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1. Automatic textile smoke barrier

2. Partitioning with smoke barriers

3. Automatic textile smoke barrier with feasibility to pass through

4. Partitioning for the smoke conduction or as fire protection closure

5. Automatic textile smoke protection closure

6. Automatic textile fire protection closures for openings in walls

7. High speed door with integrated fire protection

8. Automatic textile fire protection closures for openings in ceilings

9. Fire protection closures for façade openings, exterior use

10. Fire protection closures for façade openings, interior use

11. Fire protection closures for continous and interrupted conveyor systems

12. Fire protection closures for pneumatic conveyor systems

13. Fire protection closures for industrial kitchen exhaust systems

14. Elevator shaft doors as fire protection closures

15. Fire protection stacking door

16. Isogate Fire protection insulation doors and gates

17. Fire protection hoods for electric devices

18. Control units

19. CANopen-Bus linked hold open devices with approval Zulassung Z-6.5-1990/2011.

20. Emergency power systems„Powerdrive“ 400 VAC










Stöbich – innovative fire protection



Fire protection stacking door

Optimized new edition of the innovative fire stacking door.

· the current version of the approved fire stacking door

“Omnicompact” is more resistant than the previous one by

using new materials

· tested according to EN 1634-1 the “Omnicompact” has the fire

resistance EI 1 120 and by has an insulating effect according to

the European Norm; formerly also known as the T-classification

over 120 min.

· the robust door leaf construction is suitable to seal openings of

max. 6m x 6m

· by using optimized components an improved running performance

and an easier installation are achieved

· also a novelty for this system is the automatic surveillance of the

closure edge (safety edge) via radio transmission which makes

the complex installation of fire resistant cables needless

· the flexible design possibilities concerning colour, stainless steel

execution, the integration in suspended ceilings or the installa-

tion of the side guides in niches are still given

· the stacking door closes automatically and

with a controlled velocity, the re-opening is

done motor-driven

· as an option the “Omnicompact” is also

available in a smoke tight version

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Textile Feuerschutzabschlüsse







Feuerschutzisoliertüren für Schiffe und Gebäude

Feuerschutztüren Paneelwand/Hygiene

Firefast (EW 90 / EI 30)

Fire-protection quick-motion gate

The fire-protection quick-motion gate that fulfills 2

requirements simultaneously in a fire wall

· In the event of operation, the Firefast fulfills the specific

requirements of a normal quick-motion gate and, in the event

of fire, simultaneously prevents the fire moving through the

wall opening into adjacent fire sections

· The patented overall system offers optimum use of floor space

as the textile fire-protection closure is integrated constructively

into the gate, meaning that assembly is on one side of the wall


· Depending on the structural or functional requirements, a spiral

gate or a foil variant of the Firefast is available

· Both models have been tested as constructive unit in

accordance with DIN EN 1634-1 and achieve either the fire

resistance category EW 90 or El 30 as per DIN 13501-2

· Thanks to the functional separation between gate operation

and separation in the event of fire there are no limitations

whatsoever as regards the performance

parameters of both individual systems

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ECClos Conveyor system closure

of the product family „ECClos“, tested according to

the European norm

Automatic conveyor system closure of the newest generation

in flap- and slider construction as well as in textile version

· ECClos-S is a conveyor system closure in slider-design with

horizontal or vertical closing direction for almost all common

conveyor systems. The system is tested in the fire protection

classes up to EI120 according to DIN EN 1366-7 and developed

in modular design for openings up to approx. 3,5 m x 3,5 m (e.g.

used in the automotive industry)

· ECClos-Q is a conveyor system closure in flap-design; due to its

flap construction in conveying direction, it is especially developed

for extremely small field conditions in the lintel area. The

system achieves the fire protection class EI120 according to DIN

EN 1366-7. The sealing element locks automatically and by this

offers a closure against unauthorized trespassing at the same

time (e.g. used in airports for luggage conveyors)

· ECClos-Flex is a coilable, textile closure for openings up to 6 m

x 6 m and all common interrupted and uninterrupted conveyor

techniques. The system is space saving in the lintel and side

guide area and achieved the protection target E 90 and EW 90

according to EN 1366-7, also with limited

heat transmission and is suitable for all fire

wall constructions.

· all systems of the ECClos-family close velocity

controlled without auxiliary energy

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Modern fire protection

Visualisation, control and audio-response unit

Voice output module


linked hold open device

Web server

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Touch Panel


Standard PC

Visual and acoustic status issue as well as mobile remote

diagnosis via new RZ7 bus systems and individually

programmable audio-response modules

· In addition to the conventional visualisation of immediate

statuses of installed fire-protection systems, the new R27

bus system also offers the possibility of module diagnosis

(disturbance notifications, status mortifications)

· For the purpose inside the building, all information concerning

the operating status of the fire-protection system is displayed

quickly and uncomplicatedly via a touch panel with deposited

ground plan of the building

· Thanks to the use of a web server, the user can connect directly

to the fire-protection control and operate it from anywhere in

the world via the corresponding network connection

· The fire-protection systems installed in a building can also be

equipped with audio-response units so that an acoustic signal is

possible whenever the system statuses change

· Additionally, the system is suitable for data collection,

regulation and control, parameterisation and configuration


Intelligent connection module


Einfache Montage über

Steckverbindung zwischen

Antrieb und Modul

Intelligente elektronische




Patentierte Fail-Safe -


External pluggable trigger unit for a flexible fire protection

closure resp. a smoke curtain with velocity control an

electronic end position detection

· Easy startup of the partition systems

· Optional: Version with powerpack for hold open of the flexible

system in case of power failure (up to 10min)

· Optional operator and programming unit (AM-U-CO) for

convenient operation with handy touchscreen, user defined

intialisation of the AM-U drives and optional power supply by

solar cells and internal battery

· Possible networking with visualisation and remote maintence

by Stöbich

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Typen G30-E (30 Nm), G45-E (45 Nm), G120-E (120 Nm)

Antriebe mit systemangepassten Drehmomenten

Zertifizierte VdS überwachte


230V AC Antriebsmotor

mit Getriebe

Innovation for

your protection


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Hidden Shield

worldwide the first fire protection closure without


The name is our agenda:

The “hidden” fire-protection closure

· Textile fire protection closure classified for EI30 as well for EI90

(comparable to the previous T-classification), also with heat

insulating qualities according to DIN EN 13501-2

· No side-guides necessary, as a result highly attractive for appealing

architecture because the soffit serves as guide

· Thanks to the integration of the low construction height of the

housing, the hidden shield can be installed almost invisibly in

suspended ceilings

· The system closes without auxiliary energy what makes fire

resistant cables needless. The re-opening is done motor-driven

· The system is designed for dimensions of 12m x 5m

· The Hidden-Shield is especially developed for open design

concepts and offers a nearly unlimited design freedom for architects

and planners

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Hidden Shield

der versteckte Feuerschutzabschluss



Fibershield-I (EI 30/EI 60)

Fire-protection closure

A heat-insulating, textile fire-protection closure with just one

winding shaft and without compensation measures

· The insulating, textile fire-protection closure achieves its heat

insulation completely without water throwing or the use of

sprinkler technology

· Thanks to special fabric layers sewn to the compound,

Fibershield-I achieves the fire resistance categories El 30 as well

as El60 classified as per DIN EN 13501-2

· The newly developed “Intutex” fabric construction is arranged

on bearings on just one winding shaft and compensates for

the temperature load occurring during a fire through massive

thickening of the fabric cross-section

· Thanks to its space-saving housing construction and the low

simple fabric cross-section of 20 mm, the system is significantly

leaner than comparable conventional gates and offers architects

greater design opportunities above all where no sprinkler

systems are installed or where none should be installed.

· The system has been successfully tested in accordance with DIN

EN 1634-1 in the maximum dimensions of

4 m x 4 m DIN EN 1634-1

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Fiberseal Evolution EW (Sa/Sm)

Smoke-protection closure

The smoke-proof fire closure with increased radiation resistance,

tested as per EN 1634-1/3 or DIN 18095-3

· The automatic textile closure closes wall openings smoke-tight,

fire-proof and, thanks to its specially coated fabric, also with

limitation of the penetrating radiation

· The rod guidance and passive seal without compressors or

combustible sealants enable use as smoke-proof fire closure at

pressures of up to 50 Pa.

· A soft closing edge compensates for uneven ground up to 30

mm over 1m

· Thanks to high-quality and specially coated fabrics, the Evolution

EW achieves fire resistance categories E120 to EW90 and

simultaneously achieves 30-fold more efficient smoke protection

compared to tightly-closing separations

· The system is approved in the maximum dimensions of 10m x

5m (EW 90 Sa) or 7m x 4.5m (EW 90 Sm) with continuous-function

testing in category C2

· Like all representatives of its model series, the Fiberseal Evolution

EW closes via the proven Gravigen technique

without outside energy, i.e. even in

the event of a power failure, and is opened


· The system has been tested in accordance

with DIN EN 1634-3 or DIN 18095-3 with

a classification as per DIN EN 13501-2 in

category Sm or Sa

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Smoke-protection closure

The horizontal smoke protection closure for large ceiling


· The automatic textile smoke-protection closure closes horizontal

ceiling openings up to 20 m wide and unwinding lengths up

to a max. of 8 m in the category Sa (as per DIN EN 13501-2)

· The closure achieves its smoke-proofness through an active

sealing system

· The textile surface consists of high-quality fabric with silicone

coating or, optionally, with PU coating.

· Tensioning cables at intervals of 1.5 m take up the fabric given

larger dimensions and prevent bulging of the textile area given

pressure load in the event of fire

· A corresponding emergency electricity supply ensures the

reliable closure of the new Duplex drive system even during

power failures.

· In accordance with DIN EN 1634-3 or DIN 18095-3 with a

classification as per DIN EN 13501-2 in category Sm or Sa, and

continuous-function tested with 1,000

cycles (category C1 = 500 cycles)

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Smoke curtain: Smokeshield-C

The curved smoke curtain with a leakage of 0%

· the flexible smoke curtain with a closed, curved course is designed

for an installation in circle- or ellipse-shape but also as an

open, curved (serpentine) smoke curtain

· the system Smokeshield-C meets the time and temperature-class

D 60 resp. D 120 (600°C)

· since the smoke curtains consists of one fabric panel there is no

overlapping and no remaining openings

· the system is fully integrated in the suspended ceiling and has

a connection to the ceiling panel with laser-cut bottom rail over

self-levelling bearing elements

· alternatively an almost invisible integration into the construction

situation is achieved by a direct arrangement to the suspended

ceiling (hardly visible, only 2mm mismatch) or by a shadow groove


· the smoke curtain closes automatically without auxiliary energy

(“gravigen”), hence no fire-resistant cables are needed

· with the smoke curtain Smokeshield-C extreme widths up to 300

m and drop length up to 4m are necessary (for curve shape radii

> 4m).

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Flexible Rauchschürzen

Automatische Rauchschürzen

· Supercoil

· Moducoil

· Stripecoil

· Smokeshield-S

Statische Rauchschürzen

· Supercoil fix

· Moducoil fix


The self-opening smoke barrier at a temperature

influence of 350 °C

Problem: smoke barrier vs. heat propagation

Solution: smoke barrier with new patented fabric

· The discrepancy, to positively dissipate the smoke with

temperatures from 300°C to 400°C and to avoid that higher

temperatures have influence on the building structure

· The Aperitex-fabric opens at temperatures from 380°C and stays

80% open at 500°C (the rest are remaining lattice structures)

· The lattice structure has a heat resistance of about over 600°C

for 2 hours so that the system will not crash under this load

· designed for time classification and temperature load DL =

300°C (classification according to ISO 21927-1)

· prefabricated single modules can be arranged next to each

other as a complete unit up to the desired length

· Drop lengths up to 4m with a connected bottom bar over all


· Standard equipped with drive-unit ‘Gravigen’, that means

closing without auxiliary energy; fire resistant cable are not


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Flexible Rauchschürzen

Automatische Rauchschürzen

· Supercoil

· Moducoil

· Stripecoil

· Smokeshield-S

Statische Rauchschürzen

· Supercoil fix

· Moducoil fix

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o Hidden Shield

o Fibershield-I (EI 30 / EI 60)

o Fiberseal Evolution EW (Sa / Sm)

o Fiberseal-H

o Smokeshield-C

o Apericoil

o Omnicompact

o Firefast (EW 90 / EI 30)

o Conveyor system closures ECClos

o Modern fire protection: visualisation, controls and voice output


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