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Monmouth County Open Space Plan

Monmouth County Open Space Plan

Mansaquan Reservoir

Mansaquan Reservoir Environmental CenterStewardship1. Recommend that the Board of Chosen Freeholders increase funding forCounty park capital improvements and the budget for County parkoperations in proportion to the acquisition of additional land in order toprevent a drop in the basic level of service as the system grows.2. Promote public awareness and appreciation of the open space resourcesand park facilities available to them.3. Manage, design, and improve County park properties in a manner thatprotects valuable resources and is consistent with the designated purposes,unique character, and physical conditions of each property. In the aggregate,the County parklands and facilities should be diverse so as to appeal to abroad range of possible users.4. Support municipal efforts to acquire and improve park and open spacelands to meet local needs through a County-funded grant program andspecial assistance to State-designated Urban Aid communities.19

MUNICIPAL GRANT $$$AVAILABLETHE MONMOUTH COUNTYMUNICIPAL OPEN SPACEGRANT PROGRAM, APROGRAM OF THE BOARD OFCHOSEN FREEHOLDERS,MAKES UP TO $2 MILLIONAVAILABLE EACH YEAR TOASSIST MUNICIPALITIES WITHTHEIR LOCAL PROGRAM OFPARK AND OPEN SPACEACQUISITION ANDDEVELOPMENT. FOR MOREINFORMATION ON THISMATCHING GRANT PROGRAM,VISIT THE PARK SYSTEM'SWEBSITE:MONMOUTHCOUNTYPARKS.COMAcquisition1. Recommend that the Board of Chosen Freeholders increase the fundingfor open space preservation, including farmland preservation, while land isstill available to be preserved.1.1 Recommend that the Board of Chosen Freeholders continue to assess aspecial tax for County open space acquisition in order to ensure a stablesource of funding.1.2 Recommend that the Board of Chosen Freeholders consider convertingthe County tax from an "amount" to a "rate" so that the purchasing power of thetax can benefit from and keep pace with escalating property values.1.3 Recommend that the Board of Chosen Freeholders use a portion of theCounty tax to finance a bond to accelerate the rate at which county openspace can be acquired.2. Seek interagency cooperation to preserve open space of countysignificance and work to avoid interagency competition or conflict.2.1 Incorporate preservation objectives of the Monmouth County FarmlandPreservation Plan within the County Open Space Plan and map and preservationobjectives of the County Open Space Plan within the County FarmlandPreservation Plan and map.2.2 Consider and balance the need for public access and recreation with theneeds of the working agricultural landscape.Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park20

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