21792 Brochure - Constructing Excellence


21792 Brochure - Constructing Excellence


ValueThe judges will be looking for either a project onwhich long-term value has been best achieved oran organisation that has achieved value on anumber of projects over a period of time. Judgeswill consider how completed projects have beendesigned and constructed to achieve maximumbenefit for owners and end users and helpedthem accomplish their goals. Project teams andorganisations should demonstrate how achievingthe optimum outcome for owners and end userswas a key driver throughout the design andconstruction process and provide any availabledata on what has been achieved. Examples ofprojects that should be put forward in thiscategory include, but are not limited to, schoolsdesigned and constructed with studentattainment as a key driver; hospitals designedand constructed to aid patient recovery time oroffices designed and constructed to improveproductivity.Health & SafetyThe judges will be looking for the project ororganisation where health and safety has beendriven forward to go beyond what is requiredwithin the duties as stated in CDM2007 in orderto achieve an excellent result. In order to besuccessful in this award the judges will belooking for evidence that best practice has beenutilised in producing a scheme where buildability,future maintenance and final demolition havebeen fully considered and where both health andsafety have been a key driver.Client of the YearAn award for the client that has shown thegreatest drive to ensure that best practiceprinciples are adopted on its projects andthroughout its supply chain.The Achiever’s AwardThis award will recognise outstandingperformance or influence by an individual who istruly inspirational in the opinion of the sectorpeer group. The winner will show exemplaryactions that have changed the behaviour andperformance of others and delivereddisproportionate benefits for, and left a legacy in,the outputs of the built environment sector. Theaward winner will naturally show all thehallmarks of Eganesque behaviour, besustainable and show a wholehearted embracingof the Rethinking Construction principles - butadopted and adapted to make a real differencewithin the sphere of the applicant’s ownoperation, influence and community.Project of the YearThe winning project team will have shown thehighest level of technical achievement,innovation and application of best practice, whiledelivering a project to time and budget and withteamworking throughout the supply chain. Thiswinner may be drawn from winners of theearlier categories or may be a project ororganisation that has displayed excellence acrossa number of categories.6

QualifyingThe industry is defined as all who commission,produce, develop, plan, design, build, alter ormaintain the built environment.The company / organisation or project (s) mustdemonstrate improvements in line withConstructing Excellence principles and theRethinking Construction agenda.● An application can be made for a project,process, a product or a service● Demonstrating excellence in practice; whereevidence is requested there should be a clear“audit” trail available for qualitative andquantitative data● Where a project or project leader is thesubject the project should have been based inYorkshire & Humber and you must have theapproval of the owner of the building/project● Where an individual, process, product orservice is the subject, the nominatingorganisation / divisional office / individualshould be based in Yorkshire & Humber● All nominations and submissions should relateprimarily to work carried out between January2007 and December 2007.How to enterApplication forms can be requested by e-mailawards@constructingexcellence-ne.org.uk.Alternatively, you can download the applicationform and full instructions on how to apply fromthe website www.ceawards.org.ukEntry Guidelines● All submissions must be made by 17.00 onFriday 2nd May 2008● All entries should be enclosed in a box file.Box files should be marked with the categoryname and submitting organisation both onthe spine and on the front.● Receipt of entries will not be acknowledgedunless otherwise requested.● The organisers have the right to reject anyentry, if in their opinion, it fails to comply withthe rules● Entries can be hand delivered or sent byregistered post or courier to:Nikki WilsonConstructing ExcellenceThe Rivergreen CentreAykley HeadsDurham DH1 5TS8

Specific Entry Consideration● Clients must be made aware in advance ofany entries that refer to them and the judgesmay require evidence of client endorsement● Membership of Constructing Excellence or aConstructing Excellence Club is not arequirement of entry● The organisers reserve the right to feature /display submitted material in any editorial orpromotional work related to the Awardscheme● A précis of short-listed entries will feature onthe Constructing Excellence in Yorkshire &Humber website and elsewhere. Short-listedentrants will be expected to participate inConstructing Excellence related events orprogrammes of seminars and case historypresentations● No materials will be returned● Every project entered will be considered forDemonstration Project statusJudging● The panel of judges will consider eachsubmission against the category criteria● Winners will be announced at theConstructing Excellence in Yorkshire &Humber Awards Dinner on Friday 20th June2008● All awards are made at the discretion of thejudges and Constructing Excellence inYorkshire & Humber● The right is reserved not to make awards in aparticular category● The judges reserve the right to refuse entrieswithout giving reasons● The judges have authority to move entriesinto more applicable categories. Their decisionis final and no correspondence will be enteredinto following the Awards● Information supplied by the judges, ordiscussed between the judges and entrantswill be treated in complete confidence, andconfidentiality on the part of the entrants ifrequested10

Tickets for the Awards Dinner are £70 each with tables of 10 availableIf you would like to purchase tickets please contact Nikki Wilson on 0191 3837436or e-mail awards@constructingexcellence-ne.org.ukConstructing ExcellenceThe Rivergreen Centre,Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TST 0191 383 7436E awards@constructingexcellence-ne.org.ukW www.ceawards.org.uk

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