FZ100 - Portal Milling Machine - galika


FZ100 - Portal Milling Machine - galika

With 6xes INto a new DIMENSIONWith the new FZ 100 portal milling machine Zimmermannhas managed to achieve 6-axis machining using the newlyde veloped M3 ABC 3-axis milling head. This concept sets newstandards in the volume machining of aluminium, compositeand model making materials as well as in the High SpeedCutting of steel and cast iron, where conventional 2-axis forkheads with A- and C-axis have long reached their limits in the5-axis simultaneous machining.Performance: Machining four times faster is possibleThe machining time for typical operations such as the millingof pockets with sloping sides, for example in structural componentsfor aircraft manufacture, can be drastically reducedby the additional B-axis. But also, in almost every other case,simultaneous machining using the M3 ABC becomes muchmore productive.Surface: Perfect quality thanks to the six axesThe 3-axis head avoids the pole position of the traditional2-axis A-/C-head at A = 0°. Thus for the first time, particularlyin mould and pattern making, optimal 5-axis simultaneousmachining with the highest possible surface finish is availablein practice. A real revolution!Compensation: Highest accuracy possibleFor the first time the geometric errors of the milling machinecan be fully compensated. Besides the overall improvementin quality, machine accuracy can now be easily recalibrated atregular intervals over a period of many years without loss ofproduction.Taking all these advantages together we can clearly speak ofa new dimension in portal milling technology. In the followingpages you can learn more about this highly productive technology.The unique third axis is clearly visible.This B-axis can be moved simultaneouslyby ± 15°.Typical structural components for aircraftmanufacture have inner slopingsides with a setting angle of three to fivedegrees. With the M3 ABC milling headthe machining of pockets in combinationwith an ideal feed rate is perfect.MaterialsSteel and cast iron(HSC-finishing)Light alloysComposite materialssuch as CRP and GRPCNC Portal Milling Machine FZ 100 | Zimmermann3

The world's first 3-axis milling head:M3 ABCUp to now 2-axis fork heads with A- and C-axis have beenused for 5-axes machining in portal milling machines.This method has the disadvantage that there is a pole at thezero position of the A-axis, where the C-axis of the millinghead is ineffective. The C-axis cannot swivel the milling spindlewhen the milling spindle is in the vertical position. Even theslightest change in orientation requires large rotation of theC-axis. This leads to the following disadvantages:Considerably reduced productivity and surface finish insimultaneous machining (thus mould makers often only usean oriented tool in so-called 3+2-axis machining).No compensation for errors in the machine geometry ispossible. This results in steps on the surface when millingwith oriented tools.A completely new dimension in productivityThe revolutionary, design-related increase in speed can beespecially clearly demonstrated based on the example of astructural component with sloping side walls of 3° to 5° as iscommon in the aircraft industry.Even in the corners of the pockets, where an A-/C-headis almost stationary, the M3 ABC achieves a constantlyhigh feed rate, thus leading to a significantly less tool wear.Only minimum rotation is needed to achieve any angle oforientation with the three axes available – thus saving a lotof time.The pirouette-like retraction of the C-axis after each cycleis no longer necessary.1Machining time100 % 25 % 50 % 25 %A-/C-head A-/B-head A-/C-head M3 ABCwith limited on gimbals with infiniteC-axisC-axis3-axis simultaneous milling withoutpole situation and still large swivelranges – this is only possible with theM3 ABC.The key to the innovation is thespecially developed, very rigid andprecise curved guideways of theB-axis.In spite of the three axes, the M3 ABCis amazingly compact.1Typical structural component from the aircraft industry with sloping pocket sides.Comparison of different types of milling head for 5-axis machining. It must beemphasized that the M3 ABC has a significantly larger swiveling angle in comparisonto the A-/B-head and subsequent machining with additional angle heads is notnecessary.4

Overhead, weight-optimized and structurally rigid portal movingin the X-direction, for high dynamic performance and precision.Weight-optimized vertical slide with high bending strength forlarge Z-ranges.Backlash-free portal drives on both sides with rack and pinionmechanism well away from the dirt zone, guided on both sides.Compound-filled side columns.3-axis M3 ABC milling head. The heart of the machine makesthis the world‘s first 6-axis portal milling machine.Worktable made of cast iron with T-slots, permanentlyanchored to the foundations.Completely enclosed protective housing through closed sidewalls, back wall and a front sliding door with large inspectionwindows.6

A strong portal designfor perfect 6-axis machiningPortal milling machines are very versatile, making theman ideal basis for the new 6-axis machining. The constructionwith fixed side walls and an overhead portal moving in theX-direction results in very low and constantly moved masses.Thus the machine has a consistent dynamic performanceleading to excellent surface finish, even with very large components.The large degrees of freedom in all axes are greatlyenhanced by the 3-axis milling head, permitting optimal finishmachining in a single set-up.Design of the side columnsThe side columns are manufactured in one piece up to a lengthof eight meters. To achieve an extremely rigid structure, theyare made of welded and heat-treated steel, and filled withfiber-reinforced special compound (DemTec). In this way, ourlong standing system supplier ensures easy assembly, highlong-term stability and practically no need for maintenance.The design also ensures the highest possible temperaturestability, oscillation and vibration damping so that high dimensionalaccuracy and surface quality can be achieved. Theespecially rigid structure ensures extremely good dynamicperformance and excellent contour accuracy and is thus clearlysuperior to conventional cast iron or welded steel constructions.The portalThe overhead dynamically driven gantry portal enables 6-axissimultaneous machining and 5-sided machining with thehighest precision and speed. The low moving masses ensureexcellent dynamic performance.Mechanical constructionTo achieve the ideal machine structure, the dynamically rigiddesign was optimized in multi-level series of FEM calculations.Separate FEM calculations are carried out for each type ofmachine and each individual size. Analysis of the design iscarried out using the latest mechatronic overall closed-loopsimulation approach, taking into account the motors, drivesand control system parameters.Modular conceptFrom the start, the basic construction of the new FZ 100 wasdesigned to make it as easy as possible to adapt all the basicparameters to the customer‘s specific demands. Travels,work areas, options and much more can thus be configuredflexibly.The result of this design is a unique combination of performance,short machining times, flexibility, highest qualitysurface finish, excellent rigidity over a long period of time andthus all-in-all extremely cost-effective.CNC Portal Milling Machine FZ 100 | Zimmermann7

Theintelligenceis inthe detailDrive systemThe FZ 100 isequipped with verygenerously dimensionedmechanical componentsin the drive system(double guides in X, up to 8carriages, reinforcing thedimensioning of drive systemto Module 5). It is a simultaneous6-axis machine with aportal driven on both sides.The X-, Y- and Z-axes areequipped with highly precise,pre-loaded circulating rollerbearings in the X-axis asstandard, ensuring excellentlinear movement of the portal.All axes have feed rates up to60 m/min and an accelerationof up to 4 m/s 2 for the highestdynamic performance duringthe HSC machining.The FZ 100 is as a standardequipped with powerful rackand pinion drives in all threeaxes with each two electronicallypreloaded servo motorsin x- and y- and one in thez-axis.CompensationThe complete work area ofthe machine can be fullymeasured using a new, costeffectivelaser measurementsystem with all 24 possibleerrors within a day. With verylittle effort the machine canbe recalibrated once a yearto compensate for errors andthus to restore the originalaccuracy both quickly andreliably. Thanks to the sixdegrees of freedom, for thefirst time all errors of themachine can be fully compensated.Measuring systemsThe three linear axes X, Y andZ are equipped with Heidenhaindirect linear measuringsystems. The measuring systemsare pressurized to protectthem against contamination.As an option the rotaryaxes A, B and C are equippedwith high-resolution angularmeasuring systems.Control systemsIn general control systemsmade by all the well knownmanufacturers can be usedfor 6-axis machining. Functionssuch as »look ahead«,»stick-slip« limitation andspline interpolation are nowavailable as standard. TheVolumetric CompensationSystem VCS-5ax from Siemensin the latest version ofthe 840 D control system alsoprovides optimal compensationpossibilities. An almostunlimited number of optionssuch as measuring probes,tool measurement and measuringsoftware are availableon request.Clamping tableThe machine bed made ofgray cast iron is permanentlyfixed to the foundation, sothat the clamped workpiecedoes not have to be moved.Machining is independent ofthe workpiece weight andthus highly accurate. The generousdimensioning – for loadsof up to 20 t /m 2 – makes itpossible to machine all kindsof workpieces.Protection against dirtThe portal has been designedfrom the start to be resistantto dirt, since all the key componentsare positioned wellaway from the area wheredirt can accumulate. Guides,drive and measuring systemsare covered with dust-proofbellows to protect them fromexternal influences. A widerange of systems for providinga compressed-air barrier,protective covers and extractiondevices and systems areavailable.8

Individual system solutionsfor every applicationAs well as the standardmachine, Zimmermann offersturn-key system solutions tosatisfy all additional technicaldemands.We apply our technical expertiseand tailor-made projectmanagement to the task: fromthe first idea to the very endof the project.Zimmermann supplies everythingfrom a single source.Dust and swarfWhether to do with the healthaspects of fine dust or questionsof contamination withchips, from chip con veyors tofull enclosure of the FZ 100,there are a wide range of solutions.Clamping tablesLogistical considerations,size, weight, part geometry,etc. – there are aspects toconsider when choosing theright clamping table and theappropriate loading systems.Tool changerAs the link between the workpieceand the machine, toolchangers of different designscan be supplied.Clamping technologyThe FZ 100 can be equippedwith a variety of holdingfixtures devices, dependingon batch sizes, the range ofcom ponents or the changeovertimes required.CNC Portal Milling Machine FZ 100 | Zimmermann9

FZ 100Technical dataMachine FZ 100Working rangesX-axis 2 800, 3 800, 4 800,5 800, 7 800 mm 1Y-axis 2 900, 3 400, 3 900 mm 1Z-axis 1250, 1 500, 2 000 mm 1Table sizeLength3800 – 8800 mmWidth3000 – 4000 mmHeight220 mmTable load max. 20 000 kg/m 2T-slots (longitudinal) 18 H12 (optional 22 H12 )Distance between T-slots 250 mmFeed drivesFeed X,- Y-, Z-axisup to 60 000 mm/min.Acceleration of linear axes up to 4 m/s 2Accuracies 2Positioning accuracy X-axisPositioning accuracy Y-, Z-axisRepeatability X-axisRepeatability Y-, Z-axis0,030 mm0,020 mm0,015 mm0,010 mmMilling headM3 ABCSwiveling rangeA-, B-, C-axis ± 110, ± 15, ± 360°PerformanceA-axis torqueB-, C-axis torqueA-, B-axis clampingC-axis clampingFeed rate A-, B-/C-axisAccuracies 2Positioning accuracy A-, B-, C-axis 15"Repeatability A-, B-, C-axis 10"Milling spindlePerformance S1 max. (100 % ED)Torque S1 max. (100 % ED)Max. speedConstant performanceTool holderSwiveling axis – spindle noseTool clampingTool releaseLubrication825 Nm (opt. 1050 Nm)1200 Nm2000 Nm3000 Nm180, 120°/sM3 ABC60 kW95 Nm22 000 rpmas from 6 000 rpHSK 63 A321 mmspring clamphydraulicPermanent lubricationwith automaticreplenishment systemM3 ABC Milling spindle performance diagramUniversal spindle 60 kW TorqueMd Performance PMd [Nm]P [kW]2007060 kW601505095 95 Nm4030502010000 6000 10000 15000 22000 30000 35000 n [min -1 ]1Other dimensions on request2According to VDI 230-2 / DGQ 3441, based on basic machine, depending on the lengthWe reserve the rights to make technical changes10

Z-axis 1 500 – 2 000 mmY-axis approx. 2 900 – 3900 mmEquipment options FZ 100DimensionsSimultaneous A-axisSimultaneous C-axisSimultaneous B-axisA-, C-, B-axis clampingControl cabinet air-conditioningHousingsMinimum quantity lubricationCoolant system (internal, external)Toolchanger 30, 50, 100 positions or moreMeasuring probennnnnnnnnnX-axis approx. 2 800 – 7800 mmHeight approx. 5 500 – 6 600 mmWorktable width3 000 – 4 000 mmWorktable length 4 000 – 9 000 mmLenght approx. 6 000 – 11 000 mmWidth approx. 7100 – 8 100 mmTool measurementnSpecial clampingSpecial paintingChip conveyorsDust extractionClamping fixturesClamping table variantsnnnnnnZ-axis 1 500 – 2 000 mmPartitioned work areanY-axis approx. 2 900 – 3900 mmn Standard n OptionalWorktable width3 000 – 4 000 mmWorktable length 4 000 – 9 000 mmWidth approx. 7100 – 8 100 mmAll dimensions shown are examples for the FZ 100 in minimumor maximum design configurations. Special sizes deviating fromthis are also possible.CNC Portal Milling Machine FZ 100 | Zimmermann11

FZ 100FZ 35FZ 15M3 ABCVH 3F. Zimmermann GmbHPortal Milling MachinesGoethestraße 23 – 27D-73770 DenkendorfGermanyPhone +49 711 934935-0Fax +49 711 934935-300info@f-zimmermann.comwww.f-zimmermann.comFZ 42FZ 32VH 6VH 2FZ 38FZ 30VH 5VH 12FZ 37FZ 25VH 4VH 1Apollo 11 05.200912

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