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Harold Frank Hall, Floor 2.Camera 21 Camera 24 Camera 25 Exit Restroom Field Of View Camera Projected Path Object (Human)

Applications1. SurveillanceI. Airports2. Casinos3. BanksAlex Jones,2. Smart BuildingsInfowars.netI. Energy conservationa. How many people in a roomi. Heatii. Lightingiii. Air Flow

3Cues for tracking objects:1. SiZe2. Movement3. color

Use color to track objectsEvaluate color histogramsEvaluate color histogram with color calibration

What is an Image?Each pixel has a RGB Value which produce a color

111562130 255 0 255 0 255Each pixel RGB value is put into its correct bin

Camera 21 Camera 25

Example linear transformation matrix for a 2 Bin RGB quantisation.R. Bowden , A. Gilbert, Centre for Vision Speech and Signal ProcessingColor Transformation is a way to supplement for the changesbetween cameras due to lighting and settings.

Before CalibrationAfter Calibration

• Because of lighting and camera settings,object tracking across cameras by colormatching is difficult.• Each camera views the same objectdifferently.• Calibration improves object recognitionbetween cameras.

• Thomas , Mentor• Prof. Manjunath• Jens• Dr. NickThank You.

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