Presentation Slides - Social Services - Region of Waterloo

Presentation Slides - Social Services - Region of Waterloo

Agenda1. Overview of Local Priorities• Urgent Status• Terminally Ill Priority• Sunnyside Priority2. Waiting List Statistics3. Issues/Challenges4. Proposed new directions5. Next Steps2

Local Priorities• Pre SHRA provincial operating agreementsrecognized disadvantaged groups – homeless,newcomers and youth• SHRA gave Service Managers the discretion toestablish local priorities• After local consultation, Region of Waterlooimplemented Urgent status, Sunnyside andTerminally Ill priorities3

Urgent Status• Original intent - to assist those with an Urgent housingsituation but insufficient financial resources to provideadequate housing options• Household’s income would require them to pay 50% ormore of the gross household income (based on RGI model)for rent• Three key criteria – homelessness, separated families andsafety.4

Urgent Status• Providers required to offer from the Urgent status wait listfor every tenth (10 th ) vacancy in their portfolio• May opt to select from this list more frequently• Homeless applicants can retain status as long as they donot become permanently housed5

Urgent Status• All other applicants granted Urgent status lose the status ifthey stop meeting the original or income criteria• Must be flexible with their site selections• Will lose the status after refusing first offer, then regularchronological applicant with two remaining offers6

Urgent Status - Homelessness• Living on the street (no shelter), OR using the emergencyshelter system• Housing destroyed by fire or natural disaster within the lastthree (3) months• Awaiting release from hospital or other time limitedtreatment facility AND can not return to former place ofresidence. Will not be released until suitable housing isfound.7

Urgent Status – Separated Families• Family with child/children who are in the care of a childprotection agency, and will not be returned until they haveadequate housing AND there are no other outstanding childprotection issues8

Urgent Status – Safety• The physical condition of the applicant household’s currenthousing poses a serious and immediate threat to theapplicant household’s safety and cannot be repaired orremedied within a reasonable time; or the applicanthousehold must relocate as a result of being subjected toactual or threatened physical harm.9

Terminally Ill Priority(TIL)• Original intent was to remove the chronologicaldisadvantage for the terminally ill.• Terminally ill have life expectancy of less than 2 years(medically verified)• TIL removed if household member who meets the criteriaremoved from the application, permanently hospitalized ordeceased10

Sunnyside Priority• Established as a pilot• Applies to community housing on the “Sunnyside campus”only• Original intent to assist senior applicants with a familymember in long term care at Sunnyside (must qualify for RGIassistance), who wish to remain actively involved in the dailylife of the long term care client• Must provide verification from Sunnyside Homeadministration11

Waiting List – Housed data12

Waiting List – SPP Requests13

Waiting List – Urgent Requests14

Issues/Challenges• Processing requirements versus available resources• Identifying policy impact on housing providers• Other system changes (e.g. OW/ODSP)17

Impact on Housing ProvidersHow have the local prioritiesimpacted housing providers?18

Discussion – Possible Directions• Focus changes on Urgent status• Narrow the criteria• Redefine homeless indicators• Change the income criteria to include all householdincome, not just RGI included sources• Identify possible exclusions from the policy (e.g.Households evicted for cause)19

Discussion – Possible DirectionsOther Suggestions?20

Next Steps:• Identify any proposed changes• Consult with other community stakeholders• Draft revised policies21

Next Consultation Date• Next Consultation Date – Wednesday, November21, 2012 (9 a.m. to noon) Waterloo RegionMuseum – 10 Huron Road at Homer WatsonBlvd. (Classroom A)• Local Priority discussion continued22

Questions?If you have any questions, please send anemail to:swhite@regionofwaterloo.ca23

Thank- You!For copies of all HSA consultationmaterials, please

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