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cisci Maturantii Perusini, per HenritYm de S_to

U rIO, V icent. 14-88.

ORATIONES, Philippicz, fol. Mediolani," PUlp.

tU Lawln. 1418 •

....... --Philippicr, 8vo. Florent. Junta, 1515.

---- Philippicz, a Gil". Faerno, Bvo. Rom.

Luchinus, 1563.-This Edition contains also the

Orations for Fonteius, FlaccUl, and, in Pisonem.

__ - Philippicz, cum schollis. Mureti, 8vo.

Colon. 1561.

---Philippicz, cum &Chollis Mureti, Par.

1562 et 1513, 4to.

--_. Philippicz, a Paulo Manutio, 8vo. Ven.

Ald. 1572.

--- per Philippum Beroaldum recognit, addita

in Calce Oratione adversus VaJerium, quz hactenus

incognita fuit, per Benedictum Hectoris Bo-

Boniensem, 1499. .


ORA TIONES, Sclectz, a JU11iano l-ligro, £01. Neapoli,

Math. Moravus, 1480.

---- in Catalinanl, et SaIJustii Responsiv2,

a Phil. Beroaldo, fol. sine ulJa nota.-Supposed by

Laire to be a very ancient Edition.


---- fol. Venet. Bapt. de Tortis, 1481.

----\r crinnre, fol. Venet. Barthol. de Zanis,

1495, 1499.

---- a Petro Ra11UJ, 4to. Lutet. Car. SlepllQ12llS,


--- a Jla,"c. Ant,'Mureto, 8vo. Yeo. 1557,

ct 8vo. Paris. 1581.

The End.

World Public Library Association

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