EuropE´s stadium

ConstruCtors in muniCh

About 500 attendees from 22 countries, 70 national and international speakers as well as twelve speciality

panels: With a mixture of the well-established and the new as well as a further internationalisation, the 3rd

SPONSORs Sports Venue Summit proved to be the leading European congress of the industry in Europe.

WRitERS: steffen guthardt und philipp klotz

Despite the crisis on the financial

markets worldwide, the stadium

boom in Europe remains unbroken.

This became apparent directly in

the beginning of the third edition of

the SPONSORs Sports Venue Summit in the

Allianz Arena in Munich. Currently, in 29

counties on the continent comprising an

investment volume of about six billion Euros

stadia are being built, renovated or modernised!

Altogether 100 stadium construction

projects, a third of which are new

buildings, can be found while contemplating

the European map.

Among them is for example one of the

biggest and most modern future stadia in

Europe that shall be developed comprising

80 000 seats in Rotterdam. Jan van Merwijk,

Director Stadium Feyenoord Rotterdam,

impressed the audience with exclusive insights

into the plans for the 600-million-

Euro-project in the scope of a discussion

round on the main stage.

This year, the SPONSORs Sports Venue

Summit was also able to come up with numerous

innovations: Especially the new

thematic emphasis on “Bidding Countries

and Host Cities” enjoyed great popularity.

In two panels and on the main stage wellknown

international representatives provided

information about the current status

quo of their application and hosting projects

for the tournaments of FIFA, UEFA and

IOC. Especially the presentation of Andriy

Mykytiv, Head of Stadia Operations at LOC

Euro 2012, was followed with great interest.

After various speculations about the problems

concerning the preparations of European

Championship host Ukraine in the

media, the person responsible for stadia

himself expressed his opinion for the first

time in Germany. Mykytiv astonished ex-

perts and critics by promising details concerning

the progress of stadia and infrastructure.

The event was rounded off on the second

congress day by four topic-related stadium

tours. The practically-oriented tours enjoyed

great popularity among the attendees,

since, in varied ways, they had the unique

opportunity to take a look behind the scenes

of the Allianz Arena and take home

with them important insights.


You may watch online all congress highlights once again in a

report of SPONSORs Congress TV. Furthermore, you may find

further impressions of the event on

Moreover, congress attendees have the exclusive

possibility to download selected presentations.


“We better do not open VIP boxes again at all.”

Wolfgang Niersbach, General Secretary German Football Association (DFB),

about the juridical difficulties of hospitality invitations

SPONSOR S Sports Venue Summit | EvEnt

“400 per cent more of stadium revenues”

Nicholas Gancikoff, Director of Stadium Projects Inter Milan, about the current advantages

the Premier League has in comparison to the Serie A concerning stadia

andriy mykytiv, Head of Stadia Operations LOC EURO 2012. paul BarBer, Executive director and Head of Commercial

Partnerships tottenham Hotspur.


CongrEss voiCEs

“A paper weight per bidder of 1.8 tonnes.”

Andreas Abold, CEO abold, about the necessary documents for the

bidding process of the FIFA World Cup

“I personally do not believe that 300 000 tickets

were traded at Seatwave in the last year.”

Peter Peters, Executive Director of Schalke 04 about the significance of

secondary markets in ticketing

“By now, fast and cashless payment is desired,

due to swine flu etc.”

Bernd Burger, ICT Head of Department VfB Stuttgart, about the trend of

e-payment in stadia

“You cannot earn money by having a church in

the stadium!”

Stefan Heim, Director of Staff VfB Stuttgart, straightens the criteria by

constructing stadium environments

„Italy – pizza, piazza, party!“

Greg Churchod, Director TSE Consulting, explains why the UEFA could

have allocated the EURO 2012 to Italy instead of Ukraine / Poland

“There can be no major sports event without

state aid.”

Martin Schnitzer, former CEO Innsbruck 2012, about financing the Olympic


“In the year 2022 a FIFA World Cup could be

played on artificial turf for the first time.”

Sebastian Karrer, CEO Sport Group/Polytan, is certifying a further

development of the synthetic turf

“The sales volume in the stadium has more than

doubled after having established the card.”

Wolfgang Holzhäuser, Speaker of the Executive Board Bayer Leverkusen, about the

advantages of e-payment in the BayArena

andreas aBold, CEO abold

Jan van merwiJk, director Stadia

Feyenoord Rotterdam

hiro kishi, director Sponsoring

deutsche telekom

gaBriele handel-Jung, director of

Corporate Marketing Services and Media

deutsche Bahn

attentive auditorium: international speakers are presenting stadium projects.

“This does not concern you, internationally

you are not in.”

Bernd Hoffmann, Chief Executive Hamburger SV, to Wolfgang Holzhäuser (in the audience) about the

topic of CO emissions for international flights of the Hamburger SV



need to talk: Representatives of Sportfive and imtech are discussing the new naming right of the HSV Arena.

BEHiNd tHE SCENES: Practically-oriented


“most modErn

stadia of EuropE”

The “Stadium Tour Germany” that took

place subsequent to the SPONSORs Sports

Venue Summit, allowed a unique view behind

the scenes of nine stadia and arenas

in Germany. With 40 attendees from 10

countries, among them South Africa and

United Arab Emirates, the stadium tour has

been a great success. Following a “from expert

to expert” concept the main persons

responsible of areas such as hospitality,

ticketing or energy management answered

to the attendees in every respective stadium.

The highlight of the tour was attending

the World Cup qualifier Germany against

Azerbaijan in the AWD Arena in Hanover.

The attendees were personally welcomed

by the General Secretary of the German

Football Association (DFB), Wolfgang Niersbach,

and were able to follow the match

from the DFB VIP area.


Qualifier match: A highlight of the stadium


SPONSOR S Sports Venue Summit | EvEnt

new technology: Experience e-payment


EvEnt | SPONSOR S Sports Venue Summit

get-together: to see and to be seen. service in a special manner: to the congress by limousine.

CongrEss voiCEs:

“Matches on artificial turf is currently not

thinkable in German professional football.”

Willi Hink, Director DFB, does not see artificial turf in the Bundesliga for the

time being

“In Switzerland, already 60 per cent of all tikkets

are used in the design of ‘print at home’.”

Andreas Angehrn, CEO VisionOne, proves technical improvement in


“I consider realistic an arena used for events on

a maximum of about 200 days.”

Joachim E.Thomas, President Vereinigung Deutscher Stadionbetreiber

(Association of German Stadia Operators), about the probable capacity

utilisation of a stadium

“Nobody knows the difference between virtual

and real.”

Rolf Bauer, CEO Daktronics Europe, to the discussion about pixel distance

of LED perimeter boards

“Also rotating boards had problems in the

beginning, for example caused by coaches who

felt bothered by them.”

Jochen A. Rotthaus, Executive Director TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, sticks to LED

perimeter boards

“There are not as many sun games as you may


Hiro Kishi, Director Sponsoring Deutsche Telekom, considers the weather

difficulties of LED perimeter boards rather unproblematic

“Three beers, two fried sausages in nine seconds

– it´s possible.”

Ulla Thombansen, Executive Director Mutmanagement, exemplifies the

speed advantages of e-payment

connecting: Africa meets Asia. entertaining: Sportfive und Zächel.

networking: Get together in a relaxed atmosphere.


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