ISAT Night Cowlishaw Elementary - Cowlishaw Elementary School

ISAT Night Cowlishaw Elementary - Cowlishaw Elementary School

ISAT NightCowlishaw ElementaryFebruary 4, 2010Mrs. Mary Howicz, Student Service CoordinatorMrs. Beckie Saul,InterventionistMrs. Terona Guernsey, 3 rd Grade TeacherMs. Emily Graef, 3 rd Grade TeacherMr. David Lopez, 3 rd Grade TeacherMrs. Robin Halicki, 4 th Grade TeacherMrs. Michele Hebenstreit, 5 th Grade TeacherMs. Cathy Kaplan, Reading Improvement Teacher

NCLBCommon Acronyms used whentalking about the ISATNCLB- No Child Left Behind ISAT- Illinois Standard Achievement Test AYP- Adequate Yearly Progress

What is the ISAT?The ISAT is a statewide test that measures individual studentachievement relative to the Illinois Learning Standards. Theresults give parents, teachers and school one measure of studentlearning and school performance.

Why is the ISAT importantto you, your child,Cowlishaw and IndianPrairie District 204?

ISAT TESTING SCHEDULETest Window: March 1-1212Grades and Subjects TestedReadingMathScienceWritingGrade 3 * * * (Expository)Grade 4 * * *Grade 5 * * * (Expository)Grade 6 * * *(Persuasive andGrade 7 * * *Narrative)Grade 8 * * *

READING• The test is three 55 minute sessions.• Session 1- 6 short passages with 30 multiplechoice questions.• Sessions 2-22 passages of more equal length.Each passage has 10 multiple choice questions.One passage has an extended response question.• Session 3- 2 shorter passages and one longerpassage. 5 multiple choice questions for theshorter passages. 10 multiple choice questionsfor the longer passage as well as one extendedresponse.

What is the extended response?

TTQACowlishaw Reading ExtendedEvidenceInterpretationEvidenceInterpretationExtensionResponse Process(The steps required to answer an extended response question.)

Reading ResponseStudent-Friendly RubricandState of Illinois Rubric

What’s a connection?• Text to Self- The text reminds you of somethingthat you have personally experienced.• Text to Text- The text reminds you ofsomething you have read elsewhere.• Text to World- The text reminds you ofsomething you have seen or heard on newsprograms, movies and other things throughoutthe world.

MATH• The test is three 55 minute sessions.• Session 1- 40 multiple choice questions.• Session 2- 30 multiple choice items and 3 shortresponse items.• Session 3- 2 extended response items.

Math Short ResponseSample Question:Kari wants to give 8 stickers to each of her 5 friends.To find out how many stickers she needs, she writesthis number sentence.8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = ?Write a different number sentence using multiplicationthat Kari could use to represent the number of stickersshe needs.

Math Extended ResponseSample Question:A toy store sells bicycles and tricycles. All of the bicycles have 2 wheels, and all of the tricycleshave 3 wheels. There are a total of 19 wheels.• * How many bicycles and tricycles could there be in the toy store?• *Show all your work. Explain in words how you found your answer. Tell why you took the stepsyou did to solve the problem.• Make sure you– show all your work in solving the problem– label your answer– tell in words how you solved the problem– tell in words why you took the steps you did to solve the problem– write as clearly as you can

Math Extended ResponseState of IllinoisRubric

Writing• The test is one 55 minute session.

WritingExpository Writing• Presents factual information• Explaining, defining, describing, informing• Providing supporting reasons, examples, facts• Maintaining a clear focus• Ending with an effective conclusion

Writing Scores/Grade 3 and 5Exceeds• Students at this level write well developed compositions with all features ofthe rubric present. The compositions are clear and show purpose. Most majorpoints are developed with specific detail. Structure is evident, and the lines ofreasoning are developed coherently with some cohesion evident. Voice isappropriate. These writers show a mastery of conventions with few errors.Meets• Students at this level write compositions in which all features of the rubric arepresent, but not all are equally developed. The compositions are generallyclear and maintain logic throughout with evidence of coherence andcohesion. Some support is developed with specific detail, but readers may berequired to make inferences. Voice is evident. These writers demonstrate asufficient command of conventions but may make some major errors.

Writing Scores/Grade 3 and 5Below Standards• Students at this level write partially developed compositions which may lackclarity. Some of the features of the rubric may not be sufficiently formed.Generally readers must infer structure due to little evidence of appropriateparagraphing. Often the compositions lack sufficiency. There is no evidenceof suitable voice. These writers show a limited command of conventions witherrors.Academic Warning• Students at this level only attempt to address the assignment. Most or all ofthe features of the rubric are absent, and writers may attempt structure withlimited success. There may be insufficient writing. Numerous conventionserrors inhibit readability. ISAT Writing Performance Definitions

Science – 4 th Grade Only• Science consists of 2-55 minute sessions• These are multiple choice questions

How To Help Your Child Get Readyfor the ISAT at Home• Be supportive and reflect a positive outlookabout the test.• Discuss your child’s academic performance withhim or her.• Make sure your child gets a good night sleep anda good breakfast every morning.•

Cowlishaw willROCK THE TEST!

Thank you for joining usthis evening.If you have any questionsabout the test, pleasecontact your child’steacher.

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