Inside this issue: - Sanctuary
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Inside this issue: - Sanctuary

Summer 2012Volume 11A VOICE FROM THE STREETInside this issue:Issue 2 A View from Here 02Community Corner 03Allow me to introduce 03The Inside Scoop 045K WALK for LESS poverty + MORE justice 04Events for Everyone 05Outreach staffer, Doug,with our late friend HarrisRachel and Lila share alaugh during drop-inWalking Together by Rachel McCulloughI know an elderly woman who walks well beyond 5 kilometresevery day. She pushes a cart full of her belongingsand tries to blend in with the other walkers on the sidewalks,most of whom are busily travelling from one placeto another. She, however is not intent on getting anywherefast. The walking itself is her daily occupation. Longingfor a job, she carries several hundred cover letters andresumes she has made over the years in one of her packs.I do not know if she has ever passed them out or not. ButI often think of her with this dream in her head, year afteryear, as she walks.At Sanctuary, our street outreach involves walkingbecause that is where we meet many of our friends in theirown space, where we walk some of the same routes theydo, where we learn to be attentive to the streets of our cityin new ways. Just as literal walking is central to understandingour community, everything we do is about walkingtogether in a broader sense, about living and learningfrom each other along the way of life, about sojourning.Sojourning is a way of life somewhere between being settledpermanently and wandering aimlessly. It is making ahome in a place that is not really one’s final home. TheBible talks about God sojourning with us and it is a greatmetaphor for the “walking together” we do here at Sanctuary.Many of us around here come from settled places andhave been unsettled by new friendships forged with peoplewhose lives are so different from our own. Others ofour community come from very unsettled places of wanderingand homelessness and find themselves drawntoward a place of more safety and permanence. Inbetween the settled and the unsettled is the space ofsojourning, which we now inhabit together. This is wherewe can meet and walk together and be changed by eachother as our lives intersect in various ways. We are allshaped by our pasts and where we have come from, buttrue friendship is possible when we are open to beingdefined by where we are going and whom we walk withalong the way. Becoming too settled or comfortable is adanger considering how faltering our steps are and howfar we have to go. But we live in a society that warns usagainst having any roots, encourages us towards shallowcommitments, and trains us to consider everything disposable.As an alternative, sojourning involves the risky andunsettling commitment of living together on our waytowards healing and wholeness, friendship and dignity,love and home-making.In a few weeks, we will be doing our annual 5k walk,which is both symbolic and strategic - symbolic of ourfriends’ daily struggle walking the streets to survive andstrategic in raising money to support our community. Butit is also in a very real way, an example of our walkingtogether. Friends who support us financially and friendswho are the centre of our day-to-day life will be walkingside by side. And as in all of life, picking the right companionsis important. After years of God sojourning withthe Israelites in the wilderness, when they were on theverge of finally settling down in the promised land, Godwarned the people of the great danger in becoming toosettled and comfortable. If they were to learn how to livewell in their new home, God advised, they would need toremember what it was like to be homeless. Likewise,those of us whose lives have been more safe and comfortableneed to learn from those who know the experience ofhomelessness. They have much to teach along the way.

The Inside Scoop by Erin LandseeWhat does outreach look like at Sanctuary? It’s hard to say in a few words, but I can tell you it’s muchmore than handing out socks (though the socks are important!)An outreach team hits the streetsAt the heart of our outreach team are seven core staff members, who could more accurately be describedas a “core pastoral team.” The rest of the staff also provide outreach and pastoral care, but offer it in additionto their other roles. Add to that an ever-changing group of volunteer-type people who just want tobe part of something good and meaningful in the city, as well as folks from our community who havelived or are living on the margins, and want the chance to reach out to some of Toronto’s most poor andexcluded, because they’ve been there.Though you could easily spot any of us downtown handing out water or socks, “outreach” in theSanctuary community works much more deeply than that. In fact, at Sanctuary, outreach at its coreendeavors to offer and facilitate spiritual formation for our community. This happens in a number ofways, and often over a long period of time. It means regularly walking along the streets, in the alleys andthrough the parks in an effort to better get to know our neighborhood. It includes participating with ourfriends in growing vegetables in a community garden. It means having meaningful conversations overcoffee, on street corners, in drop-in, in emergency waiting rooms, or hiking through the Rosedale Valley.When we share in the lives of our neighbours in this way, when we walk together, we often discoverfriendship reaching IN to our own lives in ways we haven’t experienced before. These relationships areat the soul of Sanctuary. They’re what make us...US!Join us for Sanctuary’s 4th Annual5K WALK for LESS poverty + MORE justice!SATURDAY, JULY 14TH20% OFFSanctuaryball capson the dayof the 5K WALKRosa, a poet at heartis ready to walk!Marcus, along with a team ofhis friends, is ready to walk!Brian, one of our faithful kitchenvolunteers, is ready to walk!25 Charles Street EastToronto, ON M4Y 1R9T: 416 922 0628F: 416 922 4961E: info@sanctuarytoronto.caOutreach staffer, Lorraine,sporting a Sanctuary ball capREGULARLY $10 –SELLING FOR $8 DAYOF THE 5K WALKOksana, Juilo and Erin areready to walk!

Events for EveryoneJuly 14th, 201210am to 1pmfor Sanctuary’s4th Annual5K WALKfor LESS poverty+ MORE justicejANight atGrace’sSPRING PLAY!ARTSeXtravaganzaANight atGrace’sSeptember 15th,2012noon to 4pmfor Corn RoastandConcert inthe ParkCorn RoastLOctober 19th, 20127:30pm to 11pm forNight at Grace’s concertANight atGrace’sARTSeXtravaganzaAChristmasNight atGrace’sjContact:nadat@sanctuarytoronto.caor 416.922.0628 x225for more detailsLooking Back: the Elephant Man by Lyf StolteJohn came back, emptied his pockets of all hehad and said, “I just have to see how it ends! Isthis enough to cover a ticket?” It’s not everyday that people from our hardcore street populationbuy something, let alone something asfrivolous as a theatre ticket!Our stellar cast and crew of “The Elephant Man”The Elephant Man was our most successful play since our first one, ThePassages of Everett Manning and it was exciting this year, to see membersof our community take ownership of the play in new and wonderful ways.Diane & David* are a couple that we know well. During art drop-in oneFriday, David asked about the price of tickets – when he heard “$12”, hisdemeanor clouded over. But when told that 2 ‘free’ tickets could be setaside, thanks to donors who gave to our Gift of Culture, David’s countenanceimmediately brightened. Then he yelled across the drop-in toDiane, “I’m taking you on a date tonight! We’re going to see a play!”John and Carol* came in the first weekend of our performances andobserved (with eyes and mouth) the first act. They left at intermissionand didn’t manage to make it back for the second half. On closing nightThese (and others) are the reasons that thisyear’s play was a success! Thank you one andall who contributed to help us give our communitythe opportunity to be heard![*not their real names]Traci nailed herperformance and weare so proud of her!Looking Back:20th AnniversaryCelebrationWe had a wonderful time celebrating and thanking God for getting us thisfar! Having so many inspiring people in the beautifully decorated roomwas made even sweeter with non-stop music from Red Rain, home-bakedcupcakes and snacks galore plus a heart-warming slide-show down memorylane. Check out the Sanctuary facebook page to see some pictures ofthe evening! 05

Financial Update by Alan BeattieWe are very encouraged by the way 2012 is looking financially for us through the end of May. We are managingto keep our expenses in check and our year-to-date donation figures are looking solid as well!We thank God for his provision for us – through friends who have been supporting our work since Day One(20 years ago!), friends who give faithfully every month, friends who give once every few years, friendswho have given this year for the very first time, friends who give out of their poverty and others out of theirabundance. As we receive these gifts from each of you, we recognize the confidence in us which thosefunds represent and we aim to do our very best to honour your trust.Thanks to each of you for praying, giving and supporting Sanctuary in whichever way you do.Our community is deeply grateful for your many and varied gifts to us.Ways to HelpPray, pray, pray!Donate:By credit card via by electronic funds transfer use the form, Norman, Nada and our dearly missed friend TonyBy cheque or money order payable to Sanctuary Ministries of TorontoMail to 25 Charles Street East, Toronto, ON M4Y 1R9For US Donors, by cheque or money order payable to First Church of the NazareneMail to Sanctuary c/o Radical Mission, 150 Richview Road, Clarksville, TN 37043Attn: Leighanne GuthrieTax receipts will be issued at year end. Funds given in excess of an approvedor discontinued program will be applied at the discretion of the Board.Charitable #89037 9340 RR 0001Other Ideas:Raise awareness by showing this newsletter to your friends and family.Commemorate special people and occasions by donating to Sanctuary ‘in honour of…’Sign-up to receive newsletters and invitations via email by contacting nadat@sanctuarytoronto.caInvite Sanctuary to speak at your church, school or group meeting.Board of DirectorsShannon BlakeAlison MarthinsenAndy BurgessMerv MercerGrace ChengWil MorenoCindy GladstoneTed SmithBruce Gooding25 Charles Street EastToronto, ON M4Y 1R9T: 416 922 0628F: 416 922 4961E: info@sanctuarytoronto.ca06

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