Made in the USA by red cherry certified organic labs

Made in the USA by red cherry certified organic labs

Made in the USA by red cherry certified organic labs

Bonnie Canavino is the founder and President ofRed Cherry Certified Organic Labsoffering two premiere spa organic brandsamrit organic & spa specificsCollectionsintegrity, the one true source for superior certified organic professional productsthat are high nutrition and healing, complimenting a wellness life style for thewellness to the day spa including: global ancient healing medicines and culturalrituals with using only certified organic ingredients along with advancedRed Cherry Certified Organic Labs isthe first Certified Organic food,nutraceuticals, spa and personalcare industry laboratory in the US tofollow the strictest Organicformulating & manufacturing Lawswith certified organic ingredientsonly and in the forefront of spainnovation.

Amrit organic & spa specifics areProfessional & Retail products formulated with onlycertified Organic,Natural & Wild crafted Organic Harvested & Processedingredients

amrit means Eternal JoyOur Philosophy is to bringjoy by offering nutritionaland beautifying spaproducts from GlobalCulturalMedical Treatments forMind, Body & Spirit HealthWe use unhamperedCertified Organic & Naturalingredients that areamrit organic professionalservice & retail spaproduct superior inbenefits & results

amrit organicSpa Collections continues withSoaks & Saltsamrit organicWellness BlendingPersonalization through CustomizationAmrit Organic Professional Oil Collectionbegins with ourSignature Organic Blend.This Blend is the most complete wellnessformula including:Organic Sunflower OilOrganic Extra Virgin Olive OilOrganic Jojoba OilNon GMO Plant Vitamin EDesigner Organic OilsWellness Organic Treatment BlendingBarWellness Organic Retail BlendingOrganic Essential Oil CollectionsAyurvedic RitualsNorth American Indian RitualsPerfect for all spa departmentsFace, Body Hands & Feet

amrit organic wellness blending barPersonalization through customization is the futureof spa completing the full impact of every servicePLUS the advantage of customizing take home retail

It’s all about presentation and personalizationthrough customization.This wellness bar has been designed for facials,body treatments, body massage, hand & footspa and retail take home therapy.Each certified OrganicOil has been chosen asnutrition, benefits &results.Each Center Oilexperience can beused unscented ormix with any of amritorganic essential oilsfor additionalcustomization & needEach therapy is Easyto use & CostEffective

Conditioning therapy can only happenwith take home care. Amrit organic hasdesigned the perfect solutionEach Center Oil comes in a3.75 ounce glass bottlewith a slow drip tapper foryou to personalize bycustom blending theservice therapy into retailor to be recommended without essential oils added forwellness spa home care.This unique home care isdesigned for the bath andskin conditioning andhydration instead ofchemical bound lotions.Beautiful skins Globally use pure oil nutrition

AMRIT ORGANIC CUSTOM WELLNESS BLENDING UNSCENTED CENTER OILSTHE TOP 6 UNSCENTED OILS, EACH A PERFECT BASE FOR BLENDING ESSENTIAL OILS OR USING ALONEFOR THEIR OWN SPECIAL NUTRIENTS. WE CALL THEM CENTER OILS INSTEAD OF CARRIER OIL, BECAUSEOUR CERTIFIED ORGANIC UNSCENTED OILS ARE THE HIGHEST IN OLEIC ACID AND QUALITY AND ARECERTIFIED ORGANIC FOOD GRADE.Certified organic Signature Blend: ourspecial blend of Sunflower, Jojoba, ExtraVirgin Olive oils with non GMO NaturalVitamin E is a complete wellnessapothecary: healing and calming, antiinflammatoryand reconditioning, antiagingand fortifying and promotes healthyskin, hair and nails while it promotesbeautyCertified organic Safflower Oil: high inoleic acid omega 9, high in antioxidants,is a great moisturizer and high in linoleicacid-omega 6, is a great anti-inflammatoryagent, to restore skin calmness andprotectionCertified organic Sunflower Oil: higher invitamin E then any other oil, supplementsskin nutrition and high in oleic acidomega 9 high, in antioxidants and high inlinoleic acid-omega 6, promoting antidrynessand repair to sensitive skin tissueCertified organic Olive Oil: rich inpolyphenols- superior anti-oxidantsand hydroxytyrasols- preventsoxidation of keratin, the proteinessential to healthy supple skin,lustrous hair and strong nailsCertified organic Sesame Oil: thevery best natural conditioner forskin; highly know for its antiinflammatoryproperties, itdetoxifies leaving skin feelcomfortable, youthful, soft andresilientCertified organic Jojoba Oil: theclosest oil to human sebum; itsproduction, softens, smoothes andreduces fine lines. Rich in vitamin E,C and B complex its nutritionalvalues strengthen skins defenses

CERTIFIED ORGANIC PURE ESSENTIAL OIL COLLECTIONSGOLDEN COLLECTIONThe top 7 floral, fruit and wood notes for custom therapyCertified organic Lavender: relaxing, astringent and beautiful are the-cleansing, balancing, strengthening, calming and refreshingCertified organic Sweet Orange: soothing, regenerative, stimulatingMind BodySpirit properties include-relaxing, stimulating, balancing, sensualand warmingCertified organic Palmarosa: rejuvenating, anti-aging and purifyingMind Body Spirit properties includejoy,romance, beauty and spirit renewalCertified organic Lemongrass: antiseptic, strengthening and heals-cleansing, refreshing, spirit lifting and joyCertified organic Patchouli: earthy and healing anti-infection andproperties include- antiseptic cleansing, healing, repels insectsand common viruses and used as a skin scentCertified organic Peppermint: stimulates to better circulation,antibacterial-viral-fungal, very astringent, warms and fights skinproperties include- balancing, warms with joy, very spiritpleasing, and awakening sluggish energyCertified organic Rosemary: antiseptic, purifying, healing andproperties include- relieving and balancing and strengtheninginner beauty

CERTIFIED ORGANIC PURE ESSENTIAL OIL COLLECTIONSPlatinum CollectionThe 3 riches essential oilsCertified organic Ylang Ylang: exotic balancing and cleaning of oily skins, and comforting conditioningare the physical properties… Mind Body Spirit properties include- sensuality, beauty, and refreshment.Certified organic Geranium: a super balancer and antiseptic are the physical properties … Mind BodySpirit properties include- calming stress and aroma, healing, and sensualCertified organic Jasmine: renewing and rejuvenating while boosting hydration are the physicalproperties… Mind Body Spirit properties include: beauty, elegance, calming and inspirationAmericas CollectionIndigenous to the North Americas these oils are precious and healingWild Crafted Tarragon: stimulates, antiseptic, fights bacteria are the physical properties… Mind BodySpirit properties include: strengthening and comfortingWild crafted Myrtle: deodorizing, antiseptic, tonic to balance skin are the physical properties… Mind BodySpirit properties include: clarifying despair, cleansing fear, aiding insight, cleansing inner being andstrengthening meditation.Wild crafted Fir Needle: regulates breathing and helps healing, muscle ache relief are the physicalproperties… Mind Body Spirit properties include: calmness, balance and earthy aroma.Wild Crafted organic Penny Royal: purifier and soft mint warming are the physical properties… MindBody Spirit properties include: calming, regenerative to health and delightful stimulating aromaCertified organic Sage: strengthening, cleansing, balancing, antiseptic are the physical properties …MindBody Spirit properties include a strong, herbal, fresh & spicy aroma that energizes and promotes arefreshed balance.

AMRIT ORGANIC DESIGNER OILS ARE FOR SPAS WHO CHOOSE NOT TO CUSTOM BLEND BY CLIENT BUTWANT TO OFFER SIGNATURES BY SPA CULTURECUSTOM ORGANIC AND WILD CRAFTED ESSENTIAL OILS WITH ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL, ORGANIC JOJOBAOIL, ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL & NON GMO V-E BLENDSINGLE NOTES by the gallonSweet Orange OrganicLavender OrganicLemongrass OrganicPeppermint OrganicGeranium OrganicSIGNATURE APOTHECARY by the gallonamrit organic Signature Personal BlendOrganic lavender, lemongrass, & geraniumBalance Organic BlendOrganic cypress, patchouli & geraniumBeauty Organic BlendOrganic palmarosa, ylang ylang & jasminePhysical Calmer Organic BlendOrganic ginger, rosemary & cloveCustom Designer Formulation is available upon request bythe gallon to design your spa culture.

Soaks & Salts…the basics with an exotic touch.Foot Soaks, Rubs & Wraps are the next mostpopular spa body services next to massage.amrit organic Soaks:Awaken (enlightening)Organic Chamomile, Comfrey, & Rose Petals, OrganicPeppermint & Wild Crafted Slippery ElmEnergize (revitalizing)Organic Basil, Lavender, Lemon grass,Wild Crafted Wild Cherry Bark & hazel Leafamrit organic Salts:Unscented Signature Blend:Certified Organic Cane SugarSpanish & French Sea Salts,Dead Sea Salts & Himalayan Saltsall organically harvested and packaged!Ginger & Cinnamon SaltsSea Salts with Organic Coconut Flakes,Organic Cinnamon & Organic GingerLavender Bud SaltsOur special blend with Organic Essential oil ofLavender & Organic Lavender Buds

AMRIT ORGANIC ‘s top Wellness BlendSignature Certified Organic Unscented Massage OilFeatures:1. AMRIT ORGANIC, USDA Certified Organic Unscented Massage oilis the massage therapist dream oil. A pure blend of CertifiedOrganic Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Organic Sesame Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil…2. Its color is golden, its spread is long lasting, and its performance isexcellent3. The perfect base oil for custom Essential Oil Blending for signatureBody & Facial massage & body therapies.4. No oil residue, because it’s completely “skin digestible”Benefits:1. Leaves the body soft and supple2. Nurtures, balances & promotes healthier skin3. Leaves whole health plant vitality: antioxidants, vitamins….Results1. Skin is comfortable and replenished2. Skin resilience last longer then traditional oils and crèmes3. Essential Oil addition adds target wellness

Unscented Certified Organic Massage CrèmeFeatures:1. The massage therapist dream crème.2. A pure blend of Certified Organic Palm Butter & Certified Organic Palm Oil & CertifiedOrganic Coconut Oil3. Its color is creamy, its spread is long lasting, and its performance is excellent for deeptissue or deep hydration for extreme dry skin4. No oil residue, because it’s completely “skin digestible”Benefits:1. Leaves the body soft and supple2. Nurtures, balances & promotes healthier skin3. Leaves whole health plant vitality: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and purifying effectsResults1. Skin is comfortable and rejuvenated2. Skin resilience last longer then traditional crèmes3. Essential Oil addition adds target soreness & wellness

Retail CollectionCertified Organic Spa home care forhealth & well beingAMRIT ORGANIC Guest Spa BarPerfect Retail Talker: a custom blending ORGANIC OIL bar.Use in all Retail Areas • Spa Service Room • Locker RoomThis concise collection eliminates thepurchase of unused essential oilsOffers more center oils to blend with for abroader selection of nutritionMakes everyone a better retailerPerfect for custom mailing andpersonalized client experiencesHigher retail profitDirect connection from service to retail

Do you serve wellness services, but not sure aboutintroducing exotic healing services?Exotic rituals are the next step towards body healing. Each ritual is a body exfoliation orherbal paste treatment followed with the appropriate massage modality. The Healingprocess and cleansing mechanisms of the body get a jump start and beauty begins.AMRIT ORGANICAyurvedic Udwartan Ritual steps• This ritual begins with an invigorating herbal foot soakand a customized tea infusion for ultimate relaxation• The guest is then led to the treatment room where amixture of DOSHA herbs and aromatic oils are used tocreate an exotic scrub applied to the body and the gentleexfoliation is performed.• The guest’s treatment can be hot toweled off or the guestcan be led to shower off the herbs …• and treated with an hour long Ayurvedic Abhyangamassage with aromatic oils soothing tired and achingmuscles along with lymphatic drainage.

WE are a National NCBTMB CE ProviderWe teach on-site education including:• Theory / Product Knowledge• Hands On / Modalities & ServicesEducation Prices are quote by:• Corporate Programs• Product Purchase Reward Programs

spa specifics means target treatmentFormulas were created to meet the needs of clients who struggle withextreme dryness, diabetes, chronic fungus & skin diseases, super sensitivityand strengthening nails and skin and softening specific skin areas!Unhampered Organic & food grade ingredients are completely “skindigestible” making every spa specifics service & profession & retail spaproduct superior in benefits, features & results

CREATED TO MEET THE NEEDS OFEVERY SPA NAIL SPASSpa nail department see three therapy challenges1. Dryness & Poor circulation2. Chronic inflammation & diseases3. Need for anti-aging and skin & nail strengtheningEach spa specific collection fulfills these exact needs & eliminatewaste

spa specifics CollectionsProfessional Products are made withCertified Organic Ingredients only and areformulated for hands feet and body servicesSignature CollectionVelvet Milk a pure blend of certifiedorganic milks, palm butter & cane sugar,sea salt, & essential oils of lemongrass,lemon, geranium, May Chang & cedarwood - for the most sensitive skins &nails2010 New Collections•Lavender•Mints•GermaineAll Four Collections include:•Companion Hydrosol•Duo Exfoliant & Soak•Duo Action Mask & Massage Balm

Velvet MilkIts Purpose•Its designed to soothe fragile skin & nails•Its anti- inflammatory properties perfectly maintain health& wellness•Its activity level aids in the healing process of fungus &quiet chronic diseases•Its benefits are driven to support skin tissue & nails withantioxidants & calcium fortification•Its results are proven to soften, rehydrate & calm the mostsensitiveIts Pleasure•Perfect for all skin types•Perfect for chronic skin & nail problems•Excellent for sensitive & easily irritated skins andchronic skin diseases•The collection to choose for wellness& healing goals

Collection Pedicure & Manicure StepsNever dip feet orhands back insoaking water…Use hot towels tocover in betweensteps…Spray Hydrosol Soak &GroomExfoliate & Mask& SprayHydrosolAll the certifiedorganic ingredientsare “skindigestible”, theymelt into the skin…Signature AbhyangaMassageClean Nail & Polish

Collections Body Treatment StepsAll 3 Collectionsare designed forBody Glows andWraps!Apply Dual MaskSprinkle on Exfoliant over MaskUse hot towels ifdesired …All the certifiedorganic ingredientsare “skindigestible”, theymelt into the skin…Exfoliation Massage SprayHydrosolApply more Dual Mask if needed forrehydration of the skin

Each Collection puts therapy &treatment into all spa nail, hand& foot services-Each Collection puts the samebenefits & results into easy bodyglows & wraps-Each Collection is designed to meltthe superior ORGANIC ingredientsinto the skin for full benefits &results-Every Professional treatment productis water soluble & dissolvable-Each Collection is approved bytechnicians for technicians-

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