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NANCY DREW Get a Clue - Visual Hollywood

Everything you need to knowaboutNANCY DREWGet a Clue…and how it relates to youand the world around you.Includes info on the actors,director, with news, reviews,and photos.This presentation byDavid

SHORT SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being HumanBased on characters created byCarolyn Keene, Nancy Drewfollows Nancy as sheaccompanies her father Carsonto Los Angeles on one of hisbusiness trips and stumblesacross evidence about a longunsolvedcrime involving themysterious death of a beautifulmovie star. Nancy'sresourcefulness and personalresponsibility are put to the testwhen she finds herself in themiddle of the fast-living, selfindulgentworld of Hollywood.

KEY ACTORSThe Cinematic Arts Have thePower to Transform(L-R)MAX THIERIOTas Ned Nickerson,EMMA ROBERTSas Nancy Drewand JOSH FLITTERas Corky

KEY TALENTOur Artists AreOur LiberatorsProducer JERRY WEINTRAUB withTATE DONOVAN (Carson Drew) onthe set of "Nancy Drew"

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTEmma RobertsShe is the daughter of actorEric Roberts and the niece ofactress Julia Roberts.Roberts made her actingdebut at the age of nine in thefilm Blow and is known forher role as the lead characterin the Nickelodeon televisionseries Unfabulous, as well asfor her role in the filmAquamarine.Roberts is also a pop singer;her debut album, Unfabulousand More: Emma Roberts,was released in 2005.Actors areLiberators Unaware

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTJosh FlitterHe currently lives inMarlboro, New Jersey.He is best known forplaying Corky in NancyDrew. He is also knownfor playing Eddie inThe Greatest GameEver Played. And hevoices Rudy in theplanned 2008 animatedfilm Horton Hears aWho!.Actors help us: laugh, be happy, cry, get angry,and even think. Can there be any better gifts?

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTFilmmakers are Revolutionaries,Not Just EntertainersAndrew Fleming (director)He was the director of the movie The Craftand the film Threesome.He studied filmmaking at New YorkUniversity film school.EMMA ROBERTS withdirector ANDREWFLEMING

TRIVIA AND NEWSOriginal Nancy: 1930-1940Nancy Drew was depicted as anindependent-minded teenager,usually sixteen, but graduallyaging to eighteen by the mid1940s (this was changed whenthe original books were laterrevised; she is alwayseighteen) who has graduatedfrom high school. Apparentlyaffluent, she maintains anactive social, volunteer, andsleuthing schedule, as well asparticipating in athletics andthe arts, but is never shown asworking for a living oracquiring job skills. Nancy isalso unhindered by the GreatDepression and World War II.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISStories areTransformingFor generations of fansworldwide, the name NancyDrew is synonymous withadventure. This youngamateur detective has a mindof her own, a passion forsolving mysteries and areputation for getting into—and out of—some very trickysituations.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISAll Kids are Born ArtisticWhat is Natural is Essential―Nancy Drew‖ brings thetimeless heroine to LosAngeles, to face a fresh setof challenges and her mostbaffling case yet.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISStories Embody theEssence of Being HumanEMMA ROBERTS stars as theresourceful teen detective,who leaves her friendlyhometown of River Heightsfor the West Coast andenrolls at Hollywood HighSchool. There, her uniquepersonal style immediatelysets her apart from her selfabsorbed,fast-living peers,especially reigningfashionistas Inga and Trish,who can’t quite figure her outbut know that everythingabout her is different—fromher super-smarts and retromanners to her perfect picniclunches and penny loafers.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISEven though she promisedher worried Dad (TATEDONOVAN as Carson Drew)that she’d quit the―sleuthing‖ business, it isn’tlong before Nancy gets a leadon one of the greatestunsolved cases of all time:the mysteriouscircumstances surroundingthe death of famous actressDehlia Draycott. It happensthat the Drews are staying inthe former Draycott Mansion,long reputed to be hauntedand now a site where somevery strange things havebeen happening.Film making is aCommunity Event.

CRITICAL OPINIONNancy Drew neither wears outits welcome nor compromisesits heroine. Nancy isunstoppable.--J. Hoberman, Village VoiceA perky yet listless splitpersonalityupdate for theamateur sleuth.--Sheri Linden, HollywoodReporterGrade C+--Lisa Schwarzbaum,Entertainment WeeklyNancy doesn't feel fully threedimensional--Lael Loewenstein, VarietyFree Artistic Expression isa Mark of a Free Society

FILM REVIEW by David BruceArt is the Languageof LiberationWhat Makes Nancy Drew so interesting isn’tjust this current film, but the whole evolutionof the Nancy Drew character herself.Originally in the 1903s Nancy was depicted asan independent-minded teenager. By the endof the 1930s, she was a young sophisticatedco-ed, with smart suits, matching hats,gloves, and handbags.With the start of the 1940s, Nancy began toevolve into a less reckless, and less obviouslyaffluent, but more casual.Today that is all changed –again. Nancy is thestory of the American girl who, over the years,has gradually attained more freedom, libertyand an independent identity. –Isn’t this what isin the heart of us all?

FINDING TRUTHin NANCY DREWSociety is only as free as its arts.Art is the voice of human freedom.Nancy is the story of theAmerican girl struggle togain independence in amale dominated culture..“Because I am a woman, Imust make unusual effortsto succeed. If I fail, no onewill say, "She doesn't havewhat it takes"; They willsay, "Women don't havewhat it takes"--Clare Boothe

LIFE CONNECTIONSin NANCY DREWArt is aLiberating ForceBeing True to self andBeing Involved are thekeys to Nancy DrewAs fans will attest, statesproducer Weintraub, "Theessence of Nancy Drew is thatshe is always true to herself,no matter the circumstances."Screenwriter Andrew Flemingsays, "As any Nancy Drew fanknows, she just won't be ableto help herself. She has to getinvolved."

WHY MOVIES ARE SO IMPORTANTTo Restrict Creativity is to Restrictthe very Nature of the Creator"The meaning of life is the most urgent ofquestions" --Albert Camus (Existentialist thinker).In “Movies and the Meaning of Life” author KimberlyBlessing points out that movies can help us reflecton five of life’s most important questions:1) What is reality and how can I know it?2) How can I find my true identity?3) What the significance of my interactions withothers?4) What’s the point of my life?5) How ought I to live my life?The idea behind Visual Hollywood is that Movies canand must play an essential role helping us explorethe meaning of our existence and our life together.No other quest is more necessary or important.Movies are powerful. Movies bring personalmeaning, and can contribute to a peaceful world.Cinematic story telling can be a transforming event.Visual Hollywood takesan existential approachto life. We celebratewith human freedom.We use movies and thearts as a means ofunderstanding thehuman condition andour collective relationto the world around us.Our basic quest is:1. To know what itmeans to be human inthe world.2. The pursuit of humanfreedom.

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