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Heavy-Duty Cooling System Filters - Luber-finer

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Heavy-Duty CoThe Driving Forcein Heavy-DutyFiltrationLuber-finer, a division of ChampionLaboratories, Inc. is a global manufacturerof heavy-duty filtration products. Luber-finerprovides premium filtration solutions forfleets operating vehicles on-highway aswell as off-road applications such as heavyconstruction, mining, agriculture, the oiland gas industry and marine.Luber-finer combines groundbreakingresearch and development with awardwinninglean manufacturing, marketingand customer support for all your filtrationneeds. Luber-finer has been a trustedname in filters since 1936, providinghigh-efficiency performance in the mostdemanding work environments. Fromheavy- duty trucks and buses, off-highwayvehicles and light commercial vehicles,Luber-finer’s entire product line of filtersis designed to keep your vehicles andequipment running cleaner, longer.Whatever filter you choose from our rangeof oil, air, fuel, hydraulic or coolant filtersyou can always count on Luber-finer for highquality and performance. The products aremanufactured on the same manufacturingprocesses as our OE filters and therefore areguaranteed to meet OE performance.Luber-finer, Built To Do More!Built To Do More.You Need These.Improper coolant flow is the reason for nearly halfof all early engine failures. So there’s no questionabout it: Reliable coolant products are necessaryfor preventing dirt, rust, scale and othercontaminants from creating “hot spots” and thusdamaging your engine. Luber-finer coolant filtersand products provide quick and easy maintenancethat help to reduce downtime, costs and ultimatelyhelps prolong the life of your equipment.Field Tests Prove It.Years of research has made available a specializedgroup of Luber-finer epoxy-coated coolant filters,supplemental coolant additives, and testingproducts with a precise purpose. Field tests provethat Luber-finer coolant filters and products arecompatible with all applications and provide thebest protection available for all service levels.“Conventional” – SCACoolant FiltersLuber-finer Conventional SCA Coolant Filterswere developed to maintain and protect coolingsystems during recommended service intervals of1 year, 20,000 miles, or 1,000 hours. Designed foruse with conventional coolant, standard coolantfilters are pre-charged with SCA (SupplementalCoolant Additive) to protect your engine againstharmful corrosion.“Controlled Release” 6500Series - SCA Coolant Filterswith “CRT ”Luber-finer Controlled Release Technology SCACoolant Filters were developed to maintain andprotect cooling systems up to 1 year, 150,000miles or 4,000 hours. Designed for use withconventional coolant, Controlled Release SCAcoolant filters have a specially formulatedsynthetic filter media. In addition, they arepre-charged with “CRT” (Controlled ReleaseTechnology) SCA to protect your engine againstharmful corrosion, cavitation, and scale whenlonger service intervals are more beneficial.“Extended Life” XL Series –Non-SCA Coolant FiltersLuber-finer Extended Life Non-SCA Coolant Filtersare constructed for use with “ELC” (extendedlife coolant) products and also may be usedwith conventional coolant when longer serviceintervals are desired. Luber-finer Extended Lifecoolant filters contain no SCA but are constructedwith specially formulated synthetic media. Whenusing Luber-finer Extended Life Non-SCA coolantfilters with conventional coolant; first test and

oling System Filtersthen treat with Lubercool II SCA to protect yourengine from harmful corrosion, cavitation, andscale. When using with today’s ELC coolant, besure to service your cooling system according tothe coolant manufacturer’s recommendations fortesting and treatment. It is recommended that youchange Luber-finer Extended Service – Non-SCAcoolant filters every year, 150,000 miles or4,000 hours.Luber-finer Heavy-DutyCooling System Filters Feature:• Durable Epoxy-Coated ShellResists rust and corrosion duringextended service.• Protective Holding ChamberKeeps CRT TM (Controlled Release Technology)coolant additives separate from filter media toprevent degradation and provide even release.• Patented CRT TM(Controlled Release Technology)Releases controlled levels of supplementalcoolant additive to protect against rust, scaleand other build-up.• High-Efficiency Synthetic MediaDesigned for extended service levels capableof handling high heat and coolant flow longer.Reinforced media construction has highercapacity and filtering efficiency for betterengine protection.• All-Steel BaseplateProvides durability and strength for stabilityover extended service levels.• Double Rolled SeamEnsures a tight fit to prevent leakage.Luber-finer Fact–Avoid substituting an incorrectmodel or part number!Models may look identical but differ by a fractionof an inch – a difference that makes a positivefirm seal impossible. Search and compare anypart number on www.luberfiner.com, callour hotline or search on-the-go with our exclusivesmart phone apps.Top Cooling Filter SystemMaintenance Tips/Facts1. Know Your Coolant Type:Luber-finer provides coolant filters,supplemental coolant additive (SCA), andcoolant test strips for conventional coolant.In addition, we provide Non-SCA filters forlong-life coolant.2. Perform Visual Inspection ofCoolant and System:Perform a visual examination of the coolantto ensure that it is the proper color and freefrom debris, rust and lubricating oil. Drain,flush and refill if visual inspection indicatesany contamination. In addition, check to makesure the radiator air intake is free of debris andobstructed air flow. Examine hoses for pliabilityand ensure that they are a safe distance fromhot engine components. Check hose clampsfor coolant leakage and proper tension. Alsoinspect for indications of a faulty radiator cap,which can lead to coolant breakdown andboil over.3. Perform Testing of Coolant:When maintaining systems filled withconventional coolant, it is vital to check forproper SCA level, pH and freeze pointprotection. This can be accomplished withthe use of all-in-one Luber-finer Coolant TestStrips. Be sure to test engine coolant at eachscheduled service interval (20,000 miles) tomaintain proper cooling system protection.4. Treat Coolant with ProperSCA Products:Once coolant has been visually inspectedthen tested with Luber-finer test strips, propertreatment is required. SCA contains inhibitorsdesigned to prevent generalized corrosion,nitrite for protection against cavitationerosion, scale inhibitors that keep hard waterscale from depositing on engine surfaces,and buffering agents to reduce the acidity ofthe coolant. Luber-finer gives you a sensible,economical way to maintain your coolingsystem with the proper SCA treatment.5. Develop and Maintain aLuber-finer Cooling SystemMaintenance Program:The development of a viable scheduledmaintenance program and the use of qualitycoolant products are vital to protectingyour investment.Luber-finer is Built To Do More.

Luber-finer In-Field Coolant Analysis Test Kits and StripsAffordable, effective and universal, Luber-finer test kits and strips help maintain the proper levels of supplemental coolant additives forall applications. One-step test kits with color-coded charts, instructions and easy-to-read strips take the work and worry out of all coolingsystem analysis.LCTK10 Tests:• Nitrite Level• Freeze Point• pH Level• Reserve AlkalinityLCTS11 Tests:• Nitrite Level• Freeze Point• pH LevelLCTK12 Tests:• Nitrite Level• Freeze Point• pH LevelUse LUBERCOOL II Treatment Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA)Luber-finer‘s LUBERCOOL II Supplemental Coolant Additive protects coolant systems from corrosion,build-up of harmful deposits, and controls the pH balance with dependable chemical conditioning.Buy LUBERCOOL IIPint (920021)1/2 Gallon Bottle (920064)5 Gallon Pail (920005)55 Gallon Drum (920055)Luber-finer offers a complete line of products to maintainand protect your equipment investment.Find Your Filter With Luber-FinderGet quick access to Luber-finer filters and cross-reference informationon competitive and Original Equipment Manufacturers’ products withLuber-finder.Load the Luber-finder CD-ROM in your Windows-based computer and searchthe latest information. There’s an application section for automotive, lighttruck, heavy-duty truck and off-highway equipment.For more information, or to get your quarterly updates of the Luber-finderCD-ROM, contact the Luber-finer sales department at 1-800-851-3641. Youcan also access Luber-finder basic at www.luberfiner.com on the Internet.WARRANTYLuber-finer filters are guaranteed to be free from defects in material andworkmanship. In the event of an engine or equipment failure directly causedby a proven defective Luber-finer filter, which was properly installed andchanged following the engine or equipment manufacturer’s recommendedservice intervals, Luber-finer will restore the engine or equipment to acondition equivalent to that existing just before the failure. Claims for engineor equipment repairs provided under this warranty must be submitted within30 days after discovery of damage. Luber-finer Technical Services Departmentreserves the right to examine the engine or equipment and filter to determinethe amount of damage and whether it was caused by a defective Luberfinerfilter. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have otherrights which vary from state to state. Engine and equipment manufacturer’swarranties remain in effect when Luber-finer filters are used.BUILT TO DO MORE TMA Proud Distributor of Luber-finer Products.© 2011 Luber-finer is a registered trademark of Champion Laboratories, Inc. An ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949registered company. 200 S. 4th Street, Albion, IL 62806-1313 · (618) 445-6011 · Hotline (800) 882-0890LF11 HD Cooling Filter BrochureLuber-finer - U.S.A.800-882-0890www.luberfiner.com

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