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Purrfect Meowsers!Inside this IssueThe Arbor LamplighterVOL. 1 ISSUE 8 August 2011Bella CallariNoel LakeNemo FullerDining Services .. 2September Events 3October Look Ahead 6Chaplain ............. 8Wellness ............. 9Birthdays/Newcomers 15Purrfect Meowsers 16Volume 1 ISSUE 9 September 2011Letter from Ken Boyles, Chief Financial OfficerSnuggles SibleyBlackie EndersTigger JudyBoo Beroth-SturkiePrada WadkinsonTigger WadkinsonBluebelle and Scarlett O‟Hara HarrillEmma ShoreJill Lake“NO! NO!Make thosecats go away!Tell those Catsat Arbor Acres,We DO NOTwant to Play!1240 Arbor Road Winston-Salem, NC 27104-1197 •(336)724-7921 •www.arboracres.orgJanice Lutz-Vanhoy, LRT/CTRS, CLL, Director Recreation /Wellness Servicesjlutzvanhoy@arboracres.org336-748-4646As VicePresident andChief FinancialOfficer(CFO) I overseethe businessoffice,Ken Boyles, CFO human resources,andinformation technology. TheBusiness Office handles billing,and tracks and reports census,charges and payments, facilitypurchases, and charitable gifts.Reports generated include the followingmonthly financial statements:balance sheets; an operatingstatement; and a statement ofcash flows. All reports must beregulatory compliant and conformto Generally Accepted AccountingPrinciples. Financial reports arereviewed monthly by the FinanceCommittee and submitted quarterlyto Arbor Acres‟ Board of Directorsand to other significantagencies and stakeholders.I develop, in conjunction with others,the annual budget and provideoperating reports to departmentmanagers to guide them in theirexpenditures. Annually, I supportthe auditing of our financial statements,help prepare the not forprofit tax return (Form 990), andmanage Arbor Acres‟ business insurancecoverage levels and claims.Additionally the business officeassists with preparation of the requiredAnnual Disclosure Statement,and the filing with ForsythCounty of the annual property taxexemption return.Management of the Resident FinancialAssistance Program is amongthe more cherished of my responsibilities.I track resource availabilityand demand, assuring always thatfunds with restrictions are used asrequired. Working directly withresidents and their family membersis deeply meaningful to me. I takepride in Arbor Acres‟ commitmentto its residents. The Financial AssistanceEndowment Fund containsjust over 10 million dollars that areprudently invested according to ArborAcres‟ Board approved investmentpolicy.The Human Resources Departmentrecruits and screens all employees,manages payroll and employeebenefit plans, and addressesemployee problems and needs.Information Technology (IT)cares for Arbor Acres‟ everycomputer, telephone, copier,and printer. Arbor Acres usestechnology to track residentinformation; dining, beautyshop, and gift shop charges;and other financial information.The technology explosion isimpacting telephone service,medical record keeping, safetyand communication systems,and a host of other aspects oflife here. I work hard to be surethat we are investing in technologythat will increase ArborAcres‟ efficiency and reducecosts to residents.I never get bored and I neverrun out of things to do. I amalways learning, staying up todate with regulatory and accountingpronouncements, andnew technology. My wonderfulteam enables me to do all that‟snecessary to keep Arbor Acreson a sound footing. The supportof others makes it fun and rewardingto be the CFO at ArborAcres!Page 16

Page 2DININGEVENTsSEPTEMBER 2011(Regular Arbor Room menu also available onWednesday. See server for specials onThursdays and Fridays.)WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7Blackened Ribeye Steak DinnerHand-cut 10 oz. choice grain fed rib-eye steak,dry-rubbed with a special blend of spices, grilledto order and topped with fresh mango salsaserved with a spinach salad, and half a loadedbaked potato. For dessert, strawberry shortcake!Per person price $18.95[$20.22] with tax.WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14Sea Scallop DinnerA chemical free, N. Atlantic premium catch fromHarbor Banks featuring three extra-large seascallops which are pan-seared, accompanied withangel hair pasta tossed in chardonnay creamsauce and served with grilled asparagus. Keylime pie for dessert.Per person price $17.95[$19.16] with tax.WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21Mixed Seafood Grill DinnerFeaturing grilled fresh catch & shrimp, servedwith roasted red potatoes, fresh green beans anda house salad. For dessert, enjoy a warm fruitcobbler with vanilla ice cream.Per person price $17.95[$19.16] with taxWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28Chef’s Prixe Fixe DinnerThis dinner will feature a three-course meal ofmenu items selected by our Chef for your diningpleasure. Please see your server for details.THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29Tapas NightTapas night in the Arbor Room featuring an arrayof tasteful Spanish-inspired hors d‟oeuvresand homemade mini dessertsPer person price $14.85[$15.85] with taxLunchMondaySeptember 5, 2011Labor Day MenuGrilled hamburgers with allthe trimmingsGrilled hot dogs with all thetrimmingsGrilled chicken breastCorn on the cobBaked beansPotato saladCole slawWatermelonAssorted desserts to includebanana pudding$7.49[$8.00 with tax]LunchTuesdaySeptember 13, 2011Southwestern MenuVegetable soupTaco soupGrilled southwestern chickenw/jack cheeseand fire roasted peppersBeef Tamale pieSpanish riceGreen chili corn puddingGreen beans w/ onion andtomatoRoasted yellow squashFresh fruit saladCalico bean salad$7.49[$8.00 with tax]Thursday, September 22 ~5:00 ~ 8:00 p.m.CAR Wars Dinner Menu ~Hors D’oeuvresJetta Knight Seafood Salad in Petite Phyllo CupsToyota Tomato SandwichesVega Veggies with Dipping SauceCoup Deville Deviled EggsJuke Open Face Cucumber SandwichesSoupMilky Way Ham & Blackeyed Pea SoupEntreesFord Galaxy Fried ChickenChewbacca Eastern & Western NC Style Pork BBQSeniorservion Mountain TroutJuke Skylarker Country Shrimp & Grits StationFixingsCosmic Collard GreensMealsonwheelian Macaroni & CheeseHeavenly Hush PuppiesThunderbird Potato SaladR2D2 Cole Slaw- Traditional & BBQ StyleC3PO Okra, Corn, & Tomato SuccotashDessertApple Honda SoloDark Vega Blackberry SonkerOBI Cordoba Chocolate Chess PieLandau Ford Fusion Strawberry ShortcakeVolkswagon Pie and Light Le Saber Sweet Potato PiePrincess Kia Homemade Peach Ice CreamResidents’ BirthdaysLouetta Davis 1Mary Kane 1Lib Brandon 2Rebecca Ballard 4Jane Truscott 4Bob Vaughn 6Bernice Jones 7Jane McNair 7Phoebe Satterwhite 8Lucy Willingham 8Lisa Menefee 9Mable Francis Graham 10Carlene Judy 10Pluma Smith 10Jean Steelman 10Jo Main 11True Pollock 11Marian Youngkin 11John Gallaher 12Kathleen Enders 13Anne Kester 13Flora Raper 15Jean Walker 15Sue Sarbaugh 17Edie Holden 18Alice Sexton 18Marie Morgan 20Ginny Baucom 21Mary Ann Odell 21Emma Lineberger 23Zelma Dunnagan 26Martha McPherson 26Hortensia Villalon 27Mary West Ball 28Dee Leroy 28Frank Pollock 28Miriam Bumgarner 29Edie Knott 29Mary Alice Love 29Walter Cawood 30Eleanor Jamison 30Nita Wagoner 30September‟s Birthdays and NewcomersEmployees’ BirthdaysHans Craig 3Crystal Pierce 4Juanita Nash 7Helen Kelly 11April Ford 15Tina Litteral 15Lauren Crotts 17Lavonia Gibbs 19Amy Gravely 19Rosetta Harrell 19Katrina Bodford 20Alice Carter 20Jeffery Goodwin 22Julie Oakes 22Jordan Andrew 24Shakaila Carson 24Fran Meeks-McFarland 24Janet Taylor 24Brenda McCormick 25Semya Wilson 27Chiquita Funderburke 28Kathy Gwyn 28Deidre Robinson 30WelcomeNewcomers!Col. James BreckinridgeHC 608Mr. Don GunlockHC 710Dr. Dudley “Chan” andMrs. Winborne Chandler1091 Francis Asbury CourtMrs. Julia “Judy” Hardy1150 Francis Asbury DriveSweet SeptemberHappy birthday andthe sweetest September,A celebration we shallsurely remember.We know you waited another year,To bring all of us, together and near.Happy birthday andthe sweetest September,In our lives,you are a valued member.You‟ve always proudly,stood by our side,Encouraging words freely provide.Happy birthday andthe sweetest September,Your heart brings us warmth,like a hot glowing ember.Thankful for actions,unselfish, and kind,Most precious memories bringjoy to our mind.Page 15

Page 14September EventsPage 3Page 3Word List ~ “Boats”Aircraft Carrier FrigateBargeGalleonCanoeLongboatCatamaran Mine SweeperClipperOil TankerCutterPaddleboatDestroyer SchoonerFerryboat SubmarineFreighter YachtLook for the new Sign-Upicon when browsingthrough events!CVS/Dollar Tree Shopping: 1 st Monday ofeach month ~ CVS at Cloverdale Plaza1:00 p.m.2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th CVS ~ Mondays atColiseum DriveHealing Touch: Every Monday 5:30-7:45 p.m. ~ Sign up for an appointmenttime.Thruway Shopping: Every Tuesday, Leaveat 1:00 p.m.WalMart: 4th Thursday of each Month:Leave at 1pmFor Shopping excursions, please sign up to reserve aseat on the bus. We leave at 1:00 p.m. from the frontlobby.Thursday, September 1 ~ 7:00 p.m ~ ElizabethMessick, Community Coordinator, Arts for Life(Fellowship Hall)Arts For Life (AFL) is a nonprofit organization dedicatedto supporting young people facing serious illnessesin hospitals across North Carolina. In 2010,our team in Winston-Salem brought visual art, musicand creative writing lessons to more than 1,000 patientsand their families at Brenner Children‟s Hospital.At the Arts For Life table, while children focuson fun, talk naturally turns towards conversationsabout their treatment and their lives. When kids areactually looking forward to a visit to the clinic - andhesitant to leave - because of their art project, thenAFL‟s goal of supporting sick children is achieved.According to Dr. Marcia Wofford, pediatric oncologistat Brenner, “Arts for Life is an extremely importantpart of the healing process in these children‟slives.”Monday, September 5th ~ 3:00 p.m.Homemade Ice Cream with Janice(Bay Window)Janice has once again pulled out hermany ice cream freezers and is churningall your favorites: Wendy's chocolate Frosty, orangepineapple,vanilla, peach and strawberry. Be at theBay Window at 3:00 p.m. with spoon in hand!Tuesday, September 6 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~ Nancy Pitkin,pianist: The Music of Your Favorite Films(Fellowship Hall)Join pianist/vocalist Nancy Pitkin as she presents favoritesongs from films such as Dr. Zhivago, Paleface,Hollywood Canteen, Sun Valley Serenade, and Underwater.You'll hear tunes made famous by Julie London,Dinah Shore, Jeanette MacDonald and BarbraStreisand. Listening to these beautiful melodies willcreate a magical experience that will be sure to leave asmile on your face!Thursday, September 8 ~ Noon ~ Men’s Club(Fellowship Hall)Join guest speaker Dr. Mark King, Executive Ministerof Centenary UMC, as he speaks on “The Top TenDo‟s and Don‟ts of Funerals.”Thursday, September 8 through Thursday, October27 ~ 12:30 p.m. ~ 1:15 p.m. ~ Chair Tai Chi newseries (Gathering Place) ~ Details on page 9Thursday, September 8 ~ 3:00 p.m. ~ Arbor AcresUMW Circle #2 (Gathering Place)The first meeting for the Fall will be Thursday, September8th, at 3:00pm, in the Gathering Place, 4thFloor, Corpening Building. Although the circle is apart of the Centenary UMC United Methodist Women,all Arbor Acres women are invited to attend and enjoythe fellowship, regardless of denomination. Our purposeis to know God and to experience freedom aswhole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative,supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts ofmission through participation in the global ministriesof the church. This month we welcome Dr. MarkRalls, Senior Minister of Centenary UMC as our GuestSpeaker and Program. We hope to see you on Thursday,September 8th.

Page 4 Arbor News Page 13September EventsThursday, September 8 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~ Moyer Duo,Organ/Vocals (Fellowship Hall)We‟re thrilled to welcome back Josh Moyer, a musicianwho loves everything from Bach to the Beatlesand beyond. Tonight he and his wife, Elizabeth, organistat First Presbyterian Church in downtownWinston-Salem, will perform a program of sacred music,presenting such pieces as “The Lord‟s Prayer,”“Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.” Theevening promises to be a special one as we celebratewith voice, organ and piano the great songs of ourfaith.Friday, September 9 ~ 3:00 p.m. ~ Let’s Talk abouta Painting/Art/Craft class (Art Studio)Come to the Art Studio andmeet Sally Billman. Sally has avaried background in photography,design, painting, crafts andall things creative andFUN! Join her as she sharessome ideas for art and paintingprojects as well as discuss residentinterest in a beginner painting class. Once welearn what she has to offer and settle on a project/class, we‟ll collaborate on a date and time and getstarted mid October. We are thinking about a 4 weekclass. Curious? GOOD! Come learn more Friday,September 9. Sally‟s got a lot of ideas to share withus. Come to the Art Studio.Tuesday, September 13 ~ 10:00 a.m. ~ Shopping atHamrick’s Bus Week (Front Lobby)Sign up now to reserve your seat on the busas we head to Market Place Mall andHamrick‟s. The bus leaves at 10 a.m. fromthe front lobby and returns at noon for lunchat Arbor Acres. Take a means of payment with youfor your purchases.Tuesday, September 13 ~ 5:00 p.m. ~ Dinner atJimmy’s Seafood (Front Lobby)Let‟s go out for a Seafood Dinner. Jimmy‟sserves up fresh seafood just the way you likeit. Sign up deadline is Tuesday, September6. Please take money for your meal.Thursday, September 15 ~ Pianist DavidMcClintock ~ 3:00 p.m. (Living Room )Join pianist David McClintock for an afternoon ofeasy listening and Ragtime favorites performed onthe Knabe Baby Grand piano in the Living Room adjacentto the Library. David lives nearby in PleasantGarden and has performed at the Victory JunctionGang Camp. He has performed at Arbor Acres in thepast and was well received. He and his wife, Aprilhave been married for 15 years and are active in theirchurch and busy raising their 5 boys.Thursday, September 15 ~ 7:30 p.m. ~ The OddCouple by Neil Simon at Twin CityStage (Front Lobby)A group of guys play poker in the apartmentof their divorced friend, Oscar, andif the mess is any indication, it's no wonderhis wife left him. Felix, separated from his wife,appears depressed. As the action unfolds, the slob andthe neat-freak decideto room together, withhilarious results! Signup by Thursday, September8. Cost:$10.00, your accountwill be charged; norefunds once tickets are purchased. P.S. You mightrecognize one of the cast members.Friday, September 16 ~ 10 a.m. – Noon ~ VillageShop Trunk Show (Womble Lobby)Enjoy a shopping spree right here at Arbor Acres! Inaddition to our usual cards, candy and clothing, therewill be hand-painted floor mats created by MollyJohnson‟s daughter, Kathy Cooper, who will be onhand to talk about her original art. These mats makegreat gifts and if you don‟t see one you like, specialorders can be placed.Sunday, September 18 ~ 2:30 p.m. ~ Winston-Salem Symphony (Front Lobby)The Winston-Salem Symphony rivals alarger one anywhere in the country. Ledby Maestro Robert Moody, this group oftalented musicians consistently deliverstop notch performances, season after season. Join usfor the kick-off concert (complete with a rousing renditionof our national anthem!) Sign up for transportation.See page 7 for details.String CelebrationTuesday, September 27, 7:00 p.m.(Fellowship Hall)String Celebration is a musical duo of BethCorzine and Ken Lankford who each play theguitar and sing. Beth also plays the bowed psalteryand lap dulcimer, and a variety of unusualpercussion instruments including sand blocks,egg shakers, and a rain stick! Beth and Ken singa songs and show tunes from the 30's - 70's, includingsuch favorites as James Taylors' You'veGot a Friend, Perry Como‟s Catch a FallingStar, and Peter, Paul and Mary's Leaving on aJet Plane. A resident at one of their earlier concertsat Arbor Acres said, " They sang all myfavorites!" Another resident at the same showsaid, “Each song was better than thelast!" Many residents were impressed withKen's voice and talent on the guitar, and numerousresidents gathered around the sound effectstable to talk with Beth after the show about hervarious instruments, especially the bowed psaltery.School’s Open!Drive Carefully.The Ronald McDonald HouseChristmas in JulyLargest Amount Ever Given by our ResidentsThank you for your contributions tosupport The Ronald McDonald House.$3,315 has been donated as of 8-17-11and was presented to Nancy Spaugh,Ronald McDonald House MarketingDirector. In past years Arbor Acres hasdonated amounts between $1,200 and$3,000. This year‟s total contributionof $3,315 was the largest amount ever given by ArborAcres’ residents. Thank you everyone for your generous support!We are especially excited that because of the amountraised, Arbor Acres will be one of the luminary sponsors. Alogo saying “The Residents of Arbor Acres” will be on allRonald McDonald Luminary Materials for 2011. Please take amoment to read Ms. Spaugh’s thank you letter that is posted onthe Bulletin Board located outside the Library.Your Social Security CheckMoving from Paper to PlasticI remember when plastic shopping bags were first introduced inthe supermarket. Clerks would ask “paper or plastic?” After afew years, the choice disappeared in most places and you simplylearn to expect (and live with) plastic.The federal government, much like the supermarkets, currentlyoffers a choice between paper or plastic (or direct deposit). Asof this past May, new Social Security recipients cannot chooseto receive paper checks. Come March 2013, paper will nolonger be a choice for anyone; the U.S. Department of theTreasury will pay all federal benefit and no-tax payments electronically.Benefit recipients can choose to receive their paymentsby direct deposit to a bank or credit union account or toa Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® card account.Receiving your monthly social security by check in the maileach month is not safe since there are many opportunities forloss or theft between the time it leaves the government and youdeposit it in your bank account. You can take action today bycalling your bank to help you set up direct deposit of your socialsecurity benefits or, if you don‟t have a bank account, youcan call 1-877-212-9991 to sign up for the Direct Express®Debit MasterCard®. If you would like to learn more aboutthese options on the Internet, visit You canalso call the Social SecurityAdministration at 1-800-772-1213.

Necessary Information724-1100, TV 6, Resident BusinessCenter, and Sign-Up BookUse the Resident Information Line for up-todateinformation. The number is 724-1100.· Press 1 for the status of the daily mail andfor package delivery during the Holidays;· Press 2 for the recreation schedule;· Press 3 to call in for morning check or leave amessage.TV 6 Turn your television to Channel 6 for anupdate on the daily menu, recreation opportunities,birthdays and special notices.Resident Business Center The Resident BusinessCenter is located across from the FellowshipHall. It is available for you on a daily basisuntil approximately 9pm. If you have anyquestions, please call Janice Lutz-Vanhoy, 748-4646.Sign Up Book The Sign Up Book is locatedon a secretary in the bay window, just outsideof the Lakeside Dining Room. Please sign inpencil and place only one name per line.E-Mailing Staff You may communicate withstaff via e-mail. The staff e-mail address is thestaff person‟s first initial of the first name andthen the last name followed by example:Janice Lutz-Vanhoy, Director of Recreation/Wellness Services‟ address: Automated Attendant number is721-1161 also referred to as the back doornumber. When you dial this number you automaticallyenter into the Arbor Acres AutomatedVoice Mail System. The Automated attendantwill give instructions on how to use the system.Using this number you can reach a staff personor department by dialing their four-digit extensionnumber.Name Tag Thursdays:Arbor NewsSeveral years ago a resident spoke up at TownHall meeting that she had difficulty rememberingeveryone‟s name. Someone else suggested maybeone day a week everyone could wear a name tag and thatway people could put a name and face together so everyThursday became Friendly Name Tag Thursday! It‟sbeen going on for quite awhile and seems to help folkslearn one another‟s name without the embarrassment ofasking someone you‟ve been talking to and sitting with forweeks what their name is. So this is a FRIENDLY reminderand an explanation of how Friendly Name TagThursday came to be, so be a little friendlier on Thursday,wear your name tag and learn a new name or two. Whoknows? You just might hear your name said more frequentlybecause someone needed a reminder of what itwas! If you need a replacement name tag due to loss ordamage please contact Erin Scott.Have You Heard?We Have aPing-Pong Table!The Ping-Pong table is located inthe passageway at the ElevatorLobby. Paddles and balls areavailable in the credenza near themailboxes. If you have an interest in playing come ondown to the passageway and bring a partner. Please returnthe paddles and balls to their storage location underthe Spach Portrait in the credenza at the Mailbox BulletinBoard. Want to know more about Ping-Pong? ContactDavid Riffe.Meet Loma HopkinsOur New Director of Sharps and FlatsFor many of you Loma Hopkins is synonymous with enthusiasticsinging, encouraging wordsand a generous spirit. Having taught atSummit School for 51 years, Lomaintroduced countless students and theirfamilies to the world of music. Now,we at Arbor Acres are about to experienceher talent and her joy as she leadsthe Sharps and Flats.Welcome Loma!An Evening With … Series Debuts and Tuesdays atTwo Movies Return…Monday, September 19 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~An Evening With … Great ScreenComics of Yesteryear(Fellowship Hall)New this fall – An evening with amonthly series of a smorgasbord of screen entertainments.Hosting the series is retired Winston-SalemJournal film critic Jim Shertzer. “ „An EveningWith…‟ will be something different every time – onemonth we may spend the evening listening to a popularsinger in a filmed concert, while another month wemay take a closer look at the world around us,” heexplains. The shows in Fellowship Hall will begin at7 p.m. sharp and will last 90 minutes or less. Unlikeour returning Tuesday at Two series, there will be nodiscussion about the program before the screening.According to Jim, the premiere performance willbe a wonderful evening with the great screen comicsof yesteryear -- Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, andLaurel and Hardy to name just a few. “These earlyfilm greats put some of the funniest gags ever filmedon screen. We‟ll see a film which is a compilation ofthe best material from the Silent Era. We won't need apiano player, though," Jim laughs. "The movie hasmusic, sound effects and some very witty narration."Jim is planning something spooky for Halloween.Tuesday, September 20, 7:00 p.m. ~ Winston-Salem Symphony (Front Lobby)See page 7 for details.Wednesday, September 21 ~ 11:00 a.m.~Reflexology ~ Guest Speaker – Kimberly Smith(Fellowship Hall) ~ Details on page 9Be sure toThursday, September 22 ~make5 - 8:00 p.m. CARwars,reservations tobenefitting Meals onDiningWheels (Fellowship Hall) Services!Invite your friends and familyto join you for this fabulouslyfun event featuring the musicof the Gary Lewis Band as wellas the Meals on Wheels Players inCARwars (may the Force, er, theFORD, be with you.) This annualSeptember EventsPage 5event is tremendously popular, so make plans now tobe there (we respectively request that you attend onlyone show so that everyone has the chance to participate.)Show times are 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. (diningroom opens at 5:00) Please make reservations foryourself and your guests by contacting DonnaRutledge Ext. #1233, in Dining Services by Wed.,Sept. 14.Saturday, September 24 ~ 9:00 a.m. ~ Alzheimer’sMemory Walk (Front Lobby) ~ Details on page 9September 26, 27, 28 ~ 2 – 4 p.m. ~ Book Bindingwith Rachel Hamilton (Rachel’s Home)You may have seen someof Rachel‟s beautiful booksin the Village Gift Shop.Learn from the master how to makeyour own as Rachel conducts a classon the art of book binding. The classwill meet at Rachel‟s home at 513Strawbridge and is limited to minimum/maximum of 4participants. You must be able to attend all 3 sessions.Please bring sharp scissors, a pencil, and a large needle.Additional supplies will cost $20.00 which Rachelwill take up at the first class. (Rachel is notcharging an instruction fee to teach this course.) Thankyou, Rachel, for sharing your gift of book binding withus. Sign Up deadline Tuesday, September 20.Tuesday, September 27 ~ Tuesdays at Two ~Movie~ Casablanca (Fellowship Hall)Back by popular demand, Tuesdaysat Two, a series of classicand contemporary films and a pre-show discussion with local filmcritic Jim Shertzer, returns withCasablanca, starring HumphreyBogart and Ingrid Bergman. "It's still the same oldstory," says Jim, slyly referring to the movie‟s classictheme song, "As Time Goes By." "But we love it nomatter how many times we've seen it." This tale of lostlove and political intrigue, set on the turbulent coast ofNorth Africa at the beginning of World War II, wonthe Oscar as Best Picture of 1943 and is near the top ofthe Best American Movies list compiled AmericanFilm Institute. From "Play it again, Sam," a line neveractually spoken in the film, to “Round up the usualsuspects” and “This is the beginning of a beautifulfriendship,” Casablanca has probably contributed as

Page 6September Events cont.‟many memorable lines to the American lingo as anyother film. Jim‟s pre-show talk will describe howCasablanca turned out to be one of the happiest accidentsin movie history.Tuesday, September 27 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~ String Celebration(Fellowship Hall) ~ Details on page 13Wednesday, September 28 ~ 11:00 a.m. ~ HearingAids Work!! ~ Guest Speaker – Dr. Scott Mills withCarolina Hearing Doctors (Fellowship Hall) ~Details on page 9Thursday, September 29 ~ 1:00 p.m. ~ Shopping atBelk’s in Hanes Mall (Front Lobby)You‟ve asked for a Belk‟s shopping trip andhere it is. Sign up to reserve your seat on thebus. We will leave promptly at 1:00 p.m.and will return at 4:00 p.m. Take a means ofpayment with you for your purchases.Thursday, September 29 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~Cello and Guitar Duet (Fellowship Hall)Join Melissa Hyman, Cellist/Vocals and Chelsea Lynn LaBate, Guitarist/Vocals, asthey perform some of our alltimefavorite songs from theRoaring Twenties to theFabulous Fifties. Theseyoung ladies are from Asheville,NC, and are back for an encore performance,having first visited Arbor Acres this past March.Look Ahead for OctoberSaturday, October 1 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~ Margaret Sandresky’s90 th Birthday Concert/Reception in the SalemCollege Fine Arts Center (Front Lobby)You are invited to celebrate ourown Margaret Sandresky‟s 90 thbirthday! Transportation will be providedbut you must sign up. We‟llleave from the Front Lobby at 7 for the 7:30 concert/reception.Margaret is busy composing newmusic and practicing to get ready forthis fabulous event. There is no feefor this event.Look Ahead for October cont.‟Tuesdays in October ~ 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. ~Introduction to Conversational Spanish ~(Gathering Place)Hola – como esta usted? Wondering whatthat means? Find out as resident Jean Hole,who lived in Mexico for 3 ½ years, shares her knowledgeof Spanish with us. This 45-minute class meetsTuesday, October 4, 11, 18 and 25 th and will cover thebasics of conversational Spanish. Must have a minimumof five participants. There is no fee for this course.Gracias, Jean, for volunteering your time to teach thisclass.Friday, October 7 ~ 10:30 a.m. ~ Shelton’s Vineyardand Harvest Grill (Front Lobby)In 1994 brothers Charlie and Ed Shelton purchasedat auction land near their childhoodhome. Although they had no firmplans for the future of the property, bothbrothers had a keen interest in fine wines which, coupledwith the area's ideal climate of mild winters andmoderate summers (remember those?), led the two toconsider developing a vineyard. What began as a hobbyfor the pair quickly became a full-fledged business operation.We will enjoy lunch in the Harvest Grillwhich offers upscale dining with a bistro style atmosphere.The restaurant overlooks the grapevines and akitchen garden which provides fresh ingredients foundin many of the menu selections. A wine tasting is notscheduled during this visit but you may enjoy a glass ofwine with your lunch. Please remember you will beresponsible for your lunch and all other purchases thatyou make today. After lunch we will visit the GiftShop. Sign-up deadline is Thursday, September 29.Look Ahead for NovemberSunday, November 6 ~ 2:30 p.m. ~ Arsenic and OldLace at the Stained Glass Theater (Front Lobby)Sign up now to attend. Cost is $10.00 perticket. Your account will be charged. Wedon‟t want to miss out on this sure-to-sell-outproduction! No refunds once tickets are purchased.Rumor has it one of our own may be in theplay! Sign up deadline is Friday, September 30.Reaching Out Page 11Together for Education forCook Elementary SchoolOn Top with Box Tops &Labels for Education!The Winston-Salem Forsyth County school system needs our financial support -and the only thing you have to do is clip your box tops and labels, then placethem in the Library Box Tops Box. This year marks the 38th anniversary of theCampbell‟s Labels for Education Program, and with your help Cook ElementarySchool can make this year the best ever! This is a wonderful project for the school and community to receivefree educational and athletic equipment for the students. It‟s easy to help! Just save the labels from any of thehundreds of varieties of Campbell and Pepperidge Farms products and place them in the Box Tops Box outsideJanice L-V‟s office in the Library. The box tops and labels collected by Arbor Acres will be donated to Cook Elementary.Drop by the easel in the hall and pick up an information sheet listing all the eligible products.For Harris Teeter ShoppersIf you are a Harris Teeter shopper, stopby the Customer Service Desk and tellthem to link your VIC card to Cook ElementarySchool or the school of yourchoice; they will have a list of theschools and their codes. You must renewyour VIC card link to the schooleach school year. This is a wonderfulway to help out the school children inour area. Please remember to stop bythe easel in the hall for the list of eligibleproducts or for more information.Labels for EducationCampbell‟s Soup/Pepperidge Farms, Goldfish,Pop Secret, Dannon, Emerald Nuts, and Gladbags are just a few of the products on the Labels for Education List.Pick up a list of the products that support Labels for Education.You just may find a product on the listthat you use and could save the label. Clipthe UPC code or save the beverage caps of participatingproducts to benefit Cookschool. Lists will be available at the Easel inthe hallway. Visit www.labelsforeducation.comif you would like more information.Box Tops for EducationBox Tops for Education: Pick up a complete list of products and clip thebox tops to earn cash for Cook School. Some products include, Ziplockbags, Chex Mix, Betty Crocker snacks, Welch‟s jelly, Kleenex and Scott products, Land O Lakes, Yoplait Yogurt,Cheerios cereal, Chex cereals, Nature Valley granola bars, just to list a few.Visit to learn more about this program.

Page 10VolunteersTeaching Company InformationVolunteer NeededArbor Acres seeks to offer Life Long Learning Opportunities with the Teaching Company‟s Great Courses Collection.The Great Courses brings engaging professors into Arbor Acres through DVD/VHS formats. Since1990, great teachers from the Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown and other leading colleges and universities havecrafted over 300 courses for Life Longer Learners like Arbor Acres Residents. It‟s the adventure of learningwithout the homework or exams.Janice is seeking a facilitator to once again show a Teaching Company DVD/VHS series. The class generallymeets one day per week and a volunteer is needed to put in the DVD/VHS tape, then start and stop it at each session.It may sound complicated but the DVD/VCR player is really quite easy to operate. Please contact JaniceLV at 748-4646 if you would like to help.Calling all participants past, present, and future – we need your input!What topic interests you for the next series? History of Ancient Egypt vols. 1-4 by Professor Jeremy McInerney from the University of Pennsylvania, Comedy Through the Ages vols. 1-2 by Seth Leher from Stanford University Classical Mythology vols. 1-2 by Elizabeth Vandiver of The University of MarylandWhat day of the week and time would suit you?Do you like the Gathering Place as the venue or is there another place you‟d prefer the course to be held?Symphony 2011-2012TransportationFor those with season tickets we will provide transportationto the Sunday Classics Series and the Tuesday EveningSeries.Dates for Sundays: September 18, October 16, November20, January 15, March 25 and May 13. Seating islimited to 23 passengers, due to bus size, and is for residentsonly – no guests, please. The bus leaves from thefront lobby at 2:30 for the 3 p.m. performance.Dates for Tuesdays: September 20, October 18,November 22, January 17, March 17, and May 15.Seating is limited to 14 passengers. If there is availableseating, family/visitors are welcome to ride. The busleaves from the front lobby at 7:00 p.m. for the 7:30p.m. performance.Sign-up sheets for the 2011/2012 series are in the signupbook. Seats go quickly and are available on a firstcome,first-served basis. This is a popular event, sosome of you may want to consider getting Tuesday eveningtickets. Sunday tickets are easily transferable toTuesday night. Call the Stevens Center Box Office at721-1945 and they will gladly assist you.Page 7Orion WeissGrieg Piano Concerto &Brahms 4 ~ Classics SeriesSunday, September 18, 3:00 pmTuesday, September 20 , 7:30 pmSteven MoeckelDvořák 7 and The Butterfly LoversConcerto ~ Classics SeriesSunday, October 16, 3:00 pmTuesday, October 18, 7:30 pmBach’s St. John Passion ~Classics SeriesSunday, November 20, 3:00 pmTuesday, November 22, 7:00 pmThe Symphony Jazz OctetRobert Moody, conductorNew Year’s Eve CelebrationPlugged-In Pops SeriesSaturday, December 31, 2011, 8:00 pmBrooks Whitehouse ~ January 2012The William Tell Overture andShostakovich 1 ~ Classics SeriesSunday, January 15, 3:00 pmTuesday, January 17, 7:30 pmJeff Nelson ~ March 2012Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony ~Classics SeriesSunday, March 25, 3:00 pmTuesday, March 27, 7:30 pmChristina Major ~ May 2012Carmina Burana ~ Classics SeriesSunday, May 13, 3:00 pmTuesday, May 15, 7:30 pmWelcome, our Asbury Neighborhood Residents!Judy Hardy and friendat her new patio home on Francis Asbury DriveChan and Winborne Chandlerat their new home on Francis Asbury Court

Page 8ChaplainWellness Page 9Tuesday MorningBible StudyTuesday’s at 10amJean Steelman ChapelFor at least eight years ArborAcres has had a weeklyBible Study group whichmeets in the Jean SteelmanChapel. For nearly seven ofthese years Jim Long ( a.k.a.“St. James”) has led thegroup, providing insight,caring and a listening ear toour many residents whohave been a part of thatwarm fellowship. Listen tothe words of participant JeanSteelman, extended as aninvitation to all who mightwish to be a part of such anongoing fellowship opportunity:“Meaningful experienceshappen in our Tuesdaymorning Bible studies.The scriptures comealive with Jim Long, andthere‟s opportunity for sharingour thoughts and feelings.We are challenged toexamine ourselves to becometrue servants in today‟sworld. Count on yourday being enriched by learning,sharing and yes, evenlaughter.”Chaplain Doug Suggs and his staff areavailable for pastoral care needs, visits andinformation on Spiritual Life programs atArbor Acres. Please contact him at748.4648 or ext. 1382.Worship Schedule:Sunday, September 4Rev. Bert SandersArbor AcresWednesday, September 7Rev. Jim LongArbor AcresSunday, September 11Rev. Doug SuggsArbor AcresWednesday, September 14Rev. Sylvia WilhelmLexington District SuperintendentSunday, September 18Rev. Lee StrangeTrinity UMC, Winston-SalemWednesday, September 21Rev. Duke IsonGreensboro District SuperintendentSunday, September 25Rev. Mark RallsCentenary UMCWednesday, September 28Jim LongArbor AcresIn MemoryMrs. Elizabeth H. RudisillJune 16, 1916 ~ July 31, 2011Mr. Omnia FowlerFebruary 25, 1908 ~August 19, 2011Looking AheadSunday, October 16 throughWednesday, October 19Spirituality and the Arts WeekThis is an opportunity to utilize thearts to expand our consciousness ofthe presence of God.Dr. Angela Yarber will preach at the6:30 p.m. worship service. Dr. Yarberis a new minister at Wake ForestBaptist Church, recently movedfrom the University of California-Berkeley, where she earned a PhDin Religion and the Arts.The week will also include a programon Liturgical dance.Watch for more details as we plan.Healing Touch SpiritualMinistryMondays, 5:30 pm ~Gathering PlaceChair Tai Chi New Series BeginsThursday, September 8 throughThursday, October 2712:30 – 1:15p.m. ~ Gathering PlaceIf you are in good health, Tai Chi can help you becomemore flexible, strong, and relaxed. If you arecurrently dealing with a health issue – whether it is achronic illness, pain syndrome, or recuperation froma surgical procedure Tai Chi can help you mobilizethe healing resources of your own body.Arbor Acres is hosting an 8-week series of Chair TaiChi beginning Thursday, September 8 – Thursday,October 27 in the Gathering Place from 12:30 p.m. –1:15 p.m. If you are interested in participating in theChair Tai Chi series, please sign up in the sign-upbook. Deadline to sign up is Monday, September 5.The cost for the series is only $15.00 and your accountwill be charged. To learn more about Tai Chiand the benefits participating in the class, please contactKatherine Lohr at 631-1340.ReflexologyKimberly SmithWednesday, September 2111:00 a.m. ~ Fellowship HallJoin us September 21 for adiscussion with KimberlySmith on taking care of yourfeet. She will talk aboutthings you can do and whythey are important.Kimberly Smith holds aNorth Carolina Certificationin Reflexology. Reflexology is a science based onthe principle that reflex areas of the feet and handsrelate to organs and structures of the body. Kimberlyuses a therapy with pressure and massage, stimulatingthe circulatory and lymphatic systems, and releasingtoxins, encouraging the body to heal itself. Stressand environmental factors cause many health issues.Kimberly feels when we alleviate stress and encouragethe immune system to work at its optimum levelwe rejuvenate and promote healthy organ function.The Importance of using aFitness Room BuddyUsing exercise equipment of any kindcan result in injury regardless of howwell you know the equipment. ArborAcres made it mandatory to use the“Buddy System” when using the poolto help prevent accidents. This systemwould benefit the users of the fitnessroom as well. Should there bean accident help could be more readily summoned by yourcompanion/buddy. We now advise residents to use thissystem for their own safety when using the Fitness RoomEquipment.Alzheimer’s Memory WalkSaturday, September 24 ~ 9:00 a.m.Join the Alzheimer's AssociationWalk to End Alzheimer'sand unite in a movement to reclaimthe future for millions.Since 1989, millions of Americanshave been mobilized in theAlzheimer's Association MemoryWalk®; now, we ask you to join us as we take a trip toWake Forest University for a special event on Saturday,September 24. If you wish to participate, please sign up inthe sign-up book to reserve a seat on the bus. The deadlineto sign up for this event is Monday, September 19. Be sureto wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. Theterrain we will be walking on is uneven and not suitable forthose using walkers. We will return to Arbor Acres beforelunch. Together, we can end Alzheimer's disease, the nation'ssixth-leading cause of death.Hearing Aids Work!!Wednesday, September 28 ~ 11:00 a.m.According to recent reports by Consumer Reports andAARP, hearing aids effectively improve hearing only ifthey have certain features. Dr. Scott Mills, Audiologist withthe Carolina Hearing Doctors, will be visiting Arbor Acreson Wednesday, September 28 th at 11:00 a.m. in the FellowshipHall to review those important features and the bestpractices that can give you the most optimum hearing possible.

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