CatalanExhibitorsMobile WorldCongress 2015

CatalanExhibitorsMobile WorldCongress 2015

Catalonia is a country with a clear industrial and international vocation and a long tradition inbusiness. These two features helped the country to lead the industrial revolution in southern Europeand to shape an industrial economy characterised by its innovativeness and openness to newtechnologies.We wish to consolidate and expand this industrial base by committing ourselves yet further toopening up our economy and encouraging the talent and creativity that has yielded a diversifiedbusiness fabric and our own system of excellence in research. These are all elements that foster anenvironment of harmonious coexistence for multinationals, local companies, consolidated industrieswith international leadership and emerging technological sectors.One such sector is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. In recent years,the ICT industry has become one of the main driving forces of social progress. Its developmenthas had a key impact on world economic growth and on the transformation of societies, and hasexerted growing influence on the lives of individuals and of companies.This publication contains information about 60 companies and technology centres that are takingpart at the Mobile World Congress with the support of the Government of Catalonia. It includes theprofile of the Catalan companies that will be present in other areas of the fair, those in the SpanishPavilion, and companies taking part with their own stand.The companies and technology centres that appear in this catalogue are a very good example ofbusinesses – very often SMEs – with a high level of talent, knowledge and capacity for leadershipand for generating added value.4

This catalogue features companies that provide technological solutions aimed at a very broad rangeof sectors including retail/e-commerce, Smart Cities, the gaming and creative industries, tourism,education and health.They are all remarkable for their high level of innovation, their potential forinternationalisation, the originality of their products, services or applications and their potential forfuture development, both in business and in technology.Together, this highly skilled fabric and Barcelona’s status as World Mobile Capital, which it will holduntil 2018, are helping to create an ecosystem that is conducive to the development of the sector andto inward investment, and that underlines our city’s leadership as a capital of the mobile technologyand sustainable mobility sector.With a view to strengthening this industry, we wish to continue backing the participation of companiesfrom Catalonia at the Mobile World Congress. This catalogue is both representative of this supportand an example of Catalonia’s potential in the ICT industry.Felip Puig i GodesMinister for Business and Labour5

Come to Barcelona and join a dynamicmobile business community.90,000 professional visitors are expectedto attend the Mobile World Congress 2015The ICT sector in Catalonia has traditionally been of special importance. Thanks to a strong consumerelectronics presence, a highly competitive software development sector and being one of the biggestindustrial clusters in Europe, Catalonia offers a great environment that has produced major initiativesapplying mobile technologies to traditional activities.Barcelona’s efforts in mobile technologies and mobility have made it a real Smart City. It is the only cityin the world where citizens can access an online site – Apps4bcn – and find the most interesting APPsin terms of citizen-city interaction.Through private schemes or via public-private collaborative projects under the auspices of BarcelonaMobile World Capital, progress has been made in many areas. This has given fruit to a series ofinnovative programs such as 4YFN, mHealth, mSchools or Smart Living.New sectors like e-commerce or digital gaming are growing thanks to its business advantages andto the projects taking place in Barcelona as a result of the city being Mobile World Capital. One of thebiggest pools of skilled workforce in Europe and the appeal of the city as a place to live and work havealso progressively consolidated a hub of talent and opportunities on a European level.How can your company take advantage of this dynamic environment?Many public-private projects are channeled through the Mobile World Capital Foundation.The capital also provides different opportunities for start-up initiatives as a hub (space for companies):privileged contact with key operators, networking opportunities, awards, among many others.6

If your company has a project,Invest in Catalonia can help you settle anddevelop it in Barcelona and CataloniaInvest in Catalonia has a 30-year experience helping international companies and can provide specificadvice on local tax rebates and special social security contributions. Invest in Catalonia also offersreduced office rental prices, recruitment, access to tech centers and contact with other companies forMobile Tech Projects.Invest in Catalonia’s services:Investment project managementWe assign a manager to each investment project. We aim at guaranteeing the viability of yourinvestment right from the word go.Information for incoming companiesWhatever your sector and needs, we’ve got the information: how to set up in Catalonia, legal, tax andlabour framework, socioeconomic context, investment opportunities…Specialized services••Finding business location••Finding partners, suppliers and specialized workers••Advice on incentives and financingExpansion and developmentOngoing support for companies operating in Catalonia: setting up opportunities, advice on newinvestments, intermediation or strategic facilitators.7

Maps Mobile World Congress 2015Congress SquareNorth EntranceHall 8App PlanetHall 8.1Hall 7Hall 6Hall 5Hall 4Hall 3Hall 2South EntranceHall 18

Maps Mobile World Congress 2015App PlanetHall 8.1Catalan ZoneCatalanTechnologyOfferingHall 5Congress SquareStand of Catalonia9

Company Indexpag. 31313232333334343535363637373838393940404141424243434444454546464747Abertis TelecomAccent Advanced SystemsAd TelecomAds Media Mobile AdvertisingAdvanced Automotive AntennasAgile ContentsAparca&GoAppszoom TechnologiesArgelich NetworksAscammBdigitalBarcelona MediaBeablooBerepublic NetworksBismartCatalunya AppsCoditramuntanaCentre De Visió Per ComputadorCttcDeister SADigital Legends EntertainmentDinubeDoonamisDrivania InternationalEffilogics TechnologiesEyetokFlirtieFlumotion ServicesFonyou TelecomForce ManagerFundació Privada I2CatGlobalcomm EuropeGrupo CastillaGuru’s Systempag. 48484949505051515252535354545555565657575858595960606161626263636464Health AppImaxel LabInatlasIncubioInnoquant Strategic AnalyticsInnovae Augmented RealityIntesis SoftwareKing Of AppKriterLa Factoria InteractivaLedmotive TechnologiesLhingsLleida.netManduka GamesMas VozMarfeelMedtepMobintouchModdity MobileMooveteamMovintracks BarcelonaNeàpolisNew RelicNexus GeograficsOpenshopenOpentrendsPick DataQustodio TechnologiesRed Points SolutionsSafelayer SecureSensing & Control SystemsShoulderpodSignaturitSitmobile10

Company Indexpag. 65656666676768686969707071SoftonicStarlab BarcelonaSurf The WebTu Pediatra OnlineUpptalkValidated IdVerbioWavecontrolWhiplash EntertainmentWorldlineXopik Mobile MarketingXplica’tYup Charge4YFNpag. 7575767677777878797980808181Conector Startup ElevatorCozenticCrowdcubeEurecatGroupiestInqbarnaKantoxInvereadyLoyal Gru (Jobtitude, Sl)QuizlyseSmartseaTiendeoUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya·BarcelonaTech (UPC)Washrocks11

Other Catalan ICT Sector Companiespag. 8383838384848484858585858686868687878787888888888989898990909090919191AdicterAeinnovaAgroptimaAlbedo TelecomAlma It SystemsAlsys Information TechnologiesAlter Ego Web ServicesAnsur Solutions BarcelonaAparentiaAppnosticaArtificial Solutions IberiaAsesoría Informática De Sistemas CadAssetsystemAtlantis ItAtta CommunityAumenta SolutionsAvant Web SolutionsBagmovilBellart GestioBemobile LabBibloos Digital ContentsBlit SoftwareCalculos Digitales SrlCaptioCIT UPCCodiwiseCompegps TeamCompon Electron AlfarConfluenciaCronos Telecom EuropeCubus GamesDatknosysDecorprintDouble Helix Xxi UDual Beam Merger Ingenierospag. 919292929293939393949494949595959596969696979797979898989899999999100DylvianEbantic SystemsEbiid Products And SolutionsElectrodomésticos TaurusEndepro SoftwareEngineos UEnmisolutionsEsi Mobile SolutionsE-Sonde Network MonitoringEsquemes InformàicsEuropean Mobile SolutionsFhios Consultoria TecnológicaFirmaprofesionalFlexxible Information TechnologyAudiovisualsFundación EdeGeogaming GlobeGersoftGlobal Legal DataGlobal Planning SolutionsGlobem2MHealth&SportlabHt ClusterIbersystems SolutionsIcar Vision SystemsIcatel NetworkIdearium TechnologiesIdisc Information TechnologiesIdneo TechnologiesIlimit ComunicacionsImedic GlobalInformaticatInnofis EsgmInqbarna Kenkyuu JoIiia-Csic12

Other Catalan ICT Sector Companiespag. 100100100101101101101102102102102103103103103104104104104105105105105106106106106107107107107108108108108Ip Anywhere TechnologiesIquadrat InformaticaIris View ConsultingIsocoJandusoftKernel AnalyticsLgai Technological CenterLocalizationlabMatgranMaths For MoreMerak Telecomunicacions I SistemesMobetiaMultimosNarada RoboticsNetsonicNewlog ItNjoi Sports NetworkNutrappOliva CardOlr SoftwareOnfanOtc EngineeringOunercomOval SoundOwnpackParc UPCParlem TelecomPasiona ConsultingPassportparkingPayrandomPlaytoridePrimum Health ItPupgam StudiosQuo Vasys Hi-TechRcm Softwarepag. 109109109109110110110110111111111111112112112112113113113113114114114114115115115115116116116116117117117RedaccenirRemsol EuropeRoca CaldenteySegucom EuropeSekgSelftisingSensing TexServeis D’Internet JavajanSigmaSixtemia Mobile StudioSkeyon FormaciónSlashmobilitySmooth CapitalSocial YouSoft For YouSoluciones Digitales De MovilidadSparsity TechnologiesSpooraStucomSwapayTalaia NetworksTalk&CodeTconxionTeckel MedicalTeleinformatica AssessorsTestamento OnlineThenetsenseTurispad ComunicaciónTuso TechnologiesUbiquaU-Play OnlineUrano DataUrbioticaVintegrisVodity13

Other Catalan ICT Sector Companiespag. 117118118118118119119Wappa Video TechnologiesWebyoesWefitterXtrategicsZemsaniaZlworksZyncro Tech14

Technology index (for companies attending the MWC)pag.3136363939465054576970pag.313132333334353536363738383940434345484949Augmented RealityAccent Advanced SystemsBdigitalBarcelona MediaCentre De Visió Per ComputadorCoditramuntanaFundació Privada I2CatInnovae Augmented Reality AgencyManduka GamesMooveteamWhiplash EntertainmentXplica’tBig Data / Open dataAbertis TelecomAccent Advanced SystemsAds Media Mobile AdvertisingAdvanced Automotive AntennasAgile ContentsAppszoom TechnologiesArgelich NetworksAscammBdigitalBarcelona MediaBeablooBismartCentre De Visió Per ComputadorCoditramuntanaDeister SAEffilogics TechnologiesEyetokForce ManagerImaxel LabInatlasIncubio50565657585859616163656668pag.3133343537373839404243444546464747484850Innoquant Strategic AnalyticsMedtepMobintouchModdity MobileMovintracks BarcelonaNew RelicNexus GeograficsPick DataQustodio TechnologiesSensing & Control SystemsStarlab BarcelonaSurf The WebVerbioCloud computingAbertis TelecomAgile ContentsAppszoom TechnologiesArgelich NetworksBeablooBerepublic NetworksBismartCentre De Visió Per ComputadorDeister S,ADoonamisEffilogics TechnologiesFlumotion ServicesForce ManagerFundació Privada I2CatGlobalcomm EuropeGrupo CastillaGuru’S SystemHealth AppImaxel LabInnovae Augmented Reality Agency15

Technology index (for companies attending the MWC)525555565658596161636465666768pag.313336373739394143434445474848505152KriterMas VozMarfeelMedtepMobintouchMovintracks BarcelonaNew RelicPick DataQustodio TechnologiesSafelayer SecureSignaturitSurf The WebTu Pediatra OnlineValidated IdVerbioDesign / User interfaceAccent Advanced SystemsAgile ContentsBdigitalBeablooBerepublic NetworksCentre De Visió Per ComputadorCoditramuntanaDigital Legends EntertainmentDoonamisEffilogics TechnologiesFlirtieForce ManagerGrupo CastillaHealth AppImaxel LabInnovae Augmented Reality AgencyKing Of AppKriter5253545556576163646970pag.32333537373940404243454749495052545556575758La Factoria InteractivaLedmotive TechnologiesManduka GamesMarfeelMedtepMooveteamQustodio TechnologiesShoulderpodSitmobileWhiplash EntertainmentXplica’tGeolocationAds Media Mobile AdvertisingAdvanced Automotive AntennasAscammBeablooBerepublic NetworksCoditramuntanaCttcDeister SADoonamisEyetokForce ManagerGuru’s SystemInatlasIncubioInnoquant Strategic AnalyticsKriterManduka GamesMarfeelMobintouchModdity MobileMooveteamMovintracks Barcelona16

Technology index (for companies attending the MWC)585961646569pag.31333335384043464749515252535361624365pag.33404547NeàpolisNexus GeograficsQustodio TechnologiesSitmobileStarlab BarcelonaWorldlineIoT / M2MAbertis TelecomAdvanced Automotive AntennasAgile ContentsAscammBismartCttcEffilogics TechnologiesFundació Privada I2CatGuru’S SystemIncubioIntesis SoftwareKriterLa Factoria InteractivaLedmotive TechnologiesLhingsPick DataSafelayer SecureSensing & Control SystemsStarlab BarcelonaLTE / WimaxAdvanced Automotive AntennasCttcFundació Privada I2CatGuru’s Systempag.323537374040464850575869pag.3233333539404344445860656768697071NFC / iBeaconsAds Media Mobile AdvertisingAscammBeablooBerepublic NetworksCttcDeister SAFundació Privada I2CatImaxel LabInnoquant Strategic AnalyticsModdity MobileMovintracks BarcelonaWorldlineOthersAd TelecomAdvanced Automotive AntennasAgile ContentsArgelich NetworksCentre De Visió Per ComputadorCttcEyetokFlirtieFlumotion ServicesNeàpolisOpenshopenStarlab BarcelonaUpptalkWavecontrolWhiplash EntertainmentXopik Mobile MarketingYup Charge17

Technology index (for companies attending the MWC)pag.3136454754616262646768Security / Identity managementAccent Advanced SystemsBdigitalForce ManagerGrupo CastillaLleida.netQustodio TechnologiesRed Points SolutionsSafelayer SecureSignaturitValidated IdVerbiopag.3940405454555757656869WearableCentre De Visió Per ComputadorCttcDeister SALleida.netManduka GamesMarfeelModdity MobileMooveteamStarlab BarcelonaVerbioWorldline18

Sector indexpag.313133843586868687888839899090404291929343954445954696474797989848Business solutionsAbertis TelecomAdvanced Automotive AntennasAgile ContentsAnsur Solutions Barcelona*Argelich NetworksAssetsystem*Atlantis It*Atta Community*Avant Web Solutions*Bibloos Digital Contents*Captio*CoditramuntanaCodiwise*Cronos Telecom Europe*Datknosys*DeisterDoonamisDouble Helix Xxi U*Ebantic Systems*Engineos U*EyetokFlexxible Information TechnologyAudiovisuals*FlumotionForce ManagerGersoft*Globalcomm EuropeGlobal Planning Solutions*Grupo CastillaGuru’s SystemIcatel Network*Idearium Technologies*Ilimit Comunicacions*Imaxel Lab9950991001011015254102103565810310510510610710861108109621101106311641111211266115115116116Innofis Esgm*InnovaeInqbarna Kenkyuu Jo*Iris View Consulting*Isoco*Kernel Analytics*Kriter SoftwareLleida.netMerak Telecomunicacions*Mobetia*MobintouchMovintracksMultimos*Olr Software*Otc Engineering*Ownpack*Pasiona Consulting*Quo Vasys Hi-Tech*Qustodio TechnologiesRcm Software*Redaccenir*Safelayer SecureSekg*Selftising*Sensing & Control SystemsSigma*SignaturitSixtemia Mobile Studio*Soft For You*Soluciones Digitales De Movilidad*Surf The WebTeleinformatica Assessors*Turispad Comunicación*Tuso Technologies*Urano Data** Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC19

Sector index676811870119119pag.85868636383990909192434697954748499952531025455575858106Validated IDVerbioWebyoes*Xplica’tZlworks*Zyncro Tech*Cultural and creative industryAparentia*Atta Community*Aumenta Solutions*Barcelona MediaBismartCoditramuntanaConfluencia*Cubus Games*Dylvian*Ebantic Systems*EyetokFundació Privada i2catIbersystems Solutions*Geogaming Globe*Guru’s SystemImaxel LabIncubioInqbarna Kenkyuu Jo*La Factoria InteractivaLedmotive TechnologiesLocalizationlab*Manduka GamesMas VozMooveTeamMovintracksNeapolisOval Sound*62110111111112112118pag.84853589899145979853103110pag.338485353586863688899091Red PointSelftising*Sixtemia Mobile Studio*Skeyon Formación*Social You*Soft For You*Webyoes*Design industriesAlsys Information Technologies*Aparentia*AscammCIT UPC*Codiwise*Double Helix Xxi U*Force ManagerIbersystems Solutions*Idearium Technologies*Ledmotive TechnologiesMultimos*Serveis D’Internet Javajan*EducationAgile ContentsAlter Ego Web Services*Aparentia*Argelich NetworksAscammAtta Community*Aumenta Solutions*BdigitalBibloos Digital Contents*CIT UPC*Cubus Games*Double Helix Xxi U*20* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC

Sector index919292939495449596469799100495052102541021025761109109110110111112113114115118118118Dylvian*Ebantic Systems*Ebiid Products And Solutions*E-Sonde Network Monitoring*Firmaprofesional*Flexxible Information Technology*FlumotionGeogaming Globe*Health&Sportlab*Fundació Privada i2catIbersystems Solutions*Informaticat*Iiia-Csic*IncubioInnovaeLa Factoria InteractivaLocalizationlab*Manduka GamesMatgran*Maths For More*ModdityQustodio TechnologiesRoca Caldentey*Segucom Europe*Selftising*Serveis D’Internet Javajan*Sigma*Social You*Stucom*Tconxion*Turispad Comunicación*Webyoes*Wefitter*Xtrategics*pag.858684363889409243959710010110110261108109631106511411768pag.3537399090949698Energy, water and resourcesAsesoría Informática De Sistemas Cad*Assetsystem*Alsys Information Technologies*BdigitalBismartCIT UPC*DeisterEbiid Products And Solutions*EffilogicsFlexxible Information Technology*Ibersystems Solutions*Iiia-Csic*Isoco*Lgai Technological Center*Localizationlab*Pick DataQuo Vasys Hi-Tech*Roca Caldentey*Sensing & Control SystemsServeis D’Internet Javajan*Starlab BarcelonaTconxion*Urbiotica*WavecontrolFood industryArgelich NetworksBeablooCoditramuntanaConfluencia*Datknosys*Fhios Consultoria Tecnológica*Global Planning Solutions*Idearium Technologies** Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC21

Sector index495710510661119pag.853488909041924344969749991015254103575810610810862110113116116InatlasModdityOnfan*Ownpack*Pick DataZlworks*Games and entertainmentAppnostica*Appszoom TechnologiesBibloos Digital Contents*Confluencia*Cubus Games*Digital LegendsEbantic Systems*EyetokFlirtieHealth&Sportlab*Ht Cluster*IncubioInqbarna Kenkyuu Jo*Jandusoft*La Factoria InteractivaManduka GamesMobetia*MooveTeamNeapolisOval Sound*Pupgam Studios*Quo Vasys Hi-Tech*Red PointSekg*Spoora*Ubiqua*U-Play Online*11769pag.32848484353888899090409192929394459696974846985010053545610358104Vodity*WhiplashHealth industryAds mediaAlma It Systems*Alsys Information Technologies*Alter Ego Web Services*AscammBismartBlit Software*CIT UPC*Confluencia*Datknosys*DeisterDylvian*Ebiid Products And Solutions*Endepro Software*Esi Mobile Solutions*Firmaprofesional*Force ManagerGlobal Planning Solutions*Health&Sportlab*Ht Cluster*Health AppFundació Privada i2catIdneo Technologies*InnovaeIris View Consulting*Ledmotive TechnologiesManduka GamesMedtepNarada Robotics*NeapolisNewlog It*22* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC

Sector index1041081096210911011011011111265114114115666768118118pag.3132838484858454863687873788Nutrapp*Primum Health It*Roca Caldentey*Safelayer SecureSegucom Europe*Sekg*Sensing Tex*Serveis D’Internet Javajan*Sixtemia Mobile Studio*Soluciones Digitales De Movilidad*Starlab BarcelonaTconxion*Teckel Medical*Turispad Comunicación*Tu Pediatra OnlineValidated IDVerbioWefitter*Xtrategics*ICT sectorAbertis TelecomAd TelecomAlbedo Telecom*Alma It Systems*Alsys Information Technologies*Asesoría Informática De Sistemas Cad*Ansur Solutions Barcelona*Appszoom TechnologiesAtlantis IT*Barcelona MediaBellart Gestio*Bemobile Lab*BeRepublicBibloos Digital Contents*3990404291929394944394959544454696479697989898499999100100100101101515210153CoditramuntanaCronos Telecom Europe*CTTCDoonamisDual Beam Merger Ingenieros*Endepro Software*E-Sonde Network Monitoring*Esquemes Informàics*European Mobile Solutions*EyetokFirmaprofesional*Flexxible Information Technology*Fundación Ede*FlumotionFonyou TelecomGlobalcomm EuropeGlobal Legal Data*Grupo CastillaHealth&Sportlab*Icatel Network*Idisc Information Technologies*Idneo Technologies*Ilimit Comunicacions*IncubioInformaticat*Inqbarna Kenkyuu Jo*Ip Anywhere Technologies*Iquadrat Informatica*Iris View Consulting*Isoco*Kernel Analytics*King of AppKriter SoftwareLgai Technological Center*Lhings* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC23

Sector index5454561025910410510510610710761621096263110111641111136511411566116116116676711768118119Lleida.netManduka GamesMedtepMerak Telecomunicacions I Sistemes*New RelicNjoi Sports Network*Olr Software*Otc Engineering*Parlem Telecom*Passportparking*Payrandom*Qustodio TechnologiesRed PointRedaccenir*Safelayer SecureSensing & Control SystemsSekg*Sigma*SignaturitSlashmobility*Spoora*Starlab BarcelonaTalaia Networks*Teleinformatica Assessors*Tu Pediatra OnlineUbiqua*U-Play Online*Urano Data*UpptalkValidated IDWappa Video Technologies*WavecontrolZemsania*Zlworks*pag.8435868936888992929445969646979898501021036111011268118pag.88888889909494Industrial systemsAlter Ego Web Services*AscammAumenta Solutions*Compon Electron Alfar*BdigitalBlit Software*CIT UPC*Ebantic Systems*Endepro Software*Fhios Consultoria Tecnológica*Force ManagerGlobal Planning Solutions*Globem2M*Fundació Privada i2catIbersystems Solutions*Idearium Technologies*Idneo Technologies*InnovaeLocalizationlab*Multimos*Pick DataServeis D’Internet Javajan*Soft For You*WavecontrolWebyoes*M-banking / m-walletArtificial Solutions Iberia*Blit Software*Calculos Digitales SRL*Codiwise*Cronos Telecom Europe*European Mobile Solutions*Firmaprofesional *24* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC

Sector index9799101545559107626411311311511611769pag.31338534873737899091434450995010110151Icar Vision Systems*Innofis Esgm*Lgai Technological Center*Lleida.netMas VozNew RelicPassportparking*Safelayer SecureSignaturitSparsity Technologies*Spoora*Teleinformatica Assessors*Ubiqua*Vintegris*WorldlineMarketing and advertisingAccent Advanced SystemsAgile ContentsAparentia*Appszoom TechnologiesAvant Web Solutions*BeablooBeRepublicCodiwise*Cronos Telecom Europe*Double Helix Xxi U*EyetokFlumotionInnoquant Strategic AnalyticsInnofis Esgm*InnovaeIsoco*Kernel Analytics*King of App5657575810410510610711011011111511611611870pag.33348585868686888940404293959647MobintouchModdityMooveTeamMovintracksOliva Card*Olr Software*Ownpack*Playtoride*Sekg*Selftising*Sixtemia Mobile Studio*Turispad Comunicación*Ubiqua*Urano Data*Wefitter*Xopic Mobile MarketingMobility, transportand logisticsAdvanced Automotive AntennasAparca&GoArtificial Solutions Iberia*Asesoría Informática De Sistemas Cad*Assetsystem*Atlantis It*Atta Community*Blit Software*Compon Electron Alfar*CTTCDeisterDoonamisEsi Mobile Solutions*Fundación Ede*Global Planning Solutions*Guru’s System* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC25

Sector index98985010152535455571051071071071096411211311411511711768119pag.32858686879243939495Idearium Technologies*Idneo Technologies*Innoquant Strategic AnalyticsKernel Analytics*Kriter SoftwareLhingsLleida.netMas VozMooveTeamOtc Engineering*Pasiona Consulting*Passportparking*Playtoride*Remsol Europe*SignaturitSoluciones Digitales De Movilidad*Sparsity Technologies*Talk&Code*Thenetsense*Urbiotica*Vintegris*VerbioZlworks*Public servicesAds mediaAsesoría Informática De Sistemas Cad*Assetsystem*Atlantis It*Avant Web SolutionsEbiid Products And Solutions*EffilogicsEsi Mobile Solutions*Firmaprofesional*Flexxible Information*95979810098995110358591051076262111111112112656611411411767686970pag.31117pag.3131Fundación Ede*Ht Cluster*Idisc Information Technologies*Iiia-Csic*Ilimit Comunicacions*Informaticat*King of AppMultimos*NeapolisNew RelicOunercom*Passportparking*Red PointSafelayer SecureSigma*Sixtemia Mobile Studio*Social You*Soluciones Digitales De Movilidad*Starlab BarcelonaSurf The WebTalk&Code*Teckel Medical*Urbiotica*Validated IDVerbioWorldlineXplica’tSecurityAccent Advanced SystemsVintegris*Smart CitiesAbertis TelecomAccent Advanced Systems26* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC

Sector index32338485358586868636388889404291924393939444959596974697989810098495099Ads mediaAdvanced Automotive AntennasAlsys Information Technologies*Artificial Solutions Iberia*AscammAsesoría Informática De Sistemas Cad*Assetsystem*Atlantis It*Aumenta Solutions*BdigitalBismartBlit Software*Compon Electron Alfar*CTTCDoonamisDylvian*Ebiid Products And Solutions*EffilogicsEsi Mobile Solutions*E-Sonde Network Monitoring*Fhios Consultoria Tecnológica*FlumotionFundación Ede*Geogaming Globe*Globem2M*Ht Cluster*Fundació Privada i2catIcar Vision Systems*Idisc Information Technologies*Idneo Technologies*Iiia-Csic*Ilimit Comunicacions*InatlasInnoquant Strategic AnalyticsInnofis Esgm*511005353102555610258591041041051051051076110710910910911063111112113651131141141171176911870Intesis SoftwareIquadrat Informatica*Ledmotive TechnologiesLhingsLocalizationlab*MarfeelMedtepMerak Telecomunicacions I Sistemes*NeapolisNexus GeographicsNjoi Sports Network*Oliva Card*Otc Engineering*Onfan*Ounercom*Passportparking*Pick DataPlaytoride*Remsol Europe*Roca Caldentey*Segucom Europe*Selftising*Sensing & Control SystemsSkeyon Formación*Soft For You*Sparsity Technologies*Starlab BarcelonaSwapay*Talk&Code*Teckel Medical*Urbiotica*Vintegris*WorldlineWefitter*Xopic Mobile Marketing* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC27

Sector index703233848585363738399090914393949597100505557575859105105105106107109111112Xplica’tTourismAds mediaAgile ContentsAlter Ego Web Services*Aparentia*Artificial Solutions Iberia*Barcelona MediaBeablooBismartCoditramuntanaConfluencia*Datknosys*Dylvian*EffilogicsE-Sonde Network Monitoring*Fhios Consultoria Tecnológica*Geogaming Globe*Icar Vision Systems*Iiia-Csic*Innoquant Strategic AnalyticsMas VozMooveTeamModdityMovintracksNexus GeographicsOlr Software*Onfan*Ounercom*Ownpack*Pasiona Consulting*Segucom Europe*Skeyon Formación*Social You*113661131141141151156811869119pag.31838434358586863788899090909140424392939495Sparsity Technologies*Surf The WebSwapay*Talk&Code*Tconxion*Thenetsense*Turispad Comunicación*VerbioXtrategics*WorldlineZlworks*Trade / retail / e-commerceAccent Advanced SystemsAdicter*Alter Ego Web Services*Appszoom TechnologiesArgelich NetworksArtificial Solutions Iberia*Atta Community*Aumenta Solutions*BeRepublicCalculos Digitales SRL*Compegps Team*Confluencia*Cronos Telecom Europe*Datknosys*Decorprint*DeisterDoonamisEffilogicsElectrodomésticos Taurus*Enmisolutions*Fhios Consultoria Tecnológica*Geogaming Globe*28* Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC

Sector index46979798484999501001011015152531015455575810359591041041056010510610761108109109109111Globalcomm EuropeIcar Vision Systems*Icatel Network*Ilimit Comunicacions*Imaxel LabInatlasInnofis Esgm*Innoquant Strategic AnalyticsIris View Consulting*Isoco*Kernel Analytics*King of AppKriter SoftwareLedmotive TechnologiesLgai Technological Center*Lleida.netMas VozModdityMovintracksMultimos*Nexus GeographicsNew RelicNjoi Sports Network*Oliva Card*Olr Software*OpenshopenOunercom*Ownpack*Pasiona Consulting*Pick DataQuo Vasys Hi-Tech*Remsol Europe*Roca Caldentey*Segucom Europe*Skeyon Formación*631121121131136611311411466115116681171186911870118ShoulderpodSocial You*Soft For You*Sparsity Technologies*Spoora*Surf The WebSwapay*Talk&Code*Tconxion*Tu Pediatra OnlineThenetsense*Ubiqua*VerbioVintegris*Webyoes*WorldlineWefitter*Xopic Mobile MarketingXtrategics** Catalan ICT sector companies not attending the MWC29

30Companiesattending theMWC

CompanyAbertis telecomContactMercedes Pérez-Cruzmercedes.perez-cruz@abertistelecom.comSTAND num.CS60 31SECTORSSmart Cities; Business solutions; ICTAbertis telecom is the telecom infrastructureoperator of Abertis group. It has morethan 6,000 sites, through which it providestelecommunications and advanced audiovisualservices to broadcasters, mobile operators,governments and security forces. It has made afirm commitment to the development of its networkwith the acquisition of mobile telecommunicationstowers of other operators, and the purchase ofItalian society TowerCo, positioning itself in thedevelopment of next generation networks andconfirming itself as the reference infrastructureoperator for mobile operators. It also developssolutions that improve municipal services tocitizens by implementing networks and servicesthat facilitate municipal management. In this area,Abertis Telecom is deploying a network of smartcommunications that allows connection betweenobjects and developing in Spain a strong IoT(Internet of Things) ecosystem.http://www.abertistelecom.comCompanyAccent Advanced SystemsContactJordi Casamada | +34 935125138jcasamada@accent-systems.comSTAND num.CS50 18SECTORSMarketing and Advertising; Trade / Retail /E-commerce; Security; Smart cities;Health industriesAccent Systems was founded in 2007 aselectronic devices manufacturer. Through theyears, and due to its specialization in wirelesstechnologies, like WiFi or Bluetooth, it hasbecome one of the most innovators appcessoriesmanufacturer, developing projects for some ofthe biggest companies in different sectors, likeautomotive, healthcare, renewable energies or themobile phone industry. Since the launch of theiBeacon technology, accent has took advantageof its knowledge and expertise to situate itselfas one of the leaders ibeacon manufacturer inthe world, focused in offer worth services for bigdeployments.http://www.accent-systems.com31Return to Indexes

CompanyAd TelecomContactLuis Crespo Fernández | +34 932237900luiscrespo@adtelecom.esSTAND num.CS50 14SECTORSICTAD TELECOM is a manufacturer oftelecommunications equipment specialized inSoftware Defined Radio (SDR) solutions andenhancing radio-communications in shadowareas through signal repeaters. The SignalProcessing team holds 10 years of experiencein researching the efficient implementationof signal processing algorithms over DSPor FPGA devices. By using exclusively SDRTechnology, the radio signals are directlydigitized and processed by AdvancedTechniques of Digital Signal Processing.The automatic control software recognizesthe environmental conditions and adjusts theinternal parameters to optimize the coverageconditions, removing the need for manualadjustments and so saving time and money.http://www.adtelecom.esCompanyAds Media Mobile AdvertisingContactXavier Buysé | + 34 935544610xbuyse@adsmediamobile.comSTAND num.8.1K48 12Adsmedia offers Mobile Marketing andAdvertising solutions through RTB/DSP,geofence technologies outdoor/indoor, basedon BIG DATA MOBILE. Latin America strongpresence, USA and Europe. Mobile Operatorspartner as Grupo Telefonica. Adsmedia providesMarketing and Technology to Media Groups,Media Agencies, Brands, Mobile Apps, andMobile Operators. Technology sector for Tourist,retail/Commerce and Health. Adsmedia platformBIG DATA Mobile manages: Proximity Marketing,LBS, Coupons-Loyalty, Beacons, MobileAdServer, offering solutions, behavior analysisand marketing predictions.http://www.adsmediamobile.comSECTORSHealth Industries; Smart Cities; Tourism; Trade /Retail / E-commerce; Public serviceReturn to Indexes32

CompanyAdvanced Automotive AntennasContactMònica Lloses | +34 937008500mlloses@ficosa.comAdvanced Automotive Antennas (A3) is a leaderhigh-tech supplier in the automotive area. Ourmain areas of expertise are antenna systemsand telematic / connectivity modules to providethe vehicle with services such as 3G/4G,navigation, emergency calls, car sharing,broadcasting radio, fleet management, etc.With proprietary state-of-the-art technologies,A3 is well positioned to offer our clients theright implementation to real challenges.http://www.ficosa.comSTAND num.CS50 39SECTORSSmart Cities; Mobility, transport andlogistics; Business solutionsCompanyAgile ContentsContactHernán Scapusio Vinent | +34 938023800info@agilecontents.comSTAND num.CS50 23SECTORSEducation; Marketing and Advertising;Business solutions; TourismAGILE CONTENTS, headquartered in Barcelonaand operating in America & Europe, offers highadded-value services for Telecom & Mediacompanies. AGILE provides the implementationof digital media projects, working as atechnological provider as well as a solutionpartner for B2B2C digital products & VAS.AGILE PLATFORM, our recognized solutionfor content, video, mobile & audience datamanagement, allows the implementation ofdigital media services either in-house or in thecloud. During the congress, we will exhibit softlearningVAS products, multimedia responsiveand mobile audience data management, amongother 2015 innovations.http://www.agilecontents.com33Return to Indexes

CompanyAparca&GoContactJaime Escamilla | +34 618900113jaime@aparcandgo.comSTAND num.CS50 20Aparca&Go is disrupting the parking industry andexperience using unprecedented technology. Userscan choose any of our +200 affiliate parkings(Madrid and Barcelona), book a parking space,access, leave the garage and pay with theirsmartphone. In our platform, parking owners enjoythe first yield management tool for the parkingindustry, and can now maximize their parkingoccupation by making their businesses more visible,using real time dynamic pricing, and getting real timeinformation of events and occupation of their parkinglots and our customers save time, money and enjoya greater experience when parking.http://aparcandgo.comSECTORSMobility, transport and logisticsCompanyAppszoom TechnologiesContactAnna Quintero | + 34 935947860annaquin@appszoom.comSTAND num.CS60 4SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Games andentertainment; Marketing and Advertising; ICTAppszoom is the place where you decide whichapp to install next. Each year, our editorialteam reviews, one by one, thousands of apps,giving straightforward recommendationsand advice to our audience, helping themdiscover gems in the vast world of mobileapps. Reviews are objectively written andshared with the 7.3 million people that turn toAppszoom each month. On top of that, we helpdevelopers achieve their objectives in terms ofapp promotion and distribution. Appszoom isavailable for smartphones, tablets and desktopcomputers as well, through native apps orconvenient web layouts.http://www.appszoom.comReturn to Indexes34

CompanyArgelich NetworksContactAgusti Argelich Casals | +34 934151235aac@argelich.comSTAND num.CS60 5SECTORSFood; Trade / Retail / E-commerce; Education;Energy, water and resources; Business solutionArgelich Networks is an ICT consultant boutiquecompany, independent and international.It was founded by Agusti Argelich after theBarcelona’92 Olympic Games. Mr. Argelich wasthe Director of Technology of the IX ParalympicGames. Argelich brings broad experience inmobility, corporate private networks, includingplanning, design, system selection, contractnegotiation, project management and expensemanagement. Argelich advises with integrityand creativity to private companies andgovernments. Thanks to a large network ofinternational partners can form ad-hoc hightalent teams to meet clients’ needs. As a client,you can always expect the right combination ofskills and experience for your strategic projects.http://www.argelich.comAgentAscammContactPepa Sedó Sanromá | +34 935944700psedo@ascamm.comSTAND num.CS50 28SECTORSDesign industries; Industrial systems;Health industries; Education; Smart citiesASCAMM is a leading organization specialisedin applied R&D and technology transfer inthe fields of Advanced Manufacturing andIndustrial Technologies. ASCAMM’s mission isto transform research results and technologyassets into sustainable business activity,offering companies state-of-the-art Researchand Innovation services and helping them totransform concepts into novel products andservices with a profitable competitive edge.ASCAMM has a large expertise in geolocationand LBS (Location-Based Services). Themost important applications and technologiespresented at MWC are:••Indoor positioning based on WiFi and BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy).••Advanced Location Technologies (includingGNSS) for smart phones.http://www.ascamm.com35Return to Indexes

AgentBarcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic(Bdigital)ContactLucía Arévalo | +34 935534540larevalo@bdigital.orgSTAND num.CS50 27SECTORSEnergy, water and resources; Industrialsystems; Health industries; Education;Smart citiesBarcelona Digital is the reference technologycentre of the ICTs in Catalonia. It orients itsknowledge and technological capacities tothe market’s needs, thereby offering innovativesolutions to business through applied research,technology transfer, and the dissemination ofdigital innovation. BDigital will present its newinitiatives and services:••the Big Data Center of Excellence••novel developments on mobile healthservices for chronics (CronicSuite)••IT security Testing DdoS solution based oncloud computing (Floodr)••energy management solution for waterdistribution networks••as well as new mobile app QA services(Appytest).BDigital is member of TECNIO.http://www.bdigital.orgAgentBarcelona MediaContactOscar Ferrer | +34 934151235oscar.ferrer@barcelonamedia.orgSTAND num.CS50 19SECTORSCultural and creative industries; Tourism; ICTNew and improved methods and tools for imageautomation and video post-processing, resultingin lower costs and improved quality. Innovativetechnologies for the production and exhibitionof audio and video content, proven to enhanceuser immersion and satisfaction. Technologiesfor the study and understanding of user behaviorboth at the social level - through the analysisof digital traces - and at the individual level -through methods and techniques for measuringemotional and mental load. The range ofapplicability is broad, including areas such asmarketing, advertising, learning and training,design, leisure, retailing and e-government.http://www.barcelonamedia.orgReturn to Indexes36

CompanyBeablooContactJaume Portell Guarch | +34 935182207info@beabloo.comSTAND num.CS50 7Beabloo is a Digital Signage and Digital Marketingcompany founded in Barcelona in 2008 with aninternational presence in more than 20 countries.The Beabloo solution displays dynamic andattractive digital content, using digital signagein an unified way (screens, internet, mobile andsocial networks) by integrating an advancedaudience analysis system. Beabloo has developeda tool to identify customer behavior patterns inthe business. It facilitates the customer loyalty byproviding customized content to each consumer.Also, it offers powerful dashboards that help in thesubsequent decision-making.www.beabloo.comSECTORSFood; trade; education;Marketing and advertising; TourismCompanyBerepublic NetworksContactFrancisco Morante Tolbaños | + 34 607453082francisco.morante@berepublic.esSTAND num.CS50 30SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce;Marketing and Advertising; ICTIn Berepublic, we help create your completeMobile Marketing strategy, including Design andcreativity, Development and implementation,Publishing in app markets, Campaigns in MobileMedia, social networks etc, Mobile SEO &SEM, Monitoring and reporting, Updating andMaintenance, etc. We offer:••Applications for multiple platforms: Android,iPhone,-HTML5. Advanced functionalitieslike in app billing, geolocalization, etc.Development of wap portals, mobile web andweb apps based on HTML5.••Mobile e-commerce.••Advergaming apps.••Mobile couponing.••Campaigns using mobile media ad networks••Campaigns using two-dimensional codes••Generating digital content optimized formobile devices.http://www.berepublic.es37Return to Indexes

CompanyBismartContactAlbert Isern | +34 931786880info@bismart.comSTAND num.CS50 1SECTORSEnergy, water & resources; Health industries;Smart Cities; Cultural and creative industries;TourismCities around the globe create a chaotic amountof data. Bismart Big Data solutions convert thischaos into a treasure trove of useful, accessibledatasets for Municipalities to analyze and utilize in aproper manner. We identify correlations, anomaliesand patterns to help in decision making. We cananalyze the mobile phone positioning within theCity and through Big Data we can create smartroutes correlating information from city events,wait times at attractions, dining options, hoteloccupancy, traffic status, public transport, weather,social media comments and transactions madeby credit cards. This analysis enriches governmentknowledge about everything that is happeningaround the city to offer the best services to citizens.http://www.bismart.comCompanyCatalunya AppsContactPau Font | +34 626821474info@catalunyapps.catSTAND num.8.1K48 6Catalunya Apps (CA) Association is the not-forprofitindustry association dedicated to representand promote the mobile centric businesses fromthe region. Our members include: mobile App,games & web development, creative & businessconsultancy, mobile marketing & communications,cloud based computing, localization, audiovisualservices, learning, App & mobile web designand mobile analytics. CA Association aims tosupport its members becoming the forefront of theindustry and serve as a collective voice for publicinstitutions. Apps “Made in Catalonia”. Design,Creativity & Quality, the pillars of the work.http://catalunyapps.catSECTORSReturn to Indexes38

CompanyCentre De Visió Per Computador (Cvc)ContactAinhoa Balagué Arteaga | +34 935811828abalague@cvc.uab.esSTAND num.CS50 34CVC is a non-profit institution founded in 1995as a Consortium formed by the Generalitat deCatalunya and the UAB. Since its founding,it has been characterized by a mixed modelbased on bringing together scientific andtechnological talent to promote flow andcooperation between basic research and transferof technology and knowledge with industry andsociety. The transverse and applied computervision character favors the results of researchenjoy endless opportunities transfer to differentmarkets. CVC mission is to carry out excellentresearch with international impact, to transferknowledge and to train high-level scientists.http://www.cvc.uab.esSECTORSIndustrial systems; Health industries; SmartCities; Cultural and creative industries; TourismCompanyCoditramuntanaContactCarles Rodella Aguilar | +34 972183487crodella@coditramuntana.comSTAND num.CS50 31SECTORSCultural and creative industries; Tourism;Food; Business Solutions; ICTApps and custom projects experts:MUSIC FESTIVALS. Apps for Music Festivals,such as Sónar, with the following characteristics:- Multifestival on a global scale- Content management- Networking tool inside the same App- Augmented RealitySMART GLASSES. We are currently developingpilot tests in hospitals, using smart glasses torecognize patients and their blood groups. Weare also doing real testing in logistic warehouses.BEACONS. Installation of beacons in order todynamize and customize proximity communicationamong clients.CUSTOM APPS. We turn your ideas realityhttp://www.coditramuntana.com39Return to Indexes

CompanyCttcContactAlbert Sitjà | +34 936452925albert.sitja@cttc.esSTAND num.CS50 22SECTORSSmart Cities; Mobility, transportand logistics; ICTFounded in 2001, it is one of research centerssponsored by the Catalan Government topromote research and development in Catalonia.The main activity is the development of basicand applied research projects related to thelower layers of communications systemsand geomatics. Its main objectives are: theacquisition of an international reputation in thescientific and technical activities; contributionto the establishment and growth of the Catalanand Spanish industrial sector, as a supplier ofknowledge and research staff; the establishmentof a training environment in experimentalresearch of pre-doctoral and post-doctoralcharacter.http://www.cttc.esCompanyDeister SAContactGaspar Domínguez de la Fuente+34 932063298info@deister.esSTAND num.CS60 9SECTORSEnergy, water and resources; Health industries;Trade / Retail / E-commerce; Mobility, transportand logistics; Business solutionsDeister Software’s guiding mission is to deliver adynamic business application platform to exploitthe power of the Mobility. The platform brings thepower of mainframe-class applications for hightransaction volumes, while integrating the newestmobile technologies as NFC, Digital Ink Signature,Telemetry,…. etc. It includes a complete suite ofmobility solutions to optimally manage vehiclesand on-the-field personnel, complemented with aBusiness Intelligence tool. Aimed at many industries(Utilities, Retail, Banking and Insurance, Securityand Surveillance, Facilities and Maintenance,and Logistics) our portfolio includes Sales ForceAutomation Solutions, Maintenance Management,Warehouse Management, Pick Up and Delivery,and POS systems.http://www.deister.esReturn to Indexes40

CompanyDigital Legends EntertainmentContactXavier Carrillo Costa | +34 933941777xcc@digital-legends.comSTAND num.CS50 42SECTORSGames and entertainmentDLE is trusted by leading game publishers, globalbrands and device manufacturers. The companyis recognized for its own state-of-the-art multiplatformtechnology, Customers on iOS includeDisney Mobile (Split Second), Electronic Arts(Battlefield Bad Company 2 and BF3), UK’s NaturalMotion (Icebreaker Hockey) and consumer brandslike Adidas miCoach Sports (Soccer, Running,Basketball). Specialized adaption team fromAAA console titles to tailor-made, user friendlyiPhone/iPad and other smartphones for IP crossplatformconsistency but targeting the midcoreaudience. DLE creates and develop in-depth gameexperience and original IP designs for midcoreaudience such as the award-winning game Kroll orthe AAA Free To Play title “The Respawnables”.http://www.digital-legends.com/CompanydinubeContactJonathan Hayes | +34934054667jonathan.hayes@dinube.comSTAND num.8.1K48 -SECTORSDinube is the world’s first all-digital paymentnetwork. A consumer-friendly network builtfor retail and designed for people, not banks.Fully interoperable with banks, mobile carriersand leading mobile OS, Dinube is a paymentnetwork constructed on a core of rigourousscience, with built-in privacy algorithms providingaccount holders with total control over their data.Shoppers can quickly and easily make proximitypayments in-store at a physical point of sale oronline in a few taps. The Smartphone is wheredata interfaces with our daily lives. If you live in adigital age you need to have ownership of yourown information and take charge of your data.Dinube is the payment network for a digitallyavailable future controlled by you.www.dinube.com41Return to Indexes

CompanyDoonamisContactRoger Vilanou Vallès| +34 930101280info@doonamis.esSTAND num.CS50 17Doonamis is a young Catalan company basedin Barcelona. We are specialized in developingnative mobile applications taking advantage ofgeolocation, real time data transmission, pushnotifications, data sensors and on-line payment.We have experience in deploying services totop cloud platforms (Azure). We work for largecompanies such as Gas Natural, BMW, Citibank,CASIO, and start-ups like JoinUp Taxi, Share MyLane, TuristIQ, among others. Currently we arelooking for business partners to internationalizeour services. Do you want to create your app?Contact us!http://www.doonamis.esSECTORSSmart Cities; Mobility, transport andlogistics; ICT; Trade / Retail / E-commerce;Business SolutionsCompanyDrivania InternationalContactOsvald Martret | +34 931760215osvald@drivania.comDrivania is a company that has developed an Appfor hiring private transport services in more than1000 cities throughout the world.Unlike the applications for booking taxis, Drivaniadrivers operate new, high-end vehicles that havebeen designed for VIP passenger transport. Theapplication has real time access to fleet availabilityand it sends instant confirmation for simpletransfers as well as for reservations that will lastseveral hours.http://www.drivania.comSTAND num.CS60SECTORSReturn to Indexes42

Logo for Effilogics Technologies S.L.May 04, 2012CompanyEffilogics TechnologiesContactAlbert Vidal Pastor | +34 931514652mwc2015@effilogics.comEffilogics Technologies has developed atechnological platform for smart efficiencymanagement in buildings that controls energyand water in real time. With the effiMAPplatform, facilities managers can easily andremotely control and manage their operationalcost. Effilogics’ solution combines differenttechnologies such as Mobile, Cloud Computingand Big Data applied to the Internet of Things,offering a platform fully scalable, distributed andaccessible from iOS and Android devices.STAND num.CS50 16Full logo - stacked.http://www.efficienciaenergetica.comSECTORSEnergy, water and resources; Smart Cities;Tourism; Trade / Retail / E-commerce;Public servicesCompanyEyetokContactBruno Saguer Duprez | +34 617226001bruno@eyetok.comSTAND num.CS50 36SECTORSICT; Business solutions; Games andentertainment; Cultural and creative industriesMarketing and advertisingEyetok is a unique global service based ona mobile app, to watch live what’s going onanywhere in the world, through another user’ssmartphone live video streaming, like you wereright there. Any smartphone turns to be a geolocatedmobile webcam you can contact andinteract with in real time, driving broadcasterusing arrows and a chat, to watch exactly whatyou need to see.The live social discovery engine: eye-witnessingand live life hacking from a mobile. Eyetok solvesthe need to watch live and remotely, what’shappening right there and then, as you werethere. Life is live!http://www.eyetok.com43Return to Indexes

CompanyFlirtieContactJoan Carles Bartra | +34 616510045jcbartra@flirtie.meSTAND num.8.1K48 9Flirtie is the new App to discover and meetinteresting people around you in a complete andfun way. You can customize your profile withphotos, description and interests and you canalso link your Instagram account. Then, Flirtiesuggests one by one profiles of other users andfor each of them you have to choose whetheror not you are interested. If two users like eachother, Flirtie creates a date (chat) of 7 days wherethey can talk, send pictures that will remain orwill be deleted after maximum 10 seconds andwhere they will be able to do videoconferencing.http://www.flirtie.meSECTORSGames and entertainmentCompanyFlumotion ServicesContactNatalia Venero | +34 935086350info@flumotion.comSTAND num.CS50 33Since 2006 Flumotion has been a leadingcompany in audio and video streaming solutionsand named one of the 100 largest worldwidecompanies in online video, along with YouTube,Facebook and Apple.Flumotion offers streaming solutions for liveand vod which are adaptable to clients needsand fully compatible with all mobile devices onthe market. The Flumotion end-to-end serviceaccompanies and helps clients throughoutstreaming projects to achieve the highest quality,and ensure a succesful online business strategy.http://www.flumotion.comSECTORSEducation; Marketing and advertising; ICT;Smart Cities; Business solutionsReturn to Indexes44

CompanyFonyou TelecomContactMónica Nadal | +34 668820000monica.nadal@fonyou.comSTAND num.CS50 37SECTORSICTfonYou is a pioneer in Smart Voice, Messagingand Data Solutions for carriers. Its award winning,carrier grade platform enables operators tolaunch innovative, revenue generating productssuch as mobile virtual lines for consumers andprofessionals, smart prepaid services such asreverse charging, ad sponsored communicationsor micro loans as well as call completion solutionsincluding a cloud voicemail. All products aremarket-ready, include state-of-the-art smartphoneApps and can be launched in a short period oftime. fonYou’s solutions have been launchedby tier 1 operators around the world and havereceived the most prestigious internationalindustry awards.http://www.fonyou.comCompanyForce ManagerContactLia Vazquez | +34 622616717lia.vazquez@forcemanager.netSTAND num.CS60 39SECTORSDesign industries; Health Industries;Industrial systems; Business SolutionsForceManager is a mobile sales force automationsoftware based on simplicity. In order to improvethe results and increase sales activity, thesystem offers a number of native applications forsmartphones and tablets that track and recordall the information for the Sales Representativeswho work out of the office, so they can workefficiently and focus on selling, not on reporting.With ForceManager, Sales Managers andDirectors get real time insights into their salesforce activity by providing detailed statistics thatreflect the interactions between their sales teamand customers.http://www.forcemanager.netReturn to Indexes45

CompanyFundació Privada I2CatContactDavid Roldán | +34 935532633fundacio@i2cat.netSTAND num.8.1K48 15SECTORSIndustrial systems; Health industries; Education;Smart cities; Cultural and creative solutionsi2CAT Foundation is a non-profit researchand innovation centre which promotes R+D+iactivities in Information and CommunicationTechnologies and Future Internet. The centrestands up for a new model in a new conceptionof innovation: the collaboration betweencompanies, public administration, the academicenvironment and end-users. Thus, it eases anopen innovation framework, characteristic ofthe Internet culture.I2CAT’s activity embracesdifferent areas of expertise such as audiovisual,eHealth and e-inclusion, distributed applicationsand networks, industry and ubiquitous Internetand mobile technologies, especially throughwireless sensor networks.http://www.i2cat.netCompanyGlobalcomm EuropeContactVictor Garcia | +34 935003333vgarcia@globalcomm.euSTAND num.8.1K48 3SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce;Business solutions; ICTGlobalcomm is a globally-oriented company fromBarcelona. Our main product is the VoiceGen ®Cloud platform, a Telecom Backend as a Servicethat handles the channel mix of mobile, fixed andVoIP telephony, messaging and social networksand make them available to any web, desktop ormobile application. In essence, we take care of themessy telecom hardware & software and providea globally available API, which our customerscan integrate to deploy intelligent & complexcommunications systems, without worrying abouttelecoms and thus focusing on business value.http://www.globalcomm.eu46

CompanyGrupo CastillaContactRosa Borrell | +34 902021022info@grupocastilla.esSTAND num.CS60SECTORSBusiness solutions; ICTGrupo Castilla is a leading provider of enterpriseHuman Capital Management solutions.Founded in 1979, we deliver human capitalmanagement and analytic applications designedfor any organization. Hundreds of companies,ranging from medium-sized businesses tolarge companies, have selected Grupo Castilla.Grupo Castilla enables any type of organizationto manage modern workforces through itsglobal HRMS, transforming how organizationsmanage, engage, acquire, and develop theirpeople. Implemented quickly and simple to use,the system increases company productivity,reduces operational costs and provides betterexperiences across the entire workforce. We areheadquartered in Tarragona, with locations inMadrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, and the mostimportant cities of Spain; and Tetuan in Morocco.http://www.grupocastilla.esCompanyGuru’S SystemContactEmili Balcells | +34 676116123info@streamgps.comSTAND num.CS50 43StreamGPSSECTORSCultural and creative industries; Mobility,transport and logistics; Business solutionsPut your eyes wherever you need quickly andeasily. StreamGPS is a cloud platform thatenables you to broadcast live geopositionedvideo from multitple mobile devices to performcontrol tasks, surveillance and broadcasting.This can be done from apps on smartphones,wearables (vests) or autonomous camerasbroadcasting via 3G/4G/wifi without complexand expensive configurations or fixedinstallations with total privacy.StreamGPS helps reduce costs and increaseflexibility in remote maintenance, surveillance orbroadcast sporting events, allowing control up to200 points simultaneously, receiving alerts basedin video detection and gps traceability.http://www.streamgps.com47Return to Indexes

CompanyHealth AppContactJordi Cusido | +34 620602495jordi@bcnhealthapp.comSTAND num.8.1K48 4SECTORSHealth industriesIn HealthApp we believe in health care professionalsand their commitment with the patient. We areworking to bring therapists closer to the dayto day patient. So, HealthApp is dedicated toimprove links between patient and therapistproviding trusty information about therapy and itsprocess. We support patients in the monitoringand enforcement of their therapy and the therapistpatientrelationship by using the state of the arttechnologies in the fields of mobile applicationsand software. HealthApp was created with the aimof responding to particular problems associatedwith chronic and/or long-term illness therapies, inwhich we have already developed TCApp, an appfor the treatment of patients with eating disorders.HealthApp currently collaborates with the leadingCatalan medical and technology institutions andhas begun its international expansion.http://www.bcnhealthapp.comCompanyImaxel LabContactFernando Pruñonosa | +34 932080960fernando@imaxel.comSTAND num.8.1K48 14imaxelPantone 021CCMYK 0 77 95 0SECTORSCultural and creative industries; Trade / Retail /E-commerce; Business solutionsImaxel is the technologic partner tocommercialize photography and personalizeddecoration, gifts and printed applications.Any B2B distributor or B2C merchant from anysector may use Imaxel developed technologyto sell creative personalized products such asposters, cards, canvas, prints, photobooks,personalized gifts and a long list of added valueapplications. With Imaxel developed apps andonline software end consumers may easily edittheir own products and place their orders to anyretail or online merchant. An international networkof professional printers is available to supportthose not having their own local printing facilities.http://www.imaxel.comReturn to Indexes48

TIME FOR BETTER DECISIONSCompanyInatlasContactSilvia Banchini | +34 934543148silvia.banchini@inatlas.comSTAND num.CS50 40inAtlas is a ICT company specialized in BIGDATA and Location Analytics that offers strategicbusiness solutions. It develops and managesinAtlas Places, the world’s first Self Serviceonline application for business location, easy touse and available to everyone. It calculates andshows on maps data of potential customers,competitors, social media opinions and realestate prices, continously updated. A locationintelligence and predictive analysis app, thathelps small companies to choose the betterplace to run a new business or expand theirsales points network.http://www.inAtlasPlaces.comSECTORSSmart Cities; Trade / Retail / E-commerce; FoodCompanyIncubioContactMarta Baqués Massó | + 34 932200093mwc@incubio.comSTAND num.CS50 44SECTORSEducation; Cultural and creative industries;Games and entertainment; ICTIncubio is a startup incubator specialized inearly stage projects that use Big Data to offerbusiness processes as a service. We’re anorganization designed to help entrepreneursdevelop big ideas and to scale internationally.We offer more than just an office space, weprovide continuous training for entrepreneurs,a mentors network, finding the best teamand all of the necessary services to builda company: design, marketing, legal, andeven the search for funding. We have severalprograms including Gamebcn, the videogameincubator, Yield, our Big Data platform, andIncubio Research, our division dedicated toexperimenting with Big Data.http://www.incubio.com49Return to Indexes

CompanyInnoquant Strategic AnalyticsContactMaría Fernanda Gonzalez | +34 620602495mafe@innoquant.comSTAND num.8.1K48 13SECTORSMobility, transport and logistics; Marketing andadvertising; Tourism; Smart cities;Trade / Retail / E-commerceAre your customers trashing your marketingpromotions? Are you guilty of deliveringexcessive advertising to the wrong targets?Envision a world of delivering personalizedpromotions to customers at the right place andthe right time. Welcome to MOCA! Innoquantis a Big Data software company that createdMOCA, a mobile marketing platform that actsas a “brain” to enhance interactions betweenbrands and people. MOCA collects informationfrom multiple sources such as your app,location, and in store data, to help you createhyper-targeted marketing campaigns in real time.Evolve the way you market. Sign up for yourfree trial of MOCA today!http://www.mocaplatform.comCompanyInnovae Augmented Reality AgencyContactXavier Riba Esteve | +34 937745571info@innovae.euSTAND num.8.1K48 2SECTORSEducation; Health industries;Marketing and advertising; Industrial systems;Business solutionsInnovae Augmented Reality is a technologyconsulting firm specialized in AugmentedReality and Mobile Applications. Our clients arecompanies which want improve the promotionand communication of their products usinginnovative technologies. Our services allow ourclients to innovate in all their communicationstrategy processes (online, mobile, events,points-of-sale and business visits). Our mainproduct is ARpad, a tool designed to improvethe sales-team results. It consists of an Appthat can hold any kind of information abouttheir products. The contents may include pdf,power point, video, as well as 3D animation andaugmented reality.http://www.innovae.euReturn to Indexes50

IntesisHomeYour home in the cloudCompanyIntesis SoftwareContactJosep Cerón Moreno | +34 938047134info@intesis.comIntesisHome is a service in the cloud thatprovides a new and attractive experience to theusers to control their home, from anywhere,anytime, through smartphone, tablet or internetbrowser. The user will be able to turn the airconditioning on before arriving home, turn it off ifforgotten, configure a calendar scheduler, checkthe energy consumption, get alarm notifications,historical data… We are creating new devicesto increase and enhance the users experiencecontrolling their home.http://www.intesishome.comSTAND num.CS50 4SECTORSSmart citiesCompanyKing Of AppContactXavier Barata Teixidó | +34 973271844theking@thekingofapp.comSTAND num.8.1K48 11King of App we are the first Mobile ContentManagement System. Aware of the growth of themobile applications market, we have developed anopen source platform which is going to be a breakpoint in Apps building concept.King of App is targeted to designers and developerswho are interested in apps creation. Our platformallows everyone to build free designed Apps butalso to code their own modules and themes. So,our sales strategy is focused to create a greatcommunity in which everyone can offer services andproducts to guarantee a better experience. Now, weare looking for our second round of investment.Let’s build your App!http://kingofapp.esSECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Public services;Marketing and advertising; ICTReturn to Indexes51

CompanykriterContactMarti Carles Subiràmarti.carles@kriter.netSTAND num.8.1I18SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce,Mobility, transport and logistics;Business solutions; ICTRepCamp is a powerful Mobility Application thatprovides the Sales Representatives with all theinformation needed to carry out a productiveand comprehensive Commercial Management.Apart from having all the customer informationin a single Dashboard-georeferencing, statistics,orders, etc.- you’ll be able to show an elegantProduct Catalog by categories and brands withprices, promotions, images, etc. so you canmake orders on the spot, without further delay,instantly closing business deals wherever you’llbe. RepCamp is powered by Kriter Software,founded in 1989, who has been manufacturingmanagement software and providing businesssolutions for all kind of companies.www.repcamp.comCompanyLA FACTORIA INTERACTIVAContactMarina Masip | + 34 938206362info@lafactoriainteractiva.comSTAND num.8.1K48 1SECTORSEducation; Cultural and creativeindustries; Games and entertainmentOur mission: Deliver technological innovationfor the creative content industry. Not only arewe app creators and developers for ourselves(educational featured iOS and Android apps)and for customers, but we also have 14 years ofexperience in creating technological innovation.Now we have easy-to-use authoring tools on themarket to create interactive formation contentboth for professional and non-professional users;and also a distribution channel which allowsthe spread of digital contents created with ourtools (or yours). So, do you need a customdevelopment? Do you want to know or distributeour product? Here we are!http://www.lafactoriainteractiva.comReturn 52 to IndexesReturn to Indexes

CompanyLedmotive TechnologiesContactMeritxell Carreras Molins | +34 933562615mcarreras@ledmotive.comSTAND num.CS50 2SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Health industries;Smart Cities; Design industries; Cultural andcreative industriesLedmotive is a high-tech start-up companywith international projection in the growingmarket of intelligent LED lighting. Ledmotive’spatented technology is able to create, record,process, playback and share any light withoutboundaries. Our lights are connected to theInternet of Things and can perfectly reproducethe properties of visible light, in a similar wayan MP3 player can reproduce the propertiesof sound. Moreover, our technology along withits mobile application defines a light that isadjustable, versatile, dynamic, sustainable, andconstitutes the link between high quality LEDlighting and the digital word.http://www.ledmotive.comCompanyLhingsContactAgustin Navarro Toro | +34 934010886agustin@lhings.comLhings makes ordinary products to be part ofconnected experiences, independently of theirtype, brand or purpose. Every product has a role inthe connected world and we demonstrate that bycreating connected experiences and services thatpositively influence people’s lives. Denominated as“The Social Cloud for Your Things”, Lhings allowsits users to manage, share and interact with theirconnected products.Sign up now at Lhings.com!http://lhings.comSTAND num.CS50 12SECTORSSmart Cities; Mobility,transport and logistics; ICTReturn to Indexes53

CompanyLleida.netContactSisco Sapena Soler | +34 973282300sisco@lleida.netSTAND num.8.1I41As the First Registering Operator, our missionconsists of providing companies, publicadministrations and private users with secure,trustworthy, efficient and profitable electroniccommunications that will directly help to improvetheir results. We provide evidences for a digitalworld, letting our clients make the most ofelectronic communitactions. Our solutionsprovide the equilibrium and the perfect balancebetween user friendliness and compliance,turning electronic communications into legallybinding processes.http://www.lleida.netSECTORSTrade/ Retail / E-commerceMobility, transport and logistics; M-banking /m-wallet; Business solutions; ICTCompanyManduka GamesContactManel Simon Martínez | +34 675575904manel@mandukagames.comSTAND num.CS50 6Manduka Games was created in late 2013with the goal of creating great new gamingexperiences on mobile devices. From Barcelonaand the experience and support of SlashMobility,the Manduka Games team squeezes its potentialand energy to build new experiences and sendthem around the world.We create mobile games for 360 marketingcampaigns, event promotion or just forcompanies that want to take part of this market.Furthermore, we materialize our own gameswith the goal of entertainment for the final user,providing a hole new experience.http://www.mandukagames.comSECTORSEducation; Cultural and creative industries;Health industries; Games and entertainment; ICT54Return to Indexes

CompanyMarfeelContactJuan Margenat | +34 931785950j.margenat@marfeel.comSTAND num.8.0J6SECTORSSmart citiesMarfeel helps publishers and bloggers boostreader engagement and monetize traffic with anad-optimized mobile design. Major publicationsall over the world use Marfeel’s mobile experienceto increase page views, reading time and socialsharing and to earn greater revenue from theircontent. The state-of-the-art interface maximizesthe impact of the publication, minimizesthe complexity of the user experience andprogrammatically achieves the best ad positioning.The experience is intuitive and smooth allowingreaders to swipe and flip their way through thecontent. Optimize your website for free withsmooth functionality across all devices and seehow your revenue grows.http://www.marfeel.comCompanyMas VozContactCarlos Jimenez Lopez | +34 931220713carlos.jimenez@masvoz.esSTAND num.CS60 13SECTORSCultural and creative industries; Tourism;Trade / Retail / E-commerce; Mobility, transportand logistics; M-banking / m-walletMasvoz is a B2B telecommunications serviceprovider with an advanced Intelligent phonesystems portfolio in the cloud, marketed througha SaaS (Software as a Service) model. At Masvozwe’re committed to innovation and develop usefuland user-friendly solutions that help companiescommunicate with their clients through multiplechannels Masvoz products use all the advantagesof the cloud and simple service management.We currently provide service to more than 1,000companies, including leading enterprises inthe logistics, banking, insurance, e-commerce,telecommunications and tourism industries, bothnationally and internationally.http://www.masvoz.es55Return to Indexes

CompanyMEDTEPContactMaria Segarra | +34 618468580contact@medtep.comSTAND num.CS50 5SECTORSHealth Industries; Smart Cities; ICTMedtep facilitates the provision of personalizedmedicine in a disease prevention environment:at the same time it eases the treatment andmonitoring of these conditions through thetracking of medical and patient lifestyle-relateddata. uClinics (for healthcare professionals) anduPatient (for patients) are the two multi-platformapplications that constitute the technologicalsolution of Medtep. Dashboards are adaptedto each preventive process or pathology. Theinformation aggregated to the platform is shownin a manner that promotes awareness andpatient proactivity, while it gives the healthcareprofessional the proper tools to provide a morepersonalized and timely care.http://www.medtep.comCompanyMobintouchContactRaül Presseguer Escobar | +34 931824184contact@mobintouch.comSTAND num.8.1D10SECTORSBusiness solutions; Marketing and advertisingMobintouch.com is the world’s 1st MobileAdvertising Business Network.Build your identity and boost your businessinfluence. Access all the latest market newsand insights. Easily find the right people andcompanies thanks to our advanced search engineand immediately access accurate informationrelative to their products and services.Engage with clients and partners, create newbusiness opportunities and send them directmessages on Mobintouch. Whether you representan established company or a newcomer to themarket, Mobintouch will help you to consolidateand create business relationships within theindustry. Don’t let the market grow without you!http://www.mobintouch.comReturn to Indexes56

CompanyModdity MobileContactOriol Castet Morell | +34 973274995info@moddity.netSTAND num.8.1K48 16SECTORSEducation; Tourism; Trade / Retail /E-commerce; Food; Marketing and advertisingAt mOddity we provide all-round App developmentservices and we specialise in mCommerce.Thanks to our experience in the globaldevelopment and know-how of the world of themCommerce, we provide a service to createthe mobile sales channel. Project development,the evolutionary follow-up of the application andthe review of users’ comments are the threecornerstones of client satisfaction.The mOddityteam works with some of the most popular,downloaded applications from the App Store,such as Groupalia, Ulabox, Imprify or Molet. Ourknowledge of native platforms enables us to makethe most out of all businesses.http://www.moddity.netCompanyMooveteamContactAlbert Roca Dorio | +34 934856903albertroca@mooveteam.comSTAND num.CS60 25SECTORSCultural and creative industries; Games andentertainment; Marketing and advertising;Mobility, transport and logistics; TourismMooveTeam, a Catalonian company foundedin 2013 by six entrepreneurs with expertise inthe MICE industry, activity organization andtechnology. We have developed an intuitive APP,easy to use, both backoffice and the applicationof Teambuilding games, that distinguish for itsfunctionality, mature, cool and friendly designand reliability. Figures: In less than 2 years, morethan 25,000 people in nearly 400 activities in 20countries in 5 continents with an increase in salesof 390%. We are expanding our product portfolioincorporating wearable devices like GoogleGlasstm. And two new products: MoovePhotocalland MooveQuiz.http://www.mooveteam.comReturn to Indexes57

CompanyMovintracks BarcelonaContactAlvaro Martinez Majado | +34 651580537alvaro@movintracks.ioSTAND num.8.1K48 7SECTORSCultural and creative industries; Tourism;Trade / Retail / E-commerce; BusinessSolutions; Marketing and advertisingMovintracks is a digital marketing companyspecialized in beacons and NFC interactionservices. It provides intuitive tools to create,manage and monitor fully customizedcampaigns. Movintracks has created a pioneerand thorough dashboard that gives nonspecializedusers an easy way to build upproximity marketing experiencies and make deepinteractions with customers through contextualawareness. Come and discover our productsto start offering a layer of proximity services toyour clients or your own marketing strategy. Getstarted in the beacons world.http://www.movintracks.ioCompanyNeàpolisContactJoan Carles Lluch Millán | +34 936571221info@neapolis.catSTAND num.CS50 10SECTORSHealth industries; Smart Cities; Cultural andcreative industries; Public services; Games andentertainmentNeàpolis is the Vilanova i la Geltrú innovationcity agency that works as a living lab ecosystemto facilitate and connect innovation throughPublic-Private-People-Partnerships (PPPP) foruser-driven open innovation. From a local andglobal perspective, our strategic projects arefocused on mobile, creative industries, socialinnovation, civic engagement, smart cities,startups ecosystem, etc. Our aim is to createan open, connected system where companies,social entrepreneurs, communities and researchcenters can co-create their solutions to userdrivenenvironment needs.http://www.neapolis.cat58Return to Indexes

CompanyNexus GeograficsContactDavid Comas | +34 972207904dcomas@ngeografics.comSTAND num.CS50 29RoutingReparto is a solution to plan and optimizeroutes for your company, visit more customers andreduce costs. Drivers have a mobile APP with theirroute and orders, that allows visit check-in in realtime. An online application is used at the office,with a geographic dashboard to plan new routesand monitor in real-time. Full solution to organizeroutes, affordable to all kind of companies andwith a monthly fee per vehicle. Customer benefitsare cost savings, decrease planning time, improvecustomer service and monitor routes in real time.http://www.routingreparto.comSECTORSSmart Cities; Tourism; Trade / Retail /E-commerceCompanyNew RelicContactStephanie Xavier | +34stephaniex@newrelic.comSTAND num.CS60SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Public servicesM-banking / m-wallet; ICTNew Relic is a software analytics company thatmakes sense of billions of metrics about millionsof applications in real time. Our comprehensiveSaaS-based solution provides one powerfulinterface for web and native mobile applicationsand consolidates the performance monitoringdata for any chosen technology in yourenvironment. Our 70,000 active accountsuse our cloud solution every day to optimizemore than 200 billion metrics for 3 millionapplications. When your brand and customerexperience depend on the performance ofmodern software, New Relic provides insightinto your overall environment.http://newrelic.com/59Return to Indexes

CompanyOpenshopenContactSantiago Sánchez | +34 902886352santiago.sanchez@openshopen.comOpenshopen makes it easy to sell products andservices or start a business online. It takes onlyminutes to open an online store and start sellingonline directly to customers. Openshopen is acloud based solution, with offices in more than10 countries, and happy customers around theworld. We are offering our platform directly underour trademark and domain, or through white labelagreements with telcos, banks, and in generalcompanies looking for an ecommerce Software asa Service solution.http://www.openshopen.comSTAND num.CS50 15SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerceCompanyOpenTrendSContactEduard Xalabarder | +34 93 320 84 14exalabarder@opentrends.netSTAND num.7J20SECTORSopenTrends is a Global Software Engineeringcompany, based in Barcelona and focused oncustom development of specialized Mobile App’sand Portals. openTrends’ core “DNA” combinesTechnology, Engineering and OpenSourceSolutions. The state-of-the-art technology andcutting-edge design, in one company.Over 10 years of continued innovation anddevelopment, focused on:••Mobility••User eXperience & User Interaction emphasis••Push Technologies.••Geolocation and context.••Data intensive Applications based on OSS,NoSql, and distributed solutions.We believe in a future where the ever-changingneeds and interests of mobile device users will behandled by “Context Aware Solutions”.http://www.opentrends.netReturn to Indexes60

CompanyPick DataContactJoan Comellas Cabeza | +34 937362940jcomellas@pickdata.netSTAND num.CS60 28Pick Data provides industrial solutions for remotemanagement and monitoring of large number ofmachines, sensors and distributed installations.From standard solutions to software andelectronics customized solutions. The total solutionincludes the element of data collection andcommunication, global worldwide communicationsand the software platform for reception,extraction and management of such data. Energymanagement, critical break downs real-timealarms, buildings monitoring and maintenanceof country distributed machinery are some of thecurrent applications of this solution.http://www.pickdata.netSECTORSEnergy, water and resources; Industrialsystems; Smart Cities; Trade / Retail /E-commerce; FoodCompanyQustodio TechnologiesContactGraeme M. Gibbs | +34 628931651graeme.gibbs@qustodio.comSTAND num.CS50 9SECTORSEducation; Business solutions; ICTQustodio makes internet safety and devicemanagement simple for families, schools andbusinesses in todays connected mobile andsocial digital world. Our unique technologyprovides seamless protection and supervisionacross multiple platforms such as Apple’s iOS,Android, Windows and the Mac. The Qustodioplatform currently protects more than onemillion users worldwide through partnershipswith OEMs, ISPs, Telcos, and our successfulpartnership with Qualcomm brings Qustodiotechnology to their next generation of smartgateway routers for the home in 2015. We lookforward to meeting you at MWC to discuss anybusiness opportunities.http://www.qustodio.com61Return to Indexes

CompanyRed Points SolutionsContactDavid Casellas Morales | +34 695166607dcasellas@redpoints.comSTAND num.CS50 3RedProtect your digital assetsSECTORSCultural and creative services; Public services;Games and entertainment; ICTRed Points protects the digital assets ofcompanies and people, offering a technologicalsolution to fight against illegal distribution anduse of contents. Using its own technology, RedPoints monitors the network to search violations,remove or deindexate them, and report throughdata in real time. Red Points specializes inunauthorized websites and mobile apps andwith unauthorized content, fake profiles on thesocial networking and illegal merchandisingsales, among others. Currently, Red Points isworking with some customers that are knowninternationally, in sports, entertainment, fashion,editorial and software industries.http://www.redpoints.comCompanySafelayer SecureContactDiana Martinez | +34 935088090sflyr@safelayer.comSafelayer Secure Communications S.A. is aleading provider of security software for public keyinfrastructure (PKI), multi-factor authentication,electronic signature, data encryption and for theprotection of electronic transactions. Safelayer’seID technology is used in electronic identityprojects involving people (corporate users orcitizens), connected objects (software systemsor hardware devices) and in the adoption of trustservices in Internet and mobile communications.http://www.safelayer.comSTAND num.CS60 32SECTORSHealth industries; Public services; M-banking /m-wallet; Business solutions; ICTReturn to Indexes62

CompanySensing & Control SystemsContactPedro Espinel | +34 648692654pedro.espinel@sensingcontrol.comIn Sensing & Control Systems we create thesolutions that allow individuals to have direct andtotal control over their facilities and resources.We specialise in creating the M2M solutions thatwill enable the Smart City concepts in the nearfuture: Energy Management, Remote Securityand Home/Building Automation tools ensure thatbusinesses and individuals will have a continuousflow of the necessary information for timelydecision making to ensure integrity and adequateutilization of their resources.http://www.sensingcontrol.comSTAND num.CS60 34SECTORSEnergy, water and resources; Smart Cities;Business solutions; ICTCompanyShoulderpodContactEnrique Frisancho Vera | +34 655893743fri@shoulderpod.comAt Shoulderpod we design and craft professionalSmartphone equipment for mobile creativeand visual storytellers. We create high qualitytools for photographers, filmmakers, journalists,sport fans and travelers who are already usingtheir smartphone cameras for telling wonderfulstories and sharing them with the world. Our firstproduct is the Shoulderpod S1. A professionalsmartphone rig with 3 functions: Tripod mount,filmmaker grip and traveler stand. An adjustablesolution for all smartphone models that willconvert your mobile camera into professionalphoto and filming gear.http://www.shoulderpod.comSTAND num.CS50 11SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce63Return to Indexes

CompanySignaturitContactJuan Zamora | +34 935511480info@signaturit.comSTAND num.CS50 32SECTORSMobility, transport and logistics; M-banking /m-wallet; Business solutions; ICTSignaturit enables telecommunications providersto close deals faster with an intuitive and digitalsigning process. Increase operational efficiencyby automating the contract managementworkflows, saving time and money. Signaturithelps businesses to send and sign legally bindingcontracts from any device, without having toinstall any application. Signaturit offers differentbusiness solutions to fit any use case, from emailautomation and website integrations to in-personcontract signing. Signaturit’s advanced electronicsignatures are in compliance with the mostdemanding regulations worldwide, including theEuropean Union’s 1999/93/EC Directive and theUnited States UETA and E-SIGN Acts.http://www.signaturit.comCompanySitmobileContactMarta Serra | +34 607320600info@sitmobile.comSTAND num.CS50 24SECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Marketingand advertising; M-banking / m-wallet; ICT;Business solutionsSITmobile belongs to Soprano Design Group,together forming the world’s largest mobileenterprise messaging software company formobile network operators. The group providesPush Messaging solutions to meet marketingneeds, optimize communications processes andexploit business opportunities. To do this, it offersa proved multichannel mobile marketing SaaSplatform to companies of all sectors and sizes. AtMobile World Congress 2015 we will be presentingSOPRANO GAMMA, the NEW AWARD-WINNING SECURE MOBILE MESSAGING APPFOR BUSINESS that enables a feature-packedmultimedia messaging experience.http://www.sitmobile.comReturn to Indexes64

CompanySoftonicContactShoshana Tetroashvili | +34936012700shoshana.tetroashvili@softonic.comSTAND num.8.1K65enjoy apps!Softonic is the Internet´s largest, and mostvisited platform to apps and software. Thecompany focuses on reinventing the way peoplediscover and learn about apps. Softonic offeringbusinesses and developers the global channelsto connect with their audiences. Whether youare a developer looking for the best way tomarket and distribute your app, or an advertiserwanting to reach an international audience, we´rein the business of helping you succeed.Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Softonicoperates in Europe, Asia and America, providingunique content to the 100 million active usersthat visit Softonic every month.http://www.softonic.comSECTORSCompanyStarlab BarcelonaContactGiulio Ruffini Fores | +34 932540366info@starlab.esSTAND num.CS50 13SECTORSEnergy, water and resources; Health industries;Smart Cities; Public services; ICTStarlab’s mission is to transform science intotechnologies with a profound and positiveimpact on society. Our main areas of work liein the Space and Neuroscience sectors, twokey areas for the 21st century with a commonelement: the increasing availability of streamsof information. We provide technical solutions,products and services for governments,industry and downstream markets. Weare market-aware and market-driven: inSpace (through our Space Engineering andStar2Earth Business Units) and Neuroscience(through our Neuroscience Research BusinessUnit and our spinoff Neuroelectrics) have greatimpact in and through several key markets,including environment, energy and health.http://starlab.es65Return to Indexes

CompanySurf The WebContactLuis Penalba | +34 931311735info@surftheweb.esSTAND num.8.1K48 5SECTORSTourism; Trade / Retail / E-commerce;Business solutions; Public servicesSurf The Web supports companies to reachexcellence. Competition is global nowadays.Therefore, companies need to be much morecompetitive and require, more than ever, valueand quality propositions across all businesslevels. To that end, we develop specific mobilesoftware that improves the organization’sproductivity and quality ratio without increasingcosts or outsourcing.Haudit and Fourlists, our mobile apps, delivercontrol and correction of the business qualitystandards making the entire team part of theexperience and with no further need to dependon outside firms.http://www.surftheweb.esCompanyTu Pediatra OnlineContactEugenia Villavicencio | +34 690276871evilla@tupediatraonline.comSTAND num.CS50 38Do you know that according to statistics, 80% ofthe emergency visits aren’t really emergencies?The problem is that most of the times, whenchildren don’t feel well, their parents can’t findtheir pediatrician and they end up going to theemergency departments, which are mostlysaturated. In Tu Pediatra Online, a team of 10practicing pediatricians will attend you via email,phone, chat or video call; with your medical recordin the cloud. Every day the year round, wheneveryou need it. Our business model is B2C to privatecustomer and B2B to companies.http://www.tupediatraonline.comSECTORSTrade / Retail / e-Commerce;Health Industries; ICTReturn to Indexes66

CompanyUPPTALKContactJochen Doppelhammer | +34 936761378sales@upptalk.comSTAND num.8.1K48 10SECTORSICTUppTalk is a cloud-based mobile phone service,converting any connected device into a mobilephone through our mobile app and cloudservice platform. Providing a mobile phonenumber (MSISDN) in the cloud and offeringVoIP to any phone and SMSoIP. UppMobile isa 100% IP-based MVNO offering launched inSpain and USA. UppTalk offers its cloud-basedFullMVNO/E platform as a Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) white- label offering for MNOs & MVNOs.Upptalk is part of the MASMOVIL Group whichprovides integrated telecommunication servicesto enterprise, residential and wholesale:••DataCenter & Cloud••IP telephony services••virtual PBX••digital VAShttp://www.upptalk.comCompanyValidated IdContactSanti Casas | +34 935476419mwc2015@validatedid.comSTAND num.CS50 35powered byWe work, at Validated ID, to include the use ofsecure digital identities based on biometrics, inbusiness processes that require high levels oflegal certainty. The emergence of mobile touchdevices opened new possibilities. For example,signing a document on a smartphone or tabletis as simple as signing it on paper. There is nodoubt that these changes improves efficiencyand productivity of business processes. AtValidated ID we provide the highest level oftechnical security to these processes, which dealwith confidential data, in order to guarantee theirlegal security.http://validatedid.comSECTORSHealth industries; Smart Cities; Public services;Business solutions; ICT67Return to Indexes

CompanyVERBIOContactÓscar Martín Garín | +34 93 444 79 79 |+34 699 847 767STAND num.5K50SECTORSHealth Industries;Tourism; Trade / Retail /E-commerce; Public services; Mobility, transportand logistics; Business solutionsVERBIO´s objective is to enhance and analyzemulti-channel interactions between anenterprise and their customers. At VERBIOwe believe in the customization, automationand analysis of customer experience (CEX).We believe in providing interactions that areintelligent, empathetic and personal in eachinstance. Worldwide, our solutions allow ourclients to not only analyze interactions throughBig Data analytics, but also to generatedynamic customized content for customers inreal time. Verbio’s solutions have the ability tounderstand and communicate in an empatheticmanner with Natural Language (NLU) andemotional detection, resulting in sophisticatedvoice based services with high added value.http://www.verbio.comCompanyWavecontrolContactErnest Cid | +34 933208055info@wavecontrol.comSTAND num.CS50 25SECTORSEnergy, water and resources;Industrial systems; ICTProfessional instruments for the evaluation,measurement and monitoring of the electromagneticfields (EMF) present in both our private and workingenvironment, concerning the people’s health, andaccording to the current standards and regulations:••Certification: of Mobile Telephony Base Stationsand other telecommunications infrastructure.••Worker’s safety: to evaluate EMF in workingenvironments according to the EuropeanDirective 2013/35/EU and sectorial internationalstandards.••Public safety and communication: monitoringsystems specifically designed to facilitate thetasks of measurement, monitoring and publiccommunication in order to generate trust andavoid the fear to infrastructure by means oftransparency and information.http://www.wavecontrol.comReturn to Indexes68

ULTIMATE EXTREME EXPERIENCE.esCompanyWhiplash EntertainmentContactRamon Fabregas Secall | +34 633285597info@whiplash.esSTANDnum.CS50 21SECTORSGames and entertainmentOur company is dedicated to R+D+I, andspecifically involved in the development of anew technological idea, covering the currentgap in mobile telephony for the content of yourSmartphone is transferred to real life throughWhiplash. Whiplash is the first multi device ableto generate three-dimensional movements of360 degrees on two axes, with reduced size. Itis also able to give you the maximum sensationsin free fall, acceleration, deceleration and rotationto the user; while it is envisioning a virtualenvironment, from any mobile device generation.So, can a mobile be the joystick of the future?We believe so. Power from your mobile withWhiplash.http://www.whiplash.esCompanyWorldlineContactMaria Massagué | +34 636524726maria.massague@worldline.comSTAND num.CS60 6Worldline is the European leader in the paymentsand transactional services industry. Worldlinedelivers new generation services, enabling itscustomers to offer smooth and innovative solutionsto the end consumer. Connected services arenow a reality for merchants and consumers indaily life. Worldline is the key player for today’sand tomorrow’s connected services. Worldlinefacilitates the consumer engagement with cuttingedge,seamless services on any device. Thisincludes designing services and solutions, as wellas implementing these solutions and the day-todaymanagement of the resulting services on ourclients’ behalf.http://es.worldline.com/SECTORSSmart Cities; Trade/Retail/E-Commerce;M-banking/M-Wallet; Tourism; Public services69Return to Indexes

WHAT.- Xopik offers an innovativecommunication’s mobile platform that increasescustomers’ loyalty & acquisitionHOW.- Through a new concept of interactiveSMS and an engaging visual and mobile websiteCompanyXopik Mobile MarketingContactRuben Cruells Sanchez | +34 932753194ruben@xopik.comSTAND num.CS50 26SECTORSSmart Cities; Trade / Retail / E-commerce;Marketing and advertisingWHERE.- The Xopik Platform allows you togenerate impactful mobile marketing campaignsin just 60 seconds, by using our 100% drag-&-drop mobile website templates.TRY.- The Solution for the entire sales valuechain: Lead acquisition, Proactive promotion,repeated Sales and Loyalty generation.http://www.xopik.com/CompanyXplica’TContactRaül Presseguer Escobar | +34 646693446info@elector.catSTAND num.CS50 8electorby Xplica‘tXplica’t is a technological company that developsmobile applications tailored for iOS and Androidsystems, specializing in augmented reality as atool to combine the real world with computergenerated content. At MWC2015 Xplica’tpresents ‘elector’, the first mobile app aimed atpolitical parties, organizations and institutionswho wish to bring election campaigns to thecitizens. ‘elector’ provides the opportunityto reach all citizens, information updatedand detailed, in real-time, about candidates,proposals, news, events, videos, pictures, socialnetworks and allows direct interaction betweenthe candidate and any user of the app.http://www.xpli.catSECTORSSmart Cities; Public services; Business solutionsReturn to Indexes70

CompanyYup ChargeContactBranco Calleja Garca | +34 902909505info@yupcharge.comSTAND num.CS50 41anytime, everywhereYupCharge builds high-speed charging stationsfor mobile phones, allowing people on the go torecharge in outdoor places like parks or campusesdue to our solar or hydraulic power technology;or indoor places like shopping malls or cafeterias.We have also developed a free App, so thatcustomers may know at all times where theycan find the nearest charging stations. Moreover,our App allows customers to order food at anytime and send a message to your waiter directlyfrom the table. You will be able to ask for the billwhenever you are ready to go. Convenience atyour fingertips.http://www.yupcharge.comSECTORSSmart citiesReturn to Indexes71


4YFN4YFN is a startup event devoted to innovation in the mobile and digital ecosystem. A businessplatform focused on building ideas and forging lasting relationships for international startups,investors and corporations.4YFN is part of GSMA Mobile World Congress, the premier event for the global mobile industry,with 85,000+ attendees, 4,500 CEOs and 1,800 exhibitors.http://4yfn.com/Return to Indexes73

Map 4YFNAddress:Fira Montjuic, Hall 8Av. Reina Maria Cristina s/n08004 Barcelona74

Conector is a startup accelerator with realmentoring, over 100 hour of mentoring per project.www.conector.comAgentCONECTOR STARTUP ELEVATORContactElisabeth Martinez | +34 636953344 |eli@conector.comFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/conectorbcnTwitterhttps://twitter.com/conectorspainCompanyCOZENTICContactXavier Masana | +34 685128331 |marketing@buycloud.esFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/BuyCloud.esCozentic is a company which provides SME withvirtual desktops and virtual PBX. With DaaS andVipaS we provide them flexibility for thier IT andtelecommunication systems. We apply Pay perUse policies and our technology is Plug & Play soour clients become more flexible. These systemsallow authorized users to acces their private andsecure network from anywhere with an internetconnetion with a mobile device. SMEs are at adisadvantage compared with big companiesthat have used virtualization systems for yearsas they cannot afford the enormous investmentthat a powerful IT department requires. Until nowthey could do nothing… but now, “a SME canBuyCloud”www.cozentic.comTwitterhttps://twitter.com/buycloudReturn to Indexes75

AgentCrowdcubeContactCrowdcube is the first investment crowdfundingservice allowing anyone to invest smallamounts in small companies in return for equity.Crowdcube provides a platform for entrepreneursof start-ups and growing businesses to connectwith potential investors. Dedicated to helpingentrepreneurs raise finance to start or growtheir business, Crowdcube is the world’s firstcrowdfunding website that gives investors realequity in the companies they fund.www.crowdcube.esPepe Borrell | +34 676600233 |pepe@crowdcube.esFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/CrowdcubeSpainTwitterhttps://twitter.com/CrowdcubeESAgentEURECATEURECAT is the result of merging the CatalanTechnology Centers under a common objective:to help Catalan and international companies tostrengthening their competitiveness by addinghigh quality innovation to their business needs,either in products or services. Eurecat achievesthis objective transferring multidisciplinary appliedresearch and technology excellence. EURECAT isa TECNIO member.76Return to Indexes

CompanyGROUPIESTContactGuillem Cuberes | +34 644597489info@groupiest.comguillem.cuberes@groupiest.comA content curation tool for smart communitymanagers and small business. Save time andhave the best engagement. Everyday, Groupiestdelivers you the best content to promote yourbrand. You can edit and share it in your blog andyour brand’s social media channels. Our supersmart engine applies Big Data to recommendyou the best contents to promote your brand.Edit and Share on Blogs and Social Media.More traffic to your pages, more engagementwith your audience, more time to tackle differenttasks. Groupiest: the best option to boost thesocial media of your small business.www.groupiest.comFacebookwww.facebook.com/GroupiestTwittertwitter.com/groupiestCompanyINQBARNAContactNacho Sanchez | +34 607515045nacho.sanchez@inqbarna.comFacebookwww.facebook.com/inqbarnaInqbarna is one of the top companies worldwidewhen it comes to mobile music apps. WithSplyce, App Store Best of 2013; Riffer, themicromusic network with over 2 milliondownloads and deej, the best rated DJ mixingtable by professionals, Inqbarna’s apps are themost successful music products on the AppStore. With the aim of empowering social musicabilities Inqbarna is working on its Social MusicApps project, developing new music appsand features to immerse you into a whole newmusical experience. Music will never be the sameonce you have enjoyed our apps!www.inqbarna.comTwitter@inqbarnaReturn to Indexes77

AgentINVEREADYTechnology Investment GroupInveready is one of the leading early‐stageventure capital companies in Spain, withfive investment funds. Inveready invests intechnology companies with high growth potentialand innovative business models. Inveready hasextensive experience in different areas, with morethan 40 portfolio companies that are leaders intheir respective sectors.http://inveready.com/ContactAlberto Henere | +34 609 085 9674ahenere@inveready.comTwitter@InvereadyCompanyKANTOXContactAntoni Rami | +34 935 679 834antonio.rami@kantox.comFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/kantoxTwitterhttps://twitter.com/kantoxKantox is a pioneering firm in the foreignexchange industry, bringing light and freshair to an obscure, static market. Through theKantox platform we offer a comprehensive FXmanagement solution for SMEs and mid-capcompanies. Features include live mid-marketrates updated in real time, FX rate alerts,a multi-user and multi-subsidiary account,complete client FX information dashboardand trading access round the clock Mondayto Friday. Kantox was born out of the idea ofdisintermediating banks and brokers from theforeign exchange process, thereby driving downcosts and administration time for companies.Instead of trading through a bank or broker, withKantox, two trusted companies trade with eachother directly, peer-to-peer. We have more than1,000 corporate clients. Last year we handledtransactions totalling over $250 million and wejust reached our target of handling $1 billion intransactions.www.kantox.com78Return to Indexes

CompanyLOYAL GURU (Jobtitude, SL)ContactJavier Fernandez | +34 9680310384jfernandez@jobtitude.comFacebookhttp://facebook.com/yourloyalguruLoyal Guru is an online loyalty platform for theretail industry. Build a loyal customers base, boostyour KPI’s to maximize your store performanceand build great marketing campaigns (sms/mail/push/couponing) being able to measure its ROI.A customer–powered marketing solution thatworks based on digital connections: an iOs/Android app for customers, another one formerchants and a web platform to manage thewhole ecosystem. Loyal Guru offers a no brainersolution to integrate your systems ( ERP / CRM/ POS etc.. ) with the platform thanks to itspowerful API and CSV files synchronization.http://www.loyal.guruTwitterhttp://twitter.com/loyalguruOur purpose is to help you ENGAGE, RETAINand MONETIZE your audience through SocialQuiz Games based on your content. Quizlyseautomatically transforms any content published ona website, such as breaking news and the latesttrends in current events, into real-time social quizgames using big data technology. Quizlyse, Turningthe World to Quiz!!CompanyQUIZLYSEhttp://quizlyse.comContactDiego Torres| +34 685128331info@quizly.seFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/QuizlyseTwitter@quizlyseReturn to Indexes79

CompanySmartSeaContactPau Casas (CEO) | +34 667 50 04 51pau.casas@smartport.ioSmartSea is a digital platform with headquartersin Barcelona and office in San Francisco, thatintroduces smart & mobile technologies inside themarine world. SmartPort, (the first company B2Bservice) is currently implemented in more than50 marinas in the Mediterranean and providesmobile easy-to-use features and in depthinformation for a smart sailing experience. SmartSea is looking to increase the digital knowledgeacross the sea by creating disruptive productswith Silicon Valley vision and “made in Barcelona”.http://www.smartport.ioFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/smartportappTwitterhttps://twitter.com/smartportappCompanyTIENDEOContactEva Martín | +34 93 553 2497eva@tiendeo.comFacebookwww.facebook.com/tiendeoEver wonder if you could be buying your milk forcheaper? Is your weekly shopping cost foreverchanging? Everyone wants to save money butno one can visit every store to ensure they aregetting what they need, at the best price. Untilnow.Tiendeo is a location-based mobile app andwebsite that informs shoppers about the latestweekly ads, deals and coupons from retailersin their area. Founded in Spain, Tiendeo is nowavailable in over 30 countries (including Mexico,France and India), whilst boasting clients suchas Carrefour and Fnac, and more than 10 millionusers worldwide.www.tiendeo.comTwittertwitter.com/Tiendeo80Return to Indexes

AgentUniversitat Politècnica deCatalunya·BarcelonaTech (UPC)ContactJordi Martín | +34 93 405 44 03j.martin@upc.eduTwitter@CIT_UPCCompanyWASHROCKSContactElisabet Mas | +34 630913415emas@washrocks.comThe Universitat Politècnica deCatalunya·BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a publicinstitution of higher education and research,specialized in the areas of engineering, scienceand architecture. It is highly committed to thetechnological development of our country for whichit generates knowledge, research and innovation.The UPC BarcelonaTech is well established asthe first Spanish university in terms of volume ofresearch and technology transfer, specially throughCIT UPC, its Technology Center, and has becomeone of the major knowledge hubs in SouthernEurope. UPC BarcelonaTech is an internationalbenchmark in basic and applied research: cuttingedgedevelopments, solutions and technologicalcapabilities related to mobile technologies.www.cit.upc.eduWASHROCKS is a mobile aplication start-upbased in Barcelona. Pioneer in Spain, it canarrange laundry and dry cleaning at home. Decidethe address, day and time slot pickup and deliveryand pay securely via App.We want WASHROCKSbe part of the daily life of our clients; revolutionizethe domestic habits and provide an economicaland quality service that saves time through an easysystem. It has a board of investors and advisorswith knowhow and expertise focused national andinternational expansion. Free App available soonon Google Play and Apple Storewww.washrocks.comFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/WASHROCKS/657154991067021Twitterhttps://twitter.com/washrocksappReturn to Indexes81


companyAdictercontactXavier Vilalta Prieto | +34 656841651adicter.contacto@adicter.comSECTORSTrade / Retail / E-commercehttp://www.adicter.comcompanyAeinnovacontactRaúl Aragonés Ortiz | +34 622751486raul.aragones@aeinnova.comSECTORShttp://www.aeinnova.comcompanyAgroptimacontactEmilia Vila Valls | +34 672237377emilia@agroptima.comSectorsAgricoulturehttp://www.agroptima.comcompanyAlbedo TelecomcontactJose Manuel Caballero Artigas | +34 637410299pca@albedotelecom.comSectorsICThttp://www.albedotelecom.com83Return to Indexes

C: 10. M: 100. Y: 50. K: 0R: 218. G: 28. B: 92# D91B5BC: 0. M: 0. Y: 0. K: 70R: 109. G: 110. B: 113# 6D6E70C: 0. M: 0. Y: 0. K: 40R: 167. G: 169. B: 172# A7A9ABcompanyAlma It SystemscontactAna Luengo Sánchez | +34 932380592ana.luengo@alma-medical.comSectorsHealth industries; ICThttp://www.alma-medical.comcompanyAlsys Information TechnologiescontactJoan Ramon Guillén Gonzalez | +34 902363355jguillen@alsys.esSectorsEnergy, water and resources; Design industries; Industrialsystems; Health industries; Smart Citieshttp://www.alsys.escompanyAlter Ego Web ServicescontactAlbert Alemany Montiel | +34 872989392albert@alteregoweb.comSectorsIndustrial Systems, Health industries; Education; Tourism; Trade /Retail / E-commercehttp://www.alteregoweb.comInnovations in CommunicationscompanyAnsur Solutions BarcelonacontactHarald Skinnemoen | +34 935511424harald@ansur.noSectorsBusiness solutions; ICThttp://ansur.noReturn to Indexes84

companyAparentia - Augmented Reality TechnologiescontactAlvaro Ulldemolins Moreno | +34 934748042alvaro@aparentia.comSectorsDesign industries; Education; Cultural and creative industries;Tourism; Marketing and advertisinghttp://www.aparentia.comcompanyAppnosticacontactAitor Alsina Rodríguez | +34 670932613aitor@appnostica.comSectorsGames and entertainmenthttp://www.appnostica.comcompanyArtificial Solutions IberiacontactYoleidy Carvajal Dudamel | +34 667684409yoleidy.carvajal@artificial-solutions.comSectorsSmart Cities; M-banking / m-wallet; Trade / Retail / E-commerce;Mobility, transport and logistics; Tourismhttp://www.artificial-solutions.comcompanyAsesoría Informática De Sistemas CadcontactPatricia Lara Benítez | +34 934081436patri@aiscad.comSectorsEnergy, water and resources; Smart Cities; Public services;Mobility, transport and logistics; ICThttp://www.aiscad-mobile.com85Return to Indexes

companyAssetsystemcontactVíctor Barajas | +34 933208215vbarajas@assetsystem.netSectorsEnergy, water and resources; Smart Cities; Public services;Mobility, transport and logistics; Business Solutionshttp://www.assetsystem.netcompanyAtlantis ItcontactRicard Soler Kopp | +34 934960869rsoler@atlantis-technology.comSectorsSmart Cities; Public services; Mobility, transport and logistics;Business Solutions; ICThttp://www.atlantis-technology.comcompanyAtta CommunitycontactMercè Mulet | +34 695267721merce@atta.catSectorsEducation; Business Solutions; Cultural and creative industries;Trade / Retail / E-commerce; Mobility, transport and logisticshttp://www.attacommunity.comcompanyAumenta SolutionscontactJoan Falgarona | +34 690660503joan@aumentasolutions.comSectorsIndustrial Systems; Education; Smart Cities; Cultural and creativeindustries; Trade / Retail / E-commercehttp://www.aumentasolutions.comReturn to Indexes86

companyMAGAZAPPYou publish. We app.Avant Web SolutionscontactPere Sanz | +34 902955324info@magazapp.comSectorsPublic services; Business Solutions; Marketing and advertisinghttp://www.magazapp.comcompanyBagmovilcontactSusana Gonzalez Martín | +34 606469635sgonzalez@bagmovil.comSectorsOthershttp://www.bagmovil.comcompanyBellart GestiocontactJoan Pere Bellart Pedrola | +34 677514045joan@bellartgestio.comSectorsICThttp://www.iparte.escompanyBemobile LabcontactRicardo Gomez | +34 689029929rgomez@bemobile.esSectorsICThttp://www.bemobile.es87Return to Indexes

companyBibloos Digital ContentscontactIsaac Fàbrega Sánchez | +34 935791915ifabrega@bibloos.comSectorsEducation; Business Solution; Games and entertainment; ICThttp://www.bibloos.comcompanyBlit SoftwareBLIT SOFTWAREReal-time graphicscontactJorge Cabezas García | +34 935323737jcabezas@blitsoftware.comSectorsIndustrial systems; Health industries; Smart Cities; Mobility,transport and logistics; M-banking / m-wallethttp://www.blitsoftware.comcompanyCalculos Digitales SrlcontactManel Gardeñes Liñan | +34 934965700manel.gardenes@calculosdigitales.comSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commerce; M-banking / m-wallet;http://www.sureact.comcompanyCaptiocontactDan Moser Fusté | +34 689575414dmoser@captio.comSectorsBusiness Solutionshttp://www.captio.netReturn to Indexes88

companyCentre D’Innovació I Tecnologia De La Upc (Cit Upc)contactJordi Martín Guart | +34 934054690j.martin@upc.eduSectorsEnergy, water and resources; Design industries; Industrial systems;Health industries; Educationhttp://www.cit.upc.educompanyCodiwisecontactLlorenç Bové Bofill | +34 663849167llorensbove@codiwise.comSectorsDesign industries; M-banking / m-wallet;Business Solution; Marketing and advertisinghttp://www.codiwise.comcompanyCompegps TeamcontactSantiago Twose Barnosell | +34 933968068stwose@compegps.comSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commercehttp://www.pocketbeeapp.comcompanyCompon Electron AlfarcontactAna Farrando | +34 937521532info@alfarsl.esSectorsIndustrial systems, Smart cities, Mobility, transport and logistichttp://www.alfarsl.es89Return to Indexes

companyConfluenciacontactPere Martínez | +34 937027286pmartinez@confluencia.euSectorsHealth industries; Cultural and creative industries; Tourism;Trade / Retail / E-commerce; Food; Games and entertainmenthttp://www.confluencia.eucompanyCronos Telecom EuropecontactDiana Daniels | +34 933158664ddaniels@cronosgroup.netSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commerce; M-banking / m-wallet;Business Solutions; Marketing and advertising; ICThttp://www.cronosgroup.netcompanyCubus GamescontactQuim Garreta Escuder | +34 658169812quim@cubusgames.comSectorsEducation; Cultural and creative industries;Games and entertainment;http://www.cubusgames.comcompanyDatknosyscontactCristina Rabanal | +34 692058131crabanal@datknosys.comSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Tourism; Business solutions;Food; Health industrieshttp://www.datknosys.comReturn to Indexes90

companyDecorprintcontactCarles Klimt | +34 670347505c.klimt@decorprint.comSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commercehttp://www.artystick.netuonjobscompanyDouble Helix Xxi UcontactLlucià Bosch Riqué | +34 686454142admin@buonjobs.comSectorsEducation; Design industries; Marketing and advertising;Business solutionswww.buonjobs.comcompanyDual Beam Merger IngenieroscontactJosé María Molina Seva | +34 638743807jmolina@dbmingenieros.comSectorsICThttp://www.dbmingenieros.comcompanyDylviancontactToni Alonso | +34 610085969toni.alonso@dylvian.comSectorsHealth Industries; Education; Smart Cities; Cultural andcreative industries; Tourismhttp://www.dylvian.com91Return to Indexes

companyEbantic SystemscontactCarles Rams Grau | +34 935511470crams@ebantic.comSectorsIndustrial Systems; Education; Cultural andcreative industires; Business Solutions; Games and entertainmenthttp://www.ebantic.comcompanyEbiid Products And SolutionscontactJordi Masias Muntada | +34 902361639jmasias@firmaprofesional.comSectorsEnergy, water and resources; Health industries; Education; SmartCities; Public services;http://www.biid.comcompanyElectrodomésticos TauruscontactJulià Riba Estapé | +34 973470550jriba@taurus.esSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commercehttp://www.taurus-home.comcompanyEndepro SoftwarecontactJosep Maria Pinyol Fontseca | +34 938306697jmpinyol@endepro.comSectorsIndustrial Systems; Health Industries, ICThttp://www.endepro.comReturn to Indexes92

companyEngineos UcontactMiquel Sanabra Loewe | +34 654279733msanabra@engineos.comSectorsBusiness Solutionshttp://www.engineos.comcompanyEnmisolutionscontactDavid Mari | +34 655868691davidmari@enmijoy.comSectorsTrade / Retail / E-commercehttp://www.enmijoy.comcompanyEsi Mobile SolutionscontactNabil Sant Massarrat | +34 932422885marketing@genaker.netSectorsMobility, Transport and Logistics; Smart Cities; Public services;Health industrieshttp://www.genaker.netcompanyE-Sonde Network MonitoringcontactAntonio Ruiz Jimenez | +34 654447009antonio.ruiz@esonde.comSectorsEducation; Smart Cities; Tourism; ICThttp://www.esonde.com93Return to Indexes

companyEsquemes InformàicscontactManel Josep López Seuba | +34 938050094manel@ceina.comSectorsICThttp://www.ceina.comcompanyEuropean Mobile SolutionscontactAlex Garcia Blay | +34 607811052alex@cashually.comSectorsM-banking / m-wallet; ICThttp://www.cashually.comcompanyFhios Consultoria TecnológicacontactManuel Serrano Fuentes | +34 902889441manuel.serrano@fhios.esSectorsIndustrial Systems; Smart Cities;Tourism; Trade / Retail /E-commerce; Foodhttp://www.fhios.escompanyFirmaprofesionalcontactMarc Giró Mut | +34 934774245marcgiro@firmaprofesional.comSectorsEducation; Health Industries; M-banking / m-wallet; ICT;Public serviceshttp://www.firmaprofesional.comReturn to Indexes94

companyFlexxible Information Technology Audiovisuals SlcontactAlex de Haro | +34 937880333info@flexxible.comSectorsEducation; Energy, water and resources; ICT;Business Solutions; Public serviceshttp://www.flexxible.comcompanyFundación EdecontactEsteve Almirall Mezquita | +34 932806162esteve.almirall@esade.eduSectorsICT; Public services; Smart Cities; Mobility, transport andlogisticshttp://www.esade.educompanyGeogaming GlobecontactAugusto Zuniga | +34 661074924a.zuniga@geogaming.netV 1.0SectorsEducation; Smart Cities; Cultural and creative industries; Tourism;Trade / Retail / E-commercehttp://geogaming.netcompanyGersoftcontactRafael Hidalgo Sanchez | +34 654447009rhidalgo@gerapli.comSectorsBusiness Solutionshttp://www.ugestor.com95Return to Indexes

companyGlobal Legal DatacontactJordi Bacaria Martrus | +34 933011286jbacaria@legal-data.netSectorsICThttp://legal-data.netcompanyGlobal Planning SolutionscontactCarles Ger Muñoz | +34 935516269cger@gps-plan.comSectorsIndustrial systems; Health industries; Food; Mobility, transportand logistics; Business Solutionshttp://www.gps-plan.comcompanyGlobem2McontactJosep Alvarez Moretó | +34 931805426jalvarez@globem2m.comSectorsIndustrial systems; Smart Citieshttp://www.globem2m.comcompanyHealth&SportlabcontactLluís Capdevila Ortís | + 34 689503118lluis.capdevila@healthsportlab.comSectorsHealth industries; Education; Games and entertainment; ICThttp://www.healthsportlab.comReturn to Indexes96

companyHt ClustercontactIvón Landa Colacios | +34 661873342ilanda@healthtechcluster.comsectorsHealth industries; Smart Cities; Public service; Games andentertainmenthttp://www.healthtechcluster.comcompanyIbersystems SolutionscontactMartín Ruiz Papaseit | +34 669379521martinruiz@ibersystems.essectorsEnergy, water and resources; Design industries; Industrialsystems; Education; Cultural and creative industrieshttp://www.ibersystems.escompanyIcar Vision SystemscontactMariona Campmany | +34 935942474mcampmany@icarvision.comsectorsSmart Cities; Tourism; Trade / Retail / E-commerce; M-banking /m-wallethttp://www.icarvision.com/companyIcatel NetworkcontactPere Voz | +34 610252323voz@icatel.catsectorsTrade / Retail / E-commerce; Business solution; ICThttp://www.icatel.cat97Return to Indexes

companyIdearium TechnologiescontactAlbert Ruiz Ramió | +34 615516198albert@idearium.comsectorsFood; Design industries; Mobility, Transport and logistics;Industrial Systems; Business solutionshttp://idearium.comcompanyIdisc Information TechnologiescontactPere Grivé Ayguadé | +34 937787300mwc@idisc.essectorsSmart Cities; Public services; ICT;http://www.idisc.escompanyIdneo TechnologiescontactRaúl Lucas Verdoy | +34 600509534rlucas@idneo.essectorsMobility, Transport and logistics; Health industries; ICT; IndustrialSystems; Smart citieshttp://www.idneo.escompanyIlimit ComunicacionscontactXavier Martín Alemany | +34 689503118info@ilimit.comsectorsSmart Cities; Trade / Retail / E-commerce; Public services;Business solutions; ICThttp://www.ilimit.comReturn to Indexes98

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EENSmart CataloniaACCIÓ120

Enterprise Europe Network (www.een.cat) is an international network of close to 600 partnersfrom over 50 countries with 4,000 local experts ready to help you find the right partners andgrow your business through innovation.ACCIÓ, a department of the Catalan Government’s Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, as a memberof Enterprise Europe Network organizes the 10th anniversary of the Brokerage Event, amatchmaking event that takes place every year at the Mobile World Congress.The purpose of the Brokerage Event is to enhance opportunities for companies to explore andfind partners from the mobile technology sector.The MWC Brokerage Event is the ideal environment for:••Small and medium-sized enterprises, offering and/or looking for new technologies.••Scientist/research institutes offering innovative R+D results.••Start-up companies and entrepreneurs.••Operators willing to meet innovators and added-value service providers.The 10th edition of the Brokerage Event will be held once again in the Catalan Pavilion. The event hashelped companies and institutions worldwide to create bridges and to find partners for internationalcooperation since 2006. Once more we seek to exceed your expectations!Highlights since 2006Almost 4.500 participants From 30 countries Over 9500 meetings80 % of the participantswere satisfied with the event97 % of the companieswould participate again121

On 28 October 2014, the Government of Catalonia approved Catalonia’s Smart Strategy(smartCATALONIA) to deploy smart initiatives throughout the region.SmartCATALONIA, which is aligned with the European Commission’s Europe 2020 strategy, aimsto turn Catalonia into a leading international Smart Region to take advantage of the use of technologyand digital information to innovate in public services, boost economic growth and become a moreintelligent, sustainable and inclusive society.In addition, smartCATALONIA meets the objectives and follows the policies set out in theDigital Agenda for Catalonia (idigital) and Catalonia’s Research and Innovation Strategy for SmartSpecialisation (RIS3CAT).The rollout of the strategy will involve the implementation of smart projects and initiatives throughoutthe territory, under the purview of the Government of Catalonia, in the fields of mobility, environment,security, education, health and tourism, among others.Furthermore, a new industry of data is being built, with strong commitment on the emergingtechnological sector of bigdata.122



ACCIÓ is the agency set up by the Catalan Governmentto make Catalan enterprise more competitive throughoutthe world. Its key aims are to promote business growth,drive innovation, internationalisation and attract inwardinvestment.ACCIÓ functions:••Developing business competitiveness••Encouraging the internationalisation of Catalan firms, their expansion and consolidation••Promoting Catalonia as a business-friendly location••Encouraging R+D and business innovation, as well as technology transfer••Fomenting the creation of technological and high-growth potential start-upsTo promote internationalization, ACCIÓ counts on a network of 34 Trade and InvestmentOffices across the globe based at the main economic cities, operating in markets spanning 80states. Our Trade and Investment Offices provide Catalan business qualified support, insight andadvice in international trade and investment.Trade and Investment Offices closely monitor market trends and analyse potential risks. Servicesprovided are tailor-made depending on specific company needs and level of presence in chosenmarkets, from creating demand to giving support in productive investment and logistics:••Market research••Search for marketing channels: distributors, agents, customers, etc.••Search for supply chains: suppliers, manufacturers, etc.••Search for trade and technological strategic alliances••Setting up: business location, legal and labour advice, partnership opportunities, etc...••Trade missions••Contact follow-ups and business networking••Recruitment of qualified staff125


If you need evidencethat Catalonia isbusiness friendly,just look around you.Invest in Catalonia is proud to welcome youto the MWC 2015.With over 30 years’ experience in promoting, advising andassisting investment projects in Catalonia, we are yourideal partners for free, impartial and expert knowledge onlocal business opportunities, from large to small. See us atthe Catalonia Stand today or get in touch with us at yourconvenience.Tel. + 34 934 767 287www.catalonia.com127

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