables individualadaptations of exercise intensity.Aqua aerobics affects the improvement and maintenance ofstamina, strength, coordination and balance.Take a deep breath of Lošinj air and your bronchi will be gratefulLošinj – island of vitality is know throughout the world as ahealth resort.This is an ideal destination to enjoy a mild Mediterraneanclimate which is good for the airways. Discover lookouts andchoose happiness on Lošinj. Learn about the local way of lifein winter, taste different liqueurs made with local herbs, andenjoy long walks. Breathe in essential oils of island’s herbs andimprove your health. Clear your sinuses and discover the magicof aromatherapy. Discover aromatherapy, learn about plants,essential oils and their benefits on people’s health.www.cappelli-tourist.hr

that will facilitate their breathing, extend the quiet periodwithout symptoms, reduce the frequency of illness progress, andreduce consumption of medicines during the year.GREEN ENERGYMarch – OctoberSPECIAL OFFERTURIST TOURIST AGENCY, Veli LošinjTHE ISLAND OF LOSINJ – THE IDEAL NATURAL MEDICINEFOR TIRED LUNGSJanuary – April; October – DecemberWe invite you to get to know the benefits of our island andto provide your family with a healthy and active vacation.The accommodation program is designed for both childrenand adults who have problems with the respiratory system(bronchitis), as well as for people who are stressed out. It isespecially designed for grandmothers and grandfathers whowant to improve their health while spending a great vacationwith their grandchildren on the Island of Losinj.Accommodation is provided in apartments, while the programincludes sightseeing, a souvenir workshop, essential oilmassages obtained from the island’s plants, as well as anintroduction to aromatherapy, all under the leadership andsupervision of our professional staff.www.island-losinj.comVITALITY HOTEL PUNTA****, Veli LošinjLUNG REHABILITATION PROGRAMME –FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN(Off-season)Lung rehabilitation programme is based on scientifically provenclinical and diagnostic methods combined with natural healingfactors, the Lošinj aerosol, and the island’s hundred-year-oldspa tradition. The optimal treatment period is three weeks.Our multidisciplinary team is led by mr.sc. Anamarija Margan– Šulc dr.med, specialist in internal medicine who is in chargeof the adult programmes, and mr.sc. Tatjana Funarić dr.med,paediatrician, in charge of children’s programmes. The teamalso includes nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, and trainedtherapists (kinesiologists, work therapists, and physiotherapists)who will support the patients and motivate them during theprogramme at the top quality and comfortable venues of theVitality Hotel Punta.The programme is intended for people with light obstructivebreathing disorders and it was developed in cooperation withCroatian Pulmonary Society and Srebrnjak Children’s Hospitalin Zagreb. The indisputable benefit of this programme is evidentin preparing the participants for using the skills and proceduresSPA & RELAX – a zone that creates harmony betweenbeneficial health factors of the sea water and sunrays. Relax onour sundecks and breathe in the sea aerosol and the scented airof the island of Lošinj. The benefits of the sea water, indoor andexternal swimming pool, hot whirlpool, and different underwaterattractions will help your body forget about stress and tension.Underwater aerobic programmes delivered by our trainers will helpyou discover your synergy with nature and make you feel vital.• Aqua Body gym is a free programme of morning gym for allages that revitalises your body and lifts up the spirits.• Individual exercise programmes, a relaxing water treatmentwith a personal trainer, will encourage your blood and immunesystems and improve your health by reducing tension.• Group exercises in the swimming pool will activate all yourmuscles, increase your stamina, strength and coordination, andresult in better joint flexibility.Our sauna programmes are an addition to the steam baths,Finnish saunas, and Jacuzzi with heated sea water.Choose from indoor fitness or exercising outdoors in the pinetreeforest with a personal trainer or on your own.The possibilities are endless.Functional training, running or a walk by the sea with a personaltrainer or in a group offer you top quality in training process.www.losinj-hotels.comPBS LOŠINJ - Center of Sport ExcellenceBODY TALKApril – OctoberBody Talk is designed for those who actively invest in theirbody, andequally for those who want to discover their physicalcapabilities and acquire healthy habits. Do not miss theopportunity and familiarize yourself with unique body techniquesthat will provide you with tools for better quality of life.www.losinj-hotels.comGreen Energy Program is recommended to those who live a busyand stressful life in a polluted urban environment, and thereforefeel exhausted and weak, which could develop into a chronicfatigue. This program allows the energy of the unspoiled Lošinj’snature to fulfill your body and make the stress of everyday lifedisappear.Inhale a breath of fresh air, revitalize body and mind, and fillyourself with pure energy of scented Lošinj’s nature, throughspecially designed Green Energy program with body technique andaromatherapy elements.Anti-gravity breathing exercises contribute to the psychophysicalrevitalisation of the organism.Manipulative stretching instantly brings back the energy andclears the mind.Targeted walks by the sea activate all muscle groups.www.losinj-hotels.comACQUA FITMarch – OctoberRelax your muscles, stretch your spine and acceleratecirculation! Aqua Fit program stimulates your body in a securemedium – water – and does not let everyday “office sitting”affect your health.Water is the source of life - the safest way to recreatea sense ofyour own body.With specially designed active and passive exercises thatare performed in a warm pool or sea, you can relax spasmsin muscles and joints, stimulate circulation and correct badposture. After this treatment you will feel reborn!www.losinj-hotels.com

WELLNES HOTEL AURORA****, Mali LošinjFRAGRANT MASSAGE TREATMENTSThe treatments are designed to provide intense, natural, rejuvenatingskin care. An excellent choice for mature and stress-affected skin.www.losinj-hotels.comFebruary – OctoberThese massage treatments follow the Fragrance Calendar andseasons of the year, and can be combined into packages.All treatments are administered manually. Preparations made onthe spot using ecological essential oils made from island herbs,as well as cold-pressed herbal oils, hydrolates and clay in variouscolors, are applied in the treatments. The treatments alsoinclude welcoming rituals and treatments.www.losinj-hotels.comTHERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT APOXYOMENOSFebruary – OctoberThe program is intended for all those who wish to feel goodin their own body, those who wish to boast beautiful skin,complexion and hair.www.losinj-hotels.comSUSAK STRESS RELIEFLOŠINJ SPA D-TOXSPECIAL OFFERFAMILY HOTEL VESPERA****, Mali LošinjA HEALTHY AND FUN WEEK WITH PINOApril – OctoberChildren! Bring your parents, grandfathers, grandmothers andfriends!The nature of fragrances awakens in all its colours, while the lightbreeze mixes the scents of aromatic and medicinal herbs with theaerosols of the crystal clear sea. In such an environment positivehealth results are visible after only a few days. The unique natureof Losinj is a true ally to parents and children who have respiratoryillnesses – asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and various allergies.Nature also acts in a therapeutic manner on the improvement ofappetite, better sleep, strengthens the immune system and getsrid of dermatological problems.Spend a morning and an afternoon in a light stroll or play alongthe sea. You’ll most likely see one of Pino’s 130 friends playinghappily as well.They are good-natured dolphins that live in the sea around theisland. And don’t forget to breathe deeply – the natural wellnessof Losinj will cleanse you on the inside and ensure positiveenergy! For the brave ones out there – you can always washyour face in the refreshing sea and blow out your nose.www.losinj-hotels.comFAMILY HOTEL VESPERA****WELLNES HOTEL AURORA****, Mali LošinjJUNIOR SCHOOL OF PROPER BREATHING(Off-season)Junior school of proper breathing is available for children aged8 to 15 which allows you to enjoy your holidays in peace, evenif your child suffers from one of the chronic diseases such asasthma or bronchitis.The programme is conducted under medical supervision. Juniorschool of breathing provides children with information onproper breathing; they are engaged in open-air exercises underprofessional supervision by therapists, accompanied by funactivities programme.www.losinj-hotels.comFebruary – OctoberThe program is inspired by the island of Susak, rich in oreganoand sand. It is designed for modern, busy men and womensuffering from a high level of stress.www.losinj-hotels.comUNIJE REJUVENATIONFebruary – OctoberThe program is inspired by the island of Unije that was one bigolive orchard during the Roman Empire. The island of Unijeis still known for its olives. In body care, olive oil is used as astrong anti-oxidant. Applied in a massage treatment, it nurtures,nourishes and revitalizes dry skin.The program is designed to regenerate both body and soul.www.losinj-hotels.comILOVIK FLOWER EXPERIENCEFebruary – OctoberThe program is inspired by the island of Ilovik, the island of flowers.There are two 100-year-old eucalyptus trees on Ilovik.Eucalyptus means ‘the one that protects’. The eucalyptus essential oildeepens the breath, relaxes and nourishes.February – OctoberA program ensuring natural body detoxification in whichLošinj herbs are used to make detoxifying preparations. Itis recommended to combine the treatments with sauna.Homemade tea, which additionally stimulates the outflow ofexcess body waste, is served during the treatments.www.losinj-hotels.comKAMP POLJANA, Mali LošinjLET YOURSELF ENJOY THE CAMP SITE POLJANAFebruary – OctoberMasaža tijela po akupunkturnim točkama• Full Body Massage on Acupressure Points• Reflex Feet Massage• Triger point Therapy Back and Neck Massage with Stretching• Anti Rheumatic Massage with healing essential oils from theisland Lošinj• Anti-cellulite Massage with Essential oils from the island Losinj• Anti-cellulite Peeling for Draining with Olive Oil and sea saltand Essentials oils from the island Mali Lošinj Essentials oils ofRosemary, Lavander and Lemon• Aroma-therapy with Essentials Oils from the island Lošinjwww.poljana.hr

cleanse of the organism. During the programme you can consulta nutritionist, fitness trainer, wellness therapist, and a medicalprofessional who will provide you with guidelines for a healthierlifestyle.• PREVENTIVE INTERNIST PROGRAMMEDISCOVER, PREVENT, AND REMOVE POTENTIAL RISKFACTORS – IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR HEALTH!Beauty“BELLA” BEAUTY SALONJuly – DecemberA preventive check-up should be conducted at least once ayear to identify an illness or risk factors on time since they canlead to chronic conditions. It is especially important for peoplewho are exposed to a lot of stress, which is contextual to manychronic and even malignant diseases of the 21 st century.Lošinjskih pomoraca 4051550 Mali LošinjGSM: 098 72 45 32e-mail: durdicamanzoni@gmail.comBeauty Studio Bella offers a full range of face and body careservices and uses autochthonous herbs in its treatments, suchas lavender, rosemary, immortelle, myrtle, pine, eucalyptus,orange lemon… all for the purpose of preserving your health,body, mind and spirit.The beauty studio also offers nonsurgical lifting andmicrodermoabrasion services, E-light treatments (removing hairs,acne, pigmentations and capillaries; skin rejuvenation), vacuumcavitation and radiofrequency, medical pedicure, OXY treatments(infusion), spray treatments, oxygen inhalation with face andbody chromotherapy and aromatherapy, permanent and standardmakeup, a UV-free tanning machine, and aqua detox.WELLNESS OFFERcirculation and draining wavy movements, to a pleasant, lightmuscular system stretch. Such massage is complemented by“Mediterranean forest” massage oil – a special blend of pinetree,lavender, and rosemary essential oils.• AROMA MEDITERRANEAN Aroma, phyto, and thalasso facialtherapy realised by a special massage technique, combinedwith essential oils, lavender and rosemary peel-off mask thatnourishes, relaxes, regenerates, drains, and detoxes the skin.• ADRIATIC HERBAL TOUCH Warm massage prepared withMediterranean plants (lavender, sage, rosemary).www.losinj-hotels.comAROMATHERAPY STUDIO AT THE HOTEL PUNTAVITALITY ZONEDelivered by leading experts in aromatherapy, LošinjAromatherapy workshops will show you how to use medicinalplants in everyday life. This is an opportunity to gain somevaluable knowledge on aromatherapy, learn about local plants,as well as introduce healthy habits in your lives that will alwaysremind you of Lošinj.HOTEL BELLEVUE*****Čikat bb, Mali Lošinjtel.: + 385 51 231 222, fax: + 385 51 231 268e-mail: hotel.bellevue@jadranka.t-com.hrwww.losinj-hotels.comAlongside a variety of specialists’ offices, SPA Clinic at theHotel Bellevue will offer chosen aesthetic, holistic, and medicaltreatments that nurture and improve your beauty and health.Individual programmes will be conducted under the supervisionof leading experts, using cutting edge medical technology and themost recent products.Find a programme for yourself:• BRING BACK BALANCE IN YOUR BODY THROUGHDETOX PROGRAMME!July – DecemberStress, life in the fast lane, and lack of physical activity canweaken the organism and cause problems such as fatigue,drowsiness, which can result in greater issues, for example earlyaging signs, depression, and many other different conditions.In an oasis such as this, a unique combination of nutrition,physical exercise, and wellness treatments will ensure a natural• Weight loss programme – a personalised multidisciplinaryprogramme for a balanced lifestyle that ensures a gradual butcontinuous weight loss under medical supervision.• Anti-stress programme – this short anti-stress programmewith support from the psychologist will help you adopt healthylifestyle habits and master stress management techniques.A great value of this programme is that the techniques youdevelop can be practiced on your own and in that way you cancontinue working on and taking care of yourself.• Anti-aging programme – a preventive personalised medicalpractice rendered by leading experts in aesthetics by usingcutting edge medical technology.www.losinj-hotels.comHOTEL MANORA***Mandalenska 26b, Nerezinet: + 385 51 237 460, fax: + 385 51 237 470e-mail: manora@manora-losinj.hr, hotelmanora@gmail.comwww.manora-losinj.hrSurface area of the wellness facilities: approximately 160 m²Services: sauna, massage, fitness, outdoor pool“VITA” MASSAGE AND HEALTH IMPROVEMENT STUDIODinka Kozulića 1, Mali Lošinjtel.: + 385 51 238 276, GSM: 098 962 5057e-mail: anabanic16@gmail.comStudio Vita’s entire program is focused on preservation andimprovement of health, including massages and exercises.The massage range includes medical massage and lymphdrainage performed with autochthonous essential oils, suchas oils of lavender, rosemary and pine, which are excellent forrelieving painful conditions and relaxation. The exercises includePilates, yoga, exercises for pregnant women and correctiveexercises for children. The groups are small, up to six (6)persons, because an individual approach is applied.All services are performed by Senior Physical Therapist AnaBanić, certified Pilates instructors and hata yoga teachers.

HEALTH OFFERVELI LOŠINJ HEALTH RESORTPodjavori 27, 51551 Veli Lošinjtel.: + 385 51 236 111, fax: 236 224e-mail: info@ljeciliste-veli-losinj.hrwww.ljeciliste-veli-losinj.hrThis is a climate resort for treatment of respiratory tractdiseases and physical medical therapy and rehabilitation havinga tradition of a hundred years. Numerous local and internationalguests combine pleasure with benefit at the Veli Lošinj HealthResort, using medical rehabilitation services supervised by aphysical medicine and rehabilitation specialist and enjoying themicroclimate, sun and sea.Specialist/advisory healthcare: a physical medicine andrehabilitation specialist and a dermatology & venereology specialist.Medical team: in addition to the specialist physicians, thereare several physical therapists, nurses, lab technicians,pharmacologists, aromatherapists and kinesiology professionals.In addition to basic specialist examinations, the physicaltherapy office provides recommendations for physical therapy,medical massage, aromatherapy (inhalation, massages, baths)and massage baths in a tub. In addition to basic specialistexaminations, the dermatology office offers medical cosmetologyservices, including removal of wrinkles and other signs of skinageing, treatment of acne and other skin irregularities, removal ofcapillaries and veins, allergy testing, aesthetic removal of molesand other skin growths, keloids, and treatment of psoriasis andother skin diseases.Veli Lošinj Health Resort operates year-round and implementsa holistic approach to rehabilitation of all groups of patients andother customers, with a special focus on children and their parents.HEALTHCARE CENTER DR. DINKO KOZULIĆPriko 69, Mali Lošinj, 51550tel./fax: + 385 51 231 804,e-mail: dom.zdravlja.mali.losinj.1@ri.t-com.hrwww.dz-mali-losinj.comHealthcare Center Dr. Dinko Kozulić includes an emergencyservice, acute-observation beds (infirmary with 14 beds) forobservation and treatment of patients, hemodialysis, dentalcare, laboratory services, x-rays and ultrasound diagnostics.Specialist/advisory healthcare: surgeon, anesthesiologist,gynecologist, internist, physical therapist and dermatologist.Visiting specialists (ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, psychiatrist,orthopedist). The tourist clinic operates in summer months.DIALYSIS CENTRE MALI LOŠINJDialysis centre is open all year round.Dialysis unit has 7 dialysis spots.Patients are received in the morning and afternoon on Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays.Choose between classical hemodialysis and on-linehemodiafiltration.Equipment: Fresenius 4008 S.High-flux and low-flux hemodialyzers of the Fresenius FX series.Medical supervision by a specialist internist and anotherphysician with nurses specially trained in dialysis care.Complications are handled by KBC Rijeka.Reservations:At least one month in advance.Enclose recent medical and dialysis records, including serologyfor hepatitis and HIV, and blood type.Reservation is confirmed after evaluation of documents.Payment:1. Croatian patients must enclose a valid referral from their localhospital. No charges for the treatment.2. Patients from the European Union must provide a validEuropean health insurance card and they do not cover treatmentexpenses.3. Patients from abroad:Convention on health insurance with Croatian Institute forHealth Insurance (valid for some countries) Payment througha private insurance company (currently available through Corisinsurance company).A guarantee of a private insurance company that the expenseswill be covered for a certain number of dialyses must be enclosed.4. CashCONTACTCommunity Health Centre of Primorje-Gorski Kotar CountyMali Lošinj branchDialysis UnitPriko 69, 51550 Mali Lošinjtel: +385 51 238 008, +385 51 238 509fax: +385 51 238 008e-mail: dom-zdravlja.kozulic.dijaliza@ri.t-comdialysis.losinj@gmail.comweb: www.dijaliza-losinj.comTourist ClinicsIn addition to the tourist clinic within Healthcare Center Dr.Dinko Konzulić in Mali Lošinj, tourist clinics are available inNerezine and Punta Križi in summer months.Nerezine, Vladimira Gortana bb, tel.: + 385 51 237 098Punta Križa – ambulanta dr. Šime Mužić, tel.: + 385 51 235 684PRIVATE INTERNAL MEDICINE OFFICEANAMARIJA MARGAN ŠULC, MS, MDHotel Aurora, Sunčana uvala 4, 51550 Mali Lošinjtel./fax: + 385 51 667 272 / + 385 51 667 273e-mail: anamarija.margan@gmail.comThe Internal Medicine Practice offers a wide range of specialistand diagnostic services.Full internal examination, blood pressure, ECG, laboratorytests with cardiac risk assessment: Cardio fit program for theprevention of coronary disease.Clinical examinations of the lungs and upper respiratorytract, functional lung tests using spirometry and lung statusassessment: Lungo Mare program for the prevention ofrespiratory disease.These examinations include advisory services for tourists,following up on their health status during their stay on theisland, and an assessment of any changes in their health statusbefore departure.The Practice also provides diagnostic services using ultrasoundtechniques and including preventive examinations of the thyroidgland, hormone control, kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas,urinary bladder and prostate examinations, full laboratory tests,and other services necessary to maintain health and to follow upon tourists’ health during their stay on the island in a controlledmanner, including the possibility of communicating withphysicians from our patients’ home countries.Communication languages: Croatian, English, Italian and German.Dental OfficesMALI LOŠINJ HEALTHCARE CENTERPriko 69DENTAL CLINICDARIO ŠIMUNOVIĆ, DR.STOM.tel./fax: + 385 51 233 731e-mail: dom.zdravlja.zubna@ri.t-com.hrDENTAL CLINICVERA LOVRIĆ-BULJAT, DR.STOM.tel./fax: + 385 51 233 732e-mail: lovric-buljat.vera.stomatoloska.ord@ri.t-com.hrDENTAL CLINICMARKO PILAŠ, DR.STOM.tel.: + 385 51 232 119DENTAL OFFICEDR. DOLORES GAGROZagrebačka 56 A, Mali Lošinjtel./fax: + 385 51 231 360e-mail: stomatolog-d.gagro@ri.t-com.hrDENTAL OFFICEDR. SVEBOR BIVALPodjavori 27 (Veli Lošinj)HR-51551 Veli Lošinjtel./fax: +385 51 236 386e-mail: info@punta-dentist.com

PULAMali Lošinj Tourist BoardRiva lošinjskih kapetana 29, 51550 Mali Lošinj, Croatiatel. | +385 51 231 884, 231 547 fax | +385 51 233 373e-mail | losinj@visitlosinj.hr web | www.tz-malilosinj.hrEditor: Mali Lošinj Tourist Board; for the publisher: Đurđica Šimičićphotographs: Marko Vrdoljak, Robert Kalčić, Sergio Gobbo, Siniša Gulić, Arhiva TZGML; text: Petra SkenderTZGML 2014.

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