B44.1 Manual and Catalog 11 11 2010.indd - Powertoys


B44.1 Manual and Catalog 11 11 2010.indd - Powertoys

2:: IntroductionThank you for purchasing this Team Associated product. This assembly manual contains instructions and tips for building andmaintaining your new RC10 B44.1. Please take a moment to read through this manual to help familiarize yourself with thesesteps.We are continually changing and improving our designs; therefore, actual parts may appear slightly different than in the illustrations.New parts will be noted on supplementary sheets located in the appropriate parts bags. Check each bag for these sheetsbefore you start to build.:: KIT FeaturesThe Factory Team B44.1 is the next generation in a long line of race winning 10th scale 4wd buggies dating back to 2003. TheB44 project came to life as a cooperative effort between Team Associated and J Concepts’ Jason Ruona and Brad Reelfs, culminatingwith Team Associated driver Ryan Cavalieri winning the 2005 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships in Italy with the BJ4 World’sEdition. The production B44 Factory Team continued the winning ways with Jared Tebo winning the 2007 I.F.M.A.R. World Championshipin Japan along with Ryan Maifield and Ryan Cavalieri in a 1-2-3 B44 podium sweep.Team Associated designers optimized the B44.1 for the latest generation of racers using LiPo batteries and brushless motors. Withthe advent of this new technology, R/C cars are lighter and more powerful than ever. The B44.1 is geared for strictly LiPo batteries,with no cell slots in the chassis and a carbon fiber battery tray as standard equipment. The center section of the battery traycan be replaced with an optional (not included) ballast weight for more rearward weight bias. Motor installation and adjustmentis a breeze thanks to the cam motor mount system. The blue aluminum rear hubs add durability and new camber link adjustmentoptions. Lastly, the B44.1 comes with the latest JConcepts Punisher body and under tray.Features in the B44.1 Factory Team:• 2.5mm updated carbon fiber chassis for LiPo batteries only• Carbon fiber LiPo battery tray with removable center section (*optional ballast weight req’d)• 3.5 mm front shock tower• Updated front top deck for more durability along with new antenna location• Cam motor mount set• Factory Team 0 degree aluminum rear hubs with oversize outer bearing.• Factory Team V2 dual-cap hard anodized shock bodies with threaded collars• V2 slipper assembly with high-rate spring• Factory Team Gold slipper pads• JConcepts Punisher body and under tray• Pro-Line M3 Holeshot 2.0 tires• Rear anti-roll bar included• Bleed-screw shock caps• TiN “Gold” shock shafts front and rear• Carbon fiber battery straps with thumb screws• 1/4” locking and 3/16” mini locking nuts:: Additional FeaturesB44.1 F.T. Additional Kit Features:• Servo mounted 3mm closer to centerline • Chassis cut for additional ground clearance• Ball differential with light-weight outdrives • Dual-sided externally adjustable slipper clutch• CVA joints with pin retainer clips• Factory Team blue Titanium turnbuckles• Factory Team blue aluminum servo mounts • Factory Team blue aluminum wheel spacers• Factory Team blue aluminum shock bushings • Factory Team blue aluminum shock pivot balls• Ball-bearings steering bell cranks• Fully adjustable camber, and toe-in• Built in servo saver• Vertical ball end adjustment front & rear:: Other Helpful Items• Silicone Shock Fluid (Refer to catalog for complete listings)• Body Scissors (AE Part # 1737) • Reamer / Hole Punch • Wire Cutters • Hobby Knife• FT Hex Wrenches (AE Part # 1541) • Needle Nose Pliers • Multi Tool (AE Part #7494)• Soldering Iron • Calipers or a Precision Ruler • Green Slime shock lube (AE Part # 1105)Associated Electrics, Inc.26021 Commercentre Dr.Lake Forest, CA 92630Customer ServiceTel: 949.544.7500Fax: 949.544.7501http://www.TeamAssociated.com · http://www.RC10.com · http://twitter.com/Team_Associated · http://bit.ly/AEonFacebook

3:: Table of Contents1....................Cover2....................Introduction3....................Table of Contents4....................Front / Rear Differential Build5....................Front Gearbox Build6....................Rear Gearbox Build7 - 8..............Steering and Center BatteryBrace Build / Install8 - 9..............Front End Build9....................Rear End Build10.................Slipper Build11..................Center Bulkhead Mounts11.................Front Top Deck Build11-12..........Rear Top Deck Build13.................Turnbuckles Build13.................Front CVA Build15.................Rear CVA Build15 - 16.......Rear Suspension Build16-17..........Rear Anti-Roll Bar Build17.................Battery Tray and Side BodyMounts Build18 - 19........Shocks Build19 - 20........Servo Build20.................Electronics Install21 - 22........Body, Wheel, Tires Install23 - 24.........Tuning Tips25-33.........Catalog34.................Notes35.................Setup Sheet “Kit Setup”36.................1:1 Hardware “Fold Out”37.................Setup Sheet “Blank”38.................Back Cover13-14..........Front Suspension Build:: Notes!This symbols indicates aspecial note or instructionin the manual.There is a 1:1 hardware foldout page in the backof the manual. To check the size of a part, lineup your hardare with the correct drawing untilyou find the exact size. Each part in the foldouthas a number assigned to it for orderingreplacement parts.Associated Electrics, Inc.26021 Commercentre Dr.Lake Forest, CA 92630Customer ServiceTel: 949.544.7500Fax: 949.544.7501http://www.TeamAssociated.com · http://www.RC10.com · http://twitter.com/Team_Associated · http://bit.ly/AEonFacebook

5:: Front Gearbox Build - Step 17381CVAcoupler#6588black grease9747CVA bonecenter, front#1597ca glue1 drop!!Align the gap inthe pin retainerto be opposite ofthe CVA pin.9761CVA inputshaft7996CVA pinretainer73814-40setscrewRacer’s Tip:Try using only 1 drop of CA glueto secure the pin retainer!:: Front Gearbox Build - Step 23977 x23/16x3/8”bearing!Trim flashingoff back of gear.Align the slot inthe pinion gearwith the pin!3911 x2Drivetrainshim3903Shaft piniongear3919Input shaftpin6299E-clip:: Front Gearbox Build - Step 36860 x6FT 4-40x3/8”shcs aluminum,blue#6591diff lube1 drop!9733Uppertransmissioncase#6591diff lube1 drop!9733Lowertransmissioncase

6:: Rear Gearbox Build - Step 1#6588black grease7381CVAcoupler9761CVA inputshaft7996CVA pinretainer#1597ca glue1 drop!!Align the gap inthe pin retainerto be opposite ofthe CVA pin.9760CVA bonecenter, rear73814-40setscrewRacer’s Tip:Try using only 1 drop of CA glueto secure the pin retainer!:: Rear Gearbox Build - Step 23911 x2Drivetrainshim3977 x23/16x3/8”bearing3903Shaft piniongear!Align the slot inthe pinion gearwith the pin!3919Input shaftpin6299E-clip:: Rear Gearbox Build - Step 3#6591diff lube1 drop!6860 x6FT 4-40x3/8”shcsaluminum,blue9733Uppertransmissioncase#6591diff lube1 drop!9733Lowertransmissioncase

7:: Steering and Center Battery Brace Build Step 19744 x2Steeringpost9743 x2Servosaverupper9743Steeringv-spacer9743Springretainer6272Dust coverfoam9743Servo saverlower9744Servo saverspring9744 x25-40locknut6276Ballstudshort, silver1mm9630 x2.030”washer6277 x2Ballstudlong, silver6272 x2Foam dustcover9743Steeringrack:: Steering and Center Battery Brace Build Step 23874 x2Black carrierbushing6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs9746 x2Steeringbearingset9743Steeringretainercolumn9774B44.1 LiPochassis6292 x24-40x3/8”fhcs!Use the small holebearings!:: Steering and Center Battery Brace Build Step 362924-40x3/8”fhcs9743Steeringretianer top!Use the large holebearings!9746 x2Steeringbearingset

9:: Front End Build - Step 37413 x24-40x3/4”bhcs1780 x2Shockbushing#1596thread lock9718Frontbumper6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs9703Front shocktower6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs:: Rear End Build - Step 144494-40x3/16”aluminumlocknut6936 x2#4 washer9726Rearchassisplate97654-40x7/16”fhcs4449 x34-40x3/16”aluminumlocknut9718Rearbumper76734-40x5/16”fhcs6915 x24-40x5/8”fhcs9726Rear chassisbrace:: Rear End Build - Step 29716 x2Rear innerhinge pin6292 x44-40x3/8”fhcs9645 x22-56x1/8”bhcs9764Reararmx2

10:: Slipper Build - Step 1Side view2 flanges9736Slipper shaft9711Centerbearing9736 insertSlipper springretainer79353/16x1/2”bearing9711Center bearinginsert7485 x2FT V2slipper hubs965181T 48Pspur gear9603Slipperpad79353/16x1/2”bearingx2Side view1 flange9736slipperdrive cupspacer:: Slipper Build - Step 27381 x24-40setscrew1654Solidpin9742Slipper drivecup#6588black grease!Insert #9741 Slipper nuto-ring all the way into the#9740 Slipper nut beforeinstalling the slippernut to the slipper shaft!7486FT V2slipper spring!Rub black greaseon o-ring beforeinstall!9740Slippernut9741Slipper nuto-ring:: Slipper Build - Step 310mm!Check slipperafter running!Adjust as needed.9742Slipper drivecup9742Slipper drivecup o-ring1654Solid pin

11:: Center Bulkhead Mounts - Step 162914-40x1/4”fhcs9801FT cammotormount9709Centerbulkhead!Set remainingmotor mountpieces aside!SlipperassemblyInstall#1596thread lock6292 x34-40x3/8”fhcs!Key CVA bones inthe slipperoutdrives!:: Front Top Deck Build - Step 14449 x2 9719 97014-40x3/16”BodyTop deckaluminummountfrontlocknut9714Shocktowermount4334 x22-56x5/16”bhcs6292 x54-40x3/8”fhcs#1596thread lock6936 x2Washers,aluminum#462884-40x1/4”bhcs6277 x2Ballstudlong, silver6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs31113Antennamount:: Front Top Deck Build - Step 2 :: Rear Top Deck Build - Step 14449 x24-40x3/16”aluminumlocknut9702Top deckrear6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs6936 x2Washers,aluminum #46277 x2Ballstudlong, silver

12:: Rear Top Deck Build - Step 26292 x24-40x3/8”fhcs9704Shock towerrear9714Shock towermount6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs#1596thread lock6924 x24-40x3/8”shcs9719Body mounts7413 x24-40x3/4”bhcs1780 x2Shockbushing:: Rear Top Deck Build - Step 36925 x34-40x1/2”shcs7738 x24-40x7/8”shcs9729 x2Wing mount(right, left)44494-40x3/16”aluminumlocknut:: Rear Top Deck Build - Step 46917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs6924 x44-40x3/8”shcs9712Centerbulkhead cap#1596thread lock#1596thread lock

13:: Turnbuckles Build - Step 1Front Steering Link1404FT titaniumturnbuckles1.77”Front Camber LinkRear Camber Link1406FT titaniumturnbuckles2.00”1406FT titaniumturnbuckles2.00”7230 x2Ball cups,large7230 x2Ball cups,large7230 x2Ball cups,large60mm64.5mm67mmSteeringBuild x2Front CamberBuild x2Rear CamberBuild x2:: Front CVA Build - Step 19747CVA bonefront7381CVA crosspin!Align the gap inthe pin retainerto be opposite ofthe CVA pin.#1597ca glue1 drop!#6588black grease7381CVA coupler9748CVA axlefront7996CVA pinretainerBuild x2:: Front Suspension Build - Step 16272 x2Foam dustcover6277 x2Ballstudlong, silverRight SideLeft Side9751 x2Bearingcrush tubeRight Side4449 x24-40x3/16”aluminumlocknut9722 x2Steeringblock(right, left)3977 x43/16x3/8”bearingLeft Side

14:: Front Suspension Build - Step 27369 x2Axle pinLeft Side6272 x2Dust coverfoam4449 x24-40x3/16”aluminumlocknutRight SideRight Side9750 x2Axle drivehex3983 x2Ballstudlong, black9720 x2Caster block(right, left)Left Side:: Front Suspension Build - Step 3Left SideRight SideLeft SideRight Side9647 x4Steeringblock bushing2221 x44-40x7/16”bhcs:: Front Suspension Build - Step 4Frontsteeringlink96452-15x1/8”bhcs9716Hinge pinset!Orient the notchto the leftthroughout thecar. It indicateswhich end has theleft hand threads!Build x2 (right and left side)FrontcamberlinkInstall x2 (right and left side)

15:: Rear CVA Build - Step 19754CVA bonerear#6588black grease7381CVA crosspin#1597ca glue1 drop!!Align the gap inthe pin retainerto be opposite ofthe CVA pin.9755CVA axlerear7381CVA coupler7996CVA pinretainerBuild x2:: Rear Suspension Build - Step 1Right Side9864 x2FT aluminumhub (0˚)Left Side3977 x23/16x3/8”bearing7935 x2.187x0.50x.196bearingBuild x2 (right and left side)7933 x2Crush tube:: Rear Suspension Build - Step 2Right Side3983 x2Ball studlong (black)!Molded camber link tower“A” has standard holes,and optional “B” towerhas “in-between” holeoptions!9872 x2FT aluminumhub tower(A)Left SideA6272 x2Dust coverfoamBuild x2 (right and left side)6932 x44-40x5/16”shcs

16:: Rear Suspension Build - Step 373691/16”roll pins9608Rear axlewheel spacerAdd 1 shim hereif needed.96452-15x1/8”bhcs9716Hinge pinset7368 x23/16”axle shims Build x2 (right and left side)9630.030” ballstudwasher31286Aluminumballstudwasher, 1mm:: Rear Suspension Build - Step 4Rearcamberlink!Orient the notchto the leftthroughout thecar. It indicateswhich end has theleft hand threads!Install x2 (right and left side):: Rear Anti Roll Bar Build - Step 18830Anti rollbar pivots9780 x24-40x1/2”set screwBuild x28828Anti rollbar cups1mm8828Ball cup,shortInstall x2 (right and left side)

17:: Rear Anti Roll Bar Build - Step 24334 x22-56x5/16”bhcs9780 x2Washer97800.55” silveranti-roll bar!Optional blackanti-roll bar alsoincluded!6951 x24-40x1/8”setscrew!Install anti-roll barinto #8830 antirollbar pivots untilthe bar is flush withthe end of the pivot!:: Battery Tray and Side Body Mounts Build - Step 19706Batterypostx4!Threadlock allsetscrews!9745 x44-40x.625”setscrew#1596thread lock!Trim side bodymounts as shownbefore installation!9719 x2B44 bodymounts9775LiPobatterytrayx2#1596thread lock6292 x44-40x3/8”fhcs7673 x24-40x5/16”fhcs

18:: Shocks Build - Step 16469Shockcapo-ring7475Frontshockbody0.89”7484ShockinternalspacerFront, Build x26469Shock capo-ring7479Rear shockbody 1.18”5407 x2O-ring#1105green slime7484Lower shockseal cap7484ShockinternalspacerRear, Build x26465Shockpiston(#2)6465Shockpiston(#1)9723FT shockshaft gold0.80” 64175407O-ring#1105green slimex27484Lower shockseal cap6299e-clipx2Front, Build x2FT shockshaft gold1.02”6299e-clipx2Rear, Build x2:: Shocks Build - Step 2Front, Build x24187.030nylonwasherRear, Build x21777Shockeyelet1777Shockeyelet4187.030nylonwasherFront, Build x2Rear, Build x21777FT shockpivot ballFront, Build x21777FT shockpivot ballRear, Build x2:: Shocks Build - Step 3Step 2-3Shock oilFront Shock: 35 wtRear Shock: 30 wtStep 4-5Shock oilStep 6-76443 x4Bleedershock cap(molded)Step 8Shock Bleeding Steps:1. Before assembly, get each bleedscrew and thread it 1-2 turns into theshock cap. This will make installationeasier when you are bleeding yourshocks.2. Pull shock shaft down.3. Fill shock body 3/4 full with siliconeshock fluid.4. Slowly move the shock shaft up anddown to remove air from under thepiston.5. Wait for bubbles to come to surface.6. Fill shock body to top with siliconeshock fluid.7. Place a drop of oil in the cap and oncap threads.8. Install cap (without bleed screw) andtighten completely.9. Slowly compress shaft all the way tobleed excess silicone shodk fluid outthe hole in the cap (use rag aroundshockto catch excess fluid).10. Install 2-56 button head screw untilsnug while shaft is fully compressed(recommend using a high quality.050” wrench such as Factory Team#1542).9645 x42-56x1/8”bhcsStep 9-10

19:: Shocks Build - Step 47416Shockcollaro-ringx412mm1.7mm7416Shockcollarx4!Build twofront shocks!Build tworear shocks6480 x2Front Spring,Silver, 3.85lb6480 x2Rear Spring,Green, 1.90lb9724 x2Front offsetspring cup6475x2Rear springcup:: Shocks Build - Step 56472 x2Shockmount nut!Use inside holein rear arm!!Use outside holein front arm!6925 x24-40x1/2”shcs6472 x2Shockmount nut6925 x24-40x1/2”shcs:: Servo Build - Step 13981Servo screw Ballstudnot included! .20” black,shortServo notincluded!Offset the servo horn by5-10 degrees(approximately one notch)!1779 x2FT Servomount9180Servohorn6272Dust cover89007 foamServo hornring6917 x24-40x3/8”bhcs7337Goldwasherx47336Servospacersx2

20:: Servo Build - Step 2 :: Electronics Install - Step 120.5m7911Servo Link6338Antennatube & cap6292 x24-40x3/8”fhcsReceiver notincluded!:: Electronics Install - Step 2LoosenmeshTightenmesh!Set gear mesh!Pinion andsetscrew notincluded!31531 x2M3x6mmbhcs9803FT MotorMount CamMotor notincluded!!Motor tabs shouldclear top deck!98024-40x.100”setscrew9802FT Motormountclamp9802Steelwasherx26925 x24-40x1/2”shcs:: Electronics Install - Step 31787 x2FT bodyclips, blue9786 x2Batterystrap,carbon fiberESC notincluded!!See ESCmanufacturer’sinstructions forwiring!LiPo batteriesnot included!

21:: Body, Wheels, Tires Install - Step 1#1597ca glue!Carefully applytire adhesive tothe tire bead onboth sides.Do one side at atime, allow it todry before gluingthe other side!#1597ca glue9589 x22.2” Wheel,rear9769 x2Proline Holeshot 2.0M3 compoundw/ insert, front9590 x2Proline Holeshot 2.0M3 compound9767 x2w/ insert, rear2.2” Wheel,front:: Body, Wheels, Tires Install - Step 269528-32locknut,steelx269538-32LP steellocknutx2:: Body, Wheels, Tires Install - Step 2Punisherundertrayby JconceptsAdd holeAdd hole!Trim alonglines!!Slide undertrayin between thefront bumper andthe chassis!Add hole3mm or .125” holes on marks

22:: Body, Wheels, Tires Install - Step 376734-40 x 5/16”fhcs9718Rearbumper!Use the screwfor the servomount for theopposite side!6472nylon nut76734-40 x 5/16”fhcs:: Body, Wheels, Tires Install - Step 4Punisherbody byJConceptsPainting Tips:Body :Your B44.1 FT comes with a clear polycarbonatebody. You will need to prep the body before you canpaint it. Wash the inside thoroughly with warm waterand liquid detergent. Dry the body using a clean, soft,lint-free cloth. Use the supplied window masks tocover the windows from the INSIDE of the body (RCcars get painted from the inside).Using high quality masking tape, apply tape to theinside of the body to create a design. Spray (eitherrattle can or airbrush) the paint to the inside of thebody (prefferably dark colors first, lighter colors last).1736 x2FT bodyclips, blueNOTE: use ONLY paint that is recommended for usewith (polycarbonate) plastics. If you don’t, you candestroy the plastic body!!!!).After painting, cut the body along the trim lines. Makesure to drill or use a body reamer to make the holesfor the body mounts and antenna!:: Body, Wheels, Tires Install - Step 51736 x2FT bodyclips, blue9772High downforcewing, 6.5”9729Wingshimsx2

23:: Tuning TipsTips for Beginners:Before making any changes to the standard setup, make sure you can get around the track without crashing. Changesto your vehicle will not be beneficial if you can’t stay on the track. Your goal is consistent laps.Once you can get around the track consistently, start tuning your vehicle. Make only ONE adjustment at a time, testingit before making another change. If the result of your adjustment is a faster lap, mark the change on the included setupsheet (make adddtional copies of the sheet before writing on it). If your adjustment results in a slower lap, revert back tothe previous setup and try another change.When you are satisfied with your vehicle, fill in the setup sheet thoroughly and file it away. Use this as a guide for futuretrack days or conditions.Differential:Adjust the differential (AKA ‘diff’ for short) as noted in the assembly instructions. Adjusting the rear diff is not meant tobe a tuning option. If you can hear the diff making a “barking” or “chirping” sound on jump landings or under acceleration,either your diff is set too loose or your slipper clutch is set too tight. The front diff can go out 1/16” turn to get moresteering.Slipper Clutch:The assembly instructions give you a base setting for your clutch. To preserve the differentials, always start with theslipper on the loose side and slowly tighten the adjustment nut until it is set. To adjust the slipper, remove the body andinsert a 2mm (or 5/64”) hex wrench through the center of the top deck (or through the bottom slot in the chassis).Then, grab both of the rear wheels and rotate forwards to tighten and backwards to loosen. As you spin the wheels,you’ll feel the motor click every ¼ of a wheel revolution. At the track, tighten or loosen the nut in 2 click increments untilyou hear only a faint slipping sound for 1-2 feet on takeoffs.Front Camber Link Length & Number of Washers Under Ballstud:Changing the length of the camber link is considered a bigger step than adjusting the ballstud height. Typicallyshortening the camber link (orlowering the ballstud) will give the front end less roll and quicken steering response.Lengthening the camber link (or raising the ballstud) will give the front more roll and slower steering response. To raisethe ballstud, remove washers from between the ballstud and upper deck.Front Camber:A good starting camber setting is –1 degrees. Use the included #1719 camber gage to set your camber.Positive camber, where the top of the tire is leaning out, is typically not recommended.Front Toe-In:Zero degree toe-in (tires pointing straight forward) is the setting that should be used in almost all track conditions.Occasionally you can increase turn in by adding a little toe-out (front of tires point slightly out). Front toe in is not a typicaltuning adjustment used by The Team.Front Arm Hole:The kit silver springs and outside front arm hole will work best in most cases. Moving the shock to the inside hole on thefront arm requires you to add another down travel limiter to the front shocks, so there should be two down travel limitersin each shock. You should also change to a stiffer spring to account for the difference in leverage on the shock.Front Ride Height:The standard front ride height setting is 21mm. Check the ride height by lifting up the entire car about 8-12 inchesoff the bench and drop it. After the suspension “settles” into place, raise or lower the shock collars as necessary untilthere is 21 mm gap from the bottom of the chassis to the ground.Anti-Squat:Anti-squat denotes the angle of the rear arms relative to the ground. Zero anti-squat means that the rear arms areflat, parallel with the ground. The kit setting is 2 degrees, and can be reduced to 1 degree by removing the included #4washer underneath the arm mount. You can add another #4 washer so that there is two washers underneath the armmount to get 3 degrees of anti-squat. Adding anti-squat tends to make the car “rotate” more in corners, but doesn’thandle as well through the bumps. 1 degree will be better in bumpy sections.Rear Camber Link Length & # of Washers under Ballstud:Changing the length of the camber link is considered a bigger step than adjusting the ballstud height on the rear chassisbrace. Typically shortening the camber link (or lowering the ballstud) will give the rear end less roll and the car will tendto accelerate or “square up” better. Lengthening the camber link (or raising the ballstud) will give the rear more roll andmore cornering grip. To raise the ballstud, remove washers from in-between the ballstud and upper deck. You shouldnormally use the kit setting and only adjust the ballstud height

24:: Tuning Tips (cont.)Rear Hub Spacing:You have 3 options for rear hub spacing, FORWARD, MIDDLE, & BACK. The kit setting is FORWARD, which providesthe most rear traction and will be used most often. For improved handling in bumps or rhythm sections, try moving thehubs to MIDDLE or BACK. This can also make the car handle better in 180 turns.Rear Anti-Roll Bar:The #9780 B44 anti-roll bar kit (a.k.a. swaybar) allows you to add roll resistance to the rear end with minimal effect onhandling over bumps and jumps. The anit-roll bar is very helpful when trying to tune the suspension. The black bar is thesoftest (.047” wire) and the silver (.055” wire) is the standard. It is popular to run a rear anti-roll bar in 4wd to help thecar square up more out of turns.Rear Arm Hole:The inner hole in the arm tends to work the best over the bumps and jump sections. Changing to the outer hole in therear arm will tend to make the rear end feel more “locked in” and less responsive. Making this change to the outer holerequires you to remove the downtravel limiters from the rear shocks.Rear Ride Height:The rear ride height setting you should use most often is 20 mm (the rear arms appear level when looking from therear). Check the ride height by lifting up the entire car about 8-12 inches off the bench and drop it. After the suspension“settles” into place, raise or lower the shock collars as necessary until there is 20 mm gap from the bottom of thechassis to the ground. Note: Check the ride height gap at the rear end of the carbon fiber chassis, not at the rearchassis plate which is raised for more ground clearance. The chassis should look level from the side.Battery Setup:The B44.1 is designed to use LiPo saddle pack batteries. Follow your ESC and battery manufacturer’srecommendations for wiring.Setup Sheets:Most often, the best way to get your car handling right is to go to our website www.rc10.com and click on the linksto Setup Sheets, then RC10B44.1 setups. Our team of professional drivers help develop these setups at Nationalevents. Also, most drivers have a “base” setup that they use as a starting point for every event. Try running some of ourbase setups OR look for track conditions and tires that are similar to your local track and mimic that setup. Remember,each adjustment has a purpose, so copy everything from the setup sheet and then make adjustments based on therecommendations in this manual.Steering Servo ChartAssociated XP-1015, XP-1313Airtronics 94102AirtronicsHitecHitecJRJRFutabaFutabaFutabaKO94738, 94157, 94158, 94257, 94258, 94357,94358, 94452, 94453, 94751, 94755HS-5625MG, HS-5645MG, HS625MG, HS645MGHS-322HD, HS-325HB, HS-965, HS-985MG,HS-5965, HS-5985MG, HS-425BB, HS-422Z4725, Z4750, Z2750, Z8450, Z8550, NES-4750Z250, Z550S9204, S9250, S9450, S148S3003, S9202, S9101S9404PS-401, PS-2001, PS-2004, PS-2015, PS-2173,PS-2174, PS-2123, PS-2143, PS-2144# 9180servo armFAAHHJJFFFJ* Not all servo’s are listed* Make sure servo linkage clears the servo through full travelin both directions. Use #7336 servo spacers to adjust theservos position

25:: Shocks17771780418754076299641764436465646964726475692574747475747874797484964597239724FT Blue Aluminum Shock Pivot Ball/EyeletFT Blue Aluminum Shock Bushing, std.030 Nylon WasherRed O-Rings1/8” E-ClipsFT Shock Shaft Gold 1.02”Bleeder Shock Caps 1/10 w/screwsShock Pistons, 4 each of #1,2, & 3Black Shock Cap O-RingShock Mount NutSpring Cup (used on rear)4-40 x 1/2“ SHCSV2 Threaded Shocks 0.89” CompleteV2 Threaded Shock Bodies 0.89”V2 Threaded Shocks 1.18” CompleteV2 Threaded Shock Bodies 1.18”V2 1/10th Shocks Rebuild Kit (rebuilds 4)2-56 x 1/8” bhcsFT Shock Shaft Gold 0.80”Offset Spring Cups (used on front)4412812141444622221612:: Differentials23303911391439766573657465796581658269099734Diff T-nutTrans. Shim SetDifferential Ring Gear & Drive Pinion Gear3/8 x 5/8” RS Ball BearingDiff Thrust Washer & Bolt5/64” Diff Thrust BallsDiff Drive Rings3/32” Carbide Diff BallsDiff Thrust SpringDiff Bearing 3/16 x 5/16”B44 Outdrives, Set397665813914211216212121:: Shock Springs15811582649364946496649782326478648064816482743474357436:: Lubes & Adhesives / Decals / Misc.11051596159765886591663667277167173816382038349777647264436469Front7475Rear747954077484540774841780964564654187Front9723Rear6417Factory Team Buggy Front Spring Kit. I pairof green, silver, blue, black front springsFactory Team Truck Rear Spring Kit. I pairof green, silver, blue, gold, red rear springsFront Buggy Spring Brown 2.80 lb (Kit)Front Buggy Spring Green 3.50 lbFront Buggy Spring Silver 3.85 lbFront Buggy Spring Blue 4.20 lbFront Buggy Spring Black 3.20 lbRear Spring Silver 2.10 lbRear Spring Green 1.90 lb (Kit)Rear Spring Black 1.74 lbRear Spring Gray 2.33 lbRear Spring Blue 2.55 lbRear Spring Gold 2.75 lbRear Spring Red 2.95 lbFT Green Slime Shock LubeFT Locking AdhesiveFT Tire Adhesive, mediumBlack Grease - 4ccS.Diff Lube - 4ccSilicone Grease - 4ccServo TapeReedy 2009 Sticker SetReedy Powered Logo DecalAmerican Bumper StickerAE Logo Decal SheetAE Blue Embossed Logo StickerB44.1 Decal Sheet62996299111111211112174167416Front9724Rear6475692511Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.17771777:: Shock Oil5420542154225423542454255426542754285429543054315432543354345435543654375438391139112330658297346579690910 Weight Silicone Shock Oil20 Weight Silicone Shock Oil30 Weight Silicone Shock Oil40 Weight Silicone Shock Oil22.5 Weight Silicone Shock Oil80 Weight Silicone Shock Oil27.5 Weight Silicone Shock Oil15 Weight Silicone Shock Oil25 Weight Silicone Shock Oil35 Weight Silicone Shock Oil45 Weight Silicone Shock Oil55 Weight Silicone Shock Oil32.5 Weight Silicone Shock Oil37.5 Weight Silicone Shock Oil42.5 Weight Silicone Shock Oil50 Weight Silicone Shock Oil60 Weight Silicone Shock Oil70 Weight Silicone Shock Oil47.5 Weight Silicone Shock Oil690965799734657365736573391139113911391139762oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.6574

26:: Slipper / Spur Gears / Pinions165473817485748679359603964996509651965296539711973697409742FT Axle PinsCVD Rebuild KitFT V2 Slipper HubsFT V2 Slipper Spring and Washer.187 x .50 x .196” BearingSlipper Pad72T 48P Spur Gear75T 48P Spur Gear81T 48P Spur Gear (Kit)78T 48P Spur Gear84T 48P Spur GearB44 Bearing InsertB44 Slipper ShaftB44 Slipper NutB44 Slipper Drive Cups4121221111121119736793597119736738197421654738196517485960396039742974297409711748697411654973674857935:: Pinions82528253825482558256825782588259826082618262826382648265826682678268826915T 48P Pinion Gear16T 48P Pinion Gear17T 48P Pinion Gear18T 48P Pinion Gear19T 48P Pinion Gear20T 48P Pinion Gear21T 48P Pinion Gear22T 48P Pinion Gear23T 48P Pinion Gear24T 48P Pinion Gear25T 48P Pinion Gear26T 48P Pinion Gear27T 48P Pinion Gear28T 48P Pinion Gear29T 48P Pinion Gear30T 48P Pinion Gear31T 48P Pinion Gear32T 48P Pinion Gear111111111111111111:: Anti-Roll Bars :: Turnbuckles69518828883097804-40 x 1/8” Set ScrewAnti Roll Bar Cups, SetAnto Roll Bar Pivots (with setscrews), SetB44 Anti Roll Bar Kit6111140414067230FT Blue Titanium Turnbuckles 1.775” / 45mmFT Blue Titanium Turnbuckle 2.00 / 51mm”Ball Cups, LargePr.Pr.1288289780695188309780723014047230882869518830882814067230 72309780882814067230 7230

27:: Front and Rear Gearboxes39033911391939774334629968607381799697339747976097619780Drive PinionsTrans. Shim SetInput Shaft Hardware3/16 x 3/8” RS Ball Bearing2-56 x 5/16” BHCS1/8” Small E-ClipsFT 4-40 x 3/8” SHCS, blueCVD Rebuild KitPosilock QC Pin RetainerB44 Transmission CaseB44 Front CVA BoneB44 Center Bone, RearB44 CVA Input ShaftB44 Anti Roll Bar Kit211281261212111686068606860973339113903629968606860686073819761391179963977391973819747686068606860686068606860 43349780433497809733629939033977799639197381738197613911973397609733:: Steering177938743981627262766277629269177336733779119180963097439744974689007FT Servo Mount, blueBlock Carrier BushingsBallstud .20” Black, shortFoam Ballend Dust CoversBallstud .20” Silver, shortBallstud .30” Silver, short4-40 x 3/8” FHCS4-40 x 3/8” BHCSSteering Servo Mount Kit.250 x .125 x .015” WasherSteering Servo LinkServo Horns, MoldedBallstud WasherB44 Steering SetB44 Steering HardwareB44 Steering Bearing SetSteering Servo Ring, blue0462866661411101111387497439743974397469744974369179630691762776272 963062779744627262929744629297469744974497469743627262769743974439819180733673371779890077336691762926917691769177337627279117911791117796292:: Front and Rear Shock Towers173617804449691774137738787497039704971997299772FT Body Clips, Short, blue 6FT Blue Alum. Shock Bushing, std 44-40 x 3/16” Alum. Locknut 54-40 x 3/8” BHCS64-40 x 3/4” BHCS64-40 x 7/8” SHCS64-40 x 7/16” SHCS8B44 Front Shock Tower1B44 Rear Shock Tower1B44 Body Mounts1B44 Wing Mounts1High Downforce Wing 6.5” 17413691769176917691717801780741369179703971978747413972997047413972917806917 4449173617369772972997297738

28:: Front and Rear Top Plates1736433444496277628862926338691769256936970197029714971931113FT Body Clips, Short, blue2-56 x 5/16” BHCS4-40 x 3/16” Alum. LocknutBallstud .30” Silver, short4-40 x 1/4” BHCS4-40 x 3/8” FHCSAntenna Tube 12”, black4-40 x 3/8” BHCS4-40 x 1/2” SHCSWashers, Alum. #4B44 Front Top DeckB44 Rear Top DeckB44 Shock Tower MountsB44 Body MountsAntenna Mount6856661661011111633862926925971444499702692569254449629262926292971917364334629262924334311136292627769366936971462774449970169364449628862776936691769176277:: Center Bulkhead and Motor Mount629269246925970997129800980198029803315314-40 x 3/8” FHCS4-40 x 3/8” SHCS4-40 x 1/2” SHCSB44 Center BulkheadB44 Center Bulkhead CapB44 FT Cam Motor Mount SetB44 FT Cam Motor MountB44 FT Motor Mount ClampB44 FT Motor Mount CamM3 x 6mm BHCS6661111116692569259802980298029802980369246924 69246924971231531315316292970998006292 980162926292

29:: Front Suspension222139773983444962726277695373697381799696459647971597169720972297479748975097514-40 x 7/16” BHCS3/16 x 3/8” RS Ball BearingBallstud .30” Black, short4-40 x 3/16” Alum. LocknutFoam Ballend Dust CoversBallstud .30” Silver, short8-32 LP Steel Locknut1/16” Universal Roll PinsCVD Rebuild KitPosiLock QC Pin Retainer2-56 x 1/8” BHCSB44 Steering Block BushingB44 Front ArmsB44 Hinge Pin SetB44 Caster BlockB44 Steering BlockB44 Front CVA BoneB44Front CVA AxleB44 Axle Drive HexB44 Front Crush Tube6265286641264Pr.1Pr.Pr.2222974773817381736997483983799662729720971544499647397796472221 627297226277444997519750971639779645971622216953:: Rear Suspension3977398362726932695273687369738179337935799696089630964597169754976498649872312863/16 x 3/8” RS Ball BearingBallstud .30” Black, shortFoam Ballend Dust Covers4-40 x 5/16” SHCS8-32 Locking Nut, Steel3/16” Axle Shims1/16” Universal Roll PinsCVD Rebuild KitCrush Tube GT2.187 x .50 x .196” BearingPosiLock QS Pin RetainerRR Axle Wheel SpacerBallstud Washer2-56 x 1/8” BHCSB44 Hinge Pin SetB44 Rear CVA BoneB44 Rear ArmB44 FT Aluminum Hub, 0˚B44 FT Aluminum Hub Tower SetAlum. Ballstud Washer (1mm, 2mm)2628661441222210612Pr.Pr.14 ea.975473817381398362727369693279963977987231286963079339864736879359716 97649608695296459716

30:: Chassis and Battery Mounts17874449629264726915691769367673964597069713971497189719972697459765977497759786FT Battery Strap Thumbscrews4-40 x 3/16” Alum. Locknut4-40 x 3/8” FHCSShock Mount Nuts4-40 x 5/8” FHCS4-40 x 3/8” BHCSWashers, Alum. #44-40 x 5/16” FHCS2-56 x 1/8” BHCSB44 Battery PostB44 Front BulkheadB44 Shock Tower MountsB44 Front & Rear BumperB44 Body MountsB44 Rear Chassis Plate, 3˚ arm mountB44 Servo Link and Setscrew4-40 x 7/16” FHCSB44.1 LiPo ChassisB44.1 LiPo Battery TrayB44 Battery Strap Carbon Fiber25646610642111 ea.21161121787178797866472974564729775629262929745970697061787178797869745444997756292974597069714 9713629262929706629297759645 97656292971862926917629269176472767376739719629244499726693669364449444944499645971876739719972662929774767362926915629297656915

31:: Factory Team and Option Parts14041406141115981654172817291730173117321733173617771779178017876417690369066937694374167474747574787479748479969608B9710972197239774977597769779978397849786978797959796979797989799980098019802980398649865986698679872Ti Turnbuckle 1.775” BlueTi Turnbuckle 2.00” BlueTi Turnbuckle 0.75” BlueFT Blue Aluminum Shock CapFT Solid Axle PinsFT HD Front One-Way SetFT HD One-Way Housing SetFT HD One-Way Outdrive CupFT Bearings for HD One-WayFT HD One-Way Ring GearFT HD One-Way ShimsFT Short Body Clips BlueFT Blue Aluminum Ball/Eyelet SetFT Servo Mount Blue AluminumFT Aluminum Shock BushingBattery Strap ThumbscrewFT Shock Shaft Gold 1.02”3/8 x 5/8“ PTFE Bearings3/16 x 3/8” PTFE BearingsFT Blue 4-40 LocknutsFT Blue 8-32 LocknutsThreaded Shock CollarFT V2 .89” Threaded ShocksFT V2 .89” Threaded BodiesFT V2 1.18” Threaded ShocksFT V2 1.18” Threaded BodiesFT V2 1:10 Shock Rebuild KitCVA Pin RetainerRR Axle Wheel Spacer, blueB44 Alum. Center BulkheadB44 Alum. Caster BlocksFT Shock Shaft Gold 0.80”B44.1 LiPo ChassisB44.1 LiPo Battery TrayB44.1 LiPo Ballast WeightB44 Complete Bearing SetB44 Alum. Front Tower MountB44 Alum. Rear Tower MountB44 Carbon Battery StrapChassis Protective SheetTi Nitride Ballstuds 4-40 x 0.20” LongTi Nitride Ballstuds 4-40 x 0.30” LongTi Nitride Ballstuds 4-40 x 0.40” LongTi Nitride Ballstuds 4-40 x 0.20” ShortTi Nitride Ballstuds 4-40 x 0.30” ShortB44 Cam Motor Mount SetB44 Cam Motor MountB44 Motor Mount ClampB44 Motor Mount CamB44 FT Aluminum Hub, 0˚B44 FT Aluminum Hub, 0.5˚B44 FT Aluminum Hub, 1˚B44 FT Aluminum Hub, 1.5˚B44 FT Aluminum Hub Tower Set:: XP Electronics2910729125291262913229140291412916629177292092921029211292122922129222S1903 Metal Gear SetS1903MG ServoS2008MG ServoSHV1504MG ServoXP SC200 Brushed ESCXP SC450-BL Brushless ESCXP DS1313 Digital ServoXP DS1015 Digital ServoGear Set, DS1313Gear Set, DS1015Servo Case , DS1313 / DS1015Accessory Pack, DS1313 / DS1015XP3SS 2.4GHz Radio SystemTRS401SS 2.4GHz 4Ch Receiver2221411Pr.Pr.18612421Pr.Pr.64Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.1221Pr.111111121222221111Pr.Pr.Pr.Pr.111111111111111:: Reedy Motors and ESC’s916917918919936937938939:: Reedy Batteries302303627632633634637686710712:: Reedy Accessories605610654655656657658659660661662663664716SP35MSP35LSP35XLSP35XXLSP35XXXLSP36MSP36LSP36XLSP36XXLSP36XXXLSP417SP418540R Brushless Motor 3300kV540R Brushless Motor 3900kV540R Brushless Motor 4900kV540R Brushless Motor 6100kVXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 3300kV ComboXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 3900kV ComboXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 4900kV ComboXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 6100kV ComboAA Alkaline 1.5V (4)AA 2700mAh NiMH 1.2V RechargeableLiPo 60C 5200mAh 7.4V SPTX Lightweight Battery 1350mAh 11.1VTX Battery - 3PK, M11 3000mAh 11.1VTX Battery - Helios, Z1 2400mAh 11.1VTX Battery - M11X 2500mAh 7.4VLiPo 40C+ 4200mAh 7.4V SPLiPo 5100mAh 7.4V 35C SP ROAR SpecLiPo 4200mAh 7.4V 35C SP EFRA SpecMotor Cooling Fans (2)AC/DC NiMH Peak Charger4.0mm plugs (2M, 2F)4.0mm plugs (2M, 10F)4.0mm plugs (10F)4.0mm plugs (100F)4.0mm plugs (10M)4.0mm plugs (30M)3.5mm plugs (3M, 3F)3.5mm plugs (10F)3.5mm plugs (100F)3.5mm plugs (10M)3.5mm plugs (30M)Reedy 09 Decal SetReedy Logo T-Shirt - White MReedy Logo T-Shirt - White LReedy Logo T-Shirt - White XLReedy Logo T-Shirt - White XXLReedy Logo T-Shirt - White XXXLReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black MReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black LReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black XLReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black XXLReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black XXXLFactory Team 1/10 Motor Storage BagFactory Team 1/10 Car Carrier Bag:: LRP Brushless MotorsLRP50642LRP50652LRP50662LRP50672LRP50682LRP50687LRP50692LRP50702LRP50712LRP50722LRP50832LRP50842LRP50852LRP50862LRP X-12 9.5 TurnLRP X-12 8.5 TurnLRP X-12 7.5 TurnLRP X-12 6.5 TurnLRP X-12 5.5 TurnLRP X-12 5.0 TurnLRP X-12 4.5 TurnLRP X-12 4.0 TurnLRP X-12 3.5 TurnLRP X-12 3.0 TurnVector X-12 Stock-Spec 10.5 TurnVector X-12 Stock Spec 13.5 TurnVector X-12 Stock Spec 17.5 TurnVector X-12 Stock Spec 21.5 Turn1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

32:: LRP Speed ControlsLRP8320LRP8325LRP8337LRP80100LRP80150LRP80400LRP80800LRP80830LRP80900LRP80910LRP80950LRP86500LRP80905LRP80955LRP80460:: LRP Brushless CombosLRP80640LRP80641LRP80642LRP80643LRP80644LRP80645LRP80646LRP80647LRP80648LRP80649LRP80654LRP80655LRP80656LRP80657LRP80658LRP80659LRP80673LRP80674LRP80675AI Super ReverseAI Pro ReverseAI Bullet ReverseAI Brushless ReverseAI Brushless Pro ReverseSPX Brushless Super ReverseV 8.1Quantum Competition 3SXX Competition Speed ControlSXX Stock-Spec Speed ControlSXX TC-Spec Speed ControlNEXXT 4X escSXX Competition V.2SXX TC-Spec V.2Ultimo DriftSXX TC / X-12 3.0 TurnSXX TC / X-12 3.5 TurnSXX TC / X-12 4.0 TurnSXX TC / X-12 4.5 TurnSXX TC / X-12 5.0 TurnSXX TC / X-12 5.5 TurnSXX TC / X-12 6.5 TurnSXX TC / X-12 7.5 TurnSXX TC / X-12 8.5 TurnSXX TC / X-12 9.5 TurnSXX COMP / X-12 5.0 TurnSXX COMP / X-12 5.5 TurnSXX COMP / X-12 6.5 TurnSXX COMP / X-12 7.5 TurnSXX COMP / X-12 8.5 TurnSXX COMP / X-12 9.5 TurnSXX Stock-Spec / X-12 Stock-Spec 10.5 TurnSXX Stock-Spec / X-12 Stock-Spec 13.5 TurnSXX Stock-Spec / X-12 Stock-Spec 17.5 Turn1111111111111111111111111111111111:: ApparelSP35**SP36**SP58**SP59**SP60**SP61**SP62**SP63**SP64**SP65**SP100SP101SP102SP103SP410**SP415SP416SP417SP418SP420**715110684:: 1/18 Kits and RTR’s20100201012010320105201062011020115201182012020130Reedy 09’ White T-Shirt (M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)Reedy 09’ Black T-Shirt (M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)AE Logo Black T-Shirt (M, L, XL, XXL)AE Logo Blue T-Shirt (M, L, XL, XXL)AE Hooded Sweatshirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)AE Vertigo Hooded Sweatshirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)AE Vertigo Long Sleeve T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)AE Vertigo White T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)AE Vertigo Blue T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)AE Vertigo Black T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)1/8 Inner and Outer Boxes Only, Set1/8 Inner Boxes Only, Set1/10 Inner and Outer Boxes Only, Set1/10 Inner Boxes Only, SetAE Hats Black (S-M, L-XL, XXL-XXXL)1/8 Car Carrier Bag Only1/10 Car Carrier Bag Only1/10 FT Motor Bag1/10 FT Car Carrier Bag with Boxes, SetAE Pit Gloves (M, L, XL)Reedy 2009 Track BannerTeam Associated Track Banner** Use part number plus the desired size when ordering!RC18T RTR (ready-to-run)RC18T2 2.4ghz RTR (ready-to-run)RC18B2 - RC18T2 Team KitRC18B RTR (ready-to-run)RC18B2 2.4ghz RTR (ready-to-run)RC18MT RTR (ready-to-run)RC18R Kamino RTR (ready-to-run)RC18R Niteline RTR (ready-to-run)SC18 RTR (ready-to-run)RC18LM RTR (ready-to-run)1111111111111111111Pr.111111111111:: LRP Charger, Power Supply, Balancer, IronLRP41281LRP41555LRP43150LRP45200LRP65800LRP65802LRP65803LRP65804:: LRP Misc.LRP50620LRP50621LRP50622LRP50623LRP50624LRP50625LRP50626LRP50632LRP50633LRP50634LRP80135LRP82520LRP82511LRP819307LRP819310LRP819315LRP819320Quadra Pro 2 ChargerPulsar Touch Competition ChargerPower Supply CompetitionLiPo Parallel BalancerHigh Power Solder StationSoldering Tip 5mmSoldering Tip 1.2mmSoldering HandleX-12 Replacement Ball BearingsX-12 Optional Ceramic Ball BearingsX-12 Small parts SetX-12 PreciSensor UnitX-12 Replacement alum Front canX-12 Lightweight Alum CanX-12 Alum Rear CoverX-12 12.0mm sintered rotorX-12 12.5mm sintered rotorX-12 13.0mm sintered rotorBEC stabilizing capacitorBrushless/Brushed Cooling SetBrushless Low Profile Fan70mm High Flex Sensor Wire100mm High Flex Sensor Wire150mm High Flex Sensor Wire200mm High Flex Sensor Wire1111111111111111111111111:: 1/12, 1/10 Kits and RTR’s203320424019702070237027702970307032703470367037704070417043704470807092802080219034903690389039906120515301053010630111FT Nitro TC3 KitNitro TC3 RTR Plus (ready-to-run)FT 12R5.1 KitRC10T4 Team Truck KitRC10T4.1 FT KitSC10 2WD Short Course Race Truck KitSC10 Associated/RC10.com Truck RTR (ready-to-run)SC10 KMC Wheels Race Truck RTR (ready-to-run)SC10 Ready Lift RTR (ready-to-run)SC10 FT KitRC10T4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushed (ready-to-run)RC10T4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushless (ready-to-run)SC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Lucas Oil BodySC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Speed Tech/Bully Dog BodySC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Pro Comp BodySC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Rockstar / Makita BodyFT GT2 Nitro Truck KitGT2 RS Truck Nitro RTR (ready-to-run)FT RC10R5 KitFT RC10R5-OVAL KitRC10B4 Buggy Team KitRC10B4.1 FT KitRC10B4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushed (ready-to-run)RC10B4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushless (ready-to-run)FT B44.1 4WD Buggy KitMGT 3.0 Nitro Monster Truck RTR (ready-to-run)FT TC5R Rubber Tire Edition 4WD Touring Car KitFT TC6 4WD Touring Car KitTC4 4WD Touring Car RTR (ready-to-run)11111111111111111111111111111

33:: 1/8 Kits and RTR’s2050320504809028090480905809128091580920809218092280923809248092580932Limited Edition MGT 4.60 Nitro RTR, w/flag body(ready-to-run)Limited Edition MGT 8.0 Nitro RTR, w/flag body(ready-to-run)FT RC8B Nitro Buggy KitFT RC8Be Electric Buggy KitRC8RS “Race Spec” Nitro Buggy RTR (ready-to-run)RC8T Championship EditionRC8T-RS “Race Spec” Nitro Truggy RTR (ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, Red Bull Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, Lucas Oil Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, KMC Wheels Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, Bully Dog Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, AE Team Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, Pro Comp Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8e Short Course Race Truck Rockstar/Makita RTR(ready-to-run)11111111111111:: Contact Information:: Tools111114491450154115421543154415451546154715481551155315541561156215631564156515661567158915901592171917373718371937203987642969567709FT Turnbuckle WrenchOffroad Ride Height GaugeFT Ride Height GaugeFT Hex Driver Set, (7 pcs)FT .050” Silver Hex DriverFT 1/16” Black Hex DriverFT 1.5mm Purple Hex DriverFT 5/64” Blue Hex DriverFT 3/32” Gold Hex DriverFT 2.5mm Green Hex DriverFT 3mm Red Hex DriverFT Screwdriver SetFT Phillips Silver ScrewdriverFT Silver Spring Hook ToolFT Nut Driver Set, (6 pcs)FT 3/16” Black Nut DriverFT 1/4” Red Nut DriverFT 5.5mm Red Nut DriverFT 11/32” Green Nut DriverFT 7.0mm Silver Nut DriverFT 8mm Gold Nut DriverFT 5/64” Blue Ball Hex DriverFT 3/32” Gold Ball Hex DriverFT Ball Hex Driver Set, (3 pcs)FT Camber + Track Width ToolFT Body Scissors12 Inch Nylon Wire Ties6 Inch Nylon Wire Ties8 Inch Nylon Wire TiesFT Droop GaugeShock Building ToolMolded Tools, Set4 Inch Nylon Wire Ties1111111111111111111111111112121211112Associated Electrics, Inc.26021 Commercentre DriveLake Forest, CA 92630-8853 USAhttp://www.TeamAssociated.comhttp://www.RC10.comhttp://twitter/Team Associatedhttp://bit.ly/AEonFacebookcall: (949) 544-7500fax: (949) 544-7501Check out the following web sites for allof our electric kits, current products, newreleases, setup help, tips, and racing info!www.TeamAssociated.com. - www.RC10.com

34:: Notes

Setup SheetFront SuspensionDriver: B44.1 Standard SetupTrack:Conditions:Rear SuspensionDate:Event:Rev.1Anti Roll Bar:0.047” Black0.055” SilverNoneAB21Anti Roll Bar:0.047” Black0.055” SilverNone21BumpsteerWasher:Camber:Toe:0˚0-1˚Camber:Toe:3˚Ride Height:-1˚20mmA CB DRide Height:Steering Rack:I O21mmFrontBackWashers:112AluminumHub Tower:ABWheelbase:LongMediumShortI O12Notes:Notes: Measure rideheight on back cornerof chassisFront ShocksSpring:SilverPiston: #2Rear ShocksSpring: GreenPiston: #1Shock Oil: 35 wt Limiter: 1 Shock Oil: 30 wt Limiter: 1ElectronicsMotor & Wind:Radio:Pinion:Throttle / Brake e.p.a:Spur Gear:Throttle / Brake expo:Batteries:ESC:Throttle Profile:Battery Placement:Initial Brake:Drag Brake:Servo:Steering Expo:DifferentialsOtherFront Diff Setting: StandardBody Type: JConcepts PunisherRear Diff Setting: StandardWing Type: 6.5” high Wing Angle: 9˚Front TiresRear TiresTire:Holeshot 2.0 Tire:Holeshot 2.0Compound:M3Compound:M3Insert:StandardInsert:StandardWheel:StandardWheel:StandardRace and Vehicle CommentsTrack InfoQualify: Main: Finish: TQ: Smooth: Bumpy: Blue Groove:Comments:Traction: High: Medium: Low:Soft Dirt: Grass: Clay: Wet:Dusty: Other::: For more setups, visit RC10.com and click on “Setup Sheets”

36:: Hardware - 1:1 Scale ViewCap Head (shcs)Flat Head (fhcs)Button Head (bhcs)4-40x5/16” (6932)(aluminum ,4145)4-40x3/8” (6924)(aluminum ,6860)4-40x5/16” (7673)4-40x3/8” (6292)2-56x1/8” (9645)2-56x5/16” (4334)4-40x1/4” (6228)4-40x7/16” (7874)(aluminum, 7873)4-40x7/16” (9765)4-40x3/8” (6917)4-40x1/2” (6925)4-40x7/8” (7738)3x6mm (6515)(motor mounting screws)4-40x5/8” (6915)Shims and WashersBallstud Washer (9630)4-40x7/16” (2221)4-40x3/4” (7413)Ball Bearings.030” Nylon Spacer (4187)Nuts (lock/plain)Steering Bearing (9746)Servo Mount Washer (7337)4-40 Aluminum Locknut (4449)3/16x5/16” (6906)#4 Washer (6936)4-40 Plastic Nut (6472)3/16x3/8” (3977)Input Shaft Shim - Black (3911)5-40 Nylon Locknut (9744)3/16x1/2” RS (7935)3/16” Axle Shim - Silver (7368)Outdrive Shim (3911)8-32 LP Steel Locknut (6953)8-32 Steel Locknut (6952)3/8x5/8” RS (3976)BallstudsClipsE-clip (6299)Top Hat BushingsSmall Top Hat Bushing (3874)Large Top Hat Bushing (9647)Silver .20” Short (6276)Silver .30” Long (6277)Black .30” Long (3983)Diff Balls5/64” Diff Thrust Balls (6574)3/32” Carbide Diff Balls (6581)Notes:

Setup SheetFront SuspensionAnti Roll Bar:0.047” Black0.055” SilverNoneBumpsteerWasher:Camber:Toe:Ride Height:Steering Rack:Notes:I OFrontBackFront ShocksSpring:Shock Oil:ElectronicsMotor & Wind:Pinion:Spur Gear:Batteries:Battery Placement:BABWashers:ACam HolderHex SpacingDriver:Track:Conditions:12Piston:Limiter:DifferentialsFront Diff Setting:Rear Diff Setting:Front TiresTire:Compound:Insert:Wheel:Race and Vehicle CommentsQualify: Main: Finish: TQ:Comments:Hex Spacing21Camber- 0+Rear SuspensionAnti Roll Bar:Outer Ball& ShimsOuter Ball& Shims1º 1.5º 2ºToe 0+- Toe 0+0.047” Black0.055” SilverNoneCamber:Toe:Ride Height:AluminumHub Tower:ABWheelbase:LongMediumShortNotes:Rear ShocksSpring:Shock Oil:Tire:Compound:Insert:Wheel:Track InfoArm Mount Shims-BumpsteerI ORadio:Throttle / Brake e.p.a:Throttle / Brake expo:ESC:Initial Brake:Servo:OtherBody Type:Wing Type:Rear Tires1mm 2mmDate:Event:Wheel Base ShimsSmooth: Bumpy: Blue Groove:Traction: High: Medium: Low:Soft Dirt: Grass: Clay: Wet:Dusty: Other:WheelbaseWheelbase211212Piston:Limiter:Throttle Profile:Drag Brake:Steering Expo:Wing Angle:Rev.1A CB D:: For more setups, visit RC10.com and click on “Setup Sheets”

Associated Electrics, Inc.26021 Commercentre Dr.Lake Forest, CA 92630 USAhttp://www.TeamAssociated.comhttp://www.RC10.comhttp://twitter/Team_Associatedhttp://bit.ly/AEonFacebookcall: (949) 544-7500 - fax: (949) 544-7501Check out the following web sites for all of our kits,current products, new releases, setup help, tips, and racing info!www.TeamAssociated.com. - www.RC10.com

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