Norton® High-Performance Films Capabilities - NORTON® Films
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Norton® High-Performance Films Capabilities - NORTON® Films

Norton ® Extruded Films• Based on melt-processablefluoropolymers• Broadest fluoropolymer filmproduct line on the market• Manufactured and converted inclass 100,000 clean room facility• Cementable/bondable surfaceversions available• Up to 62" wide webs, thicknessrange from 0.0005" to 0.030"Chemfilm ® Fluoropolymer Cast Films• Multi-layer construction• Inherently void- and pinhole-free;superior dielectric performance• Superior drape andconformability• Laser markable• Individual layers configurablewith different polymers andpolymer blends• Up to 58" wide• Cementable/bondable surfaceversions availableSkived PTFE and UHMW PE Films and Sheet• Up to 60" wide webs, thicknessrange from 0.0005" to 0.125"• Superior flatness• Cementable/bondable surfaceversions available• Tightest tolerances in the industryZitex ® Porous PTFE Membranes• For venting, diffusion, filtering,and sealing• 100% PTFE• Self-supporting membrane• Hydrophobic• High vent ratesOPTILINER ® and SUPRALINER ® Coated Films• Optical quality coatings• Silicone, non-silicone andfluorosilicone technologies• U.V., thermal and 100% solidsprocessing• Multiple film bases and thicknesses• Custom formulations• Manufactured and converted inclass 10,000 clean room facility

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers the broadest line ofspecialty high-performance polymeric films to allow our customersto select the right film for their application requirements.We utilize a full range of polymers — including FEP, PFA, PTFE,ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF and PMP — to deliver the right combinationof temperature, chemical and dielectric performance in avariety of key applications.Chemical IndustryOur products are designed to fulfill manydemanding chemical-related applications,such as tank linings, see-through windows,rupture discs, pump diaphragms, andthermoformed packaging.• Extruded fluoropolymer filmsFEP, PFA, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF• Skived PTFE film and sheet T-100Electrical/ElectronicsA combination of excellent dielectricproperties with outstanding temperatureand chemical resistance, as well asweldability, make high-performancefilms perfect candidates for circuitboard laminates, high temperaturewire wrapping insulation tapes, andprimary insulation material for motorcoil windings.• Norton polyimide film (TH Series),polyimide/FEP composites (FHSeries) and polyimide/fluoropolymercomposites (cast DF2000 series)• Cast PTFE-based films DF100, DF1100and 1200, DF1400, DF1700, DF1900• Unsintered extruded PTFE tapesR128 and R129, and expandedPTFE R167 seriesRelease Films/Parting MaterialsCovering the broadest range of servicetemperatures from 160°C (320°F) to260°C (500°F), the family of release filmsfulfill all the processing requirementsof structural composite components forthe aerospace industry, as well as printedand flexible circuit board processing.Norton® polyimide film is used as a hightemperature bagging film for autoclaveprocessing of composites.Available in thicknesses as low as 0.0005"and widths up to 60".• Extruded FEP, ETFE, ECTFEand PMP release films• Cast PTFE MR release film• FluoroLease® A• Norton® polyimideProtective/DecorativeThis complete line of fluoropolymerproducts offers the highest levels of UVand chemical protection. Utilizing varioussurface modification technologies,products are available in bondable(cementable) form that allows endusers to laminate/bond films with amultitude of substrates to combine thehigh performance of fluoropolymers withvirtually any material of their choice.• Extruded FEP, PFA, ETFE, ECTFEand PVDF filmsEmerging TechnologiesSaint-Gobain is the global pioneer inthe development of multi-layer filmtechnologies. Beginning with Chemfilm ® ,the world’s first multi-layer fluoropolymerproduct, our technologists have nowachieved this accomplishment inmelt-processable fluoropolymers. Ourproprietary technology allows us tocombine new groups of materials toachieve greater levels of performance.Our goal is simple—deliver theperformance you need, where you needit, at a great value.FluoroLease® Multi-Layer Release FilmFluoroLease® is the new multilayerrelease film that matches theperformance and release characteristicsof FEP, while outperforming conventionalFEP in drapability and conformability,and providing 50% higher area yield(1-mil film). It is recommended forautoclave cures with all resin systemsand cure cycles up to 375°F and hasbeen demonstrated effective in curetemperatures to 232°C (450°F) and postcures to 260°C (500°F).FluoroLam® Protective Film is a newproduct technology that meets the needsof protective/decorative applications.This product technology can offeroutstanding chemical resistance, PSA-freeadhesion, and long life weatherabilityfor outdoor exposure, depending uponthe needs of the application. The uniquematerials and processes employed inthe manufacture of this product deliverstate-of-the-art elongation for excellentthermoformability in emerging marketapplications.Ask your SGPPL sales representativehow our material expertise can help youunlock profits from your operation.

Saint-Gobain Performance PlasticsSpecialty Films—The Americas150 Dey RoadWayne, NJ 07470-4699Tel: (800) 526-7844Fax: (973) 696-4056www.NORTON-films.comSaint-Gobain Performance PlasticsSpecialty Films—AsiaRoom 302, 3F-1147 Jianguo North Road, Section 2Taipei,Taiwan, 104Tel: (886) 2-2503-4201Fax: (886) 2-2503-4202Saint-Gobain Performance PlasticsTygaflor® Ltd. Films—EuropeBox 3, Transpennine Estate,Gorrels WayRochdale Lancashire OL112PXUnited KingdomTel: (44) 1706 746900Fax: (44) 1706 746991Norton® High PerformanceExtruded Films ZITEX® Membranes150 Dey RoadWayne, NJ 07470-4699Tel: (800) 526-7844, (973) 696-4700Fax: (973) 628-5550Norton® CHEMFILM® FluoropolymerCast Film SKIVED PTFE andUHMW PE Films and SheetP.O. Box 320, 14 McCaffrey StreetHoosick Falls, NY 12090Tel: (800) 962-2666, (518) 686-7301Fax: (518) 686-4840Norton® Coated Filmsand Polyimide Film717 Plantation StreetWorcester, MA 01605Tel: (508) 852-3072Fax: (508) 852-3259NORTON®, CHEMFILM®, ZITEX®, OPTILINER®, SUPRALINER®,FluoroLam® and FluoroLease® are registered trademarks.Limited Warranty: For a period of 6 months from the date of first sale, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation warrants thisproduct(s) to be free from defects in manufacturing. Our only obligation will be to provide replacement product for any portionproving defective, or at our option, to refund the purchase price thereof. User assumes all other risks, if any, including the risk of injury,loss or damage, whether direct or consequential, arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use this product(s). SAINT-GOBAINPERFORMANCE PLASTICS DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIESOF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.NOTE: Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation does not assume any responsibility or liability for any advice furnished by it, or for the performance orresults of any installation or use of the product(s) or of any final product into which the product(s) may be incorporated by the purchaser and/or user. Thepurchaser and/or user should perform its own tests to determine the suitability and fitness of the product(s) for the particular purpose desired in any©2009 Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

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