8.District Planning Proforma for Zila Panchayat(BRGF) - Cgsird.gov.in

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8.District Planning Proforma for Zila Panchayat(BRGF) - Cgsird.gov.in

District Planning(Backward Region Grant Fund)Proforma for District Level InformationState:District:1. Demographic Structure1.1 Distribution of villages by size of populationBlockLess than500Villages with population of (no.)500 to 1000 1000 to 2500 to2500 5000Above5000No. ofGPsDistrict1.2. Distribution of towns by size of populationTown10000 to2000020000 to3000030000 to50000Tow area with population of50000 to 75000 to75000 1000001 to 1.5lakhs1.5 to 2lakhsAbove2 lakhsDistrict1

1.3. Population and literacy by castesCategoryTotal populationLiteratesSC populationSC literatesST populationST literates1991 2001Males Females Males Females1.4. Occupational distribution of workersCategoryCultivatorsAgri. LaborersHousehold IndustryOther workersTotal workers1991 Census 2001 CensusMales Females Total Males Females Total1.5. Annual compound growth rate of populationPeriod District State1981 to 19911991 to 20011.6. Juvenile and overall sex ratioCategory District StateJuvenileOverall2. Agriculture2.1 Land utilization PatternLand Use 1991-92 2005-06Geographical areaForestsLand put to non-agricultural purposesBarren and uncultivable landPermanent pastures and common grazing landMiscellaneous tree crops and grovesCulturable wasteFallow land other than current fallowCurrent fallowsNet area sownArea sown more than onceGross cropped areaNet area irrigated2

2.2. Distribution of landholdingsSize of landholdingIn hectareLess than 0.50.5 to 1.01.0 to 2.02.0 to 4.04.0 – 6.06.0 to 10.0More than 10TotalNo ofholdings1990-91 2000-01Area Average size No of Areaoperated of holding holdings operatedAverage sizeof holding2.3. Area, Production and Yield of CropsCropArea(ha)2006-07 1991-92Production Yield Area (ha) Production Yield(tons) (kg/ha)(tons) (kg/ha.)Price *Seed rate(kg/ha)* Price per quintal in 2006-072.4. Area under High Yielding Varieties: 2005-06CropPaddyWheatJowarBajraMaizeRagiOthers-1234KharifRabiLocal High Yielding Local High Yielding3

2.5. Distribution of seedDistribution channel Type of seed Quantity (kg) Price (Rs. per kg)2.6. Source-wise area under irrigationSourceCanal (Length)Tank (govt.)Tank (Pvt.)Open wellsTube wellsOther sourcesNumber1991-92 2005-06Net Area Number Netirrigated irrigatedirrigatedarea more thanareaonceAreairrigatedmore thanonce2.7. Cropping pattern and crop yield in the irrigated area: Latest YearsCrop Kharif RabiArea (ha) Yield (kg/ha) Area (ha) Yield (kg/ha)2.8. Potentials and possibilities of extending irrigation facilities in the districtSchemeNo. of Blocks to bebenefitedExpectedadditional areaCost of theproject4

2.9. Inventory of agricultural implementsType ofNumber of items in the districtImplement 1991 2001 Latest yearTractorsIron ploughsOil enginesElectric motors2.10. Problem Areas in the DistrictProblem No. of Villages Effected Population Effected RemediesFloodsWater LoggingWild AnimalsDegraded LandsOthers2.11. Disbursement of Agricultural CreditInstitutionCommercial BanksR R BsCo-operative BanksTotal2003-04 2004-05 2005-06Crop Loan Term Loan Crop Loan Term Loan Crop Loan Term Loan2.12. Coverage of National Insurance SchemeItemFarmers CoveredArea CoveredSum AssuredPremium CollectedClaims MadeClaims PaidFarmers Benefited2003-04 2004-05 2005-06Kharif Rabi Kharif Rabi Kharif Rabi2.13. Profile of Co-operative SocietiesItem 2000-01 2005-06No. of Co-operative SocietiesMembershipPaid-up CapitalWorking CapitalLoans AdvancedLoans Outstanding5

2.14. Consumption of Fertilizers: Latest YearProductUreaAmmonium SulphateCalcium Ammonium NitrateDi-Ammonium PhosphateSingle Super PhosphateMurate of PotashComplexQuantityIn terms of Nutrients(tonnes) Nitrogenous Phosphorus Potash Total (N+P+K)2.15. Area under Major Horticultural Crops: 2005-06Broad Group Commodity Area (ha) Production (tonnes)Fresh FruitsMangoGrapesBananaPlantation CropsTuber CropsVegetablesFlowersCashewCoconutOil PalmOthersPotatoTapiocaSweet PotatoesCaliflowerBrinjalCabbageRoseSpicesMedicinal & AromaticChilliesTurmericCorianderGinger6

2.16. Agricultural Exports: 2005-06Commodity Quantity (mt) Value (Rs.000) Exporting Countries3. Livestock3.1 Bovine populationSpeciesAdultMaleAdultFemale1993 2004 *Young Total Adult AdultStockMale FemaleCattle:IndigenousCattle:Cross-bredBuffalo:IndigenousBuffalos:GradedSheepGoatPigs* If the latest year for which the data are available is 1999, collect for 1987 and 1999.YoungStockTotal3.2 Veterinary InstitutionsInstitutionRural Livestock UnitsA.I. CentersVeterinary Sub-centersVeterinary CentersVeterinary DispensariesNo. of Institutions3.3 Poultry(i) Total Number of Birds:(ii) Number of Commercial Units:(iii) Number of Birds in Commercial Units:(iv) Number of Eggs Produced:7

3.4 Milk Production (liters)Item 1991 2004CowBuffaloSheep & Goat3.5 Milk Marketing(i) Number of Co-operative Societies:(ii) Milk Chilling Centers in Co-operative Sector:(iii) Milk Chilling Centers in Private Sector:(iv) Number of Milk Collection Centers in Co-operative Sector:(v) Number of Milk Collection Centers in Private Sector:3.6 Possibilities for the development of LivestockDairyPoultryPiggeryOther LivestockItemInterventions Needed4. Industries4.1 Manufacturing Units and Employment by Product Type: 1991-92ProductLarge& Medium Small HouseholdUnits Workers Production* Units Workers Production Units Workers Production** Value in rupees4.2 Manufacturing Units and Employment by Product Type: 2005-06Product Large& Medium Small HouseholdUnits Workers Production* Units Workers Production Units Workers Production** Value in rupees8

5.2. Dropout RatesClassPrimary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School1991-92 2005-06Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total5.3. Performance in S.S.C. ExaminationClassAppearedPassedPass Percentage1991-92 2005-06Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total6. Health6.1 Health Institutions & FacilitiesInstitution No. of Institutions No. of DoctorsGovernment InstitutionsANM & DhaiFamily Planning InstitutionsPrimary Health Sub-centerPrimary Health CentersDispensariesGeneral HospitalsSpecialized HospitalsHomeopathicAyurvedicUnani DispensariesPrivate InstitutionsAllopathic DispensariesAllopathic Hospitals*HomeopathicAyurvedicUnani DispensariesRMPsxxxxUntrained Dhaixxxx6.2. No. of Beds in Government Hospitals:6.3. No. of Beds in Private Hospitals:6.4. ImmunizationItem2003-04 2004-05 2005-06Target Achievement Target Achievement Target AchievementT.TDPTPolioBCGMeasles10

6.5. Performance of School Health ProgrammeItem 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06Children EnrolledChildren ExaminedChildren TreatedChildren Referred6.6. Performance of Society for Aids ControlDescription of the ActivityBlood Units CollectedVoluntary Counting and Testing CentersPersons Couselled and Tested in VCTCsVoluntary Walk in casesPrevention of Parent to Child Transmission CentersAntenatal Cases Counselled and TestedHIV Positive Women DeliveredNew Condom Outlets OpenedCondoms DistributedMedical and Paramedical Staff TrainedSTD ClinicsSTD Cases TreatedCare and Support CentersNew PLHAs received Treatment in Care and Support CentersFree Anit Retro-Virals (ARV) Treatment ProvidedICTC CentersPersons Counselled and Tested in ICTCsLatest year6.7. Achievements in Family Welfare ProgrammeItemIUDOP usersCC usersSterilizations2003-04 2004-05 2005-06Expected Actual Expected Actual Expected Actual7 Marketing Facilities(i) Regulated Markets:(ii) Market Yards:(iii) Ware-houses(iv) Rytu bazars / Kisan Bazar(v) Cold storage Facilities11

8 Transportation Facilities8.1 Road and Railway Connectivity of Villages(i) Villages connected by pucca road: (ii) All weather kutcha road: (iii) All weather road:(iv) Villages having Railway Station:8.2 Length of the Road (Km)(i) National Highway:(ii) State Highway:(iii) District Roads:(iv) Other Roads:(v) Total Road Length8.3 Improvements of Existing RoadsType ofRoadNationalHighwayStateHighwayDistrictRoadOther RoadsFromToQualityExisting ProposedLength(Km)Cost8.4 Construction of New RoadsFromToQualityExisting ProposedLength(Km)No. of Villagesto beConnectedPopulationto beBenefitedCostEstimate9 Communication Facilities9.1 Post and Tele-CommunicationTypePost OfficesSub-Post OfficesTelegraph OfficesTelephone ExchangeTelephone connectionsBroad-band ConnectionsNumber12

10. Banking10.1. Banking Institutions: 2005-06Type of InstitutionNationalized BanksPrivate Commercial BanksRRBsCo-operativesNo. of Units Credit DepositsRural Urban Rural Urban Rural Urban11. Anti-Poverty Programmes11.1 Expenditure on Swrnajayanthi Gram Sarojgar Yojana: Latest YearItemTargetAchievementPhysical Financial Physical FinancialRevolving Fund (SHG)Group LoaningIndividual BeneficiariesFinancial Infrastructure xxx xxxTrainingTotal beneficiaries assisted xxx xxx11.2 National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(i) Job Cards issued:(ii) No of cardholders who participated last year(iii) No of new cards to be issued(iv)Works completed last year 1. 2. 3.(v) Expenditure incurred last year 1. 2. 3.(vi)Employment generated (person days): Male:Female11.3. Number of Houses Completed under Weaker Sections Housing ProgrammeScheme2004-05 2005-06 2006-07Rural Urban Rural Urban Rural UrbanNormalIAYSpecialPMGYTotal11.4 Poverty in District and the State: 2004-05ItemRuralUrbanTotalRuralUrbanTotalStateDistrictHouseholds Population Households PopulationAbsolute NumberPercentage to Total13

Financial Resoueces12.1 Funds Flow – Financial Resources AssessmentSchemeAgency2005-06 2006-07 2007-08Allocation Recd. Allocation Recd.I. Centrally sponsored schemesA. MoRD Schemes1. NREGS/ SGRY DRDA/ZP2. a. SGSY DRDA/ZPb. SGSY – special project -do-3. IAY -do-4. DPAP/ DDP -do-5. IWDP -do-6. Drinking water -do-7. TSC -do-8. PMGSY -do-9. IAY -do-10. Others (specify)B. MoPR schemes1. BRGF ZP2. ZP3. OthersC. MoA schemes1. RKVY Agril. Dept.2. NWDPRA Agril. Dept.3. National Horticulture Hort. Dept.Mission4. Integrated Scheme of Agril. Dept.Oilseeds, Pulses, Oil Palm& Maize (ISOPOM)5. Technology Mission for Agril. Dept.Integrated Development ofHorticulture in NE States,Sikkim, J & K, HP andUttaranchal4. OthersD. MoH & FW1. National RHM HealthDept.2. NSAP SocialWelfare3. OthersE. Ministry of Empowerment and social justice1. Special Component SC WelfarePlan (SCP)DeptTribal Sub-planST WelfareDept.2. National SC Finance & SC Corpn.Dev. Corpn. (NSFDC)3. National Safai SC Welfare14

Karmachari Finance andDev. Corpn. (NSKFDC)4. National BackwardClasses Finance and Dev.Corpn. (NBCFDC)5. National MinoritiesDev. And Finance Corpn.(NMDFC)6. Setting up ofResidential Schools for SCstudents studying in ClassVI to XII7. Hostels for SC andOBC Boys and Girls8. Assistance to State SCDev. Corpn. (SCDCs)9. National HandicappedFinance and Dev. Corpn.(NHFDC)10. Scheme for Welfare ofWorking Children &Children in Need of Careand Protection11. Employment of theHandicapped12. OthersDept.BackwardCorpn.MinoritiesCorpn.SC WelfareDept.-do--do-SocialWelfareSocialWelfare-do-F. MoHRD1. SSA Edn. Dept.2. Adult Education -do-3. Higher education -do-4.OthersG. Dept. of Women & Child Development (MHRD)1. Integrated Child Women &Development Services Child(ICDS)Welfare2. Balika Samriddhi -do-Yojana (To be transferredto States – awaitingNDC’s approval)3. Integrated Women’s -do-Empowerment Programme(Swayamsidha)4. Rural Women’s -do-Development andEmpowerment Project15

(Swashakti)5. OthersH. Ministry of Urban Development1. Urban Poverty Urban Dev.Alleviation Programme Dept.2. National Slum -do-Development Project(NSDP)3. SJSRY -do-4. VAMBAY -do-5. Housing -do-6. Integrated Development -doofSmall & medium Town(DSMT)7. Urban Infrastructure -do-Development Scheme(UIDSSMT)8. OthersI.Ministry of Planning & Programme Implementation1. MPLADS Dist.Collector2.3. OthersII. State sponsored schemeA. State scheme1. MLA/MLC LADS Dist.Collector2.3.4. Externally Aidedschemes5. DPIP Edn. Dept.6. WFP Forestry/Tribal/Women,Child7. AUWSP UrbanDept.8. OthersB. PRIs1. Own Revenues ZP2. Grant in Aid ZP3. Other Revenue ZP4. 12 th FinanceZPCommission Grant16

5. State FinanceCommission Grant6. OthersC. NABARD1. RIDF ZP2.3. OthersD. State Plan funds1. Agriculture2. Horticulture3. Animal Husbandry4. Irrigation5. Health6. Primary Education7. Secondary Education8. Higher Education9. Housing10. Rural Electrification11. Drinking Water12. Forestry13. Social Welfare14. SC/ST Welfare15. Roads/ Building17

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