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SEDUCTIVE DESIGNXK is designed and engineered in two bodystyles, Coupé and Convertible. Both are built in aluminiumwhich combines lightness with strength and rigidity. Every surface is sculpted to create a visual energy,with the outer aluminium skin stretched taut over the body structure. From XK’s purposeful front bumperdesign and chrome outlined air intakes, to its distinctive side power vents and muscular rear haunches,it promises both luxury and immense power.To present a unique XK visual signature, LED daytime running lights frame the advanced bi-function HIDXenon headlamps, while at the rear there are distinctive all-LED tail lamps. Under the bonnet, XK is drivenby a choice of three formidable 5.0 litre engines: Jaguar’s highly acclaimed 5.0 litre V8; a 5.0 litre V8Supercharged delivering 510PS in XKR models; and, exclusive to the XKR-S, a 5.0 litre V8 Superchargedproducing an astounding 550PS.VEHICLE SHOWN: XKR COUPÉ IN ULTIMATE BLACK WITH OPTIONAL XKR SPEED WITH BLACK PACK5

XK AND XK PORTFOLIOJaguar’s 5.0 litre V8 385 Petrol engine produces exhilarating acceleration with effortless power. Advanced engineeringtechnologies ensure instant response, delivering 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds.XK combines performance with luxury and relevant technology, intuitively expressed to connect the driver to the car,and the car to the road: it is technology that empowers, but never overpowers, the driving experience. As standard,it offers a 6-speed automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift, JaguarDrive Selector, Dynamic StabilityControl (with TracDSC mode) and Jaguar’s Performance Braking System. The interior features include Bond grainleather Sports seats, a 7 inch colour Touch-screen display and navigation system plus iPod connectivity.The XK Portfolio model takes sporting luxury to another level with a soft grain leather interior with twin needle contraststitch, heated and cooled front seats with a heated leather steering wheel, plus a Suedecloth premium headlining.The additional specification also includes the powerful Bowers & Wilkins 525W surround sound audio system.VEHICLES SHOWN: XK PORTFOLIO COUPÉ IN RHODIUM SILVER6

XKR-SXKR-Stakes XK to superlative heights. 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds, and a limited top speed of 300km/h. XKR-S alsodistinguishes itself with a unique front bumper, carbon fibre splitter, broad vertical side intakes and twin nacelles.Performance Active Exhaust with quad tailpipes gives the XKR-S its own powerful sound signature. BespokeAdaptive Dynamics together with a 10mm reduction in ride height and changes to suspension components, deliverpin sharp handling, maximising grip and control.The unique interior of XKR-S includes all of Jaguar’s legendary elegance and comfort, but with a distinctive edge.Beautiful contrast stitching and carbon leather detailing feature throughout the car while the headlining is a luxuriousPoltrona Frau® Jet leather. XKR-S is the ultimate expression of sporting luxury, combining dramatic performance withsuperb craftsmanship and materials.VEHICLE SHOWN: XKR-S COUPÉ IN FRENCH RACING BLUE11

ALUMINIUMXK’s all-aluminium body construction is fundamental to the way the carperforms. Using technology derived from the aerospace industry, itdelivers a combination of lightness, strength and rigidity – the key togreat sports car handling, superb performance and impressive efficiency.High torsional rigidity delivers exceptional agility, reduced body roll andpin-sharp cornering; less weight results in faster acceleration, shorterbraking distances, improved fuel economy and lower emissions whencompared to an equivalent steel-bodied car.The rigidity of aluminium body construction also means that Convertiblemodels have no need for extra stiffening panels and the resultantadditional weight. Because aluminium can absorb more energy thansteel, XK’s body is also able to dissipate greater impact forces, creating asafer environment for driver and passengers. What’s more, with Jaguar’scommitment to sustainability, 50 percent of XK’s body structure is madefrom recycled aluminium.12


INTELLIGENT CONTROLXK gets the best from your driving with an array of intelligent adaptive technologies. The Servotronic 2 steering system delivers precise manoeuvrability atlow speeds then reduces assistance at higher speeds. The six-speed ZF 6HP28 automatic transmission reads driving style and road environment to constantlyadapt its gear shift pattern. It’s designed to optimise fuel efficiency while anticipating and preparing to provide instant power.Dynamic Stability Control intervenes in demanding driving situations by applying braking to individual wheels where necessary, reducing engine torqueand helping to maintain stability in the most challenging driving conditions. Adaptive Dynamics continuously monitor the car’s speed, steering and bodymovements, analysing the suspension response and varying the damping to suit conditions. The system calculates the appropriate suspension response 500times every second keeping the vehicle flat, stable and secure. XK’s array of driving technologies are all designed to assist but never overwhelm allowingconfident, precise handling without any loss of ride comfort.14

JAGUAR PRECISIONENGINEERING IN A SEATWhen car and driver connect, XK comes alive. XK’s seats are meticulously designed andengineered to be an intrinsic element of the car, seamlessly integrated into its construction.They not only hold and support through every turn, they can heat and cool, reshape andadjust. At the press of a button they instantly recall any individual shape and positionpreferred by different drivers. The second most complex component in the XK, after theengine, the seat designs have been manually tested through 25,000 physical sittingsand subjected to five weeks of humidity and temperature extremes to ensure they workperfectly. There is no better demonstration of Jaguar’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.Three styles are available, each with detailed finishing and a comprehensive range of colourchoices. Sports seats upholstered in Bond grain leather are standard in XK and XKR. For evengreater comfort the 16-way adjustable Luxury seats, standard in XK Portfolio models, areupholstered in twin-stitched soft grain leather and feature both heating and cooling. Precisioncrafted Performance seats, standard in the XKR-S and available as an option on the XKPortfolio and XKR, offer individually fine-tuned lumbar support and powerfully sculpted sidebolsters for exceptional lateral support during hard cornering.PERFORMANCE SEAT IN WARM CHARCOAL AND RED DUO-TONE WITH RED STITCH22

XK EXPERIENCEWith XK, the journey begins as you approach it. With Keyless entry, the Jaguar Smart Key in your bag or pocket hasalready sensed your proximity and unlocked the driver’s door. Settling in to the luxurious leather seats, the Startbutton glows red on the centre console. Press, and the JaguarDrive Selector rises up into the palm of your hand.The dashboard illuminates as the cabin features are highlighted in a cool phosphor blue. The centre console’s 7 inchTouch-screen lights up. Simple and intuitive; it controls satellite navigation, climate control, Bluetooth® telephonesystem and in-car audio. Grip the soft leather of the steering wheel, engage the JaguarDrive Selector and preparefor the unforgettable XK driving experience.25

EXTERIOR COLOUR OPTIONSFrom Polaris White to Ultimate Black, from the race inspired colours of Italian Racing Red to French Racing Blue, Jaguar offersan outstanding paint spectrum to bring your XK alive. With numerous colour choices in either standard, metallic or Xirallic finish,this is the first opportunity to make it your XK.STANDARDEbonyPREMIUMIndigo†Crystal Blue*Satellite Grey*SD, BPolaris WhiteRS, SD, BCarnelian Red*Ultimate Black†RS, SD, BStratus Grey†RS, SD, BCaviar†Not available on XKRRS XKR-S coloursSD Speed Pack and Dynamic PackB Speed with Black Pack and Dynamic with Black Pack*Metallic paint †Xirallic paint ˚Available until December 2012For availability please consult your local Jaguar dealer.28

SPECIALKyanite Blue†˚SDRace InspIRedItalian Racing Red†RS, SD, BBlack Amethyst†Rhodium Silver*SD, BBritish Racing Green†RS, SD, BCashmere*Not available on XKRFrench Racing BlueRS (XKR-S only)Lunar Grey*29

ROOFSDark BrownBlueDark Grey30

Warm Charcoal soft grain(also available in Bond grain)Warm Charcoal Carbon Leather soft grain(XKR-S only, not shown)Warm Charcoal with London Tan duo-tone soft grainWarm Charcoal with Red duo-tone soft grain33

XK INTERIOR COLOUR COMBINATIONSPERSONALISATIONXK PORTFOLIO WITH PERFORMANCE INTERIOR224121. SEAT WITH STITCH 2. UPPER FACIA3. HEADLINING 4. VENEERWITH STITCHOptional Performance seats in Ivory with Ivory stitch, Warm Charcoal upperfacia, Ivory contrast stitch, and Canvas Suedecloth premium headlining withGloss Rich Oak veneer.34Ivory with Ivory Warm Charcoal with Ivory Canvas Gloss Rich Oak1. Seat leather and stitch applies to seats, door trim inserts and rear side panels.2. Upper facia and stitch applies to insrument panel, centre console and upper door trims.3. Headlining available in 3 materials: Morzine; Suedecloth and Poltrona Frau® leather. Reference for Poltrona Frau®leather headlining (optional on XK, XK Portfolio and XKR, standard on XKR-S) can be seen on page 40.Centre console inlay is Piano Black on all models.

XK WITH SPORT INTERIORXK PORTFOLIO WITH LUXURY INTERIORSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalCanvasWarm Charcoal withLondon TanWarm Charcoal withLondon TanCanvasorJetCaramel with CaramelCaramel with CaramelCanvasWarm Charcoal with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryCanvasorJetIvory with IvoryWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalCanvasWarm Charcoal andLondon Tan duo-tonewith London TanWarm Charcoal withLondon TanCanvasorJet35

XK PORTFOLIO WITH LUXURY INTERIOR CONTINUEDSEAT WITH STITCH UPPER FACIA WITH STITCH HEADLININGSEAT WITH STITCH UPPER FACIA WITH STITCH HEADLININGCaramel with CaramelWarm Charcoalwith CaramelCanvas or JetIvory with Ivory Warm Charcoal with Ivory Canvas or JetCaramel withWarm CharcoalCaramel withWarm CharcoalCanvas Ivory with Ivory Oyster with Ivory Canvas36

XK PORTFOLIO WITH PERFORMANCE INTERIORXKR WITH SPORT INTERIORSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGWarm Charcoal with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryCanvasorJetWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalJetorCanvasWarm Charcoal and LondonTan duo-tone with London TanWarm Charcoal withLondon TanCanvas or JetIvory with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryCanvas or Jet37

XKR WITH LUXURY INTERIORSEAT WITH STITCH UPPER FACIA WITH STITCH HEADLINING SEAT WITH STITCH UPPER FACIA WITH STITCH HEADLININGWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalJetorCanvasWarm Charcoal with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryJetorCanvasWarm Charcoal with RedWarm Charcoal with RedJetIvory with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryJetorCanvasWarm Charcoal withLondon TanWarm Charcoal withLondon TanJetorCanvas38

XKR WITH PERFORMANCE INTERIORSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm CharcoalJetorCanvasWarm Charcoal and Redduo-tone with RedWarm Charcoal with RedJetWarm Charcoal with RedWarm Charcoal with RedJetWarm Charcoal and LondonTan duo-tone with London TanWarm Charcoal withLondon TanJetorCanvasWarm Charcoal with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryJetorCanvasIvory with IvoryWarm Charcoal with IvoryJetorCanvas39

XKR-S PERFORMANCE INTERIORSEAT WITH STITCHAND MICRO-PIPINGUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHAND MICRO-PIPINGHEADLININGSEAT WITH STITCHUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGWarm Charcoal Carbon withReims Blue and Reims BlueWarm Charcoal with ReimsBlue and Reims BlueJetWarm Charcoal and Redduo-tone with RedWarm Charcoal with RedJetWarm Charcoal Carbonwith Red and RedWarm Charcoal with Redand RedJetWarm Charcoal andLondon Tan duo-tonewith London TanWarm Charcoal withLondon TanJetWarm Charcoal Carbonwith Ivory and IvoryWarm Charcoal with Ivoryand IvoryJet40


Gloss Rich Oak(XK, XK Portfolio, XKR)Satin Rosewood(XK, XK Portfolio, XKR)Gloss Figured Ebony(XK Portfolio)Gloss Burr Walnut(XK, XK Portfolio, XKR)Satin Elm(XK, XK Portfolio, XKR)Satin American Walnut(XK)


IMPORTANT NOTICEJaguar Cars Limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles andalterations take place continually. Whilst every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, this brochure should not beregarded as an infallible guide to current specifications, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle.Distributors and dealers are not agents of Jaguar Cars Limited by any express or implied undertaking or representation.Illustrations in this brochure may include optional extras.Comparisons are based on manufacturer’s own data and testing.ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION AT JAGUARJaguar is proud to continue the company’s tradition with its approach to Environmental Innovation. From the choiceof lightweight materials and lean production methods to the efficiency of its engines and designs, Jaguar is committedto operating as a more sustainable business and reducing its overall environmental impact.Jaguar’s flagship XJ model was the first in the company to achieve ISO 14040, the international standard for vehicle ‘wholelife cycle’ assessment. This certification measures the environmental impact of XJ from component material sourcing andmanufacturing process, through its driven life time, to final disposal. But that’s not all. Every new Jaguar vehicle is designedto be 85% recyclable and reusable, in addition to 95% recoverable and reusable with 10% for energy generation.The XJ, F-TYPE and XK’s innovative use of lightweight aluminium, which incorporates up to 50% recycled material from themanufacturing process of the body structures, provides considerable performance benefits. This includes improved fuelconsumption and less CO₂ emissions associated with lighter structures as well as the dynamic performance inherentin its weight saving design.Jaguar is committed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels, using fewer resources and creating less waste. Already themanufacturing assembly CO₂ emissions of each Jaguar built in the UK since 2009 is offset. For every tonne of CO₂ emittedin the assembly process, Jaguar invests in carbon reduction projects that reduce an equivalent tonne of CO₂ elsewhere.Offsetting allows Jaguar to take action now, to reduce its impact on the environment, as part of an integrated carbonmanagement plan. This company plan includes targets to reduce operating CO₂ emissions and waste to landfill by 25% by2012, water consumption by 10% by 2012 and fleet average tailpipe CO₂ emissions by 25% by 2015, based on 2007 levels.But it doesn’t stop there. World class manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001 since 1998, transport miles havebeen cut from delivery routes and new ways are being introduced to produce energy from food waste at our Gaydonsite in the UK.FUEL CONSUMPTIONXK and XK Portfolio (Coupé and Convertible)Carbon Dioxide Emissions g/km – 264Urban l/100km – 17.1Extra Urban l/100km – 8.0Combined l/100km – 11.2XKR and XKR-S (Coupé and Convertible)Carbon Dioxide Emissions g/km – 292Urban l/100km – 18.9Extra Urban l/100km – 8.6Combined l/100km – 12.3Bowers & Wilkins is a registered trademark of B&W Group Limited.Dolby and Pro Logic are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Jaguar CarsLimited is under license.iPod, iPod touch and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries.Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont.Poltrona Frau® is a registered trademark of Poltrona Frau Group.Jaguar Cars Limited,Registered Office: Abbey Road, Whitley,Coventry, CV3 4LF, United KingdomRegistered in England Number: 1672070jaguar.comJLM/24/02/03/1112


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