AHS Program Guide - YMCA Calgary


AHS Program Guide - YMCA Calgary

Workplace WellnessProgram GuideSummer | July 8 - August 30

Calgary ZoneWorkplaceWellnessYMCA has proudly partnered with Alberta Health Services(AHS) to provide programs and services to support andenhance the health of AHS employees in the Calgary Zone.The Calgary Zone Workplace Wellness Program (WWP) offersa variety of unique opportunities for AHS employees andtheir families for health-related programming. Choicesinclude program or membership-based activities at AHSsites or community YMCAs in Calgary.YMCA provides:• Corporate rates at all YMCAs (10% off adult membershipsand no joining fee)• Joint memberships to access both AHS and YMCA facilities• Fitness Centre memberships at AHS locations• The ability to join children and/or youth to an adultYMCA membership for a discounted fee• A variety of on-site registered programs at AHS locationsWWP Program OptionsRegistered Classes• Registration begins June 10• 8-week classes• Register online or at any YMCA location• Demo week July 2-5WWP Membership OptionsAHS Fitness Centre Membership: $15/month + GST• Access to Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH),Rockyview General Hospital (RGH), Southport Tower(SPT), Peter Lougheed Centre (PLC), Foothills MedicalCentre (FMC)• AHS employees need a proximity card to register formembership (proximity card located in plastic pouchalong with employee ID card)For Fitness Centre memberships, register by phone, onlineor at any YMCA location. See more about locations.AHS-YMCA Joint Membership: $70/month + GST• Access to AHS fitness centres and to Calgary YMCAs• Valid AHS ID and proximity card required for access• Add a spouse and/or children for a discounted rateFor AHS-YMCA Joint Membership, register online or at anyYMCA location (must pick up membership card in person).View YMCA membership benefits and privileges.All memberships include:• AHS Fitness Centre Orientation• Wellness coaching available at ACH and FMC locations• Coach Approach available at YMCA locations• Fitlinxx–an online system to record workouts• Personal training sessions at member and nonmemberrates (available at AHS and YMCA facilities)Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp2

Let’s work together to create a healthy experienceAHS Fitness Centres• Fitness Centres are unsupervised and accessible24 hours. Please be safe, respectful and awareduring your time in these centres.• Return all weights (including weight stacks onmachines) to their original position when finished.Weights should be stored properly, not propped,stacked or left in an otherwise unsafe position.• Wipe down your machine when you’ve completedyour work out.• Respect a 30-minute limit and sign-up procedureson equipment.• Share equipment during busy times.Group Exercise Classes• Be respectful of your colleagues. When waitingfor a class to begin, please wait outside while theprior meeting/event concludes.• Share available space the best that you can.• If you have to leave a class early, find a space nearthe back of the room so as not to disturb yourcolleagues when exiting.AHS Fitness Centre OrientationsOrientation sessions are offered as a free service tomembers and non-members by certified personaltrainers at all AHS fitness centre locations.It is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself withthe fitness centre equipment and learn about programsoffered through the YMCA. To book an orientation,please email calgarywwp@ymcacalgary.org.Wellness Coaching at AHS sitesYMCA is excited to offer on-site wellness coaching attimes that are convenient for you.During coaching sessions, certified staff will cover:• wellness goals and goal-setting• matching your interests with available wellnessopportunities• programs avaiblable through WWP and the YMCA• wellness supports available through AHS• fitness orientationSites: ACH ( Fridays 1-4pm) or FMC (Tuesdays 1-4pm)Cost: FREE with AHS membership | $10 for Non-MembersRegister: Call 403-899-0835Thanks for your support!Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp3

Options to help you be your bestAHS Fitness Flex PassUse this flexible option to participate in on-sitewellness programming regardless of your busywork or personal schedule.Purchase a 5-time pass card for $50 plus GST to dropin to selected WWP registered exercise classses at AHSsites. Eligible classes are noted in the WWP programguide by an “ * ” (asterisk).There is no limit to the number of drop-in passes thatcan be purchased and they may be redeemed at anytime throughout the annual program cycle.Call or visit any YMCA Calgary location to purchase theFlex Pass.Fitness Flex Pass5-time exercise cardXXXXXRegister: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp4

Group Fitness Class DescriptionsAshtanga YogaEnhance your body and mind control while you increaseyour strength, stamina, balance, flexibility in this highenergy class with challenging postures linked together.Dress comfortably; no shoes required.Cardio BoxingEnjoy a non-contact, cardio class that incorporates punchingand kickboxing moves, to increase your stamina, strength,speed and coordination. It provides a complete workoutfor your cardio vascular and endurance systems.‘Couch to 5K’ ProgramGet outdoors, make new friends and jog your way to afitter lifestyle with this beginner program that will get yourunning 5K within 8 weeks.FusionEnjoy this perfect blend of Pilates, yoga and fitnessconditioning that focuses on improving core strength,stamina and flexibility.Hatha YogaThrive in a peaceful atmosphere while experiencingflexibility, strength, balance, relaxation, stress managementand breathing techniques. Level 1 is designed to help youon your path of health and wellness.Indoor Boot CampTry this mix of traditional calisthenics and body weightexercises with interval training and strength training thathelps improve muscular strength, endurance and cardio.MAX’dTake this high intensity, high energy class to help improveyour muscle strength and endurance. Work your body tothe max for 30 minutes and watch amazing results.Muscle WorksImprove muscle tone and strength in this high energystrength conditioning class using different equipment.Outdoor BootcampEnjoy the warm weather and take your workout outdoors.It is a mix of traditional calisthenics and body weightexercises with interval training and strength training thathelps improve muscular strength, endurance and cardio.PilatesBuild flexibility, balance and core stability throughstrengthening muscles of the trunk, abdominals, shoulderand pelvis. Classes are done on a mat and progress fromweek to week. Comfortable attire recommended; shoesare not required.Total Body ConditioningChallenge your balance, coordination, strength andflexibility and with this dynamic, high energy workout.Classes use minimal choreography, involves a variety ofcardiovascular components and may include intervals andsport-related drills.Power YogaImprove stamina, flexibility and strength as you move ata fast pace through different poses in this intense form ofVinyasa flow yoga.ZumbaJoin the Party! Zumba cardio dance will take you throughbasic Salsa, Reggaeton, Flamenco and other internationalrhythms with a fitness flare. Dance your way into shape!Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp5

FREE Demo WeekJuly 2-5Demo classes are a great way tosample as many drop-in fitnessclasses as you want prior tothe session starting.Tuesday, July 2Hatha Yoga12:00- 1:00pm | FMC-SSB GymHatha Yoga 12:05- 12:50pm | NWII - Room 209Zumba 4:30- 5:30pm | SPT - Room 1103Wednesday, July 3Indoor Bootcamp 12:00- 1:00pm | FMC-SSB GymTotal Body Conditioning 12:00- 1:00pm | HC - Wellness CentreThursday, july 4Hatha Yoga 12:00- 1:00pm | PLC- Room 19108Zumba4:30- 5:30pm | Vulcan- Class RoomFriday, July 5Hatha Yoga12:05- 12:50pm | ECHC - Living Well GymMAX’d12:15- 12:45pm | ACH - EWG GymRegister: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp6

Registration begins June 102013 Summer RegisteredProgram ScheduleClasses are available for allAHS employees.You can register using the onlineregistration system, by phone orin person at any YMCA location.Summer 2013Session DatesJuly 8 - August 30Registration begins June 10Airdrie (ACHC)Thursday Hatha Yoga 4:45-5:45pm July 11 Classes: 8 $72 86604*Adult DaySupportAlberta Children’s Hospital (ACH)Monday Hatha Yoga 4:30-5:30pm July 8 Classes: 7 $63 86605*ACH- Ed WhalenGymThursday Muscle 4:30-5:30pm July 11 Classes: 8 $64 86607*Works ACH- EdWhalen GymFriday MAX’d 12:15-12:45pm July 12 Classes: 8 $56 86671*ACH- EdWhalen GymEast Calgary Health Centre (ECHC)Tuesday Zumba 4:30-5:30pm July 9 Classes: 8 $72 86608*ECHC- LivingWell GymFriday Hatha Yoga 12:05-12:50pmECHC- LivingWell GymJuly 11 Classes: 8 $56 86609*Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp7

Foothills medical centre (FMC)Monday Total BodyConditioning12:00-1:00pmFMC- SSB GymJuly 8 Classes: 7 $56 86610*TuesdayIndoorBootcamp5:30-6:30amFMC- SSB GymTuesday Hatha Yoga 12:00- 1:00pmFMC- SSB GymWednesdayIndoorBootcamp12:00- 1:00pmFMC- SSB GymWednesday Zumba 4:30- 5:30pmFMC- SSB GymThursdayIndoorBootcamp5:30- 6:30amFMC- SSB GymThursday Pilates 12:00- 1:00pmFMC- SSB GymHoly Cross Centre (HC)MondayWednesdayTotal BodyConditioningTotal BodyConditioning12:00- 1:00pmHC- WellnessCentre12:00- 1:00pmHC- WellnessCentreJuly 9 Classes: 8 $64 86611*July 9 Classes: 8 $72 86612*July 10 Classes: 8 $64 86613*July 10 Classes: 8 $80 86614*July 11 Classes: 8 $64 86615*July 11 Classes: 8 $72 86616*July 8 Classes: 7 $56 86617*July 10 Classes: 8 $64 86618*Franklin (FRK)Monday Zumba 12:05-12:50pm July 8 Classes: 7 $56 86619*Franklin LunchRoomTuesday Power Yoga 12:05-12:50pm July 9 Classes: 8 $56 86620*Franklin LunchRoomThursday Zumba 12:05-12:50pm July 11 Classes: 8 $64 86622*Franklin LunchRoomNORTH WEST II (NWII)Tuesday Hatha Yoga 12:05-12:50pm July 9 Classes: 8 $56 86686Room 209Peter Lougheed Hospital (PLC)Thursday Hatha Yoga 12:00-1:00pm July 11 Classes: 8 $72 86624*PLC- Room19108Richmond road Diagnostic Centre (RRDTC)Monday Hatha Yoga 12:00-1:00pm July 8 Classes: 7 $63 86625*RRDTC- RoomB434ROCKYVIEW GENERAL HOSPITAL (rgh)Tuesday Hatha Yoga 4:00-5:00pmRoom 10331July 9 Classes: 8 $72 86623*2013 Summer RegisteredProgram ScheduleClasses are available for allAHS employees.You can register using the onlineregistration system, by phone orin person at any YMCA location.Summer 2013Session DatesJuly 8 - August 30Registration begins June 10Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp8

2013 Summer RegisteredProgram ScheduleClasses are available for allAHS employees.You can register using the onlineregistration system, by phone orin person at any YMCA location.Summer 2013Session DatesJuly 8 - August 30Registration begins June 10Southport Tower (SPT) **Monday AshtangaYoga12:05- 12:50pmSPT- Room1021Monday &WednesdayRunningGroup12:00- 1:00pmRoom 1103AtriumTuesday Zumba 4:30- 5:30pmSPT- Room1103, AtriumTuesday &Thursday‘Couch to5K’ Program12:00-1:00pmSPT- Room1103, AtriumWednesday Hatha Yoga 12:05- 12:50pmSPT- Room1021Thursday Power Yoga 4:30- 5:30pmSPT- Room1021Friday Hatha Yoga 12:05- 12:50pmSPT- Room1021Vulcan Health care (vul)Thursday Zumba 4:30-5:30Vulcan-ClassroomJuly 8 Classes: 7 $49 86629July 15 Classes: 13 $20 86773July 9 Classes: 8 $80 86630*July 16 Classes: 14 $70 86715*July 10 Classes: 8 $56 86631July 11 Classes: 8 $72 86632*July 12 Classes: 8 $56 86633*July 11 Classes: 8 $80 86635***At Southport Tower, your class may occasionally change locations due toa shortage of available space. Rooms are approved on a first-come, firstservedbasis and are based upon space availability. Please check with yourinstructor on the location of each class.Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp9

YMCA Wellness Service Request FormYMCA provides general wellness programs including (but not limited to) yoga, Pilates, Zumba or other aerobic classesand activities. To initiate a new class at an AHS Calgary Zone site, please ensure your site is able to satisfy the followingcriteria prior to submitting your request:• Commitment for a minimum of one class per week at the site• Commitment and approval from the site manager to request the class• Access to an on-site space for the duration of the class that meets the needs of the specific activity* (room must be booked by a Site Manager, AHS Wellness Volunteer or AHS personnel for the duration of the classes)*Request Process:1. Submit Wellness Service Request Form to the YMCA Workplace Wellness Program Coordinator at:calgarywwp@ymcacalgary.org, or call 403.899.0835 for more information.2. YMCA reviews and prioritizes requests as they are received.3. YMCA will connect with the site contact to execute request within two business days.Submit this form by July 15, 2013 to enable us to include the class in the next program schedule.Class Description: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Class Request Initiated By: _________________________________________________________________________Site Contact Name:Date Required:Department:Site:City | Town:Phone:Email:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Authorized By (Site Manager or Higher): ______________________________________________________________Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________________Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________________Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp10

YMCA wellnessopportunites...We’re here for you!Personal Training at AHS fitnessCentres and YMCa locationsFitness AssessmentFind out how fit you are. Your cardiovascular fitness,body composition, muscular strength, endurance andflexibility will be evaluated in this 90-minute session.Getting StartedWork within your fitness level to develop a personaltraining program that meets your needs. This packageincludes two introductory one-hour personal trainingsessions and one half-hour consultation.Note: Getting Started is available one time per membership.Program DesignEnhance your workout with this additional 90-minutesession. A certified trainer monitors technique andensures the greatest benefit in your goals and choiceof exercises.Note: Requires prior training either with a YMCA traineror at another facility.Private SessionsChoose a package of 60-minute sessions for savingsand convenience. A certified trainer monitorstechnique and ensure the greatest benefit is derivedfrom each exercise.Learn more about personal training.FitnessAssessmentGettingStartedProgramDesignI feel very fortunate that we have noonclasses offered at the Foothills MedicalCentre. The location is very convenient withqualified instructors who let you work atyour own level. I feel much better physicallyand mentally when I participate.~ Joan MatthewsAdministration SecretaryPrivateSemi-private (per person)Member Non-Mem Member Non-Mem$75 $100$99 $140$75 $1005 Sessions $285 $385 $235 $31010 Sessions $540 $720 $390 $52020 Sessions $1020 $1380 $750 $1000Register: bit.ly/calgarywwp_ymcacalgaryEmail: calgaryWWP@ymcacalgary.org or wellness@albertahealthservices.caAHS Insite: insite.albertahealthservices.ca/5600.asp11

Try the Y togetherVisit the nearest location to find out more about these great opportunities to enjoyYMCA Calgary facilities.Open Y DayFree all-day access at YMCA Calgary locations thethird Sunday of every month. Enjoy the YMCAexperience.Free 5 thMembers bring one free guest on the 5th of everymonth. Show a friend what the fun is all about.Lead a Friend to HealthHelp others start a healthy lifestyle. Share yourYMCA experience, introduce friends and family tous and quickly see the rewards. Increase time withfriends and networking opportunities while improvinghealth and wellness together. Referring membersreceive a special thank you gift from YMCA Calgarywhen friends join.13

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