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Deliver your brands to overa million New Zealandhouseholds every week

MEDIATARGET ALL YOUR CUSTOMERSIN THE ONE PLACEWhen it comes to getting your brand out there, nobody getsyou closer. With a Progressive media package, you can targetcustomers when it counts – right at the point of purchase. Asa Progressive supplier, you can meet your marketing objectiveswith a portfolio of powerful marketing tools includingOnecard campaigns, direct mail, direct email, in store radio,promotions, in store demonstrations, catalogue advertisingand POS material.This brochure is your quick reference guide to using thesetools to plan new promotions, build sales volume and reinforceyour brand marketing across the board. Don’t miss this greatopportunity to take your brands to a truly targeted audience.Talk to us now.introduction

MEDIAThe Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdown cataloguesare well established communication tools that reach morethan two million homes each week. Our catalogues stronglycommunicate key product and price messages and play amajor role for households planning their weekly shop.On average 88.6% of Progressive main shoppers read theircatalogues each week*; this makes the catalogues a viablemarketing tool for your brand.*Tomorrowshopper survey results – July 2008Distribution:On a weekly basis, Progressive distributes more than 2.3million mailers to New Zealand households nationwide. TheCountdown mailer is delivered to over 1.1million and theFoodtown Woolworths mailers are delivered to more than1.2 million.Guidelines:Examples of the advertising options available are included inthis document to show how your product can be promoted.All supplier advertising must follow this format, with creativecontrol remaining the responsibility of Progressive. Productsappearing in the catalogues must have 95% ranging in therelevant supermarket brand and all promotions are required tobe exclusive to Progressive for the week of advertisement.Progressive MediaWeekly CataloguesWe will actively work with you to develop a mailer presencewhich meets your needs. However, we reserve the right to refuseany proposed advertisement on the basis of space restrictions,the need to balance product mix and the importance ofensuring appropriate mailer content. Purchasing a panel doesnot guarantee category exclusivity within the mailer. Pleasenote that we retain full discretion regarding the price at whichproducts will be promoted and sold.All advertising rates stated are exclusive of GST.Timelines:All booking requests are to be received 5 weeks in advance ofrequired catalogue feature. Artwork or components for yourpanel are to be provided four weeks prior to the catalogueon sale date. First artwork will be provided for sign-offapproximately 12 working days prior to the catalogue on saledate. To ensure we meet the tight print deadlines, this mustbe returned within 3 working days.Who to Contact:To explore the options and approach for your product/s pleasecontact your Progressive Category Manager or Maree McKay -Partner Promotions Coordinator on 09 275 2523.Progressive media Weekly Catalogues

FTAUK 41/2008 PG1212_FT2328_WK41_AKL.indd 1CD 2309_UNI_WK 06/2008 PG 08CD 2309_UNI MAILER_PG 08 BABY FEATURE PAGE v3.indd 127/6/08 11:01:17 AM7/25/08 8:35:18 PMTEGELTegel Frozen ChickenSize 10Tegel Frozen ChickenSize 18Tegel Chicken Portions Range1.5-2kgMEDIATake Outs Flame Grilled Penne PastaIngredientsCelebratewith family & friends.....and delicious Tegel ChickenTegelNuggetsRange1kg$ 55ea 5$ 98ea 8$ 999eaTegel Take Outs600gWith Tegel Take Outs in the freezer you’re always prepared. From Schnitzels,to Dippers, to Chicken Steaks - nothing could be easier to satisfy the troops.$ 99ea 8Tegel Chicken Chargrill Steaks800gMethod• Penne PastaFirst cook up your favourite penne pasta. Then add chopped sun-dried• Sun-dried Tomatoestomatoes, chunks of feta cheese and sliced Take Outs Flame Grilled• Feta CheeseOriginal Chicken Steaks.• 1x600g pack Tegel Take Outs Flame GrilledAdd dollops of pesto, some shaved parmesan cheese and mix through.Original Chicken Steaks*Serve immediately.• Pesto• Parmesan Cheese* Available in selected stores only.Visit for more inspiring recipe ideas.All Tegel Chicken Nuggets are:• Made from 100% breast meat• Endorsed by the NZ National HeartFoundation$ 9 9ea 7$ 99ea 9$ 9 9ea 7FULL PAGE SUPPLIER FEATURETake a full page in the Foodtown Woolworths and/orCountdown catalogues to showcase a selected product rangefor $15,000 per page, per week.Showcase breadth of product range or themed feature, egBabycare, Spring Cleaning, Mother’s Day etc. Each productwill feature a product title, image and price. We will workwith you to create a page that works for both parties and fitswith the feel of our catalogue artwork.Supplier full and half page features are created by our designstudio using supplied product descriptions, images and creativeartwork. We will work with you to create a page that works forboth parties and fits with the feel of our catalogue artwork.The Foodtown Woolworths image area is: 270mm x 270mmand the Countdown image area is: 268mm x 268mm.Karicare Toddler 3 Grow Up Formula900gBABY CARE ATKaricare Gold 2 Follow onFormula900g$20 99 eaNestlé Nan Gold BL 2900g$18 99eaSAVE FROM $1.00$13 99eaS26 Progress Gold 2 Followon Formula900g$18 99 eaS26 Toddler Gold 3 Drink900g$14 99eaExclusive toOnecard CustomersJohnson’s Baby Wipes240sSAVE $2.30$13 99eaNutricia First BalanceBaby xx Food110g4 FOR$4 76Huggies Baby Wipes Refi lls144-160s2 FOR$20 00S26 Toddler GoldLiquid xx Formula250ml4 FOR$6 96xxJohnson’s Nursing Pads Ivory24s2 FOR$12 004 ways to be in-to-win with OnecardWinA Toilet Training Guide andHuggies Pull Up StepWhen you buyHuggies Pull Ups or Dry Nites(Excludes Bulk Packs)(Every Countdown store has two to give away)Win6 months supply ofGiggles Bulk PackNappiesWhen you buy anyTreasures Giggles Bulk PackNappies 56-72sFULL PAGE SUPPLIER FEATURE

Exclusive to Onecard Customers15_CD2082_WK49_AKL.indd 1Exclusive to Onecard CustomersCD 2309_UNI MAILER_PG 03 .indd 1FTAUK 49/2008 PG1516/5/08 4:15:01 PMCD 2309_UNI_WK 06/2008 PG 037/25/08 7:03:29 PMMEDIAOnecard Promotional PanelSealord Fish Fingers375 g$3 99eaWeight Watchers Meals300-320gExcludes 350g rangeWattie’s Steam Fresh Vegetables450gMcCain Pizza Family500g$3 99eaWattie’s Mixed Veges or Peas1kgIngham Chicken Nuggets1kgKiwi Ice Cream2LExcludes Awesome range$9 49eaBig Ben Pies170gBirds Eye Chips or Wedges1kgMULTI BUYSfor 2 $899 cea$2 99eaSara Lee Danish, Strudel or Pudding400-525g$4 19eaStreets Magnum or Cornetto Multi PackIce Cream4/6 packFROZENOnecard Promotional Panels are an effective way to raiseawareness of your Onecard Promotion. Creating awareness for yourpromotion in advance increases the likelihood that customers willseek out your brand in store. By utilising a range of touchpointssuch as panels and in store POS you significantly improve thelikelihood of customers engaging with your promotion.Gain nationwide exposure in the Foodtown Woolworths and/orCountdown Catalogues. $5,000* per panel, per week.$3 49ea$2 49eaKitchen appliances worth $15,000with Wattie’s and your OnecardWinSimply use your Onecard when you purchase any multiple of threeWattie’s products in a single transaction between 12th May and8th June 2008 and you will automatically go in the draw to win.For example, purchasing 6 items gives you 2 entries.See in store for details.$3 69ea$4 96pk*Please note this does not include the cost of the Onecard promotional mechanism.Go to for full terms and conditionsUncle xxBen’s Express Rice2 5 0 g3 FOR$6 75Griffi n’s Meal Mates, Snax orHuntley & Palmers Crackers2 0 0 / 2 5 0 g$2 48eaBluebird Originals, Thin orThick xxCut Chips150g2 FOR$3 00Continental xx Cup a Soup4 serve3 FOR$3 99Coke Cans Range12 Pack$8 89pkArnott’s Chocolate Butternut,Scotch Fingers, Nice orDigestives200/250g$1 96eaWattie’s Baked Beans or Spaghetti4 2 0 gSAVE FROM$2.605 FOR$4 50Sealord Flavoured or Lite Tuna8 5 / 9 5 g$1 29eaUp & Go6 Pack$7 99eaKellogg’s Coco Pops 450g,Nutrigrain 345g, Special K360g or Sultana Bran 500g$4 29 eaAnchor xxUHT Milk1L2 FOR$3 00a $5,000 Queenstown Winter GetawaywithGet to Rewards faster withand your OnecardOnecard Bonus points.Simply use your Onecard when you purchase two V productsbetween 16th June 2008 Usually and 20th you July need 2008 to and spend be in to $10 win to earn 1 Reward pointa $5,000 Queenstown but Winter if you Getaway. buy products with Bonus points, you can get toSee Customer Service Rewards desk in store faster! for details.Prize draw will be made 23rd July 2008.Onecard terms and conditions apply.OnecardBonus pointsOnecard Promotional Panel

MEDIAHow would you like to sell more ofyour product to 1.5 million shoppers?With an active database that captures over 70% of alltransactions in Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdownsupermarkets, Onecard gives you the power to boost salesat check-out. How? By gaining unique insights to the peoplewho actually buy your product - and just as importantly, thosethat currently don’t. With Onecard you can:- Talk one-to-one with your customers- Get smart with your targeting- Build sales volume- Track measurable resultsOnecard offers you a lot more than information. That’s why itshould be in your shopping basket.While information on individual customers is strictlyconfidential, and is not released at a detailed level, FMCGcompanies who supply product to Progressive Enterprises cannow get unique insights from our aggregated data.You can find additional details on our or contact: Maree Mckay –Partner Promotions Coordinator on 09 275 2523 or

MEDIAIn Store PromotionUse your Onecard when youBETWEEN 16TH JUNE AND20TH JULY AND BE IN TOFor terms and conditions see the Customer service desk.Prize Draw held on 23rd JulyNothing gives your sales an instant boost like a well-executed prizedraw or sweepstake campaign.Onecard’s proven system makes running promotions in Foodtown,Woolworths and Countdown stores easy and extremely costeffective.Onecard provides an automatic entry mechanism, so there is no needto collect entries and you are guaranteed that the customer haspurchased your product.Because Onecard captures every transaction, we can give you anaccurate picture of the effectiveness of your campaign. Our postcampaign analysis measures include: volume and value of sales before,during and after the campaign, redemption rates, units purchased,competitor brand switch and acquisition details. For an additionalcost we can customise a report to suit your requirements.To use Onecard as the entry mechanism for in-store promotions,package costs start at $2,500* up to $17,000 (For a full costbreakdown see over the page). The basic package includes an onlinebanner space and a basic post analysis report of your campaign,however additional customised analysis can be quoted on request.The cost of the promotion is for a 4 week promotion and increasesby $500 a week for each additional week of your campaign. Allcampaigns are required to run across all three supermarket brandsand the online shopping website.*Conditions applyIn Store Promotion

MEDIAPromotion PackagesBronze Package – $2,500 + GSTThis package includes:• The cost of the Onecard mechanism in allFoodtown, Woolworths and Countdown supermarkets.• Onecard promotional banner on our Online shopping website(Supplier to provide creative banner).• Basic post analysis of campaign.• PLEASE NOTE: You can only use the Bronze Package inconjunction with a promotional material booking withSmartsource Marketing.Silver Package - $9,000 + GSTThis package includes:• The cost of the Onecard mechanism in all Foodtown,Woolworths and Countdown supermarkets.• One mailer panel in either the FT/WW or CD mailer (subjectto availability)• Onecard promotional banner on our Online shopping website(Supplier to provide creative banner).• Wobblers in store in front of promotional products (Supplierto manage and provide wobblers - 1 per product or 2 perbay.)• Basic post analysis of campaign.Gold Package - $12,500 + GSTThis package includes:• Cost of the Onecard mechanism in all Foodtown, Woolworthsand Countdown supermarkets.• Two mailer panels – One in FT/WW and one in CD mailer(subject to availability).• Onecard promotional banner on our Online shopping website(Supplier to provide creative banner).• Wobblers in store in front of promotional products (Supplierto manage and provide wobblers - 1 per product or 2 perbay).• Basic post analysis of Onecard campaign.Platinum Package – $17,000 + GSTThis package includes:• Full Page in Foodtown Magazine• Cost of the Onecard mechanism in all Foodtown, Woolworthsand Countdown supermarkets.• Two mailer panels – One in FT/WW and one in CD mailer(subject to availability).• Onecard promotional banner on our Online shopping website(Supplier to provide creative banner).• Wobblers in store in front of promotional products (Supplierto manage and provide wobblers - 1 per product or 2 perbay).• Basic post analysis of Onecard campaign.Additional points to note- All campaigns are required to run across all threesupermarket brands and the online shopping website.- All promotions are required to run for a minimum of fourweeks. If you wish to run your promotion for additionalweeks there is an extra charge of $500+ GST per week toextend your campaign.Pricing correct as at 10 July 2008Promotion Packages

MEDIATargeted direct marketingUse the power of data to send a superbly targeted offer to a welldefinedgroup. The Onecard team can slice and dice a database of 1.5million active shoppers at Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdownso you get a unique list that fits your campaign objectives. What’smore, you will have exclusive access to that group during yourcampaign periodTargeted MailOnecard tracks every item a customer purchases. You can use thistransactional data to build a stronger, more precisely targeted directmail campaign. We can deliver your offer to a specific customergroup based on age, address, gender, store location, SKU, SKU $value, date of purchase and more. We can also identify lapsedcustomers, brand switchers or brand loyalists and their purchasesby value or frequency. Onecard will work with you across all aspectsof the campaign to ensure a smooth, efficient delivery.The cost of your direct mail campaign depends on the numberof customers you talk to and creative options. On average, thisis between $1.50 and $2.50 per customer contacted - excludingartwork costs and the cost of offer. For a full cost breakdown seeover the page.Targeted EmailWith email, Onecard brings you a fast and cost-effective channel todeliver your offer. Our convenient template format makes buildingyour email campaign easy, and with our expertise you can be sureyour email campaign follows best practice principles.Excluding the cost of the offer, a typical campaign using theOnecard email template will cost between 95c and $2.00 percustomer contacted. This figure will decrease with a higher numberof customers. For a full cost breakdown see over the page.Targeted Direct Marketing

MEDIABonus PointsOnecard Bonus pointsGet to your next Rewards faster!Boost your balance and earn Bonus points every time you purchase promoted products untilSunday 29 June 2008.These Bonus point offers are available to all Onecard customers at any Foodtown or Woolworthssupermarket*, including Foodtown Online and Woolworths Online.Lindt ExcellenceChocolate Block 100g rangeAlso valid for LindtLindor Chocolates150g Gift Box range2OnecardBonus pointsFive BrothersPasta Sauce500g2OnecardBonus pointsCarlsbergCans 6 Pack 440ml5OnecardBonus pointsSunSilk Fashion DesignerRange Shampoo &Conditioner 200ml(Does not includestandardSunSilk range)2OnecardBonus pointsBetty CrockerCakes, Cookies, Muffins& Brownies rangeExcludes Just AddMilk range.2OnecardBonus pointsLynx Body Spray100g2OnecardBonus pointsHere’s a great way to reward selected customers. Bonus points area cost-effective way of promoting sales without discounting yourproduct. Instead of buying short term loyalty with a discount, you’llbe building brand equity by encouraging your customers to buildtheir points total and earn bigger cash rewards from Onecard. It’sa powerful driver of consumer behaviour, because each OnecardRewards mailing highlights the value of cash rewards and showsthe individual’s points total.Bonus points can be offered in the rewards mailing, in our weeklycatalogues, instore or through targeted campaigns.Bonus point cost 13.5c for each point awarded to customers.After the first 10,000 points are awarded this rate drops to 10cper point.All Onecard Bonus point offers valid to 29 June 2008.* Beer and wine is not available at Foodtown Te Atatu South, Kelston, Blockhouse Bay, Woolworths Massey,Te Atatu, Gore or Waikiwi. Beer is not available at Foodtown Wine Shop Lynn Mall.2 Onecard Rewards Exclusive!OnecardBonus pointsEarn 2 Bonus points every time you purchase two or moreWoolworths Select Products in one transaction before Sunday 29 June 2008.This offer also includes Select Signature Range products.This offer is valid until Sunday 29 June at all Foodtown and Woolworths supermarkets, including Foodtown Online and Woolworths Online. A maximum of 2 points areawarded per transaction. This offer is only available to you (and any other cards linked to your Onecard at Monday 26 May) as part of Onecard Rewards.More Onecard Bonus point offersGoldridge EstatePremium ReserveRangeChardonnay, SauvignonBlanc & Pinot Gris10OnecardBonus pointsSanctuaryMarlboroughPinot Gris or SauvignonBlanc 200715OnecardBonus pointsGrove MillMarlboroughSauvignon Blanc 200715OnecardBonus pointsAll Onecard Bonus point offers valid to 29 June 2008.* Beer and wine is not available at Foodtown Te Atatu South, Kelston, Blockhouse Bay, Woolworths Massey,Te Atatu, Gore or Waikiwi. Beer is not available at Foodtown Wine Shop Lynn Mall.Bonus Points

MEDIAThe foodtown magazineThe Foodtown Magazine continues to thrive as New Zealandssecond largest food magazine. Kiwis enjoy the magazine’s uniqueblend of simple, inspirational recipes, the latest information onfood and wine and fabulous lifestyle features.The magazine is available through Foodtown, Woolworths,Countdown, Woolworths @ Gull and 1200 general retailersnationwide.The Foodtown Magazine offers unique opportunities foradvertisers, with special editorial features, vouchers, recipeintegration, Onecard promotions and special feature bookletinserts.VOUCHERSRedeemable vouchers are an easy, cost-effective way to promote your productand maximise the integration of products advertised in The Foodtown Magazinewith products (including promotional activities) in store. These vouchers providean excellent means of enticing consumers to try new products.THE LATESTOne of the most popular sections in The Foodtown Magazine is The Latest –What’s In Store section. This is where we can highlight any new products youmay have and introduce them to readers. We can even use your product indelicious recipes to show readers just how to use it.PRINT ADVERTISINGThe Foodtown Magazine is an everyday part of New Zealanders’ lives. From athird of a page to a double page spread, make sure your brand is present inthis powerful medium.For more information contact:Trish Turney(09) 524 Fisher(09) 524 FOODTOWN MAGAZINE

MEDIAonline shoppingFoodtown and Woolworths online shoppers don’t justbrowse, they buy. We have built New Zealand’s largestcustomer base of online grocery shoppers with numberscontinuing to grow rapidly. You can also drive productsampling and electronic direct mail through our advertisingGrab the attention of online shoppers right at the point of purchase. Targetcustomers on specific pages with eye catching banner advertising whichcan be linked through to product for purchase, or directly to your products’microsite or website.Reach more customers with email. Our monthly email is a fast and costeffective new channel to deliver your brand or product message.We are always adding to our Online recipe data base. If you have alreadydeveloped recipes for your products why not advertise them with us samplingYou can get your brand into the homes of our customers easily by onlinesampling. Insert product samples into our online shopping orders. Withrefrigerated delivery, we make chilled and frozen sampling possible too.To find out more contact: Adam Hudson09 255 SHOPPING

MEDIAin store demonstrationsIn store demonstrations can be a powerful way ofbringing your brand to life. By encouraging trial andpurchase, you can educate your customers and buildbrand awareness. In store demonstrations create atheatre environment making your brand stand out fromthe rest. Offering product trial activity stimulates brandrecall during the time of purchase and encouragesbrand switching.Booking demonstrations has been made easy by our i-PRO online bookingservice. i-PRO is Progressive Enterprises’ internet based promotionalsystem. Demos is one of the tab functions on i-PRO which manages thei-DEMO booking programme for Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdownsupermarkets.i-Demo provides you with a greater level of access and flexibility whenbooking in store demonstrations. Our online service will save you time and isunique to Progressive.For more information phone:Maree Mckay - Partner Promotions Coordinator(09) 275-2523IN STORE DEMONSTRATIONS

MEDIASMARTSOURCE MARKETINGSmartsource Marketing can provide you with a rangeof point of sale opportunities in Foodtown, Woolworthsand Countdown supermarkets. There is a variety of pointof sale material available to suit your marketing needs.SHELFTALKThese leaflets are great for breaking through shelf space clutter. Use them tooffer recipes, nutritional information, promotions, coupons and much more.Deliver your message at that crucial moment when a customer makes theirpurchase decision.SHOWCASECreate real brand presence with your very own feature shelf. Showcaseprovides shelving to make your product stand out in front of its category.AD TROLLEYSMake sure shoppers see your brand every time they put something in theirtrolley. Ad trolleys put your print advertising on the inner and outer front sidesof grocery trolleys.FLOORTALKDramatic, oversized floor advertising captures customer’s attention. Createsomething fun and interactive. You can even use it to direct customersstraight to your brand.To find out more about the opportunities Smartsource Marketing can offer yourbrand, contact: Tony Simpson(09) MARKETING

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