and learn more about Miyachi Europe solutions designed for the ...

and learn more about Miyachi Europe solutions designed for the ...

Aerospace ApplicationsMiyachi Europe offers today’s aerospace manufacturers the broadest range of precision joining and markingsolutions. Our proven technologies enable the aerospace industry to weld, to mark or to bond a variety ofdevices made of metal or of plastic.The following are just a few of many applications we performed successfully with LCD displays, PC Boards,turbo jets, lighting devices, coils and motor shieldings.Honey Comb Weld, Motor Shielding ACF Bond, LCD Display ACF Bond, Cockpit DisplayResistance Weld, SquibReflow Solder & Resistance Weld,LeadframeLaser Mark, PCBResistance Weld, Interior LightingResistance Weld, Turbo Jet SectorHoney Comb Weld, Motor ShieldingLaser Seam Weld, SensorLaser Mark, HousingLaser Seam Weld, RF Package2| WWW.MIYACHIEUROPE.COM

Suitable products at a glanceMiyachi Europe is the market leader in development, manufacture and supply of equipment and systemsdesigned for laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding and hot bar soldering and bonding.Laser WeldingMiyachi manufactures a full range of pulsed Nd:YAG industrial laser weldingequipment with average power from 2W - 600W, and peak powers up to 10 kW.All lasers are standard equipped with a power feedback loop for maximum powerstability of the laser. Miyachi’s latest innovations include a 1kW laser welderML-6810A and a new “green” laser welder ML-8150A, which can weld highlyreflective materials such as copper and gold.Laser MarkingMiyachi’s new fiber laser markers are designed for high speed laser marking, laserengraving and laser ablation resulting in high contrast marks on both plastics andmetals. Miyachi laser markers can be tailored for optimised production and offeruser configurable options and a very low cost of ownership.Resistance WeldingThe combination of the Miyachi Peco MG3 process monitor and the MiyachiUnitek UB25-DC power supply with the Miyachi Unitek 70 series motorisedweld head is an advanced Resistance Welding system preferred by aerospacedevice manufacturers. The UB25 is a closed loop DC-Power Supply speciallydesigned for miniature parts. The 70 series motorized weld head offers repeatableelectrode speed, position and hold time. The MG3 weld monitor adds force anddisplacement control together with powerful statistical analysis tools. This “dreamteam” system combines the ultimate in micro resistance welding and offersaerospace device manufacturers unique process stability, control and traceability.Hot BarMiyachi Europe is proud to offer a complete line of manual and semi-automatedsystems for reflow soldering, hot bar bonding, ACF laminating and heat stakingapplications. All systems include a Miyachi Unitek power supply, a bonding headand a thermode. Linear slides allow loading and unloading of parts away from thebonding area. Rotary table systems are designed for high volume production asparts can be loaded and processed simultaneously.SystemsMiyachi has a proven track record in building systems for the aerospace industry.If it is a standard system or custom build, Miyachi understands the need forquality assurance and traceability. Miyachi Europe offers semi-automated aswell as fully automated systems. You can chose from a standard proven system,modify a standard system technically or define a new system which will becustom-built according to your specifications.4| WWW.MIYACHIEUROPE.COM

A E R O S P A C E E X P E R T I S E I N S I G H TMiyachi Europe provides excellent business servicesApplication SupportOur Technology Centers offer technical applicationdevelopment and troubleshooting support in ourkey technologies:• Laser Welding• Laser Marking• Resistance Welding• Hot Bar Reflow Soldering• Hot Bar ACF/ACP and Heat-Seal Bonding• Heat-Staking and Fluid Dispensing• SystemsThrough our Technology Centers we offer a rangeof services including feasibility testing, extendedapplication development (consulting), optimizationof process parameters, process qualification andon-site trouble shooting.Our labs are stocked with a large range of HotBar, Resistance Welding, Lasers, CNC Robotsand Dispensing Equipment, as well as diagnosticsequipment like Pull Testers, Cross SectioningEquipment, Temperature Probes for in-situmeasurements and microscopy. On request wealso offer Helium Leak Testing.Sample HandlingOur Technology Centers offer you an applicationfeasibility testing service in the followingtechnology fields:• Laser Welding• Laser Marking• Resistance Welding• Hot Bar Reflow Soldering• Hot Bar ACF/ACP and Heat-Seal Bonding• Heat-Staking and Fluid Dispensing• SystemsYou are invited to send samples to our labs for anevaluation to determine the suitability of one ofour technologies. Miyachi Europe offers feasibilitytesting, application consulting and in-housesampling services.Technical SupportMiyachi Europe provides premium in-housetechnical service for all Miyachi, Peco, Eapro andUnitek products and systems. The dedicated,knowledgeable and highly motivated technicalservice team is pleased to install, train, maintainand fix products and systems sold under theMiyachi, Peco, Eapro and Unitek brands.Technical Support is given for hardware andsoftware ordered whether it is covered free ofcharge under warranty or covered as billabletechnical service per service call for spare partsand labor or according to special technical servicecontracts which vary from country to country.Complex production processes, highest qualityexpectations and JIT supply chain requirementsmake technical service for installation, training,maintenance and repair a very important source toensure maximum uptime.TrainingAt Miyachi Europe we provide equipment andprocess training for the following technology areas:• Laser Welding• CNC Programming (Laser Welding Workstations)• Laser Marking• Resistance Welding (Golden Eagle Training)• Hot Bar Reflow Soldering• Hot Bar ACF/ACP and Heat-Seal Bonding• SystemsTraining duration can be adjusted to your needsand can take place at our Application Lab oron-site at your facilities.ISO CertificationMiyachi Europe’s facilities are ISO 9001 certified.Download our valid certificates from our websitewww.miyachieurope.comWWW.MIYACHIEUROPE.COM | 5

Contacts Miyachi Europe GmbHLindberghstrasse 1DE-82178 PuchheimGermanyT: +49 (0) 89 83 94 030F: +49 (0) 89 83 94 0310E: Miyachi Europe UK16 Royal Scot Road, Pride Park,DE24 8AJ DerbyUnited KingdomT: +44 (0) 1332 361 238F: +44 (0) 1332 206 215E: Miyachi EuropeTyršova 2084252 28 Cernošice/Prague WestCzech RepublicT: +420 251 512157F: +420 251 512158E: Miyachi Europe BVSchootense Dreef 215708 HZ HelmondThe NetherlandsT: +31 (0) 492 542 225F: +31 (0) 492 536 222E: Miyachi Europe95D Rue PéreireSaint Germain en Laye, 78100FranceT: +33 (0) 139 046 430F: +33 (0) 130 617 547E-mail: Miyachi Europe KftMester utca 87.HU-1095 BudapestHungaryT: +36 1 4319927F: +36 1 2609175E: Miyachi EuropeStrada della Cebrosa, 86IT-10156 TorinoItalyT: +39 011 223 83 16F: +39 011 274 94 66E: infoit@mec.miyachi.comTechnologiesMiyachi is the market leader in developing,building and servicing machines and componentsfor laser welding, laser marking,resistance welding, hot bar and systems.Miyachi solutions are an integral part ofthe production process to connect, to join,to automate, to identify or to customisecomponents in a very reliable and verysustainable fashion. Miyachi productsare used in a variety of modern high-techapplication fi elds.These application fi elds are our areas ofexpertise to the benefi t of our customers’and our vendors’ future growth in Automotive,IT & Multimedia, Electronics & Solar Cells,Medical, Aerospace and Defence.WWW.MIYACHIEUROPE.COM© Miyachi Europe, March 2013All data, images and text described and illustrated in this brochure are subject to change at any time.Miyachi Europe Corporation reserves the right to change, modify, delete and add technical specifications,product details and images valid for all Miyachi Europe sales organisations at any time.

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