bideford college year 7 english homework booklet summer
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bideford college year 7 english homework booklet summer

BIDEFORD COLLEGEYEAR 7 ENGLISHHOMEWORK BOOKLETSUMMERCompiled by Mrs RedheadBased on Key Stage 3National Strategy

WEEK TWOYou will come across the following words many times in yourMATHEMATICS lessons. Copy each word several times and learnthe spelling by heart!metre _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________coordinate___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________multiply/multipication__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________equation ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________addition_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________parallel______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________triangular____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________percentage___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________diameter_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________isosceles____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Can you spell these words now?Ask a friend to test you.

WEEK THREEYou will come across the following words many times in yourSCIENCE lessons. Copy each word several times and learn thespelling by heart!pressure_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________thermometer__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________molecule_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________oxygen _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________solution______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________electricity____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________particle______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________laboratory____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________temperature__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Can you spell these words now?Ask a friend to test you……..

WEEK FOUR1. Can you spell isosceles?Letter to the Times,1991From Mr Colin DixonCOMMON SPELLING MISTAKESSir, Having just completed themarking of GCSE mathematicspapers for a national examininggroup, I am fully convinced thatthe silly season is upon us oncemore. From the first 100 scriptsmarked the spelling of a wellknown triangle were gleaned:Isosceles, isosoles, isosceleses,isosceles, iscoseles, isoselles,isosceles, isosoclles, isosceles,isococoles, isocelesse, issocelles,isosales, isosalies, isosceles,occosolese, issoles, isosillies,issocelles, isocellies, iscolesces,iscosles, iscoelise, iscosoleses,iscolillis,ososellese.On the assumption that wordschange by popular demand, thenchange is inevitable, but to whichspelling?A useful mnemonic:I saw our Sherpas climb Everset last Easter Sundayisosceles2. Can you spell separately?Remember that separately has got A RAT in it.3. Can you use stationery/stationary correctly?Remember “e” for envelopes, paper etc.stationery = envelopes4. Can you use current/currant correctly?Remember “The ant ate all the currants in the jar”5. Can you spell definite? It‛s definitely definite!

WEEK FIVESpeech MarksSpeech marks can be called quotation marks or inverted commas. They areused before and after spoken words.Speech marks may be single (‘ ’ ) or double ( “ “)Add the commas, speech marks and full stopRemember this order:1. a comma ( , )2. opening speech marks ( “ )3. a capital letter ( A )4. a full stop ( . )5. closing speech marks ( “ )e.g. Sarah said, “I want to go to the shops.”1. Tara said it was time for tea2. Sarah said I must go now3. Mum said to do our homework4. Dad said I’m off to work5. I said I like toffees6. Simon said That’ rubbish7. Peter said I like your car8. Sam said I’m having a party9. Tom said come to the park10. Sue said it was funny

WEEK SIXSPEECH MARKSRemember: the first spoken word must always begin with a capital lettere.g. He said, “I want to play football.”Add commas, speech marks, capital letters and full stops to the sentences below. Rewritethe sentences in full.1. tamara said it was hot today2. joe said pass me a drink3. dad said buy me a newspaper4. laura said i need a new pair of shoes5. amy said come to the cinema with me______________________________________________________________________________________

WEEK SEVENSPEECH MARKSRewrite the following sentences, starting a new line where necessary.Remember to add the missing punctuation.1. How can I help you asked the shopkeeper I’d like some toffees please said Greg.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. What’s the weather like asked dad it’s raining said mum____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Is this the right way to the station yes said the boy____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Have you done your homework Cara asked no I forgot said Ann____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Who’s there asked dad it’s only me I said____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Speech MarksRemember:Start a new line every time the speaker changese.g “Hello,” said JohnRewrite the sentence below. Put in the speech marks and start a new line when needed.Uugh! These cakes are like rocks, moaned Annie. Did you follow the recipe? asked hermother. Yes I read it really carefully. Why did it go wrong? Let me have a look, said hermother. Look Annie! You’re on the wrong page. You cooked them for far too long.Which recipe was I looking at then? Oh, biscuits. That explains why they’re hard.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

WEEK EIGHTFINDING BETTER WORDS FOR ‘SAID’Many words are used over and over again. They can make a piece of writing soundreally boring.We need to find other words instead.Write as many different words as you can think of to the word ‘said’ in the boxbelow. Aim for ten to fifteen.shoutedexclaimedSpeech Marks – Revision pageTime to show what you know about speech marks!Write ten sentences containing speech on the lines below.Try to replace the word ‘said’ with a word from the box from the last exercise.1. ____________________________________________________________________________________2. ____________________________________________________________________________________3. ____________________________________________________________________________________4. ____________________________________________________________________________________5. ____________________________________________________________________________________6. ____________________________________________________________________________________7. ____________________________________________________________________________________8. ____________________________________________________________________________________9. ____________________________________________________________________________________10. ___________________________________________________________________________________

WEEK NINEThe ApostropheAn apostrophe is used to show that a letter or lettersare missed oute.g. I am hot I’m hotThe apostrophe takes the place of the aWrite the examples below in full without the apostrophesNote: Only one letter has been left out.I’m ________ _________you’re ________ _________he’s ________ _________she’s ________ _________it’s ________ _________we’re ________ _________they’re ________ _________isn’t ________ _________aren’t ________ _________weren’t ________ _________wasn’t ________ _________didn’t ________ _________couldn’t ________ _________wouldn’t ________ _________shouldn’t ________ _________haven’t ________ _________doesn’t ________ _________hasn’t ________ _________that’s ________ _________what’s ________ _________Make the example below into one word by using an apostrophedid not__________________how is__________________here is__________________were not__________________there is__________________you are__________________where is__________________who is__________________have not__________________are not__________________In the example below change two words into one by adding an apostrophe. Write the word at the side.He has not seen the full moonHere is the book that was missingThey could not practise their spellings___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Write some sentences on a piece of paper using the apostrophe in this way

WEEK TENTHE BELONGING APOSTROPHEThe apostrophe has another use.It is used with s at the end of a nounIt shows that something or someone belongs to that noune.g. the dog’s taile.g. the friend’s taile.g. the teacher’s taile.g. the tail of the doge.g. the sister of my friende.g. the voice of the teacherPut the apostrophes into the examples below1. the horses head2. the sharks fin3. the cats owner4. the lorrys tyres5. the babys rattle6. Williams uncle7. my dads job8. the teams mascot9. Jennys bag10.the swimming pools edge11.the girls dress12.the rats tail13.the dogs dinner14. the boys cricket batMake up four examples of your own____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Put the apostrophes in the sentences below.1. The taps washer was worn.2. It is Janes birthday next week.3. Do you know if that is Stephens photograph?4. Can you find your mothers purse?5. Ranjits bike is very smart.6. I hope the dogs bark will not wake the neighbours baby.

WEEK ELEVENTHE BELONGING APOSTROPHEWhen a noun is plural and ends in s, es or ies, add an apostrophe after thes, but do not add another s.Singulare.g. a girl’s shoese.g. a doctor’s meetingPluralgirls’ shoesdoctors’ meetingSingular or plural?Write sing for singular or pl for plural at the side of each example.1. the boys’ changing room ______________________2. a snake’s skin ______________________3. ladies’ handbags ______________________4. butterflies’ wings ______________________5. the car’s engine ______________________Make up two singular and two plural examples of your own.____________________________ ____________________________________________________ ___ ___________________________Add the apostrophes in the sentences below.1. The butchers shop is closed.2. That is next years calendar.3. There are birds nests in the beech trees.4. Sandra dropped the speckled hens egg.5. This ships sails are red.6. My skis clip is broken.7. Shahabs pencils were blunt8. The cricket teams score was high.9. Those are Emilys shoes.Write some sentences on a piece of paper using the belonging apostrophe in thesame way.

WEEK TWELVECommon mistakes with apostrophesRememberNever use an apostrophe to make words pluralBOOKSFOR SALEüAPPLESFOR SALEüBOOK’SFOR SALEûAPPLE’SFOR SALEûRemember:If you are not sure where to put the apostrophe, ask yourself the following questions:Does it belong to someone or something?If so put the apostrophe before the s.Is it its or it’s?If you can say it is then always use an apostropheRememberHers means belonging to her.Yours means belonging to you.Ours mean belonging to us.Theirs means belonging to them.There is no apostrophe before the s.e.g. The green pencil is hers, the red one is ours, the blue pencil is yours and the blackone is theirs.

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