Sinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles - Logo der Aluform Systeme ...

Sinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles - Logo der Aluform Systeme ...

Sinusoidal andtrapezoidal profilesflexible building.sustainable thinking.

PRODUCTSSinusoidal and trapezoidal aluminium profiles open up a wide rangefor resource friendly architectural design rich in form and colourHall of residence, WuppertalSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76Iberg Dripstone Cave, Bad GrundSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76Industrial hallSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76Aluminium –a unique materialin the architectureAluminium is a fascinating and veryuniversal building material for facades,ceilings and roofs. Moreover, the followingaspects speak in favour of the preferredapplication in the old building and of themodern architecture❚ the low mass and high stability,❚ the resistance to weathering andcorrosion,❚ the high heat reflectance,❚ maintenance free and long service life,❚ the creative variety and aesthetics of thematerial.ALUFORM has been producing aluminiumprofile systems for more than 40 years,develops them constantly and alwayscorresponds with the state-of-the-art technology.Not without pride, the companylooks back on a produced area of more than100 millions m 2 for roof and wall panelling.Sinusoidal and trapezoidal aluminiumprofiles offer a unique variety for individualarchitectural design to every architect andbuilder. Building facades, ceilings and roofscan be put in the spotlight concerning flatstructures and unlimited variety of colours.The material Aluminium and the high qualityof the surface finishing guarantee a longlastingaesthetic effect and high colourconstancy. Additionally, there is a wideselection of sinusoidal and trapezoidalprofiles with mill finish smooth or stuccoembossed surfaces as well as roll-shapedprofiles with coil anodised aluminium.Application areas for ALUFORM systemsSinusoidal and trapezoidal aluminiumprofiles are particularly suitable for singlelayeror multi-layered wall and roof constructionsin industrial, public andagricultural buildings.762 ■

Surface-coated aluminium profiles offer various application possibilitiesfor the design of facades, roofs and ceilingsRemo-Invest office building, BrusselsSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76Verbeelding Zeewolde Art PavilionSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76HCI Nieuwegein Industrial BuildingSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76Should aluminium surfaces be bright,stucco embossed or lacquered?The choice is yours!By means of the reaction with oxygen, adense oxide layer is formed on the aluminiumsurfaces. It protects the material fromaggressive weather effects. Therefore,Aluform systems of sinusoidal and trapezoidalprofiles can be applied as mill finishsmooth or stucco embossed surfacefor facades and roofs. Changes of colour,gloss and surface finish caused by the weathermay affect the aesthetic impressionand exclude asatisfactory cleaning.There are many advantages to the use ofcoloured surface refinement.Coloured aluminium profiles offer variouspossibilities of the architectural impact forcoated facades and roofing. Colour coatingswith Polyester or Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVdF) guarantee a high colour brillianceand successful facade cleaning for a longtime.With the variety of metallic coloursALUFORM offers almost unlimited possibilitiesof the colour variations and themetallic gloss of aluminium surfaces.Architects and builders can let their ideasflow in combination with the ALUFORMsinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles.ALUFORM standard coloursMill finish smoothMill finish stucco embossed6 standard colours ofdouble-layer polyester lacquerSheet thickness0.7 mmLayer thickness, visible side approx. 25 μmDegree of glossProtective paint, rear side35 GU3 μm1 standard colour ofdouble-layer PVdF lacquer (metallic)Sheet thickness0.8 mmLayer thickness, visible side approx. 25 μmDegree of glossProtective paint, rear side35 GU3 μmExamples for ALUFORM standard colours see thebrochure No. 750 „Coloured Surface Finish ofAluminium Profiles“.

PRODUCTSFunctional anti-condensation and anti-drum coatings extend theapplication range of sinusoidal and trapezoidal aluminium profilesStudio AlmereTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 45/150Power station, BoxbergTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 45/150Wasserwohnungen, IjburgTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 29/124Special ALUFORM coloursSinusoidal and trapezoidal aluminiumprofiles in special colours open up newcreative scopes. Surface structure andcolouring stand for the modern and veryindividual aesthetics of the architecturaldesign.ANTI-CONDENSATION COATINGIn order to prevent a dropping of condensatein case of cold roof constructions,there is a possibility to provide aluminiumprofiled panels with an anti-condensationcoating. For detailed information aboutprofiles with anti-condensation coating seethe brochure No. 010 „Anti-condensationcoating“.ANTI-DRUM COATINGTo reduce drone sounds (noise, rainfall, hail)aluminium profiles can additionally becoated with an anti-drone agent. Fordetailed information about profiles withanti-drum coating see the brochure No. 011„Anti-drum coating“.PERFORATED PROFILESAll profiles can also be delivered in perforatedversion, according to the standard inthe hole pattern R v 3 – 5 and R v 5 – 8.More hole patterns on request.For detailed information about perforatedprofiles see the brochure No. 760„Perforated profiles“.ALUFORM accessories programme forroof, ceiling and facade systemsWe deliver a wide range of accessories forthe assembly of our ALUFORM systems,consisting of❚ Connecting means❚ Flashings❚ Ventilation ridges❚ Pipe collars for cable bushing❚ Sealing tapes❚ Snow guardPlease ask for our detailed accessoriescatalogue for this!Approval: all products are subject to aregular quality control (external as well asinternal control) and are regulated by theDIBT and DIN standards.762 ■

Product Overview: Sinusoidal ProfilesSinusoidal profile, Aluform 18/76, for roof andwall applicationsLength coveringPositive sideSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.50*Weight(kg/m 2 )1.6676.2 mmNegative side** *18 mm0.60*0.700.801.992.242.56cover width 1067 mm(991 mm)Other cover widths on request.Roof application - cover width of 991 mm (double overlapping)Positive side1. profile, Aluform 18/76, only forwall applicationNegative side18 mmPositive side18 mmcover width 1067 mm76.2 mmNegative sideSinusoidal profile, Aluform 35/137, for roof andwall applicationsSheetthicknesst N (mm)Weight(kg/m 2 )137 mmPositive sideNegative side* *35 mm0.700.801.001.202.502.853.574.28cover width 959 mmSinusoidal profile, Aluform 55/177, for roof andwall applicationsSheetthicknesst N (mm)Weight(kg/m 2 )Positive sideNegative side* *55 mm0.700.801.001.202.713.093.864.64177 mmcover width 885 mm*Extended side lap „support leg design“ for thickness0.5 and 0.6 mm, making single overlapping possible;cover width is 1067 mm.**The profile radius of the covered wave is designedso that the covering is laid in a linear manner. For thisreason, special attention must be paid to the rightcovering during the installation.

PRODUCTSProduct Overview: Trapezoidal ProfilesTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 20/125,particularly as suspended ceiling62 mmNegative sidePositive sidecover width 1000 mm 125 mmcover width 1125 mm*37 mm20 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.350.500.700.801.00Weight(kg/m 2 )1.141.632.282.613.25*Possible from the cover width of 0.7 mmTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 29/124cover width 992 mm*extended side lap (support leg) for thickness0.5 and 0.6 mmPositive side20 mm124 mm 61 mmNegative side*29 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.50*0.60*0.700.801.001.20Weight(kg/m 2 )1.792.142.412.763.454.14Trapezoidal profile, Aluform 30/153153 mmPositive sideNegative side*23 mm60 mm30 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.500.700.801.00Weight(kg/m 2 )1.702.382.723.38cover width 918 mm*cover width 1071 mm*„Support leg“ design – possible only in case of positive typeof application – Attention! Changed cover width!Trapezoidal profile, Aluform 40/16734 mmPositive side167 mm 68 mmNegative sidecover width 835 mm**40 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.500.700.801.00Weight(kg/m 2 )1.822.542.903.61cover width 1002 mm*„Support leg“ design – possible only in case of positive typeof application – Attention! Changed cover width!762 ■

Product Overview: Trapezoidal ProfilesFloating apartments, IjburgTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 29/124Trapezoidal profile, Aluform 42/250cover width 1000 mmPositive side30 mm250 mm Negative side80 mm*42 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.50*0.60*0.700.801.001.20Weight(kg/m 2 )1.772.132.392.743.424.10*extended side lap (support leg) for thickness0.5 and 0.6 mmTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 45/150Positive side25 mm45 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.700.801.001.20Weight(kg/m 2 )2.663.043.804.56150 mmNegative side70 mmcover width 900 mmTrapezoidal profile, Aluform 45/200Positive side40 mm45 mmSheetthicknesst N (mm)0.700.801.00Weight(kg/m 2 )2.552.913.62200 mm 80 mmNegative sidecover width 1000 mm

Substructures for Sinusoidal and Trapezoidal ProfilesSchematic representation ofwall mountingVertical support profilewith an adjustable system substructureScrew connection takes place by meansof a stainless steel screw in the bottomchord.Wall bracketAluminium profiled panelsSchematic representation ofroof mountingScrew connection takes place by meansof a saddle washer and a stainless steelscrew on the top chord.Trapezoidal profiledaluminium panelProtective sheetInsulationVapour and air barrierThermal separationSpacer profilefor load distributiondiagonally appliedTrapezoidal profiledsteel panelBinder

PRODUCTSAluform System AccessoriesSaddle washerAluminium mill finish smooth, stucco,coated with colour, with sealing for screwconnection of• Profiled aluminium panelsFor sinusoidal profilesFor trapezoidal profiles18/7635/13755/17729/124 30/15345/150 40/16742/250 45/200Drilling screwsmade of aluminium or stainless steel witha washer for the connection of the profiledpanels to the substructure or sheet tosheet connectionsSealing screwsmade of stainless steel, with washer forthe connection of profiled panels likesinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles on• Steel substructure ≥ 2 mm in St 37• Aluminium substructure ≥ 2.5 mmSealing screwsmade of stainless steel, with washer forthe connection of profiled panels likesinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles on• Wood substructure• Steel substructure less than2 mm in St 37*• Aluminium substructureless then 3.0 mm *RivetsAluminium (Al), breaking pin captivelylocked, stainless steel (E) for• Longitudinal joint connection of profiledpanels• Connection of flashings1) Blind rivet2)Press plate blind rivet “Bulb Tite“1) 2)762 ■

Aluform System AccessoriesFlashings and flat sheetsapplicable to all profile types according tothe list of accessories or material –Al Mn1 Mg0.5 according to the customerdataStandard colours according to the colourchart and mill finish smooth or mill finishstucco embossedMaterial thickness 1.0 mmDegree of hardness H14/44Special colours on request1250(1255)2000/4000 (6000)Serrated flashingsserrated on one or both sides according tothe profile standard. Design is positive ornegative. Flashings are applicable to allprofiled panels.• Ridge flashing• Verge flashing• Gutter flashing• Connection flashing• Plinth flashing• Corner flashing• Embrasure flashing• Connecting piece deep-drawnon request2000Profile fillersDesign of cell polyethylene or EPDMapplicable to the Aluform elements(positive and negative).Solar fastenersfor steel and wood substructures,diameter of 8 mm.

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