Quick Start Guide - Coin Acceptors Inc.


Quick Start Guide - Coin Acceptors Inc.

Guardian 6000QuickStartGuide

Changer ComponentsChanger ComponentsAcceptor GateAcceptorRelease LatchEscrow LeverLCD DisplayUserInterfaceKeypadSorting DoorCoinDenominationMarkingsPayoutCassetteRelease LatchAcceptorDockingCradleSorting DoorLatchExternalData PortGraduatedTube ScalesSwing-outPayoutCassetteAccess

NavigationRight Arrow: Move acrossscreen or selects current item.Upper Level Menu:Current Menu: Lowercase for this menu.Up Arrow: Scrollup in current menu.Left Arrow: Go backone menu level.Inventory Buttons(Letters): For cointube or passwordactions.CANCEL: Exit outof operation, or goup one menu level.Hotkeys-(any individualalpha key)MAIN MENUAuditDown Arrow:Scroll down incurrent menu.Up/Down Arrows: Showsoptions are availableabove & below “Audit”.▲▼ENTER: Select currentitem or accept/closeoperation.Guardian “Hotkeys”:Displays coin denomination and quantity forthe selected tube (A-F). Also used for manualpayout.(1 push): Accesses Main Menu.++++(2 pushes): Begins Audit Current Datareporting.: Establishes float at current change level.: Disables Float mode.: Shows Payout Cassette coin configuration.: Initiates Float Paydown (if enabled).3

Menu LayoutScroll up / down using arrow keysMain MenuAuditSetupRecommendationsCurrentHistoricalClear CurrentFloatCassetteCoin ConfigField TuneGeneralPasswordOptimal FloatService4

Setup Menu LayoutScroll up / down using arrow keysSetup MenuFloatCassetteCoin ConfigField TuneGeneralPasswordSet FloatDisable FloatOverfill PaydnFloat PaydnStandardCustomCoin EnableChange MgmtSecurity LevelToken AddToken DeleteToken Chg ValueToken Chg RtgSlug RemoveAutotestMDB SettingsDual CurrencyLanguageClear Hst AuditFactory ResetSoundChg PasswordPassword Level5

Audit Reporting1. Push MENU + MENU to begin audit reportingNavigation Keys - Within AuditENTER = Pause / Resume.▲= Scrolls within screens.▲System AutotestCycles and verifi es proper feedback of changersystems.1. Push MENU, then scroll to GENERAL-AUTOTEST and press ENTER.2. Open Payout Cassette and Sorting Door.Autotest begins automatically. All systems arecycled and the status of each is reported on thedisplay.For more information on theGuardian 6000, please see theOperation and Service Manual, available atwww.coinco.com10


For technical support on this or anyother Coinco product,contact your nearest Coinco BranchOffice/Service Center.Coin Acceptors, Inc.U.S. World Headquarters300 Hunter AvenueSt. Louis, MO 63124(314) 725-01001-800-325-2646Coin Acceptors, Inc.Canadian Headquarters1-435 Four Valley DriveConcord (Toronto), OntarioL4K 5X5 CanadaPhone: (905) 738-57771-800-387-9300email: techsupport@coinco.comwww.coinco.comCoinco Publication # 927979 Rev. 206/2007 Printed in the U.S.A.