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So that you get home safely …Anti-Glare Screen SystemsDIN EN 12676-1-2

Beilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systems –An Accident Prevention DeviceSecond to NoneBeilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systems protect the car driver extensivelyagainst glare emanating from light sources and therefore make a significantcontribution to the safety of the car driver. The particular criteriafor using anti-glare screen systems are frequent accidents duringdarkness, heavy traffic at night and unfavourable topographical conditionswhere separate directions are indicated by central strips on theroad. Our anti-glare screen systems are also used increasingly on ICEhigh-speed railway tracks running parallel to each other, where theBeilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systems have been optimally proven.Beilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systems havebeen tested as per DIN-EN 12676-2 andhave successfully passed all relevanttests. Additionally, the wind channel testhas been successfully carried out at awind speed of 160 km/h – 44.44 m persecond. Our anti-glare screen systemshave also achieved excellent results duringthe UV test as per DIN-EN 12676-1 andthe colour fastness test, which was alsocarried out.We are an active member of the CEN– Comité Européen de Normalisation inParis – and have made an essential contributionto the European safety standardsas the official representative of Germanindustry. Our international professionalcompetence in the field of traffic safety hasbeen recognized, among other things, bythe fact that we have launched anti-glarescreen systems in the U.S.A.2

Beilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systems –A Role Model for Safety, Efficiency,Environmental Compatibility and Service LifSafetyThe functioning of an anti-glare screen systemthat is suitable for traffic goes beyondpassive road safety and only demonstratesits performance in extreme situations.For example:Climbing through the anti-glare screensystem in the case of accidents:Here, rescue work has top priority. Therescue teams can easily climb through ouranti-glare screen systems with stretchersat any point.Performance in the case of impact/crash:The vanes are very stable in shape and willbounce back to their initial position immediatelywhenever they are bent by force upto an angle of 80°. No vane parts will beejected when the vanes are hit by a vehicle.This system also has no sharp edges inthe impact area that might lead to furtherdamage. If a vehicle breaks through thisprotective system, no additional danger iscaused by the light-weight, break-resistanthollow-body vanes of this system.PerformanceOval-shaped, completely closed hollowbodyvanes made of green, dyedthroughout low-pressure polyethylene(PE-HD-HM)Highly precise manufacturingHigh material density (PE-HD-HM) andthe absolutely smooth surface ensurethat no maintenance work is required atall – self-cleaning effectBases for all current types of safetybarrier and for New Jersey barriersCalculation of safe dimensions regardingprotection and visibility is made dependingon the respective place of installationand purpose.Service LifeResistant to UV radiation, exhaust gases,de-icing salts and other environmentalimpactTemperature-resistant at temperaturesfrom -30°C to +60°CEnvironmental CompatibilityThe synthetic material used conforms tocurrent regulations on industrial safetyand environmental protection.In the case of fire, no toxic gases willarise and the source of fire will notspread.Used vanes can be reprocessed at ourcompany-owned recycling facility.Dimensionaly stable, impact-resistantand non-splinteringLong-lasting safety3

eBeilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systemsprotect traffic in the event of disturbingincidence of light from adjacent industrialfacilities, office buildings, sports groundsand other installations. In this case,Beilharz can supply special designsoptimized for every specific situation.Service: Pre-Assembled Deliveryfor Time-Saving Final InstallationBeilharz Anti-Glare Screen Systems are usually delivered in ready preassembled4 m clusters. For example, in the case of long transportdistances, if delivery is made to a destination in a foreign country, oursystems are delivered partly pre-assembled. In this case, the vanesand vane holding devices are already firmly connected to each otherand vertically aligned. These components only have to be clampedonto the square tube with a screw, after they have arrived on site.Pre-Assembled DesignThe pre-assembled 4 m clusters can beinstalled on site by only three people.Individual vanes or square tubes can alsobe quickly replaced. Apart from this, ouranti-glare screen system is maintenancefree.Partly Pre-Assembled DesignThe vanes, together with the screwedon vane holding devices are delivered onpallets. The square tubes are bundled fordelivery – usually 400 m per collar – andthe square tube holding devices aresupplied in small, handy packages. Thisallows a time-saving installation on site.4

Overview of TypesAnti-Glare Screen System(s)Square tube holdingdevice for EDSP/DDSPSquare tube holdingdevice for ESP-IPESquare tube holdingdevice for ESP-SigmaSquare tube holdingdevice for DSPSquare tube holdingdevice for BGWTYP 1) EDSP/DDSP ESP-IPE ESP-Sigma DSP BGWTypes of DesignBaseSingle or DoubleSpacedSafety BarrierSingle SafetyBarrierIPE postSingle SafetyBarrierSIGMA postDouble SafetyBarrierNew JerseyBarrierOrder Number 680 352 680 353 680 355 680 356 680 354Drawing Number 554.352 554.353 554.355 554.356 555.354Height of vanes, standardHeight of vanes, special designAngle of vanes, standard600, 900, 1.200 mm300 up to 1.200 mm90° / vertical to the road axis / vane interval can be changed at any timeVane angle, rotatable Constant vane interval / up to an angle of 180°Inclined vane angle, fi rmly adjusted Vane interval can be changed at any time / up to an angle of 180°1)Special designs for box section, Vario-Guard, Mini-Guard, and other types upon request. Important note: If converting from one type of safety barrierto a different type, all you have to do is to replace the square tube holding devices, not the square tubes themselves, when using this Beilharz product.YOU WILL FIND THE SUITABLE ANTI-GLARE SCREEN SYSTEM FOR EACH PROTECTIVE DEVICE.Main ComponentsSquare tube holding device, square tube,vane holding device, plastic vanesSquare Tube Holding DeviceThe most varied square tube holdingdevices are fixed on to the correspondingbase (usually on safety barriers).The square tube holding device can evenadjust longitudinal differences of thebase.Square TubeThe square tube, a hot-galvanizedsquare tube sized 45x45x2 mm,3,960 mm long, is clamped on to thesquare tube holding device with onlytwo screws.Vane Holding DeviceThe vane holding device is the connectingpiece between the square tube andthe plastic vane. This holding deviceis clamped on to the square tube witha screw and it can also be displacedlongitudinally.Plastic VanesThe plastic vanes are made of highlymolecular low-pressure polyethylene(PE-HD-HM) and are manufacturedas an oval-shaped hollow body whichis closed at the top. The vanes aregreen, dyed throughout (special coloursavailable) with an absolutely smoothsurface. The plastic vanes are fixed onto the vane holding device with fourscrews. These vanes are spread out atthe bottom. This prevents sickle-shapeddistortion of the vanes when sunlightonly affects one side of the vane.Vane IntervalsThe vane intervals can be adjusted atany time if vanes with a fixed angle havebeen installed. For example, the vaneinterval can be shortened in curves ofthe road and extended on straight roadsections.Screws and WashersAll connecting components are hotgalvanizedand can be supplied in V 2Aor V 4 A design upon request.Special DesignsVane heights:Individual heights of the vanes from 300mm to 1,200 mm can be supplied at anytime. If an order is placed for an antiglarescreen system that is higher than1,200 mm, then several square tubescan be mounted with the vanes arrangedover each other towards the top and thebottom.Vane Adjustment:Rotatable designs (up to an angle of180°) are available; displaceable vaneholding devices with inclined vanes canalso be supplied in any desired angle.5

The Beilharz Program for Safe,Efficient RoadsDelineators for RoadsShear-off, ground-mounted, dig-in andguard-rail delineators are equipped withmultiple-cell reflectors as standard in thecase of all design types. Special designsand other reflector assemblies areavailable in numerous variants.Anti-Glare Screen SystemsFor single or double spaced safetybarriers, IPE posts, SIGMA posts, doublesafety barriers, New Jersey barriers andalso in special design types. Our anti-glarescreen systems are exemplary regardingsafety, efficiency, environmental compatibilityand service life.Protective Devices for AmphibiaBeilharz offers a suitable protective devicefor amphibia for any site with its mobilesnow fences and stationary guide walls.Parking Lot EquipmentThe benches, tables and refuse containersmade by Beilharz are really attractive andvery durable.Snow FencesThe Beilharz Snow Fences are the easiestto handle that have ever been availableand are very easy to install and de-install.Our snow fences can be optimallyadjusted to any type of use and are highlysuitable for snow accumulation.Johannes Beilharz GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenfelder Straße 100, D-72189 VöhringenTelefon +49 (0) 74 54/95 88-0, Telefax +49 (0) 74 54/95 88 99,, www.beilharz-strasse.deÄnderungen vorbehalten. Printed in Germany. 07/2004/4000 KW ©

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