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Health and security for your childrenThrough your pension scheme with your employer, you canchoose to take out Danica children’s health insurance. Danicachildren’s health insurance will ensure that your children receivetreatment when they need it, for instance at a private hospital orby a specialist or physiotherapist.Advantages of Danica children’s health insuranceThe advantages for your children include• quick treatment at a private hospital• treatment by a zone therapist• treatment by a physiotherapist, acupuncturist,chiropractor or psychologist• rehabilitation and follow-up consultation• medicine during hospitalisation• the possibility of having mother or father bythe side during hospitalisation.Danica children’s health insurance covers expensesinvolved in, for instance, consultation, preliminaryexaminations, surgery and medicine when we haveapproved treatment.With mother or father by the sideDanica children’s health insurance also makes it possiblefor you or your spouse/cohabitant/registeredpartner to be hospitalised together with your child ifwe consider it necessary. Expenses involved will becovered.

Who are covered?Children aged 2 to 18Danica children’s health insurance covers children aged 2 to 18. It covers both your biologicaland adopted children and the biological and adopted children of your spouse/cohabitant/registered partner if the children live with you (the policyholder) when the diagnosis is made. Itis a condition, however, that you and your cohabitant/registered partner have lived in a conjugalrelationship for the past two years before the illness or the condition following the accident isdiagnosed.Danica children’s health insurance covers treatment that your child will receive after the firstthree months of the insurance period – also even if your child gets ill during the first three months.PremiumThe premium is DKK 804 a year (2012), irrespective of the number of children.Danica children’s health insurance is private. Therefore, unlike the rest of your pensionscheme, it will not be paid via your salary. Instead you will get a giro paymentform or be charged via the PBS electronic payment services.More information?If you would like to know more, or ifyou would like to take out Danicachildren’s health insurance, pleasecontact us at +45 70 11 25 25 or atkontakt@danicapension.dk.

Danica PensionParallelvej 172800 Kgs. LyngbyTelefon 70 11 25 25Fax 45 14 96 16www.danicapension.dkForsikringsselskabet Danica,Skadeforsikringsaktieselskab af 1999, CVR-nr. 25 02 06 34, København DKDanica Pension, Livsforsikringsaktieselskab, CVR-nr. 24 25 61 46, København DK2012.04

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